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2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.

6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 1/8
Stas-wagon cheapest possible
This Volvo shows a new trend.
Our test shows whether the
trend is good.
+ Comfort
+ Security
+ Run Features
+ The little engine work will
- Weak performance
- Small engine / equipment for the money
For years, brands such as Peugeot and Citroën used a small diesel engine of 1.6
liters cheap alternative to its large station wagons. As just that - an affordable alternative - we think it has
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SENSE: Xenon light is a relatively inexpensive accessories (5,900 million). Winter tires are 205/60 R16 and contributes to
very good comfort. Egil Nordlien HM Photo
By: Øyvind Jakobsen
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2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 2/8
FIN SWEDEN: Volvo V70 is more conservative than elegant tough. © Egil Nordlien HM Photo
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very good condition with little rust
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1996 Opel Vectra
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been perfectly fine in these cars.
In Norway Volvo normally regarded as a step up the status ladder from the so-called people brands. When
the Swedish stately brand uses the same French engine major V70, some wrinkled his nose.
Fair enough it might save some fuel, but a 1.6-liter really will have to do it?
We measured performance with precision instruments to find the actual numbers, and more importantly:
We have run the car for many mil to find out how it is good enough in practice, not least to check on the little
engine saving potential also exists outside the test laboratory .
Run Features 5
One word sums up the characteristics well: Mils hatches.
Even the rank. Volvo has made the most right to give the driver and passengers a good experience for many
mil. The car is very sturdy and stable, and can never bullshit.
In the event of emergency maneuvers the car is among the most easily controllable in this size. Electronic
aids such as antilock brakes and a veltunet Anti-slip system decreases the drama in the best way.
The driver can also enjoy a quick and direct mating in the turns. Besides that it makes it more fun to drive,
helping management to fine feedback on the pavement in general and tire grip especially.
Motor 5
1.6-liter unit from the group behind the Peugeot and Citroën has become a allbruksmotor. It is used in
different output versions ranging from toddlers to Mini and Ford Fiesta , eg by SUV-like 3008 , the car we test
here. (The engine is also available for Volvo's big sedan S80, read test here .)
There is no reason to be surprised that the engine is popular, because it has great qualities. Among the
foremost is an easy driving at high levels in diesel engines' world.
That there are forces both at low and high speeds will - at least in theory - you do not have to shift in and out
of season.
With this engine you can sneak over speed bumps without having to downshift from third gear. It is just one
of many small details that make the driving experience as a whole better.
In addition, it has a nice noise, good time culture and little
vibration, and in many cars has shown that the stuff himself with
little fuel.
One sausage has three
times as many calories
Check what you should
choose the station.
And you thought your BMW
was quick
Here it is not enough with a
few hundred horsepower.
Easy to forget that they are
making fast cars too
Long tradition of nimble
2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 3/8
Technical Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe
V70 1.6 DRIVe
Torque in Nm at RPM /: 240/1750
TRUNK, LITER :555-1580
WHEEL SIZE: 205/60R16T
0-100 KM / H, FACTORY, SEK.:
TOP SPEED, KM / H: 190
FROM, KR: 343000
PRICE test car, KR: 395000
Test data Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe
0-100 KM / H, SEK.: 14.7
60-100 KM / H, 3 GIR: 8.8
condition Recently eu-approved.
Fine ...
Eaves: Relatively sharp edges ensures both good interior space and good visibility to the rear. © Egil Nordlien HM Photo
Benefits 3
However, the Volvo V70 is not enough that the engine in isolation is very good.
Two things make it look and are often a little too heavy for it:
The Swedish station wagon with its almost 1.6 tons one of the largest and
heaviest cars engine fitted in.
And Volvo has chosen to do so (unnecessarily) heavily for it by connecting it to a
five-speed gearbox with fairly high gear. The choice is due to the driver-
nicknamed as Volvo puts on models that will provide the least of the fuel.
At the test track the figures speak: Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe is slow. Of all the
station wagons of roughly equal size we have measured the past few years,
hearing test car to the absolute weakest. This applies as well 0-100 km / h (14.7
seconds) that the acceleration measurements. Over 12 seconds 60-100 km / h
says that fjerdegir not right choice for overtaking.
Worth noting is that the test vehicle is considerably slower than Citroen C5 with
the same engine - a car that is about as big and heavy, while having lower gear
The practical significance of this is that either need a very long stretch to
overtake, or that one must chase engine using Gear more. With load and / or
steep slopes notice a fast car that is at the border to be the motor.
Competitors in the same price and size range:
Mazda 6 2.2 MZR-CD
Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI
When Volvo still avoid a failing grade, and by a large margin, it is because the
normal daily stuff better than the figures speak. Up to around 80 km / h - and
that's pretty much as soon as we are allowed to drive - the response is good on
gas pedal commands. You will not have trouble following the usual Norwegian
traffic with V70 DRIVe.
Enclosure 4
About V70 is a thoroughly modern car, it is also an example that
it is possible to preserve the tradition.
V70 is more angular than most other cars on the market. This
means that it may not look as fresh and sporty as some
competitors, but it has its benefits:
2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 4/8
60-100 KM / H, 4 GIR: 12.1
80-120 KM / H, 4 GIR: 14.5
80-120 KM / H, 5 GIR: 19.4
NOISE 50 KM / H, dBA: 61.3
NOISE 80 KM / H, dBA: 64.4
NOISE 100 KM / H, dBA: 66.8
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SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN: This is what the Swedes call their interior direction. Whatever the name, function and shape fits
together well. © Egil Nordlien HM Photo
You get a body that is easier to deal with when you park (also
because Volvo has relatively large router back in the car) and it
provides plenty of space inside.
One can certainly say that the V70 is classic Volvo elegant, but
especially tough stuff we can not say that it is.
Interior 5
Well-being at a high level. Volvo differs little from the crowd by
what they call Scandinavian design, which will combine sense
and elegance. For the driver this means, among other things, a
nicely designed "center console sculpture" with easy operation.
It continues with one of the motoring world's most comfortable
seats, where all required settings are in place Kinetic
utstyrsversonen, which is the second cheapest.
The space is good everywhere. The rear seat is wide and makes the car an option for those who may need
space for three child seats. The trunk is both far and wide and easy to maximize space in. It compensates
for the lack of depth that would make it a winner also given gallons (555 l) - a figure which, incidentally, is
often misleading for real space.
Comfort 6
Quiet. Easy to drive motor. Delightful gear change precision.
Good seats. Much space. And a chassis which swallows away
things were, without being spongy.
Not much more to say. This comfort is second to none.
Incidentally, one thing: One of the great comfort can be attributed
to what by today's standards almost balloon tires (205/60 R16). It
is not too much the driving experience, it merely provides several advantages: They make less noise and
helps the chassis over small bumps.
Safety 5
Volvo should be himself säkerhetsvagnen and crash testing organization EuroNCAP test of the car confirms
that the extent it is.
Test dolls come away with relatively "good" injuries, also puppets of child size.
Especially good on pedestrian safety, however, is not V70.
The budget version V70 has all the safety equipment that has become commonplace in the class (Anti-slip,
traction control, brake booster and benefits, belt tensioners, etc.), but no more. Knee airbag for the driver's
one thing missing - there are standard in more and more cars.
Safety equipment such as bandages zone alerts are on the enhancement list.
2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 5/8
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LOWERED: Drive models have lower air resistance because it is a few inches lower than normal edition. © Egil Nordlien HM Photo
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Price / equipment 3
For the same price as the cheapest and relatively sparsely equipped V70 (around
350,000 million) you can get a station wagon with a stronger engine and much
more from other "people brands". Here we think particularly of the Ford Mondeo ,
Toyota Avensis and Mazda 6 .
Measured against the so-called status brands is another matter. Whether you
need to settle for smaller models from these brands, or you have to pay much
more for a similar sized car with bigger engine. It is in this area one can say that
Volvo is helping to create a new trend - which we most likely will see more of.
Test vehicle has equipment series Kinetic, which costs 15,000 pounds, providing among other alloy wheels,
steering wheel radio control, leather steering wheel and cruise control. Buying a bixenonlys to the relatively
moderate 5900 dollars, so we miss really nothing other than more powerful engine.
Leap into the engine ladder is unfortunately expensive: 2.0 D with 136 hp costs throughout the 56,000
pounds more.
Environment 5
Driver is mentioned a name Volvo puts on the most exhaust kind models. There is no sensational
technology in instruments that are used to lower consumption:
Small motor has been built on. If we include the car is slightly lowered to reduce air resistance and provides
high-ratio, as we have already said what's important.
Declared consumption by the so-called EU-mix, consisting of a carefully prescribed "route" with the interests
of city and highway driving run on the rolling road and not actual roads, is 0.49 l / mil. CO2 emissions to 129
g / km.
Both are very good numbers for a car of this size.
In our 20 mil long and rather tough spending round use V70 Driver 0.55 l / mil. Also it is a good number.
However, only narrowly better than many station wagons with considerably stronger motors stuff round on.
There is also reason to wonder if the point of Volvo's high exchange when you see the V70 DRIVe not use
less diesel in the test track than the Citroën C5 with the same engine . C5 has mentioned lower exchange
and is therefore clearly faster in acceleration measurements.
2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 6/8
Published 18.11.2009
SNUTEBIL: In this case hides muzzle unfortunately a bit too few powers. © Egil Nordlien HM Photo
High scores on most fields, but below average in performance and price. It is the gold standard for Volvo V70
1.6 D DRIVe.
Volvo's best features are comfort, space and "everyday sufficiency" in such a neat package that can get the
neighbor to believe that you really spent much money on the car.
The engine makes the contrast most relevant for all those who largely keeps his place in Koa, and rarely use
the V70 it undoubtedly is built: Having many passengers and a lot of trunk.
Terje Bjornsen Discipline Engine
We greatly appreciate the comments and suggestions in our debates. Be careful
with personal attacks and harassment or try to explain what you believe and why.
Thank you for helping helping us improve!
our tests
Station Honor Taken guy Endurance King
Manufacturer Volvo
Price 395000
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2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 7/8
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2/5/2014 Test Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe 2009 model - Stas-wagon cheapest possible - Car 8/8