Interview #3 : Dr Brian Church, operations director

The operations director, Dr Church, who is responsible for engineering, production, personnel,
health and safety, QC, the operations function.
Task 1. Problem of Dr Church when use MRP II:
He not uses system directly because most of the reports have too much information and
are far too general. The report never in the format he wants. However, system take him less time
to calculate data of inventory.
He is not at the sharp end that mean at the grass roots level, the production people are not
signed on to what we were doing. There were not a connection between director and worker.
In director level and senior level can use system good but in production level (supervisor,
manager level and worker) they can get a point or they are hard to work with system. For
example, if they get a transaction wrong, they don’ t understand that it’ s going to come back and
cause them a problem later. So, in two days time they start pointing a finger at someone else
because they haven’ t got raw material. The reason they haven’ t got raw material is because two
days earlier they didn’t’ t key something in - the system doesn’ t know it exists - but they’ re
pointing at the warehouse saying where’ s my raw material for the next batch.
Today is different in the past, Dr. Church want the system can help company work better
and more effective but he don’ t think he did very well. Despite recognizing it and thinking we
were doing a lot of it.
The problem between director or Dr. Church and MIS department. They want to do is
take chunks of it away and rewrite them. But Dr. Church want to take upgrade system more than
rewrite program. Dr. Church won’ t tolerate them talking to users and saying what a lousy
package this is and how they could do better, that’ s just undermining the whole thing. He also
work with Ken Smith in writing. Dr. Church told that: What they can’ t do is criticize the
package to the users. Directors need to get MIS under control, pull the reins in on some of the
work that’ s going on.

Task 3. Analyse the agreed list of problems and prepare notes:
- The operations director, Dr Church is responsible for inventory levels in the company,
setting inventory budget and all aspects of inventory.
- MRP II is an enhancement of MRP.
- The engineering (product) database.
- The inventory (stock) database
- The manufacturing (plant) database. (MRP II ONLY)
- MRP and Managers.
- Four elements of MRP II will be helped Dr Church work well.

a. Company Y is unsuccessful within the introduction of Manufacturing Resources
Planning (MRP II) because they have a big problem between directors and MIS
b. Company Y was not identify all of the factors relevant to the introduction of a new
system at the outset.
They miss training for worker and Dr.Church only focus on inventory and MIP
department, supervisor and manenger
c. They can easy to calculate macro accurately, get information that they want,…