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Defining Advertising Concept

The American Marketing Association defines advertising as “Advertising is defined as any paid
form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service, or idea by an
identified sponsor."

Advertising agencies:

An advertising agency is an independent organization that provides one or more

specialized advertising and promotion related services to assist companies in
developing, preparing and executing their advertising and other promotional

Advertising exposure model

What advertisements offer ‘s

First, exposure to the advertisement can create awareness about the brand,
leading to a feeling of familiarity with it.

Second, information about the brands benefits and the attributes on which
the benefits are based can register with the consumer can also result from
exposure to the ad.

Third, advertisements can also generate feelings in an audience that they

begin to associate with the brand or its consumption.

Fourth, through the choice of the spokesperson and various executional

devices, the advertisement can lead to the creation of an image for the
brand, often called “brand personality”

Fifth, the advertisement can create the impression that the consumer’s
peers or experts- individuals favour the brand and groups the consumer likes
to emulate.

This is often how products and brands are presented as being fashionable. These
five effects can create a favorable liking, or attitude towards the brand, which in
turn should lead to the purchasing action. Sometimes the advertiser will attempt to
spur purchasing action directly by providing a reminder or by attacking reasons why
the consumer may be postponing that action.

The above points, helps us to understand how and why consumers acquire process
and use advertising information. It’s also important at the planning stage to develop
a good understanding of where advertising fits into the total pool of information and
influence sources to which a consumer is exposed. Understanding information
processing invariably leads to the need for understanding a wide range of other
important psychological constructs, such as perception, learning, attitude
formation and chance, source effects, brand personality and image,
cognitive and affective response and social factors such as group




The 21st century Indian woman is one who is radically different

from the generation that preceded her. She stands for innate
confidence, style and taste, and is extremely aware of all beauty products available to her
today. She stops at nothing to look and feel good. Today, the ever discerning consumer
has very specific product requirements. We aim to offer products that satisfy all these

Deepika Padukone is a perfect embodiment of the brand personality and we are

extremely gratified with the positive consumer response to the brand’s association
with her. She has gone a long way in building awareness about the brand and the
company may look at other celebrity endorsements in the future.

Based on market understanding, thec ompany has positioned Fiama Di Wills as a

combination of nature and science, which give gentle
and effective care. Their creative agency is Law &

2.Fastrack watches

Titan Industries spends about Rs 18 billion towards advertisement across all its brands and
categories. Company sources put the Fastrack annual ad spends at 10 per cent of turnover
or about Rs 250 million. Lowe handles the creative work for Fastrack, while Maxus
handles the media buying.

3.Reid and taylor

“Amitabh Bachchan is an icon with universal appeal and

has helped us to reach out to the real ‘Bharat.’ In fact,
agents and retailers have told us that already customers
have started asking about the ‘Amitabh wali suiting.’”-Tarun Joshi, Communications
Custodian, Reid & Taylor

Advertising agency=>An in-house creative team handles REID AND TAYLOR’S ad

requirements. Mindshare is their AOR.


‘Be born everyday…’

That’s Aamir Khan in the latest Titan commercial asking you to live
life to the fullest. Titan has unveiled its new campaign featuring
brand ambassador Khan in a new television commercial that, to quote
from the brand’s new tagline, asks consumers to ‘Be more’ everyday.

The film, directed by Corcoise Film’s Prasoon Pandey shows Aamir

Khan in a montage of situations, with a voiceover by the actor that
talks about the journey of self discovery that everyone ought to take, to live out all their deepest
silliest desires. The film ends with the tagline ‘Be more.’

“Titan has always been a restless brand,” said Piyush Pandey, chairman and national
creative director, O&M who was present at the occasion, “They have been restless about their
product designs, with their advertising; The question they keep asking is what is the next thing
that we are doing. That’s why Aamir is such a perfect fit with the brand- he is always
challenging himself- he never rests on his laurels and is constantly looking to better his
work.” the company will invest Rs 15 crores in the next two years for its marketing campaign
which will include mass media, below the line initiatives and some degree of spends through
what he terms unconventional media, namely online and retail presence.

The creative team behind the TV campaign created by O&M comprises of Piyush Pandey
as the national creative director, Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali, Anil Thomas, Kunj Shah
and Ajesh.


McCann-Erickson India Ltd

8, Balaji Estate, Guru Ravidas Marg, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110 019
Tel: (0091 11) 600 2600 Fax: (0091 11) 646 3875, 600 2647
Capitalised billings: Rs 3479.53 million
Television billings: N.A.

their focus is on building brand Motorola as one of India’s top telecom brands. Our aim is to
continually give enhanced value and product offering to the consumer. One of their concerns
earlier was that our products were not available widely. Today they enjoy a big national footprint
As far as marketing activities go, our focus is to build a distinct identity for Motorola. We
realised that to be successful in India, Motorola must strike a chord with the Indian consumer.
Motorola is a global brand with a strong technology heritage – but must come to be relevant to
the Indian consumer in a meaningful way. THEYsigned on Abhishek Bachchan as our brand
ambassador as we saw a great fit between him and Motorola. This helped us in two ways – one,
it conveyed to our consumers that we are a global brand with high technology heritage that has
an Indian face. Secondly, Abhishek is a cool icon who understands technology himself and,
therefore, at once we built a rapport with the youth.