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Sirelle Brackett

Civil Disobedience
“Unjust laws exist; shall we be content to obey them, or shall we
endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we
transgress them at once?” (Thoreau, part 2). People always have something
against laws. They just don’t know how to deal with them. Should the laws be
followed, attempted to be fixed, or just forget about them completely? Civil
Disobedience is a peaceful form of political protest against laws. It consists of
not paying taxes, like Henry David Thoreau, or leading the nation’s peaceful civil
rights movement, like Martin Luther King Jr. There are many other acts of civil
disobedience such as environmental, social, and medical. Julia Butterfly Hill:
On December 10, 1997 Julia Butterfly Hill was 23 years- old when she
climbed the 1,000 year- old Redwood tree in Humboldt County. Her goal was
protect it from being chopped down by the Pacific Lumber Company. She lived
in “Luna” for 738 days and learned many different survival techniques. Her
persistence and focus to protect the tree was broadcasted everywhere. She
spoke in many radio and television interviews, as well as being a host of a TV
show that protested old- growth clear cutting. In 1999, Pacific Lumber Company
finally agreed to reserve “Luna” and all the trees within a 200-foot buffer
zone. Julia Hill’s patients was spread all around the world to promote OutRage!:
In Piccadilly Circus under the statue of Eros OutRage! hosted a “Kiss-
In”. This was a way to show that lesbians and gays are exactly the same as
everyone else. It was to express gay and lesbian PDA, just like heterosexual
PDA. They mimicked the heterosexual norm, which signaled a lack of self- worth
and self- confidence. It was an act of expressing that gay and lesbians were no
longer willing to remain “in private” and excluded from the public consciousness
and debate. This civil disobedience act ceased the amount of arrests in central
London for gay and lesbian couples for kissing and cuddling. Karen L. Brauer:
At a Kmart pharmacy in Delhi, Ohio Karen L. Brauer, a pharmacist was
fired because she refused to fill a birth control prescription. On March 28, 2005
the talk about rights for pharmacists erupted. The reason Brauer refused to fill
the prescription was because it went against her moral and ethical beliefs. She
did not feel like it was right to fill any birth control prescriptions or give out the
morning after pill. She was on CNN American Morning talking about the
issue. Brauer has an organization called “Pharmacists for Life” which aims at
giving pharmacists the right to refuse to fill a prescription if it contradicts their
moral or ethical beliefs. In Mississippi a bill was passed that allowed pharmacists
to do so. However, pharmacists are meant to do their job. If they don’t believe in
something so common as birth control maybe that career isn’t the best option for