Bruce Gernon Co-Author of THE FOG

I call it Electronic Fog. I have been researching this phenomenon since 197. I have
communicate! "ith over 1 people that have e#perience! it. I have e#perience! it t"ice
"hile fl$ing m$ airplane. I can relate m$ research an! "hat I e#perience! to the
!isappearance of the %ala$sian plane.
&he electronic fog is create! in hori'ontal tunnels that form bet"een thun!erstorm cells.
&he$ are usuall$ about t"o miles high an! last for about ( minutes. )hen the$ collapse
the$ emit a puff of fog that can last for man$ hours after the storms have !issipate!. &he
fog can !rift all the "a$ !o"n to earth an! on rare occasions an up!raft can lift the fog to
higher altitu!es. If an aircraft flies through the electronic fog* it can attach itself to the
aircraft* similar to +t. Elmo,s fire.
&his ma$ have happene! to the %ala$sian flight -7* as I "ill e#plain.
&here have been other famous flights that have ha! similar e#periences. In 19./ Charles
0in!bergh "as near Bimini "hen he encountere! the electronic fog. 1e !i! not tell
an$one about it for 2. $ears so it must have ha! an impact on his min!. 1e "rote about
it in his last boo3 4ust before he !ie! because he thought it "oul! be important for the
"orl! to 3no". 1is compass "as spinning so he "asn,t sure of his hea!ing.
1e fle" as high as he coul! get* tr$ing to get above the fog "ith no success. &hen he
fle" 4ust above the ocean tr$ing to get un!er it "ith no success. 1e fle" for t"o hours
off course on a northerl$ hea!ing until he "as able to figure out "hich "a$ "as "est b$
seeing that the right si!e of the fog "as brighter because the sun "as rising from the east.
1e then turne! "est an! fle" for another t"o hours. )hen he reache! the coast of
Flori!a the fog finall$ !isappeare!.
In 192( five 5av$ bombers out of Ft. 0au!er!ale "ere fl$ing in formation near Bimini
"hen the$ encountere! the electronic fog. &he$ ra!ioe! Ft. 0au!er!ale to"er at -6- 7%
the$ "ere not sure of their position8something "as "rong. &he$ "ere all unable to
!etermine "hich "a$ "as "est to hea! bac3 to Flori!a. &he$ each ha! a compass an!
one electronic navigational instrument but apparentl$ none of them "ere "or3ing
properl$. &he$ ma!e a series of turns an! became totall$ !isoriente!. &he$ 3ept fl$ing
for over si# hours an! finall$ en!e! up hun!re!s of miles from an$ lan! in the Atlantic
9cean "here the$ "ere finall$ i!entifie! b$ ra!ar. A huge search team coul! not fin!
an$ remains of them.
E#actl$ .( $ears later* less one !a$* I "as fl$ing near Bimini "hen the electronic fog
attache! itself to m$ aircraft. I ra!ioe! %iami ra!io at -6- 7% that I "asn,t sure of m$
position8something "as "rong. %$ compass "as spinning an! m$ - electronic
navigational instruments "ere mal-functioning. I ha! entere! a hori'ontal tunnel that
"as aiming for %iami. It "as 1* feet high an! about ten miles long an! 1 miles
east of %iami. I "as in the tunnel for about . secon!s then the electronic fog attache!
itself to the airplane "hen I e#ite! the tunnel. )hen I contacte! %iami :a!ar Center
the$ "ere unable to contact us on ra!ar even though "e ha! 4ust installe! a ne"
transpon!er. I slo"e! the plane !o"n an! maintaine! the same hea!ing* never turning.
&hree minutes after leaving the tunnel I reache! the shore of %iami an! the electronic
fog electronicall$ !issipate! in about ten secon!s. I loo3e! behin! e#pecting to see a fog
ban3 an! there "ere onl$ clear s3ies. All the instruments starte! "or3ing again so I fle"
bac3 to our home airport. I lan!e! - minutes ahea! of time. +omeho" I travele! 1
miles in onl$ three minutes an! . secon!s.
In 19/; %artin Cai!in ha! one of the best !ocumente! encounters "ith electronic fog.
1e "as a famous German author that "rote over a hun!re! boo3s* inclu!ing man$ on
aviation. 1e "as fl$ing a large t"in engine Catalina 7B< fl$ing boat. &here "ere seven
people on boar!. All of them "ere professional caliber pilots. &he$ !eparte! Bermu!a
in clear "eather hea!ing to =ac3sonville. +hortl$ after ta3e off the electronic fog attache!
itself to them in an instant. All of their electronic instruments "ent out inclu!ing their
ra!ios. &heir "his3e$ compass "as spinning. &he$ trie! to maintain their east hea!ing
b$ aiming to"ar! the sunn$ si!e of the fog. &he$ climbe! up to / feet but coul!n,t
get above it. &he$ !escen!e! to sea level but coul!n,t get un!er it. &he$ continue! for
three more hours an! "hen the$ got close to the Flori!a shore line the fog !isappeare!
an! s3ies "ere clear all aroun! them.
Cai!in "rote about this flight on three separate occasions. 1e 3ne" the$ e#perience!
something significant that coul! be !angerous for pilots. 1e sai! the fl$ing boat "as
envelope! b$ an intense electromagnetic fiel! that !umpe! the instruments an! blan3e!
out the electronic e>uipment. 1e sai! it "as li3e fl$ing insi!e a mil3 bottle. 1e never
reali'e! the mil3 bottle "as attache! to them.
5o" for the %ala$sian flight.
&he first in!ication the airliner ma$ have been in trouble is "hen the co-pilot signe! off
from %ala$sian air traffic control. 1e sai! ?all right goo! night -7.@ 5ormall$ he
"oul! sa$ something li3e ?%ala$sian -7 contacting Aiet 5am at 1./.2 than3 $ou
goo!night.@ %a$be the electronic fog ha! 4ust attache! itself to the aircraft so he cut the
proce!ure short. &he$ never contacte! Aiet 5am airspace an! strange things starte!
happening imme!iatel$ after that last call. &he fog can !isable the ra!ios. &he Boeing
777 has a glass panel coc3pit. All the panels coul! have turne! off an! turne! blan3.
&he pilots "oul! have no i!ea of their e#act hea!ing because even the "his3$ compass
"oul! be spinning. &he$ "oul! have to rel$ on their mechanical bac3up instruments to
maintain control. &he$ are the altimeter* the airspee! in!icator an! the attitu!e in!icator.
&he$ ma!e about a 1. !egree turn to the left* apparentl$ tr$ing to aim for the nearest
airport. It appears the$ "ent up higher tr$ing to get above the fog an! !o"n lo"er tr$ing
to get belo" the fog but it !i! not !etach. )hen the time came to the point "here the$
shoul! be able to i!entif$ the airport there "as no visibilit$. &he$ ma$ have ma!e some
more turns an! that "oul! have !isoriente! them to the point "here the$ are not sure of
their hea!ing an$more. %an$ pilots that have been in the electronic fog that crashe!*
"ent through a series of turns then became spatiall$ !isoriente! an! en!e! up entering
"hat is 3no"n as a grave$ar! spiral "hich al"a$s en!s up in !eath.
&he$ ma$ have been able to control the autopilot but the hea!ing "oul! have to be
controlle! b$ their input. After going through a series of turns the$ "oul! be becoming
!isoriente! so the$ !i! something similar to Flight 19. &he$ 4ust continue! until the$ ran
out of fuel. Also li3e Flight 19 the$ unfortunatel$ aime! for a remote location over the
ocean "here the$ ma$ never be foun!.
It seems li3e ever$ other !eca!e there has been a significant encounters "ith the
m$sterious electronic fog. %ainstream science has not $et recogni'e! the e#istence of
electronic fog so it is being !iscounte! as to having an$thing to !ue "ith the m$ster$ of
the %ala$sian airliner. It is a rare phenomenon an! I 3no" it is real because I have seen
it an! tal3e! to others that have e#perience! it. 5o one has been able to !ebun3 m$
e#perience in over 2- $ears of e#plaining it to ever$one.
Coul! this be "hat happene! to the %ala$sian airlinerB 9nl$ time "ill tell. +o far
ever$thing "e 3no" about the flight seems to point in that !irection.
7eople are starting to as3 if this has an$thing to !o "ith the Bermu!a &riangle %$ster$.
9ver the $ears I have "or3e! "ith man$ scientists* man$ of them famous. &he$ all
believe! that the electronic fog is plausible. %$ latest partner in research is professor
Cavi! 7ares at """.paresspace" %$ frien! the late great scientist an!
author Cr. Arthur C. Clar3e "oul! comment that the universe is not onl$ stranger than
"e imagine* it is stranger than "e can imagine an! the onl$ "a$ to !iscover the limits of
the possible is to go be$on! them* into the impossible.