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 People were scared Soviets would attack

the phone systems, so American soldiers
needed a back-up plan.

 Telephones requires point to point bonding
( only one path of connection), while the
internet could go to separate destinations.
 Deaf people can’t communicate with
telephones, so they needed a way to
communicate without sound over large

 There needed to be a way to
communicate with people world-wide,

 The number of networks exceeds 7,500
and the number of computers
connected passes one million.

 What began as simple experiments
becomes a part of our popular culture.
 More and more people began to use the
internet for communication rather than
the telephone.

 You could now communicate with family
across the world with the click of a
In the words of Bill Gates, the internet has been a positive
contribution to our world and will continue to make a
positive influence in our lives. The internet will determine
our progress in the technological world, and will always be
advancing to adapt to our environment.
 The internet was the first device to
challenge the dominance of the
telephone as the main source of

 Although digital lines have been around
since 1957, they were only used for voice
traffic until 1993.
 In 1992, a group of researchers
developed a mosaic, which offered a
way to search the web, the government
agreed to release this to the public.

 Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf were the
two main inventors of the internet.

 Vannevar Bush created MEMEX, a
machine that stored a lot of information
in which users could create information

 Ted H. Nelson was the inventor of
“hypertext” which associates information
through links.
 Phil Zimmerman founded the Pretty good
Privacy foundation to help keep the
internet a safe place.

 Doug Engelbart created the mouse,
word processing, outline processing, and
the text link.

 The internet was initially invented for
communication between soldiers at war.

 Tim Berners Lee started the World Wide
Web , which allows people to surf the
internet, this was a big contribution of
the internet.

The internet is ALWAYS transforming into
new complex software, and has
completely changed our world.

Internet being made available has changed
many aspects of life, studies, games, and
communication can be done a lot more
efficiently than in recent days.
This is a map of the percent of
internet users per population
throughout the world.