Return to a Pure Mind and Joyful Heart

Practice and Breath in Zen, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga
with Ann Averbach, Denise Kirpal Lapides, and Ango Sara Tashker
June 27-30 (Friday-Monday)
Step into the
innocence of Heart Directed
living with Vinyasa and Kundalini
Yoga and the art of Zen
meditation, nourishing breath,
body and heart.
Immersed in the natural splendor
of Big Sur, Tassajara is a perfect
space to practice yoga, meditate
and recenter. This weekend will
leave you inspired, clear and
vibrant. We can’t wait to see you!
All levels are welcome and no
experience is necessary.
Fees: $240 ($204/Member)
Does not include accommodations.
Ann Averbach
Founder of DiviniTree Yoga, Ann lives
yoga through every breathe, and when
she is not on her mat Ann can be found
hiking in nature, traveling the world,
gardening, or gathering with friends and
family over farm to table meals. Ann has
spent the last 15 years committed to
learning and teaching yoga as well as
creating community centers of yoga in
Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and arround
the world. From the Himalayas to the
Amazon and from Fiji to Kenya, Ann has
been harvesting seeds of wisdom and
weaving together a tapestry of
transformational tools into her life and
Denise Kirpal Kaur
Practicing, meditating, chanting and opening
a fearful heart has revealed that union to
me. I feel it is not enough to practice yoga
but to live yoga, in every thought, word and
deed. Teaching from my actual experiences
of Sadhana, commitment, courage, calm and
love provides a safe, loving and nurturing
space for others to open and grow. My
spiritual name, Kirpal, means “merciful and
compassionate one”, and it reminds me that
each of us is going through the same kinds
of pains, joys, desires, losses, gains and
expectations. I am simply grateful for every
experience I have, every day, and for each
being I meet.
Ango Sara Tashker has been an organic farmer and residential practitioner at
San Francisco Zen Center since 2002. In 2011 she served as shuso (head student) at
Tassajara with Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky and Sojun Mel Weitsman, and in 2013 was
ordained as a Soto Zen Priest. She currently serves as Director of Green Gulch Farm, where
she lives and practices with her family.
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