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Lima Area UFO Research Associates
P.O. Box 5193 Lima, Ohio 45802-5193

Mar/May 2014
Issue # 23

TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2014 @ 7:00 P.M.
1. Tom Bowman set in for Pres. Bob Prater, and opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with approx. 22 in
2. Dianna Baughman, former Club founder was back from a winter in Florida. Welcome back Dianna.
3. No sightings were reported, however Mike Krick did bring in his photo notebook of past sightings.
4. Amber Horner provided the current issue of the MUFON UFO Journal dated April 2014, for the Club Library.
Items of interest included: 1969 Coast Guard sighting of a UFO near Japan; March 2014 Radar tracking of a
UFO off Miami coast; 2014 investigators track UFO in North Carolina.
July 17-20, 2014 MUFON Symposium at Cherry Hill, N.J. featuring: Knapp, Birnes, Howe, Ventre & Friedman
to mention a few of the twelve [12], that will appear. Tickets are $258.00
5. Amber mentioned the new TV series “Hangar-1” on Friday evenings. It is on History Channel-2.
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6. -Sorry, but I failed to mention at the meeting the Monday night wind damage to the Club Sign, The arrow
at the top broke loose and several letters were blown away. We especially need the letter “L”. If anyone has
8” letters please being them to the office. A repair is forth coming.
7. No treasurers’ report was requested.
1. Tonight’s program featured speaker Professor William Theison from Ohio Northern University who spoke
on the subject “EXTRA SOLAR PLANETS”. The program was arranged by Pres. Bob Prater. The following are
snippet's, (I love that word), of the talk with some embellishments by the writer to cover up the writers’ lack
of taking notes faster.
2. Alpha Centauri, also known as Rigel Kentaurus, is the closest planet outside our solar system. It is the
brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus and is 4.37 light years from our Sun.
3. Our Earth is considered an “all alone” type Planet.
4. Our planets move in a fairly circular motion around the sun. They also move in the same plane.
5. Most planets seem to spin in the same direction.
6. Most planetary moons also seem to spin in the same direction.
7. Our Sun is locked with the Earths’ gravitational system.
8. “Inner Planets” are solid while “Outer Planets” are gassy. Inner Planets are warmer while Outer Planets are
cooler. [Sun distance related].
9. The Earth travels at a speed of approx. 1000 mph. -Should the Earth stop we would lose our magnetic field.
[-that may not be all?].
10. The Earth is tilted about 24 degrees while the planet Uranus is tilted much greater.
11. The Triton moon has a reverse spin, or a retrograde orbit. The Triton moon is about three quarters the
size of our Earth and circles the planet Neptune. It is the largest moon of the planet Neptune and is 205,000
miles above the cloud tops of the planet. It is 1700 miles in diameter and is mostly frozen nitrogen with
a water and ice crust and was discovered just 17 days following the discovery of Neptune. The discovery of
Triton was on the 10th of Oct, 1846 by William Lassell.
12. Of the planets, Jupiter is the largest.
13. Some 20 light years away a planet was found similar to Earth in what is called a “Habitable Zone”. [see
additional comments below].
14. Liquid water is required to sustain life, and thus most research is being done to find this type of planet.
15. The speaker stated that our Sun is believed to be 4.5 billion years old and will live for another 4.5 billion
years before it will expand and blow up. It will then become a small dot in space. We do not believe a
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supernova will occur. Note: A supernova is when a large star explodes and becomes a “Black Hole”. A Black
Hole can pull in everything within 93 million miles, the distance from the Sun to the Earth.
16. The life of a planets’ development takes billions of years.
17. Dust in space in part is caused by stars exploding.
18. New stars are beginning to form in the Constellation Orion.
19. The temperature of our Sun’s surface is 12 million degrees F.
20. We believe the water on our Earth was brought here by comets.
21. Planets around other stars are referred to as Extra-Solar.
22. Before the Kepler Telescope we could only see planets around other stars up to 300 light years away. In
2018 NASA’s James Webb Telescope is scheduled for launch and it will be used to look for additional details of
space, however the Kepler-186f Planet will still be too far away to collect details of it.
23. A light year is almost 6 trillion miles. (A trillion is a billion-billion.)
24. Distant planets are difficult to see because of the light from their stars. It is like us trying to see our local
planets in the daylight.
25. There are three methods utilized to find planets, and they are:
A. Radial Velocity Method...........Most Common
B. Planetary Transit.....................Solar Eclipse Effect [Planet passes in front of a star] [Kepler mission using
this method]
C. Direct Image............................Located by Telescope
26. To date we have discovered 1,700 confirmed planets, and 1,100 Stars. Stars may have multiple planets.
27. Planets start as a gas, they collect dust as they spin and when at a more rapid pace fusion occurs and the
formation solidifies.
28. The new Kepler-186f Planet is said to be in the “Goldilocks Zone” where it is not to hot or too cold for life.
1. A brief intermission followed the speakers’ comments for coffee, popcorn, chips, cookies and soft drinks.
2. A total of five dollars was in the refreshment basket and left for the coffee fund.
1. Following the intermission a period of questions and answers was provided.
2. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm at which time some sat around to talk for another 15 min. or so.
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1. As you know I always like to speak my peace, or is it piece, regardless, I would add it becomes very difficult
to take these notes when some present have a running discussion with a speaker or presenter throughout the
program. I feel this is both discourteous of the speaker and inconsiderate to others present. Please hold your
personal comments to the intermission or the Q&A periods. I take these notes to help those who can’t be
present a opportunity to know what we do at our meetings and make them feel a part of LAURA. Thank you
for your future consideration. These are not my feelings alone.
2. On a special note see the Friday, April 18th edition of the Lima News, page 5A for the article on the Earth
like planet “Kepler 186f”. Some 500 light years away scientist say the planet may have water on its’ surface
and is the best candidate for a habitable planet in the search for an Earth twin.
Tom Bowman, secretary

THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 2014 @ 7:00 P.M.
1. President Bob Prater opened the meeting promptly at 7:00 pm.
2. Tom reported he had been contacted by Rod Taylor from N.C. regarding sightings he had been informed of.
Rod had requested sighting forms. Tom later sent him both CUFOS and MUFON forms. Rod said people
reported to him of their experience of driving and being approached by bright lights passing overhead and
their auto electrical system shutting down.
3. Mike Krick donated a new paperback book titled “UFO’s in Wartime, What they Didn’t Want You to Know”
by Mack Malone to the club library. The book contains shocking reports of UFOs observed during times of
4. Mike Krick reported the Kepler Space Telescope has found planets outside our solar system doubling the
amount of those already known.
5. One member expressed his concern about the missing aircraft in Malaysia and he felt it was the work of the
Anti-Christ and that Obama was the leader. [Note: as of this date nothing has yet been resolved on the
aircraft ‘s disappearance.]
6. George Stephens was present after a long absence. Good to have you back, George!
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2. The event occurred as reported from Dec 25 to Dec 27, 1980.
3. The events occurred near the Bentwaters-Woodbridge Air Force Base north of London.
4. Some 40 persons witnessed the first sighting and some 60 witnesses on the second. The initial sighting was
investigated by 26 year old SSGT James Penniston.
5. The video program was a 45 minute presentation from the “UFO Files” on the History Channel.
6. It was reported there were 12,000 Military personnel on base at the time of the Incident.
7. At 3:00 a.m. on the morning of Dec 26th, 1980, 20 year old Patrolman John Burroughs discovered lights in
the woods near Bentwaters. Bud Stephens was also at the initial sighting but returned to duty, too shaken to
8. Penniston observed a triangular craft 9 feet wide x 8 feet in height. No landing gear was noted.
10. The craft was said to be present for approximately two [2] hours from 3:00 to 5:00 a.m. Penniston said he
actually touched the craft and later was told to drop the subject.
11. Two nights later the craft returns, this time the base Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt was called
out from a party to observe. High levels of radiation were noted. There were bright red lights flashing in the
distance and lights seemed to zig-zag through the woods. The object was said to have lifted off the ground,
pass overhead and shoot a strong light beam to the ground. The craft moved in an erratic pattern.Burroughs
returned to the site and reported seeing a blue light coming from the UFO. He felt as though he had walked
into a Government conspiracy.
12. In January 1981 an investigation and debriefing was held. Halt was requested to submit a report but it was
later filled away.
13. On October 2, 1983 a British tabloid reported the event from a leaked U.S. document by Halt of the
unexplained light.
14. Larry Warren, another observer, stated he had seen life forms. Warren said he saw senior officers talking
to child-like humanoids. He said he was taken to an underground base facility where he was examined and
was unsure of what he saw. No one at the site claimed to have seen Warren at the sighting location. Why his
testimony conflicts with other witnesses is unclear.
15. In 2002 the Government declassified the files and released additional information. Halts report stated that
the event occurred on the 27th, when actually it first occurred on the night of the 25th of Dec, 1980. Some
reports also stated he was not called out at all. ANOTHER GOVERNMENT COVER-UP?
16. A second video was show from the series “FOX PRESENTS”. The video dealt with the cosmos and the
Universe. It claims “Voyager 1”, launched Sept. 5
1977 is currently the farthest traveled Earth space craft.
Tom Bowman, Secretary, LAURA

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MUFON of Ohio presents:
Saturday J une 7, 2014
11 am to 6 pm
Ashland County Sheriff's Office (Annex Room)
1205 E. Main Street
Ashland, Ohio 44805
" UFOs - The Military Connection" featuring:
J ames Penniston: (Rendlesham Forest)
"This will be the first conference and quite possibly the last that
I will be doing in the United States after my book
is released in April."

"It will also be the first conference to show declassified documents
about the government knowing about this phenomenon and
how they have standard operations on routine interaction with this (phenomenon)."

Jesse Marcel III:
The grandson of Major J esse Marcel, tells his grandfather's
story and reveals what has continued to haunt his family for over sixty years.

Donald Schmitt:
A noted ufologist and expert on the Roswell Incident.
Don will speak about his latest book (in partnership with Thomas Carey)
"Witness to Wright Patterson; The Aftermath of Roswell", that goes
beyond the Roswell investigations.
From the MUFON Database for May

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