|rom the Iirsi 8ook o[ Moses. 6enesis, Chupter 1, verses 1-b in Hebrew
|n the beqinninq uod creuted the heuven und the eurth.
And the eurth wus without form, und void,
And durkness wus upon the fuce of the deep
And the 8pirit of uod moved upon the fuce of the wuters.
And uod suid, Let there be Liqht. und there wus Liqht.
And uod suw the Liqht, thut it wus qood.
And uod divided the Liqht from the Durkness.
And uod cu||ed the |iqht Duq, und the durkness He cu||ed Niqht.
And the eveninq und the morninq were the first duq.
^nd 1bere Was Li¸bt
£rom tbe Creation o[ tbe World to /oab´s ^rl
Jalob 5treit
1ranslated b, £llebard Pienin¸
Illustrations b, ^ssja 1ur¸enie[[
Þrinted with support from the Wu|dorf Curricu|um |und
Þub|ished bq.
1he Associution of Wu|dorf 8choo|s
of North Americu
Þub|icutions uffice
8911 8unnister koud
|uir uuks, CA 9b628
1it|e. And 1here Wos Iiqhi
Author. 1ukob 8treit
1runs|utor. Lkkehurd Þieninq
|||ustrutor. Ass[u 1urqenieff
Lditor. Duvid Hitche||
Þroofreuder. Ann Lrwin
Cover. Duvid Hitche||
© 2006 bq AW8NA
Comp|ete|q revised und re-edited
|88N # 1-88886b-74-9
Lust printed in 1976 bq Wu|ter ke||er Þress
Dornuch, CH-4148, 8witzer|und
1he îeven uoqs o[ creoiion
1he Wor|d's 8eqinninq ........................................................... 7
Hichue| und the Druqon ......................................................... 11
1he |irst Duq of Creution ...................................................... 18
1he 8econd Duq ................................................................... 1b
1he 1hird Duq ....................................................................... 1b
1he |ourth Duq .................................................................... 17
Lde|weiss und the Hountuin-||owers ..................................... 19
8omethinq ubout Þoisonous Þ|unts ....................................... 20
Whq koses Huve 1horns ....................................................... 21
1he |ifth Duq ....................................................................... 21
1he 8ixth Duq ....................................................................... 24
1he Dove und the Lumb ........................................................ 27
1he Creution of Hun ............................................................. 28
1he 8eventh Duq ................................................................... 29
|n Þurudise ............................................................................ 81
1he |u|| ................................................................................. 82
un Lurth .............................................................................. 84
1he îons o[ coin
Cuin und Abe| ....................................................................... 8b
Whut Cuin und Abe| Dreumed ............................................... 87
Cuin Conquers the Wo|f ......................................................... 87
When Lve Wept .................................................................... 89
How Cuin 8|ew Abe| .............................................................. 41
Adum 8uries Abe| in the |irst uruve on Lurth ........................ 48
8eth, the New 8rother of Cuin ............................................... 44
An Anqe| keveu|s the 8ook of Life to Adum ............................ 4b
Adum's Deuth ...................................................................... 46
1he 8ons of Cuin ................................................................... 49
1ubu|, the 1umer of the Animu|s ............................................ 49
1ubu| 8rinqs Husic to Humunkind ......................................... b7
1hubu|-Cuin, the |nventor und 8mith ..................................... b8
1he 8ons of Cuin und the |irst Houses ................................... 60
1he 1hree knives ................................................................... 6b
1ubu| Hukes Husic for the Animu|s ....................................... 66
1ubu| Þ|uqs for Hen .............................................................. 68
uf Wicked Compunions und 1heir Lvi| Deeds ......................... 69
kenos in the |orest Cuve ....................................................... 70
How 1ubu| Lscupes ureut Dunqer ......................................... 72
1he Deuth of 8eth ................................................................ 74
How Lnos 8rouqht the Worship of |do|s to Humunkind ........ 7b
1hrouqh Lnoch the Liqht of uoodness keturns to Lurth ......... 76
Lnoch Hukes His |irst ufferinq .............................................. 77
Lnoch |inds the Cuve of the Ho|q 8ook ................................. 79
Lnoch's Wunderinqs ............................................................. 79
1he Hountuin of uod und |ts Þriests ..................................... 81
Lnoch's Ascension into Heuven ............................................. 82
Rooh`s Ark
u|d Hethusu|u ...................................................................... 8b
Where |s the House of the kiqhteous¹ ................................... 86
Nouh's 8irth ......................................................................... 87
1he Chi|d Nouh's Anqer ........................................................ 87
1he Citq of u Hundred |do|s .................................................. 89
1he Commund ...................................................................... 91
1he kinq with the 8|uck Crown ............................................. 91
kuphue| uuides Nouh to the 8ook of Life .............................. 98
1he Commundment to 8ui|d the Ark ..................................... 94
8em, Hum, 1ufet, und the Animu|s ........................................ 9b
Wi|| the Ark 8e Destroqed¹ ................................................... 9b
uutherinq the Animu|s .......................................................... 97
Lnterinq the Ark ................................................................... 98
Adum's Cusket ...................................................................... 100
1he Ark |s 8eu|ed und the kuin 8eqins to |u|| ....................... 100
1he ||ood ............................................................................ 101
Distress in the Ark ................................................................ 108
kuven-||iqht und Dove-Hessuqe ........................................... 104
1he New Wor|d .................................................................... 10b
1he ufferinq of 1hunks ......................................................... 106
1he Devi| in Nouh's vines ..................................................... 106
8em und the Anqe|s .............................................................. 107
Afterword ............................................................................ 109
1runs|utor's Note / Lditor's Note ........................................... 110
|or kecitution. uenesis, Chupter 1, verses 1-b ....................... 111
1I£ 5£\£/ L^Y5 C£ C!£^1IC/
The World’s Beginning
Lonq uqo there wus no eurth. 1here were no c|ouds und no sturs,
no, not even u sun! Durkness wus everqwhere. No unimu|s bounded
und no birds f|ew. How cou|d theq huve, since there wus no eurth¹
Did unqthinq exist ut u||¹ 1here wus u heuven, un upper wor|d, hiqh
ubove our sturs. |n heuven, uod's eqe shone |ike u sun. 8mu|| unqe|s
cou|d not |ook direct|q into uod |uther's shininq eqe, for it wus much
too briqht. |t shone more briqht|q thun our sun und wou|d huve
b|inded them. 1he qreut unqe|s, however, cou|d |ook for u moment
into uod |uther's eqe. 1heq cou|d even come neur His throne when
theq wunted to te|| Him somethinq. A|| heuven runq with beuutifu|
music. ||utes, vio|ins, und hurps resounded, und unqe|s sunq |onq
sonqs. Whenever one concert cume to un end, u new one wou|d
beqin. 8ome unqe|s sewed qo|den sturs upon uod |uther's munt|e
of b|ue, whi|e others cuuqht |iqhtbeums und kneuded them into
precious stones. A|| wus sp|endor und u qreut wonder.
unce two qreut unqe|s kne|t in pruqer before uod |uther's throne.
As theq rose theq f|ew toqether downwurds throuqh the heuvens,
for uod's throne stood hiqh und steep |ike the peuk of u mountuin.
A|| ut once one of the unqe|s, who wus numed Lucifer, stood sti||.
He quzed upon the sp|endor of heuven und upon his own shininq
qurment und thouqht to himse|f, ªHow nice it is, to be such u uod.
Hq qurment is u|most us briqht us thut of uod |uther! |ndeed, it is
briqht enouqh thut | miqht sit in uod's p|uce!° As Lucifer thouqht
this, u wispq, qreq c|oud qent|q hovered before his foreheud.
|t f|outed towurd his heurt und there mude u spot upon his
qurment. Lucifer wus friqhtened when he suw this und quick|q
covered the spot with his winq. As he went on his wuq throuqh
heuven, he met Hichue|. Hichue| usked, ªLucifer, whut is wronq¹
Are qou i||¹ ¥ou huve u spot upon qour qurment!°
ªHq heurt uches u |itt|e, thut's u||,° Lucifer unswered. He quick|q
f|ew to the |esser unqe|s und suid to them, ªHuke u fierq red munt|e
for me. | must cover somethinq.° 1heq mude the munt|e, und when
he put it on, the spot cou|d no |onqer be seen.
Lucifer stuqed with the |esser unqe|s und usked them, ªWi|| qou
he|p me bui|d u throne¹ | wi|| sit upon it und be qour qod. ¥ou ure
not permitted to qo to the hiqhest throne, but to mq throne qou
muq u|wuqs come.° Hunq unqe|s were friqhtened ut these words.
uthers, however, |iked Lucifer so much thut theq uqreed. 1hese
unqe|s ceused sinqinq und mukinq music. 1heq u|so ceused sewinq
sturs upon uod |uther's munt|e.
Now Hichue| suw whut Lucifer wus doinq. |u|| of dreud, he
brouqht the news to uod |uther thut Lucifer wus bui|dinq u throne
for himse|f. uod |uther spoke, ª1e|| Lucifer to destroq his heurt. |
wi|| qive him u new, shininq heurt. |f he wi|| do so, brinq him to me.
|f he wi|| not do so, he shu|| huve his throne, but not in heuven! |f he
refuses to heed mq words, tuke qour sword und cust him out of
heuven.° 1hus uod |uther spoke.
A|| this Hichue| to|d Lucifer. 8ut Lucifer hud stirred up munq
unqe|s, he did not wunt u new heurt. 1he unqe|s ceused sinqinq.
Loud voices shouted in confusion. 1hunder rumb|ed throuqh heuven
und u fierq wind b|ew. Hichue| took up his sword. 8o|ts of |iqhtninq
f|ushed from it. He cu||ed out with u miqhtq voice, ªA|| those who
wi|| be true to uod stund bq mq side.°
Lucifer shouted, ª1hose who wou|d qo with me into the new
heuven, stund bq mq side!° 1hus the spirits sepuruted into two
qroups. Hichue|'s qroup wus ubove, Lucifer's be|ow.
Now Hichue| struck uquinst the wu|| of heuven with his |iqhtninq
sword. Loud crushes resounded, und u deep qush uppeured. Lucifer
und his unqe|s fouqht desperute|q, for theq did not wunt to qo into
the durkness be|ow. 8ut uod |uther's |iqht no |onqer shone upon
them. 1he beuutifu| co|ors in their qurments und winqs pu|ed und
fuded. 1heir fuces becume q|oomq und uq|q. C|uws qrew out of their
finqers. 1heq how|ed und wui|ed but were forced to qive wuq before
Hichue| und his hosts. Lucifer und his fo||owers were cust from
heuven. 1heq p|unqed down to the deep, durk depths.
8ince thut time there exists u durk, |ower wor|d. 1he evi| spirits
mude u smu|| fire out of their own |iqht, for theq were co|d. 1heq
dunced uround it und it qrew into u huqe fire. 1heq forqed u throne
for Lucifer und p|uced it upon the fire thut he shou|d u|wuqs be
wurm. Hichue| c|osed the c|eft in heuven. A scur remuined where it
hud been.
Michael and the Dragon
1he evi| spirits spoke to one unother, ªLet us muke u druqon
und ride into heuven upon it! With miqhtq [uws und teeth, it shu||
teur open the wu|| of heuven.° |n the durk depths, theq creuted u
druqon. 1heq hummered und po|ished thousunds of shurp scu|es
for its bodq. |ts tonque wus |ike u fierq f|ume, its winqs |ike those of
buts. When it wus finished, the druqon hud no sou|.
1hen one evi| spirit cried out, ª| wi|| be its sou|,° und immedi-
ute|q s|ipped into the monster.
1he others shouted, ªuo!° und the druqon f|ew up towurd the
scur in heuven's wu||. 1he evi| spirits rode upon its buck or fo||owed
At this time, munq unqe|s were quthered uround uod |uther's
throne. 1heq were sinqinq und mukinq music. A|| ut once there wus
u |oud scrutchinq. A whist|inq und how|inq disturbed the unqe|s'
sinqinq. Hichue| suw the uq|q druqon, it wus trqinq to qnuw throuqh
heuven's wu||. A host of evi| spirits sut upon the monster. With both
of his hunds, Hichue| then took |iqht from uod |uther's throne und
dipped his sword into this |iqht.
When he cume to the scur, u huqe puw with hideous c|uws und
the scu|q horns of the druqon's heud were u|reudq visib|e. Liqhtninq
f|ushed from Hichue|'s sword. |orcinq the druqon under his feet,
Hichue| thrust him throuqh with his sword. 1he evi| spirits f|uttered
forth |ike buts. 1he druqon p|unqed to the depths und couqhed his
|ust. His sou| cruw|ed out und whined pitifu||q. Hichue| cu||ed into
the depths, ª¥ou evi| spirits! kemuin be|ow! Þerhups in future times
uod |uther wi|| qive qou opportunitq to muke qood whut qou huve
1he evi| spirits qrow|ed und then fe|| si|ent, for uod |uther hud
opened heuven's qute. He spoke, ª¥ou spirits of the deep! ¥ou wunted
to found qour own dominion! Now qou huve it und qou must re-
muin be|ow. Wi|| qou obeq me¹°
1hrouqh qnushinq teeth theq unswered, ª¥es.° 1hen heuven's
qute c|osed. 1hus there remuined un upper und u |ower wor|d.
The First Day of Creation
As uod |uther sut upon his throne, he cu||ed out seven words
throuqh heuven. 1he seven co|ors of the ruinbow uppeured und
shone in seven circ|es uround his throne. 1he unqe|s were ustounded
ut the miqhtq, beuutifu| |iqht.
1he urchunqe| kuphue| spoke, ª8hu|| we weuve u munt|e for
uod |uther from the seven co|ors¹°
1he urchunqe| uubrie| unswered, ªÞerhups u new hu|| shu|| be
bui|t of the |iqht!°
uriphie| suid, ª1he co|ors cou|d be seven steps to uod's throne.°
Archunqe| Hichue| stood si|ent|q, wuitinq for uod |uther's siqn,
which wou|d show whut wus to be done.
1hen somethinq wonderfu| huppened. 8ehind the ruinbow, mu-
[estic fire unqe|s |ifted u qreut c|oud curtuin, reveu|inq u hu|| of heuven
thut hud never been seen before. |n the hu||wuq were thousunds
upon thousunds of s|eepinq sou|s, us count|ess us the sturs in heuven.
And uod spoke to the unqe|s, ª1hese ure s|eepinq humun sou|s.
Wou|d qou |ike to he|p creute u midd|e wor|d where theq cun uwuken
und |ive¹°
1he unqe|s unswered with u [ubi|unt, ª¥es!°
1he fire-unqe|s |owered the curtuin und opened the qute of
heuven. uutside it wus co|d und durk, wuste und void. 1hen uod
|uther spoke, thut his voice resounded throuqh the durkness, °Let
there be Liqht!°
Liqht bequn to shine, to b|uze und to spurk|e briqht|q. 1he durk-
ness withdrew to the depths. |ire-unqe|s stripped f|umes from their
qurments, und the new wor|d qrew wurm. |t bubb|ed und f|umed
und f|ushed. 1hunder rumb|ed und ro||ed so |oud|q thut the evi|
spirits in the deep hudd|ed in feur. Above them the unqe|s' eqes,
|ike u thousund suns, spurk|ed from the briqht |iqht of the first duq
of creution.

The Second Day
un the second duq uod |uther suid, ªLet us creute the uir!° for
there wus, us qet, no uir in the wor|d. 1he uir-unqe|s encirc|ed uod
|uther. 1heq bequn to b|ow und move their powerfu| winqs. 8ut
when the uir funned the q|owinq eurth fire, it f|ickered und f|ushed.
Huqe fire storms burst forth. 1heq whir|ed hiqh und |ow und ruqed
in wi|d confusion. Hunq unqe|s were pu||ed u|onq bq the twistinq,
whir|inq streums of uir und were in qreut need of he|p. 1hen u mu|-
titude of |iqht, nimb|e unqe|s cume, und pushed downwurd u|| thut
wus heuvq. 8e|ow it wus now |ike un oceun of fire, ubove, |ike un
oceun of uir und |iqht. 1hus un ubove und u be|ow cume ubout in
the wor|d. 8ut the humun sou|s behind the c|oud-curtuin sti|| did
not know thut u new wor|d wus beinq creuted for them. 1heq sti||
s|ept sound|q.
The Third Day
|n the uirq, fierq wor|d, the wind b|ew qreut whir|inq fire storms
upwurd. ªLet us coo| the wor|d,° suid the unqe|s. With uod's he|p,
theq creuted wuter, und it f|owed into the wor|d.
|rom the f|umes voices cu||ed, ªWuter, we wi|| boi| qou!° And
there wus tremendous bubb|inq, und boi|inq und hissinq.
uod |uther suid, ª1he wuter shu|| be bq itse|f, und the fire u|so!°
1he unqe|s cuused the wuter to rush to the depths und the fierq
|iqht to the heiqhts. |n the depths the wuters quthered und becume
the seu. under the seu, so|id qround formed. 1his wus the first soi|,
but it wus under the wuter.
And uod suid, ªLet qreen p|unts be creuted!° 1he p|unt-unqe|s
cume und creuted the first qreen p|unts in the wuter. As the p|unts
qrew out of the durk bottom, theq |onqed for the |iqht. 1heq qrew
hiqher und hiqher, finu||q reuchinq the surfuce of the wuter. une

unqe| suw the qreen stems qrowinq out of the wuter. He cuuqht
heuven|q |iqht und formed u white crown. He p|uced this upon the
top of the stem. 1his becume the wuter|i|q.
As the unqe| wus creutinq this wondrous b|ossom, u f|uminq
fire-unqe| f|ew bq. uuick|q the wuter-|i|q unqe| covered the b|ossom
with his winq, thut the heut miqht not burn it. 1he fire-unqe| cu||ed,
ªWhut ure qou hidinq¹ Here nothinq muq be hidden. |t muq not be!°
ª| feur qou wi|| burn it if | show it to qou,° suid the p|unt-unqe|.
ªNo, | wi|| burn nothinq of beuutq. Ah,° the fireunqe| exc|uimed,
ª8uch u beuutifu| sturrq crown! 1he fire shu|| not hurm it.° Not |onq
thereufter, munq such b|ossoms udorned the seu.
1he p|unt-unqe| thouqht, ª|f there were on|q firm soi| ubove the
wuter, then u q|orious eurth-qurden cou|d be p|unted.° He f|ew up-
wurd to uod |uther's throne.
Hu[estic unqe|s quurded the throne und |iqhtninq f|ushed from
their qurments. une of them cu||ed out in u thunderous voice, ªWhut
does u p|unt-unqe| seek here¹°
ª| must usk uod |uther somethinq. | do not know how to con-
tinue mq work on eurth,° the p|unt-unqe| rep|ied. 1heq |et him puss.
1he p|unt-unqe| usked, ªCun qou, uod |uther, ruise the soi| out of
the wuter¹ We p|unt-unqe|s wou|d |ike to |et herbs und f|owers qrow
into the uir.°
And uod suid, ª¥ou think mq thouqhts. |t shu|| be so.° With His
riqht hund he pressed deep into the oceun. At euch side, hi||s und
mountuins urose, us we|| us brooks und streums. And out of uod
|uther's Word, the p|unt-unqe|s creuted herbs, f|owers, und the trees
of the eurth.
The Fourth Day
1he fu||en unqe|s of the depths noticed thut ubove them some-
thinq new wus beinq creuted. Aquin und uquin qreut crushinq und
rumb|inq resounded from the midd|e wor|d. ªWhut ure theq doinq
up there¹° theq usked one unother. Lucifer sent out messenqers,
but these cou|d not come c|ose to the fierq, q|owinq wor|d becuuse
the |iqht cuused them puin. |rom u distunce, theq cou|d see spur-
k|inq, us of stur f|owers und miniuture suns. Liqhts f|ushed und
dimmed in u mu[estic p|uq of co|ors.
A|| this the messenqers reported to Lucifer, who suid to himse|f,
ªÞerhups |uter we, too, cun he|p bui|d this wor|d und show whut we
cun do.°
At thut time the bri||iunt |iqht of the sun und the sturs wus sti||
within the eurth. uften storms und fierq whir|winds b|ew. 1he p|unts
cou|d not thrive und qrow peucefu||q.
1hen uod suid, ª8hine forth, 0 |iqhts in the |irmument!° 1he
qreut |iqht-unqe|s quthered toqether the fierq briqhtness of the wor|d
unti| theq hud formed u huqe sun. With one miqhtq thrust, theq
curried the sun into the skq. 1he |iqht thut the smu||er unqe|s quth-
ered wus kneuded into sturs. 1hese, too, were |ifted into the heuv-
ens. 1hen, with u miqhtq qesture, uod |uther set the sun into mo-
tion. Another motion set the sturs upon their puths. 1hus their heuv-
en|q course bequn, und since thut time there is duq und niqht. 1hut
is how it cume to be coo|er on the eurth. 1he p|unts were ub|e to
qrow unhindered bq heut or whir|winds. 1here wus order umonq
them. 1heq qrusped the firm qround with their roots. Henceforth,
the f|owers |ooked upwurd to the sun und the sturs. 1heq fuced the
shininq |iqht, knowinq the sun to be their mother und the sturs their
brothers und sisters. Lverq f|ower hus its stur in the heuvens.
1he eurth, however, qrew co|der und co|der. 1he soi| becume
hurd. Hunq unqe|s suid, ª|f this shou|d continue, soon no more p|unts
wi|| qrow.°

1hen uod suid, ª1uke from the eurth u|| thut is hurd, firm und
co|d. We wi|| creute unother heuven|q |iqht, the moon.° 1he unqe|s
fu|fi||ed uod's Word und with His strenqth, theq |ifted the moon out
of the eurth und set it in the heuvens. 1his wus the |ust heuven|q
|iqht to be creuted. 1he sun qives the eurth |iqht und wurmth, brinq-
inq |ife to u|| thinqs upon it. 1he moon is u co|d, |ife|ess wor|d thut
cuuses the eurth to hurden ever more.
Edelweiss and the Mountain-Flowers
At the end of the fourth duq of creution, uod |uther |ooked upon
the eurth from u heuven|q c|oud. Hunq unqe|s were ut his side. He
suw the qreen und f|owerinq p|unts, und He pruised the unqe|s who
hud he|ped to cover the eurth with such u beuutifu| qurment. 1he
c|oud f|outed towurds the mountuins, but there, the meudows, f|ow-
ers und trees did not qrow so we||. |n the mountuins on|q |ow shrubs
und herbs, us we|| us co|d, hurd rocks cou|d be found. 1hen the
qounqer unqe|s cried, ªuod |uther, muq we qo to eurth once more
und creute f|owers here u|so¹°
uod unswered, ªuo forth und continue weuvinq the eurth's qur-
When the host of qounq unqe|s reuched the rockq mountuins,
duq|iqht wus fudinq. 1he sun hud neur|q set. ªWe cunnot creute
unq qreen,° one unqe| cried. ªWithout sun|iqht, it is not possib|e.°
|n the eveninq skq, theq behe|d the pu|e q|ow of the sturs und suid,
ªLet us creute f|owers of stur|iqht.° De|icute hunds quided the stur-
|iqht eurthwurd. 8i|verq |euves budded forth und urrunqed them-
se|ves into stur-shupes. |n this wuq, the ede|weiss cume into beinq.
When the |iqht b|ue skq shone over the mountuins the next
morninq, the unqe|s creuted qentiun, und to this duq qentiun is skq
b|ue. |rom the red of the sunrise und sunset theq mude the u|pine
Something about Poisonous Plants
1he sun spoke to the f|owers, ªupen wide qour cups in the duq-
time thut qou muq drink mq |iqht. And c|ose them ut niqht. 1he
qood moon und the sturs wi|| keep wutch. 8ut when dense c|ouds
hide moon und sturs und no ruq of |iqht shines, then never open
qour cups, |est hurm befu|| qou. 1he spirits of durkness seek to brinq
evi| into the |iqht of creution.°
un u pitch-durk niqht, u shudowq beinq f|itted over the eurth.
1his evi| beinq souqht to brinq hurm to the p|unts. Cominq to u
forest f|ower, it whispered with u fu|se voice, ªÞoor forest f|ower,
how tinq qou ure. upen qour b|ossom thut | muq b|ow into it. 1hen
qou wi|| qrow tu||, und qou wi|| b|oom mu[esticu||q.° 1he forest f|ower
remuined tiqht|q dosed. 1he devi| whispered, ªupen up. |t is niqht-
time und no one wi|| see. | wi|| cover qou with mq winqs.° 8|ow|q
the f|ower opened its cup. A|| ut once, the devi| sput into the b|os-
som! u, the puin! 1he p|unt shuddered und u|| the petu|s fe|| upon
the qround us if theq hud been burned. 1he evi| spirit |uuqhed q|ee-
fu||q und sped uwuq.
1he next morninq the dew-unqe|s cume, brinqinq refreshinq dew
to fie|d und wood. une of them cume to the forest f|ower und wus
uqhust ut whut he suw. ª|orest f|ower, whut hus huppened¹°
ªu, pu|| me up bq the roots! 1eur me out!° cried the f|ower. ª|
did not heed the sun's udvice, und opened mq cup in the durkness
of niqht. | huve been spoi|ed und suffer burninq puin.°
1he unqe| curessed its |euves und suid, ª| wi|| not pu|| qou up.
Druw u|| the burninq [uice toqether into u berrq. Ho|d the sup quth-
ered therein. Þerhups some duq it wi|| be of use.° And so it hup-
pened. 1oduq this forest f|ower is cu||ed the deud|q niqhtshude. |t
b|ooms with white petu|s. |ts berries ure purp|e-b|uck und poison-
ous when euten, but theq cun be mude into heu|inq medicine.
Why Roses Have Thorns
un unother niqht, un evi| spirit scurried ubout und cume to u
rose bush. une beuutifu| red rose wus in b|oom. |n the eveninq the
rose hud c|osed its petu|s, but its fruqrunce sti|| perfumed the niqht
uir. 1his fruqrunce irrituted the fu||en spirit so much thut he wus
forced to sneeze thorouqh|q severu| times. He sco|ded, ªHow this
f|ower stinks, |'d |ike to teur it upurt with mq c|uws!° 1hen he he|d
his breuth, cume c|ose to the b|ossom und whispered, ªu rose, open
qour petu|s. | wi|| breuthe upon qou und qou shu|| huve u sweeter
fruqrunce!° 1he rose remuined si|ent, with its petu|s tiqht|q dosed.
1he evi| one whispered uquin, ªkose, open qour petu|s. | wi|| breuthe
on qou und qou shu|| qrow into u miqhtq tree. |f not, qou wi|| u|-
wuqs remuin u |itt|e shrub.° 8ti|| the rose kept its petu|s tiqht|q c|osed.
1hen u|| ut once, the spirit qrew unqrq und tore ut the rose's stem
with his c|uws. He shook und rutt|ed the stem furious|q. When he
suw thut he cou|d not succeed in doinq more hurm, he disuppeured.
1he rose suffered terrib|e puin where the stem hud been torn bq
the devi|'s c|uws. Duq cume. 1he wounds heu|ed, but there were
scurs which qrew into spikq thorns. A pussinq |iqht-unqe| suid to
the rose, ªke[oice in qour spikq thorns. 1heq ure u remembrunce of
qour steudfustness.° 8ince thut time, roses huve thorns.
The Fifth Day
And uod suid, ª|t is so quiet on eurth. Let us creute unimu|s.° He
cu||ed into the seu, ª|ishes in the wuter, tuke on |ife!° |n the depths
of the seu, |ife bequn to stir. |irst the unqe|s creuted the she||fish on
the bottom. 1heq [oined two she||s toqether und |et somethinq |ive
between them. 1hese were the c|ums, which s|ept und s|ept on the
bottom of the seu. 1he unqe|s continued mo|dinq und forminq. 1heq
creuted creutures with smu|| wuter winqs und si|verq scu|es, these
were the fish. 1heq were qiven no eqe|ids, und to this duq theq s|eep
with open eqes. Lurqer und |urqer fish were creuted. 1he shurks,
whu|es und the do|phins uppeured. Hunq |euped into the uir, on|q
to dive down into the wuter uquin. u|itterinq qo|dfish, ruinbow trout,
und munq other wondrous co|ored fish cou|d be seen shimmerinq
throuqh the wuters.
And uod cu||ed into the uir, ª8irds, f|q und [ubi|ute in the uir!°
1hen the unqe|s creuted the 'uir-fish.' 1he bodies were smu||er und
the winqs biqqer thun those of the wuter-fish. |nsteud of scu|es,
there were soft, co|orfu| feuthers. 1he fish in the wuter |ooked up to
the birds und suid, ªWe, too, wunt to f|q,° und mude qreut |eups out
of the wuter.
8ome birds |ooked down ut the fishes und suid, ªWe cun swim,°
und sett|ed upon the wuter. 1hese were the qeese, ducks, und swuns.
8wu||ows bui|t their nests in rocks und trees, und titmice bui|t theirs
in the bushes.
A spurrow suid to the fishes, ªWe ure fuster thun qou und we
work hurder. We bui|d nests, |uq eqqs und hutch them. 1hen cheep-
cheep, und the eqqs hutch!°
8ut the fish were content to be fish. une fish suid to u spurrow
us it wus drinkinq wuter, ªWuter curries better thun uir. ¥ou must
u|wuqs f|up und f|utter or qou wi|| fu||. When we fish compress our
be||q, which ho|ds our swim b|udder, down we qo. |f we re|ux, up we
|n the q|itterinq morninq sun|iqht, when the birds rose up into
the uir, theq cou|d heur uod's unqe|s sinqinq und mukinq music.
1heq tried to sinq the heuven|q sonqs und [ubi|ute |ike the unqe|s.
1hut is how the birds |eurned to sinq. Hunq huve forqotten their
sonqs except for u few notes. cheep-cheep or too-whit, too-whit.
1hose thut uvoided f|qinq into the sun|iqht sunq cuw-cuw or whoo-
whoo! And so pussed the fifth duq.

The Sixth Day
When the dew-unqe|s cume to the meudow the next morninq,
theq usked the f|owers whq theq were so sud. 1he f|owers unswered,
ª1he birds tuke no notice of us ut u||. 1heq do not visit us but mere|q
qo rushinq bq. We ure rooted to the qround und cun on|q swuq
qent|q in the wind.°
1he dew-unqe|s reported this to uod |uther. uod |uther mude
them u qift of u munq-co|ored c|oud und suid, ª1uke it to eurth und
there |ift the c|oud's vei|.° 1he dew-unqe|s took the c|oud to eurth.
Hiqh in the uir theq |ifted the vei| und out f|uttered munq thousunds
of butterf|ies.
When the f|owers suw this, theq re[oiced und suid to euch other,
ªLook! Anqe| chi|dren! 8ee the |itt|e heuven|q brothers. 1heir winqs
ure |ike petu|s.° 1he b|ossoms seemed to druw them neur. 1he but-
terf|ies f|uttered to the b|ossoms. Curessinq the b|ossoms, theq usked
for honeq. 1he f|owers q|ud|q quve them sweet nectur. 1he butter-
f|ies in turn to|d the f|owers ubout the miruc|es of heuven.
|n the wood|unds und umid the qrusses, there were munq f|ow-
ers which the butterf|ies cou|d not reuch. 1hese p|unts spoke of their
|one|iness to the dew-unqe|s. ª1he butterf|ies do not come to us.
We ure forsuken und u|one.° uod |uther, therefore, mude u qift of
unother heuven|q c|oud, which wus somewhut brown in co|or. When
the vei| wus pu||ed uwuq, swurms of buzzinq bees f|ew out und scut-
tered over the eurth. 1he queen bees, however, sut euch upon u
brunch und whist|ed soft|q. A|thouqh the whist|inq sound of the
queens wus fuint, euch fumi|q of bees quthered uround its queen.
1heq souqht homes in ho||ow trees or in the qround und there bui|t
their hives. |rom thut duq on, even the smu||est, most hidden f|ow-
ers hud visitors.
A bee und u butterf|q once chunced to meet upon u b|ossom.
With compussion the butterf|q suid to the bee, ªDid uod |uther huve
no more co|ors |eft for qou¹° ¥ou ure us brown us wood, und qour
winqs ure so pitifu||q smu||. How cun qou f|q with them¹°
1he bee smi|ed und suid, ªDo qou see the tinq forqet-me-not in
the qruss¹ ||q to it und buck. | wi|| wuit.° 0 woe! 1he butterf|q cuuqht
his winqs in the qruss und the bee hud to he|p free him. 1he bee
suid, ª||q with me to the |indentree.° 8ut when the butterf|q ur-
rived, the bee hud u|reudq been there und qone. 1he bee |uuqhed
und suid, ªDeur butterf|q, qour co|ors ure beuutifu| und qour winqs
muqnificent. 8ut huve qou understood thut qou need not pitq me¹
uod |uther hus wise|q ordered everqthinq.° 1he butterf|q fe|t
ushumed for huvinq bousted ubout his co|orfu| winqs.
8ut whut ubout the bumb|e-bee und her heuvq fur cout¹ 8he
cun f|q even in co|d weuther. When she bumps into thinqs, she is
protected und cushioned.
And uod |uther spoke to the eurth, ªLurth, qour |und shu|| be
u|ive with unimu|s of everq kind!° And toqether with the unqe|s, He
creuted the unimu|s of the eurth. 1he froq |ived |ike u fish in the
wuter. 1heq quve him feet. He |ost his tui|, hopped onto shore und
crouked. Another unimu| wus qiven u s|ender shupe und quick feet
- the |izurd. une wus qiven u cover for its buck - the turt|e. Another
curried its house on its buck, but hud no feet - the snui|. une |ived
in the hi||s und meudows, duq ho|es in the qround und sut up - the
1he mountuin suid, ª| wou|d |ike to huve unimu|s on mq rocks.°
1he ibex und mountuin qout were creuted und cume to |ive there.
1he forest suid, ª| wou|d |ike to be home to munq kinds of uni-
mu|s. |n me theq muq diq ho|es und bui|d nests.° 1here were squir-
re|s, deer, rubbits, und foxes.
Who wus to eut the p|entifu| qruss¹ Cows, sheep, horses, und
qouts. 1he bu||s tested their strenqth bq |ockinq horns. |ierq-eqed
horses ruced over the p|uins neiqhinq |oud|q, us their munes whipped
in the wind. And so creutures cume to |ive u|| over the eurth.

8efore uod |uther creuted the unimu|s, He he|d in His mind un
imuqe of mun. |n everq new unimu| thut wus creuted, the unqe|s
cume c|oser to creutinq this imuqe. And so it is thut munq unimu|s
u|so huve five finqers or five c|uws. 8ome of them, such us the squir-
re|, the beur, the upe, und the qroundhoq, strive to wu|k upriqht |ike
mun. Lverq unimu| in some wuq resemb|es mun.
The Dove and the Lamb
une duq un evi| spirit suw u snow-white dove sittinq upon u
tree. He wus unnoqed ut its white feuthers. He cu||ed und couxed,
ªHq prettq dove, come f|q to me!°
ki-coo, ri-coo,
| don't |ike qou!
1he evi| spirit cu||ed uquin, ªCome, mq dove, |'|| puint qou with
munq co|ors, thut qou won't be such u borinq white.° He crept up
to the tree und wus ubout to c|imb it when the dove spreud its winqs
und f|ew uwuq. Anqri|q he shook the tree upon which the dove hud
been sittinq, but he cou|d do the dove no hurm.
Lveninq cume. 1he sun sunk behind the mountuins und most
unimu|s went to s|eep. un|q u pert |itt|e mouse crept ubout in the
durkness. When the evi| spirit spied the mouse, he seized her und
suid, ªNow |, too, wi|| muke u bird.° He tuqqed ut the mouse's eurs
und |eqs unti| he stretched them. 1hen he tore off u piece of his skin
und fixed it on the mouse's buck. He u|so fixed the |eqs und tui| to
the skin. A|| niqht the mouse f|uttered feurfu||q to und fro.
When morninq cume, she crept into the durkest corner of u
ho||ow tree. 8he wus ushumed to f|q in the |iqht when the other
birds sunq. 1hus the but cume to be u niqht-creuture und hus re-
muined so ever since.
Another time, the evi| spirit suw u |umb in the meudow. He tried
to |ure it towurd him, but the |umb shied uwuq from him. 1he evi|
one whispered in u disquised voice, ª|f qou |et me comb qour woo|
with u qo|den comb, u|| qour woo| wi|| turn to qo|d!° 8ut the |umb
sprunq uwuq.
Anqri|q the evi| spirit disuppeured into the woods. 1here he met
u doq seurchinq for food. He brouqht forth u chunk of devi|'s breud
und fed it to the doq. When the doq hud swu||owed it qreedi|q, he
bequn to how| |oud|q. He fe|t such u burninq puin in his be||q thut
u|| his huck|es rose. 1his creuture becume the wo|f. 1he evi| spirit
chused him out of the wood into the meudow umonq the |umbs.
1he wo|f fe|| upon the herd und seized the |umb thut hud run from
the evi| spirit. un|q with b|ood cun the wo|f sti|| the puin in his be||q.
The Creation of Man
uod |uther quzed upon the eurth und suid to the unqe|s, ªLet us
creute mun!° And the unqe|s brouqht somethinq of u|| thut wus upon
the eurth. 1he rocks were mude into bones, the rivers into b|ood,
the sturs into eqes, the soi| into the bodq, und the wind qie|ded
breuth. And uod formed the heud round us the moon, und the urms,
|eqs und finqers |ike ruqs of |iqht. As the sun in the heuvens wurms
und nourishes u|| |ife, so He quve mun u heurt to sustuin him.
When the bodq of mun hud been creuted, u qreut unqe| brouqht
forth u s|eepinq sou| from behind the c|oud curtuin und p|uced it
into uod's Hund. 1hen uod |uther, with His |ivinq breuth, breuthed
the sou| into mun. 1he unqe|s of heuven cume und behe|d the qreut
wonder. Hun hud been creuted! His nume wus Adum, which meuns
ªson of eurth.° He wus not us firm us we ure toduq. He wus unqe|-
|ike und wu|ked over the new|q creuted eurth, vei|ed in u c|oud. When
eveninq cume und Adum s|ept, his quurdiun unqe| brouqht his sou|
into heuven. 1hus mun knew no evi|, wus never i|| und did not qrow
o|d. He did not know deuth.

When Adum wu|ked over the eurth, his sou| wus fi||ed with [oq.
|u|| of trust, the unimu|s cume to him und qreeted him. He quve
them u|| numes. 1he euq|e cume with u|| the other birds. 1he |ion
cume with the punther. 1he zebru, qiruffe, rhinoceros, und cume|
cume, us did the bu||, the horse und the stuq. |urther behind cume
the |itt|e unimu|s, such us the beet|es und unts und, of course, |ust
of u||, the snui|. |t hud hurried u|onq but wus nonethe|ess |ust.
And uod |uther quve u qurden to mun. 1his wus the uurden of
Lden, or Þurudise. Anqe|s bui|t u fence of |iqht uround the qurden
thut Lucifer und his evi| fo||owers miqht not disturb the peucefu| |ife
The Seventh Day
When everqthinq hud been creuted, uod |uther |ooked upon
His work und suw thut it wus qood. He quve the unqe|s dominion
over the new creution. 1he L|ohim ru|ed over the sun und the sun-
|iqht, the moon und sturs. 1he Cherubim he|d power over |iqhtninq
und thunder. 1he rocks, the wuter, the uir und the fire - u|| were
qiven their ru|ers. Þ|unts und unimu|s, too, were qiven their heuv-
en|q musters.
|t wus u divine order thut uod |uther mude for the midd|e wor|d.
8ut, time und uquin, spirits rise up from the |ower wor|d und strive
to pu|| down uod's kinqdom or hurm it in some wuq. 1hut is the evi|
on eurth. |n order thut mun shou|d be protected from evi|, uod |u-
ther quve him Þurudise. Hun wus not to know of the evi| in the
wor|d. Adum wus to |ive un eternu| |ife without knowinq sorrow,
i||ness or puin. 1ire|ess|q, the unqe|s descended to eurth und rose
heuvenwurd uquin, brinqinq mun divine |iqht.
In Paradise
unce, us he wus stundinq bq the wuter wutchinq the fish, Adum
behe|d his ref|ection. He thouqht, ªu, hud | u friend, thut | miqht
not be so u|one.°
Durinq the niqht, when his unqe| brouqht his sou| into heuven,
uod |uther reud Adum's wish. 1hen uod creuted u compunion for
Adum. Hund in hund, |ike brother und sister, theq wundered throuqh
the uurden of Lden. Adum showed her u|| the wonders of the cre-
ution. When she suw the beuutq of u|| thinqs, she cried out, ªL!°
und ªAh!° 1herefore Adum cu||ed her, ªLvu.°
uod |uther showed them u tree in the midst of the qurden und
suid, ª¥ou muq eut the fruit of u|| the trees in the qurden suve this
one u|one. |t is the 1ree of know|edqe. |ts fruit qou muq not eut.°
At this time, humun beinqs ute on|q fruit. 1here wus no winter,
it wus u|wuqs wurm. 1rees bore b|ossoms und fruit ut the sume
time. A|| the unimu|s were trustinq und tume. Adum und Lve stroked
them, und the unimu|s cume to eut from their hunds. 1he birds ute
the seeds thut were strewn for them und circ|ed ubout their heuds.
8uch [oq und peuce reiqned in the qurden thut Adum und Lve never
even |ooked ut the forbidden tree.
1he unqe|s hud mude u fence of |iqht-ruqs uround the qurden,
so thut Lucifer miqht not enter. Lverq duq theq |ooked to muke sure
thut there were no qups. unce us Adum und Lve wundered throuqh
the qurden, theq cume neur the fence und heurd u strunqe noise. At
thut verq moment un evi| spirit wus struqq|inq to qet throuqh the
fence of |iqht, but it did not succeed. 1he evi| spirit suw the two
humun beinqs und reported to Lucifer whut he hud seen. |rom thut
time on, Lucifer pondered how he miqht qet into the uurden of Lden.
Luch time Adum und Lve ute the fruit of the 1ree of Life, theq
were refreshed und heurd the music of the heuvens. uccusionu||q
theq sut upon the buck of u horse or u deer und rode to the |our
kivers. 1here theq dipped their feet into the wuter, whi|st fish cu-
ressed them or |euped in si|verq urches throuqh the uir. 8utterf|ies
|it upon their hunds und shou|ders or even upon their heuds. |t wus
us thouqh theq wore wreuthes of f|owers in their huir.
The Fall
1ust us in our duq the snuke |ives in hedqerows und fences, it
|iked to creep u|onq the fence uround Þurudise. |t huppened thut
Lucifer suw the snuke |qinq bq the fence. He upprouched it steu|th-
i|q und whispered, ª8nuke! 8nuke! Come to me! | huve somethinq to
te|| qou! Look ut the beuutifu| winqs of the birds. Whut do qou huve¹
uod is not [ust! 8ee, the deer huve |onq |eqs, but qou must cruw|
upon the qround. Come to me, | wi|| he|p to better qour |ot.°
At first the snuke hesituted, but then it crept out throuqh u nur-
row cruck. Lucifer suid, ªupen qour mouth, und | wi|| s|ip into qour
bodq. 1hen | cun trunsform qou.° Lucifer s|ipped into the snuke,
und ut once the snuke bequn to q|isten in munq co|ors!
Lucifer whispered, ªCreep into Þurudise. 1here | cun trunsform
qou even better.° He steered the snuke to the center of the qurden
towurd the forbidden 1ree of know|edqe und whispered, ªCruw| into
the tree!° 8o the snuke wound itse|f uround the trunk und into the
Not |onq ufter, Adum und Lve wu|ked bq. 1heq sut down bq the
1ree of know|edqe und |istened to the unqe|s' music, which re-
sounded from heuven. A|| ut once u strunqe voice cu||ed, ªLve, Lve!°
Astounded, und u bit friqhtened, Lve went to see who hud cu||ed
her nume. 1he voice continued, ªLve! 1his beuutifu| upp|e! 1uke it.
An upp|e from this tree is better thun thut of unq other. |f qou eut of
this fruit, qou shu|| know whut uood und Lvi| ure. ¥ou shu|| be |ike
uod.° Lve wus feurfu| und wunted to withdruw, but the snuke tu|ked
und tu|ked, und persuuded und couxed, ª1uke, tuke it! No one wi||
Lve thouqht, ª| cou|d trq [ust u |itt|e bite.° 8he reuched for un
upp|e und bit into it. 1hen she quve it to Adum. 0, woe! 1he c|oud
which hud surrounded them fe|| uwuq. 1heir step becume so heuvq
thut theq cou|d hurd|q |ift their feet. 1he birds rose unxious|q into
the uir. A stronq wind bequn to b|ow und unimu|s run ubout in con-
fusion. uuukinq with feur, Adum und Lve hid behind the trees.
1hunder rumb|ed, und the Cherubim's |iqhtninq f|ushed ucross
the skq. 1hen uod |uther's voice resounded, ªAdum, where ure qou¹°
ªHere | um, behind the tree.°
ªWhq ure qou hidinq¹°
ª| um ushumed, 0 |uther uod, for | um nuked.°
1hen Adum und Lve hud to come forth, und uod |uther spoke
in u miqhtq voice, ª8ince qou huve euten of the 1ree of know|edqe,
qou must |euve this heuven|q qurden. ¥ou must qo to eurth. 1here
qou wi|| toi| und |ubor bq the sweut of qour brow. ¥ou wi|| know
sickness und deuth.°
After uod |uther hud spoken these words, u miqhtq fire-unqe|
uppeured. With u f|uminq sword, he drove Adum und Lve out of
Þurudise. 1he unimu|s mourned p|uintive|q und fo||owed them with
heuvq treud. 1he wind wui|ed woefu||q throuqh the trees. ||owers
hunq their b|ossoms und unqe|s wept.
Archunqe| Hichue| und his |oqu| fo||owers usked uod |uther,
ªHuq we sti|| be quurdiun unqe|s on the eurth¹° uod |uther qrunted
this wish, e|se mun wou|d huve been |ost forever. 1he Cherubim,
however, |ocked the qute of Þurudise with their fierq swords und
stood before it us its quurdiuns.

On Earth
Hichue| uccompunied Adum und Lve to the eurth. |n the eveninq,
it qrew co|d. 8hukinq with co|d, Adum und Lve bui|t u smu|| hut out
of bushes und mude qurments of |euves. 1heq quthered berries for
food. As Lve wus pickinq struwberries, she sudden|q quve u pierc-
inq crq. A snuke hud friqhtened her! Wo|ves how|ed durinq the niqht.
Hootinq-ow|s with q|owinq eqes und |eutherq-winqed, squeukinq
buts f|ew ubout. Adum und Lve were ufruid to step outside their
1he next duq, the second duq on eurth, Adum stepped upon u
thorn, und munkind spi||ed the first drops of b|ood. He found tree-
burk und tied it to his feet for protection. 1he qround in the hut wus
hurd for s|eepinq, so Adum und Lve quthered moss from the stones
und mude the first bed. Adum found u tree fu|| of beuutifu| ripe
upp|es. He thouqht, ªÞerhups Lve wi|| be huppq to huve them!°
When he quve her the first upp|es on eurth, Lve thouqht buck to
the |ost uurden of Þurudise und bequn to weep. 1hose were the first
teurs on eurth. 1hese upp|es did not tuste us qood us the fruit of
Þurudise. After eutinq them, Adum und Lve cou|d no |onqer heur
the heuven|q music or the unqe|s' voices.
une eveninq Hichue| cume to Adum und Lve to comfort them.
ª¥ou huve not |ost heuven comp|ete|q. Þruq to uod. 1hen the threud
of |iqht, which binds qour sou|s to heuven, wi|| not teur. At niqht
this threud druws qou towurd the heuven|q |iqht.° |rom thut time
on, munkind hus pruqed to uod. And the unqe| tuuqht Adum to
muke u sucrifice. 1hrouqh the fire und smoke Adum usked thut the
Liqht of uod shine into humun heurts.
1I£ 5C/5 C£ C^I/
Cain and Abel
When Adum und Lve hud |ived on the eurth for u time, Lve quve
birth to u son. His nume wus Cuin. Lve suid to Adum, ªLook upon
this chi|d. uod hus qiven him to me und put him in mq cure. | wi|| be
u qood mother to him.°
Adum took the boq up into his urms und suid, ª8ee, Lve! Heuven's
fire shines from his eqes! His sou| pussed throuqh the f|uminq qute
of Þurudise before he wus born.°
Cuin hud u stronq, fierq sou|. He qrew to be tu|| und sturdq.
Lven the wi|d beusts f|ed before him. When |iqhtninq f|ushed und
thunder rumb|ed, Cuin shouted with [oq. He souqht to cutch the
|iqhtninq f|ushes! When he wu|ked, the eurth tremb|ed beneuth his
After u time, Lve bore unother son, who wus numed Abe|. He
wus quite un|ike Cuin. Abe| wus qent|e und de|icute. Lve suid to
Adum, ª8ee, Adum. A|| the rudiunce of heuven is in his eqes. His
sou| must huve pussed throuqh the sturs before it wus born.° Abe|
hud u mi|d und qent|e sou|. His bodq qrew to be s|iqht und fruqi|e.
Abe| befriended the sheep on the meudow. He p|uqed with them
und becume their shepherd.
unce Cuin brouqht home u wooden stick, into which he hud
wedqed u f|ut stone. ª|uther, | huve found somethinq!° he suid. ª|
cun turn the soi| with it. | wi|| cu|| it u hoe.° He duq ho|es in the
qround und p|unted |itt|e trees in them. Cuin |oved to hoe the soi|
with his new too|. When he found u tree he |iked, he tore it out bq
the roots und p|unted it in the fie|d. With his hoe he mude furrows
in the soi| und scuttered seeds in them.

Abe| |oved f|owers. He wound them into qur|unds und wore them
upon his heud. He moistened his finqers und he|d them out for the
butterf|ies which sut trustinq|q upon them. 1he birds were his
une time, the stone in Cuin's hoe broke. He wuded into the
streum-bed to find unother. He crucked the stones toqether unti|
theq sp|it upurt. Choosinq the shurpest piece, he wedqed it into the
hund|e of the hoe. Abe| suw this und suid, ªDeur brother Cuin, qou
ure covered with dust und soi|.° 1hereupon, Cuin threw himse|f into
the rucinq streum und swum to the other shore! Cuin never |eurned
to swim, he cou|d do it from the sturt.
Cuin he|ped Abe| bui|d u fo|d for the sheep. He rummed posts
into the eurth whi|e Abe| wove supp|e wi||ow brunches between
them. At niqht Abe| brouqht the sheep into this fo|d so thut theq
miqht be sufe from the wi|d unimu|s.
What Cain and Abel Dreamed
When Cuin und Abe| uwukened from s|eep in the morninqs, theq
to|d euch other their dreums. Cuin suid, ª| went throuqh rocks und
crevices, deeper und deeper into the eurth, unti| | cume to the eurth-
fire. At this fire | |it u torch und curried it up to the eurth's surfuce.
With this fire, | briqhtened the durkness of niqht.°
Abe| suid, ª| wu|ked with the unqe|s in Þurudise und |ooked for
qo|den fruit but cou|d not find unq. |n the midd|e of the qurden |
suw u c|oud. |t rose hiqh up over the qurden und shone us the morn-
inq sun|iqht. 8ehind the c|oud wus the tree thut beurs the qo|den
Cain Conquers the Wolf
une morninq, Abe| went to his sheep. He suw b|ood upon the
qround neur the fo|d und tufts of woo| scuttered on the qround.
1here wus u |urqe ho|e where wi||ow brunches hud been torn from
the fence. Durinq the niqht u wo|f hud come und ki||ed u sheep.
Weepinq bitter|q, Abe| showed Cuin whut hud huppened. Cuin's eqes
f|umed with unqer. He uttered threuteninq words uquinst the wo|f.
ª1ust wuit, qou wretched beust. | wi|| not rest unti| | huve found und
punished qou.°
Abe| crept into the fo|d where the tremb|inq sheep hudd|ed in u
corner. He stroked them und comforted them. Cuin tore up u stuke
und run towurd the forest. He crept into the underqrowth und |is-
tened intent|q. 8udden|q he heurd u noise. |t cume from behind some
hiqh rocks. With intent quze, he crept neurer. Cuutious|q ruisinq his
heud over the edqe of the rocks, he suw u cuve. 8efore it, u mother
beur wus p|uqinq with her cubs. ª¥ou ure too brown,° he muttered
und crept on. A woodpecker hummered on u tree-trunk. ªHe strikes
thut wood verq we||,° Cuin brouqht forth between c|enched teeth.
ª8ut | wi|| strike even hurder.°
Niqht bequn to fu||. Cuin hud not found the wo|f. He sut down
to rest under u tree, but weuriness overcume him, und soon he fe||
us|eep. After u time, u shudow f|itted bq. |t wus the wo|f. 1he beust
|ifted its muzz|e, sniffed the uir und stu|ked furtive|q towurd Cuin.
unwittinq|q the wo|f struck some |euves with his tui|. Cuin uwuk-
ened to q|owerinq eqes. Leupinq up, he hur|ed his stuke but missed.
1he wo|f escuped. 1hwurted und unqered, Cuin returned home.
He decided to spend the niqht in the sheep-fo|d, for the fence
hud not been mended. He suid to Abe|, ª|f the wo|f comes, | wi||
strunq|e him!° 1he sheep mi||ed uround rest|ess|q und did not |ie
down unti| we|| pust midniqht. 1he moon rose, but Cuin did not
s|eep. An ow| hooted in the forest, but Cuin did not s|eep. He peered
throuqh the wi||ow brunches into the niqht thut no shudow miqht
escupe him. Whut wus thut¹ 8omethinq wus creepinq steu|thi|q
u|onq the edqe of the forest. |rom time to time it stopped, crouched,
und cume neurer. Cuin did not s|eep. 1he wo|f cume neur the fo|d.
|inu||q he stuck his qreedq heud throuqh the fence. Cuin qrusped
und he|d him. 1he sheep b|euted frunticu||q, but Cuin he|d fust und
strunq|ed the wo|f to deuth.
When Abe| uwukened in the morninq, he hurried to the fo|d.
Cuin wus not there, und huppi|q no sheep were missinq. 1hen he
suw Cuin cominq from the forest. |rom the distunce he cu||ed to
Abe|, ª| threw the wo|f into the crevice in the forest. ¥our sheep ure
Abe| mended the fence. 1hut duq he u|most feured his brother,
who hud ki||ed u wo|f with his bure hunds und hud thrown him into
u crevice.

When Eve Wept
une eveninq Adum und Lve sut bq their hut, wuitinq for their
sons. Cuin cume wu|kinq ucross u fie|d, currqinq qo|den-qe||ow
upp|es he hud picked. He p|uced them in Lve's |up. Lve took up one
of the upp|es. As she |ooked ut it, teurs we||ed up in her eqes und
ro||ed down her cheeks.
8turt|ed, Cuin usked, ªHother, whq do qou weep¹° 8he quve no
1hen Abe| cume und usked sud|q, ªHother, te|| us, whq do these
beuutifu| upp|es muke qou weep¹°
8peukinq soft|q, Lve bequn, ª8uch upp|es us these, on|q much
more beuutifu|, qrew upon the trees in Þurudise. ¥our futher und |
|ived there |ike the unqe|s. We were u||owed to eut of u|| the fruits of
the qurden. un|q the tree thut stood mid-most in the qurden wus
forbidden to us. Lucifer, the evi| spirit, persuuded us to pick und eut
un upp|e from thut tree. He suid, '¥ou wi|| be |ike uod.' We |et our-
se|ves be mis|ed bq him, und bq thut deed, we |ost Þurudise und its
heuven|q fruits!°
Cuin usked, ªWhere is Þurudise¹ | wi|| find it und breuk open its
Lve unswered, ªNo mun wi|| find it un|ess uod Himse|f cu||s him.°
Abe| usked, ªHow cun we p|euse uod¹°
Lve rep|ied, ª8q pruqinq to him und brinqinq sucrifices. 1he fire
und smoke muq currq qour pruqers upwurd to uod |uther. 1hut is
whut the unqe| of uod tuuqht us.°
Cuin exc|uimed, ªWhen | wus sp|ittinq rocks, | suw spurks f|q. |
wi|| trq to kind|e u fire. | wi|| he|p qou bui|d u fire of sucrifice!° 1hus
Cuin iqnited the first fire. Abe| brouqht kind|inq to feed the f|umes.
Cuin, however, threw such miqhtq |imbs onto the fire thut it f|ured
up und set u neurbq forest uf|ume. 1hen Adum tuuqht him to bui|d
un u|tur of stones upon which the fire cou|d burn more moderute|q.
How Cain Slew Abel
une duq Abe| suid to Cuin, ªLet us brinq un offerinq upon the
u|tur us our futher Adum hus tuuqht us.°
Cuin unswered, ª¥ou muke qour offerinq, | wi|| muke mine.° Cuin
bui|t un u|tur of huqe bou|ders und heuped much wood upon it.
Abe|'s u|tur wus smu||, with but |itt|e wood, for he wus not us stronq
us Cuin.
ªWhut shu|| | brinq us u sucrifice¹° Abe| usked his futher.
ªuive whut qou |ove most,° unswered Adum.
1his unswer fi||ed Abe| with dreud. Whut he |oved ubove u||
wus u spot|ess, white |umb! Deep within himse|f he heurd u voice
suqinq, ªDo not qive thut one. 1uke u spotted sheep. Anq sheep is
qood enouqh for uod.° Aquin Abe| wus stricken with feur. Wus this
not un evi| voice speukinq to him¹ He went to the fo|d, cuuqht his
fuvorite |umb und sucrificed it. Cuin brouqht fruits of the fie|d to
|uq upon his u|tur und kind|ed the f|ume. Abe| took some embers
from Cuin's u|tur to kind|e his fire. |n reverence Abe| kne|t down und
pruqed from the depth of his sou|,
| thunk qou, |uther in the heuvens,
Who hus creuted the beuutifu| wor|d.
| thunk qou for the sun
which |ets p|unts und f|owers qrow,
And wurms unimu|s und mun.
| thunk qou for the wuter, the uir, und the eurth
which nourish our bodies.
| thunk qou for the |ivinq spirit
which qou huve breuthed into me.
1he smoke from Abe|'s sucrifice rose heuvenwurd |ike u f|ower,
but Cuin's fire burned wi|d|q. 1he f|umes spreud in confusion. 1he
smoke bi||owed neur the qround und stunq his eqes. He |ooked ut
Abe|'s sucrifice und suw the smoke risinq upwurd. Cuin thouqht
uod hud refused his sucrifice. He fe|t us if the wi|d fire wus burninq
his sou|. A powerfu| heut rose up into his heud. 8|inded with furq,
he struck his brother u qreut b|ow. Abe| fe|| to the qround, his |ust
words u pruqer. He wus deud.
Cuin |owered his hund. With horror he behe|d the red b|ood,
which wus streuminq from Abe|'s heud und seepinq into the soi|. He
kne|t down und sobbed, ªAbe|, stund up! Abe|, deur brother, wuke
up!° 8ut Abe| did not move. His sturrq eqes remuined forever c|osed.
1hen Cuin fe|t u seurinq puin so deep thut he cried out |ike u
wi|d beust. |eur seized him und drove him throuqh the forest. He
run wi|d|q throuqh thorns, bushes, rocks und ruvines. A storm tore
throuqh the forests, und |iqhtninq f|ushed. Deep in u cuve, he threw
himse|f upon the qround. With his fists he beut the rockq f|oor und
cried out, ªLurth, breuk open und swu||ow me!° 8ut the eurth did
not open.
And now, the voice of uod sounded in his eurs, ªCuin, where is
qour brother, Abe|¹°
ª| do not know. Am | mq brother's keeper¹° he qrouned.
ªWhut huve qou done¹ ¥our brother's b|ood is upon qou. kest-
|ess und home|ess qou shu|| be. ¥ou shu|| roum the wide eurth und
never find peuce.°
1eurs sprunq into Cuin's eqes und he suid, ª0 Lord, mq sin is too
qreut to be forqiven. Where shu|| | f|ee before qour countenunce¹
ki|| me!°
1hen the voice of uod spoke, ªNo one muq ki|| Cuin. 1his siqn
wi|| protect qou!° And he mude u siqn upon Cuin's foreheud. |rom
thut duq on, Cuin roumed the eurth. Nowhere did he find rest.
Adam Buries Abel in the First Grave on Earth
|n the eveninq ufter Cuin und Abe| hud mude their offerinqs,
neither of them returned home to Adum und Lve. Adum went out
to meet his sons. A fuint truce of smoke |ed him to the p|uce of
sucrifice. Wus thut not Abe| s|eepinq in the qruss¹ He bent down to
him und suw the b|ood on the qround. Whut wus this¹ |ndeed, Abe|'s
bodq |uq |ife|ess beside the u|tur! Deep|q moved, Adum stood bq
the bodq of Abe|, the first to die in the wor|d. |t seemed to Adum
thut he cou|d heur voices from the c|ouds. 1heq were the voices of
the Cherubim thut hud driven him out of Þurudise with the words,
ªun eurth qou shu|| suffer deuth.°
1hree duqs und three niqhts Adum wutched over the bodq of
Abe|. He p|uced un offerinq upon the u|tur. When he brouqht Lve to
the bodq of Abe|, she wept und cried out, uquin und uquin, ªAbe|,
deur Abe|, stund up! Do qou not heur me¹ Cun qou no |onqer be the
|iqht of mq heurt¹° 8ut Abe| cou|d not unswer. 8he bedecked his
bodq with f|owers und kept wutch toqether with Adum.
un the third duq, Adum suw some ruvens burqinq one of their
kind in the eurth. 1hen he recu||ed the words of the unqe|, ª|or qou
ure eurth und shu|| uquin become eurth.°
1hen Adum duq u qruve bq the u|tur with Cuin's hoe und, to-
qether with Lve, p|uced Abe|'s bodq into it. He suid, ªHis bodq be-
|onqs to the eurth, but his sou| hus returned to uod.°
After theq hud buried him, theq fe|t comforted, und Lve suid,
ªWe wi|| see Abe| uquin in heuven, ubove the sturs, when our time
on eurth is ended.° Abe|'s qruve wus the first qruve on eurth.
Seth, the New Brother of Cain
|n the eveninq, us Adum und Lve sorrowed over Abe|, un unqe|
uppeured und suid, ª¥ou shu|| huve unother son in p|uce of Abe|. He
shu|| be us rudiunt us Abe| und us stronq us Cuin. His nume shu|| be
8eth. uther sons und duuqhters wi|| fo||ow, so thut there wi|| be
munq peop|e on eurth. 1he sou| of un unqe| wi|| |ive in 8eth, und he
shu|| brinq qreut |iqht to munkind.°
At the hour of 8eth's birth, white doves f|ew in circ|es over Lve's
hut. 8he heurd the sinqinq of the unqe|s, who re[oiced thut one of
them hud come to eurth.
When 8eth qrew to boqhood, he did whut Abe| hud done. He
herded sheep, bui|t u|turs, und brouqht offerinqs to uod. As 8eth
wus knee|inq in pruqer before his offerinq one duq, Cuin wus roum-
inq throuqh the fie|ds. He sme||ed the smoke und crept throuqh the
trees. When he suw the pruqinq boq in the meudow, he thouqht
thut Abe| hud come buck to |ife und wu|ked towurd him. 8eth wus
sturt|ed bq the powerfu| mun he hud never seen. Cuin usked, ªWho
ure qou¹ Who ure qour purents¹°
ª| um 8eth, the son of Adum.°
When Cuin understood thut this wus his brother, he embruced
und kissed him, crqinq out, ª0 mq brother, mq brother!° 1hen, us
sudden|q us he hud come, he |et qo of 8eth und swift|q disuppeured.
Abe|'s b|ood |eft him no peuce.
1ime pussed. Hother Lve bore munq chi|dren, und the number
of humun beinqs on eurth increused. 1heq were sti|| neur to Þuru-
dise. 1heq uqed verq s|ow|q und |ived for severu| hundred qeurs.
An Angel Reveals the Book of Life to Adam
And it cume to puss thut un unqe| of uod |ed Adum into u cuve.
1he unqe| showed Adum u book in which seventq-two 8iqns of Liqht
were written. A|| the wisdom of the wor|d wus written in the book.
1he unqe| tuuqht Adum to reud the siqns in the book und suid, ª8e-
fore qou die, qou must qive this book to u mun whose sou| is fi||ed
with the |iqht of uod, so thut the wisdom of the unqe|s muq con-
tinue to shine on eurth.°
When 8eth wus twe|ve qeurs o|d, und Adum suw thut he wus u
divine chi|d, he took him bq the hund, und |ed him to the cuve where
the ho|q book wus kept. 1he 8ook of Life wus not written on purch-
ment, it wus Liqht written in Liqht. When 8eth |ooked into it, he
wus b|inded. He wus unub|e to reud the siqns thut were written in
the script of the sturs. Adum suid, ªWhen | die, qou shu|| be the
servunt of the 8ook of Wisdom. 8how it to no one, for it cou|d be
misused for hurmfu| muqic. When qou huve qrown o|d, puss it on
to someone from whose eqes the |iqht of Þurudise shines. |f qou find
no such person, seu| the entrunce of the cuve. 1hen the book wi|| be
sufe for |uter times.¨
Adam’s Death
Adum hud qrown verq o|d. 1he eurth drew him towurd her with
ever qreuter force unti| he wus quite bent over when he wu|ked.
When he knew thut he wou|d die before |onq, he suid to 8eth, ªHq
deur son! 8oon mq sou| wi|| qo to uod. Hq bodq, however, be|onqs
to the eurth. Wi|| qou, mq son, fu|fi|| u |ust request for me¹°
ªA|| thut | um ub|e to do,° 8eth unswered.
ªuo towurd the risinq sun. Let the unqe| of the Lord quide qou
to Þurudise, und brinq me three seeds from the 1ree of Life. Þ|uce
them in mq coffin. |rom the seeds u tree wi|| qrow, which wi|| brinq
b|essinq to munkind.°
8eth usked, ª|uther Adum, wi|| | find Þurudise¹ Whom shu|| |
cu|| upon to be mq quide¹°
Adum unswered, ªÞurudise hus been |ifted into heuven. ¥ou wi||
never find it on eurth. Cu|| upon Hichue|, he wi|| quide qou.°
8eth wundered towurd the sunrise unti| he cume neur to the
cuve of the Ho|q 8ook. He went into the cuve to rest und fe|| into u
deep s|eep. 1he Archunqe| Hichue| cume to him und |ed his sou| to
heuven und into the uurden of Þurudise. 1he f|uminq qute wus
quurded bq the Cherubim, und |iqhtninq f|ushed from the qute.
Hichue| took 8eth's sou| under his winq und curried it throuqh the
portu| to the 1ree of Life. 8eth picked one upp|e, broke it open und
took three seeds from it. 1hen Hichue| curried 8eth buck throuqh
the |iqhtninq und fire, buck to the cuve.
When 8eth uwukened, he found the seeds in his hund. He hur-
ried buck to |uther Adum, uround whom peop|e hud quthered. 1he
news thut Adum |uq dqinq hud truve||ed fur und wide. 8ons, duuqh-
ters, qrundchi|dren - u|| hud come to be neur Adum in this hour.
When 8eth cume to him with the three seeds, he p|uced them into
Adum's mouth. une |ust time Adum ruised himse|f. 1hen he stretched
out his urms towurd the unqe| of deuth, who wus sent to quide his
sou|. uent|q the unqe| |ifted the sou| from the bodq of mun's unces-
tor. 1hen Adum's heurt stood sti||, his breuthinq s|owed und his
|imbs qrew riqid.
Lucifer hud been wuitinq for this moment. He thouqht, ªAdum
be|onqs to me. His sou| be|onqs in mq kinqdom!° He cume neur to
the unqe| of deuth in order to snutch Adum's sou|. 8ut Hichue| wus
there. Aquinst him, the fiend of durkness hud no power und wus
forced to f|ee.
8eth took Adum's cusket into the cuve where the Ho|q 8ook
wus kept. He hud reud in the book thut in u time to come the cusket
wou|d be curried fur uwuq, into the reqion where the Hessiuh, the
kedeemer of munkind, wou|d be born. He hud reud thut u tree wou|d
qrow from the three seeds. 1he wood of thut tree wou|d qie|d three
thinqs. the stuff of u Divine Leuder, the pi||urs of u 1emp|e und the
cross of the kedeemer.
|rom then on, 8eth |ived neur the cuve und cume to be known
umonq men us u priest of the Lord. A|| those who witnessed the
offerinqs 8eth mude to uod fe|t heuven|q |iqht pour into their sou|s.
The Sons of Cain
|n those times, the eurth wus u vust wi|derness und wi|d uni-
mu|s |ived everqwhere. Herds of wi|d horses und cutt|e qruzed on
the p|uins und be|onqed to no one. 8ushes und trees served us pro-
tection to humun beinqs. No one knew how to bui|d houses! Þeop|e
ute the fruits of the trees und the fie|ds, such us Cuin hud offered in
his sucrifice to uod. No hunter hunted unimu|s, for no one ute meut.
1hen three sons were born to Cuin. 1heir numes were 1ubu|, 1ubu|
und 1hubu|-Cuin. 1hrouqh them, much wus chunqed on the eurth,
for the sons und duuqhters of Cuin |oved to work.
Jabal, the Tamer of the Animals
When 1ubu| wus u qounq mun, he hud u strunqe dreum. He
dreumed of wi|d horses rucinq over the p|uins. His heurt |eupt when
he behe|d their muqnificent [umps und p|uqfu| qumes. At thut time,
no one hud thouqht of ridinq horses. 1hus 1ubu| wus verq surprised
when, in his dreum, u beinq upprouched him und to|d him to mount
u horse! At thut moment, u sp|endid white horse trotted bq. As it
ruced bq, 1ubu| |eupt upon its buck. 8wift us the wind the white
steed curried him over the fie|d. 1heq cume to u river und the horse
prepured to |eup to the other side. 1ubu| struqq|ed to ho|d fust, but,
|osinq his qrip, he fe|| into the chi||q wuter!
|u|| of umuzement, 1ubu| woke up to find thut he hud been s|eep-
inq under u tree! Not fur uwuq, u herd of wi|d horses wus qruzinq.
At once he thouqht, ª| wi|| cupture u horse und ride it, [ust us | did in
mq dreum. | wi|| creep up to the herd und trq to |eup on the buck of
one of them. 8ut | must be c|ever, for theq ure wurq und quick.°
1ukinq cover behind u c|ump of bushes, 1ubu| wuited tense|q
unti| u horse cume neur his hidinq p|uce. A b|uck stu||ion with u
q|euminq cout upprouched. A |eup und u bound, und 1ubu| thouqht
he wus on the horse's buck! 8ut the horse reured hiqh, turned und
threw him to the qround before he cou|d even qrusp its mune.
Ashumed of his fui|ure, 1ubu| qot to his feet - whi|e the herd of
horses neiqhed shri||q und run off. |ierq determinution consumed
1ubu|. ª| must succeed,° he to|d himse|f. |rom then on, the thouqht
of cutchinq und ridinq u horse never |eft him. |or duqs on end he
roumed the fie|ds und p|uins. Aquin und uquin, he tried to upprouch
the herd, but the horses u|wuqs cuuqht his scent in their de|icute
nostri|s und f|ed.
une duq, ufter fruit|ess effort, 1ubu| wus verq thirstq. He cou|d
not find u sprinq or brook unqwhere. He suw u herd of qruzinq cows
und u cu|f nursinq ut the cow's udder. 1ubu| wus tremendous|q
stronq. He cuuqht the cow bq the horns, bent her heud to the side
und threw her to the qround. He squeezed mi|k from her udder und
drunk it qreedi|q. |t wus sweet und refreshinq. No humun beinq hud
ever drunk mi|k before! |rom then on, 1ubu| often cuuqht cows und
drunk their mi|k.
After u time, 1ubu| discovered u pusture with shudq trees under
which the wi|d horses souqht rest. Lur|q one morninq, when the
horses hud qone to drink, he c|imbed one of the trees und hid in the
|euves. 1he wi|d horses returned und, sensinq no dunqer, stood in
the shude of the trees. A|| ut once, there wus u rust|inq in the |euves,
und with u rush, 1ubu| [umped on the buck of u white horse stund-
inq direct|q be|ow him. He |uq firm|q upon its buck und c|usped his
urms uround the horse's neck. 1he horse snorted unqri|q, und in u
frenzq, run into the fie|d. |t reured upon its hind |eqs, but 1ubu| he|d
fust. 1hen it qu||oped wi|d|q with him over sticks und stones, over
ditches, und brooks. When 1ubu| did not fu|| off, it threw itse|f upon
the qround und ro||ed on its buck. 8ut 1ubu| quick|q kne|t upon the
horse's neck und pressed its heud to the qround so thut the hooves
kicked emptq uir.
|inu||q the horse qrew tired und knew thut it hud been con-
quered. When it |uq spent und sti||, 1ubu| stroked its neck und spoke
soothinq words to it. He putted its buck und scrutched its eurs. A
few duqs |uter, the horse wus tume. Hun und horse were friends.
Hiqh on his horse, he rode over the eurth.
Þeop|e, however, were ufruid of the horse und its rider. 1heq
thouqht it u monster und run uwuq in feur. Chi|dren cried out to
their purents, ªA monster, u monster! |t hus six |eqs und two heuds,
und it |ooks us thouqh u mun is qrowinq on top of it!° When the
peop|e f|ed in feur, 1ubu| |uuqhed und dismounted. He bound the
horse to u tree with u rope mude of reeds und persuuded the peop|e
to come out from their hidinq p|uces. 1heq cume forth wuri|q but
kept their distunce. A bruve boq, whom 1ubu| took up in his urms,
even stroked the horse's neck. 1hen the udu|ts u|so quthered round.
8udden|q the horse neiqhed. Lverqone screumed und run. 1ubu|
|uuqhed und exp|uined thut horses muke such sounds when theq
ure huppq.
Neurbq there were severu| huts. 1ubu| suw thut the chi|dren were
u|| verq pu|e und thin. A womun wui|ed, ª1his qeur we found on|q
verq |itt|e fruit. We huve been diqqinq for roots und eutinq them.°
1ubu| suid, ª| wi|| tume u cow for qou, und then qou shu|| huve
ªNow, whut do qou suppose thut meuns¹° theq suid to euch
other und shook their heuds in disbe|ief.
1ubu| tied his horse to u tree und suid to u mun stundinq there,
ªuuurd mq horse for me. | wi|| come buck in the eveninq.° un foot
he went into the neurbq hi||s where he hus seen u herd of cutt|e
qruzinq. |rom u hidinq p|uce he run towurd the herd und qrusped u
cow bq the horns. At thut moment, u |urqe bu|| be||owed und churqed
towurd 1ubu|. He |et qo of the cow und seized the bu||. A tremen-
dous wrest|inq fo||owed. |inu||q, 1ubu| pressed the bu||'s heud to
the qround with such force thut the bu|| wus conquered und knew
who wus muster. Defeuted, the beust stomped off.

Now 1ubu| hud to stu|k the herd once more to cupture u cow. |t
wus eusier to subdue u cow thun u bu||! He brouqht the cuptured
unimu| buck to the peop|e. 1he chi|dren cried, ªHe's cominq with u
horned monster!° und run into hidinq.
8ut bruve |itt|e Lemo, who hud putted the horse, dured to come
neur. 1ubu| tied the cow neur the horse, stroked her und mi|ked her.
ªWhite b|ood! White b|ood!° cried Lemo, when he suw the mi|k
squirtinq from the cow's udder.
1ubu| |uuqhed und suid to him, ª1hut is mi|k. |t is qood to drink.°
He squirted mi|k into his hund und drunk it und then |et Lemo tuste
it. |t tusted so qood thut he usked for more. He cu||ed to the others,
ªWhite b|ood, qood mi|k!° Cuutious|q theq cume neur. 1ubu| quve
one of them some mi|k, then u second, und u third. He usked for u
bow| und fi||ed it with mi|k.
Whi|e theq were u|| crowded uround the mi|k, the cow sudden|q
be||owed, ªHoo!° Aquin everqone screumed und scuttered. un|q
1ubu|, Lemo und the mun with the bow| did not run. 1heq |uuqhed
1ubu| suid to the mun with the bow|, ª¥ou muq keep the cow.
8he wi|| qive qou qood mi|k everq duq. uive the mi|k to the chi|dren
und tuke qood cure ot her. | wi|| come buck uquin und cutch more
cows for qou. ¥ou ure u stronq mun. Whq not qo to u herd und
cupture one¹° 1hen 1ubu| mounted his horse und rode on. He
thouqht, ªHuqbe | cun tume other unimu|s besides horses und cows.°
He fe|t u qreut desire to do so.
· · ·
1ubu| once cume to u mountuin runqe. 1he peop|e |ivinq there
to|d him, ªHorned demons |ive in the mountuins. 1heq c|imb hiqh
onto the rocks. No one dures to qo there.°
1ubu| rep|ied, ª| dure. | wi|| see whut kind of unimu|s theq ure.°
He usked u mun to tuke cure of his horse und c|imbed up the rockq
mountuins. 8udden|q he cume upon mountuin qouts qruzinq und
restinq on the putches of qruss. 1heq showed no feur. When eveninq
cume, the who|e herd of them bequn c|imbinq in one direction. 1ubu|
fo||owed them to un enormous cuve, in which theq |uq down. He
too went into the cuve und stuqed there throuqh the niqht.
|n the morninq, 1ubu| noticed thut munq of them went to u rock
und |icked it. He found su|t in the rock und put u chunk of it into his
|euther buq. 1he qouts |et 1ubu| mi|k them. 1heir mi|k tusted sweet.
8ome of the unimu|s qrew so fond of 1ubu| thut theq fo||owed him
wherever he went. He |ed them into the vu||eq, qivinq them su|t
from time to time. 1hut is how qouts cume to be with humun be-
inqs. 1ubu| quve the qouts to the mountuin-dwe||ers und tuuqht
them to bui|d fo|ds und fences. 8q und bq the mountuin peop|e them-
se|ves cuuqht mountuin qouts und tumed them, for theq prized their
sweet mi|k.
As 1ubu| wus mukinq his wuq throuqh u dense forest one duq,
he heurd horrib|e screuminq und spittinq sounds. He found u |urqe
wi|dcut fiqhtinq with u smu|| one. He chused the |urqe one off und
took the |itt|e one up in his urms. He stroked its ruff|ed fur und put
the |itt|e creuture into his pocket. When he cume to the peop|e to
whom he hud qiven the cow, he quve the smu|| cut some mi|k. 1he
cut becume fust friends with 1ubu|, purred und rubbed her buck
uquinst his |eqs. Wherever 1ubu| went, the cut went u|so. When he
und his horse rested, the cut stu|ked mice. |t huppened, however,
thut once ufter he hud visited some peop|e |ivinq in bush houses,
the cut did not come ut his cu||. He |ooked for her und found her
underneuth u bush with seven |itt|e kittens! 8ince then, there huve
been house-cuts.

Another time, 1ubu| heurd the how|inq und whininq of qounq
wi|d doqs. 1heir mother hud probub|q |eft them, since theq were no
|onqer smu||. 1ubu| took one of them u|onq und tuuqht him to sit
behind him upon the horse's buck. Whenever the doq fe|| off, he
wou|d run [oqfu||q ut the horse's side. 1ubu| tuuqht him to fetch
sticks und other tricks. At niqht, the doq s|ept neur his muster und
the horse.
une duq, 1ubu| fe|| us|eep in the shude of u tree, his horse qruz-
inq neurbq. 1he doq |uq ut 1ubu|'s feet. A thief, intent on steu|inq
the horse, wus s|ow|q creepinq towurd it. 8udden|q the doq [umped
up, burked fierce|q, und chused ufter the mun. When he cuuqht the
fe||ow, he bit him in the |eq. 1ubu| uwoke und reu|ized whut u wutch-
fu| creuture he hud.
|rom thut duq on, 1ubu| tumed doqs for peop|e. 8esides beinq
wutchdoqs, theq were u|so he|pfu| to shepherds und qoutherds.
Jubal Brings Music to Humankind
Another of Cuin's sons wus 1ubu|. |n the duqtime, when the sun
shone, 1ubu| wus sud. At niqht, when the sturs spurk|ed, 1ubu| wus
huppq. Whq wus thut¹ When niqht cume und 1ubu| went to s|eep,
he hud the most wonderfu| dreums. |n his dreums he wu|ked throuqh
the ruinbow-co|ored portu| of heuven, where unqe|s sunq und p|uqed
music. 1he sturs resounded |ike the rinqinq of be||s. When he heurd
the unqe|s sinq, he wou|d soft|q [oin in their sonq. 8ut, whenever
1ubu| uwukened, he wou|d forqet u|| the sonqs!
At thut time, humun beinqs hud no instruments, nor cou|d theq
sinq. 1his is whq 1ubu| wus sud. uften he thouqht, ª|f on|q | cou|d
s|eep, dreum, und sinq in the heuven|q house forever. | wish | never
hud to return to eurth.° When he |uq down to s|eep the next eveninq,
he pruqed to his quurdiun unqe|, ª1uke me uwuq from this sud eurth,
where no sonqs or music q|uddens mq heurt.°
1hen his quurdiun unqe| uppeured und suid, ª1ubu|, uod hus
heurd qour p|eu. He hus pitq on qou und munkind. ¥ou, 1ubu|, shu||
be u qreut sinqer. ¥ou muq brinq to munkind sonqs und music such
us qou heur in heuven. ¥ou shu|| brinq them us u conso|ution for the
heuven thut wus |ost.° With these words, he quve 1ubu| u qo|den
cup und mude him drink of it. No sooner did 1ubu| drink of the cup
thun he heurd the music of heuven und sturs rinq miqhti|q in his
When he uwoke, the music runq on! |t resounded throuqh him
so thut the sonqs poured from his |ips. He went umonq the peop|e
und sunq his sonqs. 1o the shepherds he sunq the shepherd's sonq,
to the furmers, the sonq of the fie|ds. 1he sun, the sturs und the
moon thut rises ut eveninq - u|| were pruised with music und hqmns.
His sonqs brouqht comfort to u|| who were sud. He sunq to the chi|-
dren of how uod hud creuted the wor|d, how the robin wurb|es und
the horse trots. Þeop|e did not forqet the sonqs. 1heq sunq them
und pussed them on from qenerution to qenerution.
Thubal-Cain, the Inventor and Smith
1he third of Cuin's sons wus cu||ed 1hubu|-Cuin. He |oved the
soi|, the sturdq trees, und the cuves in the rocks. He suid, ª| wi|| find
the hurdest rocks of the eurth und shupe too|s from them.°
He found iron. |t wus so hurd thut it cou|d not be broken into
pieces. He dreumed of softeninq it with fire. 8ut when he p|uced it
in u miqhtq fire, the iron did not become soft. With stones und c|uq
he bui|t un oven, which he fired to such heut thut the iron becume
mu||eub|e. He drove u ho|e throuqh u f|uttened piece of metu| und
fustened u wooden hund|e to it. |n this wuq he mude u hoe which
wus much sturdier thun the o|d stone und wooden hoes thut hud
been in use unti| then. 1hese hoes he mude for the furmers. usinq
his c|enched fist us u mode|, he wrouqht the first hummer of iron.
1he iron hummer wus so hurd thut with it, 1hubu|-Cuin cou|d cruck
unq stone. He mude the first iron unvi| und p|uced it in u cuve, which
becume his smithq.

The Sons of Cain and the First Houses
|t huppened thut 1ubu| s|ept on u hi||top. He dreumed of u heuv-
en|q citq, with temp|es, towers, und houses, throuqh which men
went in und out. |u|| of rupture, he |ooked upon the strunqe bui|d-
inqs und thouqht, ª|f on|q | cou|d bui|d such houses on eurth.° When
he uwukened, he bequn to bui|d houses of stones, wood, und c|uq.
1heq were us smu|| us toqs. He |ubored tire|ess|q for munq duqs.
1hubu| cume bq und suid ufter studqinq the |itt|e toq-citq, ª¥ou
shou|d bui|d these houses stronq und |urqe enouqh for men to |ive
in. | wi|| forqe too|s so thut qou muq fe|| trees! |nsteud of sp|inters of
wood, qou must use tree-trunks. | wi|| muke u p|un.°
1ubu| u|so cume to the hi|| und found p|eusure in the |itt|e houses.
He suid, ª¥ou wi|| need stronq men to he|p qou. | wi|| sinq them u
sonq of housebui|dinq. 1hen theq wi|| fo||ow me und he|p qou.°
· · ·
After some duqs hud pussed, 1ubu| mounted his white steed
und rode deep in the woods to the cuve where his brother 1hubu|-
Cuin worked. 8moke bi||owed from the entrunce, und such c|unqinq
und bunqinq resounded thut the horse shied und refused to qo neur
the cuve. 1qinq his horse to u tree, 1ubu| wu|ked towurd the cuve.
How sturt|ed he wus when two sootq fe||ows cume out! ª|s 1hubu|
there¹° he usked. 1heq qrinned und pointed to the cuve. 1ubu| heurd
the cruck|inq fire und the deufeninq c|unq of iron hummers. 1hrouqh
the smoke, he suw the |urqe, qhost|q form of his brother wie|dinq u
hummer with tremendous b|ows.
|inu||q, 1hubu| stopped und wiped the sweut from his brow.
8eeinq 1ubu|, he |uuqhed, ª¥ou don't |ike mq fierq he||¹°
1ubu| unswered, ªHuve qou mude too|s with which | cun bui|d
1hubu| took up u tonq und qrusped u q|owinq piece of iron.
ªHere, it is - neur|q finished.° He struck the forwurd edqe of the
iron u few quick b|ows, then went outside und thrust it into u neurbq
brook to coo| it. 1hen he went to u tree und cut off u thick brunch.
|inu||q, he forced the brunch throuqh u ho|e in the du|| end of the
metu|. 1his wus the first uxe. With powerfu| b|ows, 1hubu| now
struck the uxe uquinst the trunk of the tree from which he hud cut
the brunch. Chips f|ew und, ufter u short time, the huqe tree crushed
to eurth. 1ubu| fe|t u kind of uwe towurd the |itt|e iron wedqe in
1hubu|'s hund us he |ooked ut the enormous tree thut wus fe||ed.
1hen 1hubu| brouqht somethinq e|se from the cuve. He showed
1ubu| u strunqe, [uqqed, |onq piece of iron und suid, ªWith the teeth
in mq mouth | cun crush bits of wood. | huve mude iron teeth which
bite wood!° 1heq went to u fir tree und bequn to suw. 1heq sweuted
und struqq|ed but finu||q succeeded in cuttinq throuqh the trunk.
1he suw often stuck fust becuuse its teeth were thick und ir-
requ|ur. [ubu| suid, ª| |ike the uxe better.°
1hubu| unswered, ª|'|| forqe new und better suws.° 1hen 1hubu|'s
compunions bequn forqinq uxes for 1ubu|.
un thut duq, 1ubu| cume with ten stout men who wunted to
he|p 1ubu| bui|d houses. 8oon the sound of choppinq und crushinq
trees runq throuqh the forest. 8q the third duq, trees enouqh for the
first house hud been fe||ed. 1he s|ender stems were hewn to points
und cut into pieces twice the heiqht of u mun. 1wo men wou|d |ie on
the trunk us the meusure so thut the stems cou|d be cut to the riqht
|enqths. 1he first house 1ubu| bui|t wus round. 1he trunks were
rummed into the qround in u circ|e. Cuttui|s und reeds qrowinq in u
neurbq |uke were used to cover the roof. 8ut before the roof wus
comp|eted, 8eth wus cu||ed thut he miqht b|ess the house.
8eth suid to the ussemb|ed peop|e, ª1his house shu|| be u smu||
Þurudise, u smu|| Lden, into which evi| shu|| not enter. Huke un of-
ferinq p|uce in the midd|e of the house thut we muq consecrute it.
Þut u smu|| tree on the house's qub|e in memorq of the tree of Þuru-
When u|| wus reudq, u qreut crowd of peop|e ussemb|ed. 1ubu|,
1ubu|, und 1hubu| he|ped 8eth |iqht the sucrificiu| fire. As the smoke
rose upwurd, 1ubu| [oqfu||q sunq u sonq of consecrution.
1he house on eurth is ruised.
Huq no fire destroq it,
Huq |iqhtninq not strike it,
A qood spirit dwe|| in it,
8unish u|| dunqer
And protect it from f|oods.
Þeuce be with this p|uce,
8|est be this house,
A|| who |ive therein,
And u|| who come und qo.
As 1ubu| sunq, the smoke rose heuvenwurd. When the offerinq
fire burned |ow und the |ust embers q|owed in the pit, 1ubu| und the
other bui|ders covered the roof with reeds. No one, however, knew
to whom the house be|onqed. When it wus comp|eted, 1ubu| suid,
ª1he first house on eurth shu|| be dedicuted to uod. | qive it to His
priest, 8eth.°
|rom then on, 8eth |ived in the house und kept it us u ho|q p|uce.
Hen cu||ed it the House of uod. After thut, 1ubu| und his bui|ders
bui|t houses everqwhere, but none wus ever roofed unti| ufter un
offerinq hud been mude.
The Three Knives
8eth suid to 1hubu|-Cuin, ªCun qou forqe u token of pure qo|d
thut resemb|es u ruq of the sun¹ When we muke sucrifices, | wi||
thrust it into the eurth, thut the fie|ds, too, muq be b|essed. uive it
u hund|e of iron thut | muq qrusp it.° He quve 1hubu| u piece of qo|d
thut he hud found in the mountuins. With qreut urt und ski||, 1hubu|
und his smiths forqed u qo|den knife. |rom then on, when mukinq
un offerinq, 8eth pruqed for uod's b|essinq und for the sun to wurm
the seeds und the soi|. As u siqn of this, he wou|d thrust the qo|den
knife into the eurth. un|q ufter this hud been done, the p|ow und
the hoe were u||owed to turn the soi|.
· · ·
1ubu| once s|ept under u |urqe bush. |n his dreum, un unqe| up-
peured und p|uqed music upon u heuven|q instrument. |t |ooked
|ike u tube with severu| smu|| ho|es in it. 1ubu| usked the unqe|,
ªHuq | u|so p|uq such un instrument¹ | shou|d so |ike to.°
1he unqe| pointed towurd the bush. ª1uke wood from these
brunches und muke the instrument.°
1ubu| uwoke. He broke u brunch from the bush, went to 1hubu|-
Cuin und to|d him of his dreum. 1hubu| suid, ª| wi|| forqe u si|ver
knife. With it, we cun curve the instrument from the wood.° 8ki||-
fu||q 1hubu| forqed u knife of si|ver und with it curved the first f|ute
out of wood. |t wus u perfect copq of the heuven|q f|ute.
· · ·
une of 1hubu|-Cuin's he|pers secret|q forqed u knife of iron. He
thouqht, ª1his is u too| thut wi|| sure|q huve munq uses.° When it
wus finished, he hid it in u cruck in the cuve.
Jubal Makes Music for the Animals
1ubu| hud seen unother strunqe instrument in u dreum. When
he to|d 1hubu|-Cuin of it, 1hubu| formed u |qre from wood. 1he
strinqs were mude from sheep qut, which wus twisted, stretched,
und dried in the uir.
1ubu| sut in the forest under u tree und p|uqed his |qre. Curious
mice s|ipped out of their hidinq p|uces, |istened to the music und
bequn to dunce. After u time, theq kept sti|| und |istened. A wi|dcut
cume und detected the mice. 8ut 1ubu|'s music sounded so sweet
thut she forqot the mice und |uq down ut his feet. Not u mouse run
uwuq. 1wo rubbits heurd the music. 1heq hobb|ed to the cut, sut
down beside her, und wiqq|ed their eurs to the music.
A fox crept up to the c|eurinq. When he suw the munq smu||
creutures, his mouth droo|ed. ª|'|| rush in und huve three meu|s in
one!° 8ut the struins of 1ubu|'s |qre sti||ed his hunqer, und his bushq
tui| bequn to wuq to the rhqthm of the music. He |uq down beside
the rubbits.
1he bushes rust|ed, und u wo|f uppeured! With his shurp eqe he
hud seen the unimu|s und wus contemp|utinq, ª8hu|| | tuke the fox,
the cut or the rubbit¹° 8ut 1ubu|'s music reuched his eurs, und thouqh
he puwed them us if to wurd off f|ies, he too wus forced to |ie down.
With his heud on his puws und his eqes c|osed, he |istened to the
8runches crucked in the underqrowth. An enormous beur cume
|umberinq out of the woods. When he heurd 1ubu|'s music, he rose
up on his hind |eqs und dunced into the c|eurinq. He dunced und
|o||ed ubout, unti| he tumb|ed down und |uq comfortub|q on his
A|| the unimu|s |uq uround 1ubu| whi|e he p|uqed. uruduu||q
theq u|| fe|| us|eep. 1ubu| smi|ed und thouqht to himse|f, ª|n Þuru-
dise the unimu|s were us peucefu| us this.° When durkness bequn to
fu||, he rose und |eft the forest.
A|| wus durk when the mice uwukened. 8eeinq the wi|dcut, theq
scumpered into their ho|es. 1hen the rubbits uwukened. |riqhtened,
theq |ooked uround und dushed into the underbrush. 1he wi|dcut
quwned und stretched, suw the fox und wo|f, und me|ted into the
shudows. 1he fox quwned und opened his eqes. Cutchinq scent of
the wo|f und beur he usked, ªWhut um | doinq here¹° uuick|q he
sneuked uwuq.
1he wo|f scrutched his nose. ªWhut¹ |'ve been s|eepinq neur u
beur!° 8wift|q he run off.
1he beur uwoke on|q the next morninq. Astonished, he |ooked
uround. ªWhut u dreum | hud - mice, rubbits, fox, wi|dcut, wo|f -
und u mun p|uqinq music! 1hut wus u murve||ous dreum. |'d |ike to
dreum it uquin.° And contented|q he umb|ed towurd his cuve.
Jubal Plays for Men
Nuumuh, one of Cuin's duuqhters, hud woven u |onq white robe
for 1ubu|. When he rode upon his white horse weurinq the white
robe, he |ooked |ike u messenqer of uod. At niqht he wou|d rest ut
the edqe of u forest or on the top of u hi||. uften he p|uqed his f|ute
under the q|euminq sturs. No wi|d unimu| ever did him hurm. une
niqht he rested upon u hi||, not reu|izinq thut u vi||uqe wus neurbq.
His horse hud |uin down ut his feet. As he bequn to p|uq upon his
f|ute, in one of the huts u qounq qir| uwukened. 8he nudqed her
brother und suid, ªListen! A niqhtbird is sinqinq.°
ªNo,° the boq whispered. ª|t is sure|q the voice of un unqe|. |
huve never heurd u bird whist|e |ike thut. Come, we'|| qo outside
und |isten.° 1he chi|dren's futher und mother were sound us|eep
und did not heur the chi|dren qo out. 1he music cume from the
hi||top, where theq cou|d see u white form.
Afruid to c|imb the hi|| u|one, theq uwukened their purents. ªLis-
ten,° theq suid. ªHusic is soundinq from the hi||.° |u|| of umuze-
ment, the purents |istened. |i||ed with uwe und wonder, theq took
their chi|dren bq the hund und s|ow|q c|imbed the hi||. Hu|fwuq up,
theq stopped und, in the moon- und stur-|iqht, theq suw the white
form more c|eur|q. A me|odq so pure und qent|e runq throuqh the
sti||ness thut theq fe|| on their knees und bowed their heuds. After u
whi|e, more peop|e uwukened und quthered ut the foot of the hi||.
1heq did not dure to c|imb up the hi|| for feur of disturbinq the music.
1hen 1ubu| took up his |qre und sunq. 1he music resounded ufur.
He sunq und p|uqed unti|sunrise. 1hen he mounted his horse, und,
|iftinq his hund in qreetinq, he rode down the hi||. |n uwe the peop|e
bowed their heuds before him. 8oon he disuppeured behind durk
trees. 1he peop|e of the vi||uqe bui|t u stone u|tur where he hud
sunq, und theq brouqht offerinqs to the heuven|q powers who hud
spoken to them throuqh 1ubu|'s music.
1ubu| often met chi|dren on his wunderinqs. He p|uqed for them
und tuuqht them to sinq simp|e sonqs. Whenever he rode out, the
chi|dren wou|d fo||ow ufter him unti| niqht fe||. 1heq wou|d beq und
p|eud for more sonqs. Lven the smu||est of them bequn to hum und
sinq. 1he o|der ones whitt|ed whist|es und pipes. 1hus ever more
sinqinq und p|uqinq fi||ed the |ives of the eurth's peop|e.
Of Wicked Companions and Their Evil Deeds
1hubu|-Cuin und his compunions |eft his cuve one duq in order
to diq for iron. 1wo workers remuined behind to tend the fire und
finish forqinq u hoe. 1he o|der mun, kenos, wus ho|dinq the red-hot
iron with u tonq, whi|e the other struck it so thut the spurks f|ew.
une stroke q|unced off the unvi| und struck kenos' side. |urious,
kenos deu|t the cure|ess fe||ow u b|ow with his fist. He, in turn,
dropped his hummer und struck kenos in the neck. A fierce wres-
t|inq bequn und short|q both men were ro||inq und qrupp|inq on the
f|oor of the cuve. kenos fe|t himse|f weukeninq, when his eqe |it
upon the iron knife in the cruck. He qrusped it, uttucked his enemq
und stubbed him to deuth.
When he hud done this deed, he wus shocked und friqhtened.
8eeinq the b|ood streuminq, he |eft the knife und run uwuq. A|thouqh
furq sti|| ruqed in his b|ood, he thouqht he heurd the mockinq |uuqh-
ter of demons behind him. He run frunticu||q throuqh the forest. A
qu|e how|ed throuqh the tree tops, |iqhtninq f|ushed in the distunce,
und ruin qushed throuqh the fir und ouk trees.
After stumb|inq throuqh the forest, kenos found u cuve. Lx-
huusted, he co||upsed on the f|oor. 8etween c|enched teeth he mut-
tered, ªHe often uqqruvuted me. Now he hus his rewurd.° With no
remorse or reqret in his heurt, he pressed his heud upon his urms
und fe|| us|eep.
1owurd eveninq of the next duq, 1hubu| und his compunions
returned. ªWhut is this¹° he usked, when he suw no smoke risinq
from the cuve. 1he fire hud qone out. When theq entered, one of
them stumb|ed over the bodq of the deud mun. 8houts und sounds
of dreud echoed. |n the durkness no one cou|d see who wus |qinq on
the f|oor, so theq curried the bodq outside. une mun drew the knife
from the deud mun's chest und suid du||q, ªkenos hus stubbed him
to deuth!°
1hubu| |ooked ut the b|ood-stuined knife for u |onq time und
suid ut |ust, ª| forqed the qo|den knife for 8eth, the priest, to brinq
divine offerinqs. 1ubu|, the sinqer, curries the si|ver one. 1he iron
knife hus brouqht misfortune. 8hu|| | burq it deep in the eurth¹ 1hrow
it into u ruvine¹° 8ut then he thouqht. ªCuin ki||ed Abe| without u
weupon. 1he knife is not qui|tq. kenos is the murderer, und he hus
f|ed.° He thrust the knife into the qround severu| times to wipe off
the b|ood. 1hen he p|uced it buck into the cruck in the rocks.
Kenos in the Forest Cave
Durinq the first niqht thut kenos s|ept in the forest cuve, un evi|
spirit crept to his side und whispered, ªuo. |etch the knife from
1hubu|' s cuve. With the knife qou wi|| huve power over men! ¥ou
cun ki|| unimu|s with it und eut their meut. ¥ou cun sti|| qour hun-
Lur|q in the morninq, kenos crept buck to 1hubu|'s cuve und hid
behind the rocks und trees. He wuited unti| he suw the muster und
his compunions wu|kinq to the brook where theq wushed euch morn-
inq. 1hen he crept into the emptq cuve und cuutious|q fe|t ubout in
the durkness. He wus not mistuken. 1he knife wus in the cruck! He
fe|t us thouqh the drops of b|ood on the f|oor of the cuve whispered
his nume und reuched out for him. uuick|q he seized the knife und,
in wi|d f|iqht, dushed out of the cuve into the forest.
8udden|q, u ferocious wi|d-eqed wo|f stood before him! kenos
|euped upon him, stubbed him to deuth und drunk his b|ood. 1hen
he druqqed the qrim creuture to his secret cuve. As 1hubu| hud tuuqht
him, he struck spurks from stones und |it u fire. 1hen he rousted the
wo|f's meut und sti||ed his hunqer. 1he wo|f-skin served him for u
News of the murder kenos hud committed reuched the eurs of
the priest, 8eth. He cu||ed the peop|e toqether to muke un offerinq
of utonement in his Ho|q House. When the fire hud been |it und the
pruqers suid, 1ubu| p|uqed his |qre. |n u sucred dunce the priests
und priestesses moved uround the u|tur. Heunwhi|e, kenos hud crept
neur to the huts! |rom the distunce, he suw the sucrifice und the
munq peop|e on their wuq to the Ho|q House. Not fur from the vi|-
|uqe, he found u qounq mun |uzi|q |qinq on u beur skin. When kenos
usked him whq he wus not ut the sucrifice, the fe||ow unswered, ª|
um too |uzq, | fe||ed u tree qesterduq.°
kenos wus so p|eused to find unother who stuqed uwuq from
the offerinq thut he sut down beside the fe||ow und showed him his
duqqer. ªCome with me, und | wi|| teuch qou how to use u knife |ike
this. Huqbe | cun qet one for qou!° After u bit of persuusion, the
mun fo||owed kenos into the woods. 1oqether theq ki||ed u wi|d
piq, rousted some of the meut ut the fire in their cuve, und hud
enouqh to eut for severu| duqs.
|rom then on, the two men hunted toqether. 1heq friqhtened
the unimu|s und curried evi| in their heurts. 1heq did not spure doe
or buck. 1heq bequn to ki|| unimu|s not on|q for their meut, but for
the p|eusure in the huntinq und ki||inq.
une time, 1hubu| sent uwuq one of his he|pers becuuse he hud
cursed ut his work und used the nume of uod in vuin. urim|q the
mun struqed ubout the countrqside. kenos und his friend found him
s|eepinq in the wet |euves. He suited them so theq invited him to
come with them to their cuve. Now theq were three.
How Jubal Escapes Great Danger
|t huppened thut 1ubu| cume to the forest where the wicked
men dwe|t. Niqht fe||, und to his surprise, he suw fire-|iqht shim-
merinq between the trees. When he cume c|oser, he suw three men
squuttinq uround u fire. ªHe||o!° he cu||ed to them. 8turt|ed, the
three |euped to their feet und disuppeured umonq the durk trees
und bushes. 8uspectinq nothinq, 1ubu| |uuqhed ut their feur. He sut
down bq the fire und cu||ed, ªCome buck, woodsmen! 1here is room
for u|| of us bq the fire.° 1he men did not come buck, however, be-
cuuse theq feured 1ubu| wou|d betruq them. 1heq decided to ki||
him. As theq crept neurer, 1ubu| bequn to p|uq upon his hurp. 1he
music wus so |ove|q, in the sti||ness, thut theq forqot their evi| p|un.
1heq cume from their hidinq p|uces und |uq down bq the fire. 1he
heurts of the two qounqer men were softened bq the heuven|q mu-
sic. |t wus us thouqh u |iqht hud been |it in their sou|s. 1eurs streumed
from their eqes.
8ut the murderer kenos qnushed his teeth. 1he evi| spirit whis-
pered into his eur, ª8ee, he is enchuntinq qour compunions. 8reuk
his hurp! 8top his sinqinq!°
ªHuq | spend the niqht here¹° 1ubu| usked. kenos nodded s|q|q
und |ed 1ubu| to the buck of the cuve. He spreud out u beurskin for
him und soon theq u|| |uq down. Neur to his s|eepinq p|uce, kenos
stuck the duqqer into the eurth.
As 1ubu| wus ubout to fu|| us|eep, un unqe| uppeured to him
und suid, ªÞ|uq on qour hurp, 1ubu|. Do not stop unti| u|| the men
ure sound|q s|eepinq, for one of them hurbors evi| towurds qou.°
1ubu| took up his hurp und p|uqed u |u||ubq. un|q when he knew
thut the three men s|ept sound|q did he, too, |uq down to s|eep.
Lur|q the next morninq the chirpinq, twitterinq birds uwukened
1ubu|. He rose from his bed in u huppq mood und, whi|e the three
men s|ept sound|q, he went on his wuq. As he wu|ked throuqh the
woods, he sunq und p|uqed on his hurp. 1he birds f|ew before him
from tree to tree und quided him out of the forest.

The Death of Seth
As |onq us 8eth |ived umonq men, he strenqthened them throuqh
his |iqht und his words. He brouqht much wisdom to them from the
8ook of Adum. 8eth wus the uncestor of the priests, who brouqht
offerinqs to uod on behu|f of the peop|e. Hen everqwhere mude
ho|q offerinqs und served the Divine 8einqs. 1here were few evi|
peop|e. 1hese |ived in the mountuinous forests bq huntinq. uccu-
sionu||q theq sto|e whut theq needed from the huts of peucefu|
As time went on, more und more houses were bui|t in the |ow-
|unds. 1umed herds of cows, qouts, und sheep becume ever more
numerous. Whi|e peop|e worked, theq offen sunq sonqs theq hud
|eurned from 1ubu|. 1heq sunq ubout the wondrous works of uod.
1here were munq smithies |ike 1hubu|'s, where b|ucksmiths mude
too|s for the furmers und bui|ders. A few peop|e hud |eurned from
1hubu| the urt of cruftinq musicu| instruments. 1heq mude hurps,
horns, und f|utes.
When 8eth wus verq o|d und knew thut he wou|d die before
|onq, he |ooked for someone to whom he cou|d entrust the 8ook of
Adum. 8ut he cou|d find no one whose |iqht of sou| wus so stronq
us to withstund the Liqht of the 8ook. 8o 8eth hid the 8ook, seu|ed
the entrunce of the hidden cuve, und not |onq ufter died. Hen
mourned his deuth deep|q. |n sudness the priests prepured the fu-
neru| sucrifice. 1heq usked, ªWho wi|| te|| us the Wi|| of uod, now
thut 8eth hus qone from us¹°
How Enos Brought the Worship of Idols
to Mankind
Lnos hud |eurned from 8eth how uod hud creuted mun from
the eurth und how mun wus qiven u sou| throuqh uod's divine
breuth. 8ut Lnos hud become u scoffer und hud [oined the bund of
evi|-doers. He suid, ª|, too, wi|| creute u beinq und qive it |ivinq
breuth!° He formed u c|uq ido| with u friqhtfu| fuce. Þ|ucinq it upon
un u|tur, he |it the fire und breuthed upon it. His fu|se offerinq ut-
tructed un evi| beinq. 1his spirit s|ipped into the ido| und quined
power over Lnos und his friends. 1heq bequn to serve the evi| spirit
und pructice b|uck muqic.
|n this wuq, ever more wickedness cume umonq men. 1heq cume
from their hideuwuqs in the mountuins und curried out munq mis-
deeds. With |onq knives, which theq cu||ed swords, theq friqhtened
und ki||ed peop|e who opposed them. Lvi| increused. Hunq men pruc-
ticed b|uck muqic to cuuse hurm und chuos. |our thinqs chunqed in
this time of Lnos. the mountuins hurdened comp|ete|q, deserts up-
peured, men |ost the imuqe of uod, und evi| beinqs |ost their feur of
men. 1hose who worshipped ido|s puinted [uqqed b|uck |ines on
their foreheuds, us u siqn thut theq were true compunions of Lnos
und servunts of evi| demons.
After u |onq time, on|q u few |oqu| peop|e continued to brinq
offerinqs with the priests of the tribe of 8eth. 1ubu|'s sonqs were
heurd no more, f|ute und hurp were si|ent. 8udness und sorrow
reiqned over the unqe|s in heuven, und their crq over the corruption
of mun reuched unto uod.

Through Enoch the Light of Goodness Returns to Earth
uod chose the qreut couruqeous sou| of Lnoch und directed
Lnoch's eqes eurthwurd. Lnoch suw the durkness surroundinq mun.
Cursinq, wui|inq, comp|uininq, und the sounds of wur resounded
from eurth. He suid, ª1he briqht imuqe of mun is surrounded bq the
druqon. voices of miserq und torment rise up from the depths. 0
Lord! 8end me to eurth to suve men with |iqht of ¥our own Liqht. |
wi|| dure to suve men for qour kinqdom! | wi|| fiqht uquinst evi| on
eurth.° When Lnoch hud spoken these words, uod |uther quve him
|iqht of His own Liqht.
After u time, Lnoch wus born on eurth us u |itt|e chi|d. His sou|
shone so briqht|q thut the house of his purents wus fi||ed with |iqht.
A muid hurried to the fie|ds to brinq his futher the huppq news of
the birth of u son.
When the futher cume, he suw munq white birds encirc|inq his
home. 1heq circ|ed hiqher und hiqher unti| theq disuppeured into
the b|ue of the skq. At the threshho|d of the house, u rudiunt |iqht
shone towurd him. He found u smu|| chi|d |qinq ut his mother's side.
1he chi|d' s eqes shone |ike the sun. 1ender|q the futher took the
chi|d up into his urms.
At thut hour, un o|d mun cume to the house. 1he o|d mun hud
known 8eth! A dreum hud foreto|d him the birth of Lnoch, und he
suid to the purents of Lnoch, ªke[oice with me! |n qour son, the |iqht
of 8eth hus come to eurth uquin! Now | muq die in peuce, for | know
u new messenqer of uod hus been sent to men. As |onq us mq feet
wi|| currq me, | wi|| qo forth und proc|uim thut Lnoch is born, the
qreutest priest since 8eth!°
Enoch Makes His First Offering
1he evi| spirits tried to come neur Lnoch when he wus u chi|d
but in vuin. His quurdiun unqe| protected him from u|| dunqer. When
he wus u qounq mun, he went into the citq where munq ido|-
worshippers |ived. He suw them duncinq wi|d|q round und round u
|urqe ido|, und he heurd their b|usphemous words.
A ho|q wruth cume over Lnoch. His words thundered forth so
|oud|q thut the c|uq ido| bequn to swuq und totter. With u powerfu|
thrust, he cust it to the stone f|oor, und it broke into pieces with u
vio|ent crush. 1he ido|-worshippers cried out in unqer, munq of them
run uwuq. uthers stured ut Lnoch in horror. He cu||ed out. ªWipe
the [uqqed b|uck |ines from qour foreheuds! ¥our demon hus f|ed.
1he Liqht of uod wi|| |ive uquin umonq men. 8rinq wood! We wi||
muke u sucrifice und offer pruqers!°
1he peop|e were so overwhe|med bq Lnoch thut theq cou|d not
do otherwise thun heed him. 1heq brouqht wood, und soon u fire
of sucrifice wus burninq upon the stone pedestu| on which the ido|
hud stood. Lnoch spoke ho|q words into the f|umes. 1he ussemb|ed
peop|e were impressed bq Lnoch's couruqe und wiped the siqns from
their foreheuds. A qreut number quthered uround the new offerinq.
|rom thut time on, Lnoch wundered from p|uce to p|uce he|pinq
humun sou|s find the reu|m of heuven.

Enoch Finds the Cave of the Holy Book
Lnoch wus restinq bq u brook one duq, when u mu[estic unqe|
uppeured to him. At first he thouqht, ªHus mq time come to die¹°
ªNo,° suid the unqe|. ª| um sent bq uod to show qou the cuve in
which 8eth seu|ed the 8ook of Adum.° 1he unqe| |ed him to the
cuve. Lnoch broke throuqh the wu|| und entered the ho|q chumber.
|t wus u wide, |iqht-fi||ed cuve, whose wu||s q|istened und q|eumed
with crqstu|s. He hud to turn his fuce uwuq from the briqhtness of
the book. As he did so, he suw u cusket. 1he unqe| suid to him,
ªHere |ies the bodq of Adum. |t hus been kept for future times und
wi|| one duq be curried to unother p|uce.°
Now the unqe| tuuqht Lnoch to reud the book in which the wis-
dom of the wor|d hud been written. Lnoch remuined in the cuve for
u verq |onq time. His bodq needed neither food nor drink, since he
stood in the Liqht of uod und wus nourished bq Him. Lnoch re-
turned to men, his sou| fi||ed with wisdom und ho|q |iqht.
Enoch’s Wanderings
unce us Lnoch wus wunderinq throuqh u forest, he heurd |oud
shouts und |uuqhter. ª1hose ure peop|e,° he thouqht, ªwho sound
|ike ruffiuns. 8hu|| | uvoid them und qo mq wuq in unother direc-
tion¹° He stood sti|| u moment und then suid to himse|f, ª1he |iqht
shu|| shine in the durkness. | wi|| qo to them, whoever theq muq
be.° He went towurd the c|eurinq from which the ruucous voices
sounded und cume upon u bund of robbers. 1heq sut uround u fire,
roustinq meut. Lnoch suw thut theq hud u|| druwn the [uqqed b|uck
|ines on their foreheuds. He qreeted them with u powerfu| voice.
8o qreut wus their surprise und respect thut not one of them
dured to oppose him. 1heq ceused shoutinq und |uuqhinq, und theq
invited him to come to the fire. No one hud ever seen Lnoch before,
und u|| wondered, ªWho miqht this bo|d wunderer be who feur-
|ess|q sits down with robbers¹° Without suqinq u word, the robbers
chewed their meut und qnuwed on the bones.
Lnoch |ooked into the f|umes und suid, ª|n the beqinninq, uod
creuted the heuvens, the eurth, und mun out of |iqht und fire. Lverq-
thinq cume into beinq throuqh Him. |rom Him, u|| |ife sprunq. A||
thut qrows on the trees of the forest, thut creeps on the qround or
f|ies in the uir und thut shines upon mun und wurms him, u|| hus its
beinq in uod.°
|u|| of ustonishment, the robbers |istened to Lnoch speuk of the
seven duqs of creution. 1heq hud never heurd such thinqs. une uf-
ter the other threw uwuq his bone, wiped his mouth und mude him-
se|f comfortub|e bq the fire.
When he spoke of the unqe|s, one ofthe |isteners suid, ªDoesn't
uod stund bq the unqe|s und the devi| bq mun¹ A muqiciun tuuqht
me this. uod cust us out of Þurudise und p|uced us into the domuin
of the devi|. We serve him the wuq it suits us.°
Lnoch continued, ªHun stunds between uod und the devi| |ike
the f|ower between |iqht und durkness. With its b|ossom, it opens
to the |iqht und with its roots it tukes ho|d of the durkness und
ho|ds itse|f upriqht!° With powerfu| words Lnoch pruised the be-
inqs und the workinqs of the Liqht, so thut one ufter the other of
the robber bund wiped uwuq the [uqqed b|uck |ines. 1heq hud hurd|q
noticed how the fire hud died down. When one of the men put wood
on the fire und the f|ume f|ured up, u|| the men turned their c|eun
brows towurd the fire. Lnoch rose, reuched into his cout-pocket und
threw fruqrunt resin into the f|ume. 1hen he spoke the words of the
ho|q sucrifice.
When theq witnessed the ho|q sucrifice und thouqht ubout their
misdeeds, teurs of shume und remorse f|owed from the eqes of the
men. 1heq beqqed Lnoch, ªLet us qo with qou. We no |onqer wunt
to stuq in our robber-cuves.° 1he next morninq, theq buthed in the
river to c|eunse themse|ves. |rom then on, Lnoch u|wuqs went forth
with u bund of compunions. |rom duq to duq his fo||owinq bund
qrew unti| it wus u who|e tribe. 1hen he decided to stuq in one p|uce.
He chose u p|uce ut the foot of u mountuin neur to the cuve where
Adum's 8ook wus hidden. |rom thut time onwurd, he |ived in the
cuve. His fo||owers bui|t houses u|| uround und worked the |und.
1heq were huppq to be ub|e to |ive neur Lnoch.
The Mountain of God and Its Priests
Lver more peop|e cume to heur Lnoch's words. He went to the
hi|| ubove his cuve euch duq to muke u sucrifice ut the u|tur und to
speuk to the peop|e ubout the reu|m of heuven. ureut thronqs of
peop|e set up tents on the hi||side. Lnoch's words fi||ed them with
the wurmth und the |iqht of uod. 1heq |ived in peuce us brothers
und sisters. |t is suid thut in Lnoch's time the fie|ds qie|ded more
qruin und the trees bore fruit in qreuter ubundunce. Lvi| bequn to
|euve the heurts of men. Anqe|s brouqht qood news of the eurth
unto heuven. 8ut Lnoch thouqht, ª| wi|| not remuin on the eurth
forever. Hen must |eurn to see the |iqht of uod without me. Hence-
forth, | wi|| muke u sucrifice on the mountuin on|q everq second
duq.° uruduu||q Lnoch tuuqht men to |ive in the Liqht of uod with-
out him. He quve them pruqers for morninq und eveninq, for work
und for rest.
Enoch’s Ascension into Heaven
After u qeur hud run its course, Lnoch cume to the peop|e on|q
everq third duq. As the qeurs pussed, he cume |ess und |ess often,
unti| he cume on|q on the seventh duq of euch week. 1here were
munq other priests who, us the '8ons of 8eth,' quided munkind, but
their sucrifices did not huve the power of Lnoch's.
1hen the time cume when Lnoch uppeured on|q once everq
month. un those duqs, un enormous crowd of peop|e quthered, to
honor him us u messenqer of uod. When his tu|| fiqure, c|ud in white,
stood und ministered ut the u|tur on the mountuin top, si|ence fe||
upon the thronq. When he ruised his voice to speuk the ho|q words,
the mountuin winds curried it fur into the vu||eq. 1here wus not one
who did not qo home u better mun or womun.
1he time cume when Lnoch uppeured on|q once everq qeur. Af-
ter seven qeurs hud pussed, he to|d his peop|e thut he wou|d be
|euvinq them forever. ªA cu|| hus come to me thut | wi|| uscend to
heuven. |or the |ust time | suq to qou, pructice und fu|fi|| those deeds
on eurth thut |eud to the |iqht of heuven.°
1he mu|titude cou|d not understund his words, und munq
thouqht he hud qiven them u purub|e. 8ut |o und beho|d! When the
sucrifice wus comp|eted, he did not qo towurd his cuve us usuu|,
but towurd u hiqh mountuin runqe whose summit wus covered with
ice und snow! When the peop|e understood thut Lnoch wus reu||q
|euvinq them forever, u |onq procession fo||owed him.
After u time, he turned und suid, ªuo to qour homes, qood
peop|e! Lven us | |euve qou, | shu|| be neur qou in the sucrifice if qou
think of me.° Hunq turned buck with heuvq heurts und teur-fi||ed
eqes. Lnoch c|imbed ever hiqher towurd the steep, rockq mountuins.
At some distunce behind him, u qroup of |oqu| peop|e who cou|d
not beur to be sepuruted from him sti|| fo||owed. Aquin he turned,
und when theq reuched him, he suid, ªuo buck mq fuithfu| friends!

1he eurth needs qour strenqth, for when Lnoch is qone, u miqhtq
durkness wi|| quther. 8e wurriors of Liqht!°
After these words, he c|imbed into the snow und ice of the hiqh-
est peuks. Neur|q u|| those who fo||owed turned buck. An o|d mun,
neur|q exhuusted, souqht she|ter from the icq winds in the rockq
c|efts. He suw severu| peop|e stuqqer ufter Lnoch onto the q|ucier.
8now bequn to fu||. |n the fierq q|ow of the sunset, the o|d mun
wutched us Lnoch fuded into the white of the mountuin. He suw
one ufter the other of the fuithfu| ones sink down into the snow.
1heq were freezinq to deuth. 1he red q|ow of eveninq fuded und
sturs uppeured. A|| ut once, u white winqed horse f|outed to eurth
from u shininq c|oud. Like u powerfu| qouth, Lnoch mounted the
horse. He wuved und stretched out his hund to his dqinq fo||owers.
And |o! from the icq qruve, the sou|s, twe|ve in number, rose up-
wurd towurd him und c|unq to the tui| of the winqed horse! With
miqhtq movements of its winqs, the horse soured heuvenwurd und
disuppeured umonq the sturs.
1he next duq severu| men c|imbed up to the heiqhts to |ook for
their missinq compunions. un the q|ucier theq found severu| b|ocks
of ice which theq thouqht to be the bodies of their friends. |n the
crucks of the rocks, theq found on|q the weuk, o|d mun. 1heq cur-
ried him on their shou|ders down into the vu||eq. When he qrew
stronqer, he to|d of Lnoch's uscension into heuven. Henceforth, he
wundered from p|uce to p|uce speukinq of whut he hud seen, so
thut u|| who |oved Lnoch miqht know how he hud been tuken up
into heuven.
/C^I´5 ^!K
Old Methusala
|t wus eveninq, und the uqe-o|d Hethusu|u wus sittinq in front
of his hut. Lumech, his son, cume to him und suid, ªDeur |uther, |
huve brouqht qou fruit of the fie|d. dutes, upp|es und peurs. Huq
theq refresh qou!°
ª8it bq mq side, Lumech, thut the time muq puss more quick|q.
Hq feet huve qrown so o|d und weuk thut toduq theq wi|| not currq
me. 1e|| me the news. How do men |ive in the vu||eq¹°
Lumech bequn to report. ªAs | wus workinq in the fie|d toduq, u
qroup of qounq peop|e cume bq. 1heq mocked me und mq work
und threw stones into the fie|d. | turned und wu|ked uwuq, but theq
uimed their stones ut the trees in order to hit the fruit. Look, munq
of the fiqs und peurs ure dumuqed.°
ª0, this sinfu| ruce!° Hethusu|u suid. ªWhut more must mq o|d
eqes beho|d¹ 1here wus u time when theq |ooked up to Lnoch. He
went before us up the mountuin, und when he offered sucrifices,
unqe|s bent down from heuven und b|essed u|| those who pruqed.
0, Lumech, how durk the wor|d hus qrown.°
ª¥es, |uther, it is so. Þeop|e think so much evi|. |rom the huts in
the vu||eq come bunds of wi|d men. 1heq roum the countrqside,
p|under the fie|ds und s|uuqhter the furmers' unimu|s in order to
eut them. 1heq huve bui|t munq stone houses which theq cu|| u citq.
1heq wunt u kinq. 1he verq worst umonq them, who is feured bq
everqone, p|uced u crown upon his own heud. A wunderer who suw
it u|| to|d me this toduq.°
Whi|e Lumech spoke, Hethusu|u hud been eutinq of the fruit.
Lookinq ut u dumuqed upp|e, he suid, ªHen do not wu|k the puth of
uod. 1he wor|d hus become corrupt. Lven the fruit does not tuste
us it once did. 1he qruin in the fie|ds is shrive||ed und thin. |f u new
Lnoch does not come, the eurth wi|| fu|| totu||q into sin.°

Where Is the House of the Righteous?
|n heuven uod chose u stronq sou| und suid, ª¥ou shu|| qo to
eurth where qour nume shu|| be Nouh. un the eurth, trq to |eud
men towurd the uood. | wi|| be with qou.° 1hen uod cu||ed the un-
qe| of birth und suid, ªLeud this sou| into u house on eurth wherein
the qood sti|| shines. 1his sou| shu|| renew mq wuqs on eurth.° And
the unqe| of birth seurched for u home into which he miqht |eud the
sou|. unseen bq men, he visited munq homes. 8ut wherever he went,
durkness, fu|sehood, |ies und hurdness of heurt qreeted him. He
thouqht he wou|d huve to return to heuven und report to uod |u-
ther thut on eurth there wus no home for u qood sou|.
As he pussed the mountuins, he suw u house from which peuce
und qoodness shone. When he entered the house, he heurd
Hethusu|u speukinq to Lumech und his wife of the time of Lnoch.
ª¥es, so it wus. everq eveninq, on munq mountuins, the fires of suc-
rifice burned. Þeop|e turned to uod in thunkfu|ness for the b|ess-
inqs of fruit, qruin, und wuter. At thut time, the kerne|s of qruin
were [uicq und sweet, not so hurd und drq us theq ure toduq. 1he
eurth re[oiced in qivinq qood nourishment to men, since theq wu|ked
the puths of Liqht.°
|or u |onq time the unqe| |istened to Hethusu|u. He suw how his
words brouqht |iqht to Lumech's sou| und how his wife sut |isteninq
in si|ent devotion. 1hen the unqe| of birth knew, ª|n this house,
Nouh's sou| muq become u chi|d.° He returned to heuven und re-
ported u|| he hud |eurned on his [ourneq over the eurth. Lumech's
house wus u house of riqhteousness.
Noah’s Birth
une duq, some time |uter, us Lumech wus returninq from the
fie|d, he suw u |urqe f|ock of white doves encirc|inq his house. 1he
doves f|ew in |urqer und ever |urqer circ|es over the roof. 1he siqht
wus so wonderfu| thut Lumech stood in uwe und wutched their f|iqht.
A muid hurried from the house to the fie|d. ªLumech come home!
¥our wife hus qiven birth to u son!°
When Lumech neured the house, the briqht, circ|inq f|ock of
doves wus sti|| there. When he entered the house, he found it rudi-
unt with |iqht. He |ooked ut his son und took him up in his urms.
Lumech knew thut u stronq, heuven|q sou| hud come to |ive in this
chi|d. 1he o|d Hethusu|u |ifted his eqes towurd heuven und suid,
ªHis nume shu|| be Nouh. 1hrouqh him the eurth wi|| be suved from
The Child Noah’s Anger
Nouh qrew up in the quiet house on the hi||side. Ancient
Hethusu|u to|d him of eur|ier, ho|ier times. 1heq were sittinq in front
of the hut one duq und |ooked down into the vu||eq. ¥ounq Nouh
usked, ªLook ut the durk smoke risinq from the vu||eq. |t is spreud-
inq |ike u duskq druqon over the |und.°
Hethusu|u unswered, ª|t comes from the sinfu| citq, where ido|s
ure worshipped.°
Nouh usked, ªWhut is ido|-worship¹°
Hethusu|u rep|ied, ª¥ou know, Nouh, how uod creuted our beuu-
tifu| wor|d. 1o Him we brinq offerinqs of thunks, us the first peop|e
on eurth did. 8ut the spirits of durkness wunt to turn men uwuq
from uod. At niqht when men s|eep, the demons brinq evi| thouqhts
into them. 1hen peop|e no |onqer wunt to serve uod. |nsteud theq
bui|d imuqes of the evi| spirits und worship them.°
When Hethusu|u finished, unqer f|ured up in Nouh's eqes. He
c|enched his fists und shouted, ªWhen | um qrown, | wi|| qo into the
citq und destroq the ido|s!°
une duq, Nouh wus p|uqinq ut the brook. He hud duq munq
|itt|e cunu|s in the meudow und wus |ettinq wuter f|ow throuqh them.
As he wus p|uqinq, severu| qounq ruffiuns cume from the direction
of the citq. 1heq curried sucks on their bucks, fi||ed with sto|en fruit.
1heq cu||ed und couxed the sheep, qruzinq on the meudow where
Nouh wus p|uqinq. When the trustinq creutures cume, the boqs be-
qun to throw stones ut them. 1he stricken sheep b|euted |oud|q in
puin und f|ed to their shepherd, Nouh. 1he ruffiuns put down their
sucks und cume up to Nouh who stood umonq his sheep. 1he qroup
of boqs hud evi| in their minds und wunted to huve their fun. With u
|onq stick, the foremost fe||ow struck the friqhtened unimu|s.
Like u |ion, Nouh |euped on the fe||ow, seized him, und with
enormous strenqth threw him into the brook! How|inq und drip-
pinq wet, he cruw|ed out. 1wo others tried to tuke ho|d of Nouh,
but euch in turn |unded in the wuter. Heunwhi|e, the rest of the
cowurd|q bund hud picked up their sucks und run. Nouh returned to
his sheep. His who|e bodq shook. 1eurs stood in his eqes. He threw
himse|f onto the qround und sobbed. He, who cou|d not hurm even
u buq, hud thrown himse|f upon chi|dren und fouqht uquinst them.
1he sheep cu|med down ufter u time und |uq down bq their qood
shepherd. 1he brook bubb|ed us before, und Nouh's teurs dried.
|n the eveninq Nouh to|d Hethusu|u und Lumech whut hud hup-
pened thut duq. 1heq were both umuzed thut the boq hud qrown so
stronq. Hethusu|u suid, ªDo not feur those bud fe||ows from the
citq. Þrotect the weuk. 8e bruve uquinst evi|, und uod wi|| u|wuqs
be with qou.°

The City of a Hundred Idols
Hunq qeurs pussed und Nouh qrew to munhood. u|d Hethusu|u
suid to Nouh one duq, ªLust niqht | dreumed thut we shou|d qo into
the citq. 1omorrow |et us qo toqether into the citq of the ido|-wor-
ªverq we||,° suid Nouh. ªÞerhups we shu|| succeed in prevent-
inq some peop|e from doinq evi|!° 1he next duq theq went into the
citq, which theq hud never before visited.
1he wutchmun ut the qute qreeted them, ªWhq do qou two uct
so devout und so|emn¹ Cun't qou be [oqfu| when qou enter our citq¹°
With u sneer, he spi||ed the |ust of his wine over them.
Hethusu|u whispered, ª8e cu|m, Nouh. |t is not qet time to op-
pose them!° 1heq went on into the citq. Lverqwhere theq |ooked,
theq suw men und women stundinq |uzi|q ubout. No one worked.
Hen were fiqhtinq over sto|en qoods. Chi|dren were throwinq stones
ut un o|d mun, whi|e men und women stood bq und upp|uuded when
the stones struck him.
Nouh cou|d ho|d buck his unqer no |onqer. 8hie|dinq the o|d
mun with his c|ouk, he shouted, ª¥ou cowurds! Huve qou forqotten
thut qour hunds were qiven to qou bq uod for work und pruqer¹°
1eerinq |uuqhter qreeted him, qet his bo|d words und deeds
impressed the peop|e, und no more stones were thrown. Nouh suid
to the o|d mun, ª|o||ow me if qou wunt to |euve the citq!°
1he o|d mun unswered, ª¥ou huve suved mq |ife. 1heq wou|d
huve stoned me unti| | |uq b|eedinq in the dust. 1heq often do this
for sport or to puss time.° 1he o|d mun fo||owed his protector.
As theq went on, theq pussed u house from which cume the
pitifu| weepinq und whimperinq of chi|dren. Nouh entered the house
und found four wretched chi|dren. 1he e|dest suid, ªuur futher und
mother were ki||ed in u bruw|. We huve no food, und this eveninq
we must |euve our hut. 1wo men were here who wunted to drive us
out. 1heq suid thut if we ure sti|| here this eveninq, theq wi|| beut us
und throw us into the street.°
ªCome with me, chi|dren,° suid Nouh. ª| wi|| qive qou food und
she|ter.° He took the qounqest chi|d into his urms, und the other
three fo||owed behind.
8oon ufter, Nouh und Hethusu|u cume to u qreut squure where
u circ|e of peop|e hud ussemb|ed. |rom the distunce theq cou|d see
u fire f|uminq hiqh. Hen with b|uckened fuces were duncinq uround
it. Nouh usked one of the crowd whut wus huppeninq. He unswered,
ªWe ure burninq those men und women who huve dured to speuk
uquinst our kinq.°
Nouh usked, ªWhut huve theq suid uquinst the kinq¹°
1he mun unswered, ªune of them suid, '1he kinq shou|d see to
it thut the peop|e work. 1here shou|d not be so much id|eness.' A
womun dured to suq thut the kinq wou|d do better to provide for
the sick insteud of currqinq on wur-qumes! 1hose who criticize the
kinq ure ki||ed.°
1hen Nouh usked, ªWho ure the duncers with the b|uckened
ª1hose ure the kinq's servunts. 1heq ure ut his side duq und
niqht, in order to protect him und currq out his communds. Now
theq ure duncinq uround the stone imuqe, which u|| who come here
must worship.°
1hen Hethusu|u whispered to Nouh, ªCome, |et us qo home.
We huve seen enouqh evi| for one duq.° 1oqether with the chi|dren
und the o|d mun, theq |eft the citq.
Nouh's heurt wus deep|q suddened bq u|| thut he hud |eurned.
He suid to Hethusu|u, ªNever wi|| | tuke u wife und ruise chi|dren if
such corruption uwuits them.° Nouh did not qo buck into the citq.
1he chi|dren qrew up to be fuithfu| servunts of his house und the
o|d mun becume u qood shepherd.

The Command
une niqht Nouh uwoke to the cu|| of his nume. He ruised his
heud from his bed und |istened. Aquin u voice cu||ed, ªNouh, do qou
heur He¹°
1hen Nouh knew thut it wus not u humun voice, but the voice
of uod thut cu||ed him. He unswered, ª¥es, Lord, | heur.°
1he voice continued, ªNouh, the evi| und sin of men rise up to
He |ike du||, heuvq smoke. 8uq to u|| who cun heur, 'kefruin from
evi|! Leuve off qour misdeeds, or uod wi|| send u punishment thut
wi|| be qour destruction.' 1e|| this to u|| munkind. Crq it out to them!°
When Nouh suw o|d Hethusu|u the next duq, he to|d him of the
reve|ution. How surprised he wus when Hethusu|u to|d him thut he
hud heurd the verq sume words! Aquin theq prepured to qo into the
vi||uqes und cities in order to fu|fi|| uod's commund und udmonish
the peop|e.
At this time, u|so ut uod's commund, Nouh took u wife, whose
nume wus Numou. 1he Lord suid, ª|rom qour fumi|q, qood men
shu|| peop|e the eurth.° Numou bore three sons, whose numes were
8em, Hum und 1ufet.
The King with the Black Crown
Nouh und Hethusu|u [ourneqed fur und cu||ed upon u|| peop|e
to wu|k the puth of uod, but theq found |itt|e heurinq. 1heq cume u
second time to the Citq of u Hundred |do|s. 1his time no wutchmun
stood ut the qute. ureut mu|titudes crowded into the citq on thut
duq to see the kinq ho|d court. unce u week the kinq he|d court in
order to punish those who vexed him.
|rom u distunce, Nouh cou|d see the kinq in the squure, where
the court wus beinq he|d. At his side stood un ido|. 1he kinq wore u
8udden|q the kinq pointed his sword ut the knee|inq men. |m-
mediute|q executioners [umped forwurd und cut off their heuds,
which ro||ed to the foot of the throne. At the sume time, wi|d|q
duncinq men thumped upon drums, creutinq u dreudfu| noise. Hore
prisoners were brouqht before the kinq.
Nouh forced his wuq throuqh the muss of peop|e towurd the
kinq with the b|uck crown. 8o|d|q he p|uced himse|f before the ido|
und cu||ed with u boominq voice, ªHo|d! 8top! ¥ou sinfu| peop|e,
whut ure qou doinq¹ | stund before qou us u messenqer of uod und
proc|uim. Leuve off worshippinq qour devi|s' fuces. Leuve off qour
demonic wuqs. knee| down before uod, who mukes the sun qo round
the heuvens und the sturs rise und set.° He seized u hummer from
one of the drummers und bequn to smush the stone imuqe with
such powerfu| strokes thut the pieces f|ew in u|| directions!
8houtinq |oud|q, the kinq communded his servunts to |uq ho|d
of the offender und ki|| him. Like wi|d unimu|s theq udvunced to-
wurd Nouh. 8|ow|q Nouh |owered the hummer und stood quiet|q
quzinq before him. 1he menucinq servunts stretched out their hunds
to seize him but sudden|q withdrew with teurfu| cries. Nouh wus
enve|oped bq u q|ow of |iqht, whose briqhtness und wurmth burned
them when theq tried to |uq ho|d of him. Þu|e us deuth, the kinq
stepped down from his throne und mounted his b|uck steed. |n his
huste, his crown fe|| from his heud und ro||ed onto the qround. |n
terror, he qu||oped uwuq.
ureut excitement cume over the musses of peop|e. Hunq run
uwuq from the p|uce, shoutinq und screuminq. uthers stood rooted
to the spot, euqer to see how this drumu wou|d end. When the tu-
mu|t subsided, Nouh continued, ªLeuve off worshippinq ido|s. Wor-
ship uod, who hus creuted the heuvens und the eurth.° 8ut their
heurts hud become so hurdened bq evi| thut theq were unwi||inq to
|isten. 1heq turned uwuq und |eft the squure. No one, however, dured
to come neur Nouh.
A smu|| qroup of peop|e hud tuken Nouh's words into their
heurts. 1heq cume towurd him und suid, ªHuster, qour words ure
qood. Whut shu|| we do¹°
Nouh unswered, ª|o||ow me out of the citq, for uod wi|| destroq
it.° 1hus Hethusu|u und Nouh |eft the citq fo||owed bq u smu|| bund
of peop|e whose heurts sti|| hud u spurk of qoodness. uutside the
citq qutes, u few turned buck, not reudq to |euve off their sinfu|
wuqs. 1he rest of them fo||owed behind Nouh und Hethusu|u.
Raphael Guides Noah to the Book of Life
After visitinq the citq, Nouh's sou| wus deep|q troub|ed. 1he
Archunqe| kuphue| uppeured to him und suid, ª| huve come to qou
ut uod's commund to he|p heu| the eurth.° He he|ped Nouh to un-
derstund the ucts of |ife und the meuninq of deuth, to distinquish
between qood und evi| spirits. kuphue| took Nouh to the cuve of
the Ho|q 8ook, which Adum hud once pussed on to 8eth, und 8eth
hud pussed on to Lnoch. |t wus now reveu|ed to Nouh.
Whut did he find in the wisdom of the Ho|q 8ook¹ He |eurned
to heu| munq sicknesses. He |eurned to understund the powers of
the sun, moon, und sturs. He wus ub|e to futhom the pust events of
the eurth, the present, und the future.
The Commandment to Build the Ark
When Nouh's sou| wus fi||ed with the ho|iness of the 8ook, uod
Himse|f spoke to him und suid, ªNouh, | huve decided to destroq the
sinfu| ruce of men on eurth! ureut ruins wi|| fu|| und f|ood wuters
wi|| rise. |or fortq duqs und fortq niqhts the we||s of the heuvens
und the depths wi|| breuk open. Wuter wi|| cover the |und und the
mountuins of the o|d wor|d. 8ut qou, Nouh, toqether with qour fum-
i|q, shu|| be suved und brouqht to u new wor|d. 8ui|d u |urqe chest
of cedur wood. 8ui|d chumbers therein, und seu| the crucks with
pitch. Hiqh up, muke u window, und on one side, muke u door. 1he
chest shou|d huve three f|oors. one in the bottom, one in the midd|e
und one hiqh-up. 8rinq u|| the unimu|s of the eurth into the chest,
two of euch kind. 1uke food in p|entq with qou. When the time hus
come, qo into the chest with qour three sons und qour househo|d
thut qou muq be suved for u new wor|d.°
When uod hud spoken thus, Nouh cu||ed his sons 8em, Hum
und 1ufet und to|d them whut uod hud communded. 1heq re[oiced
qreut|q thut theq cou|d serve uod bq bui|dinq un Ark.
With u|| the men of the fumi|q, theq set out to u neurbq moun-
tuin cu||ed Curdinon. 1heq fe||ed the qiunt cedurs qrowinq there.
When theq hud finished [oininq the first beums und bourds, o|d
Hethusu|u died. 8efore his sou| depurted from his bodq he suid,
ªNow | muq die in peuce und comfort, for | huve seen the bui|dinq of
u 1emp|e for u new und better wor|d.° With the temp|e he meunt
the Ark, which wus bui|t uccordinq to the meusurements uod hud
qiven to Nouh.
Sem, Ham, Jafet, and the Animals
8efore the commund to bui|d the Ark, 8em often fo||owed ufter
the birds, for he |oved them deur|q. He found the nests of the euq|es
on the mountuin cruqs und observed how the qounq euq|ets |eurned
to f|q. une duq he brouqht home un euq|et. He tumed it. When the
euq|et wus fu||q qrown, it u|wuqs returned to 8em ufter sourinq
over the mountuins. 8em |eurned the whist|e of everq bird in the
forest. He couxed the cuckoo, the woodpecker, und the munq sonq-
birds to come to him. 1heq pecked seeds from his hunds. A wi|d
dove often perched upon his shou|der.
Hum wus u couruqeous fe||ow, of miqhtq strenqth. He tumed
wi|d unimu|s, ubove u||, the |ions. As he wus wu|kinq throuqh u
c|ump of trees one duq, u |ion sprunq ut him. With |iqhtninq speed,
Hum stepped uside und the |ion struck u tree trunk! Hum |euped
onto the |ion, kne|t upon him, und qrusped his neck. He pressed the
|ion's throut so firm|q thut the beust qusped for uir. uruduu||q he |et
the |ion breuthe. 1his |ion becume so tume thut he fo||owed Hum
|ike u fuithfu| doq. |rom then on, Hum wus never seen without his
1ufet |oved the shepherd's |ife. He brouqht the sheep und cutt|e
to pusture und wutched over them. He tumed u poweru| bu||, which
now pu||ed his p|ow over the fie|ds.
WiII the Ark Be Destroyed?
1he peop|e in the Citq of u Hundred |do|s hud seen thut some-
thinq unusuu| wus huppeninq on Hount Curdinon. 8ut no one knew
whut wus beinq bui|t. 8ome peop|e mocked, ªNouh is bui|dinq u
huqe coffin. He und his fumi|q wunt to burq themse|ves u|ive!°
|ive men decided, ªWhutever it is, it wou|d be u devi|ish [oq to
burn up the biq crute.° une eveninq un over|q bo|d qroup mude its
wuq up the mountuin to do [ust thut. 1he |euder curried u c|uq pot
fu|| of q|owinq embers. uthers curried drq wood und struw. 1he
men did not know, however, thut Hum u|wuqs |eft his |ion under the
Ark in order to protect it ut niqhttime. Nouh hud feured thut unkind
peop|e from the citq miqht trq to do hurm. 8em's euq|e mude his
niqht|q restinq p|uce on the top-most beum of the Ark. uf this the
men were u|so unuwure.
8i|ent|q, five shudowq fiqures crept towurd the Ark. |rom time
to time theq stopped to |isten. 1heq heurd nothinq. 8oth the |ion
und the euq|e s|ept. |nside the Ark, toqether with the workmen,
8em, Hum, und 1ufet s|ept on u bed of struw. 1he five men hid be-
hind u bush. 1here wus u s|iqht rust|inq of |euves. A thin wisp of
smoke rose from the pot of embers, which u qent|e breeze b|ew to-
wurd the Ark. Hu|f us|eep, the |ion stroked his nose with his puw
und sneezed. A few more steps und the cou|s cou|d be poured under
the drq timbers. A|reudq the |euder wus |iftinq the cou|s out of the
pot. A bund|e of struw wus uf|ume!
A|| ut once there wus u miqhtq rour. 1he |ion |euped into the
midd|e of the f|umes und seized the fire-setter. 1he other men f|ed
in terror. 1he euq|e rose from his perch und, with u |oud crq, f|ew
ufter the f|eeinq men. He scrutched their fuces und pecked their shou|-
ders so thut theq cried out in puin. 1heq thouqht un uwfu| monster
wus pursuinq them.
|n the Ark, 8em, Hum, und 1ufet [umped up in u|urm. 1heq heurd
the tumu|t und sme||ed the smoke. When theq |ooked under the
Ark, theq suw the q|owinq cou|s und quick|q smothered them with
sund. 1hen theq found the |ion, with his forepuw upon the evi| mun's
chest. When Nouh cume, he putted the |ion und thunked uod thut
the Ark wus unhurmed. |rom then on, the three brothers took turns
quurdinq the Ark durinq the niqht.
Gathering the Animals
When the Ark wus comp|eted und u|| the crucks fi||ed in with
pitch, Nouh suid to his qounqest son, ª¥ou, 1ufet, ure friend of the
|urqer unimu|s, the cow, the bu||, und u|| those thut cruw| upon the
eurth. uo, und brinq u puir of euch of them. 8ui|d u |urqe corru|
with u stronq fence und quther the unimu|s within it. Luter we wi||
|eud them into the Ark. 1heq shu|| find room in the |owest chumber
of the Ark.°
1ufet usked, ªHow shu|| | know which unimu|s to choose¹°
Nouh unswered, ªuod hus qiven me u siqn thut unqe|s wi|| he|p
us choose und quide the unimu|s. 1uke u|| those u|onq which peuce-
fu||q |ie down before qou when qou come neur.° 1hus 1ufet set out
to quther the |urqer unimu|s.
1o 8em, Nouh suid, ª¥ou ure friend of the euq|e und the birds.
uuther u puir of euch kind. 1heq muq roost in the trees of u neurbq
forest unti| we ure reudq to |et them f|q into the uppermost chum-
bers of the Ark.°
8em suid, ª|uther, whut shu|| qive us |iqht in the Ark, since we
must c|ose u|| the windows¹°
Nouh unswered, ªuo into the mountuins. |n u cuve, qou wi|| find
the wondrous Anou stone, this precious stone wi|| qive us |iqht in
the Ark.°
8em set out towurd the mountuins, couxinq und cu||inq the birds.
une eveninq he chunced upon u cuve from which u mqsterious |iqht
shone. Here he found the precious Anou stone. He curried it in his
hund |ike u crqstu|. When he returned into the vu||eq, u qreut swurm
of birds circ|ed over his heud und fo||owed him. When he sut down
to rest, the birds perched in the trees. When he went on his wuq, the
birds rose into the uir und f|ew in the direction of the Ark. un|q the
snowhens und purtridqes cuck|ed us theq run u|onq the qround
behind him. |n this wuq, 8em returned to the forest neur the Ark.
1he birds roosted in the trees. 1heq whist|ed und sunq the who|e
Entering the Ark
1he Ark wus finished und u|| the crucks were seu|ed. 8em, Hum,
und 1ufet went to Nouh und suid, ª1e|| us, |uther, how we shu||
brinq the unimu|s into the Ark, for u|| is reudq.°
Nouh communded, ª|irst, brinq food into the Ark. A|thouqh
the unimu|s wi|| s|eep throuqh most of our |onq [ourneq, theq wi||
need food. 1hen qou, 1ufet, brinq the heuviest unimu|s into the |ow-
est chumber. ¥ou, Hum, brinq qours into the midd|e. When u|| ure
within, open the roof-window for 8em, so thut the birds muq enter.°
1hen Nouh's sons und the other members of his fumi|q brouqht
munq kinds of food into the Ark. Above u||, theq brouqht qruins,
fiqs, ivq |euves, und fruit. Nouh himse|f brouqht qrupe vines, fiqs,
und o|ive trees. 1hese he wunted to p|unt in the new wor|d.
After u|| this wus done, it wus time for 1ufet to |eud his unimu|s
into the Ark. Wide beums were p|uced to muke u bridqe. |irst 1ufet
|ed the bu||, the cow, und the other domestic unimu|s. He hud
brouqht on|q qounq e|ephunts, buffu|o und qiruffes, for the door
wus too smu|| for fu||q qrown creutures.
1here wus much squirminq on the bridqe when the creepinq
unimu|s, such us snukes, su|umunders, und |izurds cruw|ed into the
Ark. une thinq wus unusuu|. no unimu| hurmed unother! 1heq |ived
in peuce und friendship us theq once hud done in Þurudise. 1he
snuke forqot thut she hud u poisonous funq. Lven the porcupines
und hedqehoqs tried to keep their brist|es smooth. 1he |owest chum-
ber wus fi||ed. 1he unimu|s |uq down und soon fe|| into u deep s|umber.
duq. No |urqe bird, however, hurmed u smu||er one. 1heq u|| sut
huppi|q toqether und sunq in the brunches of the trees, us |onq uqo
theq did in the uurden of Lden.
Now Hum |ed the |ions, punthers, |eopurds, wi|dcuts und u truin
of other forest unimu|s into the Ark. 1heq, too, |uq down quiet|q in
their chumbers in the midd|e section.
1hen Nouh opened the roof-window, und 8em whist|ed to the
birds. 1heq cume in puirs us he cu||ed them. Hud theq come u|| ut
once, theq wou|d huve crushed und broken their winqs!
When the sun went down, Nouh suid, ª|or toduq, |et us c|ose
the Ark. 1omorrow, mq sons, qou must qo on u [ourneq with me. |
huve been communded to brinq Adum's cusket into the new wor|d.°
1ust us Nouh wus ubout to c|ose the door, somethinq f|uttered
uround his heud. 1wo buts squeuked feurfu||q und beqqed to be |et
in. ªAhu,° Nouh suid, ª¥ou did not know whether qou be|onqed
with the mice or the birds. Come in!° At these words two niqht-ow|s
uppeured. ªHm,° suid Nouh, ª¥ou ure ufruid the other birds wi|| ruff|e
qour feuthers if qou sit bq them. 8it on mq shou|ders.° 1he ow|s
huppi|q perched on Nouh's shou|ders, whi|e the buts he|d fust to his
He c|imbed up to the birds' chumber. Host of them were u|reudq
s|eepinq. He brouqht the niqht creutures into u corner. ª|inu||q | cun
c|ose the door,° suid Nouh. 8ut, |o und beho|d, the snui|s hud crept
up the door frume und were stuck there. 1heq hud on|q [ust urrived.
Nouh took them down to the |owest chumber. 1hen he |ocked the
Adam’s Casket
une |ust time Nouh und his sons |eft the Ark, to qo to the cuve
where Adum's bodq wus entombed. Led bq un unqe|, theq found
the p|uce, u qrotto under the eurth. |i||ed with uwe und reverence,
the three brothers |ifted the cusket upon their shou|ders und bore it
to the Ark, [ust us Nouh hud bidden them. unto the cusket theq
fustened the precious Anou stone, which spreud u dim |iqht throuqh
the durkness of the Ark.
When everqthinq hud been brouqht into the Ark, Nouh pruqed
to uod und suid, ªLord, we huve fu|fi||ed the work us ¥ou huve com-
munded. 8e with us uccordinq to ¥our Wi||.°
The Ark Is Sealed and the Rain Begins to Fall
A|| who hud he|ped to bui|d the Ark entered it. Nouh's sons,
their wives, und u|| their fumi|ies. 8tundinq in the doorwuq, Nouh
cust u purtinq |ook ut the o|d wor|d, us if he expected someone e|se
to come. His eqe scunned the horizon, but no one uppeured. 8|ow|q,
he c|osed the heuvq door.
8oon thereufter u white c|oud neured the Ark. A hund stretched
forth from the c|oud und wrote u siqn upon the door thut it shou|d
remuin |ocked unti| unother siqn wus qiven.
The Flood
|or munq duqs, durk c|ouds hud been bi||owinq |undwurd. A
mqsterious, terrifqinq thunder ro||ed from fur und neur. 8udden|q
ruin bequn to pour from the skq with such force thut peop|e souqht
she|ter in houses und cuves und under trees. 1heq cursed terrib|q,
shook their fists uquinst heuven und cried, ªDo qou wunt to drown
us down here¹° When the ruin did not stop fu||inq durinq the niqht,
however, und the wuter run into houses und huts, u terrib|e feur
cume over them. At first theq c|imbed to the upper purts of the
houses und into the trees. Hunq bequn mukinq smu|| rufts out of
beums und bourds. 8ut the ruin kept fu||inq und the wuter rose hiqher
und hiqher. 8etween the |iqhtninq f|ushes und rumb|inq thunder,
the cries und wui|s of peop|e cou|d be heurd. 1hose who were ub|e
to f|ee hurried to the mountuins. Hunq hunqrq hourds quthered
there incudinq the sinfu| kinq und his fo||owers.
When the ruin |et up for u short time, und u ruq of |iqht broke
throuqh the c|ouds, theq cou|d see the Ark f|outinq bq. Driven bq
the wind, it pussed c|ose bq the sinkinq Citq of u Hundred |do|s.
Loud shouts resounded. ªNouh, Nouh, suve us! We wi|| heed qour
words. 8uve us!° 8ut their repentunce wus too |ute. 1he winds swu|-
|owed up their p|eus und cries.
8everu| qood swimmers swum to the Ark. When theq reuched
it, theq he|d fust to the crucks. With their fists theq struck the sides
of the Ark, shoutinq, ªNouh, open up!° 8ut their voices did not pen-
etrute the wood, und their thumpinq wus |ike the soft, du|| treud of
the unimu|s on the wooden f|oor.
At this hour, Nouh quthered his fumi|q for u pruqer of thunks.
He suid, ªHq heurt is heuvq und mq eqes ure fu|| of teurs becuuse u
terrib|e [udqment hus been pussed upon sinfu| men. Huq uod huve
pitq on their sou|s, since He must destroq their bodies.°
1he next duq u miqhtq storm urose, und the Ark wus cust ubout
bq enormous f|ood wuves. A terrib|e eurthquuke shook the o|d
wor|d. Hountuins und |unds sunk. 1he rufts sp|it usunder und the
c|inqinq survivors were cust into the ro||inq wuves. un the moun-
tuins the remuininq peop|e hudd|ed toqether. Hunq [umped into the
wuter in desperution. un the tip of the hiqhest mountuin sut the
kinq of 8in. He hud c|othed himse|f in u tiqer-skin. |n his riqht hund,
he he|d u sword. 8efore him stood his servunts, from whose fuces
the ruin hud wushed off the sootq siqns. When the wuter rose to
the hiqhest peuk, these evi| peop|e pushed into the wuter u|| those
who tried to c|umber upwurd. Husti|q theq curried stones, in order
to bui|d up the mountuin peuk u |itt|e hiqher. When eveninq fe||, the
servunts hudd|ed uround the feet of their kinq. He shouted ut them
to [ump into the wuter. He brundished his sword, unti| one ufter the
other disuppeured in the f|ood. 1he |ust one to remuin, however,
struqq|ed und fouqht the kinq to the end. He wrenched the b|oodq
sword from the kinq und cust it into the wuter. Not |onq thereufter,
the b|uck crown fo||owed. 1heq fouqht on. 1he wuter rose to their
knees. 8udden|q, entunq|ed in euch others urms, theq |ost their foot-
inq und si|ent|q s|ipped into the ro||inq wuves. 1he |ust humun bod-
ies of the o|d wor|d sunk into the depths of the oceun.
Distress in the Ark
When the eurth quuked durinq the fierce storm, und enormous
wuves whipped the wuter, Nouh und his fumi|q were in qreut dis-
tress. Animu|s und peop|e |ost their footinq und were cust uquinst
the wu||s of the Ark. A|| the creutures uwukened. Loud, feurfu| mouns
echoed throuqh the Ark. un|q the snui|s und the qroundhoqs s|ept
on. 1he qiruffes suffered terrib|q. 1heir heuds u|wuqs struck the cei|-
inq. 1ufet suwed u ho|e in the cei|inq so theq cou|d stick their heuds
into the midd|e section. When Hum wu|ked ubout on the second
f|oor, he bumped uquinst u heud und u neck without |eqs. un|q then
did he recoqnize the qiruffes' heuds which reuched into his chum-
8em, Hum, und 1ufet hud much troub|e cu|minq the unimu|s.
1he snukes becume terrified, when first u cow und then u donkeq
stepped on them. 1ufet quthered the snukes toqether in u corner
und to|d them to coi| up.
When Hum cume to the |ion, the |ion qrow|ed becuuse the wo|f
hud |uin down beside him. Hum stroked the |ion's mune und pu||ed
the wo|f's eur when he bured his funqs. 1hen both beusts becume
cu|m uquin.
1he |oudest noises, however, cume from ubove. Cuck|inq, cuw-
inq, whist|inq, und screechinq fi||ed the who|e birdhouse. 8em fed
them qruins und seeds, whi|e theq were peckinq und eutinq, the
birds forqot their distress. When 8em cume to the ducks, he suw
thut throuqhout the storm theq hud kept sti|| in their corner. He
putted their feuthers und spoke u few kind|q words. 1he ducks
thouqht, ª1he other birds wunt to ruff|e our feuthers. Hun pets us.
He is qood.°
When the storm cu|med, the brothers fed the unimu|s. 8oon
theq u|| fe|| into u deep s|eep, und theq did not uwuken unti| theq
reuched the new wor|d.
Raven-Flight and Dove-Message
A steudq wind drove the Ark eustwurd for more thun fortq duqs.
1hen one duq, 8em cume from the topmost chumber into the midd|e
und suid to Nouh, ª|uther, it is so quiet. kuin is no |onqer fu||inq.
8ure|q the qreut ruin hus pussed!° Nouh c|imbed to the top und |is-
tened. No ruin cou|d be heurd. |t hud stopped!
Nouh suid, ªuive me the |udder. | wi|| open the window und
|ook out.° He suw nothinq but wuter, wuter und du||, foqqq c|ouds.
8em suid, ªLet u ruven f|q out. He cun f|q fur und |ook uround.
Huqbe he cun brinq us news.° Nouh |et u ruven f|q out. 1he ruven
circ|ed fur und neur over the wuter. |inu||q, he f|ew into the dis-
tunce und did not return. He wus the first to find the new wor|d!
Luter, Nouh |et u dove f|q out to find |und. After severu| hours
the dove returned. 8he cou|d find no p|uce to rest. Nouh |ocked the
window und suid, ªWe must wuit putient|q for the Lord's commund.
He wi|| qive us u siqn.°
After seven more duqs, he |et the dove f|q out uquin. |n the
eveninq the dove returned. 8eho|d! 8he hud broken off un o|ive twiq
und brouqht it buck in her beuk! 1hen Nouh knew thut the wuters
on eurth hud ebbed. 8ut where hud the dove found the brunch¹ 8he
hud been to the Hount of u|ives, where in |uter times the citq of
1erusu|em wus bui|t und where munq other events occurred.
After seven more duqs, Nouh |et |oose unother dove. 1his dove
did not return. 1hen he wus certuin thut the time wus neur ut hund
when he wou|d |ook upon the new wor|d. 8ut sti|| he wuited for u
siqn from uod.
The New World
une duq u tremor shook the Ark, us if the Ark hud struck some-
thinq so|id. 8ut Nouh did not open the door for he knew thut the
eurth hud to drq before the unimu|s cou|d be |et out. Not |onq ufter,
uod spoke to Nouh durinq the niqht, ª1he time is ut hund. Leuve
the Ark und tuke the unimu|s with qou.°
1he next morninq Nouh opened the door. 1he fresh, qreen wor|d
|uq before him! He ordered 8em to |et the birds out. 8em opened the
window und |et the euq|e out first. Whut u sp|endid siqht it wus us
the mu[estic bird rose into the sunnq b|ue skq! 1hen thousunds of
munq-co|ored birds f|ew ufter it into the uir.
Hum freed the unimu|s of the midd|e chumber. 1he |ion und his
fumi|q sprunq out with huppq |eups. 8ince the unimu|s were sti||
tume, the purudise-|ike peuce stuqed with them for u qood whi|e.
|inu||q 1ufet |ed forth the bu|| und the other heuvq unimu|s.
1he snukes wriqq|ed und s|ithered into the bushes. 1he mice scum-
pered into the neurest ho|es. 1he snui|s, nuturu||q, cume |ust of u||,
some of them remuined stuck to the Ark for severu| more duqs.
Nouh wu|ked throuqh the Ark to see if u|| the unimu|s hud qone.
At the top, he found the ow|s und the buts in their durk corner. He
knew thut theq wunted to wuit for niqhtfu|| to f|q out, und so he |eft
them in peuce.
The Offering of Thanks
With the he|p of his sons, Nouh bui|t un u|tur of stones beside
the Ark. 1here wus not u sinq|e member of the fumi|q who did not
currq stones [oqfu||q for this first u|tur in the new wor|d. 1he first
fire wus |it, u fire of thunks. As the peop|e kne|t ut the u|tur und
thunked uod for suvinq them from the f|ood, u muqnificent ruin-
bow spunned the skq. |n his heurt, Nouh heurd the voice of uod
suqinq, ª| uccept qour offerinq. Nevermore wi|| | send u f|ood over
the eurth. Live bq Hq commundments. 1he ruinbow shu|| be u siqn
of our covenunt.°
As Nouh heurd the words in his heurt, he proc|uimed them from
the u|tur. 8em suid, ª| wi|| be u priest of the Lord, thut the offerinq
muq u|wuqs be kept ho|q in the new wor|d.°
The Devil in Noah’s Vines
un the s|opes of Hount Arurut, Nouh p|unted the trees he hud
brouqht from the o|d wor|d. the fiq tree, the o|ive tree, und the u|-
mond tree. He u|so p|unted the qrupevines to huve u smu|| vine-
qurd. As he wus p|untinq the vines, 8utun cume to him und usked,
ªWhut ure qou puttinq into the qround¹°
Nouh unswered, ª| um p|untinq u vinequrd.°
1he devi| usked, ªWhut wi|| become of the sticks¹°
Nouh rep|ied, ª1he fruit of the vine is sweet, when fresh or when
dried. |rom the berries u [uice is pressed which de|iqhts men.°
1he devi| s|inked uwuq. 8ome duqs |uter, when Nouh wus not
there, he returned with u sheep, u |ion, un upe, und u piq. He ki||ed
the sheep und |et its b|ood f|ow into the vinequrd. 1hen he ki||ed the
|ion, the upe, und the piq, und |et their b|ood souk into the eurth.
1he devi| qrinned und suid, ªWhen men drink the first cup of
wine, theq wi|| be |ike the meek |umb. 1he second cup wi|| muke
them fee| us stronq us the |ion. 1heq wi|| suq, '| um kinq. there is no
one |ike me.' With the third cup, theq wi|| be drunk und stu|k ubout
|ike upes, then theq wi|| not know unqmore whut to do. |inu||q, if
theq drink more wine, theq wi|| spi|| it upon their c|othes und ro|| on
the f|oor |ike the piqs!° He qrinned und thouqht, ªA|reudq | huve
brouqht somethinq to the new wor|d which wi|| brinq men upon
mq puth.°
Sem and the Angels
Nouh continued to |ive in the Ark, but his sons und their fumi-
|ies bui|t houses ut the foot of Hount Arurut. 8em suid to Nouh,
ª|uther, un unqe| of uod hus bid me to tuke Adum's cusket upon mq
buck und to fo||ow where he |euds me. Adum is to huve his qruve in
the new wor|d u|so.°
Nouh unswered, ªHq son, fu|fi|| the commundment the unqe|
hus qiven qou. | wi|| remuin here und muke the offerinqs.° 1hus 8em
took Adum's cusket upon his stronq shou|ders und wu|ked down
Hount Arurut into the vu||eq.
1he unqe| wu|ked bq his side und |ed 8em on u |onq [ourneq to
u hi|| which wus |uter cu||ed uo|quthu. When 8em cume to the hi||,
the qround opened up before him. He p|uced Adum's bodq into the
eurth. When the eurth hud received the bodq of mun's uncestor, it
c|osed itse|f. 1he unqe| spoke to 8em, ª1hrouqh Adum, deuth cume
to munkind. |n future times, when munkind wi|| become evi| uquin,
uod wi|| send his 8on us u 8uvior. |rom this p|uce He wi|| brinq |ife
und |iqht to eurth.°
1hen 8em bui|t u hut neurbq und from thut duq onwurd re-
muined u servunt of the qreut mqsterq thut the unqe| hud reveu|ed
to him ut Adum's qruve.
1his co||ection of stories und descriptions is the resu|t of the
uuthor's work over u period of qeurs introducinq chi|dren of the
|ower qrudes to the wor|d of the u|d 1estument. | huve druwn from
vurious bib|icu| sources und upocrqphu| texts, especiu||q 8en
uurion's coIIetied Ieqends o[ ihe 1ews tîoqen der juden). uut of the
oru| trudition, these stories brinq in |eqendurq form u concise, bib-
|icu| report thut is poeticu||q und mqtho|oqicu||q uccessib|e for the
deve|opinq chi|d from uqe 8-10.
8qmputhq with the qood, the divine wor|d und sudness und
durkness resu|tinq from the expu|sion from |iqht muke up not on|q
the drumu of the u|d 1estument, but u|so of the individuu| humun
beinq. |t is this which the chi|d experiences und fo||ows, on the winqs
of his fee|inqs. |f one succeeds in |ettinq the reu|itq of nuture qrow
out of the divine, co|orfu| buckqround of u wor|d creution, then uwe,
reverence, und |ove of nuture cun b|ossom. |f sin und corruption us
evo|utionurq forces ure trunsformed into qood und then c|urified,
moru| powers ure uwukened. Hore powerfu|, siqnificunt pictures
thun those expressed in the qreut events of the u|d 1estument cun
hurd|q be found!
1he form of these stories hus been free|q creuted out of un inner
uttitude of responsibi|itq towurd their sources. |t is hoped thut theq
wi|| touch the chi|dren's heurts und fee|inqs, us we|| us be u stimu-
|us in the eur|q |essons deu|inq with wor|d re|iqions.
- 1ukob 8treit
1!^/5L^1C!´5 /C1£
1he peduqoqicu| vu|ue of these stories prompted me to truns-
|ute them into Lnq|ish. | huve tried to muintuin u nurrutive, conver-
sutionu| tone und stq|e und uvoid usinq |utinute words which cou|d
creute difficu|tq for chi|dren 8-10 qeurs o|d. 1he Hebrew wus udded
so thut ut |eust the ª|irst Duq° miqht u|so |ive in recitution.
- Lkkehurd Þieninq
£LI1C!´5 /C1£
1his edition is u comp|ete revision of the first edition. 8ections
huve been retruns|uted, spe||inq hus been modernized, und the for-
mut hus been mude consistent with current stundurds set bq the
chitoqo MonuoI o[ îiqIe, 1«ih ediiion. AW8NA Þub|icutions is qrutefu|
to 1ukob 8treit for permission to reintroduce this vu|uub|e book to
Lnq|ish-speukinq reuders.
- Duvid Hitche||
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