Morph and Morph-ability

By Six
Rating: PG (As series)
Timeline/Spoiler arning: Story is set somehere in season !i"e# tho$gh it basi%ally
stands alone&
Trailer: Paige dis%o"ers more than she bargained !or abo$t her abilities as a hite-lighter&
A%'noledgements: To the ma'ers o! (harmed ho %reated the %harmed ones# Pr$e#
Piper# Phoebe and Paige# lo"e the sho& Aaron Spelling does it again& To e"eryone ho
ba%'ed me in my last three pro)e%ts and en%o$raged me in this one than's !or yo$r
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Apology: + 'no the title is /0R1 similar to Season 23s Sense and Sense Ability& 4i'e the
prod$%ers# + did a bad p$n on the no"el3s title (a %ommon theme in (harmed episode
titles) + had already %ommitted to this title be!ore the 56 airing o! the Season 2 episode#
so it as to late to %hange it&
Morph and Morph-ability
7.ell# hat did yo$ %all me !or Paige89 4eo as's as he enters the room& :e is earing his
or' %lothes and %arrying a large orange drill in his le!t hand& Both are %o"ered in d$st&
7This had better be important& + told yo$ not to dist$rb me hilst +3m installing the baby
7+t is& Sin%e yo$ shoed me ho to %hange my appearan%e $sing my hite-lighter
poers# +3"e been pra%tising&9
7So +3"e also %he%'ed o$t the Boo' o! Shados&9
7+ thin' + may ha"e made an important dis%o"ery&9
7S$%h as89 :e as's# hoping Paige o$ld a%t$ally ha"e something important to say&
7.ell members o! this !amily ha"e at spe%i!i% times t$rned or been t$rned into "ario$s
animals& Right89
4eo nods in agreement&
7Be it dogs# "ampire bats# endigos or allabies& Right89
4eo nods again be!ore realising that the last o! those as rong# hoe"er# as he is abo$t
to %orre%t his %harge# she %orre%ts hersel!&
7<&6& not allabies then# b$t yo$ get the pi%t$re& .e ha"e also seen magi% alter all sorts
o! people into a hole menagerie o! %reat$res& .e3"e seen a sna'e# a rabbit and a pig
be%ome h$man& *ot to mention those demons ho %o$ld %hange ba%' and !orth beteen
h$man and animal 'ind&9
71es&9 Replies 4eo %a$tio$sly# as he begins to realise the impli%ation o! hat Paige is
7.ell ith my mix o! poers# astral pro)e%tion# magi% and this ne s'ill yo$3"e ta$ght
me# + sho$ld be able to trans!orm mysel! into any %reat$re + ant# !rom the smallest
mi%robe to the largest elephant& + anted yo$ here to itness my !irst attempt& + tho$ght
+3d go !or something ith abo$t the same body mass&9
7*o; ,on3t;9 Sho$ts o$t 4eo# b$t to no a"ail# as Paige orbs o$t in !ront o! him# lea"ing
only a pile o! her %lothes& :er hand brie!ly reappears to deposit a bra ith the rest o! her
Paige3s bl$e and hite energy stream dri!ts aro$nd the room !or a !e se%onds be!ore re-
materialising behind 4eo3s ba%'& As the hite-lighter t$rns aro$nd to %on!ront his
ayard %harge he dis%o"ers instead an orang-$tan&
7Paige89 4eo =$estions the large primate# ho gr$nts# smiles and gi"es him a big th$mbs
$p& 71o$ )$st don3t listen Paige& T$rn ba%' at on%e&9 Paige %rosses hairy orange arms in
de!ian%e& 74oo' Paige + o$ldn3t try to stop yo$ i! this asn3t serio$s&9
74eo& Paige&9 Phoebe %alls $pstairs& 7:a"e either o! yo$ seen Piper8 ,ad3s been in an
7She3s in the garden# trying to ha"e a =$iet nap hile +3"e been or'ing&9 Replies 4eo#
mo"ing toards the door& :e stops and t$rns toard Paige# ho has t$rned ba%' to her
normal sel! and is !ast gathering $p her %lothes& 7.e3ll tal' later&9 :e arns her then
t$rns to lea"e
7+ m$st learn ho to get dressed mid orb# not )$st $ndressed&9 Paige says to hersel!&
7Boy# + %o$ld m$rder a banana&9
Phoebe is on the phone to the hospital& Piper is standing next to 4eo& :er head is resting
on his %hest& :er arms are rapped ro$nd his aist& Paige# no !$lly redressed is al'ing
don the stairs&
7Any nes89 She as's&
7,on3t 'no yet&9 Replies Piper in a h$shed tone&
71es&9 Says Phoebe& 7.e ill be right o"er& That3s good& Goodbye&9
She hangs $p the re%ei"er and t$rns to the rest o! the !amily&
7.ell it3s not as bad as they !irst tho$gh# b$t they are pretty s$re he3s got a bro'en
an'le& 0"erything else is )$st %$ts and br$ises& They say ee %an see him immediately&9
+n a small ele%tri%al goods store a%ross ton a yo$ng omen is %losing $p the shop !or
the e"ening& She is %o$nting o$t a pile o! notes on to the %o$nter# hen the bell on the
door rings and a tall man# ith blonde hair and earing a !$ll-length bla%' leather )a%'et#
7This had better be =$i%'# +3m s$pposed to be o$t o! here in !i"e min$tes&9 Says the
7,on3t orry# it ill& +3ll e"en help yo$ lo%' $p&9 :e replies# li!ting his hands abo"e his
head& The metal sh$tters %ome don ith a large th$d& The 'ey t$rns itsel! in the lo%'
and the lat%h is set& The man then points his right arm toards the oman is no a"ing
her arms at him&
7Be gone&9 She says rather theatri%ally&
7+t3s pointless trying yo$r magi% on me# it%h& + %an see e"erything that yo$ are trying to
do&9 :e says as his right th$mb be%omes e"er more elongated and pointed& Be!ore the
it%h has time to get aay his !inger rea%hes her head& +t is gloing red-hot& As it b$rns
aay at her head she lets o$t one !inal blood-%$rdling s%ream&
Piper is !l$!!ing $p the pillo that she has pla%ed at the rear o! a heel%hair& Phoebe re-
arranges the !loers in a large "ase next to the hospital bed that their !ather# /i%tor is
sat $p in&
7,id + tell yo$ girls that +3"e bo$ght a %abin $p by 4a'e Tahoe89
71es# dad&9 Says Piper&
7Great "ies# onder!$l !ishing and so =$ite&9
7Right# dad&9 Adds Phoebe&
7+t reminds me o! the la'e here me and yo$r mother o$ld ta'e yo$ and Pr$e# Piper&9
71o$ mean the one here she died&9 Responds Piper rather more sombrely than be!ore&
71es&9 Says /i%tor# realising that he perhaps sho$ld not ha"e made s$%h a %omparison&
7Still e had some good times there be!ore that& Anyay this is 4a'e Tahoe& +t3s s$%h a
pity + %an3t ta'e yo$ to $p there this ee'end&9
71es# dad&9 The sisters respond together&
4eo and a do%tor al' in& They ha"e %learly been engaged in %on"ersation o$tside&
7>or a pl$mber yo$ seem to remar'ably ell "ersed on medi%al matters Mr& .yatt&9 Says
the do%tor in a pleasant tone&
7+ or'ed in a !ield hospital hen + as in the army&9
7.ell do%tor hen %an + go home&9 As's /i%tor&
7+ ant to 'eep yo$ in o"er night# b$t# pro"ided there is someone there to %are !or yo$# +
%an3t see a problem in yo$ lea"ing tomorro morning& +3ll %he%' $p on yo$ at abo$t ten
and yo$ sho$ld be able to lea"e be!ore noon&9
7+ tho$ght he %o$ld %ome and stay ith $s&9 Says 4eo&
7Great;9 0xplains Phoebe& 7There3s plenty o! room# i! yo$ don3t mind all the noise&9
7And ha"ing to =$e$e !or the bathroom&9 (omments 4eo&
The do%tor loo's at /i%tor and sha'es his head in a negati"e !ashion&
7+t loo's li'e one o! yo$ ill ha"e to %ome to stay ith me&9
7*ot s$%h a good idea# yo$r !lat is tiny&9 Phoebe says& 7+t3s barely big eno$gh !or yo$&9
7Tell me hen yo$3"e made yo$r de%ision&9 Says the do%tor t$rning to lea"e& The door o!
the room sings open& Paige glides in %arrying a large box o! %ho%olates& The do%tor
departs# %losing the door behind him&
7Anybody ant one89 Says Paige o!!ering the already hal!-eaten box aro$nd the room&
7*ot no Paige&9 Says Piper# ith a stern loo' on her !a%e& 7.e3"e got something more
important to dis%$ss&9
7R$n it by me& Maybe + %an help& + am a trained %o$nsellor yo$ 'no&9
7Paige;9 Says Piper angrily&
7*o# Piper# she may be able to help&9 +nter)e%ts /i%tor& 7The do%tor says + %an go home
tomorro# pro"ided + am not le!t alone& :oe"er my !lat is too small !or somebody else
to stay there ith me& 4eo s$ggested + stay at The Manor# b$t the do%tor thin's + ont be
able to relax properly there& + %o$ld stay here b$t + don3t !an%y the medi%al bills and i! +
go to a hotel# room and board !or to people !or a !ortnight o$ld be almost as
7.hy not go $p to the (abin& A!ter all# hen e spo'e last ee'# yo$ said that it has a
g$est room&9
7That so$nds per!e%t& <! %o$rse one o! yo$ sho$ld %ome $p there ith me&9
71o$ sho$ld go# :oney&9 Says 4eo to Piper& 7Pea%e and =$iet& A %han%e to spend some
=$ality time ith yo$r !ather be!ore the baby is born& + %an get all the really noisy )obs
7B$t hat abo$t?yo$ 'no89
7The magi% thing& ,on3t orry& Paige and + ill %o"er that& Anyay# i! e need yo$#
nothing %o$ld get yo$ ba%' =$i%'er than a hite-lighter# and e3"e got to o! them&9
Smiles Phoebe&
7>ine&9 Agrees Piper& 7+3m o!! to 4a'e Tahoe&9
As the s$n rises high abo"e the :alliell Manor# Piper is stood o$tside&
7+ thin' e3"e got e"erything&9 Says 4eo ha$ling a rather hea"y loo'ing s$it%ase don
the dri"eay and into the ba%' o! Piper3s %ar&
7Are ,ad3s things in there89 As's Piper# !olloing her h$sband&
7+ pa%'ed them mysel! hen + as at his !lat this morning& They3re $nderneath all o!
7Good# no all e ha"e to do is pi%' him $p !rom the hospital&9
7.ell# hat do e ha"e here8 Are yo$ alone8 .ho o$ld abandon s$%h a %$te little
p$ppy as yo$89 Says the yo$ng "et as she li!ts a small 1or'shire terrier !rom a box on
her s$rgery table& 4oo'ing at its side she noti%es a rather nasty loo'ing gash on its leg&
7*$rse# e3re r$nning lo on anti-s%epti% %ream& (an yo$ go don to the store room !or
7Are yo$ o' by yo$rsel!89
7>ine# +3m s$re me and9 She li!ts $p the dog3s m$ddy and blood soa'ed %ollar 7(rabtree
ill be !ine&9
As the n$rse lea"es the room# the "et t$rns to a lo%'ed %$pboard here# on%e she has
$nlo%'ed and opened it# she remo"es a small bla%' bol and some %r$shed herbs& She
then grabs a bottle !rom a nearby dra and po$rs some o! its %ontents into the bol#
mixing in the herbs as she goes& She then applies the res$lting paste to the dog3s o$nd#
repeating an in%antation $nder her breath as she does so& She pa%'s aay her materials
and starts to %lean $p her %anine %ompanion& The door opens&
7,id yo$ !ind the anti-s%epti% %ream89
7+3m sorry& + thin' yo$ ha"e the rong person& + belie"e yo$ may be treating my animal&9
Says the tall man ith blonde hair&
7.hat sort is it89 as's the "et&
7A small Terrier + %all 1or'y& :e has an old %ollar ith my name sen into it&9
7And hat might that be89 As's the "et t$rning to pi%' the dog $p !rom the side&
7(rabtree&9 :e starts as he extends his !ingers to meet the i%%an "et as she t$rns ba%'
toard him&
7:a"e yo$ noti%ed ho =$iet the ho$se is89 Says Phoebe to Paige# as the red head
s%$rries past her&
7Are yo$ going to get dressed# or )$st sit there in yo$r robe all day89 Replies Paige# as
her sister sin's into one o! the large# ell padded %hairs in the li"ing room&
7+ don3t get many days o!! these days& So + tho$ght that hilst 4eo is dri"ing dad and
Piper to 4a'e Tahoe# + o$ld ta'e a ell-earned rest& Anyay hy are yo$ in s$%h a
h$rry all o! a s$dden89
7+3"e been or'ing on %ombining my it%h and hite-lighter poers&9 Paige says dashing
Piper and /i%tor are stood at the por%h o! the %abin as 4eo br$shes past ith a large
7,ad ho %ome yo$ told Paige abo$t this pla%e be!ore me& + o$ld ha"e tho$ght yo$
o$ld ha"e anted yo$r da$ghters to 'no abo$t it !irst&9
7+ did# b$t yo$ and Phoebe ere so b$sy& + %o$ldn3t get hold o! yo$& + as so ex%ited#
on%e + as %ertain + had got it# that + as telling e"eryone# not )$st Paige& +! its any
%onsolation yo$ ne abo$t it be!ore the postman& Anyay yo$3re my !irst g$est&9
7.ell that3s the last %ase&9 Says 4eo reappearing at the door& 7+3d better be o!! be!ore
Paige does any permanent damage to hersel!&9 :e gi"es Piper one long lingering 'iss#
be!ore al'ing o"er to the %ar&
<ne ee' later& The :alliell ho$se is !$ll o! noise& 4eo is $sing an ele%tri% s%redri"er on
the 'it%hen %abinets to install sa!ety lo%'s& Phoebe is sat in the lo$nge# di%tating the
replies to the letters in her %ol$mn in to her ,i%taphone& Paige is sat in an arm%hair& She
has a large set o! headphones on %onne%ted by a long trailing ire to the stereo& The
tele"ision is on the nes %hannel b$t the "ol$me is t$rned don and no one is paying it
m$%h attention& S$ddenly 4eo3s s%redri"er stops& :e taps it to try and restart it b$t to
no a"ail& Then Phoebe3s ,i%taphone stops& At the same time Paige remo"es the
7.hat3s going on8 .ho stopped the m$si%89 She as's# as the "ol$me on the tele"ision
7Poli%e are %on%erned !or the sa!ety o! the %ity3s oman# as a the bay area3s latest serial
'iller st$%' again last night& The "i%tim# a yo$ng lady in her late tenties# as !o$nd
lo%'ed into on !lat& Poli%e so$r%es say neighbo$rs reported s%reaming at 2am this
morning& The oman is belie"ed to be the sixth "i%tim o! this 'iller in ten days& The Poli%e
ha"e as'ed that i! anybody has in!ormation regarding this matter %an they please %ome
!orard& All %alls ill be treated in the stri%test o! %on!iden%e&9
The "ol$me on the tele"ision drops again&
7,o yo$ thin' they3re trying to tell $s something89 Says Paige to 4eo ho has no
entered the room&
7+ don3t 'no# b$t + thin' +3m abo$t to !ind o$t&9 Says 4eo be!ore he orbs o$t&
7Than' yo$ do%tor&9 Says /i%tor as a middle-aged medi% lea"es the %abin&
7.ell dad# the do%tor seems pleased ith yo$r progress& 4eo re%'ons he3ll be !inished
aro$nd the ho$se in a %o$ple o! days& .e %an head ba%' to San >ran%is%o next ee'&9
7Piper# anybody o$ld thin' yo$ didn3t li'e it here&9
7<h dad don3t ta'e it li'e that + lo"e it o$t here b$t + really need to %he%' on the %l$b and
ma'e s$re that 4eo# Paige and Phoebe ha"en3t destroyed the Manor&9
7Piper# relax& They3re all !ine& 1o$ o$ld ha"e heard i! there as a problem&9
7+ %an3t help it# + get restless&9
7+ 'no hy don3t yo$ %all 4eo a!ter dinner& 1o$ %o$ld in"ite him to spend a night here
be!ore yo$ head ba%'& :e %o$ld probably do ith a brea' himsel! a!ter all the or' he3s
been doing&9
7.hat are yo$ $p to Paige89 As's Phoebe# as Paige leads her $pstairs&
7@$st yo$ see hat + %an t$rn into no&9 Replies the red head ex%itedly&
7*ot again& .hat "ariety o! ape are yo$ this time8 Perhaps yo$3"e e"en mastered a
Paige remo"es her robe and orbs o$t o! the room# ret$rning a split se%ond later& :er
essen%e settles on the bed in !ront o! Phoebe&
74oo' Paige# 4eo told yo$ not to do this&9
The essen%e re!orms as a Siamese %at&
7.o;9 Says a %learly impressed Phoebe& 7*o that is good magi%& And yo$ ma'e a "ery
smart %at&9
Paige orbs o$t again# grabbing her robe as she goes& She re-materialises at the bottom o!
stairs in her normal body ith her robe neatly tightened& Phoebe hearing her sister
donstairs !ollos by more normal methods& As she enters the 'it%hen here Paige is
aiting 4eo reappears&
7.ell 4eo# hat did they say89 As's Phoebe# %on%erned&
7They don3t 'no ho this 'iller is& @$st that he is targeting it%hes&9
7So$nds li'e a arlo%' to me&9 Says Paige&
7Probably# b$t e m$st not ass$me anything& .e need more in!ormation& +3ll %all ,aryl&
See hat the Poli%e ha"e got&9 Says Phoebe& 7Paige# yo$ %he%' the boo'&9
As Paige heads $pstairs# Phoebe t$rns to 4eo smiling broadly&
71o$3ll ne"er g$ess hat Paige %an %hange into 'no& A %at; S$%h a %$te one as ell&9
4eo is s$ddenly "ery angry& 7Paige;9 he sho$ts $pstairs& Paige does not anser&
Phoebe al's into the atti%& Paige is stood at the le%tern# !li%'ing thro$gh the Boo' o!
7>o$nd anything89 As's Phoebe# approa%hing her sister&
7*ot yet# b$t i! + 'eep on loo'ing&9
7.ell ,aryl has gi"en me some $se!$l leads&9 Says Phoebe# remo"ing a note-pad !rom
her po%'et and p$tting on her glasses
74et me see&9 Says Paige eagerly
7+ thin' yo$ sho$ld spea' to 4eo !irst& :e is really angry&9
7+! + m$st&9
7@$st ait o$tside his bedroom door $ntil he has !inished tal'ing to Piper&9
7Piper3s here89 As's a %learly s$rprised Paige&
7*o& She3s phoning !rom the %abin&9
7Piper; Piper; ,am it;9 4eo says s$ddenly# throing don the phone&
7.hat3s the matter89 As's Paige %oming into the room&
7Piper3s phone has gone dead& Battery m$st need re%harging& Than'!$lly she too' her
%harger ith her&9
71o$ mean li'e this one89 Says Paige pi%'ing $p a %harger !rom the side o! the %abinet&
70xa%tly& <h no that is hers&9
7+3ll orb it to her&9
74ater Paige e ha"e something more important to dis%$ss&9
7.hat no89 As's a %learly bored Paige&
7Paige# 4eo# %ome $p here =$i%'ly&9 Says Phoebe# her "oi%e e%hoing don !rom the atti%&9
+ thin' +3"e !o$nd o$r mystery atta%'er&9
7So ho or hat is it89 As's 4eo&
7>rom the in!ormation that ,aryl ga"e me + as able to identi!y him in the Boo' o!
Shados& :e3s a poer!$l arlo%' %alled (rabtree&9 Replies Phoebe&
Paige lets o$t a short giggle&
7.hat3s so !$nny Paige89 As's Phoebe&
7:o %an anybody ith a name li'e that be a threat to $s& 0"en the !airies had to$gher
7,on3t let a name !ool yo$ Ms& Matthes& A!ter all yo$3"e been thro$gh yo$ sho$ldn3t
base any )$dgement on s$%h shallo tho$ghts&9 Reprimands 4eo&
7Mom tho$ght him dangero$s eno$gh to rite him $p as separate entry !rom the
standard arlo%'&9 Said Phoebe# t$rning the boo' aro$nd so that Paige and 4eo %o$ld see
This is one o! the most "is%o$s arlo%'s + ha"e e"er !a%ed&
:e is the 'iller o! some o! the best it%hes in So$thern (ali!ornia&
<"er the years he has drained many poers&
*o spell %an harm him&
:e ill atta%' any danger that he senses&
(rabtree see's e"er more poer!$l pray so that he may gro stronger&
+ tri%'ed him into shimmering into a large %ase# hi%h + magi%ally sealed&
B$ried it in the !o$ndations o! So$th Bay :ospital&
5n!ort$nately this may only be a temporary sol$tion&
7So he got !ree&9 Says Paige&
7The %ase m$st ha"e been damaged by the b$ilding or' they3re doing at the hospital&9
Says a %learly %on%erned 4eo&
7,o yo$ thin' e sho$ld get Piper ba%'89 As's Phoebe# remo"ing her glasses& 7Mom
%o$ldn3t get rid o! him by hersel!& +t loo's li'e e ill need the Poer o! Three&9
7*ot $nless e ha"e to& 4et3s see i! e %an or' o$t ho to "an=$ish him !irst&9 Says 4eo
ta'ing %harge o! the sit$ation& 7+3ll only get Piper i! e really do need the Poer o! Three&
.hat e"er e do tho$gh# e3re going to ha"e to be %are!$l& :e is already poer!$l# and
getting more so ith e"ery it%h he 'ills and poer he steals& Any ideas89
7,aryl said that the M&0& had re%o"ered !ibres !rom $nderneath the !inger nails o! the last
"i%tim that they belie"e to be !rom the 'illers %oat& .e %o$ld try to s%ry !or him&9 Says
7That %o$ld be a good start& +3ll orb to the Poli%e Station to see i! + %an get hold o! them&9
Adds Paige&
7Right then hile yo$3re o$t Paige# +3ll %he%' ith The 0lders& Phoebe# see i! there is
anything else in the boo'& This time lets get rid o! him !or good&9
.ith that# 4eo and Paige orb o$t o! the atti%# heading o!! in di!!erent dire%tions& Phoebe
p$ts her glasses ba%' on and starts reading again
Paige orbs into a =$iet %orridor# )$st aro$nd the %orner !rom ,aryl3s o!!i%e& She ad)$sts
her top and then al's $p to ,aryl3s des'&
7(an + help yo$ Paige89 :e as's# es%orting her into the inter"ie room&
7+3"e got the !ibres&9 Says Paige as she orbs ba%' into the atti%& 7Any ord !rom 4eo89
7*ot yet&9 Replies Phoebe&
7,aryl ants $s to be as =$i%' as e %an& :e thin's (rabtree might stri'e again tonight&9
7Right# +3ll grab the map# yo$ get the %rystal& .e %an at least lo%ate him be!ore 4eo gets
7+ ta'e it that there as nothing else in the Boo'&9
Phoebe )$st nods her head in agreement& Se%$ring the !ibres to the %rystal# Paige holds it
o"er the map& +t immediately )$mps to Golden Gate Par'&
7Got him&9 Says Paige&
:oe"er the %rystal starts to mo"e a%ross the %ity and %omes to a stop at the Manor& The
sisters t$rn aro$nd to !a%e their neest nemesis&
7,id yo$ thin' + %o$ldn3t dete%t it hen it%hes try to s%ry !or me& +3"e gained some o!
my best poers !rom&9
(rabtree starts to extend his !inger toards Paige# ho orbs o$t o! the ay& :e t$rns
toards Phoebe ho le"itates $p and 'i%'s o$t at him& She misses as he simply steps
aside& Paige re-appears behind him ith a "ase in her hand# hi%h she thros at him& :e
7Anything + %an see %an3t h$rt me&9 (rabtree grins&
Paige and Phoebe di"e behind the old so!a&
74ets get o$t o! here&9 Says Phoebe
7.ait here& + ha"e an idea&9 Says Paige# as she orbs o$t again&
74eo& :elp&9 1ells Phoebe in desperation as she retreats toard the atti% door& +t slams
sh$t be!ore she %an rea%h it&
(rabtree extends his !inger toard the yo$ng it%h& Phoebe s%reams in terror& (rabtree
explodes& Paige has orbed ba%' to the pla%e here he stood# )$st as 4eo enters the atti%&
:e sees Phoebe splattered ith (rabtree3s remains and Paige grinning more mani%ally
that @a%' *i%holson&
7:o did yo$ do destroy him&9 :e as's&
7+ simply trans!ormed mysel! into the smallest thing that + %o$ld thin' o! so he %o$ld not
see me# and i! he %o$ld not see me he %o$ld not atta%' me or de!end himsel!&9
7And that as89
7Pretty impressi"e# i! yo$ as' me# tho$gh also rather messy&9 Says Phoebe mopping
hersel! don to remo"e (rabtree3s remains !rom her&
7A /ir$s&9 Replies Paige tri$mphantly& 7A rather nasty little !l$ b$g that + remember
seeing a diagram o! in my old s%hool biology text boo'&9
7Paige; .hat ha"e yo$ done89 Says 4eo# seeming e"er more angry ith her e"ery
additional mom
7Piper3s %ell phone %harger&9 Says Paige# loo'ing !or a =$i%' es%ape&
7Paige Matthes& .hat did + tell yo$ abo$t trans!orming yo$rsel! into members o! the
animal 'ingdom89 Sho$ts 4eo# his !a%e red ith anger& :oe"er this pro"es pointless as
Paige orbs aay&
The phone in the hallay rings& +t rings ti%e more be!ore 4eo orbs into the room to
anser it& A !amiliar "oi%e %a$ses him to smile
7:o are yo$ darling89 :e says to "oi%e at the other end o! the line& Pa$sing# hilst he
listens to the reply# he noti%es a mar' on the table& :e starts r$bbing it hilst holding the
phone in the other hand&
7That3s good& *i%e to hear /i%tor is doing so ell& Send him my best ishes&9
(radling the phone beteen his sho$lder and his ne%' he remo"es a %loth !rom the table
dra& All the time he is nodding along to his i!e3s %on"ersation&
A large snee-e e%hoes don the stairs&
7*o# that3s Phoebe& She3s still not ell b$t she is better than she as&9
4eo r$bs at the table e"er more "igoro$sly as his i!e tal's aay&
7*o# darling +3"e barely spo'en to Paige all ee'& She 'nos +3m angry ith her# tho$gh +
not =$ite s$re hether she 'nos hy&9
4eo remo"es the %loth !rom the table& The small mar' is gone# b$t so is most o! the
polish aro$nd it& :e mo"es a "ase o"er to %o"er his embarrassment&
74o"e yo$ too# darling& See yo$ soon9
As 4eo p$ts don the phone Paige enters the manor& She loo's at 4eo hesitantly# ma'ing
as little eye %onta%t as possible& that Piper89 she as's sheepishly& 7.asn3t she d$e home today89
This time she aits to here her hite-lighters admonishments&
7.ell# Paige are yo$ happy no# Phoebe is si%' and Piper %an3t %ome home $ntil she is
better&9 Says a stern 4eo& 7+ told yo$ not to play aro$nd ith animal magi%&9
7.hat3s the problem exa%tly8 All + did as t$rn into animals&9
7+t doesn3t =$ite or' li'e that& 1o$ see e"ery time yo$ t$rn into an animal yo$ start to
ta'e on some o! that animal3s instin%ts and the longer yo$ remain in that !orm the more
yo$ be%ome that animal& 0"ent$ally yo$ pass the point here yo$ %an %hange ba%'&9
7.arning noted# b$t + ne"er remained in any o! the animal !orms !or "ery long# so# + as'
yo$ again hat as the problem89
7+ts dangero$s eno$gh ith mammals# here their instin%ts are mat%hed ith reasoning&
1o$ %o$ld probably stay in %ertain mammal !orms !or days or e"en ee's&9
74i'e Pr$e did as a dog&9
7The loer the li!e !orm the more they are r$n by their instin%ts& + o$ld say that as a
small in"ertebrate yo$r %han%e to %hange o$ld be a %o$ple o! min$tes or less& As a "ir$s
yo$ ere "ery l$%'y to get o$t ali"e the moment yo$ be%ame one& The only instin%t a
"ir$s has is to reprod$%e# hi%h as Phoebe pro"es# yo$ started to do the moment yo$
entered (rabtree& +n the %o$ple o! se%onds be!ore yo$ re-materialised ithin him yo$ had
prod$%ed eno$gh %opies o! yo$rsel! to ma'e Phoebe ill&9
7.hat8 :o89
7.hen yo$ re-materialised ithin (rabtree the press$re o! yo$r rapidly enlarging !orm
%a$sed him to explode# shoering Phoebe ith all sorts o! body parts# in%l$ding m$%$s
!rom his l$ngs& M$%$s that had be%ome in!e%ted ith %opies o! yo$&9
7:ang on there a se%ond 4eo& + seem to remember that it %an ta'e some time !or "ir$s to
in!e%t a host %ell# %a$se that %ell to m$tate so that in prod$%es %opies o! the "ir$s and
prod$%e s$!!i%ient %opies to r$pt$re the %ell membrane th$s releasing the %opies to in!e%t
other %ells&9
4eo loo's at her s$rprised !or a se%ond&
7+ did o%%asionally pay attention in s%hool&9 She says& 7So explain that89
7Remember Paige that yo$ are a poer!$l it%h& Generations o! magi% lay ithin yo$& As
a "ir$s yo$ simply %hannelled that poer into prod$%ing %opies o! yo$rsel!& *ot being
magi%al themsel"es# the %opies had to reprod$%e by more %on"entional methods on%e
they had !o$nd a ne host&9
71o$ mean Phoebe right&9
70xa%tly& So $ntil Phoebe is ell + don3t ant to ris' the baby by exposing Piper to
Phoebe3s# or sho$ld + say yo$r# germs&9
7She m$st be getting "ery bored in that %abin ith nobody b$t /i%tor to 'eep her
%ompany& +3m s$re + %o$ldn3t last that long ith )$st a "ie o! the la'e !or something to
do&9 Paige m$ses&
7+ %an thin' o! one la'e that might %hange yo$r mind&9
At /i%tor3s %abin near 4a'e Tahoe e"erything is =$iet& /i%tor is re%lining on the so!a ith
his bandaged !oot resting on mat%hing %hair opposite& *ext to him# on a small table sits
an $pt$rned tea%$p on its sa$%er& :is glasses rest on the end o! his nose& :e is loo'ing at
the T/ G$ide& Piper al's in %arrying a small bron teapot&
7More tea dad89 she en=$ires# ith a broad grin a%ross her !a%e& She t$rns /i%tors tea%$p
the right ay $p and pro%eeds to poor& <n !inishing# she p$ts the pot don and ta'es the
T/ G$ide !rom her !ather3s hands& Stating# as she drops the maga-ine to the !loor& 7+t3s
so ni%e to ha"e a bit o! pea%e and =$iet&9
Paige is standing by the edge o! another la'e& 4eo is behind her&
7So this is ere my mother died& +t loo's so %alm and pea%e!$l&9 She says so!tly# as she
t$rns to 4eo# a tear rolling don her !a%e& 74et As get o$t o! here&9
The to o! them %hange to bl$e and hite lights be!ore disappearing in a sirl&
The 0nd&
Fairytale for Wyatt
>airytale !or .yatt
By Six
Rating: PG (As series)
Timeline/Spoiler arning: Story is set somehere in season !i"e# tho$gh it basi%ally
stands alone&
Trailer: This tale ser"es as a arning to all ho are ne to their poer& Sleep ell&
A%'noledgements: To the ma'ers o! (harmed ho %reated the %harmed ones# Pr$e#
Piper# Phoebe and Paige# lo"e the sho& Aaron Spelling does it again& To Manda# than's
!or the %hallenge& *o brea%h o! the %opyright is intended# )$st a non-pro!itable loan& +
hope this t$rns o$t the ay + pi%t$red it&
,is%laimer: All re%ogni-able %hara%ters in this story are the property o! Spelling
Prod$%tions and .B& The a$thor# ho re%ei"es no monetary bene!it !rom this or'#
intends no %opyright in!ringement& The ideas expressed here are original& All rights
>airytale !or .yatt
4eo al's o"er to the %ote here yo$ng .yatt lies there smiling&
7.ell :alliell it3s abo$t time yo$ and + had a man to man tal'&9 Says 4eo trying and
!ailing to so$nd serio$s as he li!ts his son into his arms& 7+ts abo$t time yo$ learned that
being magi%al does not %ome itho$t %onse=$en%es# e"en !or the most experien%ed and
poer!$l o! it%hes# let alone !or one so ne to this as yo$&9
4eo ma'es his ay o"er to the ro%'ing %hair in the %orner o! the n$rsery& Settling don
he begins his tale&
7<n%e $pon a time in a land not so !ar aay# three magi%al prin%esses li"ed in an
en%hanted %astle& Piper# Phoebe and Paige ere good# poer!$l it%hes& :oe"er ea%h
had a %hara%ter !la that i! they ere not %are!$l o$ld $ndo them all& <ne as pig-
headed# one as !lighty and one as naB"e&9
7Than'!$lly they ere at%hed o"er by a good 'ind 'ing ho a%ted as their g$ide& :e
helped them as their poers gre and ta$ght them ho to $se their poers isely and
sa!ely& 5n!ort$nately the three it%hes did not alays listen&9
7<ne day the 'ing de%ided to go !or a long al' in the oods& The yo$ngest sister# Paige#
de%ided that this as a good time to pra%ti%e her neest poer# to %hange into any
%reat$re o! her %hoosing& The good 'ing had told her not to do this# b$t she tho$ght that
he as )$st being too %a$tio$s& The only =$estion as hat %reat$re to be& +n the
'ingdom there ere many !ab$lo$s %reat$res# dragons# lions# y"erns# trolls# horses#
mon'eys and e"en mermaids& Paige de%ided instead to try one o! the smaller %reat$res&
She remembered the 'ing had shon her this small spider !rom the dar' side o! the
oods& +t as poisono$s# he said# so she m$st not go near it& :e hadn3t said anything
abo$t t$rning into one&9
7The se%ond sister# Phoebe# %o$ld le"itate# a s'ill she !o$nd "ery $se!$l hen !ighting the
!or%es o! e"il& This had started as a small ability to li!t hersel!# to other people3s head
height# "ery $se!$l i! she needed to 'i%' them in the head& *o she %o$ld !ly aro$nd the
'ingdom at ill and e"ery day# despite the 'ing $rging her to slo don# she ent !aster
and !$rther&9
7The eldest da$ghter# Piper# as able to !ree-e or blo $p any ob)e%t& Re%ently she had
also been able to rearrange them at ill and ta'en ridding the %astle o! mi%e by t$rning
them into goo and !eeding them to her %at& The %at had gron !at on the easy meals& The
6ing had told her to stop being so mean to the inno%ent animals& She told the 'ing that
she as %learing the %astle o! "ermin and o$ld not stop )$st be%a$se he said it as
7<n this day Piper as %hasing this one small mo$se aro$nd the %astle& She %hased it into
Paige3s room& As she !olloed it in she noti%ed a small spider emerge !rom $nder a pile o!
Paige3s %lothes& She hated spiders& She really loathed spiders& She a"ed her hands at it
and t$rned it into goo& As she did so# in al'ed Phoebe# %ompletely obli"io$s to her
sister3s a%tions# anting to borro one o! Paige3s tops so she %o$ld %harm a handsome
prin%e at that night3s ball& She trod on the spider goo ith her bare !eet# %a$sing the
se"erely o$nded %reat$re to morph ba%' into Paige& Seeing their sister lying there#
Phoebe and Piper de%ided that they m$st r$sh Paige to the 'ing# as only he might be able
to heal her&9
7.ell yo$ng .yatt yo$ might be ondering ho the to sisters did this& Piper pi%'ed $p
Paige3s li!eless body# draped a sheet o"er her and as'ed Phoebe to !ly them both to the
!ar side o! the oods here the 'ing said he o$ld be& Phoebe# itho$t thin'ing agreed#
a!ter all she had !lon a lot !$rther than that&9
7As they set o!! Phoebe started to !eel !aint& She had not 'non that the spider that Paige
had t$rned into as poisono$s# and that hen she had stepped onto it that poison had
penetrated her bare !eet& She had also !orgotten ho m$%h her sisters eighed and that
this o$ld mean she o$ld not be able to %arry them as !ar& Still she too' the =$i%'est
ro$te a%ross the open bay here the sea lapped against the )agged ro%'s&9
7S$ddenly Phoebe !elt her grip ea'en& Piper slipped !rom her grasp# ta'ing Paige don
onto the )agged ro%'s& They landed ith a horrible splat# 'illing them both at on%e&
Phoebe by no ea'ened and delirio$s !le on& :oe"er o"er the open o%ean the poison
o"er%ame her and she !ell into the sea# here she droned&9
7So# .yatt# let that be a lesson to yo$& Be %are!$l o! yo$r poers# no matter ho strong
yo$ be%ome# be%a$se itho$t so$nd g$idan%e yo$ %o$ld# e"en by a%%ident %a$se great
harm to yo$rsel! and others&9
.yatt3s Smiling !a%e beams ba%' at his !ather&
7,o yo$ thin' he got the message89 As's Piper# thro$gh the open door o! the n$rsery&
7.ell + don3t 'no abo$t him# b$t + %ertainly did&9 Says Paige# stood next to her sister&
The Poer o! <ne
by Six
Rating: PG (As series)
Timeline/Spoiler arning: Story is set somehere relati"ely early in season !o$r# tho$gh
it basi%ally stands alone&
Trailer: .hen her sisters get si%' Piper !inds hersel! in an a'ard spot& (an she still
beat the !or%es o! e"il hilst )$ggling her rash o! problems8 +t%hing to !ind o$t# then read
A%'noledgements: To the ma'ers o! (harmed ho %reated the %harmed ones# Pr$e#
Piper# Phoebe and Paige# lo"e the sho& Aaron Spelling does it again& To S$-anne# ho
rote so elo=$ently o! .illo# than's !or the inspiration and en%o$ragement& *o brea%h
o! the %opyright is intended# )$st a non-pro!itable loan& + hope this t$rns o$t the ay +
pi%t$red it&
,is%laimer: All re%ogni-able %hara%ters in this story are the property o! Spelling
Prod$%tions and .B& *o %opyright in!ringement is intended by the a$thor# ho re%ei"es
no monetary bene!it !rom this or'& The ideas expressed here are original& All rights
The Poer o! <ne
Piper is stood at the bar o! PC %leaning o$t the ashtrays& :er bored expression t$rns to
disg$st as her %loth %lings to a pie%e o! %ongealed %heing g$m& Phoebe is sat at a table
by the stage& The table is stren ith boo's& She holds a pen in one hand and a )otter in
the other& She sits $p# remo"es her glasses and lets o$t an impatient sigh&
7.hat3s $p89 As's Piper loo'ing !or an ex%$se to stop&
7+t3s )$st so %ompli%ated9
7.hat8 1o$r latest spell89
7*o& + !inished that to ho$rs ago& +t3s my latest %ollege essay& + %an3t de%ide hether +
ha"e too m$%h in!ormation#9 she says pointing at the pile o! boo's on the table# 7or too
little&9 She li!ts $p the )otter to re"eal hal! a do-en lines o! notes at the top&
Piper t$rns ba%' to her or'& Phoebe leans o"er to grab another textboo' o! the pile& As
she does so she 'no%'s another to the !loor& +t !alls open to re"eal a bla%' and hite
photo o! a s%hool b$ilding& Phoebe leans o"er to pi%' the dis%arded tome $p& As she
to$%hes it a "ision appears to her& She is stood o$tside an o!!i%e door& Thro$gh its opa=$e
indo she %an ma'e o$t the shape o! a small %oering man s%reaming as a m$%h larger
being looms o"er him ith hat appears to be a 'ni!e& +n the !ar %orner o! the room there
are to %hildren trying to prote%t themsel"es by d$%'ing behind a des'& Phoebe is
s$ddenly aare o! a small boy stood behind her# t$gging at arm& She t$rns to see the
sobbing %hild& 7The boggy man is %oming&9 :e says&
/ision ends&
Piper and Phoebe are in their %ar& +t is a bea$ti!$l day# the s$n is shining and a gentle
bree-e r$!!les their hair as they speed thro$gh the streets o! the %ity&
7,o yo$ thin' e sho$ld %all 4eo89 As's Phoebe&
7*o& :e said not to be dist$rbed $nless absol$tely ne%essary& <n%e e3re all there e3ll
assess the sit$ation& .e %an probably de!eat this demon by o$rsel"es& @$st ma'e s$re
Paige %an get there&9
Phoebe pi%'s $p her mobile and rings Paige3s or' n$mber&
Paige is sat in her o!!i%e !iddling ith her pen& She presses one 'ey on her %omp$ter and
the o!!i%e printer starts to %h$rn o$t another !inished report& The phone rings&
7Paige& :o %an + help yo$89 She says# pleased to be relie"ed o! the boredom o! the
report& A m$!!led "oi%e on the other end o! the line dist$rbs her& 7:old on# +3ll )$st rite it
don&9 She grabs a s%rap o! paper& 7 St Barnabas S%hool& :ang on& + 'no that pla%e&
+3"e helped a n$mber o! the 'ids there& The headmaster is one o! the best in the distri%t&9
The m$!!led "oi%e %ontin$es as Paige gros e"er more %on%erned& 7+n tro$ble; +3ll be right
She si!tly pi%'s $p her %oat and )a%'et# strides o"er to the printer and pi%'s $p her
report& Pla%ing it in the photo%opier she sets it to print tenty %opies&
7And here do yo$ thin' yo$r going9 her boss says as she lea"es the o!!i%e&
7There3s a problem at St Barnabas&9
71o$ %an3t go $ntil that report is !inished9
7,one&9 She says# pointing at the photo%opier sm$gly&
<$tside St Barnabas S%hool# loo'ing rather di!!erent to the pla%e in the photograph&
Piper and Phoebe p$ll $p# %losely !olloed by Paige&
7Are yo$ s$re this is the right pla%e8 +t doesn3t loo' li'e the photograph89 As's Piper&
71es& +t3s the only St Barnabas in ton&9 Replies Phoebe&
7They 'no%'ed the old pla%e don a!ter the last =$a'e& A massi"e %ra%' had appeared in
it&9 +nter)e%ts Paige&
+nside the sisters ha"e split $p ea%h %he%'ing e"ery room as they pass it !or any
$nnat$ral signs or portents&
7A:::;9 A blood-%$rdling s%ream rings don the %orridor& Phoebe and Paige both here it
and start r$nning toards a nearby door# tho$gh !rom di!!erent dire%tions& Rea%hing it
almost sim$ltaneo$sly Phoebe and Paige almost %ollide& They loo' at ea%h other !or a
split se%ond and then# as i! a%ting as one mind# they b$rst in& Phoebe 'i%'s the large
%reat$re aside and both she and her sister rea%h !or the %hild ho is sat !a%ing aay !rom
7.hat do yo$ thin' yo$3re doing89 Says a rather gr$!!# i! =$ite ob"io$sly !emale "oi%e
!rom the !loor&
7Sa"ing this inno%ent !rom yo$# yo$ e"il !iend&9 Paige replies in a tri$mphant manner#
tossing her hair ba%' as she says it& 7.hy8 .hat did yo$ ha"e planned89
7+# as p$tting %ream on @ohnny3s spots&9 Ansers the %reat$re# ho is no =$ite %learly#
simply a large lady in a dar' bl$e dress# as she raises her sel! !rom the !loor&
7*o loo' at my apron# it3s %o"ered in lotion& + %an3t treat his %hi%'enpox itho$t lotion&9
She %ontin$es# t$rning aro$nd to re"eal a n$rse3s $ni!orm %o"ered in pin' lotion&
Phoebe and Paige remo"e their hands =$i%'ly !rom the boy3s sho$lder& A rather si%'
loo'ing %hild ith spots on his !a%e t$rns ro$nd&
7Sorry&9 Phoebe&
7Bye&9 Paige&
The sisters beat a hasty retreat& <n%e o$t into the %orridor the sisters loo' at ea%h other&
7(hi%'enpox# 5RG:;9 They say together# loo'ing don at their hands&
7A:::;9 Another s%ream rings o$t e"en lo$der !rom the other side o! the s%hool& D$i%'ly
both sisters set o!! don the %orridor in the dire%tion o! the noise&
7+3m ta'ing a hot shoer on%e e get ba%' home&9 Says Phoebe# her reg$lar or'o$ts
paying o!! as she p$lls o$t in !ront&
7*ot be!ore me yo$r not9
Ro$nding the next %orner they see Piper $p ahead# also r$nning& She stops o$tside a door
mar'ed and aits !or a se%ond to %at%h her breath and let the other to %at%h $p ith
her& 7Go !or it girl&9 She says to Phoebe as the :alliell anser to the 6arate 6id 'i%'s
the door don& A small man# ho is %learly the headmaster# %oers as a large green
demon ho"ers o"er him& The demon t$rns to !a%e the sisters& An ornate %eremonial
dagger is %len%hed in his right hand# a large ooden %l$b# not too dissimilar to an
o"ersi-ed baseball bat# in the other& :e gr$nts at them# a"ing his %l$b as he
As the green demon nears Paige# she responds by pro)e%ting a %hair !rom the %orner the
room& +t %lobbers him in the leg at great speed %a$sing the demon to %ringe& Piper then
!ree-es the sit$ation# realising that any one o! the hal! do-en other people in the room
might be s$spi%io$s i! they noti%ed the !$rnit$re seemingly mo"e by itsel!& Thin'ing
=$i%'ly she explodes the demon& As the d$st settles she passes the dagger and %l$b to
her sisters to destroy# hi%h they do ith relish& As they rea%h their %arsA# Piper $n!ree-es
the room&
7.ell that as easy&9 Says a grinning Piper& 7Told yo$ e didn3t need 4eo&9
7.hat shall e do ith these89 As's Phoebe loo'ing at the bro'en dagger and %l$b&
7.e3"e got eno$gh )$n' aro$nd the ho$se&9
7+3ll hide them $nder those b$shes a%ross the road& +3ll ha"e to hang on anyay& + expe%t
my boss ill %all soon to tell me there3s tro$ble at St& Barnabas& At least this ay + %an
%alm the sit$ation&9 Responds Paige&
S$re eno$gh# as Paige !inishes b$rying the dagger and %l$b pie%es# her phone rings&
4eo orbs into the 'it%hen o! the :alliell mansion& There is no one abo$t&
7Piper&9 :e %alls o$t& *o response& 7Phoebe# Paige&9 Still no response& 7Ah good# it loo's
li'e it3s my t$rn to %oo' dinner tonight again&9 :e says ith a to$%h o! irony# t$rning
aro$nd to !a%e the 'it%hen %$pboards&
As he remo"es the ingredients !rom the shel"es# Piper and Phoebe al' in thro$gh the
!ront door&
7<h there yo$ to are& B$sy day8 1o$ loo' tired&9 Says 4eo&
7@$st the $s$al demon slaying&9 Replies Phoebe&
7*othing e %o$ldn3t handle&9 Adds Piper&
71o$3re getting =$ite independent& 1o$ on3t need my help at all soon&9 Responds 4eo&
7There are alays %ertain things e3ll need yo$ !or&9 She says as she h$gs the man o! her
dreams& She gi"es him a =$i%' pe%' o! a 'iss on the lips& 7.ho else 'nos ho to
$nblo%' the drains89
7+3ll )$st grab the shoer be!ore Paige ret$rns&9 Shr$gs Phoebe# as she t$rns to head
4eo is )$st ser"ing dinner as Paige ret$rns# a%%ompanied by (ole& Phoebe %omes don
the stairs in her bathrobeE her hair tied $p in a large toel&
70"erything sorted at the s%hool89 She as's&
7.e managed to %on"in%e e"eryone that they had passed o$t d$e to a gas lea'# and that
the green demon had been a mas'ed robber ho had !led hen the others started to
pass o$t& + told them that they ere l$%'y to be ali"e& + thin' they all )$st abo$t belie"ed
me and than'!$lly none o! them remembered $s being there&9 Responds Paige&
7,inners $p&9 Says 4eo# po$ring the pasta on to the !inal plate&
(ole and Piper )oin him in the 'it%hen& Phoebe ta'es Paige to one side&
7.hat abo$t the n$rse# did she re%ognise yo$89 She as's =$ietly&
7.e ere l$%'y there& .hen yo$ too' her don# yo$ 'no%'ed her glasses o!!& She %o$ld
only tell it as to omen be%a$se o! the tone in o$r "oi%es&9 Replies Paige&
T$rning in the dire%tion o! the 'it%hen# she sho$ts& 7(an yo$ 'eep my tea arm# 4eo# +3m
going to grab a =$i%' shoer&9
7M$st ha"e been a messy 'ill&9 Says 4eo&
7*ot parti%$larly&9 Responds Piper&
Morning& Piper is preparing brea'!ast& (ole %omes don stairs# ad)$sting his tie as he
7.ill Phoebe be )oining $s89 She as's&
74ater possibly& She doesn3t ha"e to be in %ollege $ntil FFam& and + didn3t ant to dist$rb
her& She had a bit o! a sleepless night9
7:er throat still soar&9
7And a ha%'ing %o$gh&9 (ole ta'es a bagel# rips it apart and starts to spread straberry
)am on it&
7.here3s Paige this morning& +sn3t she going into or' ith yo$&9 As's Piper&
7*o# she3s boo'ed the morning o!!& Something abo$t a deli"ery&9
7,o yo$ mean li'e the Amay box that arri"ed !i"e min$tes ago89 She says pointing at
pa%'age on the li"ing room table& 71o$ may ant to a'e her& She %o$ld still ma'e it i!
she anted to&9
7Probably not a good idea& She as o$t ith her old s%hool !riends& ,idn3t get ba%' in
$ntil Cam&9
7:o do yo$ 'no89
7.ith Phoebe3s %o$ghing and !idgeting# + didn3t get m$%h sleep either&9 :e !inishes o! his
bagel and lea"es&
Paige ao'e her head po$nding# her stoma%h %h$rning# her throat dry and her s'in
tingling& 7This is de!initely the orst hang o"er + remember ha"ing&9 She says to no one
in parti%$lar& 4eaning o"er she grabs at the glass o! ater on her bedside %abinet& Ta'ing
a sig# she ret$rns it# %o$gh to %lear her throat# s%rat%hes hersel! and goes ba%' to sleep&
4eo orbs into 'it%hen&
7B$sy night# seetie89 As's Piper&
71o$ %o$ld say that& Apparently a rather nasty demon %alled the Million has been on the
prol& :e preys on tea%hers& +A"e been dis%$ssing the matter ith a .hite-lighter !rom
(olorado& Apparently heAs headed this ay&9
7So$nds li'e the g$y + "an=$ished to ee's ago at St& Barnabas& .as he rather tall#
green !a%e %arrying a dagger and a %l$b89
7That3s him& 1o$ say yo$ "an=$ished him& Remind me again o! hat yo$ did ith his
7Paige b$ried them& .hy do yo$ as'89
7Be%a$se he %an %ome ba%'& :e3s li'e a germ or pond slim& 0"en i! only a tiny portion o!
him is le!t ali"e he %an grad$ally %ome ba%'& The only ay to tr$ly "an=$ish him is to
melt don the dagger and b$rn the %l$b& +! hat yo$ say is %orre%t e only ha"e !i"e
days to a%t be!ore he ret$rns& +! yo$ don3t destroy them by then he3ll be ba%' and
anting re"enge on yo$ !or trying to "an=$ish him in the !irst pla%e&9
7That3s o'& Paige 'nos exa%tly here she b$ried them&9 Says Piper h$gging 4eo tightly&
Phoebe a'es !rom her !it!$l sleep& She loo's at the %lo%'& Almost Fpm& 7<h damm&9 She
m$tters& 7That3s another missed le%t$re&9 :er stoma%h r$mbles# at hi%h point she
realises she is abo$t to be si%'& Grabbing her stoma%h she ha$ls hersel! o$t o! bed& :er
old pair o! py)amas loo' e"en more %reased than they normally do& She heads !or the
bathroom )$st as (ole %omes in thro$gh the !ront door& She li!ts the toilet lid and starts
to thro $p& (ole# realising that someone is $nell# dashes to the bathroom& There he
!inds a "ery si%' loo'ing Phoebe ith "omit in her hair and all don her py)ama !ront&
Piper is o$tside St Barnabas loo'ing in the b$shes !or here Paige has b$ried the bro'en
7+t3s no $se& + %anAt !ind them&9 She says to 4eo as he orbs in beside her& 7*ot the best
day !or Paige to ha"e a hango"er&9 They get into the %ar and dri"e ba%' to the mansion&
+n the bathroom o! the mansion& (ole helps Phoebe $p& Resting one hand on his
sho$lder# she s%rat%hes at the stained py)amas&
71o$3ll ha"e to ta'e those dirty things o!!&9 Says (ole# noti%ing )$st ho it%hy she seems
to be&
7Mm&&&<'&9 Replies Phoebe in a near da-e&
As she remo"es her top# (ole has a loo' at here she has been s%rat%hing& :er stoma%h
is red ra and "ery spotty& :e leads her ba%' to bed& :e goes don stairs to see i! he %an
s$mmon 4eo&
74eo& 4eo& Phoebe needs yo$ 4eo&9
7.hat3s $p89 As's 4eo# in %on%ern as he al's in thro$gh the !ront door# %losely !olloed
by a slightly bem$sed Piper&
7+t3s Phoebe# she not at all ell& She has been si%' and no she is all spotty and it%hy&9
Replies an almost !ranti% (ole& 7+ don3t 'no hat sort o! magi% it %o$ld be or hi%h
demon might do it&9
All three dash $pstairs& .hilst (ole and Piper hold ea%h other in %on%ern o"er the %learly
ill Phoebe# 4eo attempts to $se his healing energy& :oe"er he =$i%'ly remo"es his
7.ell# this isn3t something + %an !ix# its nat$ral&9 :e says ith some regret& 7:oe"er# +
%an sense that she is no immediate danger& +! + ere yo$ (ole +3d %all the do%tor&9
7Patheti%& Mi'e& Patheti%&9 (ries o$t Pro!essor @ohnson to his assistant# ho is sat at the
other end o! their small ood panelled o!!i%e&
7.hat is it Pro!essor89
7+t3s the term papers on s%hooling in San >ran%is%o& They3re a!$l& Ta'e this one !or
example&9 Says the annoyed pro!essor# tossing his assistant one o! the reports& 71o$3d
thin' she had ne"er attended one o! my le%t$res&9
7A%t$ally Pro!essor# This st$dent has a "ery poor attendan%e re%ord& She e"en missed
this morning3s le%t$re&9
7Right# +3ll spea' to her abo$t that a!ter my next le%t$re&9
As the Pro!essor spea's a shadoy !orm mo"es past his o!!i%e indo# tho$gh no one
seems to noti%e&
Paige a'es again& +! anything her heada%he is orse than be!ore& She rea%hes !or the
last o! the ater& ,rin'ing it# she lightly drops the glass on the !loor& 7+3ll pi%' it $p later
hen it doesn3t h$rt to mo"e&9 She sl$mps ba%' onto the bed and tries to settle# b$t
hoe"er hard she tries she %annot get %om!ortable& ,e%iding to get $p instead# she
staggers into the bathroom& Boy does she !eel ro$gh& 4oo'ing in the mirror only ma'es
matters orse& 7A hango"er# greasy hair and a%ne&9 She m$mbles noti%ing to small
pimples on her !orehead& She rea%hes o"er to her toothpaste and br$sh& Perhaps this ill
7Mm&9 says the do%tor tho$ght!$lly# as he examines Phoebe& She is propped $p in bed# a
thermometer st$%' in her mo$th& She isn3t exa%tly happy& The do%tor examines behind
her ears and on her ne%' here more spots ha"e appeared&
7.ell89 Says (ole# starting to lose his patien%e&
7+ts as + !irst tho$ght&9 Replies the do%tor# remo"ing the thermometer !rom Phoebe3s
7(hi%'enpox&9 Says the do%tor# %losing his %ase to lea"e& 7Plenty o! bed rest and lots o!
!l$ids& +3ll lea"e yo$ a list o! the medi%ation she ill need&9 As he lea"es he t$rns to
Phoebe& 7*o s%rat%hing# it ill only ma'e things orse& +3ll be ba%' to examine yo$ in !i"e
days& 5ntil then yo$ are not to lea"e the ho$se& .e don3t ant anyone else getting si%'&9
Paige sh$!!les o$t o! the steam !illed bathroom& The shoer hasn3t helped& She t$rns the
%orner in the hall ba%' to her room# b$t be!ore she %an get there she passes o$t&
The do%tor %loses the door on Phoebe3s room& As he t$rns aro$nd he sees Paige %ollapse
to the !loor& The so$nd o! the !all brings 4eo and Piper $pstairs& (ole emerges !rom
Phoebe3s room&
7.hat3s the noise89 :e says& 7+3m trying to get Phoebe to sleep&9 <nly then noti%ing
Paige3s %r$mpled body lying on the !loor&
7.hat happened89 As's 4eo&
7+3m not s$re&9 Says the do%tor# leaning o"er Paige as she regains %ons%io$sness& 7+ thin'
yo$ had better p$t her to bed# +3ll examine her there&9
At St& Barnabas s%hool a sta!! meeting is in progress& The headmaster is dis%$ssing
impro"ements to s%hool se%$rity& .hilst many o! the assembled gro$p seem bored ith
the topi%# %ertain people are listening# and one shado hangs on e"ery ner"o$s ord
being spo'en&
7>inally# + o$ld li'e to than' Paige Matthes !or her help o"er the last to ee's& + as
going to present her ith this than'-yo$ %ard and box o! %ho%olates at this meeting b$t
!or some reason she %o$ldn3t attend this a!ternoon3s meeting# so + ill go and see her in
person early next ee'& See yo$ all on Monday&9
.ith that the headmaster got $p and le!t the room# !olloed by the rest o! the sta!!#
happy to see the start o! another ee'end& *o one sa a hand emerge# and ta'e a
mislaid %opy o! the headmaster3s notes&
Sat$rday morning& 4eo al's into the 'it%hen ith a bag !$ll o! gro%eries&
7,id yo$ get e"erything on the do%tor3s list89 As's Piper# al'ing o"er !rom the o"en to
greet her h$sband&
7Ti%e as m$%h# a!ter all e ha"e to patients to deal ith no&9
4eo pla%es the bag on the table& :e embra%es his i!e& The to 'iss&
74eo& +s that yo$ ba%'89 (alls o$t a plainti"e "oi%e !rom $pstairs& 7,id yo$ get that
%ream89 Paige appears at the top o! the stairs& :er !a%e is no %o"ered in spots# and
!rom the ay she is it%hing they are not )$st on her !a%e&
4eo and Piper loo' at ea%h other 'noing that the moment has passed& 0a%h ta'es a
%o$ple o! items !rom the bag&
71o$ ta'e PhoebeE +3ll ta'e Paige&9 Says 4eo&
(ole is sat at his des' in his %ramped little o!!i%e& :e is hal!-asleep and he %annot
%on%entrate on his or'& A large pile o! or' is sat in a tray at the side o! his des'& +n
al's his boss and pla%es another e"en larger pile o! or' next to it&
7@$st be%a$se it3s Sat$rday# there is no reason !or sla%'ing& 1o$3"e got the rest o!
yesterday3s or' to do# as ell as yo$r share o! Miss Matthe3s hile she is o!!&9 Says the
gr$mpy a$thoritarian& (ole resists the $rge to hit him&
+n the par' a little girl is s'ipping& She trips# !alls# and gra-es her 'nee& She didn3t see
the hand emerge !rom the oily p$ddle# or !eel it stri'e her an'le&
Phoebe is sat $p in bed& Piper is leaning o"er her b$ttoning $p her py)ama top&
7There& *o all e ha"e to do is yo$r !a%e&9 Says Piper# pi%'ing $p a t$be o! %ream and
some %otton ool !rom the bedside %abinet& 7Tell me here it it%hes89
7All o"er&9 Replies a miserable Phoebe&
Piper starts dabbing Phoebe3s pox ridden !orehead&
Meanhile# in a small !lat a%ross ton# a yo$ng oman is sat at a des'& She is one o! the
tea%hers at St Barnabas& B$sily mar'ing papers# she noti%es that it has s$ddenly got
=$ite dar'& As she !$mbles !or the light sit%h on the des'-side lamp# she %$ts her hand
on her letter opener& R$nning into the bathroom to get a bandage# she does not noti%e
the gloom li!t& A shadoy !ig$re mo"es a%ross the room# examines the 'ni!e and then
0"ening dras in on the mansion& A rather tired loo'ing 4eo sloly tr$dges don the
stairs# here he en%o$nters Piper ith her %oat on abo$t to lea"e& are yo$ going89 :e as's in bem$sement&
7To PC& That %l$b doesn3t r$n itsel! yo$ 'no&9 She ansers angrily&
7B$t hat abo$t Phoebe and Paige89
7They %an3t %ome& They3"e got (hi%'enpox&9 :er mo%'ing tones $nsettling the $s$ally
%alm .hite-lighter&
7That3s not hat + meant&9
7+ 'no that is not hat yo$ meant&9 :er angry tones $psetting him !$rther& 7+ %an3t stay
aay !or to nights in a ro& Pl$s + need a brea' aay !rom here&9 She sho$ts as she
lea"es# slamming the door behind her&
The shadoy !ig$re mo"es thro$gh the dar'ened hallay o! St& Barnabas S%hool&
S$nday morning in the Mansion& (ole is asleep on the %oa%h in the li"ing room& Piper
gently pla%es a blan'et o"er him& 4eo orbs in on the !ar side o! the room& :is i!e p$ts a
!inger to her mo$th and then points don at (ole# indi%ating that she ants =$ite so that
(ole is not dist$rbed& 4eo gently ma'es his ay o"er&
7+s he o'89 As's 4eo so!tly on rea%hing Piper&
71es !ine# )$st tired&9 She ansers e=$ally so!tly& 7:e %o$ldn3t sleep properly hile Piper
as really ill and $nable to sleep properly hersel!& 0"en hen she as able to sleep
properly last night she 'ept tossing and t$rning in the bed&9
7<h&9 Replies 4eo# t$rning to loo' Piper in the eyes& 7.e3re o' right# + mean +3m sorry
that said the things + did last night& + sho$ld ha"e tho$ght& + 'no no that yo$ ere
$nder a lot o! stress&9
7+t as me that sho$ld apologise& + as the one ho as $n!air# not yo$& + sho$ldn3t
ha"e sho$ted at yo$ or said the things + did&9 Says Piper h$gging her man&
7So ho are the s%rat%hy tins89 4eo as's# %hanging s$b)e%ts&
7.ell +3m going to see i! + %an stoma%h brea'!ast&9 Says Phoebe po'ing her head aro$nd
the 'it%hen door&
7+t3s only %ooled don porridge&9 Says Piper& 7*othing too solid yet&9
7<atmeal is s$pposed to be good !or (hi%'enpox&9 +nter)e%ts Phoebe&
7+ tho$ght that as oatmeal baths89 As's 4eo&
7+3m ha"ing one o! those later as ell# a!ter Piper3s !inished getting ready !or all the
digging yo$ to ill be doing today& Something abo$t $nearthing that dagger and %l$b
that Paige b$ried a !ortnight ago&9
7+ ha"en3t !orgotten&9 Says 4eo& 7Than'!$lly Paige as able to gi"e me better dire%tions
this time& .e sho$ld be able to !ind them&9
7.hat i! e don3t# honey89 As's Piper&
7Then e3ll need all the poer yo$ %an m$ster& +! e don3t get them today then the
Million ill be poer!$l eno$gh to retrie"e him !or himsel! tonight# e"en tho$gh he on3t
be able to $se them $ntil .ednesday night& Phoebe# yo$ had better start or'ing on a
7Right# here do e start loo'ing89 As's Piper# as she and 4eo p$ll $p o$tside St
7Paige said in as b$ried behind one o! the trees opposite the main s%hool entran%e& 4ets
start loo'ing !or dist$rbed gro$nd&9
A rather gr$mpy and dishe"elled Paige enters the 'it%hen& She sl$mps don on the %hair
next to Phoebe& Phoebe has a pen in her hand# b$t isn3t riting anything&
7.hat are yo$ trying to rite89 As's Paige&
7A spell to "an=$ish the Million&9 Replies Phoebe# %learly !r$strated&
7.hat3s the problem89
7(hi%'enpox& 0"ery time + try to get the spell or'ed o$t + either %annot thin' o! a
s$itable rhyme be%a$se my head starts h$rting# or my spots start it%hing& + thin' the rash
has spread to my ba%'&9
71o$3re l$%'y& At least yo$ %an le"itate so the spots aren3t r$bbing against anything& That
has got to help&9
7+ tried that this morning# hen + !irst !elt the rash had spread& + %an3t seem to do it at
the moment& The disease seems to be e!!e%ting my poers& +t3s probably drained yo$ o!
yo$r ability to $se yo$rs&9
7+ o$ldn3t 'no& +3"e been too si%' to e"en try&9
7See i! yo$ %an teleport that s$gar bol !rom the side dresser to the table89
7<'& :ere goes&9 Paige !o%$ses on the s$gar bol# b$t hoe"er hard she tries the bol
ill not mo"e& 7+t3s no good& + %an3t do it&9
7<h boy# are e s%reed;9 Says Phoebe# $sing her pen to s%rat%h her ba%'&
Piper is stood o"er a sho"el& The gro$nd all aro$nd her has been %h$rned $p and t$rned
o"er& 4eo is al'ing ba%' to the %ar&
7.ell# it3s getting dar'&9 Says a m$ddy and exha$sted Piper to an e"en dirtier 4eo&
74et3s head !or home&9 :e replies# pla%ing his sho"el in the tr$n' o! the %ar&
(ole is stood in the 'it%hen preparing s$pper& Phoebe and Paige enter the 'it%hen#
earing their bathrobes& the oatmeal bath orth it89 :e as's&
7,e!initely;9 Says Paige&
7/ery soothing&9 Agrees Phoebe&
The !ront door opens& To "ery s%r$!!y and disappointed indi"id$als enter&
7Piper; 4eo; +s that yo$89 As's Phoebe# s$rprised to see either o! them in s$%h a state&
7+3m g$essing yo$ had no l$%'&9
71o$3re right there& :o did yo$r day go89 Replies Piper&
7Good nes and bad nes&9 Says Paige&
7.e !inally !inished o$r parts o! the "an=$ishing spell&9 Says Phoebe& 7That too' $s most
o! the day&9
7Good& .hat3s the bad nes89 0n=$ires 4eo# ishing he didn3t ha"e to 'no&
7.e %an3t $se o$r poers& All o$r bodies3 energies are !o%$sed on !ighting o!! the pox&9
Replies Phoebe# mo$rn!$lly&
71o$ to %on%entrate on getting better& The three o! $s ill or' together to ta%'le the
Million&9 Replies 4eo& 7:oe"er# Piper and + are going to ha"e a =$i%' shoer&9
7,on3t be too long yo$ to& S$pper is almost ready&9 Says (ole&
7.hat are e ha"ing89 As's Piper !rom hal! ay $p the stairs&
7.ell yo$ to and me are ha"ing a "egetable lasagne ith a side salad# !olloed by apple
pie# i! yo$3re still h$ngry&9 Says (ole& 7.hilst Phoebe and Paige ill be ha"ing %hi%'en
so$p and i%e %ream# as they %an3t seem to manage anything more solid&9
Monday morning& Piper is in the atti% loo'ing at the Boo' o! Shados& 4eo al's in
%arrying to empty bottles&
7+3m going to the shop& .e3"e r$n o$t o! the lotion& Anything yo$ need89 :e as's&
7+nspiration&9 Replies Piper& 7+ %an3t see any mention o! the Million or anything li'e him in
the boo'& At least the "an=$ishing spell is !inished&9
7+3m s$re yo$ ill thin' o! something to help&9 Says 4eo# as he orbs o$t o! the room&
(ole is sat in his o!!i%e& Sat$rday3s pile o! paperor' is hardly any smaller& There is a
'no%' on the door&
7.ho is it89 As's (ole&
7My name is ,a"id Granger&9 Says a rather pl$mp man entering the room& 7+ belie"e yo$
ant to see me abo$t one o! my employees at the !o$ndry&9
(ole smiles !or the !irst time in days&
A shadoy !ig$re sits behind the d$stbins o$tside the $ni"ersity& :e pi%'s $p to pie%es
o! metal and holds them together& As he %on%entrates his !a%e starts to t$rn green&
*obody noti%es# !e o$ld %are&
T$esday morning& Piper is or'ing on a potion at the 'it%hen table& Paige is spread o$t on
the so!a in the li"ing room ha"ing the spots on her !eet treated by Phoebe& There is a
small bang !olloed by a p$!! o! smo'e& Piper thros don the remaining ingredients in
7,o yo$ to ha"e to do that in here89 She says redire%ting her anger at her $n!ort$nate
7Still no !$rther ith the potion89 Replies Phoebe# ignoring the original =$estion&
7:ardly& +t3s hard to %ome $p ith one hen e ha"e so little to go on& Anyay# as + as
saying# %an3t yo$ to go somehere else to do that8 1o$r getting lotion all o"er the
7*ot really& .e3re bored o! staying in o$r rooms# the bathroom3s a mess# yo$ didn3t ant
$s in the 'it%hen and e %an3t go o$t&9 Ansers Paige&
4eo orbs into the 'it%hen %arrying to large bags& Pla%ing them on the table# he t$rns to
Piper and gi"es her a gentle 'iss on the %hee'& She %heers $p immediately&
7,id yo$ get e"erything e need89 0n=$ires Piper ith a broad smile on her !a%e&
74et3s see no&9 Replies 4eo prod$%ing a long shopping list !rom the top po%'et o! his
shirt& 7Arroroot# dried li-ards !eet&9 :e says# p$lling items o$t o! one o! the bags& :e
loo's don the rest o! the list& 71ep; 0"erything3s here&9
:e p$shes the !irst bag# min$s the %ontainers o! arroroot and dried li-ards3 !eet# to the
other side o! the table here Piper has been preparing her potion&
7:o3s the potion progressing89 :e as's tentati"ely&
7Sloly&9 She replies# her mood t$rning toard depression& 74ets hope these ill help&
.hat3s in the other bag89
7<h# that3s not !or yo$& +ts !or Phoebe and Paige&9 Says 4eo# pi%'ing $p the se%ond bag
and al'ing thro$gh to the li"ing room&
7That3s ni%e& Presents&9 Says Phoebe smiling&
74et me see no& A%etaminophenE A%y%lo"irE ,e%ongestants&9 Says 4eo reeling o!! a list
o! medi%ines as he remo"es them !rom the bag& Phoebe !rons& 7And !inally %ream&9 A
smir' appears a%ross the .hite-lighter3s !a%e& 7Mint i%e %ream&9
The s$n is setting at St Barnabas S%hool& +n a %lassroom# a tea%her is going thro$gh a
!iling %abinet& ,istra%ted !or a se%ond by a noise o$tside# she does not noti%e a hand
emerge !rom the shados and p$sh the dra sh$t& The tea%her lets o$t a pier%ing
s%ream as her !ingers are trapped in the dra&
7.ednesday at last&9 Says PiperE a broad smile on her !a%e as 4eo enters the 'it%hen&
7.hat ma'es yo$ say that89 :e says# p$--led by his i!e3s statement&
7<$r (hi%'enpox dilemma is almost o"er& Phoebe and Paige ha"e had no ne spots sin%e
yesterday morning& The do%tor ill be here soon to li!t their =$arantine& They seem to be
getting better& +3"e e"en managed to %ra%' the potion !or "an=$ishing the Million# +
71o$3re !orgetting something& .hilst the do%tor ill probably li!t their =$arantine# it does
not mean that they ill be better# )$st not in!e%tio$s anymore& They on3t be one
h$ndred per%ent $ntil e"ery spot has s%abbed o"er and e"ery s%ab has !allen o!!# and that
ill be at least another ee' aay& As !or their poers# ho 'nos hen they ill
71o$ really 'no ho to depress a it%h# don3t yo$ 4eo&9 Piper s%oled&
(ole loo's at the bedroom %lo%'& ,r$bbing his !ingers on the dresser# he %he%'s the time
against that on his at%h&
7Remind me again hy yo$ aren3t at or' today89 As's Phoebe# sat $p in bed# her head
propped against the ba%'board&
7+ anted to be here hen the do%tor %ame&9
7.ell he3s not d$e !or another ho$r& .hy don3t yo$ get yo$rsel! an early l$n%h8 +3m s$re
Piper o$ldn3t mind&9
7Am + annoying yo$ or something89 Says a %learly agitated (ole&
7A bit&9 Replies Phoebe# apologeti%ally&
7Than' yo$ do%tor&9 Says Piper smiling as the do%tor lea"es&
7As long as they rest they3ll be !ine& + %o$ld ha"e told yo$ that&9 (ole is %learly $pset&
74oo'# they3re o"er the orst& .hy don3t e )$st relax89 S$ggests 4eo&
7Sorry&9 Says (ole& 7+3m )$st so !r$strated& + )$st ant to help Phoebe&9
71o$3"e already done all yo$ %an& +t3s )$st a matter o! patien%e& Phoebe and Paige ill be
ell again soon& .e )$st ha"e to ait&9 Replies Piper& 7.hy don3t yo$ see i! yo$ %an get
some sleep8 1o$ loo' shattered&9
(ole pa$ses be!ore ansering& 7<'& +! + m$st&9 :e heads $pstairs# passing Paige on the
7Be =$iet in there& Phoebe3s asleep&9 She hispers as they pass&
7.hat are yo$ doing $p& ,idn3t yo$ here hat the do%tor said89 Says an annoyed Piper to
7+3m bored# not tired&9 Replies Paige&
75h-oh&9 Says 4eo loo'ing $p& :e t$rns to Piper& 7Got to go&9 6issing her on the %hee' he
orbs o$t&
7,oesn3t that annoy yo$89 As's Paige&
7+t $sed to# b$t +3m $sed to it by no&9 Piper lies $n%on"in%ingly&
7Pro!essor @ohnson&9 Says Mi'e as he al's o"er to the pro!essor3s des' at the end o! the
71es Mi'e&9 Says the pro!essor to his assistant& 7+ need to see this errant st$dent&9
7.ell pro!essor# it3s abo$t her&9
7.ell Mi'e# hi%h one is she89 The pro!essor interr$pts&
7She3s not here again&9
7That3s it& +3"e had eno$gh& +! she %an3t be bothered to t$rn $p !or le%t$res then + don3t
ant her on my %o$rse&9
7+3ll prepare a letter at on%e&9
7,on3t bother +3ll tell her in person&9
Paige is sat at the 'it%hen table# eating on a banana& Piper brings o"er to glasses o!
ater and sits don next to her&
7:a"ing no poers is annoying&9 Says Paige&
7Tell me abo$t it& Been there# don3t ant to go there again&9
7,oesn3t it %on%ern yo$ that e might all get too si%' to !ight89
7+ try not to orry abo$t !$t$re possibilities&9
7B$t hat i! yo$ ha"e %hi%'enpox hen e !a%e the Million89
7.on3t happen&9
7.hy not89 Paige seems s$rprised at her sister3s seemingly $n%on%erned attit$de&
7:ad it& Pr$e ga"e them to me hen e ere little& + m$st ha"e been abo$t !o$r or !i"e
at the time&9
7:o %ome Phoebe didn3t get it then89
7,o yo$ 'no8 + %an3t remember& + m$st so$nd li'e an a!$l sister&9
7<'& So yo$3re sa!e# b$t hat abo$t 4eo89
7.ell apart !rom being a .hite-lighter# hi%h + s$ppose gi"es him some sort o! imm$nity#
he3s already had it hen he as yo$ng&9
7:o do yo$ 'no89
Piper ta'es a large sip !rom the glass& 7:e told me9
The end o! another s%hool day at St Barnabas& The headmaster and his se%retary are )$st
abo$t to lea"e&
7,id yo$ get in to$%h ith Miss Matthes89 As's the headmaster&
7*o& Apparently she has %hi%'enpox and hasn3t been in or' sin%e Th$rsday&9
7+ thin' +3ll %all aro$nd this e"ening& Ma'e the presentation in person&9
S$n sets on the :alliell mansion& A tall green man l$r's in the $ndergroth& :e !eels his
poer res$r!a%ing& Soon he ill be hole again& The million has ret$rned&
There is a sharp 'no%' on the !ront door o! the mansion& Piper loo's o$t b$t does not
re%ognise the stranger stood there& (a$tio$sly she opens the door&
7Are yo$ Phoebe :alliell89 ,emands Pro!essor @ohnson storming into the ho$se&
7*o&9 Says Piper %on%erned& 7+3m her sister& Piper&9 is she8 Ta'e me to her& + m$st spea' to her no&9
71o$ %an3t& She3s asleep&9 Piper says# regaining her %ompos$re&
7.ell a'e her then oman& + m$st spea' to her&9
There is another 'no%' at the door& 7Sit don a se%ond& +3ll )$st anser that&9 <rders
Piper to the Pro!essor& :e %omplies&
7Good e"ening# +3m the headmaster o! St Barnabas S%hool& +s it o' to see Miss Paige
Matthes8 + $nderstand she has been rather $nell&9
7<! %o$rse yo$ %an %ome in& She3s o' to ha"e "isitors& +n !a%t + thin' she o$ld be
delighted to see yo$ i! only to relie"e her boredom& She is still rather spotty +3m a!raid#
b$t no longer in!e%tio$s&9
7:a"e e met be!ore89 :e as's&
7+ don3t thin' so&9 Piper says# hoping that he on3t remember& 7Please ta'e a seat& +3ll
)$st %all her !or yo$&9 She t$rns toard the stairs and %alls o$t& 7Paige# yo$ ha"e a
Piper al's o!! to the 'it%hen& She ill let the Pro!essor ait a little& Paige emerges !rom
her room& :er baggy py)amas hidden $nder her dressing gon& There is a g$st o! ind
!rom don stairs& Something doesn3t !eel right& Paige raps hersel! $p tighter and starts
to des%end the stairs&
S$ddenly the door is !l$ng open& The Million stands there ith his %l$b and dagger at the
ready& Piper# also sensing the danger ret$rns !rom the 'it%hen# ith a "ile o! the potion
and a %opy o! the spell& <n entering she !ree-es the room& .hilst this or's on the
headmaster and the pro!essor# the Million =$i%'ly sha'es it o!!& She tries again# b$t to no
a"ail& She starts to thro !lame balls b$t the Million simply parries them ith his dagger
and %l$b&
Paige retreats $pstairs& She r$ns into Phoebe3s room to arn her sister and (ole# b$t#
hilst (ole is asleep in the %hair# Phoebe3s bed is empty and Phoebe is nohere to be
seen& Paige sha'es (ole to a'e him&
7.here3s Phoebe8 The million is here&9
(ole stirs& 7She3s $p there&9 :e says groggily# pointing at the %eiling&
Paige t$rns aro$nd and loo's $p at here the ex-demon is pointing& Phoebe is le"itating
)$st belo the %eilingE a small blan'et rapped aro$nd her the only thing prote%ting her
dignity& She is# despite all the noise %oming !rom belo# still asleep& Paige lea"es =$i%'ly
and heads !or the stairs&
Piper is tiring& As the Million sloly ad"an%es on her# she tries rea%hing !or the potion# b$t
realises that he is getting too %lose& Paige %omes dashing don stairs& S$mmoning all her
poer she attempts to orb the Million ba%'ard# b$t only manages to orb a small %erami%
"ase o!! the %o!!ee table& The Million senses her presen%e and t$rns to !a%e her& The "ase
reappears behind him# !alls to the !loor and shatters&
Phoebe a'es ith a start# banging her head on the %eiling& *ot realising here she is
and hat she is doing# her %on%entration and !alls ba%' on to the bed ith a th$d&
Regaining her senses she gets $p# still rapped in the blan'et# and heads o$t o! her
The million t$rns aro$nd again& Piper sei-es her %han%e# remo"es the %or' !rom the "ile
o! potion# and h$rls the %ontents at the demon& As he re%oils in pain# she ta'es o$t her
%opy o! the spell# hi%h she starts to re%ant& Phoebe )oins Paige at the top o! the stairs&
Paige prod$%es her %opy o! the same spell !rom the top o! the po%'et in her dressing
gon# so that she and Phoebe %an a%%ompany their sister& The million goes $p in !lames
and disappears& :is dagger and %l$b !all to the gro$nd&
+n a dar'ened !a%tory on the !ar side o! ton all is =$iet& The only light %omes !rom a
small !$rna%e# still gloing !rom a hard day3s or'& S$ddenly the room lights $p as 4eo
orbs in ith (ole&
7Still got e"erything89 As's 4eo&
71es&9 Says (ole# holding o$t the dagger and %l$b&
7Right# hat do e do no89
7Thro them in the !$rna%e# it sho$ld still be hot eno$gh&9
(ole hands 4eo the dagger and %l$b& :e pi%'s $p a elding mas' and glo"es !rom a
nearby table& P$tting them on he opens $p the !$rna%e door# and ta'ing the dagger and
%l$b !rom 4eo he h$rls them into the !ire& (o$ghing as !$mes %ome o!! the b$rning
eaponry# (ole retreats to here 4eo is standing&
7+s it me or is it hot in here89 Says (ole remo"ing the mas' and glo"es to mop his bro&
+t is a s$nny a!ternoon in San >ran%is%o& Paige is re%lining on one o! three s$n beds in the
ba%' garden& :er small red bi'ini shos that hile she is still not one h$ndred per%ent#
she is a lot less spotty than she as be!ore& Piper al's o$t ith three glasses o!
lemonade& Setting them don on a nearby table# she t$rns to Paige&
7.here3s Phoebe89 She as's Paige&
Paige points to a sta'e in the gro$nd to hi%h a %ord is atta%hed& Piper !ollos the %ord
ith her eyes as it sna'es thro$gh the grass and then rises tenty !eet in the air to
here it is tied aro$nd the top o! a pair o! denim hot pants that Phoebe is earing&
Phoebe is reading a boo' resting on her %hest# hilst listening to m$si% on her personal
stereo# hi%h she has %lipped to the side o! her %$t o!! top& She is le"itating $nder the
shade o! a tree& 4i'e Paige she loo's !ar healthier than she did&
7:ey; Phoebe;9 Piper sho$ts $p at her&
Phoebe remo"es the headphones !rom her ears# and grad$ally loers hersel! on to the
se%ond s$n bed# grabbing one o! the glasses on the ay&
7.ell yo$ to seem a lot better&9 Says Piper# passing Paige the se%ond glass o!
7.e are&9 Replies Phoebe# ith a smile&
7That3s easy !or yo$ to say&9 Says Paige# s=$irming on her s$n bed& 7.hen yo$ start to
it%h yo$ %an simply le"itate o$t o! it&9
7Tr$e&9 Phoebe says ith a grin&
7+ tho$ght yo$ o$ld ant to be ith (ole89 0n=$ires Piper&
7*ot really& + o$ldn3t ant to miss this great eather& As he %an3t %ome o$t and is !ast
asleep anyay + tho$ght + o$ld ma'e the most o! it and 'eep Paige %ompany&9
7And get a great tan&9 +nter)e%ts Paige&
7<'& And get a great tan&9
7.ell + hope yo$ !eel sorry !or yo$rsel!& :e as ith yo$ hen yo$ got si%'&9 Says Piper
slightly annoyed&
7B$t he3s got (hi%'enpox&9
T:0 0*,&
T<,A1 T:0 .<R4, ST<PP0, T5R*+*G
Rating: PG (As series)
Timeline/Spoiler arning: Beteen Series G and 2
Trailer: The Angel o! ,estiny is in tro$ble and see's three o! his most re%ent %onta%ts#
The (harmed <nes& (an the :alliell sisters sa"e time8
A%'noledgements: To the ma'ers o! (harmed ho %reated the %harmed ones# Pr$e#
Piper# Phoebe and Paige# lo"e the sho& Aaron Spelling does it again& To T:5*,0R# than'
yo$ !or the m$si%& *o brea%h o! the %opyright is intended# )$st a non-pro!itable loan& +
hope this t$rns o$t the ay + pi%t$red it&
,is%laimer: All re%ogni-able %hara%ters in this story are the property o! Spelling
Prod$%tions and .B& The a$thor# ho re%ei"es no monetary bene!it !rom this or'#
intends no %opyright in!ringement& The ideas expressed here are original& All rights
A(os yo$ stole my so$l then yo$ bro'e my heart
And + don3t 'no hy b$t +3m still yearning&
,arling in my mind yo$3"e !ro-en the o! time
Be%a$se today the orld stopped t$rning&
Today the .orld Stopped T$rning by 4$'e Morley
>rom 4a$ghing on @$dgement ,ay by Th$nder
Today the orld stopped t$rning
+t is a %lear# s$nny day o$tside the :alliell manor& A gentle bree-e ripples thro$gh the
trees& The street is pea%e!$l& The only noise is the %on"ersation beteen Piper and
Phoebe as they %limb the steps that lead to the !ront door& 0a%h is %l$t%hing a bag !$ll o!
7.ell# ho are yo$ !eeling& Any morning si%'ness yet89 0n=$ires Phoebe o! her pregnant
7*ot really&9 Replies Piper lying# as her stoma%h %h$rns o"er !or the h$ndredth time that
Phoebe opens the door o! the manor as they rea%h the top o! the steps and lets Piper
al' thro$gh& The ho$se is =$iet&
7Anyone home89 Piper sho$ts o$t&
75p here&9 Paige3s m$mbled "oi%e replies !rom some distant %orner o! the manor&
7Sho$ldn3t yo$ be at or' yo$ng lady89
7@$st !inished& + anted to get ba%' early to try on this ne dress + bo$ght d$ring my
l$n%h brea'&9 Paige ansers as she appears at the top o! the stairs in a !loing bla%'
strapless gon& 7.hat do yo$ thin'89
7*i%e& /ery elegant&9 (hips in Phoebe&
7A little o"erdressed !or tonight&9 Says Piper
7.hat abo$t tonight8 Something going on&9 Says Paige# loo'ing p$--led&
71o$r next potion lesson&9 States Piper# ith tri$mphant relish&
7<h;9 Replies Paige $n%on%erned& 7+ tho$gh it as something important&9
7+t is important&9 Snaps Piper& 7There is still plenty to learn& 1o$3"e got to ta'e this more
serio$sly& 4ast time yo$ made some ex%$se and the time be!ore that yo$ dyed yo$r
hands green& +! yo$ don3t pay more attention yo$3ll do something that e"en e %an3t
7That3s not hat + meant&9 Replies a slightly bem$sed Paige& 7+ hadn3t !orgot& + )$st
tho$ght yo$ might ha"e %hanged o$r plans !or this e"ening& That3s all&9
7Sorry&9 Says Piper as she t$rns to Phoebe& 7.ant to help me $npa%'89
7+3ll be ith yo$ in a min$te&9 Says Phoebe&
Piper al's o!! into the 'it%hen# still %l$t%hing her gro%eries& As she ro$nds the %orner a
bl$ish hite glo appears in the 'it%hen door& The gro%eries slip !rom Piper3s hands# b$t
she is able to !ree-e them be!ore they hit the !loor&
74eo;9 She grols as she $n!ree-es her h$sband mid orb&
7.hat3s $p ith her89 .hispers Paige to Phoebe&
7:ormones& She3s been li'e this all day&9
7At least she isn3t destroying e"eryone in sight&9
7That is one area here she still seems normal than'!$lly& +! anything she seems to ha"e
gained greater %ontrol o! her magi%& Anyay#9 Phoebe says %hanging the s$b)e%t# 7hy
the ne dress89
7.ell e ha"e a %harity ball %oming $p soon& So$th Bay has one most years to raise
money !or lo%al %harities& This year +3m on the team that is organising it# so + ha"e to loo'
my best& The mayor may e"en %ome&9
Paige al's ba%' toards the stairs& Phoebe heads o!! to the 'it%hen# lea"ing her bag o!
gro%eries on the hall table& T$rning ro$nd to pi%' them $p she glan%es at Paige# only !or a
se%ond its not Paige# its Pr$e ho loo's ba%' at her&
71o$3re ba%'&9 Phoebe gasps in sho%' at the s%ene be!ore her&
7.hat3s $p ith my ba%'8 +s the -ip %oming loose89 Says Paige s$ddenly noti%ing her
sister expression& 7Are yo$ o'8 1o$ loo' li'e yo$3"e seen a ghost&9
,ar' storm %lo$ds gather o"er a distant hori-on& The h$n%hed !ig$re o! an aged
gentleman sits on a ooden ben%h ro%'ing gently ba%' and !orth& :e stops !or a se%ond
to gather $p a !aded s%roll !rom the gro$nd belo him& P$tting a pair o! ro$nded
spe%ta%les on he loo's don at the text belo and starts to sob as he reads hat is
ritten be!ore him&
7+t as Pr$e + tell yo$# standing there& As %lear as day and as solid as the three o! $s&9
,e%lares a %learly agitated Phoebe&
71o$3re s$re o! that89 As's Piper# in %on%ern&
74oo'# + 'no my on sisters hen + see them&9
7Piper is only as'ing be%a$se she is %on%erned !or yo$&9 Says Paige so!tly&
4eo al's into the li"ing room %arrying a large m$g&
7,rin' this& +t ill help yo$ relax&9
7Any idea hat3s going on here dear89 As's Piper to her h$sband&
7+t %o$ld be any n$mber o! things& + o$ldn3t e"en ant to g$ess&9 Replies the hite-
lighter h$mbly&
7+ thin' + %an help yo$ there&9 Says a !amiliar "oi%e a!ting a%ross the air& +n a shimmer
o! light the Angel o! ,estiny reappears be!ore them&
7.hat are yo$ doing ba%' here89 As's a rather dist$rb Paige as her sisters loo' on in
s$rprise& 7 .e3"e already made o$r de%ision&9
7+ 'no&9 Replies the Angel& 7That3s the reason +3m ba%'& +t3s abo$t yo$r pledge to help
sa"e the inno%ent& +3"e got a !e ho need yo$r help&9
74i'e ho89 0n=$ires Piper&
70"eryone ho has existed# does exist or ill exist&9
+n the desert platea$ that is the asteland o! lost so$ls# the atmosphere %ra%'les as the
so$ls o! slain demons !all thro$gh ith !ar greater reg$larity than normal& (ole is b$sy
)$mping aro$nd his realm# mo"ing !rom demon to demon# stripping them o! their poers
be!ore they land& :e loo's $p and smiles as another so$l brings him still more poer&
7So hat is going on89 As's Piper emphati%ally as she leads the Angel# her sisters and
her h$sband into the atti%& 7And hy are e meeting $p here89
7+ s$ppose it all started hen yo$ "an=$ished the So$r%e&9 Replies the Angel& 7.ith him
gone a poer str$ggle started amongst the remaining demons to determine ho o$ld
ta'e his pla%e& At !irst it as a relati"ely lo%alised a!!air ith little to orry the mortal
realm& Then thing started t$rning nasty# ith some $sing inno%ents to ad"an%e their
%a$se& 0"en then# ith e"erything that happens on this planet# most o! it %o$ld ha"e
been easily o"erloo'ed& That as $ntil a demon %alled Tempest started to manip$late the
!abri% o! time itsel!&9
7+3"e met him be!ore&9 Says Phoebe sadly& 7:e as part o! the So$r%e3s s%heme that led
to the death o! Pr$e in the !irst pla%e& :o does he ha"e anything to do ith her
appearan%e in this ho$se earlier&9
7As + said# he manip$lates the !abri% o! time& +n the battle !or %ontrol o! the $nderorld
his poers ha"e gron stronger& +n yo$r pre"io$s en%o$nters ith him he %o$ld only
reset $ni"ersal time& *o he %an reset lo%alised time& At the se%ond yo$ sa Pr$e it as
as i! that portion o! time and spa%e had been transported !orard !rom some time in the
7>rom be!ore she died89 0n=$ires Piper&
7So hy didn3t + noti%e anything di!!erent89 As's Paige&
7Ah; That3s the orst part o! it& By ripping $p time itsel! he has made it possible !or to
per%eptions o! time to exist in one pla%e& +n yo$rs Phoebe# yo$ sa Pr$e standing there
as i! she had ne"er died& +n yo$rs Paige# all yo$ sa as Phoebe loo'ing at yo$ a bit
7,o yo$ $nderstand this89 .hispers Paige to Piper&
7*ot exa%tly&9
7.hy as + the !irst to see this89 D$i--es Phoebe&
7That + don3t 'no& +t as Probably )$st %han%e&9 Replies the Angel&
7+! li"ing in this ho$se has ta$ght me one thing it is that there is no s$%h thing as
%han%e&9 States Phoebe&
7+t %o$ld be to do ith yo$r parti%$lar poers& 1o$r ability to see past and !$t$re e"ents
enabled yo$ to de!eat him be!ore# hen yo$ beat Rodrig$e-& Perhaps yo$ are more
att$ned to the passage o! time&9 4eo s$ggests# trying to %alm the agitated it%h don&
7So ho do e stop this89 As's Phoebe& 7And ho3s b$tt do + get to 'i%'89
7+t3s Tempest that yo$ m$st stop& As !or ho# + ha"e no idea& That is hy + %ame to yo$&9
+n the dar' night o! the $nderorld# the %loa'ed !ig$re o! Tempest pa%es ba%' and !orth
thro$gh his lair& :e stops a se%ond# raises his hand and dis%harges an energy ball&
.hilst the others are examining the old s%roll the Angel has bro$ght ith him# Phoebe is
!li%'ing thro$gh the boo' o! shados& A %old !ig$re to$%hes her ba%'& She t$rns sharply
and prepares to 'i%' o$t# b$t instead is greeted by the stern stare o! Grams&
7Phoebe :alliell# hat ha"e + told abo$t the atti%89
Phoebe blin's in disbelie!& :oe"er )$st as =$i%'ly as she arri"ed their Grams is gone&
7,id yo$ all see that89 She as's the rest o! the assembled gro$p&
7As %lear as day&9 Replies Paige a%%ompanied by nodding heads all aro$nd&
7+ts as i! she had ne"er died& As real as she as at o$r edding&9 Says Piper# as she h$gs
4eo !or %om!ort&
7.hat did she mean abo$t the Atti%89 0n=$ires Paige&
7+3m not s$re&9 Piper ansers& 7She only $sed to spea' to $s li'e that i! e had done
something rong&9
7.rong# li'e %oming into the atti% hen e ere %hildren&9 +nter)e%ts Phoebe&
7Another time slip&9 The Angel states&
4eo loo's intently at the s%roll& A broad grin %rosses his !a%e&
7.hat are yo$ so happy abo$t89 as's Paige o! the .hite-lighter&
7.hat o! o$r relations got to do ith it89
7Apart !rom popping $p at $nexpe%ted moments&9 (hirps Phoebe&
7*o# the Theory o! Relati"ity& 0instein&9 Says an exasperated 4eo to the three bem$sed
sisters& 7+t des%ribes ho matter# spa%e and time intera%t& To p$t it "ery simply# it shos
that hat e thin' e see is dependant on here e are# ho !ast e are tra"elling and
hat e are loo'ing at&9
Piper# Phoebe and Paige loo' at ea%h other d$mb-!o$nded&
7.ell yo$ ere the one ho married him&9 Says Phoebe to Piper&
7+ tho$ght yo$ ere the smart one& 1o$ ha"e a degree&9
The to sisters stare at ea%h other and then at 4eo& :e loo's ba%' in disbelie!&
7That is o$r per%eption o! reality# o! ea%h other and the orld aro$nd $s are $ni=$e to
ea%h o! $s as indi"id$als& .e ea%h see things di!!erently&9
7So hat89 As's Paige&
7So e"ery time slip is di!!erent !or ea%h person experien%ing it& Some e may share ith
others# b$t e"en then e may ea%h ha"e a di!!erent perspe%ti"e on the e"ents that )$st
$n!olded& <thers# s$%h as the time slip Phoebe experien%ed earlier# are totally $ni=$e to
that indi"id$al&9
7+ repeat the =$estion& So hat89 D$estions Paige more annoyed this time&
7+ thin' + $nderstand yo$ 4eo&9 Says the Angel& 70"en Tempest has %ertain things he %an
not do# e"en i! he# li'e me# %an manip$late the time-spa%e %ontin$$m# he %an3t brea' it&
All he %an do is alter per%eptions# %hange "iepoints or )$mp beteen parallel
dimensions& By or'ing o$t ho he is manip$lating $s e may be able to better lo%ate
his base o! operations&9
Piper# Phoebe and Paige loo' at the Angel %ompletely d$mb!o$nded&
7:o do e !ind that89 As's Phoebe %a$tio$sly# not %ertain hether she is as'ing the
right =$estion&
7.e m$st !irst or' o$t here and hen the time slips !irst o%%$rred& :e on3t ant to
mo"e !ar !rom there or he o$ld be%ome as lost as the rest o! $s in the m$ddle o! time
and spa%e he has %reated&9 Says 4eo# en)oying being one $p on the %harmed ones !or a
%hange& 7Then all e ha"e to do is "an=$ish him and the %haos he has %a$sed ill be
The Angel stro'es his %hin gently then says& 7@$st to small points& <ne# hen yo$
re"erse all his a%tions yo$ ill !orget all that yo$ ha"e done and re"ert ba%' to here yo$
ere be!ore all this started# hi%h may not itsel! be that bad& To# yo$ on3t be able to
"an=$ish him as s$%h& Tempest is as m$%h a balan%e in the $ni"erse as + am& 1o$ %an
only $ndo hat he has done and bind him hile + restore hat passes !or normality on
this planet& +! yo$ get the timing rong then yo$3ll !orget hat yo$ ha"e to do and
Tempest ill be !ree to %a$se ha"o% again& 1o$ %o$ld get %a$ght $p in a time loop&9
7:o do e 'no e aren3t already in a time loop89 0x%laims Piper ex%itedly# as she
!inally $nderstands at least part o! the %on"ersation& 7.e %o$ld ha"e tried this already&9
7.e don3t&9 Says 4eo gra"ely&
7+ might&9 +nter)e%ts Phoebe& 7+ts not li'e + ha"en3t done this be!ore&9
7.ell; ,oes it !eel li'e e3"e done this be!ore89 Piper =$estions her sister&
7*o more than it does most times e !ight e"il&9 Phoebe shr$gs ba%'&
Meanhile# a%ross the globe at a na"al obser"ation post on the +sle o! .ight# 0ngland# a
)$nior na"al %adet is loo'ing o$t a%ross the Solent toards the port o! So$thampton&
7Sir# are there any %r$ise liners d$e o$t o! port today89 :e as's tentati"ely t$rning to the
senior o!!i%er&
7*o %adet& .hy do yo$ as'89
7Be%a$se there3s one mo"ing o$t o! harbo$r no&9
The senior o!!i%er pi%'s $p a pair o! bino%$lars& :e ad)$sts them so that he %an ma'e the
name o$t on the name on the side o! the mystery ship& :is !a%e t$rns ashen hite and he
sloly p$ts don the bino%$lars in disbelie!&
7.hat is it sir&9 As's the by no %on%erned %adet&
The senior o!!i%er passes him the bino%$lars itho$t saying a ord& The %adet raises
them to his on eyes# ad)$sting them to his on "ision in the pro%ess& :e !o%$ses on the
side o! the ship and sees the name !or himsel!& S&S& T+TA*+(&
7+! only e there as someay o! standing aside !rom this mess&9 Says Paige&
7Somehere o$tside the normal r$les o! time and spa%e&9 4eo agrees&
71o$ mean li'e 4imbo89 Says the Angel&
7Been there9 Says Piper in a dismissi"e manner&
7<r the astelands&9 Says Phoebe realising the grim impli%ations o! hat she has )$st
+n the >orbidden (ity at the heart o! Bei)ing a !an!are# the li'es o! hi%h has not been
heard sin%e the last 0mperor# rings o$t to herald the arri"al o! a long dead doager
empress& .hilst a to$r g$ide stands on in ama-ement# se"eral to$rists are b$sy ta'ing
photographs# $naare that it is not a part o! their to$r&
At the :alliell Manor all seems =$ite $ntil Piper %omes storming don the stairs#
!olloed by a %on%erned Phoebe&
71o$ %an3t go thro$gh all o! that again&9 Sho$ts Piper# drying to %o"er her %on%ern ith
7+ ha"e to&9 Replies Phoebe# trying to hold ba%' her on emotions&
7,o yo$ remember ho m$%h tro$ble it %a$sed the last time yo$ ent there89
71es# b$t + still ha"e to go& :o else are e going to stop Tempest89
7.e3ll !ind a ay&9
7+! yo$ ha"e any ideas +3d lo"e to hear them89
Piper loo's ro$nd !or a se%ond& Realising that there are no better options# she brea's
don# her anger t$rning to tears& Phoebe ta'es hold o! her sobbing sister in an emotion
%harged embra%e# as the tears roll gently don her %hee's as ell&
7@$st yo$ %ome ba%' no& + ant my %hild to 'no both its a$nts&9 Says Piper# iping
aay a tear&
7+3ll be ba%'&9 Says Phoebe# as m$%h to re-ass$re hersel! as Piper&
+n the atti% 4eo is pa%ing ba%' and !orth& The Angel )$st stands there lost deep in his on
tho$ghts& Paige al's in %arrying a b$ndle o! %andles& She has %hanged o$t o! her ne
gon into an old pair o! )eans and hite blo$se# ith a aist%oat that loo's s$spi%io$sly
li'e one o! Phoebe3s& <"er her le!t sho$lder she is %arrying a small string-dran bag&
7Got e"erything89 As's 4eo# stopping !or a se%ond
71es&9 Replies Paige# slightly short o! breath& 7(andles# mat%hes# %hal'# potions and o!
%o$rse the spells&9
7+sn3t that bla%' leather aist%oat Phoebe3s&9 (omments 4eo&
7D$ite;9 Replies Paige in a lo$d hisper that rasps thro$gh the air
She hands 4eo the %andles and# remo"ing the %hal' !rom her po%'et# she pro%eeds to
dra a large %ir%le on the atti% !loor& Phoebe and Piper al' in&
7Are yo$ both o'ay abo$t this89 As's 4eo ith %on%ern# as he pla%es the !i!th and !inal
%andle on the edge o! the %ir%le&
7<! %o$rse&9 Replies Piper $n%on"in%ingly&
7As ready as + ill e"er be&9 Says Phoebe&
Paige passes the box o! mat%hes to 4eo ho remo"es one# stri'es it and starts to light
the %andles& She then remo"es a %r$mpled sheet o! paper !rom the po%'et at the rear o!
her )eans and passes it to Phoebe&
7+t3s a "ariation on the To >ind a 4ost 4o"e spell that yo$ $sed last& + %all it To >ind a 4ost
(ole spell&9 She says %hirpily& 7And here3s a little something else that ill help& The
instr$%tions are in the bag&9
Phoebe loo's at her sister ner"o$sly& Paige remo"es a bottle o! red li=$id !rom the bag&
7,rin' this one no# be!ore yo$ go& The rest yo$ sho$ld $se hen yo$ get there&9
7:o %an + do that8 +n the astelands +3m only an astral pro)e%tion&9
7,on3t orry& +3"e en%hanted the bag& +t goes here e"er yo$r so$l goes&9 Replies Paige
grinning !rom ear to ear&
7Than' yo$&9 Says Phoebe& She drin's the li=$id& 7.hat did yo$ ma'e it o$t o!89
71o$ don3t ant to 'no&9 Ansers a still grinning Paige&
Phoebe ta'es the bag and paper !rom her o"er enth$siasti% sister as she settles don in
the middle o! the %ir%le& <pening the sheet o! paper $p she starts to read& 7.hither my
(ole# here"er yo$ be# thro$gh time and spa%e# ta'e my heart near to thee&9
(ole stands on a ro%' at the %entre o! his realm& A dry desert ind is bloing the sand
aro$nd# b$t e"en this does not hide the %arnage that en"elops this land& Another so$l
appears %lose by& Another poer to grab and $se& :e leaps don into the heart o! the
sandstorm# b$t his eagerness t$rns to the s$rprise hen he re%ognises the person
aa'ening be!ore him&
7.hat are yo$ doing here89 As's (ole& 7+ tho$ght yo$ o$ld ne"er ret$rn to this plane&
7+3m here to stop Tempest !rom $ndoing the !abri% o! time&9
7+ ondered ho as %apable o! doing so m$%h %arnage&9 Says (ole loo'ing aro$nd him&
7,on3t tell me he has been %reating time slips here to89 As's Phoebe ith some %on%ern&
7*o# b$t + ha"e seen the demons that ha"e got %a$ght $p in his s%heme& They all end $p
here yo$ 'no&9
7Good e needed somehere o$t o! his rea%h to try to lo%ate his base o! operations&
<n%e e lo%ate him e %an attempt to stop him&9
7:o do yo$ intend to do that8 Are yo$ going to s%ry !or him89
7.e don3t ha"e anything o! his that e %o$ld $se to do that# $n!ort$nately&9 Phoebe
sighs& 7+ )$st going to ha"e to or' it o$t by obser"ing his a%tions !rom here& They are
rippling thro$gh time and spa%e getting more distorted the !$rther !rom him that they
are& The only ay e %o$ld red$%e o$r odds is i! e re%ognise the pla%e he is hiding in9
7And ho do yo$ intend to at%h all this8 +ts not li'e + ha"e a tele"ision or something&9
7+ bro$ght these ith me&9 Phoebe replies# prod$%ing some bottles o! green potion !rom
her bag&
7.hat are those89
71o$3ll see&9 Says Phoebe t$rning aay !rom her !ormer lo"e& 7+ hope yo$ 'no hat
yo$r doing Paige&9 She m$tters $nder her breath&
Ba%' in the atti% Piper loo's don at her sister3s almost motionless body& She %l$t%hes
!irmly to her man3s arm and then darts her eyes ner"o$sly toards Paige&
7.hat as in that bottle yo$ made her drin'89 she as's Paige thro$gh gritted teeth&
7*othing m$%h# in !a%t + pi%'ed most o! it $p at the %hemist& +t3ll )$st ma'e her tal' in her
sleep& +t means e %an !ind o$t any in!ormation as soon as Phoebe does&9
7+ hope yo$ 'no hat yo$r doing Paige&9 Phoebe m$tters# m$%h to Paige3s relie!&
*o standing alone on a ro%' in the heart o! the asteland# Phoebe opens $p Paige3s
instr$%tions and ner"o$sly reads her sister3s spell&
7Bring together Tempest and me# his 'ingdom no + ish to see# %rossing time and spa%e
to his side# !rom mysel! + ill not hide&9
As a "ortex opens $p (ole leaps $p to his it%h& They loo' thro$gh and %an see Tempest
in a large %a"e ith a stone alter in the middle o! it& (andles are pla%ed aro$nd the edges
o! the alter& 0nergy bolts !ly o!! Tempest in all dire%tions&
7+ re%ognise that pla%e&9 Says (ole& 7The So$r%e held Piper there hen he too' %ontrol o!
her mind&9
7That as the pla%e here yo$ and 4eo res%$ed Piper !rom the So$r%e hen she tho$ght
she as in an asyl$m&9 Says a s$rprised Phoebe& 7+ tho$ght it o$ld be !ar more sinister
than that&9
7+ts not the pla%e# it3s the people ho $se it&9 M$rm$rs (ole# remembering his on time
as the So$r%e& 7So hat do e do next89
7@$st thro the Bottles o! potion thro$gh the "ortex&9 Replies Phoebe loo'ing at Paige3s
notes as she does so& 7Then as' to go home&9
+n the manor# her sisterHs# on hearing this re=$est# start to %hant the re"ersal spell&
7Ret$rn thy lo"e# here"er she be# thro$gh time and spa%e# bring her ba%' to me&9
Phoebe aa'ens ith a )olt&
7D$i%'# e m$st a%t& + 'no here Tempest is&9 Says Phoebe# str$ggling to her !eet&
7So do e&9 Says Paige# grabbing her sister by the arm as they orb o$t o! the atti% to
Tempest3s lair& The Angel and 4eo !ollo ith Piper %linging to her h$sband3s arm
<n landing in the lair the !i"e !ind themsel"es in a passage leading to the main room&
Phoebe t$rns to Paige and opens her mo$th as i! to say something b$t the !inger to
mo$th gest$re that that her sister ma'es %on"in%es her that no is not the right time&
Piper ma'es her ay =$ietly toards the alter d$%'ing behind a pillar o! ro%' so that
Tempest is $nable to see her& The rest !ollo& Tempest is %learly %on!$sed and a lo mist
hangs aro$nd his !eet& Piper gi"es Paige a big th$mbs-$p and then !lashes her hands o$t
in Tempest3s dire%tion&
Tempest "aporises& As his physi%al !orm attempts to regro$p Paige dras more bottles o!
the green potion !rom her aist%oat& Throing them into the %hamber they explode
%reating a thi%' a%rid smo'e& +n the noise and %on!$sion the Angel opens his s%roll and
starts reading& :e and 4eo disappear&
7Read this =$i%'ly# be!ore the smo'e %lears and he regro$ps&9 Paige sho$ts to her sisters#
handing them ea%h a %opy o! the spell to $nbind a bond&
7The bond that as not to be done& Gi"e $s the poer to see it $ndone# and t$rn ba%'
time to hen%e it beg$n&9 They repeat together&
+t is a %lear# s$nny day o$tside the :alliell manor& A gentle bree-e ripples thro$gh the
trees& The street is pea%e!$l& The only noise is the %on"ersation beteen Piper and
Phoebe as they %limb the steps that lead to the !ront door& 0a%h is %l$t%hing a bag !$ll o!
7.ell# ho are yo$ !eeling& Any morning si%'ness yet89 0n=$ires Phoebe o! her pregnant
7*ot really&9 Replies Piper lying# as her stoma%h %h$rns o"er !or the h$ndredth time that
Phoebe opens the door o! the manor as they rea%h the top o! the steps and lets Piper
al' thro$gh& The ho$se is =$iet&
7Anyone home89 Piper sho$ts o$t&
75p here&9 Paige3s m$mbled "oi%e replies !rom some distant %orner o! the manor&
7Sho$ldn3t yo$ be at or' yo$ng lady89
7@$st !inished& + anted to get ba%' early to try on this ne dress + bo$ght d$ring my
l$n%h brea'&9 Paige ansers as she appears at the top o! the stairs in a !loing bla%'
strapless gon& 7.hat do yo$ thin'89
7*i%e& /ery elegant&9 (hips in Phoebe&
7:a"en3t e been here be!ore89 Says Piper# o"er%ome by a %$rio$s sense o! de)a-"$&
7<! %o$rse e ha"e darling e li"e here&9 D$ips Phoebe# only to start sensing the same
thing hersel!&
As Piper t$rns to %hastise her sister3s bad )o'e# 4eo and the Angel reappear&
7Read this spell& All o! yo$&9 :e $rges !ranti%ally&
7:ey; That loo's li'e my handriting&9 Says Paige& 7+ don3t remember riting this&9
7+t is and yo$ did&9 Reply Piper and Phoebe in $nison&
7*o )$st read it&9 Says 4eo e"en more desperately&
7Bring balan%e to o$r time and spa%e& 6eep Tempest in his right!$l pla%e& The Poer o!
Three ill 'eep e"eryone !ree&9 They rhyme together&
Paige t$rns to 4eo& ($riosity o"er%omes her anger&
7And hat as that all abo$t89 She as's&
Sometime later hen 4eo explains all that has happened that day# or at least all that
sho$ld ha"e happened had Tempest had his ay# Phoebe is le!t ith )$st one =$estion&
7:o %ome Piper as able to 'no that e ere experien%ing a past e"ent8 + tho$ght
that as my poer&9
7.ell#9 says 4eo# 7it %o$ld be that her poers are de"eloping& 1o$ ea%h gro more
poer!$l as the years go by& 4oo' at ho poer!$l yo$ ha"e been in yo$r pre"io$s li"es&
Then o! %o$rse there3s the !a%t she is pregnant& 1o$ gained many extra poers hen yo$
ere pregnant Phoebe&9
7B$t mine ere e"il poers&9 Phoebe reminds e"eryone&
7+t doesn3t matter hat type o! poers they are# as that is )$st don to the type o! it%h&
All it%hes3 poers gro hen they are pregnant& +t helps to prote%t the baby&9
Piper sits in her !a"o$rite %hair& A sm$g expression %rosses her !a%e as she gently r$bs
her stoma%h&
7+ thin' +3"e %o"ered e"erything no&9 Says 4eo# loo'ing %ontentedly at his gloing i!e&
7*ot =$ite&9 Replies Piper as a remember tho$ght brings ba%' that na$seo$s morning
si%'ness !eeling&
7.hat exa%tly as that green potion# Paige89
7>rom 4eo3s des%ription it so$nds li'e a %ross beteen a smo'e bomb and a stin' bomb
that + in"ented hilst + as still at s%hool& + still remember the re%ipe&9 Ansers the
yo$ngest sister&
7+ thin' e %an s'ip tonight3s potion %lass# yo$3re more s'il!$l than + tho$ght&9
.hilst all those present in the :alliell ho$se share this little )o'e# somebody l$r's in
Tempest3s !ormer lair&
7+3m home&9 0x%laims (ole in the no empty %hamber&
The 0nd&
Brad Kern In Hell
I+n the loest le"el o! hellI
6ern mets $p ith the (hinese :ell @$dge @$sti%e Bao&
J:ey; + am not (hinese& .here is 4$%i!er8J 6ern yelled&
JSorry# b$t + am doing this as a !a"or to pipersh$sband&J @$sti%e Pao replied&
JPipersh$sband too' the %ase to me# so nat$rally + ill ha"e to ta'e the %ase too;J @$sti%e
Bao added&
JThis is abs$rd;J 6ern yelled&
J*o# it is the tr$th;J 4$%i!er said as he appear&
JSin%e Pipersh$sband too' the %ase to @$sti%e Bao# + %anHt inter!ere;J 4$%i!er said as he
!ades aay&
J*<<<<<<<J 6ern said&
@$sti%e Bao open his boo' and read o$t lo$d&
J1o$ ha"e done many great sins hen yo$ are a riter !or (harmed& And yo$ ha"e done
the greatest sin hen yo$ 'ill o! the %hara%ter (ole in %old blood;J @$sti%e Bao
J+ AM +**<(0*T;J 6ern yelled&
JThe tr$th is here; 1o$ are !o$nd g$ilty on all %o$nts and yo$ are senten%e to s$!!er at
the FKth le"el o! hell;J @$sti%e Bao slammed the %hinese hammer on the table&
JTa'e this man aay;J @$sti%e Bao order his G right hand man&
J*<<<<# + AM +**<(0*T;J 6ern yelled as he is drag aay to be thron into the FKth
le"el o! :ell&
And 6ern is the !irst and the last person to be thron into the FKth le"el o! :ell to s$!!er
an eternity o! s$!!ering&
T:0 0*,&
*ote: .e %hinese belie"e in FLth le"elHs o! hell& the FLth le"el is the orst& .hat i did is
p$t 6ern in the FKth le"el (hi%h really doesnHt exist) to reprensent that it is orst than
the orst&