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A member of the Beta Club, HOSA, Interact Club, Student Council class of 2015 Vice President, Key Club, Drama ,
Student athlete leadership team, Varsity volleyball of 2 years, basketball member of 2 years, and softball member of 2
West-Oak High School
Class of 2015 intent to continue at Clemson University
 4.5 GPA, All honors/ AP student, Biomedical college credit, Junior Scholar, Duke Tip Scholar, score of 19 on ACT
when taken in 2010.
GHS  Greenville Memorial in Greenville SC
Internship (2 years) June 2012 – August 2013
Help file paperwork, some days follow doctors and take notes for them; mostly just do that task that was needed for
the day
Employed at Aeropostale in Anderson SC
Part time
From April 2014 until present
Bacterial identification, Gram Staining, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, Restriction Enzyme Digestion, DNA analysis, Crime
scene investigation, Glucose Tolerance Testing (GTT), Calorimetry, Food testing with chemical indicators,
Micropipetting, Food label analysis, biochemistry
experimental design, centrifuging and hematocrit analysis, karyotyping, protein synthesis, HIPPA, Genetic counseling
and probabilities, blood pressure analysis, heart rate analysis, electrocardiogram analysis, microscopy.

Medical terminology including directional terms, regional terms, tissue microscopy,
forensic anthropology including bone identification including gender, ethnicity , height, age, equation of a line for
height prediction, molecular biology, restriction enzyme digestion, gel electrophoresis, bio metric-fingerprints,
retinal patterns, and facial features, vision screening including visual perception, peripheral vision, color vision,


Hanna L. Gibson
interpretations of optical illusions, enzyme catalyzed reactions using manipulation of temperature, pH and
concentration of enzyme or substrate, nutritional health analysis including BMI and BMR, Analyze data collected using
a spirometer to determine tidal volume, vital capacity, and minute volume, dissection of eye, kidney, synovial joint,
cross section of long bone, mathematical calculations of glomerurular filtration rate, nomenclature for bones, muscles,
vessels, origins, insertions, actions of human muscular system, measure range of motion using goniometer, find various
pulse points around the body and use heart rate data to calculate and asses cardiac output, measure peripheral pulses
using Doppler ultrasounds, calculate an ankle brachial index (ABI), interpret EMG and grip strength data to asses
muscle fatigue, exercise physiology.