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Some Psychologists, think wrongly, that all emotions are “good.

” In fact, it is
clear that this is not true. The Base Emotions are evil, The Basic Emotions are good,
and the Higher Emotions are Good. The Base Emotions are mired in “Original Sin”
and involve the Cardinal Vices of sloth, envy, gluttony, avarice, greed, lust, selfishness,
and selfish love. The worst of these is selfish love which is clinging, grasping and
controlling. Real love of the Basic Emotions is empowering and promotes autonomy,
rational self-interest, self-actualization, and even self-transcendence. The Higher
Emotions involve Intellectual Love, Compassion, and Unconditional Parental Love.
Once a person begins to integrate the Higher Emotions, then the Base Emotions are
transformed into the Basic Emotions. The Basic Emotions involve relational
autonomyinstead of love which is clinging, grasping, and controlling. The Base Emotions
selfishness, envy, avarice, and greed are transformed into appropriate, rational self-
interest. The Base Emotions of sloth in transformed into leisure. The Base Emotions of
lust which is tantamount to rape, is transformed into genuine sexual love with empathy,
pleasure, and compassion. The Base Emotion of gluttony is transformed into
pleasurable eating.
Psychologists commit malpractice when they do not distinguish in their practices
between the Basic Emotions, Basic Emotions and Higher Emotions.

Here is a deeper list of emotions as described in Parrot (2001), where emotions were
categorised into a short tree structure.

Tertiary emotions
Adoration, affection, love, fondness,
liking, attraction, caring, tenderness,
compassion, sentimentality
Lust Arousal, desire, lust, passion, infatuation
Longing Longing
Amusement, bliss, cheerfulness, gaiety,
glee, jolliness, joviality, joy, delight,
enjoyment, gladness, happiness,
jubilation, elation, satisfaction, ecstasy,
Enthusiasm, zeal, zest, excitement,
thrill, exhilaration
Contentment Contentment, pleasure
Pride Pride, triumph
Optimism Eagerness, hope, optimism
Enthrallment Enthrallment, rapture
Relief Relief
Surprise Surprise Amazement, surprise, astonishment
Aggravation, irritation, agitation,
annoyance, grouchiness, grumpiness
Exasperation Exasperation, frustration
Anger, rage, outrage, fury, wrath,
hostility, ferocity, bitterness, hate,
loathing, scorn, spite, vengefulness,
dislike, resentment
Disgust Disgust, revulsion, contempt
Envy Envy, jealousy
Torment Torment
Suffering Agony, suffering, hurt, anguish
Depression, despair, hopelessness,
gloom, glumness, sadness, unhappiness,
grief, sorrow, woe, misery, melancholy
Disappointment Dismay, disappointment, displeasure
Shame Guilt, shame, regret, remorse
Alienation, isolation, neglect, loneliness,
rejection, homesickness, defeat,
dejection, insecurity, embarrassment,
humiliation, insult
Sympathy Pity, sympathy
Alarm, shock, fear, fright, horror, terror,
panic, hysteria, mortification
Anxiety, nervousness, tenseness,
uneasiness, apprehension, worry,
distress, dread

So What
Learn to recognise emotions at increasing levels of detail. If you can see the emotion,
then you can respond appropriately to it.