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Singapores Position in Copenhagen Summit Dec 2009

-resist being placed in Annex I

-agree to cut carbon emissions by 16 percent from Business As Usual (BAU) leels by
-#common but differentiated responsibility$
- no historical debt as a young nation state
- not OECD country; tiger economy still part of developing world, so lesser
- heavy reliance on energy-intensive economic activities; manufacturing sector
will be severely affected by any drastic cuts in carbon emissions
- emits only 0.! of world"s carbon emissions; impact insignificant even if we
agree to substantial cuts
- CO emissions are from manufacturing goods for e#port to other countries, not
for domestic consumption, hence cannot $ust as% locals to consume less in order
to emit less CO
- scientific data lin%ing carbon emissions to global warming uncertain
- limitations in converting to alternative forms of energy&
o wind 'speed too low at m(s; no space for wind farms)
o solar 'cloud cover, tech not efficient, not economically viable)
o hydro 'calm seas *cos sheltered; no ma$or river; seas used for port so tidal
power is out)
o nuclear 'safety and cost issues; need safety buffer radius(e#clusion +one
of ,0%m around nuclear plant)
o geo-thermal 'not located along geological fault lines)
-depleting fossil fuels
-increasing sea level; -"pore low-lying country
-emission per capita is high
HOW to go GR!:
.)*cap and trade" method
- impose carbon ta#
- adopt stricter emission standards
- ma%e eco-labelling compulsory
e.g. new cars sold in -"pore have to display fuel efficiency label
- encourage green behaviour, esp with help of celebrities
'a) 0/ess 1eat /ess 2eat3 campaign in Europe fronted by 4eatles" 5aul
1cCartney 006
flatulence and burping from livestoc% accounts for 0! of global methane
007 89 report& livestoc% responsible for .:! of all greenhouse emissions, more
than all global transportation combined
'b) Earth 2our ( Earth Day
'c)4;O4 in -"pore
'd)"5ar% and <ide" in -"pore
'e) fashion bag; eco-wear; pop songs
=)>ovt subsidies( ta# reduction and funding
- C9> and hybrid cars in -"pore '=0! reduction off car ta#)
- funding for green buildings in -"pore '?0m fund for developers to build >reen
1ar%-certified buildings; developers can draw up to ?,m per pro$ect)
-to educate consumers and pressure companies to go green
e.g. -items sold in Aal-mart in 8-
-fuel efficiency labels in all new cars sold in -"pore
-4CB >reen Bward
7)-witch to >reen technology
- -"pore converting power stations from oil to gas
- public transport '-"pore"s buses and ta#is on C9>); trains on electricity and maglev
- recycling of waterC
Shou"# $e GO GR!%
!O &S
'(incur costs
e.g. catalytic converters; C9> cars
-govt subsidies
-cost will drop in the long term as more
people buy into the idea and demand goes
e.g. disposable chop stic%s, styofoam
bo#es; insufficient C9> refueling stations
in -"pore; plastic bags
<ebut 'plastic bags)&
does not release to#ic gases when
*(more pressing pro+"ems $hich re,uire
"imite# resources
-e.g. Bids; education; poverty; war
-envmt problems are long term, can wait
4ut baby steps needed now; cannot defer
-(hamper economic gro$th
-limited resources can be directed towards
economic growth and $obs; esp in /DC
-land-scarce -"pore
.(green so"utions not green
e.g. nuclear; recycling ; biofuels
Dech will improve eventually to eliminate
9eeds time and money
/("imitations to con)erting to greener
a"ternati)e energ0 sources
-see -"pore e.g.
a( sa1eguar# our ph0sica" sur)i)a"
-pollution of air, sea, etc.
-rising sea levels a threat to low-lying
-Euote reflecting our stupidity& burning our
house down while we are still living insideF
+( #ep"eting resources e2g2 1ossi" 1ue"s
c( green techno"og0 is +urgeoning
-create $obs and adds growth
e.g. water recycling 2yflu#
#( ma3es goo# +usiness sense
-rebuts '9O .)
-environmental and economic concerns
need not be mutually e#clusive
-bi+ and global values two sides of same
-Economics G Eco H nomics G
2ouse'Earth) H 1anagement
lower operating costs
esp oil prices high and unstable
e.g. video conferencing replace overseas
travels; energy-saving light bulbs; rooftop
gardens to bring down temp; energy-saving
appliances; ban%s go paperless with
electronic statements
green image/appeal/prestige
-Corporate -ocial <esponsibility 'C-<)
attracts more customers
-generates more revenue in process
-customers more discerning
e.g. 4CB >reen Bward; eco-labels in Aal-
1art"s stuff; -tar4uc%s
ensure resources available in long run to
sustain economic machinery
-don"t %ill *goose that lays golden eggs"