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CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters

CAMWorks How to Setup tool files to mill out a CO2 Dragster.

Finis designing te CO2 Dragster as a !o"#$eted asse"%$&. Completing the full assembly is
ritial. !t is ritial in ase you ha"e to fi# or re$esign any feature on the balsa $ragster ar bo$y.
Ha"ing to go bak an$ re$esign the blok is one hallenge% but ha"ing to ompletely re$o the tool path
is a ma&or issue an$ waste of time. A typial mistake a $esigner woul$ make% is not allowing enough
spae for the wheels. 'ither the two rear wheels are to big% $ue the fillets in the inner wheel wells being
too large beause the $esigner $i$ not use the setion ut "iew an$ notie$ his toleranes were too
small. (his is the most ommon mistake% beause the $esigner $i$ not take in to aount the ra$ius of
the utter on the C)C *outer an$ or C)C Mill. (ypially a $esigner will either forget that the ra$ius of
the .2+, -../+0 mm1 utter is .22+, -/.23+mm1 an$ will use the $efault ra$ius of 2mm. (hus the
wheels will not fit. So it is better to ompletely $esign an$ reate the $rawing for their CO2 Dragster
'a(e te CO2 Dragster %$o!k into ) se#arate .s$d#rt fi$es. (hese files are the se4uene of how we
will ut out our $ragster. Caution% be areful to not write o"er the original file an$ thus not ha"ing a
bakup if a problem ours.
1. 'a(e as - Dragster %otto" **1.s$d#rt
2. 'a(e as - Dragster $eft **1.s$d#rt
+. 'a(e as - Dragster a,$e o$e **1.s$d#rt
). 'a(e as - Dragster rigt **1.s$d#rt
Ne,t design te offset sket! in te Dragster $eft **1 fi$e. (he reason we start with the left si$e is
simple% we typially $esign from let to right. As we rea$ from left to right. (his is simple onept% but
it will ser"e you well when you get onfuse$ on rotating your blok in your C)C *outer. !t is easy to
remember to rotate from left to right an$ you will 5most likely , not get onfuse$ an$ a"oi$ mistakes.
-o. !reate a new !on!entri! sket! on te dragster $eft **1 on te fa!e of te CO2 Dragster
!a"%er on te rear of te !ar. See the sketh below.
6age 2
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
6laement of the off set onentri sketh.
!t is important to always name your skethes. !n this e#ample we all the sketh 5off set,. (his
is important when you later orient your tool path to the billet% you will easily fin$ the 5off set, sketh to
loate the orientation of the mill from.
Orient &o.r (iew to te %otto" of te CO2 Dragster %od&/ 0!tr$ 12.
'a(e -o.r fi$e. 0!tr$ s2.
6age 2
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
'e$e!t te 4CW5 ta%/ a$so !a$$ed te CAMWorks Tree/ &ust to the left of the
Dim7pertManager tab. !n this tab we will reate our strategy to mill out the bottom of the CO2
Dragster bo$y.
'e$e!t te 7,a"#$e Mi$$-"" $ine. (his also may referene a C)C 8athe or other type of C)C
mahinery you ha"e. Still selet this line.
)otie that it says 7,a"#$e Mi$$-"". We ".st !ange te do!."ent #ro#erties to fro"
"i$$i"eters to in!es. O#en te O#tions i!on
and se$e!t te Do!."ent 9ro#erties ta% :on te se!ond #age;/ se$e!t <nits and !ange to I9'
:In!/ 9o.nd 'e!onds;. !n the 9nite$ States% the ma&ority of mahining businesses use !6S for their
units of measure. On the ol$er (ehno Da:ini C)C *outers they solely use !6S for mill units. !t is
an important learning e#periene to know how to $esign an$ C)C mill from MM;S metri to !6S inh
poun$ seon$s. !6S is what is ommonly use$ in the 9nite$ States.
6age /
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
'e$e!t and rigt !$i!k on te 7,a"#$e Mi$$-in. And 7dit Definition...
(he spee$s an$ fee$s menu will pop up.
C$i!k O>
6age <
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
)e#t the Mahine menu will pop up
II.1*. Ne,t !$i!k on te 'e$e!t %.tton. !n CAMWorks% you an highlight something% but you still
ha"e to lik the Selet button in or$er to ati"ate that feature.
'e$e!t te 9ost 9ro!essor ta%. !n this tab we will be telling CAMWorks whih ontrol file you will be
working with. (he ontrol file is the interpreter of CAMWorks for whih mill you will be using to mill
your CO2 Dragster. (he ontrol file is use$ by CAMWorks to struture your ;=Co$e of your /D
mo$el to the way your mill rea$s ;=Co$e. >ou shoul$ be looking for either the D7NFO?D or
T7CHNOI'7@ these files. !f these files are not a"ailable please ontat your Soli$Works?CAMWorks
support person to a$$ these ontrol files to your omputer.
6age +
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Hig$igt &o.r !ontro$ fi$e and ten !$i!k te 'e$e!t %.tton. !n this e#ample below we selete$ the
T7CHNOI'7@ ontrol file for the post proessor. Again after you highlight the ontrol file you then
lik the selet button.
6age .
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
'e$e!t te 'to!k Manger A1**3B and rigt !$i!k. Ten se$e!t Insert Mi$$ 9art 'et.#...
6age 3
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Te Mi$$ 'et.# "en. wi$$ o#en in te $eft #ane$ %e$ow te CAMWorks and CAMWorks
o#erations ta%s on te $eft side of &o.r s!reen. (his is asking for you to selet a plane upon whih it
is setting the C)C Mahine@s utter orientation. (he mills orientation always has to be set at A0
$egrees to the surfae-s1 you are planning to mill. !n this ase it is simple we selet the bottom of the
CO2 Dragster bo$y between the two wheel wells. C$i!k on te s.rfa!e and (erif& te green target
!ir!$e is on te s.rfa!e &o. are "i$$ing and te red arrow :%$.e arrow on CAMWorks (ersion
2**=; is #ointing dire!t$& down on te s.rfa!e &o. !oose. >ou may ha"e to use your arrow keys to
orientate the mo$el to see the plaement of the green target an$ arrow. Where it atually loates on the
surfae is not important. What you nee$ to make sure is it going in the $iretion you want your C)C
Mill?*outer to ut. One you ha"e it orretly plae$% C$i!k te Green Ce!k on te Mi$$ 'et.#
"en.. See e#ample below.
6age B
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
?igt !$i!k on te new$& added Mi$$ 9art 'et.# and s!ro$$ down to se$e!t Insert M.$ti '.rfa!e
(his is where we setup our milling strategy on
how we will ut our part. Due to the fat our
wheel wells ha"e ur"ature an$ fillets on the
surfae this is why we selet Multi Surfae
Ceature. On a CO2 Dragster% $ue the shape of the
$ragster bo$y part% we will always selet multi
surfae as our milling strategy.
6age A
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
(he !nsert Multi Surfae Ceature Menu will appear &ust below the CW an$ CAMWorks Operations (ab
menu on the left si$e. 'e$e!t te 'e$e!t a$$ and asso!iate !e!k %o, and ten .se te s!o$$ down to
se$e!t te Coarse 'trateg&. >our CO2 Dragster bo$y part will highlight blue as you see below to the
right. Do not be onerne$ that it selets all the bo$y of areas you will $o not want to mill this first
time. *emember from your Mill 6art Setup 2% you orientate$ the mill utter to go $iretly $own onto
the bottom of the CO2 Dragster bo$y.
Crom the oarse strategy we ha"e hosen% we inten$ to first reate a roughing pattern aross the bottom
of the CO2 Dragster wheel wells to get out as muh material as possible. (he oarse strategy reates
se"eral layers of passes until the material is 5roughe$, out of the wheel wells. Some may say this is
unneessary. !t is neessary for se"eral reasons.
Cirst% not all CO2 Dalsa bloks are the same% beause Dalsa woo$ omes in $ifferent $ensities. With
$ifferent $ensities Dalsa woo$ an$ the use of $ifferent types of C)C Mills an$ C)C *outers% you risk
6age 20
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
the hane of rashing your Mill or C)C *outer will perform on Dalsa% but will be surprise$.
Seon$% Dalsa woo$ "en$ors supply the CO2 Dragster in $ensity an$ weight ranges from /+ ;rams up
as muh as 2/3 grams. !n the higher weight ranges one an rash their C)C mahine $epen$ing on the
C)C Mill or C)C *outer apability. (his has happene$ to the author se"eral times. We 5think, we
know how our C)C mahine an$ the utter we are using will mill out the material an$ then we are
surprise$ to fin$ out $ifferently.
(hir$% eah C)C Mill or C)C *outer has $ifferent apabilities. Some are "ery powerful an$ others are
not as apable. Some ha"e "ery strong ser"o motors an$ others ha"e stepper motors. 'ah type of
motor is omes in $ifferent power ranges. Cor most lassroom appliations% C)C Milling an$ C)C
*outers are usually "ery low power an$ $o not ha"e the power to ut $ense materials $eeply% beyon$
a .2+, ut. !n fat most annot ut more than .22+, an$ realistially% only shoul$ ut about .0.2+,.
Most lassroom appliation C)C *outers use )'MA 22 an$ )'MA 23 stepper motors% whih are
apable for C)C appliation on CO2 Dragsters. (hese motors are not as fast an$ one must use only ut
$epths of .22+, or .0.2+,. Stepper motors% )'MA 2/ an$ up% are "ery powerful will ut &ust about any
material from Dalsa woo$ to .0.2 Aluminum. (he in$ustry is tren$ing to more powerful% less
e#pensi"e higher power )'MA 2/ an$ higher motors ombine$ with ball srews.
(he motor issue is also ombine$ with the type of srew $ri"ing eah a#is an$ it@s pith on the srew.
More e#pensi"e mahines ome with Dall Srews% whih are basially the fastest an$ more powerful.
(he (ehno 6atriot omes with Dall Srews an$ Ser"o Motors. (he lower the pith% the faster the
mahine an$ Dall Srews funtion at the lowest frition rating for C)C Milling an$ C)C *outer
mahines. Others will ha"e 8ea$ Srew an$ some e"en threa$ stok. 8ea$ srew work "ery well% yet
are not as fast as Dall Srews an$ both ha"e whip lash $uring aggressi"e uts at high spee$s ausing a
C)C Mahine to rash $ue to aggressi"e $epths of uts at high spee$s on your billet.
Courth% the type of utter you ha"e on your mahine $ramatially effets the utting an$ milling spee$%
finish an$ 4uality of our part. Although it works% most High Shools an$ Mi$$le shools mi$$le
shools use metal utters on woo$ appliations. !t works% howe"er spee$ an$ $epth of ut is an issue
with metal utters. !t is best to fin$ woo$ utters from a reputable woo$ C)C *outer shop an$ to
speak with professionals about milling an$ routing utters.
6age 22
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Noti!e te 9ink Te,t of te re!ent$& !reated te M.$ti '.rfa!e Feat.re1 ACoarseB.
Any time you see 5pink te#t, CAMWorks is
re4uiring you to take ation to either 5;enerate
Operations 6lan, or to 5'$it Operation, in or$er to
generate a tool path.
*emember CAMWorks generates these strategies is
is still up to you to tune these operations to your
$esire$ outome.
'e$e!t and rigt !$i!k " !$i!k and se$e!t Generate O#erations 9$an.
(he ;enerate Operations 6lan will now write out
the strategy 5Multi Surfae Ceature2 ECoarseF, to
an operation or multiple operations an$ then
imme$iately open the Operations (ab
(his is where you will set up% e$it an$ tune your
tool path to your C)C Mill or C)C *outer. (his is
where you will nee$ to ha"e familiarity with your
C)C Mill or C)C *outer an$ your tooling utters
or bits. >ou will also nee$ to familiarity with your
spee$s an$ fee$s% another wor$s% the ma#imum an$
minimum fee$ rate speifiations for your bran$ of
C)C Mill or C)C *outer in your 7=A#is% >=A#is
an$ G=A#is. A$$itionally you will nee$ to know
your length of 7=tra"el -the ma#imum $istane
your C)C mahine an go in 7 $iretion1% the >=
tra"el an$ G=tra"el. !t is important to note the G=
tra"el an be a$&uste$ by siHe of utters an$ if your
C)C router motor an be a$&uste$ on the G=tra"el
its mounting braket.
6age 22
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
O97?ATION' TAC Considerations

After you ;enerate an Operations 6lan% CAMWorks opens up the Operations (ab.
Te O#erations Ta% is were &o. wi$$ fine &o.r too$ #at to the
harateristis of yourI
2. C)C Mill or C)C *outer
2. Material you plan to mill.
/. Ci#ture that hol$s your Material or 5Dillet,
<. (ype of tooling you will be using
+. C)C Mill or C)C *outer Cee$ *ate in relation to the Dillet.
.. ;=Co$e 6ost 6roessor. (he 6ost 6roessor is how your mahine speifially
interprets ;=Co$e. *emember e"ery mahine is $ifferent uses a $ifferent type
of 6ost 6roessor.
(his is how the initial "iew of the operations tab
will look. Again% Noti!e te #ink te,t/ reD.iring
&o. to take a!tion.
6age 2/
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
When this sreen omes up our first ation will be%
to se$e!t and ten do.%$e !$i!k on te Mi$$ 9art
'et.#1AGro.# 1B. We ha"e to set how our C)C
Mill or *outer will a$$ress the billet. (he
important issues here are where is our orientation
of our 7=A#is utting $iretion an$ what is our
Offset orientation. !s it oriente$ from the billet or
from an OffsetJ !n this e#ample we will use the
Offset sketh irle we reate$ in the Ceature (ree.
(he 6art Setup 6arameters Sreen Menu will
appear as you see the right. As you see we ha"e
se$e!ted te radio %.tton 'ket! and a(e
#.$$ed down te $ist of 'ket!es and ig$igted
off set sket!. Do te sa"e and ten noti!e ow
te E/-/F triad as oriented to te off set sket!
we !reated on te CO2 !a"%er of o.r CO2
Dragster %od&. Noti!e te %otto" #i! of te
re$o!ation of te E/-/F triad.
6age 2<
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Here you see the 7%>%G tria$ has mo"e$ to the
enter of the off set sketh. Noti!e te
orientation of te E/ -/ F Triad. !t shows the >=
A#is is pointing into the CO2 hamber. (his is
not the $iretion we nee$ to suessfully mill out
this $ragster. (he 7=A#is must be rotate$ to be
pointing into CO2 hamber. (o fi# this problem
we will selet the A#is tab.
'e$e!t te Ang$e radio %.tton and !ange te
ang$e to =* deg. (his rotates the 7%>%G tria$ A0
$egrees an$ now &o. see on te CO2 Dragster
%od& te triad as rotated and te E-A,is is in
te rigt dire!tion. *emember this 7=A#is tria$
is the orientation of your fi#ture in your C)C Mill
an$ C)C *outer. *emember% you will be able in
the (ehno C)C !nterfae software on your (ehno
6atriot C)C *outer be to able to "erify this new
tria$ loation in the 6re"iew Mo$e to see your tool
file. (hat is "aluable tool in the (ehno C)C
!nterfae software on your (ehno 6atriot C)C
*outer an$ ritial to your initial tool file testing
an$ setup.
6age 2+
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
(his is where you set up the G=A#is height
parameters of your tool file to fit the C)C Mills
an$ C)C *outers you use. Cor CO2 Dragsters%
most use either a (ehno C)C *outer or a
Denfor$ C)C Mill or *outer. Doth types of
mahines ha"e limite$ G=A#is tra"el $istanes.
As suh we will ha"e to hange the 5*api$ plane
is abo"e, setting an$ hange the 5Clearane plane
is abo"e, setting.
Here you see the hange$ settings. Cange te
4?a#id #$ane is a%o(e5 to .235. )e#t% !ange te
4C$earan!e #$ane is a%o(e5 to .15. (hese settings
will operate your C)C Mill an$ C)C *outer lose
&ust abo"e your billet an$ mille$ part. Howe"er% it
will alle"iate frustrations of e#ee$ing G=A#is
e#ee$ limit problems an$ ha"ing to go bak an$
forth an$ trying to fi# this problem. A benefit is it
will limit the amount of mahine time in mo"ing
the Spin$le or *outer in G=A#is. (his may not
soun$ like muh% howe"er if you milling out
se"eral CO2 Dragsters it will beome a signifiant
sa"ings in mahine time.
6age 2.
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
)ow it is time to setup the Area Clearane2E(2/=2
Clat 'n$F. CAMWorks will not always ha"e the
same name for the operations strategy. !f you see
pink te#t as you see here then you will nee$ to e$it
this to your satisfation an$ then generate your tool
path. Do.%$e !$i!k on te Area C$earan!e1AT2+-
1 F$at 7ndB and it wi$$ o#en .# te fo$$ow set of
"en.s and ta%s !a$$ed te O#erations
9ara"eters. Here you see a lot menus. Do not be
worry% we will o"er only the menus neessary for
the Multi=Surfae operations we will nee$ to reate
the ;=Co$e file for milling out our CO2 Dragster.
Selet the (ool Crib sub tab. (he urrent tool is
e#tremely large for the milling operation we are
attempting of roughing out the material in or$er to
$o a fine mill later. Keep in min$ we nee$ to use a
ball mill for this operation% as suh we will nee$ to
hange tools. 'e$e!t te Too$ Cri% ta% to !ange
te too$.
6age 23
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
'!ro$$ down te s$ider .nti$ &o. find te too$ tat
!$osest rese"%$es te too$ &o. a(e in &o.r !o$$et
on &o.r CNC Mi$$ or CNC ?o.ter. (he tool
$esription that is the loset your tool in your
mahine an be mo$ifie$ an$ altere$ to e#atly like
the tool you ha"e in your mahine.
6age 2B
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
(ool 2A losest resembles the tool in our C)C Mill
or C)C *outer. >ou may ha"e a four flute ball
mill. Do not worry% we an mo$ify this mill
$efinition "ery shortly. C$i!k in te .sage fie$d
ten se$e!t te 'e$e!t %.tton. (his seletion will
reate a all statement in your ;=Co$e to loa$ tool
2A. >ou will see this when you run your ;=Co$e
program when you mill out your CO2 Dragster.
6age 2A
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Tis "essage wi$$ #o# .#/ se$e!t -es and
disregard. (his is referring to a mahine that might
ha"e a 4uik hange tool hol$er or tool turret for a
multi tool C)C Mill or C)C *outer. (hose types
of mahines are more ommerial mahines foun$
in large mahine manufaturing shops.
6age 20
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
)ow we will tune our tool seletion for our milling
operation. (he four fiel$s with the arrows
referening are the four primary fiel$ we nee$ to
hange an$ mo$ify.
1. >now te n."%er of f$.tes and "ake
a##ro#riate !anges for &o.r CNC !.tter.
2. >now &o.r o(era$$ $engt of &o.r !.tter wen
it is not insta$$ed on &o.r !o$$et.
+. &o.r so.$d eigt/ wi! is .s.a$$&
1.235. 9.t te e,a!t ""ent in te
'o.$der $engt fie$d. -o. ".st know tis
n."%er wen &o. design &o.r too$ #at %e!
it sets te safe distan!e !.t de#t. Anoter
words/ ow dee# &o.r too$ !an .$ti"ate$& !.t.
Tis wi$$ kee# te !o$$et fro" %.rning and
da"aging &o. "i$$ed #art.
). &o.r f$.te $engt. Tis distan!e
fro" te ti# of te too$ to te #$a!e were te
twisting gro(e sto#.
(he ne#t time you use this tool it will be set for you
to use. >ou ha"e to remember it was tool 2A or &ust
sroll $own until you fin$ that tool.
6age 22
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Cange te '#ind$e s#eed to 1*/***r#". (he
Spin$le spee$ on your C)C *outer will be a lot
more than this% but CAMWorks $efaults to a
ma#imum spee$ of 20%000rpm. >our C)C *outer
only runs at full spee$. Depen$ing on your C)C
*outer bran$@s% the internal router -Kress or 6orter
Cable1 will operate at nearly 23%+00rpm. On a
C)C Mill% with a ser"o motor type spin$le% it has
"ariable spee$ ontrol from CAMWorks an$ from
the C)C interfae software. Howe"er the
ma#imum setting in CAMWorks is 20%000rpm.
(he Spin$le spee$ ontrol affets the 7> fee$rate%
howe"er you an o"er ri$e that setting. >e& in E-
feedrate of +*.***inH"in. Depen$ing on the part
you are planning to mill you an inreate this spee$
to o"er 200in?min% howe"er you shoul$ ha"e teste$
this setting prior to ha"ing suh a high setting on
lower spee$s. Wit te NC 9$anes setting at .235
and .15/ te @eadin feedrate setting is adeD.ate
and do not !ange.
6age 22
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Cange te #attern ste# o(er to )*I. (he
original step o"er of +0L is to aggressi"e for our
purposes an$ it re$ues the loa$ on the tool as it is
6age 2/
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
(he abo"e is what your Area Clearane tab looks
like when you start. !t will ha"e to be hange to the
settings as you see to the right...
Cange &o.r settings to "at! te settings as
indi!ated %& te arrows and ten se$e!t #re(iew
to #re#ro!ess te too$ #at to see wat it wi$$
initia$$& $ook $ike.
6age 2<
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
When CAMWorks proesses your pre"iew seletion% it will take a few minutes an$ you will see status
win$ows appear an$ then it will ollapse your Operations 6arameters menu as you see in the upper left
orner of your sreen. Noti!e te %$.e too$ #at $ines &o. see in te i"age of &o.r CO2 Dragster.
Our ob&eti"e is to 5&ust, rough mill out the pokets for the wheels an$ not all the material aroun$ the
wheels. (he arrows are pointing at material we $o not want to mill out. A$$itionally% this images
shows se"eral areas in our tool path we nee$ to orret. (hese will be pointe$ out in the subse4uent
images. -o. ".st start to $ook !$ose$& at te #re(iew too$ #ats and noti!e #otentia$ #ro%$e"
areas tat wi$$ need to %e fi,ed.
6age 2+
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Noti!e te red dased $ines/ tese are te NC tra(erse $ines. Te eigt indi!ate te '#ind$e or
?o.ter is tra(ersing to ig a!ross &o.r #art and need to %e $owered/ as we did in te "i$$ #art
set.#. )ot hanging these will ause e#ee$ G=A#is limit errors when you run the ;=Co$e to mill out
this CO2 Dragster. 8et@s ontinue our re"iew...
6age 2.
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Noti!e tese (er& tigt s#ira$s/ Tese wi$$ need to %e !anged in 7ntr&H?etra!t #ane$. !f these are
left as is% this will $ramatially inrease the milling time in milling out this CO2 Dragster. We will
proee$ to optimiHing this utting path.
CON'ID7?ATIONJ (he are a lot of steps in reating a tool paths as you ha"e seen so far. Crom an
in$ustrial manufaturing perspeti"e% when you are reating thousan$s an$ thousan$s of parts for an
automobile or onsumer pro$ut% your tool paths are "itally important in the form% funtion an$ 4uality
of the pro$ut you are manufaturing. O"er the ourse of time you will beome more a tune$ to this
proess in your $esign phase an$ of ourse in your tool path $esign phase. !t takes time an$ pratie.
6age 23
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
>e& in .235 for te ?a#id #$ane is Distan!e
setting. (his will math the )C settings you ha"e
pre"iously set in the Mill 6art Setup for )C
planes. *emember your lea$in fee$ rate is only
<in?min% so this setting shoul$ be safe for your tool
path. A$$itionally% this will lower the re$ $ashe$
lines you see in the pre"iew image of your tool
path an$ safely spee$ up your milling proess.
6age 2B
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
(he abo"e are the $efault settings for 'ntry?*etrat.
We nee$ to fi# the tight spirals mo"ing $own in the
G=A#is. A$$itionally% we nee$ to lower the lea$ in
length. All to effiiently inrease the spee$ our tool
path. Note te new settings in te ne,t i"age to
te rigt of te a%o(e i"age. Make te !anges
as indi!ated %& te arrows.
6age 2A
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Again% notie the following. !t has "ery tight spiral for milling $own. !t has "ery tall re$ $ashe$ lines
for tra"ersing the part. (his image has spirals for boring $own between eah tool layer. )e#t image
will how we ha"e alle"iate$ these on$itions.
6age /0
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Noti!e te !anges in tis i"age fro" te new 7ntr&H?etra!t settings. (he tight spirals are gone
an$ now you ha"e nie ramps into eah tool utting layer. Also not the ramp lea$ in lengths are
$ramatially lowere$. )ote the re$ $ashe$ lines are muh lower. (his will spee$ up the milling time
for this part. We ".st now fi, te .nne!essar& !.tting of areas o.t side of te wee$ we$$s.
6age /2
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
C$i!k on an& ta% to o#en te O#eration
9ara"eters "en.s.
C$i!k on te O> ta% and tis wi$$ take &o. %a!k
to te CAMWorks O#erations Ta%.
CAMWorks will pop up this warning message.
C$i!k -es an$ it will reproess the tool for later
simulation re"iew.
6age /2
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
?igt C$i!k on te Area C$earan!e1AT2=
*.23 Ca$$ NoseB and ten se$e!t Insert Contain
Area... this will allow us to isolate the milling area
only to the wheel wells.
6age //
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
'e$e!t te 4M.$ti#$e5 radio %.tton/ ten on 4'e$e!tion fi$terJ5 #.$$ down to 4Con(ert to $oo#5 and
ten .nder 47ntities se$e!tedJ5 se$e!t te edges of te wee$ we$$s and as &o. see ere. Te areas
we want to "i$$ wi$$ ig$igt in #ink as &o. see on te CO2 Dragster. (his will allow us to isolate
an$ ontain our milling to &ust the wheel wells. C$i!k on Finis.
Due to the new area we set up in the ontain area% CAMWorks automatially will nee$ to realulate
the tool path. C$i!k on -es.
6age /<
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
?igt C$i!k on te Area C$earan!e1AT2=
*.23 Ca$$ NoseB and ten se$e!t 'i".$ate
Too$#at...(his allows us to simulate what our tool
path woul$ atually attempt to $o. (his is a
somewhat aurate representation of how your tool
path will perform. Crom what you see you may
ha"e to ome bak an$ hange a few settings to
make your tool path e#atly what you nee$.
6age /+
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Here you see the simulation ontrol sreen has opene$ an$ that the area to mill is now an en"elope of
what appears to be blok. CAMWorks has sanne$ the geometry of the part from Soli$Works to
un$erstan$ what is the e#tents our billet to mill. (his is powerful apability when you are planning to
mill omple# parts% like a CO2 Dragster. )e#t we will o"er some of the simulation menu omman$s.
6age /.
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
(his is alle$ the Too$ Mode. (his is where the
simulator steps through the tooling simulation. >ou
an ontrol the spee$ of the simulation a$&usting
the sli$er. See image below.
(he sli$er is alle$ the 'i".$ation '#eed Contro$.
(his will a$&ust the spee$ of the Too$ Mode
simulation by mo"ing the ontrol to the left to go
slower to the right to go faster. >ou will notie a
number the right of the pop=up omman$
$efinition% whih shows your spee$ setting.
(his is the 'ow Ani"ation button. !f only $rag
you mouse o"er the button it will $esribe the
button an$ this ase it says 5Show AnimationI
200,. (he I200 is the spee$ setting for your
animation an$ you an hange this see ne#t image.
(he 'ow Ani"ation button allows you to set the
spee$ ontrol of your animation. >ou an inrease
an$ $erease you setting of your simulations. (his
is a "ery nie feature for large an$ omple# tool
(he arrow is pointing to the T.r%o "ode button.
(his $ramatially spee$s up the simulation an$
basially on most simulations &umps to the en$ of
the simulation animation. (his is nie if you &ust
want to see the final results. Howe"er you $o not
ha"e spee$ ontrol with the Simulation Spee$
Control sli$er ontrol.
6age /3
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Tis %.tton !ontro$s &o.r dis#$a& "ode for &o.r
si".$ation. (his is a "ery nie feature for
e"aluating your tool path as it are simulating the
tool path mo"ements. (his allows you to hange
your $isplay mo$e to $ifferent ways to see the
simulation. 7,#eri"ent wit different settings to
%etter .nderstand &o.r too$ #at. Here you an
see the Wireframe Display. (his shows e#atly
how my tool path uts into the billet with the
wireframe showing the tool path uts.
Tis %.tton !ontro$s &o.r dis#$a& "ode for &o.r
too$ d.ring te si".$ation. (his is similar to the
"isual ontrol you ha"e on the part you are
simulating% howe"er it ontrols the tool $isplay.
7,#eri"ent wit different settings to %etter
.nderstand &o.r too$ in &o. too$ #at
si".$ation. See e#ample below.
Here we ha"e set the tool to wireframe to see the
gouging an$ utting of the tool path on the billet.
Again% e,#eri"ent wit te too$ dis#$a& "ode. !t
will gi"e you nie $etails on your tool paths.
6age /B
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
(he 'ow Differen!es omman$ shows the areas affete$ by they tool path you ha"e reate$. !t is a
"ery "aluable feature for "iewing what you are planning to mill. Howe"er% remember you ha"e reate$
ontain areas that isolate the areas you attempting to mill.
6age /A
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
'e!tion Kiew/ shows $ifferent angular setion uts of your mo$el $uring simulation. (his "ery helpful
when you are trying to e"aluate un$er uts% slots an$ you are nee$ing to "iew toleranes an$ pre$it
thiknesses of your part $uring milling. 7,#eri"ent wit te 9$ane settings to see $ifferent "iews.
6age <0
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
)ow that the tool path has suessfully simulate$ an$ we like the tool strategy we ha"e setup% it is time
to generate a 6ost 6roess. (he 6ost 6roess is where CAMWorks writes out the ;=Co$e program file
that we nee$ in or$er to get our C)C *outer or C)C Mill to mahine our billet into a CO2 Dragster.
?igt !$i!k on te Area C$earan!e1AT2= *.23 Ca$$ NoseB and ten !$i!k on 9ost 9ro!ess... as you
see abo"e. (his will open up the menu below.
6age <2
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
1; 'e$e!t te sa(e in fo$der as &o. see wit te to# arrow. 2; Gi(e te fi$e an& na"e/ %.t it is %est
and $ess !onf.sing to #.t in te side of te "i$$ing o#eration e.g.5%otto"5 and ten te t&#e of !.t
t&#e 4?O<GH5 and of !o.rse a (ersion n."%er 4**15. !f you ha"e multiple milling operations on
this part% it is best to name it% so anyone an un$erstan$ the file an$ what it in$iates to mill.
A$$itionally% you may ha"e hun$re$s of ;=Co$e files an$ you may forget the purpose of the file when
you nee$ to mill out months from now% thus naming the file so it makes later is important. +; 'e$e!t
te NC Code fi$e t&#e. Cor Denfor$s an$ (ehnoisel ontrollers% they use either .n or .fn file types.
(he $efault file type for the Denfor$ is .fn% howe"er the :* Milling software will rea$ .n files. );
'e$e!t te 'a(e %.tton to o#en te 9ost 9ro!ess "en. s!reen.
6age <2
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Here &o. se$e!t te 9$a& %.tton/ te sing$e arrow. (his will start the proessing of the ;=Co$e file
an$ writing the file to your har$ $ri"e or whate"er storage $e"ie you are using.
6age </
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Here you see the proessing of the ;=Co$e file. !t will be srolling by until it reahes the en$ . (he
thing the to note is the green $ashe$ bar as you see it srolling from left to right.
6age <<
CAMWorks How To Create CNC G-Code for CO2 Dragsters
Noti!e te 7'TIMAT7D MACHIN7 TIM7...13 MIN. 26 '7C. (his is not totally aurate beause
you ha"e manual fee$ rate o"erri$e ontrol on the mahine you are using. Cor e#ample% the (ehno
6atriot% you an ha"e a manual fee$ rate o"erri$e of up to 2.2L. A$$itionally% the atual time to mill
out the part must take into onsi$eration the type of utter you are using on the mahine. Some utters
atually mo"e faster beause of aggressi"e ut angles on the utter. (his where your )C plane strategy
an $ramatially effet the utting time% as suh% use minimal $istanes on your )C planes for the Mill
6art setup an$ your )C settings in the operations strategy.
@oad te .n! fi$e onto &o.r CNC ?o.ter or CNC Mi$$ and start testing &o.r too$ fi$e.
6age <+