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2/17/2014 Architecture in Norway - This is Norway' s toughest concrete house - Hytteliv 1/5
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BEAUTIFUL SPOILER: The most remarkable aspect of the cabin on Lyngholmen is the large roof that floats over almost the entire build
volume as a nationwide wing. Photo: Lund Hagem Architects
This is Norway's toughest concrete
See the spectacular lodge on
Lyngholmen outside
This cottage on Lyngholmen south of Kristiansand honored in mid-November by the Norwegian Concrete
Association for outstanding architecture and superior use of concrete .
This coincides with Concrete Board in 2013 dealt. An architectural award that celebrates the year's best
concrete work .
After considering all proposals received was in fact the jury left with three buildings, each of which has good
qualities. First Prize, the Concrete Board in 2013, went to Selvika picnic, National Tourist Havysund. A
picnic area with an impressive design of complex character.
Honorable Mentions were given Vkerveien 3 and cabin on Lyngholmen. The cabin was also the only
private project that received honorable, and was designed by architectural firm Lund Hagem Architects.
By: Sverre Julsrud Kristiansen
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2/17/2014 Architecture in Norway - This is Norway' s toughest concrete house - Hytteliv 2/5
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Honorable mention: It's not hard to be excited by this beautiful concrete hut on Lyngholmen at Kristiansand. The cabin is designed
by the architects Lund Hagem Architects. Contractor: Bico building and decoration. Civil engineering: eStatikk as Photo: Lund
Hagem Architects
HEAVY DUTY HONOR: Concrete cabin is the only private project that received honorable concrete jury in 2013. Photo: Lund
Hagem Architects
It is not hard to be excited by concrete hut on Lyngholmen.
"The interior concrete work in floor and wall surfaces are made
with fine, precise surfaces and details," said the jury. Outside
stands the building also with beautiful wooden cladding.
The most remarkable is the fundamental idea that there are large
white ceiling. According to the jury hovering over the almost
entire build volume as a nationwide wing in great interaction with
the surrounding rocks.
The roof is made of waterproof, light concrete, insulated underneath with high-efficiency vacuum insulation
panels. This provides minimal thickness and especially an unusual architectural expression of a cottage.
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2/17/2014 Architecture in Norway - This is Norway' s toughest concrete house - Hytteliv 3/5
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CREATIVE: The greatest prize, Concrete Board in 2013, went to Selvika picnic, National Tourist Havysund Selvika is a sunny bay
in Finnmark on the way to Havysund. A popular destination on the shore overlooking the horizon and the sea to the west.
Architects are Reiulf Ramstad Architects. Civil engineering is Dr. Techn. Kristoffer Apelandsneset AS. Contractor: T. Johansen AS.
PHOTO: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter AS
Kim scored, president of Norwegian Architects Association, like concrete cabin
very well, but admits that the concrete is still an expensive building material in
- But it has become more affordable, it should be said. The advantage is also that
it requires little maintenance. Skaara experiencing cabin on Lyngholmen as
aesthetically beautiful and the use of bright aggregates in concrete makes it not
so gloomy on a gray rainy day.
- How do you Concrete Prize 2013?
- There is a heavy price, literally ... There is clearly a great recognition for
architects to win these so-called material prices.
Concrete Prize 2013 awarded on 14 November at Gyldendalhuset, Sehestedtsplass.
39, - NOK 500, -
2/17/2014 Architecture in Norway - This is Norway' s toughest concrete house - Hytteliv 4/5
Published for Hytteliv 11/05/2013
HEAVY DUTY HONOR: Vkerveien 3 in Oslo was praised for the bearing inner wall slab structures in light concrete that is made
with a very high precision, especially in the great hall access. Architects are Arne Henriksen Architects. Entrepreneurs are Vedal
Contractor AS Stenseth & RS Contractor. Civil engineering: Seim and Hultgren AS. PHOTO: Ole H Krokstrand
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2/17/2014 Architecture in Norway - This is Norway' s toughest concrete house - Hytteliv 5/5
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