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There has been some great work within our school division with the use of online tools. Early adopters use them willingly and usually see results. Many however do not see the value when barriers such as time and technology and perceived curriculum constraints get in the way. That’s where you come in. We would like to develop living examples of the power of good teaching practices combined with powerful tools to engage and promote student learning. We believe that students should be and can work harder and be more responsible for their learning. Together we hope to help you develop classrooms where assessment and great learning take place in a variety of forms. Our work will be research based and our time together will be in learning and creating classroom environments that will address our essential questions. The work we do between now and June will be largely in building our understanding. Some maybe ready to implement some things immediately, while others will want to be prepared to launch in September. Our intent is to work together and learn together. We hope to model your role in the classroom as much as possible. We will be funding as much of this work as we can. Currently our 2008-2009 budgets have not yet been approved so it may require you to access some of your school funds. Our intent is to provide all the funding for you. We are considering meeting about 6 half days throughout the school year.

Belief Statements:
1. All students are capable and can learn 2. Learning is social and requires transparency 3. Ownership and engagement are essential for learning 4. Teachers must see themselves as learners first 5. Teachers can no longer be “gate keepers” of knowledge 6. Real change occurs through the empowerment of teachers

Big Ideas:
1. 2. 3. 4. Social Learning Essential Questions Student Involved Assessment Understanding Online Spaces

Essential Questions
1. 2. 3. 4. How does the use of online tools impact student assessment practices? How is the learning different? How is the teaching different? How do we move beyond content to focus on the CEL’s and more authentic learning?

You should be prepared to:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Model and share your own learning Provide students with opportunity to go beyond the basics Become a coach or network administrator (work differently…not more) Be transparent Collectively answer our essential questions

Basic Plan
1. Meet 3 -½ days between now and the end of June. a. Each meeting will include the following components: i. Research….WHY ii. Application….HOW iii. Creation….DO b. April 16th PM (Wed) (Topic: Social Learning) c. May 12th PM (Mon) (Topic: Essential Questions) d. June 12th PM (Thur) (Topic: Student Involved Assessment)

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