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WorldMags.za MAN WITH A PLAN 24Cobus van der Merwe is still on the hunt for a pro card – we reveal his strategy 10 TRAINING MOVES 28The exercises that have stood the test of time 46Turning a weakness into a strength 58The facts.net CHRIS FITZPATRICK 107 ANDREW HUDSON 108 TAMMY DREYER . myths and personal insights 76 SA’s 2x IFBB bikini champion redefines hot CONCRETE CALVES GERMAN VOLUME TRAINING LIZELLE HORN Also in this issue: 20 CNS fatigue How the nervous system responds to weight training 36 The pillars of fatloss Understanding the fundamentals of getting shredded 40 Compound vs Isolation Selecting the right tool for the job 54 Raw protein Ditch the cooking for a musclebuildng and health-boosting benefit 70 56 Fat chance Are your genes hampering your ability to get super-ripped? 84 62 Challenging beliefs A possible new training split that could change the game 66 Poundstone power Exclusive interview with Derek Poundstone 76 70 Elite training series Andrew Hudson’s big back workout LIZELLE HORN 84 Supplement crosscontamination A closer look at this controversial subject 90 Gym etiquette 46 COLUMNS THIS ISSUE The spoken and unspoken laws Athlete spotlight 92 Cat Buys-Rademeyer 96 Lara-Kenyan Thomas 98 Christy Griffiths 110 Show dates 4 Muscle Evolution 103 NELSON MTHEMBU 104 COBUS VAN DER MERWE 105 JOHN LESLIE 106 WorldMags.co.cindy ho o.net CONTENTS >>ON THE COVER Cover image of Cobus van der Merwe by Cindy Ellis .www.

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Andrew Hudson. 2162 Head Office: +27 11 791 3646 Fax 086 660 4761 E-mail info@muscleevolution. but there is another synergy between my style and that of Muscle Evolution. as they say.net MANAGING EDITOR Pedro van Gaalen ART DIRECTION & DESIGN Tanja Carruthers Christian Nel ADMINISTRATION Kate Rodney ONLINE EDITOR & FEATURES WRITER Melanie Heyns ADVERTISING Brian Verster brian@muscleevolution. Marius Dohne. hammer and bag of nails.E EDITOR’S LETTER WorldMags. Robynne Fitzpatrick. The Maverick Publishing Corporation cannot be held liable for any advice provided in this publication. This strategy has stood me in good stead in my career. I Editor even sent an email to Muscle Evolution back then complimenting the magazine. Chris Fitzpatrick. Marlene Koekemoer. Vusi Njisane THE PUBLISHER @MuscleEvoMag Muscle Evolution Postnet suite 99. Gareth Israel. dead and I heard the bench we built became I would like to thank Andrew for his fuel for a bonfire braai. please consult a registered doctor. Block F. fitness. and it is captured in the name of the magazine: Evolution. Obvious. Own: be aware of what others are doing.net PUBLISHER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Andrew Carruthers EDITOR Devlin Brown body part’. Shameen Adams. The next about his plans to get that pro card and day I went back to the digs with a wood shares invaluable tips for beginners. to my grandfathers competing and patience. HJ Lombard. Dorian Yates and whether Ronnie Coleman The content this month is exciting. No 2 Herb Street. I remember reading Muscle the bannister of life may the splinters never Evolution in 2005 and telling myself that I also point in the wrong direction. The Maverick Publishing Corporation shall not be liable for any unsolicited material. nor photographs or manuscripts submitted to our publication office. And the beautiful Lizelle be jacked! Of course. Tammy Jackson. Writing is my ‘favourite J 6 Muscle Evolution 28 THAT’VE STOOD THE TEST OF TIME WorldMags. And that is my A BURNING AMBITION commitment to you. well the article I did with Cobus van der Merwe in this edition puts me under enough pressure to sort those out.za No liability is assumed by The Maverick Publishing Corporation.co. strength and an appreciation for all things muscular are an integral part of my personality. informs and entertains. fitness and training that was the ideal fit for me.za 082 924 5284 PHOTOGRAPHERS Gary Phillips..za Unit 21. Johan Boshoff. Mario van Biljon. Soulby Jackson. those years ago. so flexing that is enough reason to wake up with a smile every morning. Cadmus Photography. When I started writing for this company as a freelancer it was because I believed in what they did. Cover athlete Cobus talks titles. . Randpark Ridge. strength. and because health. if I would win as many. Lifestyle Riverfront Office Park.M. Shelby Starnes. Johannesburg. and shape an institution of South PAGE 10 MOVES African bodybuilding. Richard Cook. Slade @ Pure Studio. content that keeps ust under 15 years ago I walked into you on the cusp of the wave. Bosbok Road. The entire team here has for my amazement with their muscles and been warm and welcoming. when Andrew offered me the opportunity to take over his editorial role I jumped at the opportunity. Fax 086 557 5933 muscleevolutionsubs@rnad. it was the sport of bodybuilding. John Leslie. at least he would dose of inspiration.. I’d like to thank Tanja for her support and From the muscle magazines piling up on my belief in me and Pedro for his help. One of my mentors when I first became an editor told me to remember the “three Os” . Isaac Hinds CONTRIBUTORS & ADVISORY Anthony Roberts. Private Bag X8 North Riding. Olympia do say so myself. We took a Hudson shares more invaluable training housemate’s bed to the porch. New Doornfontein.co. or more. It was okay that thought-provoking theory and a massive Paul suddenly had no bed. and trust your own instinct and content. and with his support I part of my life. cut it up into and bodybuilding advice. That’s the day I told those close to me that despite MY FAVOURITE THIS ISSUE: climbing the career ladder in news media. Bodybuilding Club was born. 2139 Monice Kruger SUBSCRIPTIONS Tel +27 11 473 8700. Gauteng DISTRIBUTION On The Dot. advice desk as a child. It’s packed full of educational features. The information published in this magazine should not be considered as medical advice. my career path was laid out clearly onward and upward. However.put together Devlin the best bodybuilding magazine there is. Nelson Mthembu. all the around the fire I met a stranger and while doing all that can be done to promote within minutes we were talking about and grow this industry. and I am godfather to his hope to emulate his success and nose for daughter – a lifetime’s friendship triggered exactly what it takes to make an incredibly with a discussion about bodybuilding all successful magazine and media house. Hindsight is a funny thing. Michael Palmer. our readers: to produce REALISED content that is relevant. the home gym is long Horn tops it all off. include in the publication what is obvious to you. Stepping into his huge shoes I met there went on to become an integral is no small task. and will not publish any editorial material nor advertising that we feel does not comply with our readership audience. Andrew saw. Cindy Ellis. Hennie Kotze.Others.that of training content from various sources as day the Beaufort Street Bundu Bashing usual. Muscle Evolution Magazine nor any of the authors of the information provided in this publication. So. Louis Bessinger. That says something. want to do what Andrew does .co. the stranger confidence. And so. As for the calves. The Maverick Publishing Corporation reserve the right to reject any advertising without notification. Andrew’s magazine has been ahead of the curve on all three fronts. Stand still in this world and get left behind. I aim to continue and grow his passion. Standing that inspires. and we have lots small pieces and built a flat bench . and content a university digs party. and as we slide down from a young age.

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E PUBLISHER’S LETTER WorldMags. If you’d like to get your training pic or your behind-the-scenes shot from a show published send a high res image to info@muscleevolution. are different because they choose to take their physique where others won’t. apart from having crazy genetics. With that in mind. He comes from a sports journalism background and is extremely passionate about weight training.co. It’s all about sharing more of what goes on in the local bodybuilding community with the broader market. and I look forward to promoting you and all your hard work and effort on the pages of this magazine. and another great mind to share and explore the world of bodybuilding with me. and I hope to publish as many shows as possible this year.za. It’s going to be a great season. our aim for the remainder of the year is to take your training and your physique to the next level.net EVOLUTION IS INEVITABLE I guess you could say that it has taken me 64 issues to embrace change on this scale here at Muscle Evolution. and always will be the magazine that represents South African bodybuilders. As usual we’ll be there to capture all the action. as he is known in the office.M. so we’re determined to delve deeper than ever before and bring you new insights and real value to help you achieve your goals. who after a short period of time on the team in the role of group deputy editor. harder and do more than those who walk off stage with their heads held low. to maintaining athlete and client relationships.net FROM THE PUBLISHERS OF . we’ve now included a reader’s section in mag where we publish readers’ photos.the stuff you guys want and need to train harder and become better. To do so we’ll continue to extract as much valuable information out of SA’s best athletes and deliver it to you in an exciting. I feel that this will allow us to better capture what we feel is the real meat of our editorial content . Enjoy issue 64. As a prime example. I am ecstatic to introduce you to Devlin Brown. As such I’m really excited about the rest of 2014 and the kind of editorial we’re going to bring you. has been appointed as Editor of Muscle Evolution. and has taken our content to new levels in this issue. We’re really aware of the fact that we’re preaching to the converted with our content. The ideas and concepts he has already brought to the team have been refreshing to say the least. The hype really starts to build at this time of year as the details of the big shows are announced. Social media inevitably runs wild with athletes posting progress pics as they get ready to step on stage to do battle. The top athletes on the planet. I simply now have a second pair of hands (and eyes). Nothing is going to change in that regard as I will remain involved in the day-to-day stuff – from editorial content. That’s what separates the best from the rest – the ability to push further. fresh ideas. This magazine always has. I can’t wait to see what you bring to the stage this year. This sport is the real deal and what you put in is what you get out – period! Keep that in mind as you prep for the year ahead. Andrew Editor-In-Chief OVER 72 000 MAGAZINES PRINTED (COMBINED) 8 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. well-designed and interesting manner. Dev. is an incredibly talented guy and a great asset to our team. I made the decision after realising that by holding on to the reins as tightly as I have over the years (because Muscle Evolution and SA bodybuilding are my absolute passion) hasn’t allowed the magazine to evolve as rapidly as I want through the introduction of new. I’m also excited about the competitive season ahead. But after 10 years as Editor-in-Chief I am finally handing over the editorial reins of Muscle Evolution.

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with Herwill also securing the overall title. Joshua Nkosi. HFPA LAUNCH ONLINE COURSE Organisers of the WBFF South Africa have announced a change to the previously advertised date of the 2014 show. Greece delivered top results for a number of deserving local athletes. thereby improving muscle tissue recovery. to the conceptualisation and full interior design and planning of a new venture.com. and research continues to prove that whey protein offers the highest nitrogen retention rates. making it the most comprehensive turnkey solution of its kind in the market. conceptualisation.from the layout of equipment within an existing facility. which provides users with between 76-79% (depending on flavour) of the highest quality protein (per serving) for rapid uptake and conversion into amino acids. The product also contains Tolerase™ L. Gym Africa’s consulting services division is also able to provide comprehensive business planning. including associated spaces such as studios and changing rooms.net MUSCLE NEWS USN LAUNCH WHEY ULTRA-100 Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN) has launched Whey Ultra–100. SA ATHLETES DOMINATE AT NABBA-WFF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS The 2013 Nabba-WFF World Championships. 10 Muscle Evolution HFPA. The competition will now be held on the weekend of the 20th and 21st June 2014 at Carnival City. George Herwill and Cat Buys-Rademeyer all took home gold.za. For more info contact Rene on 011 807 9673 or visit www.E NEWS WorldMags.co. Gym Africa carefully selects the global manufacturers the company partners with and regularly monitors quality control by visiting the manufacturing plants throughout the world. business planning and management services. Whey Ultra-100 is currently available in chocolate. from the initial feasibility study to business projections.net .M. Johandri Claasen. Registrations are now open. and enable them to understand the human body at a deeper level. The company also offers a comprehensive design and planning service for every aspect of a fitness project . A large South African contingent travelled to the championships with high hopes and didn’t disappoint. held in Thessaloniki. together with Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems. to ascertain how common dysfunctions occur and how to train clients following therapy based on research with a practical application. Prince Majola. marketing support and maintenance and service support for any gym facility. DATE CHANGE FOR WBFF SOUTH AFRICA SHOW GYM AFRICA OFFERS END-TO-END GYM SOLUTION Gym Africa is a leading provider of quality gym products and equipment. have launched an online course designed to educate personal trainers. This is the only course that delves into how the body works from the inside out biomechanically and synergistically. This service also extends to management and staff training. as well as design. GET TO KNOW CHRISTY IN OUR ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT ON PG98 WorldMags. For more info visit www. Whey protein has been scientifically verified to offer the highest biological value protein in nature.gymafrica. which assists in supporting digestion. strawberry and vanilla flavours. making it suitable for those who have a lactose intolerance. For more info or to enter visit www.co.za.hfpa.wbffsouthafrica.

stretching and weight training exercises.ibff. NEW ONLINE FITNESS PORTAL LAUNCHES Fitness101.net . lose fat. meal plans. co.” WorldMags.once you have one. For more information visit www. nutrition guides. Williams will also be competing in the over 50 division. offering an abundance of resources including workout routines. No matter what your fitness goal. Arnie Williams has announced an affiliation with the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IBFF). supplement reviews. Dude . your life completely revolves around their schedule.za for more info or download the app from Google Play or iTunes. It is dedicated to providing cutting-edge training. A Fit Playlist offers a number of upbeat tracks to pump up your workout.info.WorldMags. Fitness101 provides users with the guidance to achieve it. Slovenia on the 21st July.za is a recently launched website for fitness enthusiasts. The website caters for both beginner and professional fitness fanatics alike. online personal training. taking place in Koper. increase sports performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Visit www. nutritional intake calculators and informative fitness related articles. with content that can accessed on the go via the Android and Apple apps. The federation has recently added an additional two international shows to its calendar. nutrition and supplement information to men and women looking to build muscle. ingredient specific supplement guides. “You’ll see. and you can track your progress with the Fit Tracker.net LOCAL ATHLETES TO TRAVEL TO IBFF WORLD CHAMPS Veteran athlete and Chairman of the WPF South Africa.co. and deserving local athletes who qualify stand the chance of receiving an invitation to compete at the 2014 IBFF World Championships.fitness101.

and aids fat loss by breaking down the fat within cells more effectively. RASPBERRY KEYTONES FROM EVOX Rianne Hall Raspberry Ketone is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries.net MUSCLE NEWS LOCAL LADIES SHINE AT 2013 NABBA UNIVERSE Amidst an extremely high standard of competition at the 2013 Nabba Universe. HFPA will also presents a new and exciting Pilates mat course. 12 Muscle Evolution WorldMags.E NEWS WorldMags. more commonly know as Jack Owoc’s mTORC1™ Peptide. VPX® mTORC1™ pre-workout mTOR Ignitor™ is an innovative preworkout formula that shatters the envelope of creatine and muscle building science. fascia and joints. This compound has also been shown to regulate adiponectin.net . glutes and other muscles of major importance. a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. while Rianne Hall placed fourth in the Toned Figure category. South African athletes held their own and placed extremely well. Irene Alley placed fifth in the Miss Figure Class 2 category. England. Evox’s Raspberry Keytones product has been scientifically designed to help accelerate the results of your dieting efforts. Recent research suggests that raspberry ketones may assist in your weightloss efforts. Developed and presented by Merel Schabort. HFPA LAUNCH NEW COURSES IN 2014 Irene Alley VPX MTORC1™ HFPA will now offer a course in Fascia Therapy designed to teach people more about the compensation patterns in the body. especially when paired with regular exercise and a well-balanced eating plan. isoleucine. which took place in Southport. a Master Pilates Instructor and Pilates Method Alliance® certified trainer.co. This ratio ignites the explosive muscle building power of mTOR and GLUT4 receptors.M. For more info on these two courses email media@hfpa. The new mTORC1™ preworkout mTOR Ignitor™ features a patented breakthrough known as CreatylL-Leucine. and how to release them and return balance to the muscles. The course will teach facilitators muscle activation to instantly fire the core. The 2:2:1 leucine. this Level 1 and Level 2: Basic and Intermediate Pilates mat course offers professional training in the method of physical conditioning. Testing will be done to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the fascia and a hands-on technique to release this will be shown. by offering the very best ingredients science has to offer. This patented creatine/leucine peptide is combined with another patent pending breakthrough named L-Leucyl-L-Isoleucine peptide to form the building blocks of this revolutionary muscle building cocktail. valine ratio is also a patent pending proprietary blend of BCAAs.za or call Hayley on 011 807 9673.

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ALL PHOTOS. .now share it with likeminded people all over the country. This forum is where we give our readers a platform to communicate visually and be part of Team Muscle Evolution. NAMES AND SPELLING AS SUPPLIED MUSCLE EVOLUTION ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS.E People theme each edition. Whether it has been your dream to see yourself in a bodybuilding magazine.E PEOPLE Check outWorldMags.za Wesley Robertson Thanduxolo Ngema Mohseen Patel Be n M yb urgh Flippie du Preez Anneline Booy sen Sean Robinson Travis Robinson Deborah Williams Adrian Brown Chelsea Anne Hornby Jared Reed Siphesihle Nzimande Renier de Bruin Nelius de Lange Lenge Kotze Jesse Harms Christy Griffiths Megan Lilley Kirstin Nel Albert Maritz Soandri Meyer Jeremy Blasco Christo Lodder Leon Nel Johan van Eeden Bradley Noades Retha Lewis Michael Oosthuizen Warren Anthony WorldMags. You have put in the hard work .co.net BY READERS.E People is a forum for our readers to share their photos. you have some healthy competition with friends or simply need to keep yourself accountable.M. Follow us on twitter (@muscleevomag) and Facebook (muscleevolution-southafrica’snumber1bodybuildingmagazine) to be first to send your themed photos in for the next edition! The address to send photos is info@muscleevolution.E PEOPLE M. keep an eye on our Facebook and twitter feeds for the M. This edition the theme is: Best Training Photos.net some training shots from our readers! M.

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Blending each serving with healthy calorie and nutrient dense foods such as fat-free frozen yoghurt. which requires a substantial YOU MUST about adding quality intake of high quality CONSUME muscle mass a good food. can help take care of almost half of your daily caloric requirements. to name just a few. if they form for taste. Consuming a serving or two of a quality mass builder in addition to your daily meals ensures your body will have all the protein and calories needed to fuel muscle growth. As a co-founder and partner in SSN I can proudly and confidently claim that SSN’s Anabolic Muscle Builder is one of them. MEAL PLANNING OR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION? ASK OUR PRO MARIO. including Universal. So. While simple. honey. WorldMags. This is when your insulin sensitivity is highest. digesting carbs such You need to REMEMBER as sweet potatoes. There are obviously some good international brands that you could also consider. that the key to unlocking your muscle 16 Muscle Evolution aiming for 3200 calories a day. MASS BUILDER ADVICE Q I require a bit of bodybuilding advice as I’m really struggling. . not to mention enhance taste.net ask M. understand that FOR ADDING whole grain breads building muscle mass and oats at other QUALITY can often be a tedious meals. Often the hard gainer’s biggest challenge is overcoming their limited appetite. As a co-founder of Muscle Science and formulator of the original Optimum Anabolic formula in 1999. you would need to eat around 1600 or more calories from carbs per day. The nutritional advisor at your local supplement store should be able to guide you in this regard. Remember to train with intensity and passion in order to provide the muscle building stimulus required for your muscles to use this food to fuel muscle growth and add lean mass rather than simply adding fat mass to your body. In terms of a more is when the use of appropriate practical example. On a positive note there are a number of more recently formulated products on the market that are more than adequate replacements. MUSCLE” add much muscle. even for a second. This from carbs. THAN YOU of bodyweight. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to try and consume an additional meal or two every day.E LOOKING FOR ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR TRAINING. muscle. if you have to may fall short on your total calorie force feed yourself then so be intake.za and stand a chance to win a SSN X-Series Performance Whey & NO Rage Hamper. I weigh 61kg and have been taking a supplement for post-workout gains. mass builder shakes also have added carbs to pack as many calories as possible into a serving. The supplement I’ve been taking for the past four months is Muscle Science Optimum Anabolic. fish and dairy) are gainers who battle to build hard to eat in large quantities.net By supplementing the odd meal with a scoop or two of a pure protein powder such as whey you can boost both your protein and calorie intakes without the digestive discomfort that comes with consuming that much food in one sitting. 200-240g) during the three “critical windows of opportunity” each day. With that said. as well as a post-workout shake. recovery and refuelling. it has been sad to see the demise of the brand since my original business partner and I sold our shares and exited the business. and if it is tried and tested. Ideally you would time your carbohydrate intake so that you ingest 50-60% of these carbs (i. You can’t simply eat when especially when combined with you are hungry or eat simply your carbs. I read the details of the SSN Anabolic Muscle Builder and it seems quite good.M.e. nuts and bananas is a great way to add additional calories. liquid carbs such as vitargo or waxy maize starch should be consumed in and building success lies around workouts “AN buried within the tub IMPORTANT you should focus on of a mass or muscle consuming slowRULE TO builder supplement. Always make sure you’re it. Petros Phillip A You’ve definitely come to the right person with regard to the question you’re asking. chicken the number one curse for hard breasts. I am confident that following this dietary approach for a few months should help you gain a few kilograms of muscle. similar to the Muscle Science product I was using. At four calories per gram of carbohydrates this equates to around 400g of carbs every day.E READERS QUESTIONS Mail your questions to info@muscleevolution.and/or intra-workout shake. which is when your body is primed to grow. Consuming a pre. focused protein per kilogram workouts. coupled with rule of thumb is to MORE consistent daily high CALORIES aim for at least 3g of intensity. along with SSN supplements and products from Muscle Works. but not at the expense get around 50% of their calories of total calorie consumption. protein-rich supplements that often supply around 500 calories per serving. but build muscle. FOUNDER OF BODYGURU. But when I went to the mall to get my usual supplement I was disappointed to find that they weren’t on the shelves anymore. Optimum Nutrition and Gaspari. are high calorie. The store had the usual USN products. Most whole protein Not eating enough is foods (lean red meat. There are other good muscle builders available too and I have no reason to doubt the quality and efficacy of the other locally manufactured products sold alongside SSN from big name brands such as Evox and USN. which you refer to. if you were supplements can be considered. WorldMags. natural and organic peanut butter. I really need some professional assistance please. I don’t really want to bulk or gain mass. In addition to a decent serving of protein (3545g). Mass builders such as SSN’s Anabolic Muscle Builder. I don’t want you to think. before training and immediately after training.co. Instead of four or five small meals try for six or even seven. eggs. and adding another protein shake late in the evening before bed. MUSCLE and challenging For hard gainers SIZE IS THAT who are serious endeavour. As such. For An important rule to an 80kg person this BURN OR remember for adding would equate to YOU’LL quality muscle size is SIMPLY BE around 240g per day. Could you give me some info on the product before I purchase it as I haven’t heard anything about this product before so I’m not sure if it is good or bad. You’re not eating for the bulk of your meal you may the fun of it: you’re eating to be getting enough protein. Hard gainers trying to gain getting the protein you need for lean muscle mass should aim to growth. or even in the middle of the night. that you must consume For most this will work UNABLE TO out at somewhere more calories than you burn or you’ll ADD MUCH around 30% of their simply be unable to daily calorie intake. namely breakfast.

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and from the 1199 designed Pa in weight that nigale R to deliver small redu add up to som instance. The band is also water-resistant. The Standard 2600 Edition’s power capacity allows 1-2 full charges of a standard mobile handset and takes 3-4 hours to fully recharge. The bike’s in paint found on t scheme matches the Ro sso Corsa the Ducati Des just about ev mosedici GP1 ery compone nt has been re 3.000 before import duties and taxes). The bike retails for $65.WorldMags. distance covered and calories burned. The information is shown on a curved display. and lable worldw orange-red pa ide. allows you to set personalised goals and track general everyday activity. in ie (DTC) and En Control (DWC). From corkscrews to a zester. the 1199 gh only 500 will be made avai t of just 155kg.net . This Powerbank takes only 4-5 hours to fully recharge. 18 Muscle Evolution RED-E PowerBank The RED-E product range offers three portable charging devices that utilise lithium-polymer batteries to charge devices while on the go. so Ducati ha of electronic systems to re s incorporated a host in in this pow Ducati Wheel er.birando. compete and compare with friends and family around the world. packed with 10 essential tools that will help you mix the perfect drink. the Bar10der is the ultimate cocktail companion.za. Available at as well as a 4 LED Power Indicator that prices from R299 helps to identify the remaining charge. the ething substa ctions co nt bolts used ar mplete exhaust system an ial. Ducati 119 9 Superleg gera Ducati’s limite d Superleggera edition “super light” street has a dry wei bike. anium. The batteries can last for over a year. even when tracking you 24/7. For e tit d more weight. The band logs steps taken. The engine produces m are made ore than er.za. and this wearable fitness tech will remind you when you’ve been sitting for too long or if you’re over-sleeping. You can also join online challenges and earn virtual badges for extra motivation. The Superior 4500 Edition offers a 4 LED Power Indicator that helps to identify the remaining charge and houses a Micro-SD card slot reader that can be accessed during recharging. due for release in March.000 (R715. They are all small enough to be carried in a laptop bag.net TECH GEA Bar10der Multi-BarTool Whether you’re serving friends or it’s just a party of one. This feature allows you to connect. WorldMags. and also monitors your sleep quality to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Data can then be uploaded to the Garmin Connect website for analysis and sharing. to R699. It also comes standard with a built-in USB cable that you can use to recharge your Powerbank. recharge. The Premium 6000 Edition has the ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously with a builtin micro USB cable and 2 additional USB outlets. Ducati Trac cluding gine Brake Co tion Control ntrol (EBC).co. Garmin vivofit Garmin’s wearable fitness band. Available in five different colours for R420 from www. For more The Premium Edition takes 6-7 hours to info visit www. A lithium ion batt most ery saves and all the bo dy compone from carbon nts fib 200 horsepow re. the Bar10der 10-in-1 bar tool will go anywhere and do anything in your bar. without the hassle of multiple tools. with 1 USB Adapter Cable and 4 Adapters. It also has a built-in micro USB cable for charging your smartphone or device. handbag or even a pocket. Each RED-E PowerBank comes omnico. co.

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The causes of fatigue are believed to be of both peripheral (muscle glycogen depletion and plasma glucose concentrations are reduced. MOST OFTEN. Central versus peripheral factors of fatigue are both important to the theory of fatigue. across various sources. The head of sport science at the High Performance Centre of the University of Pretoria. and plasma free fatty acids are elevated) and central origin. “Fatigue”. CNS fatigue is the body’s natural defence mechanism and the body’s reaction will be to cease exercise (fatigue) to ensure its normal homeostasis. It is the body’s way of protecting and preventing peripheral muscle injury. Shona Hendricks helps put this into perspective. Websites. It is quite daunting reading that a set of squats on Monday will lead to CNS fatigue. lethargy. CNS fatigue is defined. as being a state where effort is perceived as harder. and therefore contribute to fatigue at a central origin after prolonged exercise. AS BEING A STATE WHERE EFFORT IS PERCEIVED AS HARDER. red eyes. and athletes who perhaps push through this fatigue too much can be susceptible to uscle injuries. THUS RESULTING IN THE EXERCISER SLOWING DOWN OR ENDING THE ACTIVITY IN ORDER TO PROTE T THE BODY. Ed t r WorldMags. heavy lifts. broadly. is not a simple state that can be explained in isolation of various physiological systems. However. which therefore necessitates more recovery. “The concept of CNS fatigue is that it is a form of fatigue that is associated with specific alterations of CNS functioning (exercise-induced increase in serotonin and dopamine and others in the brain) that may influence mood. “The inability to maintain the required or expected power output that leads to a loss of performance in a given task is known as fatigue (Edwards. But what is the truth? What is CNS fatigue? T he Internet is full of vague explanations about the big compound lifts being more taxing on the CNS. Editor De l n ro . and where pain is perceived more intensely. sensation of effort and tolerance to pain and discomfort. one needs to understand that fatigue as a concept all round is a very complex phenomenon and cannot be explained by one theory or model. compound. and is influenced by both of these factors. AND WHERE PAIN IS PERCEIVED MORE INTENSELY.net factors. Continued persistence of NS fatigue along with >> . BROADLY. ACROSS VARIOUS SOURCES. especially because the cause of central fatigue during maximal and prolonged efforts of exercise is influenced to a large extent by peripheral CNS FATIGUE IS DEFINED. a job demotion and all-round uselessness. 1981).net EM OUS SYST INING NERV TRA HOW THE O WEIGHT T RESPONDS GUE FATI NS C IT IS NOT UNCOMMON TO HEAR PSEUDO-SCIENCE PHRASES BEING BANDIED ABOUT THE GYM BETWEEN SETS AT THE WATER COOLER. MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON BAD “BRO-SCIENCE” IS LIKE WATCHING AN EPISODE OF CSI AND THEN CLAIMING YOU’RE AN EXPERT IN FORENSICS. There is no doubt about the increased neurological function required in the big. thus resulting in the exerciser slowing down or ending the activity in order to protect the body.M. Essentially they both influence each other and reduced exercise performance is limited by a combination of these and many other factors. taking us back to the very definition of fatigue itself.” said Hendricks. forums and friends all speak about “fatiguing the nervous system” and CNS fatigue leading to “overtraining”. One of the concepts that people use very freely to describe feeling tired is Central Nervous System (CNS) fatigue. 20 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. but how this leads to specific CNS fatigue is less clear. blogs. she argues.E SCIENCE By Devlin Brown.

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is a fine line and is not something that is blatantly visible to the athletes.” said He nd every p individual training. as people who lift heavy weights and train for strength. exercise a ua response to dical history. as the fatigue would have already set in if a powerful/ quick rep cannot be completed properly or maximally.E and so y ways nclude re are man easures. but understanding the symptoms is another. In other words.E SCIENCE WorldMags. Hendriks explained: “The most common symptom is a decrease in performance. An important strategy in delaying the onset of CNS fatigue is to ensure that reps should only be completed for as long as good technique. This is where CNS fatigue has a direct effect during exercise. The es.” ion ical quest e next log gue is. which is obviously vital in any sports performance. refuelling. that each a r specific he fe ica diff physiolog rinciples o imen to meet his or hen an fatigue is ad to CNS the basic p g nw that will le in line with one of programme and re in that eve CNS fatigue. th l factors and other erent for each perso xercise. physiological m d conditioning coa n ir a a questionn able to an strength lu be very va N WorldMags. ndrick erson charact is is due to n. pre s.M. or all three. on specific reps. knowin DIVIDUtAL have an undersndndion affect our weightto train our bodiess. ch pers gende “Ea age.towards IN e r it ow tha w w does this co ts in orde er this will push u to every ing weigh ho would be ort is related to lift S fatigue. muscle size. slowed reflexes and impaired cognitive ability. This is particularly true for fast twitch fibres as they fatigue much quicker than slow twitch fibres. poor mood.” answered Hendricks.” Hendricks continued. 22 Muscle Evolution AN IMPORTANT STRATEGY IN DELAYING THE ONSET OF CNS FATIGUE IS TO ENSURE THAT REPS SHOULD ONLY BE COMPLETED FOR AS LONG AS GOOD TECHNIQUE. “It is known that continued exercise can influence the way the CNS influences and controls muscle recruitment. and wheth would be like gold ining is sp to CN ra we do in th ch training will lead eyman called overt ce u og nd resistan l just how m and mysterious bo .physica e the defining thlete und a not a ph raining is rs at play regardin multitude to this. CNS fatigue occurs in order to warn the athlete that physiological conditions are not optimal for exercise and either rest. th fter all. Rest is vital between sets as well.an s. But what we are interested in. individ ining ded lete the drea different ngth ath vious me er and stre will have a ount of tra bodybuild on is different and r.” said Hendricks. When working on explosive power lower repetitions are recommended (1-5) with higher loadings of percentage 1RM (up to 80-90% of 1RM). particularly power and speed events. level of activity. When it comes to planning your explosive power sessions. but can also be accomplished with the help of a sports scientist or strength and conditioning coach. e n that follo enomeno g the concept of som of factors .” said Hendricks. CNS fatigue can present itself within a particular set. is needed. or both. everything ES S fati A g DIFFERENC ta ing of what CN training? So. Therefore an athlete’s receptors and effectors have to be at an optimal physiological level of excitation and inhibition in order to allow optimum recruitment of muscle fibres. with 4-6 minutes of rest usually advocated. Therefore training the CNS to become more efficient and optimise function will extend the time to the onset of CNS fatigue. This.net many other factors can bring about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. however. d when and how e in isolation – there ined”. however it is important to note that while the CNS plays a large role in this condition it is not the only factor in chronic fatigue. Therefore the am eristic s.” she co factor. usually 48 hours of recovery is recommended between these high intensity sessions. Other symptoms may include lack of motivation. an ws necess eone becoming “ove psychological goals with rstands his own bo l. This will come with experience. expla too And this is d requires a specific endricks goes on to rcise may lead to H are simply xe ifferent. overt by a nito r facto on caused tribute g daily mo I believe can many othe ing’ is a phenomen NS fatigue may con g’ includin h in C “‘Overtra d where constant ‘overtrainin lete measures whic easure used to m and subjective ath cial . QUICKNESS AND POWER CAN BE MAINTAINED THROUGH THE REPS AND THE MOVEMENT. It may also include an abnormally high perception regarding the force of exertion that the athlete is normally used to. CNS fatigue will slow down the speed of excitation therefore affecting the speed at which a muscle fibre will contract and relax. in other words. This will optimise the contribution of the CNS and will therefore allow for optimal speed and power of the muscle recruitment process. “There are certain philosophies with regard to resistance training to improve explosive power while minimising the effects of CNS fatigue. an or her capabilities. quickness and power can be maintained through the reps and the movement. this may be with particular reps or a session as a whole. is d rtra arily in his dy. M. Athletes need to begin to understand their bodies and how they react to various levels and frequency of training. it is quite possible that one can overdo it and end up being counterproductive. “This will help the athlete delay the onset of CNS fatigue. as this combination of loading creates a higher excitation and effector signal communication of the whole muscle motor unit. it will not b ring. or in a workout as a whole. ch. What can we do to train with our nervous system and not against it? How do we know what is the best way to overcome CNS fatigue? “The CNS and the way it controls muscle fibre contraction can become more efficient through training.” So. specifically resistance training.net . The two concepts of ‘excitation’ and ‘inhibition’ are the speed at which the signals are sent from the receptors in the brain to the effectors and back again. WARNING SYSTEM U nderstanding the theory of CNS fatigue is one thing. explosiveness. is how we can manage the CNS so as to not be “held back” by the nervous system.

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” Cobus said when weighing up his last season and his ambitions for this year. when it comes to the crunch everyone wants gold.za WorldMags. The criteria changed for a pro card now as you have to win the division. MOROCCO.E COVER PROFILE By Devlin Brown.cindyphoto. which was a bit of a disappointment for me. AND NOW HE IS EVEN MORE DETERMINED THAN BEFORE TO STEP ON STAGE AT THE WORLDS THIS YEAR. 24 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. But now I am even more psyched up than before to be the first South African to win the IFBB World Championships and make history on the amateur level like Marius (Dohne) did on the professional level.M.www. as you know. BUT THAT NEAR-MISS AND DISAPPOINTMENT HAS ADDED ADDITIONAL FUEL TO HIS ALREADY RAGING FIRE.net OBUS VAN DER MERWE CAME AGONISINGLY CLOSE TO HIS PRO CARD WITH HIS SILVER MEDAL AT THE 2013 IFBB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN MARRAKECH. TAKE GOLD AND EARN HIS PRO CARD. UNLUCKILY IT WAS NOT TO BE HIS YEAR. I got a sliver medal in Morocco. Although second place is a very good achievement. With that in mind Cobus has a plan to change things a little in order to climb on stage later this year with a A MAN WITH A PLAN 2013 IFBB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SILVER MEDALIST COBUS VAN DER MERWE TALKS ABOUT HIS PLANS AND STRATEGY FOR THE YEAR AHEAD AS HE CHASES GOLD AND HIS PRO CARD.net . Editor Photography by Cindy Ellis . Once I achieve that then we will take it from there. C “T his year I am focusing fully on the IFBB World Championships in November in Brazil. Last year.co. THE MAN FROM CENTURION STOOD ON STAGE AS THE COMPETITORS WERE WHITTLED DOWN AND KNEW THAT SOMETHING BIG WAS ON THE CARDS.

TRAINING WorldMags. seated low-pulley rows and hyper extensions. Day 7: Rest. the IFBB South African Championships are held in September. IN FACT. I also have to prep longer because. This year I would like to focus on peaking at the World Championships. Evening: Shoulders and triceps. Day 4: Chest and biceps. Day 3: Quads workout 1. because peaking three times in one year is quite difficult. Day 5: Rest. before moving on to what he feels he needs to change and improve on his physique. >> VERY IMPORTANT. That means there is quite a big gap between those shows.net TECHNIQUE IS world-beating physique. I THINK 90% OF THE YOUNG GUYS TRY TO LIFT TOO HEAVY. Evening: Back and traps.net . He says he must improve the outer sweep of his upper legs and bring thickness into his middle and lower back.” said Cobus. FOCUSING MORE ON FORM. T-bar rows. “I think I can start a bit earlier this year so there is no rush at the end. especially if the shows are going to be six weeks apart. For his back Cobus is sticking to the tried and trusted basics.” says Cobus. Cobus agrees. “To improve the outer sweep of my quads I will focus on performing front squats and hack squats with my legs closer together. WorldMags. where he hopes to blow his opponents out of the water. COBUS VD MERWE’S TRAINING SPLIT Day 1: Morning: Calves. Cobus is quite clear on his strategy to take his stage package to the next level. This will be done as an extra workout on a separate day from the usual leg day. Day 2: Morning: Hamstrings. I AM LIFTING LIGHTER WEIGHTS THAN I DID TEN YEARS AGO. As such I won’t be competing in a show in June or July like I usually do. Day 6: Quads workout 2. and the World Championships are only held in November. In our last edition we wrote about building a beastly back and rated the deadlift as the king of back exercises. “For the thickness in my lower and middle back I will be focusing on good old deadlifts. as you know.” That is a lesson in this strategy for any aspiring bodybuilder on the use of compound movements and progressively more and more isolated and focused moves.

they eat a lot. which guys need to understand.E: What is the single most important thing young bodybuilders need to know? Cobus: The most important thing that men must know to grow muscle and size is to understand that you aren’t growing in the gym – you grow in the kitchen and in your bed. So. You are. Don’t just lift weights for the sake of it. 300g basmati rice. between weightlifting. M. Then you need to sleep so that your body can release hormones that are essential for recovery and muscle growth. combined with the use of drop sets and super sets.M. grow and adapt to the workload. guys need to eat more solid food. in fact. I think there is a big difference. Athletes need to really squeeze each and every rep. focusing more on form. Iraq those guys really don’t have the resources that we have in South Africa. Meal 4: 120g oats measured raw with sweetener. GUYS NEED TO EAT MORE SOLID FOOD. M. supplement-wise and food-wise.all mixed with ice and fat-free milk. but I can tell you something. 1 tablespoon sugar-free peanut butter. and you need to feed the muscles with the right proteins.E: How much should bodybuilders be eating? Cobus: The first thing I tell the guys is that nutrition is very important.E: What training tips do you have for newcomers and young bodybuilders? Cobus: Training technique is very important. The ideal rep range for bodybuilding is between eight and 12 repetitions. Based on that I don’t want to think about what they eat off-season. Cobus told us that his ideal competition weight this year will be 110kg.. Meal 6: 500g lean red meat with 300g cooked basmati rice and one slice of pineapple. It takes more time so start off with smaller portions and work your way up as your muscle size increases. In fact. and with the improvements mentioned above Cobus should be a formidable contender in his division. carbs and nutrients to recover.E COVER PROFILE WorldMags. IT TAKES MORE TIME SO TART OFF WITH SMALLER PORT ONS AND WO K YOUR WAY UP AS YOUR USCLE S ZE INCREAS S.E 26 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. Focus on what you are doing when you are training. COBUS VD MERWE’S DIET Meal 1: 120g oats measured raw with sweetener. Cobus owning the stage in Morrocco QUICK Q&A: M. I am not just talking about the supplements.net “AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED. M. Meal 5: After training two scoops whey protein. powerlifting and bodybuilding. making every rep count. cooked. Iran. I am lifting lighter weights than I did ten years ago. fats. Meal 3: Two tins water packed tuna with two whole eggs. breaking down muscles while you train. a lot! It was really an eye-opener to see just what they eat two or three days before a competition. I think 90% of the young guys try to lift too heavy... I can tell you that my experience at the World Championships . 10 egg whites and two whole eggs. It is the solid food you eat that is superior.meeting up with the guys from Egypt..net . 10 egg whites and two whole eggs. If his plan for his prep. The guys need to eat more in South Africa. conditioning and timing is spot on come competition ti e there is a good chance that the next time we pr file Cobus in the magazine we will be writing about his success at turning pro. as far as I am concerned. two bananas . Meal 2: 300g chicken breast.

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The things that are constant. through the explosion of the 70s and Arnold Schwarzenegger on to Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath. Editor WorldMags. but we have chosen to look at six of the time-tested compound exercises and four of the timetested isolation exercises that should be in any serious bodybuilder’s arsenal. THAT’VE STOOD THE TEST OF TIME Muscle Evolution WorldMags. This could not be more true in the world of bodybuilding. the sport has evolved at a rapid pace. Supplementation and understanding the hormonal environment has taken physical development to le els unimaginable a 100 years ago. Science advancement has skyrocketed and nutrition knowledge has grown exponentially. moves that have been there almost since the beginning of modern bodybuilding. From the humble beginnings of John Grimek and Steve Reeves. However.M. There are more exercises. that have stood the test of time. It’s that simple.net . MDU GREEN hysiques have changed shape and size. magic vitamins and so much more dominate the thousands of bodybuilding forums around the world. Here we look at 10 moves that have stood firm in the face of everything. one thing that has not changed is the fundamentals of the sport. At the end of the day when all is said and done (and eaten) the bodybuilder has to stimulate his muscles into growth. the more they stay the same”. There are some moves that have stood the test of time in this regard. style and programming. Different schools of thought believe in different protocols.E TRAINING By: Devlin Brown. volume. SOME THINGS STICK AROUND BECAUSE THEY WORK There is an old saying that states “the more things change. different thoughts on intensity. Supersets.net IN AN EVER-EVOLVING SPORT.

If packing serious amounts of muscle onto your frame is your priority then this move should be your new best friend. your back straight and feet flat on floor. and mixed grip can be used to enhance grip. Mixed grip indicates one hand holding with an overhand grip and the other hand holding with underhand grip. SQUAT This move joins the deadlift in mass-building royalty. This exercise can leave you a wreck after a heavy session. REW HUD SON The king of all exercises. It is often said the squat is the most important exercise to master. Your knees should point the same direction as your feet throughout the movement. grip work. this monster will work the entire body in ways you didn’t dream possible.co. Keep the bar close to your body to improve t e mechanical leverage.za 29 . BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHY IT IS SO GOOD. It works so many muscles and elicits and anabolic response second to none. Your knees should point in the same direction as your feet throughout the movement. TARGET MUSCLES Synergists Keep your head facing forward. keep an equal distribution of weight throughout your forefoot and heel. THIS EXERCISE CAN LEAVE YOU A WRECK AFTER A HEAVY SESSION.WorldMags. wrist straps.muscleevolution. but that is exactly why it is so good. she bites when performed poorly so learn the correct form. Grip strength and strength endurance often limits one’s ability to perform multiple reps at heavy resistances. shoulders high and arms and back straight. WorldMags. Gym chalk. But.net DEADLIFT TARGET MUSCLES Synergists Dynamic Stabilizers Stabilisers Antagonist Stabilizers CHR IS FITZ PATR ICK AND AND Throughout the lift keep your hips low.net Dynamic Stabilizers Stabilizers Antagonist Stabilisers www.

Placing your feet slightly lower on platform emphasises Quadriceps.net Adjust the safety brace and back support to accommodate a near full range of motion without forcing the hips to bend at the waist. . PLACING YOUR FEET SLIGHTLY LOWER ON PLATFORM EMPHASISES QUADRICEPS. Your torso may be positioned lower to allow for a heavier dumbbell to make contact with floor. Do not allow your heels to raise off of the platform. pushing with both the heel and forefoot. Keep the knees pointed in the same direction as your feet. TARGET MUSCLES Synergists Dynamic Stabilisers MARIUS DOHNE 30 Muscle Evolution WorldMags.net VUSI NJISANE DUMBBELL ROW Allow the scapula to articulate but do not rotate the torso in an eff rt to throw weight up. TARGET MUSCLES Synergists Dynamic Stabilizers Stabilisers LEG PRESS PLACING YOUR FEET SLIGHTLY HIGHER ON PLATFORM EMPHASISES THE GLUTEUS MAXIMUS. if desired.WorldMags. Positioning your supporting knee and/or arm slightly forward or back will allow for proper levelling of your torso. Placing your feet slightly higher on platform emphasises the Gluteus Maximus. Your torso should be close to horizontal.

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nothing packs on mass like the big compound moves. TARGET MUSCLES Synergists Dynamic Stabilisers 32 Muscle Evolution THIS COMPO ND MOVE IS A STAPLE PASSED DOWN FROM THE FOUNDERS OF THE SPORT WorldMags.net FREDDIE KLOPPER This mass builder is one of the most popular moves in the gym for good reason.E TRAINING WorldMags.M. TARGET MUSCLES Synergists Dynamic Stabilisers Stabilizers MA RI US DO HN E BENCH PRESS Keeping t e forearms perpendicular to the bar goes a long way to protecti g the shoulders Mounting the feet strongly on o the ground and driving though the legs greatly increases the power of the move. This compound move is a staple passed down from the founders of the sport and a big chest simply can not be built without some version of this move.net SHOULDER PRESS Who doesn’t admire a broad set of shoulders? While nothing works like lateral raises to get the side delts round and dominant. .

TARGET MUSCLES Pectoralis Major. Under greater resistance. Stand with the pulleys to each side with your arms opened wide. Keep your shoulders internally rotated so your elbows are pointed upward at the top and out to the sides at the bottom of the move.net STANDING CABLE FLYE Grasp two opposing high pulley attachments. Bend over slightly by flexing at the hips and knees. Anterior Latissimus Dorsi Stabilizers Biceps Brachii Brachialis Triceps Brachii Wrist Flexors Rectus Abdominis Obliques Antagonist Stabilisers Erector Spinae WorldMags. Return to starting the position until your chest muscles are stretched. Bend elbows slightly and internally rotate shoulders so elbows are back initially. positioning your torso at a lower angle downward (by bending over at the hips) will allow your upper-body weight to counterbalance the upward pull of the cables.net MD U GR EEN .WorldMags. Sternal Synergists Pectoralis Major. Bring the cable attachments together in a hugging motion with your elbows in a fixed position. as opposed to stepping forward and struggling with the backward pull of the cables. Clavicular Pectoralis Minor Rhomboids Levator Scapulae Deltoid. Repeat.

M.net .E TRAINING THIS MOVE CAN WorldMags. CHR IS FIT ZPATRI CK AND Synergists Stabilisers AND REW HUD SON MDU GREEN LEG EXTENSION TARGET MUSCLES Synergists Stabilisers Stabiliser muscles may be used during heavy sets to prevent your body rising up off of the s at. This move can be done sitting upright or lying down with a dumbbell or a bar. BAR SKULL CRUSHERS The name says it all. Either straight barbell or EZ barbell can be used. up and down. This exercise can also be performed with the elbow traveling slightly back during the extension. TARGET MUSCLES Slow the barbell’s descent as it approaches your forehead. the barbell essentially moves in straight line. 34 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. With this altered form.net BE DONE WITH A DUMBBELL OR A BAR.

This additional movement allows for relative release of tension in the muscles between repetitions.WorldMags. Even though there is no real compound that focuses on the biceps alone (back exercises that are compounds also hit the biceps) this move is where you can heave the bigger poundages.net Stabilisers M.net BARBELL CURL There a few moves that make a lifter feel as hardcore as a barbell curl. When your elbows are fully flexed.E . TARGET MUSCLES MA RIU S DO HN E Synergists WorldMags. they can travel forward slightly allowing forearms to be no more than vertical.

and no expert is going to be able to tell upfront exactly how you are going to respond to a particular diet. you guessed it. a cracked leg would weaken it. What are these pillars of fat loss. With this in mind. You can not have a complete.M. WEIGHTS. but the point is that whatever approach is used needs to follow two simple rules. Sure. We are talking about hardcore shredding for aesthetic purposes to bring out the muscular detail. First it needs to be followed properly from beginning to end. AND THE TOP OF THE TRIPOD IS HORMONES. hard and meticulous process. But we are not talking about losing “some weight”. The hardest work. dropping ater and other strategies ake months of hard work nd quite literally make you op out into the lean. The point is. We are talking about fat loss in the bodybuilding sense. .net ain’t broke then don’t fix it.E FEATURE By: Devlin Brown. We are talking about a change in body composition that is noticeable and lasting. One leg – well that is a circus act. unprocessed. a reduction in body fat that goes beyond shedding “a few kilos” for summer. there are a few fundamentals that have stood the test of time. or long-term sustainable fat-loss programme without all three pillars firmly in place. you can lose weight with just weight training. And then. In this sport it is a science and an art form. you can lose weight with just a diet. or any weakness in any leg would compromise the whole setup.net E N D I N G T H F FAT LO S S T U N D E R SAA E N TA L S O FUND M n a way a ma es e r po stable and secure. The old saying holds true: if it WorldMags. you can lose weight with just cardio. whole carbohydrates. ranging from carb cycling to ketogenic diets. despite the various strategies and diet types. This is where time and learning one’s body comes into effect. and secondly it needs to work for the 36 Muscle Evolution particular athlete. in he final stretch. The point is quite clear. CARDIO. A well-rounded diet with the macronutrients timed well has worked for a century and will continue to work for another century. and months of dedication can quite literally go out the window with a few days of messing around. good fats and plenty of ve etables. In this edition alone we have quotes from different bodybuilders who eat carbs differently. A competitive bodybuilder will not try and reinvent the wheel with his diet as he dials in his best condition before a show. Any missing leg. It is not about dropping a few calories. Half a leg would result in it falling over. these non-negotiables? DIET. Eating lots of good-quality lean protein. There is a reason for this. There are a host of different diet strategies. ripped uscle machine that you have ent months working on. and. Editor WorldMags. How these ratios change as you get closer to the show (or trip to the beach) is orked out with your trainer nd mentor. whatever works best for you is what you should be doing. DIET D ieting for bodybuilding is a long. The three pillars of fat loss work in much the same way.

Look. Your metabolic rate rises after a heavy lifting session as your body scrambles through a whole host of processes to return to a state of homeostasis. This type of training is also very taxing on the aerobic system. HORMONES he hormones are what create the environment within which everything else happens. It is like so much else in this sport – use what works best for you and how your body reacts. A big squat session triggers a release of growth hormone and testosterone. it is quite exciting. fatburning furnace you want to be. affect fat loss. and when you think about it. for 48 to 72 hours after a weights session your body is a fat-burning furnace.za 37 . the hormonal response from big compounds is unquestionable. what is more important is understanding how the different elements fit together. They will start at around 8% which is leaner than 99% of the general population.co. There is also the Epoc effect – excess post-exercise energy consumption. Presuming your diet and supplementation is spot on. Lastly. cortisol. M. there is no better way to do this than expend energy (burn calories) while actually training the muscles themselves. testosterone. there are other benefits to weight training when it comes to fat loss. It is the only proven magic trick.E WorldMags. Here. 11 and 13? These compound moves put a huge demand on your energy systems as its not just about your anaerobic system. for the overwhelming majority of people. Just take a moment and remember the last time you did a high-rep low-squat set. This holds true for muscle building and fat loss. The leaner you get. dropping down below parallel and driving that weight up. high-intensity training works for them. steady-state cardio is required as it is the only way to preferentially tap into stored fat. And following all the time-tested (and common sense) tips such as sleeping eight hours a night. The obvious is the energy expenditure required to perform the workouts. especially when using compound exercises and intensity strategies such as supersets. Then there are those bodybuilders who won’t use cardio. keep training sessions under a certain amount of time and go easy on the stress. has a very high ratio of muscle to body weight. In other words. Insulin is spiked by sugar intake. . But it must be remembered that they are not starting their competition prep with double-digit body fat. While anabolic processes happen with the help of our body’s anabolic hormones. but they also serve a fat-burning purpose. your arms need to hold onto as much muscle as possible if they are being put through their paces. We all know the anabolic effect of these hormones. However.muscleevolution. because doing something with the knowledge of why you are doing it makes it more fruitful and effective. The more muscular you are the more you burn fat. FINAL WORD AND SECRET MAGIC TRICK The pillars of fat loss are simple enough to understand and clear enough to implement. These blast fat. lower GI carbs that do not result in a spike of your insulin levels. Testosterone’s effects on the body are well-documented. among others. training with compounds to stimulate anabolic hormone release and supplementation will go a long way to turning you into the muscle-bound. That said. A bodybuilder. 9. week after week and month after month. as a bodybuilder you want to lose fat but hold onto as much muscle as possible. cardio performed at a lower intensity. However. And then. the more strategic you need to be in terms of shedding fat while still holding on to muscle. It is like a snowball effect.SS WorldMags. the secret magic trick to shredding the fat: hard-headed dedication. This means that muscle requires more energy just to exist. However. and with sufficient muscle-saving nutrition and supplement strategies in place has proven time and time again to be exactly what is required. Others claim (and they have their bodies as proof ) that too much steady-state cardio causes them to lose too much muscle tissue. day after day. alongside the primary weight training. This is why you always get told to sleep more. eating low GI carbs. to bring the body into the leanest state possible. and this is why you are always told to eat unrefined. giant sets and drop sets. Insulin. Secondly. Others perform highintensity metabolic conditioning types of fat loss workouts. time after time. which is why his metabolism will be higher than a regular Joe. fat loss is also highly dependent on the hormonal environment. so stick to it and never quit. The take home point here is that a healthy hormonal environment is vital to so many of the body’s functions. and result in a more favourable body composition. Remember the amount of oxygen you had to suck into your lungs before dropping for another rep once you got to reps 8. And when bodybuilders are down to the last few grams of stubborn fat it is often the hormones that are either ho ding them back or taking them forward.net www. In this debate common sense prevails – no two bodies are the same. by definition. and people will all react differently. Actually sticking the different elements together takes hard work and dedication. Cortisol is a stress hormone – this is caused by work stress as well as stress from prolonged training sessions and lack of sleep. who argue (with their incredible physiques as proof ) that you cannot get cut up like a loser in a knife fight unless you put in the hours of steadystate cardio.net F FA O WEIGHTS L ean muscle has a higher basal metabolic rate than any other tissue in the body. But being a bodybuilder means that holding onto muscle is paramount and these kinds of workouts start tapping into muscle stores.

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is a use them g. ildin bodybu 40 Muscle Evolution ku of simply pic design training to ach. th e g u y o r or the CEO of yo A D E R R O D IN G . sam IC n th e co rn ur D E C A D E S R A N D S C IE N T IF . FE H AT YO U R TA IN JUST “W U DO CE W H E N YO E X E R C IS E S . Editor WorldMags. a the othe ssovers cro like e doesn’t silly because h . it is critica s With this difference on tand the ti to unders mpound and isola een co and betw nefits ts. is specifi perience x l personal e in mind. ALL”re constantly reminde . he rstandin Not unde ound and isolatio to. it ’s xerc k ind of e e the the right . y and goals. and how to n so drawback them into your ow ramme prog gimen. to achiev right time u have set for the o oals y specific g ourself. your train ou c to you. T YP E S O F P E R F O R M T H E M “ONE SI PROACH d AP H O W YO U S PA R T O F T H E G . Absolutely not. T R e plan th e lo ca e r. at most. TRA LY -N IL ay. You need to at it ro all ” app ion so th fits utrit ing and n r capabilities.M. A L L F O R MO F B O DY B U IL D IN ea invest oney and PROCESS WLEDGE HAS to save m vest in the exac t you in r.net .net OUND ION P COMS OLAT V IS CISE EXENRTHE RIGHT C TI G SELE FOR THE JOB TO O L d or compoun S elec ting ises is not about xerc isolation e you enjoy the ing what do osing about cho ises. but he would be rence can g the diffe n Well.E FEAT RE By Devlin Brown. T H IS K N O T U P O V E R M A N Y IA L But would as your neighbou l IL B E E N B U O F L E A R N IN G . AN U N D E R S T H S T O LO O K c ture a p a ny ? com l stru H AT T at lanner wil O N E J U S T H E G Y M TO S E E T A N D financial p investment plan th NER. comp and how to between nd when xercises. the be movemen f each. s. d OUND AR vings an Y B E G IN cific need me sa MAN our spe FA R TO O E IN T E R M E D IAT E ilored to y contex t. In the sa is ta M s and t E V E N S O S E E M TO P IC K capabilitie of defeats the poin t IN E E S LY. le doing peop ut altogeth ke g others o ’t li and leavin Because they don lk ? a Why is this dybuilder cannot w le ? A bo do cab e to them and decid st day into a gym nd pec dec on che rs. a massive liabilit y in e . A N D ZE FITS . A N D Y E T ne AN shop ow No. y W H IC H H O O S IN G S TO E X E R C IS E IN T H E P E R F O R M LO T M O R E G YM IS A T H A N D E TA IL E D E L L IK E ’. it k ind principles of weigh ze w S W IL me E X E R C IS E p a “one si see the sa one of the C W ften One will o the same exercises er. training re WorldMags.

military hamstrings. Heavy squats and bench want to steer clear of deadlifts to try presses are not only daunting. The core needs to be strong in unlikely. which can lead to injury. There are – that means your quads are at least Another. press. >> WorldMags. perhaps less immediately also aspects of compound movements parallel to the ground. where your strong joints and tendons. These exercises utilise different joints. like during contest prep when the bodybuilder may there are subtle changes and differences struggle to find someone to help you on in technique that suit different people your next set. But when spread of mass around the body. While these movements. Often they are considered “functional” in nature because they mimic and replicate many of the movement patterns we use in day-to-day life and sport. one must include the big moves. a workout that is made up on pounds of mass then make sure to train with barbells and do the big bang order to prevent excessive forward tilt of exclusively of big compound lif s. the deadlift. Because of the higher number of muscle fibres recruited they also allow you to handle more load (i. but any pure massshaped bodybuilder in the gym finish his workouts with building routine without most of those isolation exercises. hips. co-ordination improvements. They recruit the largest amount of muscle fibres and are more taxing on the central nervous system. injury.net MDU GREEN n short. compound exercises also mass. but certainly not least. glutes and core are ready to mood. On top of this. a proper metabolism is raised for up to 48 or 72 naturally produced anabolic hormones squat is performed to at least parallel hours after an intense session. amount of direct focus and chisel in the detail on individual It is not the first time anyone will muscles. muscles. which can also lead to after day. Strength gains. may serve a purpose at certain times burn effect (or EPOC). A thicker midsection with different body types. for your buck compounds”. rows. then we can start thinking about activated. bench press. compound exercises are the big multi-joint movements.I WorldMags. The added muscle of the strength ction is one of the “side-effec fibre recruitment in turn has an effect ts” king. coursing through your blood. one thing that can not be denied a long way in making your bulking cycle to perform this move properly. However. squeezing and hitting individual muscles movements is not using the best tools for the job. off season this in the monster move in higher levels of testosterone and will go a long w making your bu ay lking cycle a bi growth hormone being released. or under-trained. coordination and efficient motor patterns. As you can see. However. need to be flexible in order to prevent set places on the nervous system as For all of the mentioned reasons you opposed to isolation exercises. the movement as a muscle-building result in more calories burnt per unit We have dealt with the positives of exercise. Weak glutes will cause the knees and performance will suffer. the author says that for squat. squat. As such they also improve things such as joint stability. if the routine was how to execute the movements with This is not a bad thing. compounds are unable to impos the same clean variations. This is obvious because they involve more joints and are size and building strength. When that Some of the more effective to track inwards leading to incorrect happens the mind may suffer.za 41 .e. The descriptor noticeable effect of incorporating a that may not suit you in your endeavour ‘ass-to-grass’ is commonly used in good deal of compound lifts for the to perfect your physique. this is a complicated exercise. but it also means primarily made up of isolation exercises that workouts can be interrupted if you from the very beginning (there are times correct form. tendons and supporting muscles to perform a single movement. Compound lifts often need spotters that may otherwise have been ignored. once the biomechanics of the move are learnt then don’t have a training partner. There is also the aftergains.co. or if you when this is a disadvantage. which means it takes time to learn when performed with heavy weight. whole body is a more proportional now be discussed. You will also see many people of exercise compared to isolation compound moves. This Compound movements take longer performed correctly it is an undisputed would be the result of the exercises king for packing on serious amounts of taking the body through big movements to learn. resulting lift. but avoid a thick waste. not to compound exercises include the form. It is for this reason that you’ll always see the besthave read this. mass performing quarter squats.net www. strength king. utilising many muscles and stabilisers biomechanically more complicated. While will always read that “if you want to slab tilting of the pelvis. Let’s take a brief look at the squat can become unsafe if you are pegged is one of the “side-effects” of the – hip flexor and ankle mobility are beneath a bar. day the upper body. and stabilisers on GVT training. pull ups. and more for a particular advanced lifter. in While overtraining is a contentious the off season this monster move will go of paramount importance in order topic. But it doesn’t end there – the hamstrings is the amount of tax a heavy compound a bit more prosperous). We have all experienced this. muscles being used. t more prospero in Because of the larger number of us. So. And these will reference to a full squat. and the more complicated and higher skill level And finally. the dead on the endocrine system. will eventually take its toll. heavier weights) which causes the biggest gains in strength (the neurological system is also a contributor to the A thicker midse strength gained). once your ankles. in the world of Olympic moves such as snatch and bodybuilding. Even in this edition’s article from various angles.muscleevolution. mention the entire workout and your deadlift.

Because fewer muscle fibres are worked. Thickness in the arm could be worked on with hammer curls. This is the stuff of bodybuilding folklore. They isolate muscles. Let’s take a look at biceps – a better peak would be trained with preacher curls. I mean really get the blood into the muscle to experience the pump. focusing on the peak contraction. as a result. forearm curls etc. which will give the biceps a fuller look. Why is this a benefit? It is a benefit because it allows the lifter to focus attention on form and on contracting the muscle during both the eccentric and concentric phase of the move. doing rope extensions. you are not lowering yourself to the floor with 140kg on your back – which involves quite a different thought process. Isolation lifts are not exercises aimed at building heer mass. training with isolation exercises enables the lifter to train to failure and build the muscul rity and detail (diet is obviously crucial) that is the lifeblood of bodybuilding. the exercises you see performed most in the commercial gyms at peak time: guys curling dumbbells. They are exercises where an individual muscle. lateral raises. >> WorldMags. drop sets. your immediate safety and total power output is not of concern – what is of concern are your biceps.net solation exercises are exactly what their name implies. a little more stays. Because when you look into the mirror you are seeing the future of your body. I do not mean tear it down or use heavy weights. isolating the peaks of the biceps. isolation exercises can be used to pick up the lagging muscle – the benefits here from a proportion and symmetry perspective are immense. There is a lower EPOC effect from isolation training. However. I me or use heavy an re the muscle to ally get the blood into experience th e pump. Isolation exercises are. tear it down weights. Isolating and enlarging the forearms will give the elbow a smaller appearance and. One can train with supersets. and you won’t get as much of a fat-burning effect as you would from compound lifts. for instance. problems that go unresolved and movement patterns that are entrenched and not fixed by a trainer.E FEAT RE “If you reall muscle you n y want to ocus on the ee I do not mean d to isolate it and blast it . These exercises are performed around a single-joint movement. These are the exercises bodybuilders will use to really get that pump – to get as much blood into the respective muscle as possible to get that illusive pump. Examples of isolation exercises include bicep curls. or a small grouping of complementary muscles. the mindmuscle connection. Once a weakness or imbalance is picked up. leg extensions. increase the look of muscularity of your upper arm. the potential for increasing volume becomes far greater. a little bit stays. They focus on a far smaller amount of mu cle tissue. and so more total sets in the hypertrophy range can be included. And gradually that accumulates over time and that creates your look. are isolated. and working the brachialis and brachioradialis. the isolation exercises are like the tools of the sculptor – working with the slab of concrete created by the compounds. And due to the fact that there are fewer muscle fibres traine . But this is where isolation lifts are very useful. Isolations are used to work in detail. there is also less of a hormonal response to this type of training. and the lifter is able to focus all his attention onto the muscle in question. anecdotally. On a preacher curl. Isolation exercises also do not result in the strength gains possible from compound exercises.net . You pump up next time. leg extensions But let us first look at the benefits of these exercises before having a look at when or why they should be used.I WorldMags. Unlike a squat. That is the line your body is taking because you pump up to that look you are acquiring over time. You pump up.”* From a bodybuilding perspective it is conceivable that a dominant muscle may overpower the weaker muscle during a compound exercise and perpetuate imbalances – this would be largely due to form 42 Muscle Evolution HENNIE KOTZE M. As you can see. tricep kickbacks. Have a look at a quote from Frank Zane which is widely available on the internet (he was known for his incredible detail and beautiful symmetry): “If you really want to focus on the muscle you need to isolate it and blast it. working both heads. A rope attachment on the cable machine and preacher curls would all add stimulation to various parts of the arm. it goes down. hamstring curls. tricep extensions. giant sets and all sorts of techniques to hit the muscles from all angles and induce skin-tearing pumps.

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which will also work for you. build symmetry and proportions. Another example would be cable crossovers and bench press. Bodybuilders such as Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren are known to have spoken about how the big monster compounds are responsible for their sheer mass gain. and sculpt a body of beautiful lines. For strength sports. This athlete would use isolations sparingly as part of a cleverly designed programme in order to correct imbalances or work on weaknesses. it is too simplistic to say compounds are better than isolations or vice versa when it comes to bodybuilding. However.E FEAT RE . there are also advanced techniques that many top bodybuilders use – the concept of pre-exhaustion. choosing which exercises to do and when depends on a number of factors: Are you just starting out? Do you need to build a foundation. Sure. not all exercises were born equal. they are ensuring they stimulate the most number of muscle fibres. but do the peaks of your biceps leave a lot to be desired? Know what you want and then set a plan in motion. This is done to induce more muscle growth. and more “on the edge” than otherwise possible. which will set the platform for the high rep. and learn motor techniques and coordination? Are you more interested in mass-building in your current phase? Are you trying to improve your upper chest? Does your outer arm need more work? Have you realised that the outer sweep of your legs needs more work? What about your triceps? You have the width. The take-home message is that bodybuilding is about doing everything that is required to grow. Here. However. we all know exactly how much of an important and vital role isolation movements played in the creation of their physiques. and then isolate various parts of the muscle one by one in order to get a full. he may think “I am doing legs. burn and pump of the leg extensions and leg curls that follow. working to complete muscle 44 Muscle Evolution failure.A WorldMags. do the hard work necessary for mass gains. Then they move to isolation exercises where they focus on squeezing and tensing the individual muscles. so as long as I train them in some way it is okay”. Sheer mass. forcing the targeted muscles to have to work even harder. but is an advanced technique and doesn’t have a place in a junior lifter’s repertoire. especially when he is still learning a move and still building foundational strength and muscle mass. as well as the ability to truly fatigue the pecs completely is the name of the game on the crossover. And so. iron-bending sets. build more muscle. You have so much at your disposal. but don’t go in with a wrecking ball approach – be smart.net NOTES: *EXCERPT OF FRANK ZANE INTERVIEW TAKEN FROM MUSCLEANDSTRENGTH. Backs like brick buildings come from deadlifts and big rows. Most guys tend to start off with a few compounds where they get in some big. Here the lifter will use isolations to “pre-exhaust” the muscle and then perform the compounds after that. how they improve his physique and when they are needed. and plan your training around the principles that have worked for thousands of bodybuilders for a hundred years.net s you can see. be strategic. strength and bulk is built on the bench under the barbell or dumbbells. obviously compounds are superior because the athlete wants to become as strong as possible. dense look. such as powerlifting. Detail and various points of focus. but that is the wrong mindset. failure. And so. or with the same purpose. but is there enough detail? Is your upper arm nice and full.COM M. M.E WorldMags. being bodybuilders at the top of their game. A leg extension is not the same as a squat. His squat and leg press will be the exercises that stimulate the most amount of muscle fibres. That said. when a young lifter goes into the gym he needs to understand what the different exercises are for.

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But is that reason enough to say “oh well. and too few months on the “I am going to dominate the you-know-what out of my body type” train. go and watch his video about commanding his biceps to grow. WorldMags. AND THEN THERE ARE THOSE GUYS IN PROPORTION. to get your lagging or weak body parts to grow. It is the result of much introspection after too many years on the “calves are genetic” train. and. their strong points will run away from their weak points. TO GET YOUR LAGGING OR WEAK BODY PARTS TO GROW. and for however long it takes. YOU WILL ALSO FIND THE LONG-PANTS BRIGADE WHO HIDE SKINNY CALVES BENEATH WIDE LATS AND BULGING SHOULDERS.za 47 . Ridiculous. as are your biceps and the fullness of your beard. Stand up. and they adapt. of course . The publisher of this magazine has said it time and time again – a winning mindset is half the battle won. But calves are not eyes. acknowledge what needs to be done.” Are they harder to train? They may well be. but does that mean you quit or does it mean that because they grow slower than your biceps you should train them twice as hard? South Africa's recent export to Mr Olympia Marius Dohne doesn't pull any punches. Sure. We have all seen CT Fletcher on YouTube. AND FOR HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES. of course they are.muscleevolution. No. YOU CAN NOT TALK YOUR BODY INTO STAGE SHAPE. BUT GENERALLY. frankly. Yes. is used as an excuse. This holds true for any weak area you might have on your body. or continue to miss the “dreaded leg day”. When this happens it is going to take that much longer to get the balance right. He told our brother publication Fitness His Edition recently: “The weak point is the most ignored body part. And they can be trained. maybe your genetics mean they are harder to stimulate into growth. so deal with it. that's wrong. It is proclaimed loudly. and then go out and get it done. If not. Many guys don't understand that if they keep wearing those long pants and hiding those skinny legs. “Calves are genetic”. and they follow the laws of chemistry and physics that you use on any other body part.net M UMBER OF GUYS IN THE GY VE NK THE E CAL A THIRY LARGIR N VES ARE THEIR WEAKEST POINT. IN EVERY GYM.WorldMags. Legs are just one example. calves are genetic” and then submit like a puppy bowing down to the big dogs? Hell no. WITH DIAMOND-SHAPED CALVES – THE ENVY OF THE ENTIRE GYM.co.you can not talk your body into stage shape. “Calves are genetic” gets used in the wrong context all the time. they are muscles that have a genetically determined concentration of type 1 and type 2 muscle fibres. >> www.net BADquite unfortunate that a one-liner GENES t is I pearl of wisdom has made it's way down the corridors of time and has been whispered in the passageways for decades. BUT YOU NEED THE MINDSET THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. SURE THERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE BORN WITH LOWER LEGS THAT COULD KICK-START A BOEING. It really starts with the mind. or impossible to make as large as Tom Platz's. And this article is not written out of some kind of ill-informed rant just for the sake of it. A VERY LARGE NUMBER OF GUYS IN THE GYM THINK THEIR CALVES ARE THEIR WEAKEST POINT. Your eye colour is genetic – you are stuck with brown or blue eyes. but you need the mindset that you are going to do whatever it takes. harder to make larger.

If you want those “stubborn” body parts to grow you need to prioritise them.net forward. this does very little in terms of actually training the muscles through their various ranges of contraction. W hen do you train calves? The same day as quads? Maybe after chest? Let's say you do four sets on each exercise for quads. four sets of leg extensions. Train them more than once a week. seated calf raise and donkey calf raise and perform them one after the other and then rest at the end. And many guys can do it. the rule is generally to increase the poundages you lift over time. and try all sorts of training methods such as drop sets or super sets you will get those weak body parts on par with the rest of the body. Or you could perform as many full range of motion calf raises as possible followed by half reps until failure – getting the full benefit of the fuller range of motion followed by a technique to exhaust the muscles completely. depending on what part of the calf he wanted to focus on. Think about that for a moment. Form is vital. Old-time legends such as Reg Park believed in prioritising your weak points. and the next session with lower weights and more reps. Or you can superset standing and seated raises. But the point is. four sets of lunges. He then leaned slightly WorldMags. Pain is temporary. But all too often too much weight sends form to the trash heap when it comes to calf training. never mind bang out 16 blood-curdling sets. Structure your workouts so that your weakest body part gets the attention it needs. when you do half reps it is for a purpose. This is done in a kind of bouncing motion where momentum seems to be doing most of the work. This is progressive overload. you have to tell those stubborn muscles that you “command them to grow”. and finally the last pulse taking the foot into full extension by rolling onto the big or small toe. Don't latch them onto the end of a gruelling workout where you barely have enough left in the tank to walk to your car. from all angles. How can you do 16-20 sets on your chest. And he is not alone. INTENSITY bad don't care how I THE POINT IS. For instance – you could set up: standing calf raise. Putting the pin right at the bottom of the weight rack is an awesome feeling. What do you do for your calves? You have five minutes left before you need to leave so you quickly do three sets on the standing calf raise? Maybe you do three sets standing calf raise and three sets seated calf raise and then head out for the day? It is not rocket science. But one thing is certain – you have to be willing to go through the trenches. as Y muscles. quads and then squeeze in 3-6 sets on your calves and then claim that “they just don't respond”? If calves are a weak point then they need to be treated as such. That's 16 sets of ironbending intensity. And perhaps it will be one day with heavy weights. if they are not still sore from the previous session. Drop the weight somewhat until you are able to take the foot through a full. There are various ways to increase this intensity. And the reason for this is that this pearl of wisdom works. The recurring theme across all reputable training sources is “intensity”. and stiffness the next day that calf training can produce is not for the feint-hearted.E TRAINING WorldMags. controlled range of motion. with his shoulders a bit in front of his feet.M. four sets of leg press. He would get under the pads and then stretch his calves by pushing his heel toward the floor. He would then raise the weights in three pulselike movements: one up to parallel with the steel ledge.” says Dohne. >> . There really are so many ways that you can increase the intensity of your calf workouts. and this is shared by every successful bodybuilder since. No one said hardcore bodybuilding is easy. to compliment the full range of motion. “Every single opportunity I get to train my weak areas I train them.” Dohne told Fitness His Edition towards the end of last year. YO AVE TO TELL THOSE STUBBORN M CLES THAT FORM is the case with building all es. It is for the hardcore bodybuilder who wants the best muscular development. one a bit higher. Besides the risk of injury. The pain during and after. If you are lucky enough to train at a gym or a time where various machines are available at the same time you could set up a giant set that could turn any calves from sludge to steel. and hit them hard enough. The ideal motion is to stretch the calf out at the bottom of the move and then extend the foot completely. lactic acid build-up towards the end of the set.net your calves (or any other body parts) are. Then. back. The pride of jacked calves to match the rest of your hardearned frame will last forever. If you train them regularly. Maybe it looks something like this: four sets of squats. But often 48 Muscle Evolution it results in a bopping kind of movement that does not really result in the calves being worked. Often when the big weights are moved in the calf raise (seated or standing) there is little to no flexion of the foot. Reg Park is said to have preferred a more-or-less parallel foot position in the standing calf raise.

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the calf raise is similar to the standing calf raise. Keep your legs as straight as is comfortable. >> 50 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. donkey calf raise. single or double-leg).net . It provides that sought-after diamond shape. squeeze at the top. Tibialis anterior DONKEY CALF RAISE: This is performed under a padded weight machine. STRAIGHT-LEGGED CALF EXERCISES: standing calf raise (machine. the more the soleus is brought into play. The best way to target this muscle is with straight-legged calf raises. controlled fashion. Soleus STANDING CALF RAISE: Position the balls of your feet on the raised platform with your heels extending off. The latter has both the hamstrings and calves stretched – they work together in the posterior chain and therefore this is a great exercise. except that you will complete the move in the bent-over position. TH E TW O M ESE TWO MUSCLES AR R LEUS. Raise your heels by extending your ankles as high as possible. with your hips leading the move. Your feet will be on a raised platform and your body will be bent forward. place your shoulders under the shoulder pads.M. It extends from the knee to the This is the larger of the two ankle joint and is composed of two heads – medial and lateral. Choose a weight and insert the pin. The straighter the leg.net BUSINESS DOWN TO E IS ES AND A THEN THER F TWO MAIN MUSCLISHES OFF THE LOWER LEG UP O CALVES ARE MADE E IN THE FRONT THAT FIN IU S MUSCL E TH E GA ST RO CN EM A SMALLER R CA LF M US CL ES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR AJ O NICELY. Keeping your body tight. TH E TIBIALIS ANTERIO AND THE SO F THE LOWER LEG.E TRAINING WorldMags. and then lower your heels down in a slow. or with a partner straddling your hips. The more bend you have in your leg. and bending your knees. as low to the ground as you can. free weights. TH VERY IMPORTANT O THE SIZE AND WIDTH ALLER MUSCLE BUT IS ONT) IS A SM WER LEG. (AT THE FR E SHAPE OF THE LO IN FINISHING OFF TH Gastrocnemius GASTROCNEMIUS major calf muscles. with your forearms resting on a support or holding onto a support around thigh high. the more you isolate the gastrocnemius. This is the muscle that is seen in well-developed legs. From this position.

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controlled manner until the calves are stretched.M. Hit them from all angles – change which toe you roll onto. outside of endurance activity. mak ing sure to get a good stretch at the bottom. 52 Muscle Evolution COBUS VD MERWES .s WA LKI NG CA LF RA ISE ON STA ND ING CA LF S RA ISE MACH INE : science and it is not complicated. symmetrical calves. when you are known for your well-developed. Then. Put your legs on display. and so I find this exercise is a great finisher and also takes the calves through a good. Raise your heels by extending your ankles as high as possible. TURNING A WEAKNESS INTO youSTRENGTH rocket A have it. It is not seen because it is beneath the gastrocnemius. facing the leaver. Release the hand leaver by pushing it away from the body – this frees the weight to your control. hours of pushing through mental barriers and walking like a praying mantis at work will be well worth it! M.) Force yourself to wear shorts. Perform this exercise in a slow controlled manner.E TRAINING WorldMags. Structure these movements into your workout programme in a way that gives the calves the attention they deserve and demand. Position your lower thighs under the lever pads. is by performing bent-leg exercises. don’t fret – you are not alone. As if perform ing a stan ding calf raise. This muscle is targeted with toe raises. SEATED CALF RAISE: Sit on the seat. Place the ball of your feet on the platform with your heels extending off. alternate extending your knees so that it mimics walk ing. BENT-LEG EXERCISE: seated calf raise. natural movement”. and hold this top position for a moment. It is not here T SOLEUS yet wider. This can be made harder by sliding a dumbbell over the lower portion of the foot to create resistance. If they are your weak point.net top of the movement. of This is the smaller. as well as making the calves look bigger from the front and side. and a good squeeze of the calf at the WorldMags. experiment with foot position (but remember any pain from discomfort and not fatigue or lactic acid is a sign your body is not enjoying something and stop immediately to avoid injury. and pair them with your favourite body part if that means you will attack them with the right mindset. The best way to target the soleus. the two major calf muscles.E “The calves are made to walk . You can take charge of the situation. and adds so much to your lower-leg development as it adds to detail and symmetry. Lower the heels toward the ground in a slow. but is responsible for creating width of the lower leg. super sets. giant sets and rest-pause sets. Try drop sets. Train them more than once a week. Just don’t give up. Keep the move controlled so as to keep the dumbbell from sliding off the foot. . all those beads of sweat. Command your calves to grow. Pull the hand lever toward your body. Train them more often. TOE RAISES: Place your heel on a raised surface and then raise your toes as high as they can go in a controlled manner.net TIBIALISruns down the front of ANTERIOR This muscle the lower leg.

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Dairy. . raw foodist to enjoy many of the benefits known as denaturing. especially those used on commercial livestock and poultry that include the overuse of hormones and antibiotics. would be cultured and predigested (fermented) with ‘friendly’ bacteria before consumption. including raw protein.M. these products have long been a traditional food for many cultures. However. P 54 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. legume sprouts. Features writer WorldMags. Biotin depletion is another condition you can suffer from if you eat too many raw eggs. it can also contain parasites or parasite eggs if it is not properly prepared. composition of food and can cause However. dairy. However. However. which is most common in sushi dishes in the form of sashimi.E NUTRITION By Melanie Heyns. alfalfa sprouts. a B vitamin needed for healthy skin. In fact. cooking and many plant proteins have incomplete can drastically change the chemical amino acid profiles. which reduced the likelihood of infection. growing concerns over modern cooking practices and farming methods. However. many instances. Raw. can contain dangerous bacteria such as salmonella. shark. However. seeds. which makes them that come from eating more raw organic unusable by the human body. you don’t have to become a extreme molecular changes to proteins. A recent study published in the Journal of Risk Research also found that the highest level of methyl-mercury (a toxic compound that forms when mercury binds with organic molecules in the environment) can also be found in raw tuna. On the more extreme side of the raw on a diet that is comprised mainly of raw food movement people are adopting raw plants. nutrients and minerals. for instance. nuts. swordfish and marlin. have driven a growing movement toward the consumption of natural and organic foods. That’s because egg yolk is rich in biotin. For this reason smaller vegetarian fish may be a better choice than larger carnivorous fish. not to mention muscle growth. and toxic in food in your diet.net F THE POWER O R PROTEIN RAW PROTEIN SOURCES S Ditch the cooking for a muscle-building and health-boosting benefit rotein is a basic nutritional requirement for all living cells and is therefore one of the most important macronutrients for human development. which are considered you’re a bodybuilder as your daily protein to be healthier because modern cooking requirements are often in excess of 2-3g of processes rob food of it’s essential protein per kilogram of lean body weight. In fact. You can also reduce the risk of salmonella by purchasing free range or organic eggs and keeping them refrigerated. as can raw eggs. for example. freerange eggs. This problem is compounded if organic food diets. Another common source of raw protein comes from fish.net prouted brown rice. raw egg whites contain a compound that prevents biotin absorption. so their intake should be limited. there are many benefits associated The problem with the raw foodist with eating raw forms of protein. even raw animal protein. raw fish and biltong are all common sources of raw protein. unpasteurised dairy. many of these sources need the right type of preparation (not always cooking) to remove many of the compounds that can be harmful to humans when consumed. many approach to eating is that it is difficult to of which can improve your muscle consume your daily protein requirements development and recovery.




s already mentioned, the
consumption of raw protein boosts
the nutritional value of the food you
consume as many of the micronutrients,
especially the vitamins and minerals, are
not lost through the cooking process.
Raw protein can also be more bioavailable
than cooked sources (although this benefit
is widely overstated and misrepresented
when referenced in terms of animal protein
- plant protein is the more bioavailable
source) and can therefore be better
assimilated by the body. This can enhance
the muscle recovery and repair process,
and lead to better gains after intense
weight training.
Raw foods are also more easily digested,
requiring only 24-36 hours for transit time
through the digestive tract, as compared
to 40-100 hours for cooked foods. More
importantly though, the consumption
of raw animal tissue ensures our bodies
get important enzymes such as cathepsin
and lipase, which are often lost through
the cooking process. These enzymes
aid digestion through a process known
as autolysis or self-digestion. In more
basic terms, the food’s own enzymes
help to digest it. This helps to make
the macronutrients more bioavailable,
and helps to reduce the strain on our
digestive system.
Lastly, the other major benefit of
eating raw protein is the fact that you’ll
be consuming better quality food. To
avoid the drawbacks of
eating raw you should
know the source of
your dairy and
raw animal
the health
of the

% OF S & SE1E%
T k walnuts: 4
s: 13%


ondst:er: 13%
A l m wa

Co c o n s e e d : 1 2 %
: 12%
flower ds: 11%
Chia s ws: 11%
Ca s h e

animals, the environments they were
reared in and how they were fed. In
general organic is always better, so check
In closing, this article is not aimed at
swaying you on the decision to switch from
a cooked to a raw food diet. However, in
a world of extremes the benefit of finding
some middle ground is often overlooked.
As such, consuming sources of safe raw
animal protein a few times each week can
help to improve your overall health, and
may even improve you body’s response to
training. To help you start making better
raw food choices and boost your raw
protein intake here is a list of rich raw
plant-based protein sources:

ina: 56%
Watercress: 51%
Laver (se aweed ): 40%
White mushrooms: 37%
Crimini mushrooms: 37%
Bro cco i raa b: 36%
Oyster mushrooms: 31%

Spinach: 30%

Sprouted mung beans:
Chives: 27%
Asparagus: 27%
Por tab ella mu shroom s:
Butterhead lettuce: 25%
Mustard greens: 25%
Beet greens: 24%
Mustard spinach: 24%

Su ga r sn ap pe as : 23%
Swiss chard: 23%
Gre en lea f let tuce: 22%
Sprouted lentils: 21%
Collards: 20%
Par sley: 20%
Bro cco li: 20%
Cauliflower: 19%
Chicory greens: 18%
Romaine lettuce: 18%
Zucchini (courgette): 18%
Cel ery : 17%
Sprouted peas: 16%
Iceberg lettuce: 16%
Kale: 16%
Dandelion greens: 15%
Radicchio: 15%
Gre en bea ns: 14%
Scallions: 14%

Swee t re d pe pp er s: 13
Tomatoes: 12%
Cabbage, green: 12%
Radishes: 12%
Garlic: 12%
Cucumber: 11%
Cabbage, purple: 11%
Turnip greens: 11%
Eggplant: 10%
Fennel: 10%
Kelp: 10%
Beets: 10%
Sweet gre en pep per s:





By Pedro van Gaalen, Managing Editor


hrough the ongoing study of genetics, following the successful
mapping of the human genome, it has become clear that there
are people who respond better to exercise, while others respond
better to dietary changes when it comes to fat loss. However,
it has also become apparent that there are those who may not
respond well to either. So, if you follow a strict pre-contest diet
and diligently stick to your contest exercise prep plan, but fail
to step on stage completely ripped, there may be a scientific
explanation to your dilemma – your genes.
Since the international scientific community decoded the sequence
of the human genome, through the Human Genome Project, we have
gained important insights into how our genetics influence the effects
that diet and exercise can have on our bodies, including our ability
to lose body fat.
“Genetic research has clearly shown that individuals respond
differently to diets. For some, reducing carbohydrate intake works
best, while others respond differently to the quantity and quality
of the fat in their diet. Your genes may also influence how you
absorb fat, as well as your ability to burn fat for fuel,” explains
Helen de Beer, a registered dietician at DNAlysis Biotechnology.
These are important factors as they have a material impact on
how we should approach our fat loss efforts. “Some individuals
need to engage in more intense exercise for instance, or spend
a greater amount of time exercising to effectively mobilise fat
stores. Others might get better results by focusing more on
their diet, while an exercise super-responder would benefit
from a specific exercise programme,” she explains.
According to de Beer, some 300 genes or chromosomal
regions that are linked to obesity have already been
identified – which means it is not just one gene that
governs our ability to lose fat. “However, not every gene
that has been identified has an intervention that can be
offered, and not all the genes identified have adequate
research behind them yet.”
She explains that certain changes in our DNA code, known as
single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP – pronounced snip or snips
in the plural form), have been studied in detail, and evidence has
emerged that correlates these polymorphisms with an individual’s
response to diet and exercise, amongst other factors. “Having
identified the presence or absence of these polymorphisms we are
able, qualitatively and quantitatively, to assess particular areas of
intervention for improved fat loss related to the specific genes.”

Dr Yael Joffe, PhD RD, Director
of Nutrition at DNAlysis
explains that scientists will
look at various genes that
affect obesity (and our ability
or inability to effectively burn
fat) in combination, and don’t
view them in isolation.
“For instance, we know that
there are important genes linked
to fat and weight loss, such as
the “fatso” or FTO gene. Those
with this SNP tend to be more

Muscle Evolution

obese as they gain weight more
easily, and lose weight more
slowly. We also know that it is
closely linked with snacking
These assertions are
supported by a study that was
published in The Journal of
Clinical Investigation in August
2013 which showed that the
FTO gene made fatty foods
more tempting to those with
this polymorphism, and altered


levels of ghrelin, the hormone
related to hunger regulation.
“However, as we don’t
understand the physiology
behind the FTO gene we don’t
tend to focus too much on it.
And as our knowledge and
understanding of the genes
linked to obesity and fat loss
has progressed other genes
have come to the fore that
are proving to be more useful
in our understanding of the


mechanisms behind optimal
fat loss.”
These include the ADRB2
and ADRB3 genes, with
ADRB2 one of the most
useful. “We specifically
focus on two of the ADRB2
SNPs, namely Arg16Gly and
Gln27Glu,” she continues.
ADRB2 Arg16Gly is a
receptor protein involved
in the mobilisation of fat
from fat cells for energy in
response to catecholamines,
and modulates lipolysis
during exercise. The G
version of the SNP has been
associated with obesity, and
G allele carriers are more
likely to gain and regain
weight, and lose weight,
including fat, more slowly.
These carriers are also less
able to mobilise fat stores in
response to exercise.
The presence of a G allele
in the ADRB2 Gln27Glu SNP
has also been associated
with an increased body
mass index (BMI), and fat
mass. “Subjects with these
genotypes are less able
to mobilise fat stores for
energy, and have been
shown to have elevated
insulin levels when
carbohydrate intake is
greater than 49%.” explains
“This basically means
that carriers of the G alleles
in these SNPs are more
exercise, and diet resistant,”
she continues. To highlight
these effects, Joffe cites a
study done on overweight
Japanese men over a period
of 24 months. They were
all placed on an exercise
programme and a caloriecontrolled diet for the
duration of the study.
“What was most
interesting about this study
was the fact that researchers
identified four groups those who lost weight, those
who lost weight slowly but
got there in the end, those
who lost weight over a six
month period but put it
back on, and those who
didn’t lose weight at all.
After genotyping these
guys researchers found that
those with the genotype for
weight loss resistance were
higher in those who didn’t
lose or struggled to lose
Another study, conducted
by the Department of


Physiology and Nutrition
and Unit of Epidemiology
and Public Health, University
of Navarra, Spain studied
the individualised responses
to dietary carb intake in
women carrying the ADRB2
Gln27Glu polymorphism.
Those with the GG genotype
gained more weight when
their carb intake was higher
than those who ate fewer
carbs, given the same
“What these studies clearly
show us is that everyone
responds differently to diet
and exercise interventions
based on their genetic
make-up. As such there is
no one-size-fits-all approach
to fat loss. There are people
who do better on low
carb diets, while some will
burn fat more effectively
on moderate carb intakes.
There are also those who
will get a better result from
dietary interventions than
exercise, and visa versa,” says
Joffe. “To be more specific,
we now know that those
with the ADRB2 Arg16Gly
SNP should place more
emphasises on their dietary
approach, as exercise may
be less effective. For those
with the ADRB2 Gln27Glu
polymorphism, decreasing
your intake of carbohydrates
is more beneficial.
Furthermore, we also know
that certain people will need
to exercise harder, and/or
for longer to get the same
results as someone else with
a different genetic make-up.”
De Beer adds that the
Circadian Locomotor Output
Cycles Kaput (CLOCK) gene

is also particularly relevant
to our fat loss efforts. This
gene is an essential element
of the human biological
clock, which is involved in
regulating sleep quality
and duration, as well as
metabolic regulation
through hormone release.
“Carriers of the C allele are
less successful at reducing
fat stores than the TT
genotype. In addition,
those with the C allele
have reduced sleep, and
report morning fatigue.
Carriers of the C allele also
have higher ghrelin levels,
which regulates appetite,
potentially altering eating
These are important
insights as it can take some of
the guesswork out of getting
shredded for competitions.
“There is definite variability
in a person’s ability to burn
fat effectively. For example,
someone might follow a
low calorie diet and intense
exercise programme, but
won’t see results despite
strict compliance. This can
be as a result of the incorrect
macronutrient ratios, or the
fact that they’re doing the
incorrect amount and/or
intensity of exercise,” says
While most bodybuilders
will eventually arrive at
the best approach for their
genetic make-up through
trial and error, DNA testing
will ensure that we focus our
best efforts in the correct
areas from the start. “It also
gives you a solid platform to
build on by adding in more
factors to fine tune your
efforts,” concludes Joffe.
With that said, there are
also other important factors
at play that will affect your
ability to burn fat effectively,
such as insulin sensitivity.
“As such it is very clear
that fat loss is an extremely
complex process. However,
by using genetic testing
as the base we are more
capable of determining
the best, most suitable
intervention for a person’s
specific genotype. With this
approach bodybuilders will
hopefully be able to remain
compliant, and achieve the
results they’re after, whether
they’re plagued with these
fat genes or not,” concludes
de Beer. M.E


Stick to the basics! WorldMags.M. and periodised effectively. and incremental loading on a weekly basis makes this a sure-fire way to gain muscle. A L S O (G T R A IN IN G S T H E 10 -10 A K N O W N IS O N E O F T H E M E T H O D. was developed (now pay attention) to take a particular weightlifter into a higher weight category in the smallest amount of time possible.E TRAINING By Jack (GymJackpot) Lotter Twitter: @gymjackpot. O AMOUNT size THE FACTS. THE MYTHS AND SOME PERSONAL INSIGHT. which is dependant on the given load for that training session. without increasing adipose tissue and compromising the lifters strength.net . Charles Poliquin. IN C R E M F T IM E . The efficiency of this workout stems from several variables. or incorporate their own “bro science” following the routine which actually interferes with the methodology and efficiency altogether of GVT. then further popularised this technique and from there it grew. What is GVT? “EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A BOD BUILDER BUT AINT NOBODY WANNA LIFT NO HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS!” Ronnie Coleman 58 Muscle Evolution GVT.net slap on som V O LU M E G E R M A N V T ). the training routine is comprised of one compound exercise performed for 10 sets of 10 repetitions with an allotted rest interval. A N D IN A S H E N T E D. N E Q U IV O C A L M O S T U F F E C T IV E AND E SLAP ON WAYS TON T M U S C L E S IG N IF IC AE R T R O P H Y ) S IZ E (H Y P O R T. The sets. Facebook: gymjackpot WorldMags. irrespective of the severity of the intensity of some of these workouts. and gain muscle quickly! GVT training is brutal when performed correctly. many lifters fail with this technique simply because they either add further exercises to the workout. In a nutshell. reps and rest intervals go hand in hand with the tried and tested hypertrophy brackets in bodybuilding. a revered strength training author and international coach. due to the low volume of the entire training period. apparently developed in the 1970s by the national weightlifting coach Rolf Feser of Germany. However. coupled with the fact that the routines are founded on the main quintessential compound free-weight lifts.

. they are greater primers for central nervous system (CNS) stimulation than isolation movements. perspective. We’ve heard it over and over and over again. SACROPLASMIC HYPERTROPHY: Increase in the volume of the fluid inside the muscle cells. He continues to compete and trains several competitive athletes. He has always h d a passion for stren th an weight training. the ideal set range is in between 10 and 16 sets per muscle group. 10-10 fires right into that bracket and stimulates the greatest amount of type 2 muscle fibres. Eno reason? GVT can be som ewh at taxi ng on one’s CNS and it is therefore not recommended that each and very mus cle grou p be train ed in this fash ion each and ever y wee k. back and quads first if for the duration of this program. “Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder but aint nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights!”. one can use GVT a wea k or lagging area of the prio ritise to physique that one is attempting r bring up. Periodisation is king. effective ily as GVT loads the CNS quite heav cle I suggest training the larger mus pres crib ed split with GVT. yet you still see three or more cable crossover machines in a new gym nowadays than a squat rack. 10. turn caus e them very The standard push pull splits are for incorporating GVT. SAMPLE SPLIT Mon day : Legs Tue sday : Chest and Triceps Wed nesd ay: Back and Biceps Thu rsday: Rest Frid ay: Shoulders Satu rday : Rest Sun day : Rest Periodisation Incremental oad.s Author Jack Lotter is a personal trainer at Wellness In Motion in Sandton. Having started as very skinny. hypertrophy rep and set range. MYOFIBRILLAR HYPERTROPHY: Increase in number of actin and myosin contractile fibres. Yates did it and King Coleman’s immortal words still ring true. I also as to recommend a 4 day training split training. Compound. Every week we manipulate load and rest intervals to progress and allow for greater mitochondrial capacity coupled with both sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy. one burns more calories doing compound lifts than isolation lifts and the hormonal stimulation following heavy compound lifts coupled with more anabolic receptor site stimulation in muscle tissue is huge. mass one’s aim is to gain overall body to or alternatively. which for all intents and purposes are the most important and greatly stimulated muscle fibres from a lean mass gaining. wh ch will stab to deve lop. he fought n and entered his first bodybuilding physique contest in November 2012 where he placed in the finals. The volume of the muscle increases. and ensure the body avoid over imal is adequately rested to ensure max success of the program. Don’t forget that the majo lifts as those described compound ry and above incorporate all the seconda in iliser muscles as well. >> WorldMags. generally speaking. they recruit secondary and stabiliser muscles throughout the lift. Arnie did it. tested. goal-oriented and on track with progress. Sad. We’re all taught the best rep range to stimulate muscular hypertrophy (or muscle growth) is 8. as well as small increase in size. you plan to fail’? Incorporating a finite plan every week helps keep one motivated. Period.WorldMags. be rep and hypertrophy brackets. or bodybuilding.net . and 12 reps right? Furthermore. periodisation and evaluation: by employing the technique that will be discussed in this article correctly it is very easy to monitor one’s progress as opposed to the proverbial thumb suck most of us lifters and “bro-science” advocators employ when we go to the gym. continually reevaluated and continually reaffirmed.net Set and rep range 10 reps and 10 sets fits right into the tried. heavy. Compound lifts GVT utilises compound lifts. called sacroplasm. Again. Ever heard the saying ‘if you fail to plan. grou p in the ps and the paired sma ller mus cle grou trained in the regular 10-16 set. I sugg este d that eith er prio rity be ps placed with the bigger muscle grou such as chest. They stimulate the greatest amount of muscle fibre. free-weight exercises are the king for slabbing on muscle tissue.

M. one must select a compound free-weight exercise.if you do hit a plateau during this routine.1 minute rest . Baby steps. and provided the e hav been no iccups with your training.1.1 minute rest . skull crushers. So. Failing during GVT.2 minute rest .any more will be redundant. If you do fail on a set weight. Do not perform anything else for that respective muscle group after your GVT workout. military press and pull ups.1 minute rest . and then move on from there the following week. Fr m here you will conti ue as befo e for anothe 4 weeks.E WorldMags. preferab y with a barbell. What follows in one method that works and has seen excellent results for both the author and his clients.1:45 minute rest .1:45 minute rest . set and rest schemes will be counter intuitive. ther fore t has grown considerably in this 16-week process. G lighter to be safe. Each to their own.30 minute rest . 10 set and rest interval range.2 minute rest . Each and every week yo r res interval will get longer as you pile more and more weight onto the b r.1. bu u e your in uition when se ecting the movement. As with all hypertrophy methodology one must select a weight that fit into the category of the 65-75% of their 1RM (one rep max) What does this mean? W ll without goin into d tail.M. then stick on that load and that rest interval segment for a further week or two until you can complete it perfectly. 60 Muscle Evolution working up t the twominute rest interval mark with weight that is 5kg heavier than the previous time you hit the twom nute rest interval mark.30 minute rest . DO FORCED REPS OR REQUIRE ASSISTANCE TO COMPLETE ANY OF THE 10 GIVEN SETS. and should be incorporated every single week if you can: deadlift. Lets use the following b ch press plan as a guideline: Every wee . and ensure ro ression from week to week. squat. do force reps or requ re assistance to complete any of the 10 given sets. Choosing the same weight runs the risk of failing again the following week. I one has to. Tick that week’s box off and go home. barbell curls. Do not be tempted to do any more “sculpting” or isolating movements thereafter. Those are the kings. The following exercises are the “big 5” in my opinion.2 minute rest . or having to drop the we ght. Summary You must not push to failure .1. close g ip bench and d ps. Thats it. The success of this workout is also due to the continual overload being placed on the respective motor units responsible for firing in the muscle tissue that are best stimulated in that allotted 10 rep.1:45 minute rest . yo pe form 0 sets of 10 reps.net How does GVT work? There are hundreds of articles and publications circulating the web on various GVT training methodologies and techniques. You will cont nue this programme for a total of 16 weeks (perfect for a b l ing cycle) and the end goal o this programme is t g t to a we ght we can move for 10 sets of 10 reps. Given the training split on the day.15 minute rest . Time your rest intervals. So don’t. 100kg bench press 105kg bench press 110kg bench press 115kg bench press 120kg bench press 105kg bench press 110kg bench press 115kg bench press 120kg bench press 125kg bench press 110kg bench press 115kg bench press 120kg bench press 125kg bench press 130kg bench press 120kg bench press .1:15 minute rest . with a 1 minute interval that w could previously only perform if we had two minutes rest? What’s happened here? Your muscles would ha e ha to increase their mitochondrial and m ofibri lar capacity significantly to cope with the i creased load and stress. from week 1 to week 16. Doing any more movements thereafter with differing rep. rather take two steps backward the following week and select a weight you can comfortably complete the workout with. For arms specifically. The bott m line is hat it must be a compo nd lift. in which case you are now two weeks behind in the programme. So.E TRAINING WorldMags. They are unnecessary and will simply over tax and overtrain the muscle concerned and undo all of your hard work subsequent to that point. and build from there.net . will disrupt the incremental loading of the program.1 minute rest THE MOST IMPORTANT AND OVERLOOKED ASPECT OF THIS PROGRAMME IS THAT ONE MUST NEVER REACH FAILURE. Do only one movement per muscle group . cleanly and with irrefutable form.1. Nothing is really set in tone. Complete each week properly before progressing . you should hen move back to the 1 minute rest interval. on week six yo will go back to a one-minute est but have 105kg on the bar. an easy way to select the right we ght is to choose a weight that one can comfortabl rep 15 unassisted full range-of-mot on repeti ions with and use this as a base The ost important and overlooked aspect of t i program e is that one must ever reach failure.15 minute rest . to be safe rather sel ct a weig t that may perhaps be “too ligh ” than “too eavy” a one can still incrementally increase the load every week. let’s say yo starte on 100kg bench press with a one-minute rest on wee one. Each and every week thereafter you will increase your est in erval b 15 sec nds a d your oad by 5kg (more or less). bench press. and worse: counter productive. When you have moved o to a 2 minu e rest interval.1:30 minute rest . You should st rt on no mor than a one-minute rest in erval in between sets.you should just be able to complete the last rep and set unassisted. The End. they can sta on the same weig t for the followi g week. with the nly d fference being that you ar n w oing to increase the weight you originally used at the 1 minute rest increment at the star of this routine by approximately 5kg.




By: Sean Johnson, Bowen Practitioner and Instructor (www.bowentechnique.co.za)


Evolution is, ironically, the only constant phenomenon in the
universe. It is the striving of a species to constantly adapt to
ensure its continued survival. This survival is dependent on the
species’ ability to evolve to the best possible version of itself to
overcome challenges within its environment.
This concept of evolution is very much prevalent within the
bodybuilding fraternity, as athletes try and create adaptation
(muscularity, proportions and symmetry) within their bodies to meet
certain division (environmental) requirements. Athletes that are best
able to adapt to this process are the ones who come out on top.
Evolution, by its nature, is a slow, consistent process and
adaptations within species can take millions of years. There are
however many similarities between evolution as a process and what it
takes to make it in this sport. All successful bodybuilders will tell you
that it takes small, consistent and patient changes to your physique to
be a really successful athlete.
Even though this adaptive process is slow and patient, there is an
exception to the rule (as with all things in life). Our human brain, for
example, has tripled in size over the last 200,000 years. Scientists are
still trying to figure out what caused this to happen but the important
thing here is the slow, consistent process of evolution was interrupted
and instead of making small, incremental changes in our brains, we
as a species took a quantum leap forward and so developed rational
thinking, the capacity for language and self-awareness. That quantum
leap in brain size forever altered us as a species and changed the
course of our history.
The sport of bodybuilding is constantly evolving and athletes are
standing on stage, looking bigger, leaner and with better symmetry
than ever before. Training methods, diets and hormones are constantly
being improved upon and so athletes are achieving adaptations
within their bodies never seen before. The process of evolution within
bodybuilding is therefore alive and well.
What if, though, we wanted to take a quantum leap forward within
this most demanding of sports where the smallest adjustment to our
training or diet can make the difference
between being first or second? What
if we made a few small, unique and
calculated changes to our training and
this in turn caused us to quantum leap
our physique to a new level?

l e n ew
on a p ssibt could
A theor y
lit tha
training sp ge the game


All great truths begin as blasphemies
George Bernard Shaw, the famous Irish author, said “All
great truths begin as blasphemies”. My bodybuilding
blasphemy is a simple, deductive theory. Theory being the
word I stress. It is a hopeful, evolutionary quantum leap
into the possible future of bodybuilding. What if, in the
pursuit of a physique with both awesome size and sculpted
symmetry, we should no longer train traditional body parts
but rather myofascial chains?
Symmetry is achieved through any structure by having equal
tone and tension throughout. What if we could understand and
know the muscular tension lines throughout our bodies and by
training in such a way that tension is equal throughout these
lines we could achieve symmetry, equal proportions and more
flow and connectivity between muscle groups?
There are different muscle chains that distribute tone and
tension throughout your body. Without this tension we would

not be able to stand upright, move or lift anything at all, never
mind some serious weight in the gym. Bodybuilding by its
very nature increases tension throughout your body but the
traditional training approach of training one b dy part a day
generally only hits one part of the chain. Granted, adjusting
tone in one part of the chain will definitely have an effect
on the rest of the chain (that’s why squatting has an overall
anabolic effect on the entire body) but what happens if we
changed our training split to look a little different? What if
we stopped speaking in terms of chest, back and legs and
started using jargon like sup rficial back line, arm lines, lateral
lines or functional lines? Would we be considered crazy or
If you are leaning more towards crazy have a look at the
following myofascial lines of tension that hold your body
together before you make your judgement.


Myofacial lines
LINE incorporates the
erector spinae of the back,
hamstrings, and gastrocs
of the calves. It attaches
on the brow ridge and
runs along the back of our
body right into each of
our toes. Deadlifts tend
to hit most of this chain
all at once but a training
split can be broken up to
include back, hamstrings
and calves.

FRONT LINE includes the
sternocleidomastoid (SCM),
sternalis, rectus abdominus,
quads and tibialis anterior.
It attaches onto the dorsal
aspect of each toe and runs
up along the front of the body
to the fascia of the scalp. A
training split which includes
chest, stomach, quads and
dorsiflexion movement of
the feet would help adjust
tone through this line. The
Superficial Front Line and
Superficial Back Line have a
reciprocal relationship and
work together in maintaining
balance and posture.

THE SPIRAL LINE doesn’t include too many of
the traditional bodybuilding parts but if we want
balance and symmetry throughout our body
then it is important to understand its function
within the body. It starts in the splenius capitus
and includes the rhomboids, obliques, abdominal
fascia, tibialis anterior, peroneus, ITB, hamstrings
and erector spinae. You can see by the
picture that it wraps itself around the
body and has a big function to play
in twists, rotations and lateral shifts
in the body. If, for example, there is
uneven tension between the tibialis
anterior (too little tension) and the
peroneus longus (too much tension)
this would cause a pronated foot and
therefore a dropped arch. The tibialis
connects to the asis via the ITB and
the peroneus to the ischial tuberosity
via the hamstrings and the differing
tension states would cause an anterior
(down and forward ) pelvic tilt causing
a bodybuilder to present with a belly
as opposed to a flat stomach making
that elusive x-frame even harder to
achieve. So having yourself assessed
to see where and how your body is
asymmetric might be a good idea if you
want to stand on stage with balanced
proportions. Sometimes things need to
be released as opposed to tightened to
create balance in tone.

(there are two of them – a
front and back line) have
less to do with core posture
and stability and more to do
with everyday movements.
The Front Lines includes the
lower edge of the pectoralis
major, rectus abdomis and
adductors while the Back
Lines incorporate the lats,
glutes and vastus lateralis(
the outer quad muscle). The
unique thing about them
is if you have a look at the
accompanying diagram
they create tension lines in
the shape of an X across the
body and isn’t the X-frame
what muscle athletes try
and attain?

THE ARM LINES are another interesting combination of muscle chains.
There are front and back arm lines. The Front Lines (there are superficial
and deep lines) include the pectoralis, biceps and flexor group of
forearms while the Back Arm Lines (superficial and deep) include
the rhomboids, rotator cuff muscles, triceps, trapezius, deltoids and
extensor group of the forearm. The Arm lines do not form part of the
structural column of the body but connect effortlessly with the other
muscle chains to enable us to push or pull or hold something. A training
split for the Front Arm Lines can include the following muscle groups’
chest, biceps and forearms and split for the Back Arm Lines can include
shoulders, traps, triceps and forearms. >>




pericardium of the heart and the jaw muscles. It will make a big difference to your overall stage presen tation. Lats. Adduct ors. It lifts the inner arch. It really is the base on which a body with symmetry is built and what you want through this chain is not tension but a nice even tone throughout the deep front line’s slow twitch. stabilises the chest to allow for breathing. Some of them rely on genetics while others rely on the hard work to achieve their results.E FEATURE Theoretic WorldMags. So if you fall into this very small competitive group of people. next time you visualise what you want to look like when you stand under the stage lights keep in mind that if you do what you’ve always done. Following a herniated disc Sean’s playing career was in jeopardy. pelvic floor fascia. Cal ves Day2 SU PER FIC IAL FRO NT LIN E Core/stomach. It includes the tibialis posterior. Ham stri ngs. FU NC TIO NA L LIN ES Chest. which had an indelible impact on Sean’s life. all of them trying their best to force adaptation in their bodies through diet. Maybe the time has come to consider taking a quantum leap into the unknown and we might just be very surprised at the size and symmetry we are able to achieve within our bodies.net . It is something most people will never know. they achieve this because their bodies have an amazing evolutionary adaptability. diaphragm. M. with a practice based in Randburg. Stomach.E 64 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. He has played provincial rugby at senior level in South Africa and in Australia. you won’t be judged fair ly on sym me try. Slow. Fontainbleau. Johannesburg. training and discipline. psoas.M.netal THE DEEP FRONT LINE is again a line that doesn’t include the traditional bodybuilding groups but has a major influence on the body’s structural posture. Training Split Day 1 SU PER FIC IAL BACK LIN E Bac k. Bowen Therapy did what doctors said was impossible.co. He therefore became a certified Bowen practitioner and later an instructor. You have don e the wo rk ear shoul lier on in the we ek and so the se body par ts can be trained together in a single sessio n. Day 6 SPI RA L AN D DE EP FRO NT LIN E This is a non-lifting day but an important par t of your training. Email sean@bowentechnique. Sean Johnson is a Bowen Practitioner and Instructor. Cal ves (dorsiflexion) Day 3 FRO NT AR M LIN E Chest. Tension states through this muscle chain would create shortening in the body and create imbalance throughout the other muscle chains. but he then found Bowen Therapy and made a successful return to the field. Biceps. controlled lifting should be used (allowing the fas cia to slowly respond) with a big empha sis on the mind/muscle connec tion. endurance muscle fibres. Our bodies are incredible biofeedback mechanisms. all you’ll get is what you’ve always got. Quads This day does not have to be a heavy lifting day. Find someone that unders tands these chains so tha t they can do an assessment for you on tension and tone thr ough these two lines and then create symmetry through them. fitness and bikini division athletes. Forear ms (ex ten sor gro up) Day 5 Standing on stage with a well-proportioned physique is the evolutionary pinnacle of the process of bodybuilding and what our bodies are capable of. supports the lower back and balances the head on top of the neck. Quads. There are constantly new athletes appearing on the scene. Standing on stage with a well-proportioned physique is the evolutionary pinnacle of the process of bodybuilding and what our bodies are capable of. Forearms (flexor group) Day 4 BACK AR M LIN E Sho uld ers. each one responding differently to stimuli. You can have all the muscle mass you want but if you are standing on stage and you could give the Leaning Tower of Pisa a run for its money as a tourist destination. stabilises each segment of the legs. adductor magnus. Muscle athletes understand this amazing process better than anyone else and harness this power to make changes to their physique. Either way. Triceps. Day 7 RE ST DAY Pursuit of proportion Every season South Africa produces a new crop of amazing muscle.za for more info or visit him at The Yoga Republic in Gertrude Road.

I need to be fuelled throughout. increases in energy availability and concentration levels. Each full serving delivers 50g of quality. I know that I have that card in my back pocket. Taste and digestive comfort is essential. multi-source. One of the biggest advantages of liquid shakes is that they are convenient if you’re active. I take 1-2 servings 45 minutes prior to my resistance training session. The four-stage protein matrix assists in optimising muscle tissue recovery. Fast Grow Anabolic brings along a rich pedigree of science and research. Take some time out and read the supplement facts and you’ll see a selection of some of the most researched raw materials like Pycnogenol®. You can expect limited water retention. Fast Grow Anabolic also includes USN’s widely heralded Hyperbolic Stack that includes a Creatine Stack and Glycine for increased power and volume. increased nitrogen retention. and I can’t wait to see how it performs in the 8 600mg stack. With Anabolic Nitro-X I can increase the amount of sets and reps to induce sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. With USN’s wide selection of snack eplacement shakes I know that I can always hit my macronutrient requirements. If you’re looking to positively influence your performance and enhance your results. This range of proven muscle building nutrients helps throughout the recovery phase. Creatine HCl alone is very impressive. it’s time to review your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack option. A very low sugar content shows that this product is less dependent upon a carb-induced insulin spike to force loading. creatine gluconate. and this product represents a huge upgrade on the previous version. Being involved in the industry I am lucky enough to see some development work first hand.net PRODUCT REVIEW WRITTEN BY: SHAMEEN ADAMS ANABOLIC NITRO-X When peri-workout nutrition became a focus on the international suppleme scene. so there is no downtime trying to digest food before I need to be in the gym. but it’s now going to be a pillar product in my eating plan.and post-workout creatine and glycogen loading supplements are gaining popularity. and light on the gut. USN stepped up and delivered Anabolic Nitro-X. When I tasted pre-production samples I noted how light this was on the system. This product includes an impressive 5-creatine formula including Creatine HCl as a core option. If you’re serious about your training and very focused on achieving gains.4g of complex carbohydrates in the form of a two-stage Glyco-Matrix Carb System to keep me fuelled and to aid with recovery. with enhanced gains in real lean mass as more creatine and glycogen is transported into the muscle due to a synchronis uptake for explosive gains in strength. In recent months there have been a few changes on Creatine Anabolic to suit a broader hardcore marketplace. research and development. USN manages to adapt very quickly to new nutritional research. shorter recovery times and fatigue resistance. and the inclusion of additional carbohydrate sources like Vitargo® for rapid energy availability and maximum creatine uptake assists this. highly bioavailable protein and 81. you have the potential for greater gains. Tribulus Terrestris and Taurine. With my demanding schedule that moves me between personal training. Fast Grow Anabolic has been a regular part of my diet over the last five years. immune support and stamina. Anabolic-Nitro-X is best suited to hardgainer or those who demand extra calories during training. USN has done justice to the needs of every weight trainer by delivering a comprehensive post-workout creatine and glycogen loading supplement. This formulation has been largely unchanged over the last couple of years and for very good reason… it works! I’m a hardgainer and I struggle to get up to 80kg even in the off-season. USN has been one of the few brands to cater for this market in recent years. It’s never failed me in delivering real growth! CREATINE ANABOLIC Pre. as well as increases in explosive power. creatine monohydrate and di-creatine malate. I don’t have time to eat on a continual basis. my supplement shop. increases in strength and power.WorldMags. volumisation and power. At the moment I’m enjoying my training as its less about traditional strength work and numbers. and with three new great-tasting flavours we all have something very exciting to look forward to. while the presence of glutamine and BCAAs support digestive health. Huperzine-A and Betaine. One of the biggest mistakes that bodybuilders make is taking on the popularised avoidance of carbohydrates. But.net . This product delivers with regard to product quality. photo shoots and my own training. This will be the defining product that improves my gains this year! WorldMags. At the moment I’m hitting longer and more demanding training sessions. I want to stimulate strength by increasing dormant muscle fibre activation. FAST GROW ANABOLIC ce my focus has been on adding lean mass I know that I need to sume additional calories. Bodybuilding is a sport of physics – if you can perform bette by lifting more. and we (the consumers) stand to benefit the most from their fast turnaround times on new formulations. and hardgainers or those looking to add lean mass by improving their training routines often stand to benefit the most. build AnabolicNitro-X into your pre-workout strategy. Anabolic Nitro-X ticks all of these boxes with the synergistic effect of the well-designed 4 stacks included in the formulation. playing a far more vital ole in my quest for growth. Pre-workouts need to deliver on a few basic points: An increase in nitric oxide production for increased muscle pump. but rather on the provision of the new INSUFORCE™ Insulin Driver Stack. if I want to push my training weight to my maximum. but I don’t have to hit my 1RM every session. and more about overload at far lower weights. If you’re well versed with science you’ll know that carbohydrates play a vital role in the development of muscle mass.

A convert from powerlifting. “I am not the biggest. it became abundantly clear that his balanced. Connecticut. but I am the toughest.E PROFILE By Pedro van Gaalen. AND BROKEN A NUMBER OF WORLD RECORDS. and I'm a stickler for detail. and owner of Poundstone Performance Training Centre. holistic approach to training. SERENDIPITY OR DESTINY. spokesperson for Solae International and DuPont Nutrition & Health. 1981 Lives: Waterbury. he went on to establish himself as one of the world's best thanks to his approach. THIS TOWERING 1.” said Poundstone. Despite two potential careerending injuries. nutrition and supplementation is what sets Derek apart WorldMags.B: September 28. Managing Editor WorldMags.O. after catching up with Derek at the Look & Feel Good Expo held in Johannesburg in 66 Muscle Evolution November. WHERE HE HAS WON NUMEROUS TITLES. where he was representing his nutrition sponsors Solae International and DuPont Nutrition & Health. “That's why I have a .85M POLICE OFFICER FROM NAUGATUCK. POUNDSTONE’S WORLD RECORDS: Max apollon’s axle clean and press – 188kg (415lbs) Log clean and press – 13 reps with 130kg (286lbs) Block press – 145kg (319lbs) Circus dumbbell event – 15 reps POUNDSTONE POWER AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF THE WO LD’S STRONGEST MEN W HETHER IT IS A CASE OF SHEER COINCIDENCE. He quickly became a major contender against some of the greatest names in international strongman competitions. HAVING SUCCESSFULLY COMPETED ON BOTH THE US AND INTERNATIONAL STRONGMAN CIRCUITS. CONNECTICUT HOLDS THE TITLE OF ONE OF THE WORLD'S STRONGEST MEN.net from the rest. strongest or fastest guy on the circuit. Derek made the transition to strongman competitions in the early 2000s.M.85m Profession: Professional strongman. global ambassador for the special Olympic law enforcement torch run.net STATS D. THERE ARE FEW MEN IN THE WORLD WHO ARE MORE APTLY NAMED FOR THEIR PROFESSION THAN AMERICAN STRONGMAN DEREK POUNDSTONE. However. It obviously requires a fair amount of genetic superiority in the fast-twitch muscle fibre department to become a world-class strongman. including a lumbar disc herniation and a spinal cord haemorrhage. USA Weight: 155kg Height: 1.

but I certainly don't train like a stereotypical one. are the most detrimental as they lead people down the wrong path. an Olympic athlete and a powerlifter. “I decided to do one set of 100 reps. including the world's top competitors. like simply making it to gym every day. specifically protein. and I have found that soy is an important part of that protein equation. The KISS principle . It's all about finding balance by understanding what your goals are and how you can achieve them through proper planning. And this is where supplementation plays a key role. but not all at the same time. One thing is for certain though. most power athletes don't isolate arms in their training. but don't get bogged down in the detail and start obsessing over the trivial elements of a programme. “I also travel around the country giving seminars. a subject covered in the NovemberDecember issue of Muscle Evolution. as they say. I like to plan ahead. And.com. WorldMags. while the smaller goals are also important. “I need to look ahead to prepare for what's coming. an active individual needs can be difficult with whole food alone. You can play around with your carb intake. tend to train too much and don't have balance. That was the volume phase of my training.net ALWAYS reputation for being hardcore about my approach to the sport.” And Poundtsone's approach when it comes to nutrition and supplementation doesn't deviate much from his approach to training – balance is key.net www. For instance. powerlifters.” With this type of following and support there is little wonder Derek remains in such high demand for his expertise.” Poundstone believes this offers the right balance. and failing to plan is planning to fail. “Each workout has to be planned properly and spaced out so that I can give every session my all. Consuming the volume of food.poundstoneperformance. I may compete like a professional strongman. but it is not about the best or the worst protein – it is part of a bigger picture.muscleevolution. soy is an important element. but then stick to the basics and listen to my body .” Poundstone explains that soy protein is widely used to boost the protein content and increase the nutritional value of various supplements and food products. “Polarised views. faster and learn how to lead a high performance lifestyle. However. www. but optimal protein intake is non-negotiable. conditioning and recovery tools necessary for athletes to reach the top of their game. In fact.com. most people are surprised when I tell them that I prefer quality over volume when it comes to training. strength athletes and strongmen all need a lot of protein. While your average guy finds these terms intimidating I have found that you don't have to get too scientific for these training principles to be effective.Pounds onePower. I also like to switch it up. stupid – is one I apply to all areas of my life. Based on my experience working in the industry for the last 10 years.co. and that sorted out my injury. the proof of Derek's methods are in the pudding. experiment. It also offers unique health benefits. “We offer all the best strongman. I seldom do maximal lifts in training as it takes weeks to fully recover. The bigger plan is about goals. including training. and how I do it. but I came up with the Poundtsone curl. As a lactose-free option soy protein offers quality similar to that of milk as it has a complete amino acid profile. and also offer one-on-one consultations.” For these reasons Poundstone likes to train like a bodybuilder. and I always plan my training to ensure my best lifts happen at competitions. that's why programming and periodisation are key elements in my approach. I cover everything from my approach.” Poundtsone believes that most people.I like to keep things 'loose'.keep it simple. powerlifting. I don't like to simplify my approach down to the point where it is purely based on reps.1st to training led to the creation of the Poundstone Performance Training Centre . and one of the guys who works with me moved halfway across the country because he was so passionate about what I was doing.” And Poundstone is a firm believer in the importance of protein variety in your diet. However. You also need to consider total poundage lifted as I prefer to keep the majority of my training intense rather than volume-based. Supplements are therefore extremely important. bodybuilders.” M. I've had guys from Europe fly across the Atlantic to train with me at my gym.com/derek-poundstone or book his services through www.PoundstoneSeminars. “There seems to be a global appeal about what I do. and working with DuPont and Solae.za 67 . follow him on Twitter @DerekPoundstone. and I devised this approach because I kept getting arm injuries due to chronic tendonitis in my elbow. to training technique and movement efficiency. ensuring you plan enough to progress. and find the approach that works best for you.Derek's vision to create the ultimate environment to grow stronger. There is also a lot of hype and misinformation about the difference in the quality of proteins.“YOU CAN’T WorldMags. or for the average guy who wants to achieve great things. It is a serious test of one's mettle. You need to 'digest' everything you read and hear.” This diverse and effective approach TRAIN WITH HEAVY LOADS. AND FAILING TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL. which abound in the industry today. but I also need to switch my focus back regularly to see what's directly in front of me. “You can't always train with heavy loads.” Poundstone's aim with this technique was to increase blood flow to the muscles and tendons in his arm as he thought it would be beneficial. on Facebook.E If you are nterested in learning more about Derek Poundstone’s approach you can visit www. not just training. CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS: Championship . THAT’S WHY PROGRAMMING AND PERIODISATION ARE KEY ELEMENTS IN MY APPROACH. “If you don't ensure variety you often create food intolerances. to ensure I'm still on track.

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net PROFILING THE WORKOUTS OF SA’S TOP BODYBUILDE S Elite training series Workout 3: EW HUDSON’S BIG BACK WORKOUT T ake an exclusive look at the training regimens that have sculpted the bodies of our top athletes in Muscle Evolution’s Elite Training Series. Training in normal shoes doesn’t feel right to me anymore as I don’t feel as in touch with the way my muscles work as I do when wearing Vibrams. and get you the scoop on their top tips.net About Andrew Hudson AGE: 30 BORN: 31 December 1983 LIVES: Umhlanga. I think anybody WorldMags.E TRAINING Workout performed by Andrew Hudson Photography by Slade @ Pure Studios WorldMags. Over the next three issues we will speak to the cream of South Africa’s bodybuilding community to showcas their tried and trusted training programmes.M. I use this technique in nearly every workout I do and I find it to be a great tool for bringing out fullness and detail in weak body parts.I have a love/hate relationship with sevens. but most gyms wouldn’t allow that and it probably isn’t very hygienic. If you are interfering with alignment. It’s really tough if done correctly . What is your philosophy when it comes to back training? I have learnt that my back needs to be absolutely annihilated from all angles twice a week to get it to respond. Why do you like to train in minimalist footwear? I use Vibram Fivefingers shoes to train with mainly because I feel like our bodies are designed to work a certain way. I believe they are one of the reasons why I’m able to train legs after training back and can deadlift three 70 Muscle Evolution times a week. proprioception and the angle of your feet the worst time to do it would be when you are training and subjecting your body to external stresses and loads. When your body is working optimally you’ll be surprised at just how much you can really do. You could just train barefoot for the same sort of experience. Kwa-Zulu Natal OFF-SEASON WEIGHT: 134kg TRAINS AT: La Lucia Virgin Active and BodyGuru Umhlanga COMPETING FOR: 13 years . What training principles do you follow? My trainer Hany Rambod came up with a training technique called FST-7 as an intensity booster.

WorldMags.the kind that’s attached or hinged to the ground on one side.za 71 .muscleevolution. I use a special handle (pictured) but you can hold the end of the bar just as easily.” Meadows row 4 SETS x 8-10 reps HOW TO DO IT: Use a T-bar . Stand at a right angle to the bar and row. It’s kind of like a one arm dumbbell row.net Andrew’s back workout Every one of my back workouts is different. I like to use smaller plates for a greater range of motion and stretch. One of my tougher workouts is as follows: Suitcase row x 12 reps HOW TO DO IT: This looks very similar to the Meadows row. This really gets the lats activated and contracting hard. >> WorldMags. If done correctly your lat should get a crazy pump. but you’re using a bar. I change up the techniques and rep schemes all the time based on how I feel during the workout. “I believe minimalist footwear is one of the reasons why I’m able to train legs after training back and can deadlift three times a week.net www.co. However. you stand parallel to the bar a d you pull the bar up and back towards your hip.

needs to be absolutely annihilated from all angles twice a week to get it to respond. I’ve probably done it in an attempt to improve my back. if they’re done correctly.net “I have learnt that my back that has followed me over the years knows that my back has been the one area of my physique that required the most improvement.M. for the last year I have pounded it from every angle using different techniques . With shrugs I go t absolute failure. You name it.from extreme stretch work to band work and the use of unique angles . but if you can put more time and effort into your recovery then it could work. but it is only now that I’m finally seeing major improvements.net . but after all that I’ve read and seen I decided that I needed to radically change something otherwise I would end up with the same result. often twice a week. Work up to the max weight on deadlifts. Another component to recovery that has helped my back development is deep tissue massage. It is done to help break up scar tissue. We are bodybuilders. You need to practise it and you need to keep trying to perfect the best technique. If you want to be a powerlifter then go train like one. I am always striving to improve my form. for two hours per session for the last six months and I can definitely see and feel a difference. when it comes to the deadlift you need to be smart. Sometimes I do the shrugs after I have finished the deadlifts. I think this couldn’t be further from the truth. A true bodybuilder makes sure that his or her form and technique are perfect. I thought I had tried everything when I started to see some improvement over the years. I think people who avoid deadlifts do themselves a great injustice. 72 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. To save time I therefore do them both in the same set. enhance blood flow and improve range of motion by keeping the tissue soft and healthy.I have handles that have been made specifically for me and have bought handles from the States. Deadlifts really are one of my favourite exercises. we are building our bodies and not our egos. I don’t advise this for everyone. I strongly believe that the exercise order determines how your muscles react to these exercises. So.” A NOTE ON DEADLIFTS: Many bodybuilders and serious gym goers are scared to do deadlifts because they fear that they could make their waistline thicker or damage their backs. work your core and burn a ton of calories. Over time I’ve learnt how to get the most out of certain exercises by performing specific exercises beforehand. Who wouldn’t want that list of benefits? >> Deadlift with shrug x 8-10 reps (excluding warm-up sets) The weight I deadlift and shrug with is pretty much the same. I have done this every week. The techniques applied here are crucial and it is not for the faint hearted.E TRAINING WorldMags. Deadlifting doesn’t mean screaming the gym down and hoisting tons of weight at any cost. Sometimes I deadlift three times a week because I enjoy it so much. When done correctly they will strengthen your back. Other times I might do a couple of shrugs between each deadlift rep. the pulldown will feel different than one done at the start of your workout. You will need a very high threshold to get the most out of it. if you do a bent over row first and then a pulldown. As an example. So.

I really feel these pulldowns in the right places on my back. I prefer to train for feel. This one is angled just perfectly for a supinated grip as its not too supinated that your wrist feels uncomfortable.net Pulldown with mag grips x 8 reps Mag grips are an awesome tool to have in your toolbox. If you keep them pointed towards the ceiling with a slight bend to them then you can stretch your lats fully while keeping your shoulders safe. If you flare them out I feel it works the chest too much. Weight here is irrelevant to me.net . Dumbbell pullover x 10-12 reps with 30 seconds rest between sets The key here is the angle of your elbows. far more than with any other handle. >> WorldMags.WorldMags.

Barbell row x 8 reps “I strongly believe that the exercise order determines how your muscles react to these exercises.it depends on what I’m trying to achieve. as opposed to when I’m just feeling lazy. A underhand grip targets the lower lat. which I used to do. Sometimes wide and sometimes narrow .net . while an overhand grip targets the upper lats and rhomboids more. Some people use them for a warm up. in an effort to improve my back. If a session has been really taxing then I might just skip the second body part. I believe that in order to get the maximum benefit from this exercise you have to go to a full stretch and hang at the bottom of every rep. I have done this for long enough now to know when my body really needs to rest. 74 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. pull-ups x 3-6 reps I only do pull-ups when fully warmed up.M.” I alternate each week with underhand and overhand grips. but at this weight it would be risky. I don’t try to make up for it as I believe the extra rest will probably be better for me anyway. making sure there is no momentum or jerky movements when initiating the lift.E TRAINING WorldMags. I usually aim for a number of reps – say 30 – and do as many sets as I require to get to that number.net Chest and triceps Back and traps Quads and hamstrings Shoulders Back and biceps Quads and hamstrings Day off then repeat I typically take it as it comes and might add or remove sessions as I see fit. In the past I have injured myself trying to do them first or when not fully warmed up.

especially after all the previous work. I try o envision doing a back double bicep pose and hold the bar at the bottom for a second or two.net www.muscleevolution.WorldMags.co.za 75 . I don’t try to make up for it as I believe the extra rest will probably be better for me anyway.” WorldMags.net Behind the neck pulldown x 10-12 reps To finish off the lats I do pulldowns behind the neck. “If a session has been really taxing then I might just skip the second body part. I feel a great stretch and contraction here.

in 2011. competing in sports and enjoying the fitness lifestyle.. AND. THIS DRIVE HAS SEEN HER GET TO THE TOP OF THE LOCAL SCENE AND STAY THERE. When did you first start training and why? I’ve always been athletic. and what motivated you to step onto stage for the first time? Ever since I started training with Hennie he pushed me to compete. WITH AN OUT-OF-THISWORLD PHYSIQUE. The first time on stage was something that words cannot describe. Training since: 2007 Competing since: 2011 Height: 157cm Competition weight: 47kg Off-season weight: 52kg Fitness. that kept me going. SHE ALWAYS REACHES HER GOALS.. I decided to put it to the test. At the age of 21 I started weight training with Hennie Kotze at the local Planet You are in amazing shape. WE TOOK SOME TIME TO GET TO KNOW THIS CHAMPION ATHLETE AND GREAT AMBASSADOR FOR THE SPORT. if talent doesn’t work hard” . That was probably the fuel. self-driven and always reach my goals…. sometimes too straight. THE REST OF THE BIKINI WORLD SHOULD TAKE NOTICE.Will Smith Okay. as they say. AND WITH HER SIGHTS SET ON EVEN GREATER THINGS. THE REST IS HISTORY. IN HER OWN WORDS.. the worst probably was: “Are those space pants because your ass is out of this world!” If I told you that you must be an alien because your entire body is out of this world. Currently also studying Personal Training (Human Movement Science) with the HFPA. THAT WAS PROBABLY THE FUEL. there are a few but. And. Everyone talks about getting into shape. the rest is history.. and no doubt many women want to look like you. A W H AT I T I S H O L E N E W T H I S I S A W AT K E E P S W O R L D T H G B AC K IN YO U CO M R E . AS WELL AS COMPETE ABROAD. Finally..” FOR MO ATHLETE STATS L IZELLE HORN CEMENTED HER REPUTATION AS THE BEST IN THE BIKINI FITNESS DIVISION WHEN SHE DEFENDED HER TITLE AT THE IFBB SA CHAMPIONSHIPS LAST YEAR. TOGETHER WITH THE AMAZING RESULTS THAT I FINALLY ACHIEVED. I’ve been training with him ever since and I’ve been living a healthy life and staying fit ever since.” 76 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. many men probably want to try their pick-up lines on you! What is the worst pick-up line that was ever used? “THE FIRST TIME ON STAGE WAS SOMETHING THAT WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE.. let’s get down to business before we end off with some more fun. NOT ONLY IS SHE GORGEOUS. surely you can do better than that? Name: Lizelle Horn City: Pretoria Profession: Professional Hairstylist and Make-up Artist. Cutest – I am short and shy… Best – I’m extremely driven and don’t believe in quitting… Mmmm.net NG “CO M P E T I LY I S IONAL I N T E R N AT L L A B O U T.e ll iz WorldMags. The results were amazing and I instantly got addicted. AS THEY SAY. THAT KEPT ME GOING. what would you say? I’m energetic. Let’s get this started with a bit of fun. dynamite comes in small packages. SHE IS ALSO INCREDIBLY DRIVEN. but I never really took it to heart.net What kept you coming back to the stage each time? Seeing how my body improves show after >> . How did you get involved in the sport. together with the amazing results that I finally achieved. but I never really got the results I wanted. He told me that I would be in the best shape of my life. in other words. competing is another altogether. FUNNY AND SMART. would you hold it against me? Mmmm. What is your favourite quote? “Hard work beats talent. Training is one thing. More specifically. just to get into shape to fit into my wedding dress. What is your scariest. If you had 60 seconds to describe yourself. cutest and best personality trait? Scariest – I am always straight to the point.

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net AND WEAK POINTS AND show. BUT SOMETHING THAT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE IS DEFINITELY THE WAY YOU PRESENT YOURSELF. It is amazing what yo r body is capable of. everyone motivates one another and assists where they can as true friends. Poland – Fitness Bikini – 12th USN Face of Fitness cover search – top 12 2013 IFBB Miss SA Xtreme – Fitness Bikini – 1st IFBB KZN Provincials (Worlds Qualifier) . I’m sure you’ll agree.Fitness Bikini –1st IFBB SA Championships – Fitness Bikini – 1st IFBB Women’s World Champs. I have to say that is quite true. Their determination to get up and do it all over again. and is there something about the experience that stands out most for you? Competing internationally is what it is all about. and year after year. That’s what’s so inspiring about those who reach the summit. We couldn’t agree more. but staying there is damn hard work”. Amateur Olympia . Who has been the biggest inspiration to you in this sport? My biggest inspiration must be Tammy (Dreyer). Ukraine – Fitness Bikini – 6th IFBB Arnold Classic Europe – Fitness Bikini – 11th EVLS Praque Pro. Would you say there is a big difference between how women prepare for the stage in SA and what you learnt while abroad? No. It also brings the best out in me every time.M. and also a dream come true. that shows determination. After experiencing it last year by defending my SA title. especially after sharing a stage with her for the first time in 2012. 78 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. I think when it comes to nutrition and training it all comes down to the basics: chicken stays chicken and fish. fish. but something that is totally different on the international stage is definitely the way you present yourself. was winning the SA title for the second year in a row and becoming a Supashape sponsored athlete and ambassador. at this stage I am sticking to my “inseason” diet plan. It’s all about the posing. your stage presence and h ving the confidence to entertain the crowd – you have to stand out in a big line-up. 2013 was truly an amazing year! Now. my fellow Supashape teammate. Michelle van Rooyen has always been my favourite on the local stage. Every person has strong and weak points and hides them in certain ways. What can we expect from Lizelle Horn in the near future? And which show will we see you at next? Well. Who is your favourite local competitor and who is your favourite international competitor? Well. They all have one thing in common – the same goal. not really. and I am striving to bring the best version of Lizelle Horn to stage this year. Yes. Following her journey for the past three years. and will keep the rest as a surprise… I’m more confident than before.” time favourite int rnational competitor is the recently awarded IFBB pro Valeria Ammirato. She eventually won her World Championship title and.E BABE “EVERY PERSON HAS STRONG WorldMags. his is a whole new world that keeps yo coming back for more.net . Her words have stuck with me: “Getting to the top is easy. let’s chat about the international shows – tell us a bit about those? What were they like. Let’s have a look at how you eat and train to be in the incredible shape you’re in. Being part of a show with 30–40 athletes in a line-up. I’ve seen how she never gave up and kept on coming back.Fitness Bikini – 10th My highlight of 2013. However. but my all- HIDES THEM IN CERTAIN WAYS. How does your diet change between competition and the off-season? I try to have a balanced and healthy approach to everything >> TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR COMPETITIVE ACHIEVEMENTS? 2011 IFBB H&H – Beach Bikini – 5th IFBB Gauteng North Provincials – Beach Bikini – 3rd 2012 IFBB H&H – Beach Bikini – 6th IFBB North West Provincials – Fitness Bikini – 2nd IFBB SA Championships – Fitness Bikini – 1st IFBB Women’s World Championships. It is a real fight for a place on the podium. which is a nice element to the seriousness of the competition on stage. all in top condition is a feeling that you can’t describe.


I like doing a variety of different squats and lunges. During the off-season I stick to my normal weight training and limit my cardio to 40-60 min per day. beans. I learned an important lesson after my first December holiday where I just let go. what would the be? I am a proud Supashape ambassador and therefore I can recommend Supashape to anyone looking for the best results. but the only answer is a strict diet. a mentor in the industry who inspires you.especially when it comes to nutrition . Supashape Pure Whey and my multivitamin Meal 2: 150g hake and 150g broccoli Meal 3: 150g chicken and 150g sweet potato Meal 4: 150g hake and 1 cup green veggies (baby marrows. Time lost can never be retrieved. to help. I do exercises in circuit/giant set format and complete it in 3/4 rounds. I always try to stick to the good fundamentals of nutrition: To eat at least 5/6 meals a day Never skip a meal Try to have my meals at the same times throughout my day Eat enough protein Moderate carbs Drink enough water How often do you cheat. After that I made it my mission to stay on track during my off-season holiday. As the saying goes: “You can’t out train a bad diet”. and what is your favourite cheat meal? I try to cheat once a week. VERY IMPORTANT: DON’T PUNISH YOURSELF MENTALLY IF YOU EAT SOMETHING WRONG.. and if you had to choose the absolute essentials. or looking to take the leap and start competing? Getting the right support structure is probably the first step.but at the same time motivates and mentors you. ENJOY IT AND GET BACK TO YOUR DIET PLAN. broccoli) Meal 5: 150g salmon with mixed salad or mixed veggies Meal 6: 1 scoop Supashape Pure Whey with fat-free yoghurt and peanut butter (sometimes for a late night dessert) And the most important is to drink at least 2-3 litres of water during the day. someone with knowledge and experience . your health always comes first. How important is eating when it comes to sculpting a physique like yours? Is t possible to look like you and not be str ct about your diet? I’m sorry to say.E BABE WorldMags. Rushing is a recipe for disaster too. and what exercises do you do to shape it? Definitely legs. If it doesn’t work in life why should it in the gym? What style of weight training and kinds of cardio do you do. That person must be someone that you can trust to assist you in the best ways possible. even though it is the most difficult body part to train for me. 3 egg whites. and every session missed puts your opponent a step ahead. BUT NO CHEATING BEFORE SHOWS. >> “I TRY TO CHEAT ONCE A WEEK.” 80 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. Which supplements do you use. What does a typical day’s meals look like? Meal 1: 3/4 cup oats.net . but no cheating before shows. veggies and fruit in my diet. what is your top tip for women looking to take their physiques to the next level. I love doing high intensity cardio and I am absolutely loving my Sweat1000 classes! During my competition prep I normally do a lot more cardio and leg exercises. and how often and how long? How does this differ on and off season? My weight training split is: Monday: Legs Tuesday: Shoulders and triceps Wednesday: Back and biceps Thursday: Legs again (I train my weak parts twice a week) Friday: Mini boot camp. what would be your number one tip to women looking to get onto stage? Be consistent. I always include plenty of protein. Do you have a favourite body part? What is your favourite body part to train. Get someone.something sweet.. healthy fats.M.net all year round. Enjoy it and get back to your diet plan. My daily supplement stack looks as follows: Daily Multivitamin stack Ultra CLA Thermolean Pure Whey Protein Amino Charge BCAAs My absolute must have supplements are: Daily Multivitamin stack Amino Charge Ultra CLAs BCAAs When it comes to training. I also like incorporating some sprints and running. Very important: don’t punish yourself mentally if you eat something wrong. When it comes to diet. And remember one thing. Never skip a training or cardio session. I’ve been caught in the pantry sitting on the floor with a spoon indulging in a tin of hot chocolate before… My favourite cheat is definitely a good steak with some fries or pastries .

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I believe everyone is blessed with some form of intelligence. A guy must look good with clothes on and without. What is the ideal man’s physique? Definitely not beefy Brad… being in the fitness scene I have become so used to the bodybuilding physique that sometimes 82 Muscle Evolution I tend to think that guys are to skinny! But honestly. Your favourite car? Mercedes G55 AMG Gelandewagen What is your favourite type of music? Do you ever sing? Do you sing in traffic? Pop rock. although I will never trade in my Mini… New York or Hawaii? New York. of course. Healthy is hot! Muscle. For me legs and a very slim waistline go a long way to creating the ideal physique. OF COURSE. How do you fit everything in? It does get quite hectic sometimes. It won’t make you bulky or look like a man! It will only give you gorgeous curves. When you are not working or training. What do you think makes the ideal woman’s physique? For me the athletic or the x. It’s a small island.net “A GUY MUST LOOK GOOD WITH CLOTHES ON AND WITHOUT.E BABE WorldMags. don’t be afraid to lift. A one-liner joke you can share quick? If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea… does it mean that one enjoys it? What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in a gym? A guy training without his shirt and his shoes. I do enjoy singing. and thinks he is from the Tarzan family. Squat or leg press? Squat. BMW or Mercedes? Mercedes.hape physique. where would that be? Definitely the Maldives. and yes. and. Take risks. Dog or cat? Dogs. especially in traffic! Any famous last words? The only source of knowledge is experience. whether it is travelling. but the more you have to do. Talk us through a typical day for you. if you lose you will be wise. what an experience. Who is the hottest guy alive? Tom Hardy and then. he must have calves. witty and well spoken. shopping or taking the Harley out on a ride. “ What is your least favourite exercise? Can’t really think of any…. If you could press a button now and be transported to any place on earth. just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. honest and intelligent. so I’m always doing something. And the sexiest in a woman? Strong.M. What is the sexiest trait in a man? Wise. 04h15: Wake up 05h00: Weight training session at Body Guru 05h30 .06h30: Cardio session 06h45: Get home. Your number one tip for women working with weights? Weights are not only for men.. what do you enjoy doing? I am a real busy body. bu not skinny. HE MUST HAVE CALVES.net . I love keeping my husband on his toes and spending time together. M.. What is your idea of the perfect holiday? Spending time with my family and friends. But ladies. AND. Pick one: Chicken or beef? Beef.18h00: My second cardio session starts 19h00: Dinner time And then bed time… LET’S HAVE SOME FUN. relaxing and forgetting about the rat race back home.E WorldMags. I love my two bassets. Luckily my husband has the biggest calves in the gym. We went there on our honeymoon and wow. wider shoulders and thinner around the waist. There is no television and no cellphones. Curvy and slim. of course. make breakfast and pack my food for the day 09h00: Start with my first client at the salon 16h00: Get home and get ready for training round number two 17h00 . definitely not chicken during the off-season.. my husband. George Clooney or Brad Pitt? George Clooney. the more you get done.. I will leave Brad for Angelina. if you win you will be happy. although the weight section in any gym can be very intimidating to women. just a healthy-looking guy..

net www.CO.WorldMags. VOORTREKKER STR. ALBERTON TEL: 011 861 6600 / 011 861 6690 EMAIL: INFO@SPRINGBOKPHARMACY.za ALBERTON MALL.net .co.ZA WorldMags.springbokpharmacy.

in some instances. banned.” Furthermore.E SUPPLEMENTS By Pedro van Gaalen. according to a December 2007 study commissioned by InformedChoice. dehydrochloromethyltestosterone. just how prevalent is the issue today? B y all accounts the global supplement industry is a far cry from what it was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. the seemingly intentional use of pro-hormones (which were legal at the time).” explains Mario Van Biljon. prohibited and even illegal substances. boldenone.” The study also declared that since 2002 products on the international supplement market were “intentionally faked with high amounts of ‘classic’ anabolic steroids such as metandienone. Twentyfive percent of the samples showed the presence of steroid WorldMags. The results of an international mass spectrometric study conducted in 2001 and 2002 by Geyer H et al titled “Nutritional supplements cross-contaminated and faked with doping substances” showed that “634 nutritional supplements that were purchased in 13 different countries showed that about 15% of the non-hormonal 84 Muscle Evolution nutritional supplements were contaminated with anabolicandrogenic steroids (mainly pro-hormones) . stanozolol. much of which is being perpetuated by unscrupulous athletes and organisations that have a commercial interest in pushing this agenda. for analysis. But when you cut through the medi hype.net A closer look at the controversy and hype that continues ype th t c ti es to plague the supplement industry upple e indus y SUPPLEMENT CROSS-CONTAMINATION The issue of supplement cross-contamination is a controversial subject that has been raging on for over a decade. oxandrolone etc. These anabolic steroids were not declared on the labels either.M. which is sometimes ttributed to the use of supplements. “approximately 25% of supplements could be contaminated”.. Is that still the case today.” But that was over 12 and seven years ago respectively.. And that controversy is fuelled every time an elite athlete delivers an adverse analytical finding (positive result) after a doping test. the world’s most experienced anti-doping lab in the field of supplement testing. The released report stated that “(f )ifty-eight supplement samples were purchased from popular retail outlets and Internet sites in the United States and sent to HFL (Horseracing Forensic Laboratory).net contamination while 11 percent showed the existence of stimulants. Managing Editor WorldMags. when various studies found evidence of crosscontamination and. a cofounder of local supplement . or is the term cross-contamination now used as a euphemism for the illicit use of performance enhancing drugs by athletes in various sporting codes? “Unfortunately there is a great deal of misinformation out there about supplement cross-contaminati n.

This distinction often gets lost in the media hype that ensues following a positive doping test. Only when someone comes to me with a fully disclosed list of specific products that have delivered adverse findings will I sit up and listen.net “By all accounts most of the recent high profile doping cases in South African ig p of le in ca es i Sou h r an sport have been linked with DMMA” manufacturers SSN and Supashape. What it basically boils down to is that unless people are able to produce evidence they’re simply rumour mongering. It is not uncommon for supp ements to be cross-contaminated with banned substances during the manufacturing process if the manufacturer produces other products that contain prohibited substances. but there is no widespread outcry about contamination or positive doping tests from food. this hasn’t stopped a number of organisations and sporting federations from making blanket statements that supplement crosscontamination is widespread and poses a real risk.” >> Some supplement manufacturers mislabel their products by not accurately specifying the contents or the relative amounts of each ingredient per dose.” Van Biljon once again takes issue with broad sweeping statements like these as it paints an entire industry with the same brush and causes confusion in the mind of the consumer and athlete. but they are unwilling to disclose the source of this information. and appeared on the label of every reputable supplement manufacturer that used it in their formulations. The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). The organisation’s website states: “Supplements may intentionally contain prohibited substances or may be inadvertently contaminated with prohibited substances. “Organisations that like to extol the dangers of supplements like to make reference to how raw materials from China are contaminated as they’re made in the same facilities where drugs are produced. but there is nothing like that at the moment. supplements are often used as a scapegoat by athletes.net . or contribute to a positive doping test in large part due to an athlete’s ignorance and lack of accountability.4-Dimethoxy-Nmethylamphetamine). specifically to athletes. a stimulant that was widely used in many popular pre-workout supplements. The fact of the matter is that the global suppliers of quality raw materials also supply the global food manufacturing market. “By all accounts most of the recent high profile doping cases in South African sport have been linked with DMMA (methylhexanamine or 3.” However. The substance wasn’t illegal or a contaminant. Some supplement manufacturers mislabel their products by not accurately specifying the contents or the relative amounts of each ingredient per dose. The key issue is that there is little government regulation on the supplement industry. WorldMags.WorldMags. it was merely a prohibited substance on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of banned substances as it has the potential to enhance performance. for instance. In these instances it is the athlete who hasn’t read the label to know what they are taking. cautions athletes on the use of supplements. This substance is not a contaminant. According to Van Biljon.

does not clarify whether all the products tested and found to contain prohibited or banned substances stated the inclusion of these substances on the product label. “A substance can be intentionally included in a supplement formulated for the general population to help improve workout performance or exercise capacity. which can pose a health risk from bacteria or fungi. but not all. which is available for download from www. may not be thoroughly cleaned or sterilised between batches. Of the 114 products tested.” >> “As the supplements industry is unregulate . 10% were contaminated with banned substances. with no separation of Thus. MD of Cipla Nutrition.” A CASE FOR CONCERN Powell does concede that any industry that generates revenue on the scale of the local and international supplement market will attract unscrupulous businesses that are looking to capitalise on the good work being done by respected brands. and WADA-banned substances are found under one roof. “either steroids or stimulants or in some instances both”. a risk present in everything that you consume. However. cheap raw where both ‘clean’ substances materials. and therefore cannot be used by elite athletes. This is not cross-contamination.informed-sport. In addition to the MCC in South Africa.” Van Biljon expands further on this point. The reason for this. batch runs to manufacture different products in the same production analysis. both ‘clean’ and prohibited materials and WADA-banned substances may those considered to be foodgrade. The report also doesn’t name specific brands or products. the potential for companies with sub-par manufacturing practices to sell their products to consumers is rife. The report also states that “(s)ome of the brands included in the survey made claims about products being ‘tested by an independent laboratory’ or that they were ‘doping free’. it is difficult to monitor the safety of products that are imported into the country. “With no global management practices that act to govern the domestic and international supplement marketplace and low barriers to entry. echoes these statements: “As the supplements industry is unregulated. In many cases supplements have unfortunately and unfairly become a scapegoat. the use of stimulants like caffeine are research-proven to boost performance and aid fat loss. according to the HFL’s latest findings. supplement products in South Africa. Physical cross-contamination could include the transfer of flavours between products. According to the report 114 products were purchased via the Internet and stores and tested for prohibited substances.” states Gareth Powell. there is little onus on new brands to conform to pharmaceutical standards with respect to the sourcing of raw materials and the facilities and processes used to manufacture their products. While it may be a banned and prohibited substance on WADA’s list. The opportunity for crosscontamination between non-banned and banned substances therefore increases dramatically. “There is microbial crosscontamination. even though it would lead to a positive doping test. As far as we’re concerned there is no business interest in risking the reputation of a supplement brand by actively putting the public’s health or a sportsperson’s career in jeopardy through the intentional inclusion of a prohibited substance or 86 Muscle Evolution an intentional inclusion that was never disclosed in the formulation or on the label. The good news is that the prevalence of cross-contamination in supplementation is down over the last 15 years. As such they are legitimately used by supplement manufacturers to deliver a product that works.” Lewis also states that sports nutrition products do not have risk management and supplements are often protocols in place or offer “manufactured in facilities sub-standard. Although the Medicines Control Council (MCC) of South Africa monitors the manufacturing of certain. until after a safety warning is issued by the originating country. the report.net POSTLACK OF The most recent information we have to reference in this regard is the HFL Sport Science 2013 European Supplement Contamination Survey. which reports the findings of a study involving “24 top brands selected from 12 European countries”.” According to Powell.” WorldMags. “What is clear is that there is. is that “many established and legitimate local and international supplement brands that are active in the traditional retail and the newer online retail space no longer intentionally include banned or prohibited substances in their products. stating that it is important to make a distinction between the intentional or unintentional inclusion of a prohibited or banned substance in a supplement. additional risk factors that could have a direct link to potential cross-contamination include: PRODUCTION TESTING Deon Lewis. to varying degrees.E SUPPLEMENTS WorldMags. the TGA in Australia or the EMA in Europe may issue such a warning. banned or takes place. when manufacturing scheduled.” Khanyi Matima. but won’t result in a positive doping test. Some of these products were actually found to contain banned substances”. according to Powell. the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA. National Training Manager at USN. No products currently registered in the Informed-Sport program were included in the study either. the potential for companies wi h sub-p r manufacturing practice to sell heir products to consumers is rife. while chemical cross-contamination is the one that can result in positive doping tests. as not all are harmful or result in positive doping tests.net .com.M. Food Safety Manager at Evox adds that it is also important to distinguish between the various forms of cross-contamination that can occur.

net .WorldMags.net WorldMags.

warehousing or manufacturing products with ingredients that are on the WADA list. warehousing.net by these independent bodies is prohibitive in many instances. manufacturing and logistics standards. In terms of the local mixing and manufacture of the final product.” asserts Powell. for example. leaving the most complicated formulations. isolation and more are put in place to minimise risk. air flow. while lobbying the retailers and government to force the same message from their side. These commercial agendas are purely self-serving and do nothing to improve the industry as a whole.” According to Powell.E SUPPLEMENTS WorldMags. for 88 Muscle Evolution last. We batch the production of certain products together. We have a 100% pass rate in this regard. but this has not yet penetrated the mainstream industry. thereby committing to quality manufacturing standards.” In closing Powell states that besides the media lashing and more resistance from the sporting bodies to recognise the supplement industry as a legitimate commerce. “Badges on products carrying the name of Informed-Sport. “The same applies to the facilities that manufacture the raw materials. We have a strict set of independent South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) laboratory tests that are performed on a monthly basis in this regard. Van Biljon explains that the facilities used by respected and established supplement brands are certified and accredited in the same way food production facilities are. and we have also contracted HFL in the UK to perform manufacturer certifications that will also reflect in our custom testing.” states Van Biljon. choose to also use independent analysis for athlete-specific batch testing. raw material warehousing. And the practice employed by various industry players of publicly slating products from established and respected brands that aren’t part of these programmes only serves to fuel the misinformation and controversy around cross-contamination. which are then passed on to the consumer. We thoroughly clean and sanitise our machinery between batches in a manner that conforms to the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) guidelines governing cleaning methods and the use of cleaning products. show that the company is willing to have its products tested by an independent third party.” states Powell. “To limit the likelihood and risk of cross-contamination we are fully compliant with food production regulations in terms of both food safety and quality. thereby committing to quality manufacturing standards.” explains Lewis. We plan to also get ISO-certification when we move to our new. Lewis says that the only way consumers and athletes can be guaranteed of the safety and quality of ingredients that many sports nutrition and supplement products claim to possess is to ensure that their products comply with various good quality standards. The costs of getting your products and facility audited and certified “Badges on products carrying the name of Informed-Sport. we have developed a stringent quality control protocol that prevents our manufacturers from handling. Furthermore. “This ensures that pharmaceutical standards around laboratory and microbiology analysis. We also conform and adhere to the ISO 22000 standard from 2005.” WorldMags. cleaning practices. USN exclusively employs third party contract manufacturers that are MCC and cGMP certified. show that the company is willing to have its products tested by an independent third party. However. For instance our current facility is certified in accordance with the Diversey International Food Safety Initiative. However. Van Biljon adds that these quality assurance programmes can add unnecessary operating costs to the production process.net MAKING INFORMED DECISIONS With this in mind it is important to choose your brand of supplement and type of product wisely. “This assures our sponsored athletes that the contents of the products they are using are only those listed on the label. The introduction of the CAMS Act will helped to spur change in the longer term. “Products that are manufactured in an approved MCC-licensed facility that has also been certified for current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) are potentially much safer. “We only source bulk raw material direct from manufacturers that use top quality facilities and have quality management processes that are International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified.” explains Matima. that are also part of the InformedChoice and Informed-Sport programmes. in the short term there needs to be an independent industry body established to introduce minimum standards among all players. not all manufacturers deem this necessary.” M.” “USN has exclusivity agreements with American and European raw material suppliers and manufacturers that provide certificates of analysis and conform to agreements with regard to minimum quality expectations.” “At Evox we employ food safety procedures that aim to prevent any crosscontamination as it is not in our interest to produce products that aren’t safe and contain contaminants. “Cipla Nutrition recently joined the InformedSport Program. which promotes global food safety best practices. and our local facility is also cGMP-certified.” Companies such as USN.M. which recently launched in South Africa. a certification programme which assures athletes that products carrying this mark are regularly tested for substances prohibited in sport and ensures consumers that products have been manufactured to high quality standards. They are also cGMP-compliant facilities that serve the food industry. bigger facility in the near future.” As an additional step of assurance a number of manufacturers have chosen to align with various quality assurance partnerships and programmes such as Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport. and therefore the most likely to cause cross-contamination. which specifies requirements for a food safety management system. there is little that is done to punish substandard brands and products at the moment. for example.” he says. The fact of the matter is that well-informed consumers and athletes have no reason to worry about cross-contamination if they buy products from respected and established brands that adhere to best practices. “With the right certified quality controls and best practices in place these programmes are redundant in my opinion. “Retailers are starting to offer some resistance. Once this happens no doubt can be cast as to the legitimacy of the brands that continue to improve on raw material sourcing. “This ensures raw materials are stored correctly and safely.E .

WorldMags.net WorldMags.net .

so don't inconvenience other trainers by hogging the squat rack in order to curl.M. but try not empty the weight rack and leave dumbbells scattered all around you (if you are not using them) while other people are desperate to find a weight. But be considerate to your fellow gym users. of course. The exception to this rule. But it's okay if you're good. ine op en on thi s pag e for all the peo ple in you r ve the ma gaz strate gic. if you can help it. it is re light hearted. some of it is serious. is that if the gym is empty and you are affecting no-one. Some Slim Shady is also far more acceptable than Justin Bieber – which is an on-the-spot membership-cancelling offence. And don't be the guy who balances on a bosu ball doing tricep kickbacks right in the middle of the cable crossover machine. Or worse: bring a small bar into the squat rack! One only has to read social media to get an idea of how annoying this is to most people. tho ug h. far mo re tha n fou r wa lls in at small private facilities that have le to tra is that not all of us are ab uire. To the ha rdcore bo dy bu ild er the gy m is we all live (an d sq uat) byan d a ton of we ights. Gym etiquette is the set it the place we all lov . But use a sweat towel and dry the piece of equipment when you’re done. and an entire mirrored wall. do it when it is wont affect everyone else negatively. Think about doing it in the studio. 90 Muscle Evolution 2 DON’T BE SELFISH If you're doing a superset then do what you have to. Guys who spend more time sitting and talking about the hot chick at the local bar than actually benching could do well to consider the guy waiting patiently for his turn. Th e rea lity. U SE A SW EAT TOW EL 3 It’s a gym. That’s normal and is a sign that some serious work is happening.net . Some of this is an environment we love it’s about working out in end of the day to all your friends. When the gym is busy other guys also want to get to the weights. There is an entire gym. This must be one of the most irritating habits in the gym. It is extremely unpleasant to take a quick dip in someone else’s sweat. WorldMags. wi th me mb ers hip s ma de up exclu sively req ent every thi ng we co uld r gy ms wi th lot s of dif fer e us. but at the mo and that is etiquette.net GYM ETIQU A LOOK AT SOME OF THE SPOKEN AND UNSPOKEN LAWS IN THE GYM n set of nment that has its ow gym is a unique enviro ine to make rules which all comb spoken and unspoken of silent laws e. and we all ays helpful to have a little reminder of gym alw A Bearing this in mind. gym wh o may nee d that INTENDED PURPOSE 1 USE EQUIPMENT FOR ITS Don't be that guy curling in the squat rack during peak time. just be Pass this article on conducive to serious gains. If you're not using a weight then replace it – just think of it as extra work for your grip! Don't block the weight rack. you don't have to curl with an Olympic bar inside the squat rack every time.E FEATURE By Devlin Brown. If you are using the weight rack as a fixed point during a dumbbell row (for instance). But it is not just the squat rack – go do your concentration curls on the seated benches supplied and free up the bench press for someone who wants to use the bench for what it was intended. People sweat. Lea litt le rem ind er. Editor WorldMags. Don't rap along with Eminem. Mo st of us us e big ge t along. of pe op le lik need to ge kinds of people. then do what you please – even if it involves two swiss balls and an upside down chrome kettlebell. It doesn't matter how big or strong you are.

However. On the other hand. I don’t mean the oke curling in the squat rack.TO HELP 5 WHEN WorldMags. is that the gym is not a social hangout. WorldMags. They just take their training seriously. there are also few things less pleasant than deathby-Aramis while you are gasping for air under the bar.muscleevolution. if you are reading this magazine at home or at work and getting psyched up for your next session. or say “sorry bud. this article will serve as a little entertainment. be friendly and greet people. So. not the rules. Try not to under do it. and also don’t over do it. But the one thing that is always repeated. especially if they’re going to hurt themselves or cause some damage. NOT THE RULES Each gym has its own set of rules. and for good reason. offer someone a tip. Follow the rules and there will be no reason to have words with anyone. If you are angry. But wear some deodorant and take some precautions to be considerate to others. Be considerate and let the people in the zone stay in the zone. When someone is in the middle of a set don’t walk up and start chatting. we are all human and sweating happens – there is no shame in this. Using it in any environment makes life more pleasant for everyone. No need to be hardcore. Bodybuilding is hardcore enough.net www. Bend the bar. That said. Be moderate with your cologne.E . 9 LET COMMON SENSE PREVAIL Nothing that has been written on these pages is anything other than common sense. then take it out on the bar or dumbbells. if you have found the magazine strategically opened next to the incline bench you have been sitting on WhatsApping at 5. Many people have admitted to wearing headphones purely as a way to signal to others that they are in the zone and do not want to have social get-togethers: the head phones are a big “do not disturb” sign on their heads. how to use the circuits. what to wear. 8 BEND THE BAR. But be nice about it.co. And no. If the guy looks like Phil Heath and not Woody Allen then chances are he is doing something right.net ETT 4 PERFUME Look. Rather wait for him to finish the set! It is rude and distracting.30pm then you know it was placed there by a concerned gym member who is helping you see the error of your ways! On the other hand. What is not allowed on the gym floor. No one will blame you for sweating. are you using this”. with tact and respect.za 91 M. 7 TO TALK OR NOT TO TALK If you’re a seasoned bodybuilder who’s been through the trenches and has the knowledge and experience then. there is nothing more irritating than trying to keep the intensity up on a set of squats or lunges and someone blabbers on about his aunty’s friend’s brother who ended up in hospital from squatting. and everyone will be happy. Common sense accompanied by a bit of consideration for others goes a long way to making the gym the place we all love. This is the only time in the gym that moderation is the keyword. by all means. Just like the gym isn’t the local pub it is also not the local boxing club. If your advice is good and the person can see you are genuinely there to help they will appreciate it. These same people are wonderfully friendly after the session if you happen to bump into them. but there is a difference between being friendly and blabbering non-stop to the guy who’s trying his hardest to keep up his intensity. but be beastly with your rows. replacing the weights and more. Of course it needs to be friendly and have a good vibe. With that it’s time to go klap it. just a bit more socially acceptable. but also reinforce the little rules of etiquette we all take for granted. had a bad day or just feel tough. not your fellow gym users.

I am sincere and I love dogs.Supashape Br athlete.co.1st WPF The Nationals .1st NABBA SA ssi Classic Ro . Fun.1st BA SA PTA 2013 . 2 weeks out I drop my weights from heavy to light and push the reps to the max. it boosts me through good times and bad. pushing my body’s natural limits. It is muscle therapy.1s t M s Bo dy 20 11 incials NABBA SA Prov Classic 2012 .c at ab ol ic. Training is my energy source in life.3rd NABBA SA amps Ch . I also love inspiring other people. But the key is to keep a good balance. It is about bringing sexy muscle back. When did you start training? I knew this was my destiny.1st Place Wom pi on sh ip s G re ece am W FF Wor ld Ch d Ambassador and an . TATS ATHLETE S Age: 25 ard Park) esburg (Sunw Lives: Johann ach at wner and Co Profession: O .2nd NAB ovincials Pr .2nd WPF SA ens Fitness NABBA . DRIVE.2n d M Be au tif ul SA . hard working. we wanted to get to know a competitor who just seems to go from strength to strength in this sport. how to live a healthy lifestyle and never looked back since.M. and with this in mind. I am always striving to improve my physique. and I In 2006. In love with life.IFA 92 Muscle Evolution What would you say has been the biggest change to your life since first competing? A big change for me is that I have become more critical of myself as an athlete. for as long as God allows me. This is my absolute passion. and the second my little feet hit that stage. BUT HER MIND AND KNOWLEDGE REPRESENT WHAT THIS SPORT IS ABOUT: PASSION. Her record speaks for itself and it is with great interest that we watch her career unfold. I love coming back. I always stronger and better then decided to do research on before. Peter Rademeyer and our Boston Terrier boy. >> WorldMags.skjphotography. Editor Photography by Soulby Jackson . d fully sponsore etic) ambassador (Iron Fist Athl . COMMITMENT AND SELFIMPROVEMENT. Extra abs and glutes everyday (no legs 3 days out). And always make time to live life and love those around you.net SPOTLIGHT BUYS-RADEMEYER C AT IS A WORLD-CHAMPION ATHLETE FOR A REASON. Spike. passionate. and what I want to do as a career. doing full-body sessions and 30 minutes of cardio per day. Toned is the new skinny.co.za ATHLETE WorldMags. What attracted you to the competitive stage? What keeps you wanting to compete? My first sponsors encouraged me to enter Body Beautiful SA.net . after ten years of being slightly was addicted. The beautiful Cat is no doubt inspiring to many women. You need to love yourself regardless of your physical state. then extremely thin. married in my the spor t: evements in Notable achi Bo dy Be au tif ul SA s 20 10 . persistent.www. over weight.59m Height: wei ght: 45kg Co m pe ti ti on eight: 48kg O ff-season w Engaged but st at us : M ar it al hear t. za lic w w w CATa bo 8 years Training for: e: 2010 m pe ti ng si nc Co 1. They are reminders of the purity left in the world. NOT ONLY IS SHE PHYSICALLY INCREDIBLE. What kind of training do you do when preparing for competition? When preparing for a competition. And I am more conscious of my lifestyle.E PROFILE By Devlin Brown. How would you describe yourself in 60 seconds? Child of God.

net .WorldMags.net WorldMags.

I love food.” themselves as people. what would it be? Find a good coach. beef ribs. I was a rebel at school.net What does your weekly training split look like? I train twice a day.. and remain kind hearted to others. Always. *Making Love Like Gorillas* Car: Jeep Wrangler (FUN FUN FUN) Holiday destination: Mykonos!!!! Which are your favourite exercises? That’s an easy one. If I’m out of comp season. and why? International athlete: Ashley Kaltwassser. Movie: PS. Ashleigh Frost. Live Without Limits. I have a day’s rest in between each body part for sufficient rest and recovery. fats. R Kelly. she has a killer body. I eat clean during the week. but stay humble and sincere to 94 Muscle Evolution t is more than st walking on age. Which supplements do you use? My favorites for snacking: Supashape Protein Cookies and High protein Pancakes. Usher and and and. you eed to stand ut. Tell us a bit about your eating habits. I have set my goals on international shows for the future. It is more than just walking on stage. The world is my playground. you need to stand out. goal of note! And yet she stays feminine at the same time. as my foundation and core for a maximum workout. These ladies are true athletes. there are a lot of tips and tricks to learn. every day. Which international and local athletes inspire you. I Love You Music: Rihanna. Laura Danielz. which is extremely important to me. I don’t eat pork. shoes. I love squats. CATalicious squats. health first! What do you like doing when not training? Jeep 4x4 Trails. Local athlete: A few fellow athletes to be honest. Bon Jovi. This helps get the blood flowing and releases tension from my strenuous workouts. confidence etc. As heavy as I can. stage presence. My main show for the year will be in June. here are going o be plenty f those. carbs and fibre. as far as I can take it. oh my word. Plus WorldMags. I may show up at a local or two. and enjoy some cheats over the weekends to keep the body used to “foreign foods” and not prevent metabolic meltdowns. Do you have any tricks for staying motivated? My personality is always jumping into a new project or challenge. I eat 6-8 meals a day. or just to keep looking good for my gorgeous man. and a block of ice) When should we next expect to see you on stage? As World Champion. so why not? If you could give advice to women out there who want to start competing. to keep the heart healthy and fit. I’ll set up smaller projects. from your bikini.E . Also really like the new song by Bruno Mars. love playing on the rocks and in the mud with our Wrangler. One hour per session. tage presence. Competition season keeps my motivation levels on a natural high. And I want to keep inspiring others to turn their dreams into reality. from your ikini. I also always focus on breathing. as they are not only beautiful and keep pushing to achieve their goals. there are going to be plenty of those.E PROFILE WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE: WorldMags. Lizelle Horn.net Your favourite cheat meal? Margarita pizza. Pure Massage. We all have the power in us. NABBA WFF Universe in Korea. Miley Cyrus. plain vanilla ice cream. Supashape Amino Charge Supashape Pure Whey shake (With water not milk. I focus on one body part per session. My portions are quite generous too. when we look good we feel good. ladies. It doesn’t atter how good our body is. I also love getting regular massages by my awesome sponsors. shoes. Taking my passion for what I do. Tell us something about you that people may not know? This is my own hair. What are your goals within the sport? To just keep pushing higher and higher. But you never know. and those glutes. confidence etc. and what your eating plan looks like? Bare in mind I have an extremely fast metabolism from years of eating right and being extremely active.M. posture and form. It doesn’t matter how good your body is. Included in these 2 hrs a day are 20 minutes and 10 minutes of cardio respectively. Any famous last words? Our imperfect qualities are what make us uniquely perfect! Embrace them! M. Each meal consists of well-balanced proteins. like photo shoots.. and the right coach will put your wellbeing and health above all else.

5 antioxidants and 500 million probiotics. you would have to consume large quantities of fresh fruit. This complete high-protein. For more info visit www. This combination of high biological value (BV) protein sources maximises each gram you take in and absorb. The shake is designed to help you lose weight for a leaner. Lifestyle Met-S Care products are intended for used as part of this low carb eating plan. To achieve a similar intake of nutrients.M. SOLAL TECHNOLOGIES 24-IN-1™ SUPERFRUIT & VEGETABLE DRINK EVOX LEAN PRO DIET PROTEIN Evox Lean Pro Diet Protein shake is a delicious high protein. and are therefore the foundation of the shake. harder and better looking you. 300ml concentrate (30 servings). USN’s Hyperlean Two-in-One is a micro concentrated pre-workout and toning supplement. perfect for anyone wishing to avoid creatine and â-Alanine.E M. We’re fat. Come to Dis-Chem for all your nutritional needs and professional advice Follow us on Facebook & Twitter WorldMags. not because we’re gluttons and sloths. improved nitric oxide generation and recovery rates.net WHAT’S HOT BIOGEN ISO-WHEY PREMIUM USN’S HYPERLEAN TWO-IN-ONE Biogen Iso-Whey Premium offers an imported source and quality blend of whey protein isolate. which would greatly increase your intake of sugar and calories. Provides all of the benefits of a pre-workout. vegetables and fruit juices. To burn fat reduce insulin levels by cutting out sugar and other refined carbs.net www. Suitable for children and adults. while also assisting in advanced toning. Read more at www. The Amino-ToneTM stim-free fat loss support complex blend will crank your metabolism and keep you focused. It also contains 75% less sugar than fruit juice. A refreshing blackcurrant flavoured concentrate that is made without adding sugar and colourants. while the electrolyte blend hydrates muscle cells for athletic dominance.biogen. low carb choice for the ideal weight management solution. low GI meal also boosts and maintains energy levels throughout the day. Proteins have been shown to aid weight control by both suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism.metscare. where high levels of insulin prevent the efficient burning of fat. Each serving provides extracts of 18 fruit and vegetables. for the best possible muscle growth and recovery.co. The research-validated 2:1:1 BCAA ratio provides your body with vital muscle-saving energy.za.com. with increases in energy availability and endurance. It is a healthy alternative to sugar-laden fruit juices and cold drinks. Lean Pro Diet Protein also contains a unique blend of ingredients which help stabilise blood sugar levels.co.dischem.E WHAT’S HOT WorldMags. concentrate and hydrolysate to best compliment your diet and training regime. but because we probably have a metabolic dysfunction called insulin resistance.za . curb sugar cravings and control appetite with HCA. LIFESTYLE MET-S CARE PRODUCTS AMINO-TONETM Amino-ToneTM is an anabolic and endurance powerhouse guaranteed to be your performance secret weapon.

this young woman has the mindset. respectful ts up when I need poken and speak to. g I’m gym but outsid a tom boy in the e real girly girl.za P ot g aphy e My rgh ww. to survive.ben y rghpho ogra h c za WorldMags. to go up. I love be a to feel sexy bu t look classy. an of the gym I’m a d I’m proud to woman.net . if become a ev works out. Unmistakeably driven and passionate about bodybuilding. driv en. The meaning of life is not simply to exist. What are your goals within th I want to create e sport? a to the average physique with cross-appeal person on the street and also one that appeals stage. She plans to enter her first competition in April. What kind of training do Height: 1.whi ch me a good base will give on to eventual to build ly professional.co. I’m ou hers. Words to live by: “For me life is continuously being hungry. One such athlete is LaraKenyan Thomas from Durban. My first appearance learn about th e industry so I on stage will be later this year. will take each year as it comes.benmyburghphotography. I mpete and place well . I paigners s em th ac of people who ed to act as a role model in erefore think a growing mar like women w ket ith muscles – bu not necessarily t bi would like to co g ones. I also love the glamour fa be able to show off my hard Fleur Gantvoor ct t bikinis as they or.net ATHLETE A SA GETS UNDERWAY WE’VE ALREADY GOT OUR EYE ON A NUMBER OF THE NEW FACE (AND PHYSIQUES) THAT WE PREDICT WILL LIGHT UP THE STAGE IN THE YEAR AHEAD. physique and goals to make people sit up and take notice. I fell in love with Kather ine ’re an art form of their own. talent and drive into a career on the competitive stage. but I don’t ea Competing since: I have never There is a lot th d of myself. I in life rather th see the positives an negatives. When did you start training ? 2012 Why did you st ar I have always be t training? en intrigued by shown by body th builders and fit e athleticism and aesthetic s the artistry of ness athletes – it all. Editor Photography by Ben Myburgh .Arnold Schwarzenegger 96 Muscle Evolution THOMAS How would yo u in 60 seconds? describe yourself Motivated.58m you do when pr In season weight: 50kg competition? eparing for Off-season weight: 56kg Weight trainin g with strenuou Marital status: In a relationship s amounts of ca rdio. but to move ahead.E PROFILE By Devlin Brown. so we’ll certainly be watching with great interest as she turns her natural beauty. independen always follow through regard t. fitness and he alth Training for: Over a year want to get ah . ATHLETE STATS: WorldMags. at I still have to competed. I love makin people laugh.M. Some pe looks good on op muscles and th le who would normally b pu e fascinated by th striated look of seasoned ca t off by the m e that I’m well pl look that I have achieved. to achieve. I’m encouraging to ot and loyal. I am fascinated by What has attr ac I want to trans ted you to the idea of com peting? form my body and work. to conquer” .www. I plan to explore the different federations. I less of the situatio n. I am erything Lives: Durban re towards nutritio -orientating Age: 21 n and sports managem Born: 24/05/1992 emphasis on bo ent with an Profession: Makeup artist dybuilding.

Jared is an accomplished bodybuilder who I find super inspiring. complex carbs and unsaturated fats. When should we expect to see you on stage? April 12. egg whites. just because they are hot. Do you have any tricks for staying motivated? Train with a gorgeous bodybuilder. alternative. I don’t like seafood or eggs but I eat it because of the requirements of the diet. in the novice category. we are a team both in and out of the gym. Train.net What does your weekly training split look like? Cardio in a fasted state every morning and weights at night. He still trains . It consists of skinless chicken breast. When I diet. hockey [outdoor and indoor] and soccer. beautiful muscle and nice proportions. at the IFBB KwaZulu Natal Provincials. I also read and research information on training and dieting . Deadlift works for me because I also enjoy training my back.Legs Thursday . Bugatti Veyron.my mother is a fantastic artist. I have always loved the dramatic arts.Shoulders and calves Wednesday . which I continued into my early teens. Eat. I diet hard. Any famous last words? Regardless of what happens to us. I love female athletes with unique figures – a blend of good lines. But then bodybuilding came along.net to the beach. lean ostrich. go WorldMags. I was fortunate to grow up in a home with a body building culture. When I was ten years old I won the gold medal at the National South African TaekwonDo champs. it is how we respond to situations that makes the difference. My boyfriend Jared Read is my training partner. vitamin C. I spend a lot of time studying these athletes. The gym too. what would it be? Make a commitment that you are really going to go for it – then work towards achieving that goal. Pumping iron.co. It’s my getaway. Which supplements do you use? BCAAs. sex appeal and femininity: everything in one. I have a few. but when I trim down I cut out cheats altogether. I try not to allow fear to hold me back . rap. My brother is a CrossFitter and a good martial artist. My coach. Holiday destination: The coast – somewhere near the sea. I also enjoy drawing and painting . Candice Jade van der Merwe is another local athlete and friend of mine who I am inspired by. My father and brother were always into weight lifting. fast and expensive.Arms Friday . 2014. Andreia Brazier. The Sound of Music. These women are simply world class .. Oksana Grishina. M. who is 62. I started ballet and modern dancing at the age of three. I love cooking. hake or tuna with brown rice or sweet potato. Music: Dub step. ice cream with Bar One sauce. Generally I tend to stick to the basics. is another huge inspiration and support to me. What do you like doing when you’re not training? I eat! Otherwise I cuddle up to a warm cup of coffee and watch movies with Jared. though protein stays more or less the same. and then some is my philosophy. I did a bit of kickboxing. Movie: Never back down. Monday . I love legs and I’m glutes-obsessed. I constantly scan YouTube videos for new fitness and bodybuilding ideas. I’m rigid about sticking to my plain. Zelna Pretorius and Crystal Mason.Fitness and Muscle Evolution magazines in particular.za 97 . omega-3s. eat and sleep consistently. hip hop. and tons of vegetables. Fear is just a feeling or emotion which can be overcome. I try to keep coming up with new ideas for protein treats.WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE: WorldMags.maybe even harder than he used to. and anything and everything that is sweet. and I keep fats to a minimum. Tell us something about you that people may not know? I am slight boned [not to mention short]. beauty.I use it to drive myself forward. and what your eating plan looks like? My diet consists of protein. Larissa Reis and Trish Warren.Back Tuesday . or have a romantic date at a restaurant. You have to keep working away regardless of how you feel. International athletes: Jen Jewell. classical Car: Well. and why? Local athletes: Angelique van der Linde. My dad. if only I were a billionaire: Ferrari. Tell us a bit about your eating habits. Which international and local athletes inspire you. Cindy Marshall.. a multivitamin and whey isolate. If you could give advice to women out there who want to start competing. but I seem to be naturally strong and muscular. Your favourite cheat meal? Lindt dark chocolate. My diet is pretty basic.Abs and calves Which are your favourite exercises? I like the rush I get from ripping iron off the ground. I eat five to six meals a day. Muscles.muscleevolution.E www. Rianne Hall. Consistency is everything.Legs Saturday . In-season I cut back on carbs. I love watching plays or going to the theatre.the best of the best. Cheat meals are always something to look forward to. is my role model. L-glutamine. There is something rewarding about heavy lifts.

I compete Training for: September 20 pe ti ng si nce: ch was my first show.net .E PROFILE By Devlin Brown. but I enjoy chasing those limits. Every day I push myself to be stronger than I was yesterday .net FTER ENJOYING SUCCESS ON THE LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL STAGE LAST YEAR. the tan and the glitz. the preparation and the hard times. whi e at Body Beautif I didn’t really know what th in. All the girls had these amazing physiques and gorgeous sparkling bikinis. Editor Photography by Soulby Jackson www.M. When did you start training? I started training properly with weights. as well as the glamour. I have my limits. Co m ul. She may still only be 21 but her focus and drive see her well-placed to continue making an impact on stage. but mentally too. THIS YOUNG COMPETITOR HAS HER SIGHTS FIRMLY SET ON BIG THINGS IN THE SPORT. that I would like to >> GRIFFITHS TATS: ATHLETE S Age: 21 esburg elor of Lives: Johann t studying Bach ession: Studen Prof g arketin Commerce. This is when I decided to take my training seriously.co. What attracted you to the competitive stage? I saw pictures of Body Beautiful. out until after industry was ab 1. the never-quit mindset. Through this sport I have learnt what dedication and commitment to your body really is. Christy lives and loves everything about this sport – the hard work. and my determination to be the best I can be keeps me going every day. in January 2013. and with her natural talent and steely determination she is definitely one to watch. targeting different muscle groups. I would do anything to inspire someone who wants to change for the better. FROM HER WONDERFUL PHYSIQUE TO HER ATTRACTIVE MINDSET. How would you describe yourself n 60 seconds? I’m a young girl chasing my dreams. hard. I made sure this was 60 seconds. I’m determined to make a difference. the diet. Since then I haven’t regretted a moment. CHRISTY GRIFFITHS IS A TALENTED YOUNG ATHLETE TO KEEP AN EYE ON FOR THE FUTURE. but I didn’t tra the show. on the spot.not just physically.52m Height: wei ght: 43kg Co m pe ti ti on eight: 45kg O ff season w lationship st at us : In a re in the spor t: M ar it al evements Notable achi 8 Muscle Evolution WorldMags. I live by a saying: “the only competition I have is the one in the mirror”.skjphotography. I am OCD.za A WorldMags. m One year 12. It is the best choice I have ever made. Once I traded in my late nights and drinks for sessions in the gym and shakes the iron bug bit me. and this industry is what gives me reason to wake up in the morning. Motivation got me started. I decided. They all looked fantastic. so yes.

net WorldMags.net .WorldMags.

E WorldMags. Metabolic CLA. Shred’d clothing and Vibram Five Fingers are also a huge motivation to me as they believe in me. I also drop my weights and do more reps.“Titty”Tuesday (chest) Wednesday . Don’t take or do anything that everyone says you should .Arms (bis and tris) Saturday . Which supplements do you use? All the supplements I use are from TNT Mercury. I therefore keep pushing to the best of my ability. I played for the SA Junior Golf Foundation. He has been my best motivation and my best support. I played for five years and in that time I managed to get to a seven handicap. I basically have my oats every day with my egg whites and a fruit for breakfast.M. sweet potato. avo. and what your eating plan looks like? Since January 2013 I have started eating healthfully. Which international and local athletes inspire you. tuna. hake. he never gives up on me. hair. which makes life a lot easier when it comes to competition prep. the dedication and the way she can still look so feminine with all that muscle. but I never been nzibar love to visit Za Which are your favourite exercises? Bicep curls and hammer curls. Everything about her inspires me: the muscles. Once I climbed off that stage. and so much more! I enjoy prepping for competition as you’re able to focus so much more when you have a set date in mind. except on stage. What kind of training do you do when preparing for competitions? I do my regular weight training every day. Cat Rademeyer took me in under her wing and prepped me in the beginning.Back Friday . My overriding goal is to one day compete in the Ms Olympia. every two hours. basmati rice and a lot of greens. from the tan. What does your weekly training split look like? Monday .net . Michelle Van Rooyen and Laura Daniels. “Don’t count the days. The brand’s shakes and pre-workouts are amazing. and why? From a local perspective I admire Ashleigh Frost. then you give it all you’ve got! Do you have any tricks for staying motivated? I don’t have any tricks.Shoulders Thursday . Tell us something about you that people may not know? I started to play golf at the age of 13. He’s always pushing me and helping me achieve my goals. even when I have my prep diet attitude! My sponsors TNT Mercury. I was given the opportunity to play golf and study overseas at the UCLA campus.E PROFILE WHAT IS YOUR I T E: FAVOURd Step : Hot rod an WorldMags. it simp Keep got!” all you’ve you give it healthy diet. in that order. Stick to advice from sources you know best and trust like your coach. I use Pre-nox and Napalm. what would it be? One thing I can definitely say is you can listen to different opinions of how to prep for shows (diet. car one day! ation: I’ve Holiday destin would . But back then I didn’t know anything about the industry so eating what I wanted was acceptable to me. My goal is to expand my love for this sport by helping others and to be a part of the collective that tires to grow this sport. one arm rows and squats. as frightening as it was. My coach Duan van den Berg pushes me to carry on and motivates me. that o anything ’t take or d u should . costumes and friends.Legs Tuesday . even though I would love to eat 24/7. What would you say has been the biggest change to your life since you made the choice to climb onto stage? The biggest adaptation I’ve had to deal with was probably losing my friends as I did not fit the lifestyle of partying every weekend or drinking every day. because every day is a second chance”. Any famous last words? Try finding yourself a quote that means the most to you and try live up to it every day.Full body Sunday . Tell us a bit about your eating habits. My favourite meal is my lean biltong salad. Magma Thermo and Titanium Whey. training. which gave me the inspiration and motivation to do this. make the days count. When should we next expect to see you on stage again? I am currently prepping for the WBFF. You might stand alone on stage but the road to the stage is one walked together with fellow athletes. With this approach I only need to prep for about 2-3 weeks.Abs and calves 100 Muscle Evolution What are your goals within the sport? My goals are for people to be inspired by my actions and to motivate them to climb on stage. which will be my first show for 2014. salmon. supplements etc) but don’t try everything you hear.at the end “Don body. If you could give advice to woman out there who want to start competing. If you love competing as much as I do you’ll do everything in your power to do what needs to be done to achieve your goal. except on stage. Keep it simple. I will get this Car: BMW M1. I also eat a lot. These were the first physiques I saw. to the rice cakes with Nutella. What keeps your desire to compete burning? Absolutely everything.at the end of the day you will mess up your body. It sets a finite goal that you have to reach. ays yo everyone s ou will mess up your en y th of the day le. Her physique is also amazing! Internationally I admire Larissa Reis. First and foremost is my boyfriend Matthew Robinson. the adrenaline you get before stepping on stage. I have tried other products but the TNT Mercury products work for my body. After that my meals basically consist of chicken. Two weeks before a competition I add in five extra minutes of cardio every day. M. I have people who keep me motivated. Thankfully I’ve made amazing new friends in this industry who share the same passion. I knew that this was what I wanted to do! When January 2013 rolled around I jumped into a proper eating plan and training programme.net Movie brothers ercial and Music: Comm gym I e. but in the hous listen to rock. and played League for my home club Royal JHB Kensington. supersetting every exercise. Even though she was prepping she still gave me all the support I needed and helped me with everything.

net WorldMags.net .WorldMags.

If we didn’t have the opportunity could just find the sponsors to travel. This is a are trying to monopolise the huge draw card. In terms of the ladies. even if these athletes achieve a pro card they will face other challenges in making it to the pro stage. For some this has simply ignited a deeper desire to achieve their dream. best athletes the that if federations world has to offer come home can work together for the with lots of new information. These guys However. also means that there are What is hurting the industry many more opportunities for more though is the manner deserving local athletes to in which certain federations compete overseas. highest standards in the face of The introduction of new growing participant numbers. which is year to not receive pro status. It is also federations as good for the MORE THOUGH IS they should advancement of THE MANNER IN be allowed to our sport locally WHICH CERTAIN gain as much as the athletes experience as FEDERATIONS who travel possible during ARE TRYING TO overseas and this stage of their MONOPOLISE THE careers. Due to the rise training techniques they can in popularity of the sport go a long way. mainly due to changes in the criteria. extremely promising for the But this is not a reflection sport. and if our athletes get the opportunity these guys will realise the great potential we have in the sport locally. There are such as Zimbabwe. The international girls bring a much different package to the stage than our local girls. and I expect industry. Zambia. federations.ATHLETE COLUMN WorldMags. and South African so with the right access to athletes are now bearing information. I think in terms of conditioning the package that our athletes take to the international stage is on par with the rest of the athletes. Justin Thacker and Cobus have shown the we can stand with the best and place well. Athletes like Louis Bessinger. It was pretty rare and the money to invest in for a South African athlete their development I have no to compete abroad in those doubt that we will see an days. athletes and our collective In terms of the sport in knowledge base grows. We just need to get these athletes more time in front of the international judges so that they become more recognisable. We just need to get more recognition for our hard work and we need to get more exposure for our athletes so they can gain valuable experience. which has a lot to do with the ever-changing judging criteria in the ladies’ divisions. and there is a big difference. pro card is the ultimate goal for most athletes who choose to compete in this sport. Cobus is also coming off an amazing season. You just have to look back to where we were five yars ago. Last year we had a few athletes come agonisingly close to achieving pro cards in the world’s biggest bodybuilding federation. It has been a while since we’ve seen a lady who is capable of competing at the highest level. Andrew has made huge gains over the last two years and is wellpositioned HENNIE SAYS “In my opinion we have two great hopes for pro cards this year in the form of Andrew Hudson and Cobus van der Merwe. good of the sport then South These tips and insights are African bodybuilding will really then shared among other local flourish on the global stage. I WorldMags.net . the IFBB. I know Africa. the next 10 years. But where there’s a will there’s a way.” 102 Muscle Evolution to take that next step if he can put everything together for the World Championships and achieve the placing he requires. and gave me an countries. I think interact with the INDUSTRY. as the IFBB looks to keep raising the standards of the sport. I’ve met so globally many federations are many passionate and hungry tightening the criteria required athletes from countries to achieve a pro card. And the potential advantage over athletes who in these athletes is huge. and those who did really African world champion within benefited. This expected. He is definitely capable of doing it. the federation is moment in South just trying to maintain the African bodybuilding. equipment and the brunt. the All Africa Olympia that the opportunities I had has done a lot to heighten to compete overseas early interest in the sport across on in my career helped me a many sub-Saharan African great deal. In fact. which is understandable given the growth of the sport. which is great because it is time that South Africa’s talent gets rewarded with more IFBB pro cards in 2014. not least of which is the current strength of the rand. only to have the finish line shifted at the last hurdle. It is going to be much harder for athletes to make it to Las Vegas with the new points system. there is a drawback just have amazing genetics. many deserving IFBB athletes Mozambique and Angola over who were disappointed last the last two years. In my opinion we have two great hopes for pro cards this year in the form of Andrew Hudson and Cobus van der Merwe. In my opinion it is that this will attract even unhealthy to prohibit amateurs bigger line-ups from competing WHAT IS HURTING in multiple to the stage in THE INDUSTRY 2014. Unfortunately this didn’t happen. Sadly. but in such a ensured the sport has never dynamic environment it can be been more popular. the criteria required to make it to the Olympia stage have also been revised. I feel that Lizelle Horn holds the greatest promise. the expansion It can be very frustrating to of others and the inclusion have the goal posts pushed of more private shows has back every year. This can be a tough pill to swallow for athletes who have spent years working towards a goal.net HENNIE KOTZE SHAMEEN “MEAN MACHINE” ADAMS SOUTH AFRICA’S GREAT PRO HOPES THE STATE OF AFRICAN BODYBUILDING A think 2013 was a watershed on them. so if he can carry that momentum into this season there are few who would bet against him achieving his dream of a pro card. to all of this.

In 2013 I guestposed at the IFBB KZN East Coast Classic show.net NELSON MTHEMBU WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GET GOING W henever people ask me where I am going with this crazy sport of bodybuilding. why can’t you? WorldMags. I keep putting on lean mass with very little fat. Lastly. But in my experience you can still do this sport in tough times. Team MuscleMachine (my wife. I respect a bodybuilder who moves from the division he wins and challenges himself to the next one without fear. I can’t boast about announcing in advance that I will scoop the national masters title due to the tremendous respect I have for the other men in the sport. I would stay in one division for life if I was a trophy collector (building a nest in one division because winning is easy). I predict a terrible depreciation of the rand against foreign currencies. my reply is always the same: “I’m going to be the best I can. Umlazi township. All I will say is that I will do my best. where I received positive comments from Andrew “Gentle Giant” Hudson. Helping people is my passion. It is as simple as that. It was an awesome experience. Everyone is doing their best to amaze on stage. which is all I can do too. With my time I also get more guys into the sport while expecting nothing in return. That.WorldMags. separates average athletes from real champions. I will do the KZN Provincials to hopefully pave my way to the top. I also share my little cash with them in negotiation with my wife to help them in this sport. If I can do it without a job and a sponsor. and not just older. In times of financial constraints eating more carbs when I can’t afford protein in order to defend against muscle loss is easier and I don’t get fat. according to me. I won’t say much more about how I predict my season panning out. It’s then up to judges to decide. At this stage being an ectomorph makes me feel great. I have developed good experience at handling this body type. I would like to advise guys to hold on and never quit.” I live this sport with neither promises nor pressure as I’m no political party. My last appearance on stage was at the 2012 IFBB World Masters & Juniors Championships in Budapest where I finished 12th competing against 60 countries. Bodybuilding is not a bodyweight maintenance sport.net . I believe the goal of bodybuilding is to grow bigger. as there has never been any KwaZuluNatal MuscleMachine there. kids and grandkids) is doing its best to motivate me. Though I lost my job and sponsor last year I never lost my physique. I strongly believe my work in 2013 will pay dividends this season. I believe I’m making history in my area.

took time off and best possible package to stage. cholesterol. Both Roy and I have decided that my first show for the year will be The Clash Of The Titans in Cape Town on June 21st. to get the conditioning right. contrary. rear delts. Ronnie Coleman style. This is what you should test for: My current training split is as follows: Quads and hamstrings Chest and calves Back and calves Shoulders and traps Biceps. WorldMags. liver. medal at the World There are many things one Championships. traps and biceps Legs Chest. sweep of my quads. during the first week of January. total testosterone. This year I am more hungry than ever. At the end of the day bodybuilding is a team sport . shoulders and triceps Back. The off-season is going as planned.za. for an IFBB pro card. Monday to Friday. My diet is also promote our sport and showcase going to be very important. Nothing seemed to be going my way. even in the off- urea. shoulders and triceps Back. the World Championships last This year I want to be in the year was that you can never best shape of my life. as bodybuilding in a positive light. I basically lived on SSN protein shakes and Vitargo Carb Loader because I couldn’t stomach anything else. Thankfully 2014 has started off on a good note. really sat down to work out my The biggest lesson I learnt at plans for 2014. I will keep you updated with pictures as we get closer to the shows. There are level. My training split will then be: Legs Chest. I had flu for the entire month and I picked up a stomach bug. diabetes and a full blood count. I managed to keep my weight at 106kg. As a TOO MUCH FOOD to improve my WITH YOU WHEN result I lost a bit of back and quad fullness. But thanks TRAVELLING. I also want to take the time to thank Roy for training me and pushing me every day. We now do supersets all year round. When this happens my goal.WorldMags. Then.net LOUIS BESSINGER COBUS VAN DER MERWE PUTTING IT TOGETHER ATHLETE COLUMN A fter coming back from my Mauritius trip in November I took two weeks off from training and dieting. Outside of my preparation In this edition of Muscle for this year’s competitive Evolution I detail some of the season. 16-12 weeks out we will start training six days a week. I’m eating around 220g of protein daily. This is my goal.net . I plan to take too much food with you take my physique to the next when travelling. with 450g of carbs. I also want to thank my manager Michael for keeping me motivated and humble at all times. On the subject of food. or even after your contest season. I’m happy to announce strategies I will use to work on that I have joined forces with my leg fullness. place to achieve Because of the AT THE WORLD this. and I feel truly blessed to still be part of their great team. but we don’t do them with light weights. bessinger. I took a week-long break from all supplements and went for blood tests so that I could get the all-clear. it has me incredibly I just couldn’t eat much of the motivated to improve my food that was catered for us at physique so that I get my achieve the hotel. In doing so we hope to attract I learnt a few important things more sponsors for our athletes while I was abroad which you and the sport. My coach Roy Butterton always makes me go for these tests as it is very important to make sure your health is 100% before you start your off-season preparations. On the and taught me a valuable lesson. I take weekends off as I need those days to recover. and will only take Saturdays off. which means no cardio this year. That will change soon though. First I should have.co. creatinine. but I just needed a little more The lack of thickness may thickness in my back and quads. Doing these tests works out quite expensive but they’re very important. thyroid function. traps and biceps During this phase our training will be so intense we’ll finish the session in under 50 minutes. always. season. have had an effect on the final I reckon that I need to add placings. 104 Muscle Evolution PLANNING TO TURN SILVER INTO GOLD IN 2014 A s you all know I ended can read about in the article in last year with a silver this issue. This is no different fact that this was insufficient in bodybuilding. I still have sauces with my meals and drink Coke Zero. My silver medal fell between 2kg and 4kg of muscle short of the new requirements to achieve this added thickness. it can have a negative effect I have a very on your physique “THE BIGGEST specific plan in LESSON I LEARNT and your mind. another thing stood out on me or my mindset. In my ever to have any negative effect case. We go heavy. I’ll be targeting all of the bigger shows as preparation for the 2014 IFBB SA Championships in September. and I kept my body fat percentage below 12%. and the outer Team Musclenation this year. triceps and calves I only start training abdominals 8-10 weeks out. so being prepared the criteria is now tougher than for this is very important. After that we got back to working on my strength to ensure I keep my size. At the moment we are training five days a week. I also speak The point of this is to group about my back training and how together athletes who will I will structure this. I now use the intensity of my weight training sessions as my cardio. At the moment we haven’t yet structured my eating programme. After the initial learns and experiences when excitement I was alerted to the you travel. hence my My preparation started in meticulous planning this year February and I’m hoping to time to get absolutely everything my preparation so that I peak right in time for the World at Worlds this year in my best Championships.the team behind you will drive you to success! For more info follow me on my blog at www. rear delts. And I will get there. bringing a package to various reasons for this such as stage that will finally earn me unforeseen travel delays which my IFBB pro card. or NEVER TAKE things first: I want could have. SSN has also renewed my sponsorship contract.” thickness. especially to earn my pro card. This year there’s no room for mistakes so I will make sure I dial in at 110%. I was to meticulous happy with my condition at planning and care I still managed Worlds in Morocco last year. He is the best mentor. but I didn’t want to lose any weight. My aim is to be at 8% body fat when I start my contest preparation diet. can cause anxiety or upset your and I will not allow the fact that planning. kidneys. shape ever. The plan CHAMPIONSHIPS difficulty I had with involves both the hotel food I did LAST YEAR WAS my training and not eat as much as THAT YOU CAN nutrition. I took this when you need to bring the in my stride. But by December my immune system was hammered.

I always aim to train as heavy as possible. I have experienced this first hand. I also prefer to stick to whey and get my carbs from whole food as many mass builders contain lots of sugar. It just takes time – and this is the most sustainable approach to hold on to that mass. And don’t overlook the important role supplements can play in adding size. These products will never replace solid food.the right form of macronutrients to yield the best results. But free weights will always be king – that’s barbells and dumbbells. As such my approach to the off-season and in-season doesn’t really change much anymore. It’s just hollow calories. It won’t happen overnight. The contest season is a great time to add quality muscle mass. especially after contest diets. both in terms of nutrition and training. Giant and drop sets are also great for mass.net JOHN “THE TERMINATOR” LESLIE TRAINING AND EATING FOR SIZE T he commonly held belief among bodybuilders is that the off-season is when you build size. the biggest element to adding significant size to your frame is patience. Lean protein. regardless of what you are using. not just cutting. as they deliver on the volume. Stick with the basics to ensure you prioritise nutrient timing . You also need to create the optimal environment for growth by getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs through food and supplements. One thing that hasn’t changed is the approach to training you need to add size. I also feel that the off-season approach to size is outdated. You can also look to boost testosterone production naturally through the use of supplements. As you know I have found that the ketogenic approach works best for me. so anyone looking to add real mass to their frame needs to be realistic about what they can achieve in a given timeframe. WorldMags. The truth is that this happens over a number of years. I have tried everything from high carb to high fat diets. Don’t bounce between bulking and weight loss. And quality will always beats quantity.WorldMags. I never go lower than six reps and this ‘body building’ rep range is tried and trusted. eaten at the right time. but can be helpful in delivering the right nutrients to your muscles at the right time.net . You can’t eat junk food and think you’ll add quality muscle. Stick with the compound moves as your core exercises to build the mass as you can’t beat the basics. I have found that simply adding quality muscle every year will eventually get you to the point you want. There are obvious differences in how everyone responds to certain types of exercises so you will need to experiment with different types of training to find the right combination for you. and getting enough rest. good fats and the right type of carbs. The only time my diet changes is when I need to bring in some conditioning for a show. Forget about the fancy machines. with enough volume to cause the adaptations our muscles need to grow. The other thing I’ve realised as my career has progressed is that it’s best to keep it simple. The best advice I can offer you is to try different things early on in your career to see what works best for you. but that won’t apply to everyone. will feed you body and fuel size gains. However. and it’s only after I accepted this and changed my approach that I have added quality size to my frame over the last five years.

round. or they are a change. To me the use of weeks – we become exercise synthol is not bodybuilding. They have phenomenal coaching structures that provide a cohesive team unit in their respective countries. They find athletes with potential and mentor them all the way to the international stage – in a Muscle Evolution similar way to how our SSN athletes share ideas. as to whether Middle East As I always say. and yet still grew muscle Bodybuilding is an art form year after year. Bahrain for the Amateur Olympia. We are not missing something and are not unaware of the ultimate ‘super vitamin’. ultimate level of physical There is some speculation perfection. and now we need to extend that through to athletes in general. variable training techniques – training intensity is imperative . and for our SSN. ’ve been fortunate enough to travel far and wide for the sport of bodybuilding. VARIABLE TRAINING me a line or contact one of TECHNIQUES – TRAINING INTENSITY IS IMPERATIVE the SSN team and we’ll gladly AND ADEQUATE REST BEFORE AND AFTER WORKOUTS. is probably the only person camaraderie and passion who ever walked the planet (sometimes coupled with that could do the same arrogance) the Middle exercises for 10-15 years East athletes display. sometimes for real progress Either way.” help.” endowed with wondering why ridiculous arms and you aren’t progressing. try alternative crossing the line in terms training methods and vary of building the perfect your exercises every few physique. as they’re supported by their government and sporting federations. Change is WorldMags. Supashape and Muscle Junkie brands. info and training. From our dealings with international coaches (myself with Neil Hill. IN SAME guys at weigh-in. Mario with Fakri Muburak and Justin with Matt Porter) we’ve realised that there is no ‘secret stack’ that will get you to the next level. Andrew with Hany Rambod. The first thing I noticed was that there is definitely a grooming process where the countries have groups or teams of athletes that work together.net 106 CHRIS FITZPATRICK MIDDLE EAST MUSCLE RULING AMATEUR BODYBUILDING I also paramount I must reiterate “DO because each new YOURSELVES that this is workout knocks A FAVOUR speculation – but me back a few it would give a fair AND STOP explanation as to steps. favour and stop WITH SAME which I am dumbfounded by every performing the EXERCISES.and adequate rest before and after workouts. Ronnie Coleman learn a lot from the ethics. This is what I feel is setting Middle East bodybuilding apart from us – these athletes are semi-professional and are financially supported by their sporting federations… in essence they really can eat-sleep-train. and he makes a point of changing training programmes every four weeks. We are not borne from passion. Most recently I’ve been to Morocco for the IFBB Amateur World Championships. They are routine week in WEEK IN and week out.ATHLETE COLUMN WorldMags. Synthol is fake and the getting stronger at the same gains it offers are not hardexercises. Many of these athletes could easily break into the pro ranks. so we keep doing earned or deserved . if I can athletes are using synthol. The real key to a world-beating physique is a complete. where all genetically gifted like our common goal is to push Ronnie so we need to work ourselves to achieve what a lot harder and a lot more each of us believe is our intelligently. making me PERFORMING their unbelievable feel like I haven’t trained before. help part with knowledge or “THE REAL KEY TO A WORLD-BEATING PHYSIQUE experience to anyone who aspires to succeed in the IS A COMPLETE. QUALITY NUTRITIONAL APPROACH sport of bodybuilding drop (A LOT OF QUALITY FOOD).net . However. I AND WEEK either exceptionally gifted nationalities. but it is more financially viable for them to remain as amateur athletes. The one thing that stood out during all these trips is the top quality amateur athletes from the Middle East and North African countries. time I see these same workouts. These guys have incredible physiques that stand and dominate the international stages at amateur level. quality nutritional approach (a lot of quality food). bulging Do yourselves a WORKOUTS. and Kuwait and Dubai for SSN business. THE SAME full. We have been doing this over the past few years in small groups in our gyms.which this over and over. in same on stage. with same ROUTINE back stage and exercises. epitomises bodybuilding. Make shoulders. repeat! I have recently starting working with Andrew Hudson for my 2014 prep. muscle bellies. promise you’ll stop OUT. efficient very quickly. we as a change of routine is what competitive athletes can is needed.

scale for all you guys I HAVE A which I don’t in off-season mode PASSION AND right now. I am already training with a few novices to give them tips and I am happy to offer my help with various elements.something that doesn’t outlook on life if you’re happy happen when I get really heavy all the time. Classic have been As always. It makes a been sleeping really huge difference to your whole well . which often have a harsher impact on your system which may shorten your longevity in the sport. And remember to track everything you do to learn from your mistakes or fine tune your approach at the next show. In terms of your training don’t get caught up in trying to play the weight game. Tan application is another important factor to consider before stepping on stage as you can also mess up all your hard work with the wrong tan and application.WorldMags. even if it meant weighing 121kg. When I was younger I experienced a few serious problems after trying to go too heavy. for the first time result I have actually ever. its necessary in I do so knowing I had a very order to achieve productive day and I can’t wait my goals. I tomorrow. so I’m very a struggle trying to balance happy that she is coming with work (some other job) and my to Columbus for the Arnold passion. This will set you apart from the other novices when physiques are equal. but be careful of diuretics as they can impact your conditioning negatively. I seriously enjoyable as well. taking chasing a pro supplements at the right times. There are a lot of theories and lots of info out there. I also listen to my body more. every single one TO BE AND I of them. M y final weeks of sitting in a bath with six bags prep for the Arnold of ice to keep me company. Once you get this right then you can start playing around with your water intake to bring in your conditioning. The placing a mountain. I think view as ‘work’ as A VISION FOR I might be a little I’ve thoroughly THE WAY I enjoyed helping lighter than I was WANT MY LIFE last time I competed. which has time with the Kini-Girls and made all the difference. my wife has been very challenging but really a huge support. To be to wake up and do it again more specific. Know what the federation’s rules are before selecting a product and stick to them as you may be disqualified.food prep. I really focused on stuff coming up! resting and I did anything I Andrew at 3½ could to help facilitate faster weeks out. and support me All of these things cost money on Instagram (@ and every year I have worked BulkHudson) and harder and smarter to keep check Facebook achieving one more thing on for all the latest my list of goals. Whether you’re young and fresh or an older athlete trying your hand at competitions for the first time it is important to keep in mind that we’re bodybuilders not powerlifters. There are just so is irrelevant to many things that need to be me now. You can destroy months of work after just a few days of incorrect eating. When I understand that I put my head down at night. eating. which can make it confusing. from a but we’re going for SPEND EVERY insane conditioning work perspective. the most important thing is to enjoy the experience and learn from your time as a novice. supplements. just want to be When I first started my the best I’ve ever pursuit of this dream it was like been. Don’t get too creative in the lead up to a show. And remember to periodise your training programme. I now get to spend the off-season. You need to PREPARING FOR THE ARNOLD CLASSIC very care u w at you eat in the days leading up to your first show. The guys who work through weakness or tiredness every time are the guys who generally have injuries and joint problems. If I’m tired I will take it a bit easier during my session. I’ve been stress-free DAY CHASING this time around. So. try and get a professional or experienced athlete to track your diet and give you tips. So eat the same things you did before. And don’t lend your ears out to everyone out there. You will also need to experiment to find the right type of diet for your body. There are a number of natural options that you can try before you take medications. With so much info to understand in terms of nutrition. We will definitely Finally. If you are too dark or too light you can also lose detail. My whole could not do this sport at this bodybuilding career has been level without her.net JOHAN “BOSSIE” BOSHOFF TIPS FOR NOVICES ANDREW HUDSON s e new season ge s under way there will be a number of novice athletes stepping on stage for the first time. In terms of your contest prep. to focus almost 100% on my I didn’t get too heavy over passion. I’m not done . Rather find someone you trust and listen only to them. want my life to be and I spend The diet has been brutal but every day chasing that.Please therapy appointments. Some of it isn’t even constructive. I’m chasing a chiropractor and massage certain look. Focus more on your volume and exercise intensity than the weight you lift. You can’t hit the gym hard every day and expect to remain injury free. I have a passion or when training three times a and a vision for the way I day like I do now. Classic. Lastly. I have Accordingly my prep has some really cool gone well. continue to follow scheduled rest and down time. I highly some of South Africa’s best recommend not chasing the male competitors. And practice your posing beforehand. for the first time ever. get some professional help from someone who has done this before. news. training. recovery.net Muscle Evolution 107 . WorldMags. You are welcome to chat to me about any of these elements if you see me backstage at a show. With a few years’ experience under my belt I would like to offer these athletes a few words of advice. card. Again. stage prep and posing it can be really overwhelming for first-timers. As a THAT. You can also find me on Facebook. I guarantee that if you combine this approach with the right diet then you you’ll get the results you’re after. take a much-deserved break I’m in a position to be able afterwards. just change your macronutrient ratios and the amount of calories you consume to bring in your conditioning. Start practicing early and often to make sure you are posing fit and have the endurance to pose on stage properly.

and I encourage women to take note of this whether they are competing or just following a healthy lifestyle. Remember. egg whites. ostrich or fillet with salad. Being a bikini athlete. requiring months of meticulous planning.four meals a day 1g per kg body mass 1. Also. and its time that bikini girls in South Africa realise this. Picture a women on stage (I’m sure you have seen one) who can’t smile because she’s so dehydrated. you want to be fit and healthy. These ratios may need to be modified according to the One thing that I am very grateful for is that the old-school approach to sodium loading has changed. It is not about dropping water. this isn’t required of all female athletes. and fats. which all goes into creating a successful competition prep phase. However. You only have one body and one life so make them healthy ones! Fitness is not something you achieve and forget. it’s a passion. On the other hand. cottage cheese. The main difference is that ladies naturally have a higher body fat than men and ladies are not as muscular as men. Always remember this and you’ll enjoy the journey. all the hard work you have put in can go out the window if you don’t get your condition right. The same goes for cutting water – athletes still drink up to one litre of water on the day of the show. This is my example of a day’s meals: Meal 1: Oats. there is no secret when it comes to knowing “how to get that perfect body”. but most female athletes don’t need to do this.za.net .five meals per day 2. but the diet will either help you reach your goal or hold you back. If you need assistance please email me at physiquesolutions@zawireless. and muscular. The macronutrients stay the same. Remember. happy face more attractive? I have seen and heard so many bikini girls say they don’t enjoy contest prep because they’re always so hungry and have no energy. salt loading and all the other things I find bikini girls doing to help them get “shredded”.net IFBB PRO MARLENE KOEKEMOER ATHLETE COLUMN TAMMY DREYER (NEE JACKSON) BIKINI ATHLETES SHOULD NOT TRAIN LIKE MEN W omen are not the same as men. I see many girls having high carb days. and not listen to the wrong advice. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get the right coaching advice. a bikini girl is a girl who looks like they train but not excessively with the associated muscle. 108 Muscle Evolution THE BODY BUILDING APPROACH – MEN VS LADIES A s we enter the new season experienced athletes and newcomers will all be working on their respective plans for their various competitions.5g per kg body mass 20-30% of your daily calories 3g per 1kg body mass 1. It’s something you attain and maintain. Bikini athletes need to look healthy. and neither should any other bikini athlete out there. and Bikini girls will rarely need to follow this approach.WorldMags. low carb days and zero carb days. When I am in contest mode I am going to be honest and tell you I actually feel at my best because I am eating super healthy and training well. Gone are the days that athletes do not take in any sodium during competition prep – now sodium is mostly only cut 2-3 days before a show. TAKING THE ABOVE INTO CONSIDERATION I WOULD RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING FOR FEMALE ATHLETES: Beach bikini . it’s a dream. it’s a choice. complete carbohydrates and fat. Generally speaking there is not a huge different between the competition diet for men and women in physique and fitness categories. full and vibrant.5g per kg body mass 30% of your daily calories Fitness bikini and body fitness . I do not believe in following male bodybuilding principles. By playing with sodium and dropping water you could risk your health like we see in many bodybuilders on the day of their contest (fainting from dehydration). We are not bodybuilders. it should be balanced with cardio and strength training. Too many girls are listening to their bodybuilding friends and not an experienced contest coach.5g per kg body mass 1. Please do not neglect this vital aspect of your nutrition during your competition prep. When it comes to your training.5g per 1kg body mass 20-30% of your daily calories All of this depends on the individual’s condition.co. perhaps dropping a few quantities of each if you’re not lean enough. It depends on the physique requirements of each division. protein. We all need to consume lean protein. however. This can be used right up till contest day. Again. Competition prep is a vital part of this sport. This is more for bodybuilders in my opinion.co. men need to be really lean. That means an ample ratio of healthy carbs and fats and proteins every day as part of your daily meal plan. our hormones are different.co. That is purely because you are following the wrong advice. the condition of the individual athlete needs to be considered when putting together a competition prep diet. Everyone knows that diet and training work hand in hand. hard. coconut oil Meal 2: Avo. it’s discipline and it’s motivation. What you do need to remember. but never dropping one for the other. two rice cakes Meal 3: Chicken. it’s determination. The different categories and federations have rules and requirements for the different women’s categories and these need to be studied and understood so that the athlete knows exactly what she needs to do. It takes patience. veggies Meal 4: Supashape Diet Whey. nuts Fish. Is that attractive? Or is having a glowing. time and commitment.za if you are serious about taking this sport further and bringing what the judges want to stage. The men tend to reduce water intake drastically in the lead up to a show. You can email us on info@kinigirl. is that you should be following a lifestyle plan incorporating a balance of carbs. As a bikini athlete. While our muscles and joints are all in the same places as men. It’s a lifestyle. As far as I’m concerned. This is why it is much more difficult for woman to get there body fat between 7-10% to be stage ready. pop us an email and we will gladly put you onto the right people (info@ kinigirl. tracking and tweaking. Ladies’ portions are considerably smaller and we do not need to take in the same amount of protein. rice.za). not to mention following the right plan. coconut oil and sweet potato. If you don’t know where to go for help. WorldMags.

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