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Support File for ISLLC Standard 1

Visionary Leadership
“A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by
facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that
is shared and supported by the school community”
Personal Statement: A visionary leader collaboratively develops and implements a shared vision and
mission. To facilitate this leaders collects data to identify goals, assess organizational effectiveness, and
promotes organizational learning. Once goals are identified the leader creates and implements plans to
achieve them. The goals are then monitored and evaluated for progress and revised as necessary. The
objective is to promote continuous and sustainable improvement.
Artifact Reflection Source (Course)
A,B Four Frames
Analysis Paper
The critiue of !ast "iddle #chool allo$ed me to apply $hat %
&no$ about Boleman and 'eals( Four Frames to my school.
This paper taught me to loo& through multiple lenses and to
analyze the structure through multiple frames.
!A )*+ ,#chool as a
A,B,.,',! "oodle Post/
.hapter 0eading
The Advantage
Artifact 1
The reading from this boo& introduced me to the four types of
meetings that healthy organizations should have as opposed to
1meeting ste$2. % learned that changing the $ay leadership
does meetings is central to an organization(s health.
!A )3* ,4uman
"anagement and
B,.,',! "oodle Post/ 5ob
This assignment helped me to better understand the needs of
adults as learners and ho$ critical job embedded professional
development is to the success of any professional development
!A )3* ,4uman
"anagement and
A This % believe6
Artifact 2
This assignment reuired me to reflect on $hat % value and
believe about many facets of education. %t $as interesting to
me that after 77 months in the program these are still the things
that hold the most value to me.
!A )*8 ,.urriculum
and #taff
A,B,.,',! s9!T# Po$er Point
and action research
"y action research project allo$ed me the opportunity to
design, develop, and implement an intervention process to
increase student achievement among those students $ho are
part of the 1at ris&2 population of !ast "iddle #chool.
!A )3+, and )3:
,Action 0esearch-
A,.,! Professional ;ro$th
This activity provided the opportunity to evaluate my values
$hile providing a frame$or& for goal setting and a structure to
achieve them.
!A )*+ ,#chool as a
A,B #chool Architecture
Po$er Point
The creation of this po$er point allo$ed me to discover the
relationship bet$een school architecture and student
achievement and to dream about $hat an ideal school could
loo& li&e.
!A )*<
A,B,.,',! 9;##
implementation plan
=hile $or&ing $ith a district team, % $as able to create a
vision for a 3>) year 9;## implementation plan.
.ompleted $hile
acting as %nterim
Assistant Principal