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Nov/Dec 2009


INSIDE: Short Sales: 6 | Avoiding Foreclosure: Pg 11 | Brokers Advising on Financing: 14
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2010 CAR President George Harvey is
congratulated on being installed by
Chris McElroy as Randy Reynolds and
Amy Dorsey applaud.
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A publication of the
Colorado Association of REALTORS®
Table of Contents
Be a Go Giver!......................................................................................................3
CAR Convention - REALTOR® World Highlights.....................................................4
Are Short Sales Leaving You Short on Time?.......................................................6
It’s the Holidays and My Rental Unit is Vacant.......................................................7
SNAPSHOTS..................................................................................................8, 12
CAR UPDATES.....................................................................................................9
Survey Says… Designation Equals More Income.............................................10
You Can Help Your Clients Avoid Foreclosure.........................................................11
Brokers Advising on Financing.........................................................................14
2009-10 Calendar of Events.............................................................................15
Discount Partners for REALTORS®......................................................................15

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Be a Go Giver!
By: George Harvey, 2010 CAR President

In a world where consumers believe people’s economic future. It is with that same
businesses are increasingly out to get their belief that James Truslow Adams had in 1931
dollars and not their loyalty, becoming a Go that I have today, that we will get through
Giver conveys to your clients and customers these times, we will help our communities,
the important message of serving them and and we will help those that are struggling in
not your own interests. home ownership.
Here’s a little history about our One of the founder’s of the REALTOR®
organization... organization, Edward Judd, said 101 years
The REALTOR® organization was formed 101 ago “the successful real estate man is a born
years ago with the premise of our founders optimist with a spirit of belief in better things
desire to give back to their profession and to come.” I think every REALTOR® fits that
raise the standard of practice in the real estate statement. I think everyone that is a REALTOR®
business. What you may not know is that 101 is one because they want to learn from each
years ago there was not any licensing for real other, discover new skills and give back to
estate agents in any state in the United States. their profession.
You also may not know that the REALTOR® Last summer Larry Kendall taught us
organization in Colorado is 89 years old this “the secret to better business is not about
year and was formed before there was a Real being a Go-Getter, but in being a Go-Giver”. I
Estate Commission. My point is that the best encourage you to be a Go-Giver- its rewards
professionals in any industry always want to are insurmountable and truly inspiring to your
improve the level of practice to the highest colleagues and most importantly your clients
standards possible. and customers. Thank you all for continuing
There are over three million licensed real to raise the level of professionalism in our
estate agents in the United States, its three industry and for all that you give to each and
territories and one district, yet only one- every community in Colorado.
third are REALTORS®. In Colorado there are Be a Go-Giver!
almost 40,000 licensees but only 24,000 of
us promised to obey the REALTOR® Code of
Ethics. Our Code of Ethics is a promise to our
clients to practice at the highest level as well
as to each other and our community.
I’m sure you are familiar with the term
“The American Dream”, but did you know
that that term was first coined during The BACK TO
Great Depression in a book written by James THE LAND!
Truslow Adams titled “The Epic of America”. I Join RLI and earn
find it interesting that during the midst of The the ALC.
Great Depression this author would have so
much confidence in the American people and Learn from our top
in our Country that he wrote an inspiring book rated education
about our history and to encourage us to look courses!
to the future.
Find us at
The REALTOR® organization believes that
home ownership brings stability and yes, even
in these challenging times can bring hope for

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CAR Convention - REALTOR® World Highlights
REALTOR® World-Go Global 2009 CAR State chaired by Ted Bryant to review and make
Convention boasted many changes to recommendations on developing policies and
enhance convention participant’s experiences. procedures which will enhance their appeal to
The numbers were down a bit compared to more of the Membership.
last year, however the evaluation of CAR’s
Convention show it was a success and fun! Also during this three-day convention
Nevertheless, these uncertain economic times many REALTORS® were acknowledged
coupled with the lower attendance have and recognized for their contributions to
presented CAR an opportunity to review CAR’s Colorado’s real estate industry this past year.
convention and meetings structures. Current See award winners below.
President George Harvey has a appointed
a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) to be

2009 Acknowledgements and Recognition:

2009 Local Association/Board REALTORS®
of the Year
Arkansas Valley ~Gregory Storey;
Aspen~Darryl Grosjean; Aurora~Sandra
Kauffman; Boulder Area ~Veronica
Precella; Chaffee County~Mark Peters;
Craig~Sari Cobb; Delta County~Eileen
Liles; Denver~Gretchen Faber; Denver
Metropolitan Commercial~Gerald Flory;
Douglas Elbert~Dave Kupernik; Durango
Area~Mark Donahue; Estes Park~Vicky
Holler; Fort Collins ~Tami Spaulding; Four 2009 CAR REALTOR of the Year
Corners ~Leila Hanson; Glenwood Springs Pikes Peak~ Michael Labout
~John Wendt;Grand County ~Rebecca Brosh;
Grand Junction Area ~Ann Hayes;Greeley Area ~Chalice Springfield; Gunnison Country ~Darci
Gillespie; Jefferson County ~Kathy Bowles;Logan County ~Shannon Selvidge; Longmont ~Terry
Lee; Loveland/Berthoud ~Deborah Hansen; Montrose~Mindy Timian; Morgan County~Eunice
Wahlert;Mountain Metro~Mark Footer; North Metro Denver~Benjamin Ellefson; Pagosa Springs
Area~Deneice Stacy;Pikes Peak~Jim Martin; Pueblo~Robert Tibbs;Royal Gorge~Diann Tomar;
San Luis Valley~Lee Holfeltz; South Metro Denver~Sandra Trujillo;Spanish Peaks~ Tori Eckes;
Steamboat Springs~Lori Thompson;Summit ~Rodney Allen;Telluride~ Eric Saunders;Vail~ Asher

CAR Instructor of the Year
Fort Collins~ Charity Vermeer-Cornelison continued on page 5

[page 4]
Omega Tau Rho
Denver~ Doug Cline; Sterling Kahn;
Edward Lampert; Russ Wehner Jr.
Denver Metropolitan Commercial~
Angela Fletcher; Wayne Johnson
Jefferson County~ Robert Leino
Steamboat Springs~ Jody Condie

Purple Cow Award
Jefferson County~ Joe DiVito

Political Service Award
Good Neighbor Award Winners with Amy Dorsey
Denver ~ Kit Cowperthwaite
Mountain Metro~ Denise Patrick; Loveland/Ber-
thoud~ Barbara Etherton; Grand County~ Penny
PSF Ambassador Award
Hamilton; Mountain Metro~ Kay Bohan
Loveland/Berthoud ~ Billie Jo Downing

Bill Good Award:
Aurora ~Sunny Banka

Political Survival Fund (PSF) Hall of
Aurora ~ Adam Malachi ; Fort Collins ~
Tami Spaulding; North Metro Denver ~
Greg Zadel; South Metro Denver ~ Okie

National Association of REALTORS®
Amy Dorsey Presents Presidential Distinguished
“Hall of Fame”
Service Awards at Convention
Denver Metropolitan Commercial ~ Ron
Kit Cowperthwaite~Denver; Greg Zadel~North
Myles; Pueblo~ Bill Osnowitz; South
Metro; Jill Limberg~Steamboat Springs; Bill
Metro Denver ~ Scott Matthias
2009 Colorado PSF Hall of Fame
Craig~ Vicki Burns; Jefferson County~
Ted Bryant; Pikes Peak~ Dana Duncan

Institutes, Societies and Councils
REALTOR® of the Year
CRS~ Linda Reinpold
RLI~ Dave Banzhaf

2010 Leadership Council Installed
Leadership Team
George Harvey- President Soaring Eagle Awards Presented to Local Boards
Randy Reynolds- President-elect Wynne Palermo on behalf of Pikes Peak, Sandy
Scott Matthias- Treasurer Trujillo on behalf of South Metro Denver, Roy McA-
Amy Dorsey- Immediate Past President nally on behalf of Craig ~ Keith Beattie on behalf of
Kay Watson- Appointed Past President Arkansas Valley~and not pictured Longmont.

District V.P.
Jolon Ruch- Metro Division V.P.
Matthew Hintermeister- Mountain Jill Limberg- Education Division V.P.
Keith Kanemoto- Northeast Jack Fox- Government Affairs Division V.P.
Sari Cobb- Northwest Gary Glenn- Law & Policy Division V.P.
Wynne Palermo- Southeast Robert Golden- Chief Executive Officer
Leila Hanson- Southwest Rosie Leino- AE Representative

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Are Short Sales Leaving
You Short on Time?
By: Tara N. Rogers, President/CEO Realty TMS
Short sales are time consuming, difficult too close to the foreclosure sale date. Also,
transactions. Many REALTORS® have tried on average, it is taking approximately 3-4
diligently to steer clear of these tricky transac- months for most short sales to reach ap-
tions but are finding it difficult to navigate proval. If you have a qualified buyer and the
today’s market without being involved in property under contract, you can ask the
them in some fashion. Short sales aren’t going bank to postpone the sale date.
anywhere fast. A recent article on CNN stated 2. Manage the Listing. Protect your commis-
that it is projected that by 2011, almost 50% sion by properly advertising the co-op in
of homeowners will be underwater on their MLS (total commission may be reduced by
mortgages. bank), prearrange price reductions with
your Seller, and use the Short Sale adden-
Because these transactions can be so admin- dum. Do not provide tax or legal advice to
istratively daunting, many REALTORS® have your client. You should refer them to tax or
avoided them. By understanding the process legal experts to handle that, stay the REAL-
and the potential pitfalls that can occur, TOR®!
REALTORS® can actually increase their sales 3. Qualify the Buyer. Are they willing to wait?
while helping those who are facing foreclo- Do they have the funds? Make sure the
sure. There are several important things to be Buyer and their REALTOR® understand the
aware of as a REALTOR® that is helping a Buyer timeline; this transaction could take months
or a Seller through the short sale process. to close. Also, the lender will request proof
1. Qualify the Seller. Make certain that you of funds or an approval letter from a quali-
understand where your Seller is in the pro- fied lender stating that the Buyer’s have
cess? Has a Notice of Election and Demand been approved for the loan.
(NED) been filed? Is there a foreclosure sale 4. Assemble the Short Sale package quickly.
date? Is your Seller willing to cooperate in Time is of the essence when dealing with
the process? Are they in bankruptcy? The Short Sales. It is imperative that you com-
answers to all of these questions can be pile a complete Short Sale Package quickly
helpful in determining if you are able to and it must include all pages of all docu-
help the Seller or not. Make sure there is ments.
enough time to find a buyer and submit a
complete short sale package. Some lenders 5. Submit an impeccable Short Sale Package
won’t accept a package if it is submitted to the lender. Lenders do give priority to
Continued on page 8

we’re in your clients’ best interest

For example, we offer the CHFA MCC, the tax credit that doesn’t expire, which can save your clients’
thousands of dollars over a 30-year mortgage. To learn more, visit
CHFA: The responsible choice.

800.877.chfa (2432)
financing the places where people live and work

[page 6]
It’s the Holidays and My
Rental Unit is Vacant
By: Peter Meer
It has been said ‘timing is everything”. That is better than no money. If you miss November
certainly the case with marketing residential or December 1st, you could easily have a 60
rental property. In early November renters day vacancy.
(like everybody else) move into the holiday You can reduce the pain to the owner, by only
spirit. Moving into a new home is not in offering a six month lease. That bargain price,
their plans, until after the holiday season. will most likely change come lease renewal
November and December are the celebration time. Keeping cash flowing is a major concern
months; January and February are the for most owners. The holiday period can be
recovery months. Given this scenario, what is very expensive.
the landlord with a vacancy to do?
So the message is: The rental price needs
Location, location, location still remains a key to be a bargain in order to rent during the
in residential properties. Price, price, price, holiday season.
is the absolute key during this tough time
of year. Those potential renters are looking
for bargains, which are in excellent shape in
great locations. One of the problems I have
is convincing my owners that some money is

[page 7]
Short Sales from page 6

SNAPSHOTS legible, complete files from a known
source. Make it easy for the lender’s
processor. Be sure to submit the entire
package the first time, or you may have
to start over. Submit one and only one
signed executed offer.
6. Be patient and persistent. This is
probably the most difficult. Short Sales
have created a whole different way of
doing business. When a third-party (the
lender) is now involved in the process,
it can add a level of frustration because
you don’t have control. Patience is
essential. Also, it is imperative that you
be persistent without being deroga-
tory or critical of the personnel you are
communicating with at the bank. This
is challenging because the process is
convoluted at times. Understand that
the lender can dismiss your file at any
time for any reason, including you being
7. Keep your pipeline full. Consider utiliz-
ing a third-party Short Sale facilitation
company. Choose wisely and utilize one
that helps you with the administrative
facilitation of the Short Sale process,
many attorneys are cautioning REAL-
TORS® to beware of companies that
want to place the property in a Land
Trust. Short Sales are time consuming,
and can take you away from growing
your business.

Using a knowledgeable company that
understands the process and can keep
you updated along the way can be an
invaluable asset, allowing you to focus on
building your business. By keeping these
tips in mind as you navigate through the
Short Sale process, you can create success
in your business while helping people who
are in a very difficult financial situation.

RealtyTMS®, Inc. provides Listing, Transac-
tion and Short Sale management services
to Realtors®. If you are interested in learning
more, please visit us a

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CAR Updates
PAC Structure Revamped GRI classes.
CAR’s Government Affairs Division • CAR will serve as a
restructuring of CAR’s PAC structure is significant resource
complete. A transition team is in place to to the local associations by
help the appointed Members of the new providing an instructor data base and real-
Committee with the guidance and tools time course calendar under the “education”
necessary to meet CAR’s goal of maximizing tab at
the efficiency and effectiveness of our political • CAR will assist local associations in the
efforts and speak with one-voice. planning and development of successful
GRI classes.
CAR Partners with Fox 31 and Kidde • Local Associations will have the option of
CAR’s collaboration with a local news registering students through their own
station Fox 31 and the Kidde Corporation to registration system.
bring awareness and education to our state
regarding the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Technology Helpline
was very successful. Our CEO Robert Golden CAR will be discontinuing the Technology
was interviewed on Fox31 to kick off the Helpline as of November 30, 2009 due to
educational program; PSAs were created and lower than expected member usage and
are running on television. These provide an budgetary reasons.
excellent wealth of consumer information
which can be found on Fox 31 and CAR’s CAR Meetings and Events Update
website. CAR kicked off a high school video President George Harvey has created a PAG
contest creating more awareness about (Presidential Advisory Group) to review and
carbon monoxide. REALTORS® can also make recommendations on the structures
purchase CO alarms in bulk at a reduced rate of CAR’s meetings and events. Among the
through CAR’s website at ColoradoREALTORS. Conferences to be restructured in 2010 is the
com. Summer Conference which is traditionally
held in a Colorado resort in the summer.
Housing Research Update Summer Business Committees and Task Forces
CAR is making great progress with its will still have the opportunity to meet, just not
research program. We will be working with in the traditional sense. More to come later.
Colorado State University Everitt Real Estate
Center to analyze and provide both state
and local sales information and reports on
the housing industry, quality of life, and
demographics to name a few areas. We can
expect to start seeing reports by the summer
of 2010.

Education Division Restructured
CAR’s Education Division continues the
never ending effort to educate Members. After
much research, discussion with members and
association executives and recommendations
from outside counsel, CAR has restructured
its Education Division to help improve our
professional development programs on both
the state and local level. The following are
some of the highlights:
• Local Association will control the planning,
scheduling, execution, and cancelling of

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Survey Says…
Designation Equals
More Income
REALTORS® who pursue professional designa- Now thanks to NAR’s Right Tools, Right Now
tions have a distinct competitive edge as a initiative many high-value online education
result of their increased expertise and market- courses are being offered at greatly reduced
ability. Based on the 2009 NAR Member Profile prices at REALTOR® University.
survey data, the median income of REALTORS®
“You have access to advanced education des-
with no designation was $28,400, and the
ignation and certification programs, tailored
median income of those with at least one des-
to virtually every real estate specialty. Beyond
ignation was $55,700. The difference between
building skills, knowledge and productivity,
the two is $27,300.
these prestigious programs enhance your
Today’s market is dictating that continuing professional image as a REALTOR® and takes
education is your best way to stay ahead you to the next level”, says Jill Limberg, CAR
of the competition. Now more than ever, Education Division V.P.
successful REALTORS® must keep current on
We strongly encourage you to increase your
issues, involving technology, changing legali-
professional image, marketability, productiv-
ties, and many other central components of
ity, and income through the pursuance of a
the business. Your local association, NAR and
designation or certification program.
its nine Institutes, Societies and Councils offer
advanced education designation and certifica- For a complete list of designations and certifi-
tion programs to help members remain up-to- cations, visit
date in such a dynamic environment. or contact your local association.

Although other designations exist, only
these carry an official NAR endorsement.

[page 10]
You Can Help Your Clients
Avoid Foreclosure
Information provided by Colorado Foreclosure Hotline

According to the Colorado Foreclosure Ho- 2007-2008 Resolutions
tline, four out of five homeowners who meet
with a housing counselor successfully avoid Brought mortgage current 15%
foreclosure. The Hotline provides needed Mortgage refinanced 4%
services for households that have foreclosed or Mortgage modified 7%
are in danger of foreclosing. Received second mortgage 1%
The total foreclosure numbers are still up sig- Initiated forbearance/repayment 10%
nificantly from 2003 with the most significant
Deed-in-lieu 2%
activity on the Front Range and the lowest
activity in the mountains and on the Western Short sale 23%
Slope. Referred to housing agency 4%
Partial claim 1%
You can help the Hotline by: Bankruptcy 14%
• Refer the Hotline to a neighbor or family
Entered into debt management 5%
Referred to legal 2%
• Include the Hotline on your website Withdrew from counseling 2%
• Display the Hotline number 1-877-601- Mortgage foreclosed 17%
• Keep us updated on housing information
• Support your local housing counseling
• Offer a counselor training
• Donate funds to Brothers Redevelop-
• Attend an upcoming Task Force meeting
• Co-sponsor an event

Get involved and help someone save their
home by being a resource.

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09EnergySummitAd.qxd:Layout 1 11/5/09 9:23 AM Page 1

Sell ENERGY STAR® Homes with Confidence
Attend the 4th Annual
& Awards Dinner
Wednesday, December 9
Doubletree Hotel Denver at Stapleton
3203 Quebec Street
Denver, Colorado
Approved for Real Estate Continuing Education
Are your clients concerned with rising energy costs? Are they trying to be “green”
and “sustainable” with their living choices? Put the powerful ENERGY STAR brand to
work for you, and help them understand the value of energy saving, high performance
ENERGY STAR qualified homes.
For the complete agenda, session descriptions, presenter biographies, and to register
online, visit
or contact:
Brought to you by
Matt Thornberry
Smart Energy Living Alliance
303.216.2026 (Ext.103)

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Invest in Your Future – Invest in PSF!
2009 Investors - Updated 10/24/09

NAR Presidents Circle
($1000 min. to PSF and $2,000 to National Political Parties and/or NAR-Selected Federal Candidates)

Joe Divito Amy Dorsey Michael Marcus Scott Matthias Chris McElroy Ron Myles

Bill Osnowitz Bonnie Smith-Allen Debbie Tamlin Kay Watson

Golden R - $5,000+

Amy Dorsey Kit Cowperthwaite Scott Matthias Chris McElroy Metrolist Ron Myles

Bonnie Smith-Allen Kay Watson

Crystal R - $2,500+

Mark Donahue Bob Fullerton Michael Marcus Bill Osnowitz

Sterling R - $1,000+

Ken Anderson Doug Barber Patricia Bigley Ted Bryant Vicki Burns Pat Bybee

Joe Clement Kevin Cook David DeElena Joe Divito Erika Doyle Dana Duncan

Jack Fox Jace Glick George Harvey Toni Heiden Bill Hurt Roy McAnally

Brenda Moody Laura Olive Carolyn Osnowitz Wynne Palermo Kevin Patterson Randy Reynolds

Linda Romer Todd Terry Storm Robert Walkowicz James Wanzeck Lon Welsh John Wendt

Greg Zadel

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Patriot Club - $500+
Brokers Advising on
By: Dick Clark, Esq.
This column is a legal resource for local associations,
local association counsel, and REALTORS®.

May a real estate broker discuss financing real estate broker is exempt from licensing as a
with a buyer when reviewing a real estate loan originator when advising on or negotiating
contract? contracts pertaining to real property unless
the broker negotiates a contract related to
After the enactment of House Bill 09-1085 by
financing for the transaction. Of course,
the Colorado legislature, some commentators
real estate brokers cannot take a residential
have argued that the answer to that question is
mortgage loan application or negotiate the
“no.” Let’s set the record straight.
terms of a mortgage loan without being
House Bill 1085, known as the Mortgage licensed as a mortgage loan originator.
Loan Originator Licensing Act amends C.R.S.
Thus, the answer to the question is that a
12-61-901, et seq. to require a person who takes
real estate broker may discuss financing with a
a mortgage loan application or negotiates or
buyer when negotiating a real estate contract,
offers to negotiate the terms of a residential
but may not negotiate the financing with the
loan to be licensed in Colorado as a mortgage
lender. At the time this article was finalized, the
loan originator. Sounds simple enough, but
Colorado Division of Real Estate was planning
the confusion arises from the language which
to issue a position statement from the Director
exempts licensed real estate brokers from the
of the Division in mid-November clarifying that
obligation to become licensed as a mortgage
real estate brokers may advise on the financial
loan originator when that real estate broker is
side of real estate contracts without being
performing real estate brokerage activities.
licensed as a mortgage loan originator. Please
Section 12-61-902(7.7)(c) states that one of be on the look out for that statement.
the activities within the real estate brokerage
Dick Clark or 303-
exception to licensing is negotiating any
628-9531 (direct) is a lawyer at Rothgerber
portion of a real estate contract, “other than
Johnson & Lyons LLP, a regional law firm having
matters related to financing for the transaction.”
a diversified practice in most major areas of law
The language in quotes is simply a limitation
from offices in Denver, Colorado Springs and
on the first part of the sentence which permits
Casper. He and the firm have served as legal
a real estate broker to negotiate any part of a
counsel to CAR since 1990. The firm regularly
contract relating to real property. Although
advises and represents brokers and brokerage
the language may not be as clear as we would
firms to avoid liability and assure compliance
prefer, the meaning of the exception is that a
with Commission rules.

· Affiliated business · Licensing
arrangements · Listings and contracts
· Commission disputes and · Oil & gas leases
collections · Regulatory matters
· Environmental challenges · Tax matters

· Homeowners’ · Title issues
othgerber Johnson & Lyons has more associations · Trials/appeals
than 30 years’ experience advising real · Insurance
estate brokerage firms across Colorado
Contact: Dick Clark - Kristin Bronson
in commercial, residential, property manage- 303-623-9000
ment, investment, leasing, industrial, resort,
and farm and ranch transactions.
From listing and commission issues to
licensing, regulatory and tax matters, we assist
with the legalities of brokerage needs.

Denver · Colorado Springs · Casper 303-623-9000 ·

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Discount Partners
Take advantage of the following discount Health Insurance for CAR Members:
programs you get for being a CAR member. Nicholas Hill Benefit Group, Inc., is proud to
Learn more at the “Resources” tab at www. offer you their specialized service created to assist REALTORS® in their search for the right
health plan. Call 1-866-631-1709.
American Furniture Warehouse: Looking
for the perfect closing gift? AFW will discount Nationwide: CAR members can receive a
$25 for each $100 Gift Card purchased by CAR special discount on auto insurance from
Members up to a $500 gift card. To purchase Nationwide®. Call Andrew at 877-609-0800, or
your closing gift cards please visit the email:
“Resources” tab on the CAR website.
T-Mobile: CAR members can take advantage
CO Alarms: Purchase high quality Carbon of several discounts. For new service call
Monoxide alarms in bulk at a discount. 1-866-464-8662 and use promotional code
Visit and use 9727 TMOFAV; Existing T-Mobile users call 877-
Login:119008 and Password: 7099 or call 866- 453-8824 and reference code 4471650.
577-4477, ext 3421.
UPS Overnight: Save on overnight shipments
CREC Contracts: Agent Form Manager . Call (800) 325-7000, and mention code
real estate contract software is available to #P6000983A5.
CAR members for only $50 for a 12-month
license. Get your copy today at www. RMD Signs: CAR members receive on sign Enter coupon code merchandise. Please call 303-573-5500 and
“CAR” during on-line checkout. mention you are a CAR member for the
current special.
iHOUSEweb: CAR Members get half off the
startup fee on any of our products. Take a
Free, No Obligation Test Drive of any of our
products today.
Calendar of Events
13-16 NAR Convention & Meetings
San Diego, CA
19 Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource
Grand Junction Area REALTOR®
Full 3% Referral Association
26-27 CAR Office Closed - Thanksgiving
4 Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource
Colorado Springs
ON ALL QUARTER OWNERSHIP 25,28 CAR Office Closed - Christmas
Call to register your clients today! 1,4 CAR Office Closed - New Years Day
We'll do the rest.
2 REALTOR® Day at the Capitol - Denver
3-4 CAR Winter Business Meetings
970.726.0123 Go to for more
Offer valid through Ski Season 2010 information on these events and meetings.

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