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What kind of research have you done in high school (or after
coming to college)?

I did a lot of work with research throughout high school. Both my English and
History classes required a few big research papers. I have also had
experience with group research projects in a few classes.

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Have you incorporated any external source (book,
website, periodicals, etc.) into your high school projects?

Yes for my research in high school I incorporated both books and websites.
We used a system of research using note cards to write down research
information. However, I did not use any periodicals in high school

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How do you find the papers you wrote for the first
and second sequences of our course different from a research paper (if you
find it differently)?

It was different from a research paper because it did not involve any formal
research. We did have to use observations and analyzing environments and
an advertisement, however it did not involve external sources. I feel a
research paper is more time consuming because the first steps is gathering
information in order to write the paper which wasn’t the case in our
sequence papers.

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What kinds of sources do you prefer to use for
writing a research paper? Why?

I prefer to use website sources because I feel they are a lot more convenient;
however I feel book sources are a better resource because they usually
contain a lot more information than a website would. However, I also feel it is
important to use both types of sources because it will give the researcher a
variety of information and opinions.

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They say that the main questions one asks before
writing about a subject are “What is it?” “Why should I do it?” “When do I do
it?” “How do I do it?” Have you (consciously or unconsciously) asked yourself
the same questions while writing your papers? Which question is about the
research process? What is your answer to it?

I have consciously asked myself these questions because I feel it helps give
the paper a purpose and helps develop the argument. I feel that “How do I
do it” involve the research process because researching can be complicated
and many students may be unsure of how to do it. My answer is to use
many different sources and to make room for a lot of time because
researching is very time consuming but extremely important.

English majors adopt MLA style for citation and

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structural elements of text, what style is applied by writers in your major? Do
you think learning MLA style is useful in your writings? Why?

I do not have a major yet, but I have had the most experience with MLA and
also find it the most useful of all the writing styles. It is extremely useful to
learn MLA because I think it is the most widely used citation style. It is also
helps with organization and teaches writers the importance of citing sources
and keeping evidence and quotations in order.