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M: Hi! Am I calling to Kimberly-Clark Corporation?

S: Good morning, sir. Yes, you are calling to Kimberly-Clark. How can I help you?
M: Well, I would like to speak with Thomas Falk, the CEO.
S: I am sorry, if you want to talk with Mr. Falk you must schedule a date.
M: Well then, I will transfer you to my personal assistant to arrange the date.
S: Ok, but I need your name to arrange it.
M: I am Alexande vi Monaco III; I will pass you to my personal Assistant, Angelique
lu Marselle CXLVII.
P.A: Good morning. I am here to arrange the meeting with Mr. Falk for the earliest
date possible.
S: Sorry but Mr. Falk will be busy for a while. His next date available is in 3 months.
P.A: I’m sorry but Mr. Monaco’s plan is really important and relevant for your
S: How important?
P.A: Mr Monaco’s intention is to to bring a preventive measure to many deseases
caused by virus and bacterias.
S: How would he do that?
P.A: He is trying to present a product called “The LUR” that would make Kimberly-
Clark the best hygiene Company in the world.
S: Oh…excuse me a moment (few seconds later) Mr Falk would see your boss in
his office tomorrow at 13:00. Mr Monaco would be gladly welcome. Tonight, Mr.
Falk will call your boss to talk about this meeting.
P.A: That is great! Mr. Monaco’s pone is 555-4637. Thank you.

*That night (by pone)
F: Good evening, could I speak with Mr. vi Monaco, please?
M: Yes this is he. Who is calling?
F: This is Thomas Falk, the CEO from Kimberly-Clark. I am phoning to talk briefly
about our meeting.
M: Oh, I am glad to finally talk to you. I want to present you a new idea for your
F: ok, tell me about it.
M: This is product is called “Anitbacterial Bomb” it’s a bubble that when pressed
releases antibacterial gel. You can use it in the sink or toilet to disinfect them and
kill all germs. Also there would be a carry-on bubble for everyone to use it in their
F: It sounds like an excellent idea! We can create dispensers at the bathrooms and
many other places. It could be sold in every country. We can even expand
ourselves. How fast can you make a presentation?
M: 4 hours at least.
F: Then I will see you tomorrow with your presentation and you will expose it to the
M: Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I will be ready by then. Thanks, Mr. Falk.
F: Thanks to you Mr. Monaco. I will see you tomorrow. Good night
M: Good night.