BCTF/NDTA Phase 1 & 2 Job Action Plan

Frequently Asked Questions
Reminder, Phase 1 continues on days when we are not on a rotating strike day.

During Stage 1, members will not:

1. undertake any mandated supervision of students outside of regularly scheduled classes,
2. attend any meetings with management, other than worksite Joint Health and Safety Committees,
3. provide administrative officers with any routine printed, written, or electronic communications,
4. receive any printed, written, or electronic communication from an administrative officer, and
5. be at a worksite prior to one hour before commencement of instructional time and one hour after the
end of instructional time, other than for pre-arranged voluntary activities.

Note: New information in red and at the top of the question and answer table.

General Advice

1. It is not business as usual.

2. If it feels like you are attempting a “work around” you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

3. Your employer is attempting to restrict your work day so that they can justify deducting
10% of your pay. So whilst you could continue with extra-curricular or other voluntary
activities, or take work home, WHY WOULD YOU?

Please refer back here often as we will update regularly.

Question Answer
Phase II
Do we have to leave the school during the time we are
locked out?
At lunch and recess, you do not HAVE to leave the school, but
you may choose to go across the road from the school with
your “Locked Out” signs. We encourage whole staffs to take
this opportunity to build some solidarity.

Outside the 45’s you should not be on school property.
Phase II
What does the lockout mean for extra-curricular
activities, graduation ceremonies, etc?
Until the Employers' lockout is lifted teachers will not
participate in any extra-curricular or other voluntary activities
during the lockout hours. This advice is given as it is uncertain
that teachers would be covered by WCB during a lockout.
Phase II
What about my overnight field trip?
As teachers are locked out 45 minutes after the bell until 45
minutes before the bell the following day overnight field trips
cannot go ahead unless your administrator is willing to replace

This advice is given as it is uncertain that teachers would be
covered by WCB during a lockout.
Phase II
May I attend graduation ceremonies, performances, etc?
Yes, you may attend but should not be supervising students
outside the 45's.
Phase II
Can I mark, prep, or help students at recess or lunch?
You are locked out during your recess and lunch break and
cannot perform any work duties.
Phase II
Can I take work home with me or work on report cards?
Yes, you are not restricted from taking work home, but the
employer has locked you out from working outside the 45's.

You should not access any school district website other than
applying for positions, or for the purpose of booking a
TTOC or accepting work
Phase II
Is BCPSEA allowed to lock teachers out?
Yes, but they should have had a vote of all their members and
applied to the LRB for a ruling before implementing the
Phase II
Can I attend a voluntary, after school pro-d event?
Phase II
Should we set up lockout picket lines outside schools
and worksites during the partial lockout hours before or
after school (the 45's), at recess, or at lunch?
Members are not advised to picket: but leaving the school at
lunch, talking to parents and handing out letters or pamphlets
across the road from the school is encouraged. We are not
picketing out CUPE during the lockout hours.

Question Answer
Are teachers required to update H-designation
No. Only new H-designation documentation needs to be
completed. Teachers will also complete any safety changes for
an existing H-designated student and will file in the usual

Counsellors and non-enrolling teachers may meet with
administrators if they are concerned about the safety or
program of a student.
Can teachers speak to their administrators about
school assignments?
Yes, teachers can attend job interviews and partake in job
placement meetings.
BCTF UPDATE Should BCPSEA and school districts carry through with Peter
Cameron’s threat to lock out our members on June 27th it is
important to note that any work ‘normally’ done on that day
will be considered ‘struck work’, and as such should not be
done by BCTF members or support staff either before or after
the lockout day. We can anticipate that the employer will try
to bring work forward or change schedules to accommodate
the loss of that day. Teachers should take note of what is
normally done on that day in each school or what is currently
scheduled in the district and not perform any of those duties
prior to or after that day.
Can teachers participate in Grade 7 transition
Yes. If necessary teachers can arrange to have their
classes covered for these meetings by having an informal
chat with their administrator.
What meetings are teachers not attending? • Staff meetings
• Department Head meetings
• In-Service Training
• Teacher-in-Charge Safety Training.
Staff meetings and Department Head meetings can go
ahead providing they are called by teachers and only
teachers are in attendance.

ADVICE FROM BCTF: In-service training for BCeSIS
replacement - teachers can attend so long as
administration is not directly providing the training.
Do I need to fill in paperwork for my principal? No, as we are not accepting written communication from
Can teachers administer the RAD or ELP
Yes, but teachers are to not share data with
Should teachers send a student to the office to
collect notices for students to distribute?
Yes, but teachers will determine the appropriate time
to send a student to the office.
Field Trips/extra-curricular MOST RECENT BCTF ADVICE – given the uncertainty of
bargaining and the possibility of escalation to Stage 2,
members are advised not to plan field trips for the
remainder of this school year, and to cancel any that
have been planned. This is due to the possibility that it
may fall on a day when the Local is on a rotating strike
and includes both day trips and extended trips.

Can teachers submit field trip notices to Admin? Yes as this is a safety issue, however consider the above
most recent BCTF advice.
What communication can a principal provide to a
staff committee?
A principal will provide relevant staffing and
budgeting information to the staff committee so staff
can make informed recommendations to the
Does my day end 15 minutes earlier with recess
moved to the end of the day.
No – teachers are reminded that recess is part of the
duration of their school day and should not leave the
school before the 15 minutes have lapsed at the end of
the day.
What are we supposed to do with notices from the
When will rotating pickets begin? Unknown at this time. The NDTA will keep members up-
to-date with information as we get it.
Will teachers be required to do any supervision? Only in cases of emergency.
The Board has been requested to call us first.
What meetings are teachers required to attend? Investigation, evaluation (including pre & post), student
discipline, job interviews, Staff committee, & School
Based Team meetings.

Question Answer
Are principals attending SBT or IEP meetings? • They can attend a SBT meeting where there is a
legitimate custody, confidentially, police, or legitimate
safety issue for that individual student.
• They can attend an IEP meeting when they provide
direct service to that student.
Are we attending pro-d activities? PD activities can go ahead. Administrators may attend
but not lead.
Am I allowed to communicate with my principal? There is to be no printed, written, or electronic
communication with a principal. (except below)
Under what conditions can I communicate with my
• In any emergency you are expected to act in the
normal manner and ensure the safety of all students.
• Leave of absence, violent incident, and WCB 6A forms
can be submitted as usual.
• Recommendations from Staff Committees or
Joint Health and Safety Committees can be
• You can engage in brief, informal discussions with
administration about work matters.
This “chat” should not feel like a meeting
What should I do if my principal communicates with
All routine printed, written, or electronic communications
from administrators should be recycled, deleted, or
otherwise ignored.
What is happening with PLC’s, Success for All, E23,
and any other Non-Instructional in-service meetings
or training?
At this time all PLC, Success for All, E23, & In-Service time
has been postponed and parents will be notified that
students will now be in attendance.
What are Counsellors allowed to continue with
during job action?
Counsellors/non-enrolling teachers may
• meet with students and parents during Stage 1
hours of work.
• meet with administrators if concerned about the
safety or program of a student. This includes:
o new registrations and changing student class
o meeting with administration regarding special
education adjudication for exams.
o meeting with students and administrators when
advocating for a student.
Can I refer students to the office and how? Yes, continue to use student referral process and
provide it to the office in the normal manner.
Do I still take attendance? Members will continue to take attendance and provide
it to the office in the normal manner.
Do I still complete report cards? Report cards will not be affected by our Stage 1 job
action. You should continue to record and transmit the
data in the normal manner.
Can I be at my worksite more than an hour before
or after the commencement of instructional time?
No, unless it is for a pre-arranged voluntary activity
which may include:
• Extra-curricular activities
• Concerts
• Field trips
Should I be working on graduation activities? All graduation participation is voluntary.
What should we do about parent teacher
Where possible, new parent/teacher meetings, and
interviews, should be conducted during Stage 1 hours
of work.
I am on a District committee. Should I continue to
attend meetings?
No, we are not attending meetings with administrators.
Can I attend School Board meetings? Locals are encouraged to continue to use these
meetings to advocate for their members.
I am A TIC. What am I expected to do? • Where possible, the existing TIC should continue to
comply with our job action requirements above.
• A previous LRB ruling has stated that members
may refuse to accept a new TIC position, but that
members who accepted TIC positions should
continue their “normal TIC duties” when there are
no administrative officers in the school.
I am a member of the District Learning Services
Support Team, Instructional Coordinator, SLP,
Educational Psychologist, or Counsellor. Do I still
attend meetings and how do I complete my work?
Continue to complete as much of your assignment as you
can without administrative input.
LSST meetings should be completed by 4pm and
administrators should only attend for the same reasons as
SBT meetings.
Question Answer

I have been asked to be a new TIC what should I
Members should not volunteer to serve as a new TIC or
do any AO work during the strike
What about Track and Field Meets? You are entitled to a duty free lunch and should request
that you be able to take the appropriate amount of time
for a lunch without any supervision duties.