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Name _______________________________ Class M G S B

Class ______________ Scary Story/Scary Comic Book Rubric


4 3 2 1
Has an extremely original Has a title or title
and engaging title or title Has an engaging page that makes
Title Does not have a title.
page that really captures title or title page. sense for the story
a reader’s attention. or comic book.
The plot makes
The plot is complete, The plot makes
sense in most
makes sense throughout, sense throughout.
places but is
is clearly written, and is The writing is The plot is extremely
confusing at times.
Plot (2X) extremely engaging. The generally clear. The confusing, often not
The writing gets in
characters, setting, characters, setting, making sense.
the way of the
conflict, and climax are conflict, and climax
easy to identify. are easy to identify.
The writer uses
The writer uses
The writer uses many appropriate
many examples of The writer “tells”
examples of examples of
foreshadowing to instead of
Suspense and foreshadowing to create foreshadowing but
create suspense. In “shows” throughout
Foreshadowing suspense. The writer only does so once
general, the writer the story or comic
always “shows” instead or twice. The writer
“shows” but once or book.
of “tells” often “tells” instead
twice “tells” instead.
of “shows.”
Story or comic book
Story or comic book
Story or comic book includes a couple of
includes only a
includes many examples examples of
couple of examples
of appropriately appropriately Very little or no
Dialogue of dialogue, or the
punctuated dialogue. punctuated dialogue is included.
dialogue that is
Dialogue “shows” instead dialogue. Dialogue
used “tells” instead
of “tells.” “shows” instead of
of “shows.”
Transitions are Some transitions
All transitions are in generally used well are used but a Most or all transitions
place. but one or two are number of are are missing.
missing. missing.
The writer replaces
The writer makes The writer uses a
one or two over- The writer replaces
excellent use of number of
Synonyms/ used words with very few over-used
synonyms and/or synonyms and/or
Metaphors interesting words with synonyms
metaphors throughout metaphors in the
synonyms and/or and/or metaphors.
the story or comic book. story or comic book.
Writing is generally
free of sentence Writing has a few
Writing suffers in
Writing is free of fragments. sentence fragment
many places from
sentence fragments. Paragraphing is and paragraphing
Mechanics/ sentence fragment
Stories are organized into generally correct. errors. Artwork is
Presentation and paragraphing
paragraphs. Artwork is Artwork is generally good but
errors. Artwork is
immaculate. completed with suffers from some
extremely sloppy.
great care and sloppiness.


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