Surviving the Times(project title) by Alexander Golden

FADE IN EXT. COURTYARD HOME, UP-SCALE RESIDENTIAL, COUNTRY CLUB COMMUNITY-NIGHT Tons of underage teenagers flood the area around the pool, girls dressed as slutty as possible in lingerie and other scantily clad clothing. Guys dressed like wanna-be thugs and old time pimps. Plenty of cigarettes and beer cans on the floor, bottles of vodka and every other type of liquor. No parents in sight. V.O. Welcome to my last summer. Things were good. No work, no worries, partying like it was going out of style. Finally got laid. I was getting high, getting drunk and having a blast. This is how life was meant to be. I wish I could tell you that in the fall I would be going off to Princeton or playing ball for some big 10 school, but it just was not the case. But fuck it. It’s summer. Lets get loose. We move past the crowds and cliques of kids drinking, talking, smoking pot, and move into the house. The home is decorated very minimally. Modern furniture and flat screen TV’s on the walls, more kids inside the house doing most of the same as outside. In the back patio is a small group of kids sitting around a table passing a bong back and forth and drinking. At the head of the table sits an average sized brown haired boy wearing a purple pimp hat and sunglasses as well as a black sport coat. V.O. (CONT’D) Oh, here I am, welcome by the way, this is my house, well my dads. And this is one of my Pimp n’ Hoes parties. We never organized it this way but the girls just explained to us they would dress like whores and we could be their pimps, good deal huh? I may not look happy, but I'm just really high. You see I never actually threw the parties, The large kid next to me, Big John.

2. Sitting next to our host is a stocky, hefty kid with dark spiked hair wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, laughing and smoking, talking loudly and needing to be the center of attention. V.O. (CONT’D) He would just tell the world I was having a party and presto! Every kid from the county would show up. House Parties seemed to take on a life of their own. You couldn't pin point when they started or when they would end. It’s kind of like when you throw a half eaten apple on the ground, at first just a few ants show, but soon the core is covered with the little suckers, slowly devouring what's left. Time lapse of an apple core on ground being eaten by a swarm of ants until it is completely gone. V.O. (CONT’D) Before you know it the apple has been reduced to a stem and a couple of seeds and the ants disperse slowly without notice. Unless the cops show up. Then those ants are fucked if they don’t run like hell. Allow me to introduce the rest of the crew. Staring at two younger girls dressed in the sluttiest clothes at the party are two tall, built kids. One with red crew cut hair, resembles something Russian or eastern European. The other has dark spiked hair, dark skin and is of Latin descent. Both dressed like pimps. V.O. (CONT’D) These two strapping young gentlemen are Ivan and Julio. Pointing to a young girl with what looks like a lip ring. IVAN Oh damn, right there. That is my honey, the one with the lip ring. Where? JULIO

IVAN The one next to that girl in the black with the hat.

3. JULIO Oh. Mmm, I don't think that's a lip ring man. IVAN What? Yeah it is. That's hot. JULIO No. I think, I think that's herpes bro. IVAN Oh come on, you’re just mad I saw here first. JULIO No, that's definitely a cold sore. Cut to EXT. STREETS AND HOMES OF COUNTRY CLUB NEIGHBORHOOD-NIGHT Ivan and Julio crouch, running towards million dollar houses with lush, illuminated landscaping and expensive cars parked in the drive ways. Ivan walks up to a Bentley and opens the door. The alarm does not sound, the residents do not fear they will be robbed living in a gated community so the cars are never locked, the homes front doors are usually open as well. Julio goes into a Mercedes and finds money and a radar detector. The two of them continue to loot cars for valuables V.O. These two morons are stealing from cars right now. They don’t think of it as wrong, these people have so much money it’s wrong to them. Mostly they don’t care because they’re too messed up from booze and pills, pills they stole from bored housewive’s cars. For them, it just feels right. Just then a black SUV pulls up and stops abruptly. The kids both stop and look, the window rolls down and a smaller kid with a grown in stubble-beard yells out. STEINMAN Yo! I got an IPOD! Ivan and Julio look up, annoyed. They close the doors to the cars and run over to the truck

4. JULIO Shut up Steinman! Drive! They get into the car and drive off. Steinman gets it from everyone, he gets used quite a bit, for driving, buying liquor, whatever the rest of the crew doesn't want to do. V.O. That’s Steinman, he is sort of the bitch, nice kid though, and he’s got a fake ID. Cut to. EXT. HOUSE PARTY BACK PATIO-NIGHT Kids are passing the bong back and forth when it reaches Big John and someone yells out “Taco Bell” BIG JOHN Oh shit, Taco Bell! Yo James, take this shit. He gets up out of the chair, which takes just a minute to lift his big self up, and runs into the house yelling out BIG JOHN (CONT’D) Crunch Rap Supreme! The bong sits on the table in front of James, the host. He stares at it for a moment, then looks at everyone around him, laughing and talking about nothing important and just enjoying life,no worries. V.O. Yup, life was sweet. If this was what it was going to be like after high school, life was going to be a breeze. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM, GUEST HOUSE-DAY James is past out face down on the bed when his dad comes busting through his door in a suit, briefcase in one hand, coffee in the other. He is short with gelled, salon-dyed hair. A blue light blinks from his ear signaling the blue tooth for his cell phone. Unlike his stature, he has a persona that is larger than life, some form of a Napoleon complex, more like “little Jew from Philly with something to prove-itis.” His voice booms, deep and purposeful.

5. DAD

You awake!

James mumbles an answer, sounds like yeah. DAD (CONT’D) Get a job yet? James, again not able to be understood, stretches for some type of answer that means yes, I’m on it. When he’s clearly not. DAD (CONT’D) What? Quit mumbling, get up and get a job, you are not going to sit around all summer and drink beer. JAMES That’s not all I do. DAD OK, you are not going to sit around all summer and drink beer and smoke grass. JAMES I don’t smoke grass, Turns his head and talks into the pillow. JAMES (CONT’D) I smoke weeeed... DAD What? Get out of bed it is nine o’clock already, you are the laziest white man I know. JAMES Everyone you know is old. DAD What was that? If you don’t have a job by the end of the week you are working at the bank. I mean it, otherwise you’re out of the house and you can live with your mother and that bum, grass cutter. James waves his hand in the air to signal him to go away, he has heard his dad threat before, he doesn’t believe he’ll kick him out.

6. DAD (CONT’D) Oh, I left you a present outside your door. I wont be home till tomorrow so figure something out for dinner. What are you going do today? JAMES Look for a job. DAD That’s right. James’s dad leaves the room and never closes the door, the room is outside by the pool, as James tries to sleep the sun comes through and landscape workers cut the grass and trim leaves while he is still lying in bed passed out. Finally, James gets out of bed and walks outside EXT. JAMES’S GUESTHOUSE He steps on a pile of cigarette butts, beer caps and bottle tops. His present. EXT. SMALL, MEDITERRANEAN STYLE HOME IN A TINY TOWNHOME COMMUNITY-DAY Entry level premium-brand cars line the street in front of the house. James pulls up to the house in a black mid sized sedan. EXT. BACK YARD OF THE SMALL HOME. DAY A group of kids, a few from the party including Big John, Ivan, and Steinman are sitting in patio furniture smoking weed out of a bong, they are being loud and knocking things over. The sliding glass door opens and a middle aged dark haired woman glares at all of them. They stop and dead pan stare back, no one smoking. MS. STEINMAN Look at you Chiba monkeys, Don’t any of you have anything better to do? BIG JOHN Chiba monkeys? I’m not a monkey.

7. IVAN Yeah Bro, you’re way to fat to be a monkey. BIG JOHN Fuck you Bro, your heads too big. STEINMAN You’re one of those big headed Russian monkeys. He laughs to himself IVAN Estonian, dick. James walks into the house and to the backyard through the sliding door. MS. STEINMAN More of you, don’t you have something better to do than get high in my backyard? JAMES I’m looking for jobs today. My dad said would get kicked out of the house if I didn’t. BIG JOHN You serious? You’ll be giving hand jobs for crack before you ever get a real job. MS. STEINMAN Leave him alone. I’m happy to hear that you are taking some initiative. How is it going so far? JAMES Well, I was going to start, but I thought I would start with getting high in your backyard first. They all laugh BIG JOHN She called us chiba monkeys. JAMES She’s calling you pot heads.

8. BIG JOHN If we are pot heads, then you are a pot head too. Defensively JAMES I’m not a pot head. MS. STEINMAN You’re all potheads, get out of my house and get jobs, do you know what I was doing at your age? Ivan mutters, hinting at a flirt. IVAN Getting fucked? They all laugh again. Back at him, flirting MS. STEINMAN Wouldn’t you like to know. The group croons. STEINMAN Dude, that’s my mom. IVAN What’s the matter, I’d be the best dad you ever had. MS. STEINMAN Enough, get out of here you reek of pot and now so does my new patio furniture. BIG JOHN OK, this is the last bowl, I packed a fire salad bowl. STEINMAN Of course you call it a salad bowl you fat ass. Big john grins, then punches Steinman in the nuts, Steinman falls to the ground and whimpers. Ms. Steinman shakes her head and goes back into the house. They all smoke the bong and pass it around. After a round they are all stoned off their asses.

9. Ivan Pulls out a brand new, sleek and expensive cell phone. BIG JOHN When did you get that? IVAN Last night. Found it in a Bentley. JAMES You’re an idiot. IVAN I’m not that bad, Julio took some dudes wallet and it had like four hundred dollars in it. Steinman got an IPOD. BIG JOHN What happens when you all get arrested and Steinman gets butt raped by some dude named Vince who likes to cuddle and eat small kids. STEINMAN Why would I be the one who gets raped? IVAN That’s Steinman’s problem. No ones touching my butthole. I’ll eat glass before so when they try, their dick’s gonna be looking like it went through a paper shredder. JAMES You’ve really thought this one out haven’t you. IVAN It’s all about planning my man. Big John shakes his head. The group slaps hands good bye and stand up slowly, stretching and yawning. BIG JOHN I’m starving, anyone trying to eat? James you wanna eat? JAMES Yeah I’m down. Oh shit, never mind. I gotta eat with my mom and her boyfriend.

10. IVAN


Ivan laughs, he tends to laugh the loudest at his own jokes. James laughs slightly, He’s somewhat uncomfortable with the issue. JAMES His name’s Chris. BIG JOHN Why did you call him Tarzan? IVAN He never wears a shirt, and always has on those cut off short Jean shorts. JAMES He wears a shirt. Sometimes. Trying to defend the guy. BIG JOHN Sounds more like George Michael. STEINMAN Isn’t he like, a painter or something. JAMES Sometimes he paints. He runs a lawncare service. He’s kind of cool. He just gets wasted like us. BIG JOHN So he drinks and he cuts grass. Sometimes paints? Not convinced he should take the guy seriously. STEINMAN He cuts grass? JAMES He doesn’t, he has people... What’s it matter? IVAN That’s cool if the guy cuts grass. My dad cuts grass, our grass. But he wears a shirt.

11. JAMES Are we done? Do you guys wanna come to dinner and meet the guy? BIG JOHN Is he buying? Ivan turns to John and hits him in the shoulder. IVAN Of course he’s not buying. He cuts grass. They all laugh. James is beginning to become annoyed, he doesn’t respect it much either but it’s his mothers boyfriend and he tries to stick up for her choice. JAMES You guys are retarded. I’m out of here. Frustrated. James walks out of the house. From inside Ivan calls out EXT. STEINMAN HOME IVAN (O.S.) Hey! Maybe he can get you a job! BIG JOHN Yeah! And pair of cut off shorts, you lazy fuck! Shut up! JAMES

INT. MEXICAN RESTAURANT-NIGHT It’s a small cantina restaurant lit by neon beer signs, the kind that smells like cleaning solution and hot sauce. In a booth is James, his mother, and her boyfriend. The boyfriend is in his late forties. He has slicked-back curly black hair with streaks of grey. He sports a soul patch and a mustache. He’s tan and in decent shape, he looks like he spends a lot of time outside doing labor. He wears jeans and a grey crew shirt. He has adopted a very relaxed “fuck it” approach to life and its hassles. James’s mother is also in her late forties. She has long blonde hair and a slender average height figure.

12. She dresses casually and how you would imagine an aging once hip, baby boomer might. She too is on a sort of anti-society and self-control trip after a recent divorce. A waiter comes by to take drink orders. The adults order Margherita’s. James, just a water. JAMES Margherita’s huh? JANICE Yeah.. It’s Friday. CHRIS That’s right babe. Happy hour. He laughs James shakes his head. Long week? JAMES

JANICE Oh. It’s always a long week. Its always something. JAMES Like what? I feel like you guys do nothing. You just chill around the house and re-do the kitchen or renovate the bathrooms or something. CHRIS Something’s always gotta be fixed or changed, the kitchen is almost done. I’m putting in a fountain in the driveway. The waiter returns with the drinks. Chris takes down half his Margherita. JAMES Kitchens almost done? What else did you do? JANICE Oh, lets think, I had the marble guys come today. The new refrigerator comes on Tuesday. (MORE)

13. JANICE (CONT'D) The fireplace is being ripped out the day after next... It’s a lot of work. JAMES Sounds like alimony money spent well. Chris chuckles and guzzles down his Margherita. JANICE Well your father would never let me do what I wanted before when it came to the house so now I’m in charge, besides it increases the value of the house, and the lawyer said its a good investment. JAMES Better than saving it? She’s a lawyer not an accountant. What are you trying to do anyway? Get the place a spread in some decorating magazine? JANICE James, I think she knows a little more than you. She does this for a living. She knows what to do in divorce situations. JAMES What’s that? Rip off the husband and let the wife spend all the money until she’s broke and can’t support the kids so she comes crying back to the ex for more money? Don’t act like she is your friend mom. She’s only here for the hours she can bill you. Smart kid. CHRIS

JANICE Speaking of your father, where is he? JAMES Business in miami. We had dinner the other night.

14. INT. JAMES’S HOUSE,KITCHEN James and his dad sit silent at the table eating their food, neither one says a word, the only noise comes from the metal utensils clanking against the plates. The dinner is tense and neither one seems to want to say a word. We hear into the heads of one another. JAMES (V.O.) Money loving, greedy workaholic asshole. so tight with his own money. EDWARD (V.O.) Lazy little freeloading shit. Wont even get a job. They eat their food, almost making a race out of it so they can be out the others company. JAMES (V.O.) Fucking summer job. EDWARD (V.O.) Fucking grass cutter. INT. MEXICAN RESTAURANT JANICE OK. Lets change the subject. Aren’t you supposed to be looking for a job? JAMES Yeah. I guess. Why do I need to work? CHRIS We ask ourselves the same question everyday. Continues to drink JANICE Your father is trying to teach you responsibility. You need to learn that there are going to be things in life you may not want to do but have to. That’s something we all need to accept.

15. CHRIS Nobody likes to work. But you have to. How else are you going to support yourself? JAMES So basically you are saying that a job is getting up in the morning and pretending you give a shit? JANICE Look at us, we don’t like to work. CHRIS You think anyone likes working? Works no fun! JAMES No, I think its pretty obvious that neither one of you like to work. But I think my dad likes to work. JANICE He is one of the exceptions. CHRIS That guy just cant be happy without money. That’s why he works so hard. If he doesn’t have a new Benz in his driveway he ain’t gonna’ feel good about himself. People like that are never happy. JAMES But I like nice stuff too. I like cars and houses. CHRIS None of that shit really matters though. It’s all shit, man. This is what life is all about. He raises his glass. CHRIS (CONT’D) You just gotta be happy. Let’s say you do become successful one day. You have your house on the beach, and plenty of money. Meanwhile, you’re driving your Porsche around trying to convince yourself that you’re happy. So what if you don’t get a job? What’s going to happen?

16. JAMES He’ll kick me out of the house. JANICE So you can come live with us. JAMES What am I going to do there? No friends, no parties. JANICE Life isn’t just about partying you know. JAMES Maybe not at your age. The mother is annoyed at the remark. JANICE I think you should get a job. Learn what it means to make money and what everyone else goes through to support themselves. I’m sure your friends are all getting summer jobs. James scoffs. JAMES My friends? What are you, high? Janice looks at him with disdain. He knows you don’t talk to your parents like this. CHRIS Not right now. Laughs, finishes his drink. EXT. BEACH-DAY Its a beautiful sunny day in South Florida. The water is turquoise, the sand is beige, the girls are tan. Julio, James, Anthony, and Josh are sitting down on towels admiring the view, talking and relaxing. Anthony is tall and lanky. He looks Italian and has dark, shaved hair. Josh is shorter, but built like the others. He has brown short hair and appears Jewish.

17. ANTHONY Oh shit! That girl? Now that is a Skuz. JAMES But is she really that bad? JULIO She makes most sluts look like saints. JAMES What’s the matter with sluts? Sluts are great. I love sluts. Sluts make the world go round. Our existence depends on sluts. JOSH Their dirty. That’s what’s wrong with them. And that girl is the dirtiest of the dirty. She just smells like a slut. Josh speaks very matter-of-factly. JAMES How can you smell like a slut? JOSH I swear, she smells like...cum. No joke, the girl smells like cum. Every time I see her, I figure she just had someone dump their load on her forehead. ANTHONY She smells like a facial. JAMES See, why aren’t I the guy dropping his load on her face? I want that kind of chick. ANTHONY I would like to find some fine ass girl who will occasionally be like, “I'm so wet, put it in me, I am gonna’ suck your cock dry” you know? But with some class. JAMES Exactly. A whore with some dignity.

18. JULIO No dude. You don’t want that. You just think you want that. When Julio speaks, it’s not often, he is sort of quiet and reserved. His answers seem to come from far away, as if they have been pondered for a long while before spoken. He has a sort of world weariness about him. ANTHONY No, I’m pretty sure I want that. JULIO When you get a chick like that in bed, and she’s all sprawled out and talking dirty. It seems great. She tells you all the dirty shit you want to hear. Tells you to fuck her hard, so you do. And doesn’t care if you wear a condom, so you don’t. And then you finish and your lying next to this little freak and your just like, well OK. Now I have chlamydia. Was it worth it? ANTHONY How freaky we talking? JOSH It’s true man. You want a girl to act like that after you’ve dated for awhile and she wants to show you how much she’s still into you. And you know you cant catch anything since the only thing she has got is what you already had and gave to her. They all nod in agreement. JOSH (CONT’D) So, party tonight? JAMES I don’t see why not. My Dad doesn’t come home till tomorrow. ANTHONY Your dad throws the best parties. JAMES I’ll tell him you say so.

19. JULIO That’s sick that he’s never home. You got the house to yourself. JOSH what’s up with you and that younger girl. which one? He grins JOSH The only one, you know, little brunette. JAMES Lisa. Yeah she’s cool. ANTHONY Man’s in love. JAMES Easy now. She’s a virgin. ANTHONY So no load dropping. Rough. JAMES Just wait, I’ll have that sealed soon enough. INT. JAMES’S ROOM-NIGHT James and a short, brown haired girl are sitting in his bathroom smoking pot. They are the only people in his room. Meanwhile, outside his room the party goes on. LISA I love your parties. She passes the pipe to James JAMES I love having them. LISA Like, my friends suck. They never have house parties. JAMES

20. JAMES I don’t think anyone’s parents go away as much as mine do. LISA I feel like you’re so old. Like, wise you know? I feel like you think a lot. JAMES What do you mean? I am only two years older than you. LISA Well, don’t you think about serious stuff? Do you ever wonder why we’re here or what life is all about? JAMES Of course, doesn’t everyone? LISA I don’t think so, not our friends. She lights the pipe again and inhales. LISA (CONT’D) So tell me what you think, why are we here? JAMES Do you really want to talk about that right now? He moves closer to her and grabs her waist. They start to kiss, then she stops him. She would rather talk now. LISA I think it’s all a test, you know? Frustrated he’s not getting any and instead, trading philosophies with some younger chick at his party, He rubs his eyes and attempts to act interested. A test? JAMES

LISA Do You know what karma is? JAMES The thing that goes after a sentence?

21. LISA That’s a comma, I’m talking about what comes around goes around, and reward in the afterlife for good deeds done in this life. So depending on how good you do now, that determines what kind of afterlife you go onto. Heaven. Hell. That sort of thing. But it also refers to what can happen while you’re alive. “So be good for goodness sake”...ya know, that sort of thing. JAMES The test huh? I’ve heard of that before. I think the whole heaven, hell issue is bull shit to be honest. I had religion shoved down my throat as a kid, left a bad taste. I just don’t buy it. He grows slightly more in-tuned to the conversation. JAMES (CONT’D) You think that the way you act here will change what happens when you die? Like you’re graded on a scale of a hundred? LISA Something like that. JAMES So lets say you do just average, then that means you go onto the next average universe that’s kind of boring and middle class where everyone drives a Volvo and listens to Hall and Oates? Or maybe you do real well, you go onto the ivy league, goody two shoes universe with all the other overachievers. Or fuck it, lets say you sucked. You killed, cheated on your wife, stole, all that good stuff you’re not supposed to do. Then you go off to some garbage ass planet that looks like “Escape from New York”. LISA Escape from New York?

22. JAMES Maybe you only saw “L.A.”? She rolls her eyes at him. LISA So tell me, old wise one, what is it all about? JAMES How the fuck should I know? He tries to stick his finger in her mouth. She is not having it. He grabs her waist and tries putting his hand down her pants, but she grabs his hands with a strong hold. She’s a bit of a tough cookie, a native New Yorker. Stop it. Stop what? LISA JAMES

LISA Pressuring me for sex. I know what you boys do after you have sex, you never talk to us again and brag to your friends. Just take it slow. JAMES I’ll go real slow. He starts pulling her pants down and kissing her neck but she moves away. He sighs and sits down on the counter top. JAMES (CONT’D) OK, you really wanna know what I think? LISA Yes! That’s what I like about you. You actually form an opinion on life instead of just viewing it. I think our purpose is no greater than a plants. We are here to serve the planet, just part of the cycle like everything else. LISA (CONT’D) You think we are all plants?

23. JAMES No. But we’re not much better. We just think we are more important since our brains can think up stupid shit and we make more noise pollution with our mouths. “Fuck this, suck my that” real sophisticated shit. Oh look, He points to the sink and toilet. JAMES (CONT’D) We built stuff, created things. Big deal. Animals bare the elements just fine without iced coffee, IPOD’s, and subsidized home loans. All we know how to do is destroy this place. I think we forgot our purpose, we were supposed to be here to serve the earth, instead we made it our bitch. Measured it, claimed it our own, even priced out all its parts. Lisa frowns and passes him the pipe once more. James stares into the bowl and sees the built up black residue from the burnt Marijuana. JAMES (CONT’D) We’re no better than the resin in this bowl. LISA That’s pretty bleak. JAMES I think that’s life. EXT. JAMES’S HOUSE, COURTYARD-NIGHT Kids have cleared out by now. It’s late in the night and the neighborhood is quiet, the sky is clear of clouds and looks a deep blue lit up from the moon. Some of James’s friends help clean up the house, throwing beer cans and bottles into trash bags. The sound of glass bottles hitting each other echo through the home. James and Ivan are by the pool picking up trash off the ground. James holds a trash bag and stares up to the sky. He seems perplexed and amazed as he stands speechless for a moment, frozen.

24. IVAN What are you doing man? JAMES What the fuck, man. Really. What the fuck? IVAN What are you talking about? JAMES This, what is this all about. Why are we doing this? IVAN You told me to clean, I’ll stop if you want. JAMES No. I mean. What are we doing here? Ivan stares at him blankly, slightly curious as to what the next thing to come out of his mouth will be. JAMES (CONT’D) None of it makes sense you know? It’s not... It’s not logical. But maybe it’s not supposed to be logical. What the fuck is logical anyway? IVAN Fuck logical. JAMES It has just got to be beyond our comprehension, there is no way any of us will ever figure this out. We’re just wasting our time. He looks to one hand and mimics weighing the odds. JAMES (CONT’D) God is in heaven, the heavens are above us. Looks to his other hand. JAMES (CONT’D) Space is infinite. There is no god. We are apart of a cycle. He turns to Ivan

25. JAMES (CONT’D) What are we? A bunch of suckers? Ivan stares at him. He turns his head in the direction of the house, calls out IVAN Yo! James is so fucked up! From the house comes yelling and laughter. James lets out a defeated sigh. Ivan drops the trash bag and sits down in the lounge chair next to James. IVAN (CONT’D) Space is crazy right? James smiles, nods his head. Crazy. He pauses Fuck. What? JAMES (CONT’D) IVAN JAMES

JAMES I was supposed to get a job this week. So? IVAN

JAMES I never found a job. So? IVAN

JAMES So! My dad said he was gonna kick me out of the house if I didn’t get a job by the end of the week. Slowly, and convincing.

26. IVAN Your dad isn’t going to kick you out. JAMES No?... Yeah. He wouldn’t do that. IVAN You’re straight, dude. JAMES Yeah. I’m cool. I’m sure he’ll just be mad for a little then forget about it. IVAN Like it never happened. JAMES I doubt he’ll even come home tomorrow. So I’ll look all day and then when he comes home on the weekend I’ll say I want to start fresh Monday. The two of them try to make it all seem like the most logical choice in their heads. IVAN Fuck logical. They both lay back on the lounge chairs with their hands folded behind their heads, staring into the sky. Ivan notices that James is a little upset and puts his hand on his shoulder and then pats him on the head. IVAN (CONT’D) Don’t cry, James. JAMES I’m not crying. Ivan still pats him on the head. IVAN One day your dad will love you. JAMES Get your hand off me. He shrugs. JAMES (CONT’D) Hey, where’s Steinman at?

27. Cut to EXT. UPSCALE HOME, DRIVEWAY-NIGHT Steinman is standing by a Big Bodied Mercedes-Benz, gleaming with luxury and opulence. He is about to open the door when a voice interrupts the act. VOICE What are you doing? Steinman looks around, scared. He glances towards the house and the front door. Sitting in a chair on the front steps of the house is a large older man in a robe, smoking a cigar. Staring in disbelief at steinman, he lowers his cigar and waits for a response. Steinman stands frozen and looks back at the man. Nothing. Innocently. He stands for another moment, then bolts, runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction. INT. LISA’S BEDROOM-DAY Lisa and James lay on her bead making-out. He tries to talk to her while kissing. JAMES What time is it? Lisa continues to kiss and grope. Who cares. LISA STEINMAN

JAMES I’m job hunting this week, I wanted to interview at some places today. LISA Go later, I’m sure the others will call back. JAMES What others?

28. LISA The other places you went to. She starts to move lower, down his chest and towards his shorts. JAMES Listen, I gotta talk to you about something. Later. LISA

He would hate to refuse a blow job, but... JAMES Stop it for a minute, it’s serious. My dad... She pops her head up LISA I don’t want to hear about your dad right now. She goes back down, about to un-buckle his belt. JAMES Look, if I don’t get a job this week I’m going to have to live at my moms which is an hour away. LISA The other places will call back, they need workers now. JAMES I didn’t go anywhere else... She stops and sits up. LISA Let me get this straight. Your dad told you to get a job this week. You didn’t go anywhere and decided to look on the last day, when you knew he would kick you out of the house if you never got a job, and instead you’re here? Basically. JAMES

29. She gets off the bed and fixes her hair, annoyed with his juvenile decision making. He notices the clock and gets excited JAMES (CONT’D) It’s only twelve. I got time. You can finish what you were doing. She throws his car keys at his head. LISA Go get a job!

EXT. STEINMANS HOME-DAY Back patio The usual group is sitting outside smoking. Big John drinks the bong water and spits it out. Everyone laughs as he spits and gags from the nasty water. James is stoned and laughing when his phone rings. On the caller ID it reads, DAD. James panics, he never got the job he was supposed to. He tells everyone to be quiet and stares at the phone, it continues to ring. He answers. Hello? Clears his throat. Dad? JAMES (CONT’D) JAMES

He pauses, he listens and nods his head. JAMES (CONT’D) Yeah, I know but. He’s cut off. His face is frozen, then his jaw hangs low like he wants to speak but cannot. JAMES (CONT’D) No. No. I didn’t but I... He stops talking. The group sits quietly, about to bust out laughing. They hold it in.

30. JAMES (CONT’D) I understand. James hangs up the phone. JAMES (CONT’D) He said I cant come home. He really kicked me out. He can’t believe it, he sits in disbelief. Then the group bursts into laughter, they just couldn’t hold it any longer. BIG JOHN You’re homeless! He dies laughing, rolling on the floor as the others point and laugh. IVAN What are you going to do? Your Dad straight up doofed you. BIG JOHN You could go to the shelter. Thunder claps outside and the clouds darken. James leaves the house and drives home. EXT. JAMES’S HOME Pouring rain, James runs through the courtyard to his room. The door is locked. He runs to the main house and sees a cleaning woman mopping the floors. INT. JAMES’S HOME The cleaning woman is cleaning the floors. She is Spanish and does not speak much English, not the brightest woman around. James stands in the kitchen, wet from standing outside. CLEANING LADY OH, hello. Your room is locked so I have not cleaned yet. Do you want me to change your sheets? JAMES Do you have a key?


Oh, no.

JAMES Do you know when my dad will be home? CLEANING LADY No, he left me a check this morning. Do you want me to do your laundry? James stares at her dead pan. Is she really asking to do his laundry when they are both locked out. CLEANING LADY (CONT’D) Oh. Nevermind... Oh no! How will you get in your room if it’s locked? James runs out of the house. She calls out as he leaves. CLEANING LADY (CONT’D) Do you want your sheet? EXT. HIGHWAY. James drives his car on the freeway to his mothers house that is in the next county north. EXT. MOTHERS HOME. The house is totally different then james’s dad’s house. It is more of a farm house with lots of homey antiques and old furniture. The complete opposite of the fathers house. The house is filled with animals. Dogs, a cat, fish, birds, rabbits. The mother and sister are animals freaks. The sister lives here as well and is a seasoned horseback rider. INT. JAMES’S ROOM The room is filled with things from james’s childhood, stuff he didn’t want anymore that his mother couldn’t part with, stuff she kept around to remind her of her son. Old toys, posters, music. James slams down face first onto the bed and tries to fall asleep. His little sister Gabby comes through the door and stands by the bed. She is dressed in full equestrian gear.

32. She has on her knee high leather riding boots, tight tan pants, a helmet and a whip like stick called a crop. She is intense and quick. Blonde, Short and serious. She has more drive than people twice her age. Complete opposite of james. About 13 years old. GABBY What are you doing here? Snooty. JAMES I came for the weekend. James notices her outfit and stares at her. JAMES (CONT’D) Nice boots, how long you been with the S.S.? GABBY The what? Mom says dad kicked you out for being lazy. JAMES He didn’t kick me out for being lazy, I got kicked out because I was too lazy to get a job. He says it with some pride. GABBY Because you’re lazy JAMES Something like that No defense whatsoever. GABBY Why don’t you just get a job? JAMES Why don’t you get a job? Right back at her. GABBY I’m 13! And I have horseback riding. JAMES Well you should work, after all the money they spend on that shit.

33. GABBY It is not shit! It’s more important than anything you do! I’m going to the Olympics one day! JAMES Not if dad sells your horse to the glue factory first. GABBY Oh yeah? Well dad’s going to sell you cause you cant do anything! James lifts his head and turns to her JAMES Get out of my room you little horse Nazi! GABBY Mom! He called me a Nazi! James gets up from the bed and hits her with her crop. They fight back and forth until the mom calls out for dinner. His sister runs down the steps JAMES That’s right, go eat your oats, Hitler! INT. LIVING ROOM, JAMES’S MOTHERS HOME-NIGHT James is looking through books and pictures on a shelf when he see’s an old black and white photo of a man he does not recognize. JAMES Hey mom! Who is this guy in the photo? Chris is standing by the door when he hears James ask who the man is. CHRIS That’s my old man. JAMES He still around? CHRIS He died when I was six. I never really knew the guy.

34. JAMES Did your mom ever re-marry? CHRIS Nope. It was just me and her. JAMES Kind of funny, I never pinned you for a guy who was raised by just his mother. How did you become so, you know, handy and into motorcycles, and not...a homo? Chris laughs CHRIS Believe me, she wanted me to be like that, tried to dress me like a little fag and go to church and care about school. So I said fuck it and did my own thing. I had to, what else was I going to do. Either be a little queer raised by his mommy or be a man on my own. James thinks about it for a minute, he looks back the photo. He realizes all he has he owes to his father. JAMES You miss him? CHRIS Shit no. When he died he abandoned me and my mother. Your mom put the picture there. I never knew him. It might as well be one of your relatives, the house’s filled with all of them anyway. Listen dude, you gotta go out on your own sometimes. Figure out what you wanna do and go after it. You can’t always do what your parents tell you to, what they think is best for you is not always the case. You’ll be alright. You’ll grow some balls and tell your pops to shove off one day and be just fine. He’ll be proud when he sees you succeed on your own. James stares back him at a loss for words, he really has no way of relating, and lacks the age or maturity to reply with a dignified response.

35. CHRIS (CONT’D) Enough of that. Come on, come get drunk with me and your moms. I don’t... JAMES

He needs some motivation. CHRIS Come on, we’ll drink tequila and curse our fathers and complain about working. OK. JAMES

This time he sounds more interested. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM, MOTHER’S HOUSE-DAY James awakes and walks downstairs. INT. KITCHEN No one is there. INT. GARAGE Chris is crouched down by some old cabinets that he is working on while an old radio pours out classic rock. Its a weekday, but Chris is at home, working on cabinets. JAMES What are you doing? CHRIS What’s up man? Not much, just putting these cabinets together. JAMES Gotcha, so uh, what are you gonna do all day? CHRIS Well, this is pretty much it. This shouldn’t take much longer. What about you?

36. JAMES I guess, just chill. Take my time up here as vacation you know? CHRIS Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a vacation. JAMES Right. From all the work, right? Chris laughs and goes back to work. James rolls his eyes and goes back upstairs. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM, MOTHER’S HOUSE-DAY James rummages figures on his car noises and Chris walks by playing. through his old stuff. He plays with action bed, then model cars on the floor. He makes pretends to crash them into one another, then the room and notices James making noises and

CHRIS Having fun? James coughs and puts the car back, awkwardly. Chris leaves and he opens the closet revealing a ton of old clothes. He finds an old biker jacket he probably wore when he was 11. JAMES Oh man, I loved this jacket. He puts it on and smiles from ear to ear, then puts his arms down and both sleeves rip off. His smile is quickly gone. James sits down on his bed and day, once again, turns to night. Another unproductive day. INT. KITCHEN-NIGHT James’s sister is doing homework and talking on her cell phone. James grabs her cell phone and farts into the microphone, then says “Gabrielle’s gay!” GABBY Give me back my phone! He laughs then gives it back to her. GABBY (CONT’D) That was James.

37. JAMES Who is that? One of your horse dike friends? It’s dad. GABBY

James looks mortified. GABBY (CONT’D) He wants to talk to you. Slowly, James reaches out and takes the phone. Hello? JAMES

EXT. JAMES’S DAD’S HOUSE, BACK PATIO-NIGHT James’s dad is sitting in a lounge chair facing a lake while on the cell phone. DAD What’s the matter with you? Did you just fart into her phone? INT. KITCHEN-NIGHT JAMES No, she dropped it on the floor. EXT. JAMES’S DAD’S HOUSE, BACK PATIO-NIGHT DAD Sure. Are you having fun wasting your time up there? I hope you are ready to cut this lazy shit out and come home. Maybe your mother doesn’t mind you living off of her and doing nothing but I wont have it. Get your ass back here. You hear me? You are not a kid anymore, it is time you got a job and became responsible. INT. KITCHEN-NIGHT James stands holding the phone, unable to say a word into the phone.

38. DAD (V.O.)PHONE Or don’t. Stay up there and go work for the grass cutter, Your choice. James and gabby try to hold in their laughs, as they notice Chris outside mowing the lawn. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM, MOTHER’S HOUSE James is on his cellphone INT. BIG JOHN’S HOUSE John answers his phone. BIG JOHN Yo! James, where you been man? INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM, MOTHER’S HOUSE JAMES At my Mom’s house, doing jack shit. What have you guys been up to? INT. BIG JOHN’S HOUSE BIG JOHN Partying hard Bro, we all got fake ID’s. You should come out with us tonight. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM, MOTHER’S HOUSE JAMES I wish I could. You guys got fake ID’s? That’s sick. Where are you going to go? INT. BIG JOHN’S HOUSE BIG JOHN Downtown, Anthony knows the door guy at one of the clubs. Come with us, we’re gonna pop bottles.


JAMES Pop bottles? INT. BIG JOHN’S HOUSE BIG JOHN Yeah Bro, pop bottles. Well be like the ballers in VIP. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM, MOTHER’S HOUSE JAMES VIP? Na Bro, you’ll just look like those Pakistani guys. Listen, I think I’m coming back tomorrow. I’ll hit you up when I’m back. EXT. SCOTT’S HOUSE-DAY Scott is one of James’s buddies. A pot head and a quirky goofball. James pulls up to his house in his car, he is back in his home town. INT. SCOTT’S HOUSE SCOTT What it is boyee! Scott laughs loud and they slap hands. SCOTT (CONT’D) Yeah! Man on the run back in town! How’d it feel to be on the underground railroad escaping the wrath of the white man dad! James laughs JAMES What the fuck are you talking about?

40. SCOTT You straight up ran away dude. Didn’t you? JAMES I didn’t run away, I got kicked out of my house for not getting a job. SCOTT Damn, you really are a lazy piece of shit. But don’t you worry, I got the answer to all your exiled woes. Scott pulls out a rumpled plastic bag filled with weed. EXT. SCOTT’S HOUSE The two of them sit at a patio table passing a pipe back and forth. JAMES All in all is all we are SCOTT Yeah man, Kurt Cobain. JAMES Yeah, all you know of something is what your told and except of it. SCOTT I’m not sure if that is what that means. JAMES That’s what I always got out of it, to be honest I always thought he was saying all we are is all we know. Explain. India. SCOTT JAMES

SCOTT Yes, India. Dirty place. JAMES No, see that’s it. Believe it or not, it is a beautiful place.

41. SCOTT You’ve been? JAMES No. But what I am saying is that it is a really great place but all you have heard is that it smells like shit, they worship the cow.. SCOTT I think they have a river. JAMES And they have a river. And so, you will never go. SCOTT I think they piss in the river. JULIO You accepted what you were told and shown and prohibited yourself from experiencing something new. SCOTT But I never wanted to go anyway. You know where I wanna go, Stockholm, and I don’t know shit about it. Sweden? JAMES

SCOTT Yup. Think about it. You ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome? It’s when you get kidnapped and you start to take the side of the people that captured you. You know that place is cool if they named that after it. JAMES hungry? SCOTT Yeah. Nuggets. Nuggets? Nugs, son. JAMES SCOTT

42. JAMES Chicken nuggets? SCOTT Nuggetry, chicken nuggetry. JAMES You want chicken nuggets? I don’t follow. SCOTT I think, that this is one of those times where my brain, is trying to tell my. No, my body is trying brain wants McDonalds but my mouth cant say it. JAMES Do you ever wonder what life would be like for you if you weren’t retarded? EXT. SCOTTS HOUSE, DRIVE WAY James and Scott get into scotts car to go eat, James realizes he does not have his wallet and goes to his car, the car won’t open and he notices his keys are still in the ignition and he is locked out. He looks back at Scott who is staring down at the plants by his car. JAMES Hey, dude, I left my wallet in my car. SCOTT So get it out, dude. JAMES Can’t, dude. Locked out. Looks like you gotta spot me. Scott does not look away from the ground and, channeling the “HAL 9000” from 2001 space odyssey responds. SCOTT I’m sorry James, but I’m afraid I cannot do that. JAMES Come on man, I’m starving. Just spot me and I will get you back later. Otherwise you gotta take me home so I can get a spare set.

43. Scott continues to look around, not paying attention. SCOTT It is so nice out here. Why aren’t we outside more often, huh? James, I’ll tell you why, it’s video games fault, they keep us inside. They need to make video games for outside. That would sell. JAMES Dude, hello! Keys or money? What is it going to be? SCOTT Alright! Shit, easy. You are killing my high. Always, killing my high. A habitual High Killer. A repeat offender. Dead serious. Like the burden of spotting James is the worst possible thing to happen to him in days. INT. SCOTT’S CAR The two of them are on their way to go to James’s house, they are about to pull up to the guard gate to enter the neighborhood. JAMES Hey, listen. When we get to the guard house, no stupid shit, OK? SCOTT What do you mean? JAMES You know what I mean, you always say some stupid shit and embarrass me. Just act your age. SCOTT Listen to you, Mr. Mature. “I’m James Goldstein, I’m Mature, I run away from home so I don’t have to work for my dad.” In a goofy, mocking tone. SCOTT (CONT’D) What’s the name of the street you live on?



SCOTT Woodshire, right. Sounds like some Medieval castle or something. The car pulls up to the gate house and a large security guard leans over to the car. GUARD How you two doing? Where you heading today? Before James has a chance to state that he lives there, Scott clears his throat and in his best impersonation of a knight’s era introduction servant, calls out. SCOTT I have with me, Sir James Goldstien of Woodshire! Son of Edward and Janice Goldstien! James is laughing uncontrollably and then so does Scott, the guard stares back, not amused. INT. SCOTT’S CAR They pull into the drive way of James’s house, his dad’s car is in the drive way. Shit. What? JAMES SCOTT

JAMES My dad is home. So? SCOTT

JAMES I hate being high around him, bugs me out. SCOTT You live in the guest house, just grab your keys and get out. He’ll never see you. Be sneaky.

45. James gets out of the car and tries to smoothly and quickly get into his room without his dad noticing. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM

He remains silent in his room, being very careful not to make any noise opening drawers and moving about. The moments are tense and nervous, coupled with the fact that he is stoned and making a bigger deal about everything. He finds his keys and makes his way out of the room. EXT. JAMES’S HOUSE As he walks to the back of the guest house to leave, his dad calls out. James? EDWARD

James stops dead in his tracks. He slowly turns around and looks at his dad. EDWARD (CONT’D) What are you doing? James stares back, red eyed and holding his car keys. Nothing. JAMES

EDWARD Good. I was thinking we could go get you some clothes for work. INT. MALL DEPARTMENT STORE James and his dad walk through the mens formal clothing section at an upscale department store, looking at shirts and pants for the new job at the bank. EDWARD How about this one? Edward holds up a shirt that an older man would wear. Gay. JAMES

46. EDWARD Gay? I have a shirt just like this one. This is an expensive shirt. JAMES I like this one James holds up a more modern but less business appropriate shirt. EDWARD Son, you need a shirt for work, not for picking up men. JAMES Come on, girls love these kinds of shirts. EDWARD Oh no, son. No girls for you. Girls have diseases. JAMES You’re ridiculous. They walk through some more racks of clothes JAMES (CONT’D) Well, are you happy? EDWARD About what? JAMES That you got me back here so I could ruin the rest of my summer working at the bank. EDWARD James, I didn't make you make come back to ruin your summer. I made you come back to learn some responsibility. You don't want to be here, go back to your mothers and do nothing. Fine with me, but if your here then you are going to be working. JAMES Why though, it’s my last summer before I go to college. I’ll work every summer for the rest of my life after this.

47. EDWARD Because the sooner you realize what it means to make a dollar the sooner you will get off your lazy ass and become motivated to work. JAMES I’m not that lazy. EDWARD Son, your the laziest white man in the world. Besides, when I was your age if I wanted something I went out and worked for it. I always had some type of job, even when I was in school. You got it easy, pal. JAMES So it’s my fault that I grew up with money and didn't have to work for things I wanted? EDWARD I didn't say that, I'm sure that you, growing up more fortunate, has a lot to do with your lack of hunger. You didn't grow up with the struggle that I did, but you gotta know that it is not going to last forever, I wont always be here to take care of you. I know. JAMES

EDWARD Do you know? JAMES Yeah, I know. Look, I will start to work, I would just rather not work this summer. EDWARD And what summer do you plan to start working? James finds a shirt and tries it on, its a little too tight. EDWARD (CONT’D) Looks a little small. JAMES Nah, I'm just swole.



JAMES Yeah, you know. I got muscles. EDWARD Muscles, What are you a tough guy now? They start to pretend to box, Edward goes in for a hit but opens his fist and slaps James. JAMES What you do that for? EDWARD Didn't think I would do that did you? JAMES No, I thought we were boxing. EDWARD Pretty tough for an old guy. JAMES More like pretty old for a tough guy. Hey! EDWARD

Edward slaps James again in the head. The two are actually getting along. EDWARD (CONT’D) And I hope you know this means no more partying. Think you can throw parties at my house when I’m not there. We’ll see about that. INT. JAMES’S HOME-NIGHT Another raging party goes on inside the house. Tons of teenagers fill out the inside and out the front door to the patio. Everyone is dressed in black or white. Red cups line the counter tops and tables. Bass thumps heavily from the living room. James is leading a slightly frumpy black haired girl down a hallway into a bedroom, she hops awkwardly behind him in her heels and smiles through large black sunglasses.

49. INT. BEDROOM James flicks on the lights to reveal pink walls and a white canopy bed. The room has pictures of horses and animals, it is his little sisters room. The girl pushes him up against the wall and knocks over a picture of a pony. INT. CLOSET They then make their way to the closet and undress. She sits on top of him and starts to ride, just a moment later he finishes. She was expecting a longer show, he is still enamored with the idea of having sex. INT. BEDROOM The girl puts her clothes back on and leaves the room. James walks to the bathroom and washes off. He stares into the mirror and grins, then shakes his head and leaves. INT. HALLWAY As James leaves the room and closes the door, a couple pass kissing each other, then open the door to James’s sister room and shut it behind them. The room has become the stand in brothel bedroom at most parties since his sister never stays there. INT. HOUSE, LIVING ROOM. James walks into Anthony and Josh, standing against a wall staring at girls. Anthony is intently staring at the girl’s ass directly in front of him. JAMES What’s up fellas, having a good time? ANTHONY Always man, good party. You look exceptionally happy. He cant help but notice the giant grin on James’s face. JOSH Wait, did you just come from that back room? Did you and that chick in the skirt just...? James smiles wider.

50. JOSH (CONT’D) Tell me you didn’t just fuck that skuz in your sister room? JAMES No, no. We were in the closet. ANTHONY You are a dirty fuck you know that. You know that’s like Lisa best friend right? Bullshit. JAMES

JOSH Hey, if you were ever afraid of having aids but weren’t sure, sleep tight tonight cause brother, you got the aids now. JAMES Get the fuck out of here. ANTHONY Yeah man, word on the street is she’s been around. JAMES I don’t have any fucking diseases. ANTHONY You never know. I thought I had crabs one time. Turned out to just be lint. JAMES I’ll talk to you bozos later James walks off and the kid yells out ANTHONY Don’t be a fool bro! All they do is stick a Q-tip up your pee hole and tell you whether your gonna live or die! A few girls standing by James hear the kid and look at both of them in disgust, James tries to play it off and walks to the back patio. In the back are about six kids sitting around a glass table passing a bong back and fourth. Big John sits at the head of the table and smokes the bong.

51. James opens up the sliding glass door and takes a seat. EXT. BACK PATIO. BIG JOHN James! Where the fuck you been man? JAMES Here and there. BIG JOHN Look at that grin, you look like you just got laid. James continues to grin, not trying to deny it. BIG JOHN (CONT’D) Mother fucker just got laid. Look at you, throwing parties getting loose, getting pussy, no work. Nice life. JAMES Actually, I start work tomorrow. BIG JOHN No shit? Bout time, you should be working. You’re a lazy piece of shit. JAMES Why the fuck does everyone think I’m so lazy. BIG JOHN You don’t think your lazy? Where in the fuck did you get a job anyway? JAMES Working at the bank. Your dads? BIG JOHN

JAMES Yes sir. You’re looking at a professional bank teller. BIG JOHN You’re so fucking lucky your dad has that bank, or even gave you a job.

52. Big john takes a rip then exhales. BIG JOHN (CONT’D) I wouldn’t give you a job, even if you were my son. JAMES You serious? BIG JOHN Okay, maybe I’d give you a job. You could wipe my ass or pick out my gray ball hairs. JAMES You have gray pubes? BIG JOHN Yeah, you don’t? JAMES No man, why would someone your age have that? BIG JOHN I always thought they just grew in that way, I don’t know I guess I’m stressed. JAMES What do you have to be stressed about? BIG JOHN Tons of shit. Selling weed, cheating on my girlfriend. JAMES You know how to avoid that? How? BIG JOHN

JAMES Quit selling weed, and stop cheating on your girlfriend BIG JOHN Yeah, but I like doing those things, you see that’s what you don’t understand. You gotta work hard for the things you want in life. And sometimes my man, it stresses you out. (MORE)

53. BIG JOHN (CONT'D) Sometimes to the point that it turns your pubes grey. The kids around the table take in the thought and all smoke. BIG JOHN (CONT’D) Where the fuck is your dad? Is he ever home? JAMES Another business trip in Miami. BIG JOHN Must suck that he has to work that hard while you party in his house. INT. UPSCALE STRIP CLUB IN MIAMI James’s dad is getting a lap dance in his suit while numerous business men do the same. He seems to be enjoying himself. Does a line of cocaine off a strippers ass. STRIPPER So what do you do? EDWARD I’m in investment banking. STRIPPER How is that? Another line. EDWARD Business is good. He pushes a fifty into her g-string. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM The next morning James awakes bright and early, but extremely hung over. Today is his first day of work. The house is still trashed from last night but no time to sleep or clean he has got to get to work. He showers and seems to be in absolute pain from the headache and nausea. EXT. HOUSE COURTYARD James steps over beer cans and bottles. A kid sleeps on a float in the pool.

54. INT. KITCHEN James grabs some cereal and a Gatoraid and makes his way to the garage to leave. INT. BANK. Inside the small bank are three women and an elderly and unruly customer who is shouting and waving his hands in the air. OLD MAN What is the matter with you people! Where did you put my money? BANK EMPLOYEE Mr. Loyakono, I can assure you that your money is still here with us. OLD MAN I know it’s with you! You took my money! Every time I go to see my balance it shows me nothing! BANK EMPLOYEE Maybe you are looking in the wrong place. OLD MAN I’ll put you in the wrong place you bitch! In my day the banks got robbed and we all agreed it was for the better, my money is insured! Where is it! BANK EMPLOYEE Sir, calm down. Would you like a free hat or pen? OLD MAN What! I’ll shove that pen up your ass! Get me my money! James walks in the bank and notices the scene, an older Italian looking woman with dark black dyed hair approaches him as the older man continues to shout and make a scene. JANETTE Hello! You must be James! I’m Janette. JAMES What is going on? Who is that guy?

55. JANETTE Oh, that is Mr. Loyakono, he is entering the first stage of Alzheimer's, he has been with us forever. JAMES I’m starting to doubt he remembers all the great times he spent here. JANETTE Hmm. Well, we would hate to lose him as a customer. JAMES Why? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier without him coming in here and acting nuts? Let Bank of America deal with him. JANETTE Oh, it’s not that bad, he lives pretty far too, so we appreciate him coming down to see us. JAMES So he doesn’t come by that often. JANETTE Well, actually he comes in a few times a week. He gets lost on his way home and thinks the drive through is his garage. Let me show you where you will be working. Janette walks James to the teller stations where customers sit down and deposit or withdraw money. James has a seat and she puts down a stack of paper work for him to fill out. JANETTE (CONT’D) OK, fill out these forms then get your Toxin test and you will be all set. JAMES Toxin test? JANETTE Yes, toxin test. It is a company policy for employees to be toxin free.

56. INT. DRUG TEST LAB White walls and green hard plastic seats filled by a handful of suspicious employees and a few need to be hired folks that seem completely out of place at a drug testing clinic. James sits in his chair filling out the paper work. Next to him sits an apparently tweaked out woman who seems to be abusing some type of substance at the very minute. She intently watches James fill out his forms, trying to figure out what he writes in order to fill hers out correctly. James looks over numerous questions about substance abuse and when the last time he did or did not use them, he pauses and wonders whether to answer truthfully, as he stops so does the woman next to him. They both look at each other and cross out the box marked never. NURSE James Goldstein. A nurse calls out and James makes his way to a bathroom after being given a cup to urinate in. INT. BATHROOM. James paces back and forth in the small room, wondering what he can do. He puts the cup on the counter and sighs. INT. SUSHI RESTAURANT. James and his mother sit having dinner. JANICE You’re a pot head! JAMES I am not a pot head. JAMES (CONT’D) Your father called me today and said you told him you weren’t going to pass the drug test to work at the bank. He hasn’t called me in 2 years, and this is what he tells me. The last time we spoke on the phone it was during the divorce and he told me he wouldn’t stop on the road to pee on me if I was on fire if I didn’t fire my lawyer.


I’m sorry.

JANICE I should have known when you guys started buying incents and lighters and those black light posters. James shakes his head. INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM Early morning. James is sleeping peacefully, when Bam, the door flies open and James’s dad throw a dry cleaned shirt on his head. EDWARD Wake up Cheech, time for work. INT. KITCHEN Edward is making a cup of coffee with the espresso machine while James sluggishly finishes his oatmeal and makes his way to the sink to wash it out and leave. EDWARD Hey, I want you to call your grandmother and have lunch with her today. JAMES Do I have to? EDWARD You got something better to do? Go eat with your grandmother. She was complaining that you never visit her. JAMES Neither do you. EDWARD I don’t have to, I put up with her shit for twenty years. INT. JAMES’S CAR James pulls into his grandmothers neighborhood. The place is a fifty and older community. White houses with different color trim and American flags over the garages.

58. Just the way folks had imagined that communities would look after the cold war, communist bungalows in disguise as the American retirees dream. EXT. GRANDMAS HOUSE James knocks on the door and a moment later his grandma opens it. In all her five foot splendor stands Norma. Her puffed up blonde dyed hair makes for an extra four inches of her height. She is glitzed out in gold jewelry and clothing fashionable maybe ten years back. Drink in hand. She motions James to come inside. NORMA James! Come in, come in. JAMES Hey grandma, what’s up? NORMA What’s up? Oh, nothing much , come on back to the patio. INT. GRANDMAS HOUSE, BACK PATIO. They sit down in white patio furniture and watch “the price is right” on a small white TV. JAMES So how you been Grandma? NORMA I’m good, James. Went to the casino yesterday. Her eyes light up as she says “casino” When she speaks, it is with a heavy philadelphia accent. O’s are replaced with Ah’s, U’s with Eh’s. JAMES Win any money? No. NORMA

She seems upset. A compulsive gambler to heart. JAMES How often do you go?

59. NORMA Not as often as I did when me and your grandfather lived in Atlantic City. A few times a week, sometimes my neighbor Dotty goes with me. I’d be there now if you weren’t here. JAMES I’m sorry to interrupt your gambling habit. NORMA Oh, hush. And don’t tell your father. Besides, If we don’t go to the casino we always have drinks in the afternoon. JAMES So you have been gambling and drinking. Good to hear. NORMA What else am I going to do? JAMES What else do other people your age do? Knit, save the money for their Grandkids? NORMA What do people your age do? Smoke dope and drink, I heard about you pally. Not good. JAMES I don’t do those things. Sure. NORMA

She’s quick as a whip for eighty-five. JAMES What you got to eat around here? NORMA I just got turkey meat and bread, and there should be some iced tea in the fridge. JAMES Great, I’d love a sandwich.

60. NORMA Alright then. They both sit there. The one waiting for the other to do something. Her expecting him to get up and make it, him expecting her to make it. JAMES ...OK, I’ll get... I’ll make it. He fumbles and walks to the kitchen. She won. INT. BANK. James sits, slouched with one hand under his chin, at his desk with a stack of paper work next to him. Rather than fill it out he plays games on the internet. An ox like woman named Doris walks over to James after she notices him doing nothing. She loves to put him to work, and gets a kick out of making the boss’s son feel inconvenienced. DORIS James, fill out those customer return forms yet? JAMES Yeah, I’m about half way there. He maintains eye contact on the computer screen. DORIS You know, at a real job you wouldn’t be able to surf the web all day, you know that, right? JAMES What do you mean? This is a real job. He can’t help but be a smart ass, especially with Doris. DORIS OK. Well, when you are done with that, I have a job for you. Is that OK? JAMES Yeah, that’s fine. She’s annoyed, but what is she going to say? She ain’t in charge. Just another disgruntled employee.

61. INT. JAPANESE RESTAURANT James is sitting with his mother at the table with his head low. JANICE So how is work? JAMES I think I die a little bit each day. JANICE It cant be that bad. You’ll feel better once you get paid. James lifts his head. JAMES Is that what pimps tell their Whores? INT. JAMES’S BEDROOM James is sitting on his bed with Lisa. She has her arms folded and sits up against the bed board, she doesn’t look happy. James is laying on his back at the foot of the bed. JAMES It’s miserable. I can’t work there anymore LISA Are you serious? You have worked there for two weeks. JAMES It feels like a year. LISA Don’t you get to have lunch with your grandma everyday? Most people at work eat like a can of soup in the back of the office. JAMES Yeah but she doesn’t even make me any food. I have to make the sandwiches. Aren’t grandmas supposed to spend the whole day baking cookies and knitting mittens for their grandkids?

62. LISA Do you hear yourself? Wining and bitching about your easy little job that daddy gave you and how you wish you didn’t have to do anything. You have to make your own sandwich. Boo hoo. You have it so good and all you do is complain. JAMES Where is this coming from, you are supposed to be on my side. LISA Your side? You’re an irresponsible little prick who appreciates nothing, how can I side with that. JAMES Did I do something wrong? LISA You are unbelievable. Were you just not going to tell me? JAMES Tell you what? LISA About you fucking Danielle! James is speechless. Oh... JAMES

LISA Oh, yeah that. I mean you know that she is one of my best friends. And even if you didn’t, did you not think I would find out, or even be okay with it? You think I’m going to lose my virginity to someone who doesn’t even have the decency to stay true to one person and put some effort into something meaningful. Why are you so fucking lazy? James sits up and hangs his head. He is growing tired of being told he is so lazy. He knows he messed up, and in a big way. He takes too much for granted, material things, opportunities, and people in his life.

63. JAMES I’m sorry. Look, I really like you and... LISA You’re sorry, and you like me. Is that it? I hate you. You got a lot to learn, dude. She gets up and grabs her bag Opens the door and looks back at James LISA (CONT’D) You have some serious growing up to do. Don’t call me. She slams the door shut. EXT. JAMES BEDROOM Lisa briskly walks away from his room but starts crying as she reaches her car. James sits on the bed and does nothing. EXT. JAMES’S HOME, PATIO-NIGHT Kids flood the house once more. James sits outside in a chair with sunglasses on, smoking out of a bong that is being passed around. He is not apart of a conversation or talking to any girls. No one notices him or says hello or thanks for letting us party at your house, the faces seem to grow more unfamiliar by the night, no one here cares about the house or its host, just there to trash the place and get drunk. Big john is having a blast with the rest of the kids, talking to everyone and drinking as much as they can. James gets up and walks into the house, unnoticed. James walks into his dads bedroom and flicks on the lights. INT. JAMES’S DAD’S BEDROOM The room is quiet and relaxing, especially compared to the scene in the rest of the house. Its decorated sparingly with Modern art and a big swanky bed, high tech speaker and TV set up. Beige and brown tones cover the walls and furniture. Every young mans dream bedroom, reserved for the hardworking middle aged man.

64. The lights glow through modern fixtures hanging from the ceiling, the bachelors lair. The lights reveal books on the shelf and plenty of family pictures. James has a seat in a comfy contemporary chair and looks at the photos. Pictures of his dad with various members of the family, from past and present. Fishing and hiking, next to private planes and old cars, previous and current girlfriends. James smiles and appreciates the history and his fathers collection of family memorabilia. He seems distant from his father but in this moment he misses him, misses his father being in his room, at least in his house. He eyes the picture of vacations and cars with slight envy, it’s that part of a man who wants to do all he can and have all that he sees. INT. KITCHEN James shuts off the speaker system and then hops up onto the kitchen counter. JAMES (TO ALL THE KIDS IN THE HOUSE) Hey, listen. Party is over. Go home. A few people notice, sort of puzzled. The rest of the kids pay no attention. A couple ask what happened to the music. JAMES (CONT’D) Hey! Party is over, get the fuck out. Again, not much of a response, one kid calls out, “who is that?” James shakes his head and gets down from the counter, defeated and feeling used. EXT. COURTYARD OF JAMES’S HOUSE

James makes his way to his guest house He walks with his head low past groups of kids when Julio notices him. JULIO Yo, where you going?

65. JAMES I’m gonna pass out man, kind of tired. JULIO Really? Don’t do that, were going bucking, come with us. JAMES I don’t feel much like stealing shit, man. JULIO You don’t have to steal anything. Just be a look out, come on. EXT. HOUSE DRIVEWAY Julio sits inside a Mercedes going through the glove box, James sits on the hood looking around, mainly staring into space. JAMES I cant stop thinking about her. Julio keeps his eyes on the merchandise. Who? Lisa JULIO JAMES

JULIO The younger chick? JAMES Yeah. But she doesn’t act younger you know. She thinks about stuff, she’s deep, a great ass. But she hates me right now. Found out I had sex with her friend. JULIO Yeah, that will do it. JAMES So what do I do? JULIO You gotta call her.

66. JAMES She told me not to Julio sits up and looks at James. JULIO Dude...when a girl gets mad and tells you not to call her, she really means that she wants you to call her. Girls think the opposite of us, you cant take everything they say so serious. They want you to chase after them. James thinks about it. JULIO (CONT’D) You like her right? JAMES Yeah, I think I like her a lot, ever since she stopped talking to me she’s all I can think about. Ivan runs by carrying a GPS unit with wires dangling freshly un-hooked and some wallets. Fag! IVAN

JULIO Just call her, bro. She’ll forgive you. JAMES So, should I tell her how much I like her? JULIO No, no. You Still gotta play the game and make her want you. You gotta make her forgive you without begging for it. Julio can tell James is pretty strung out over this girl. He looks at what he has acquired and hands James a radar detector. JULIO (CONT’D) Here, take this. JAMES Oh, dude, I cant take that.

67. JULIO No, I want you to have it. Just then a light goes on inside the house and the door opens, a woman pokes her head out and notices the two of them sitting in her car. WOMAN Hey! What are you kids doing out there! Get out of my car! I’m calling the Police! Run! JULIO

They both run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. INT. BANK. James sits at his desk sluggishly typing names into the computer from files stacked high on his desk, Any slower and you would think he was asleep. Doris walks by and smiles at the sight of the bosses kid doing her busy work. James notices the time on the computer, twelve o’clock. Time for lunch with grandma. INT. GRANDMAS HOUSE Norma and James sit down at the table on the patio eating lunch. James takes a bite out of his sandwich and looks around for a drink. JAMES Got anything to drink? NORMA I should have iced tea in the fridge. JAMES That’s fine. She sits with her hands folded across her lap, he stares at her as she watches TV, expecting her to get up and get him the iced tea.

68. JAMES (CONT’D) I’ll get it. James gets up and walks to the kitchen somewhat annoyed. Grandma watches as he gets up to get it himself and smiles. NORMA So what have they got you doing at the bank? JAMES Well, Mostly I do compliance type stuff, keeping accounts up to date and things like that. NORMA Sounds important, hard work? He is about to tell her how tough and boring it is, build it up to impress the old lady, but... JAMES To be honest. I do absolutely nothing. They make me put names from folders into the computer if they catch me not doing anything. We have like five customers a day. It’s really a joke, Mom’mom. NORMA I wish they could give me a job like that. JAMES Why would you want a job? NORMA I get bored sitting around here all day. I watch my soaps, have a drink in the afternoon, go to bed around eight. That’s my day. It’s pretty quiet around here without your grandfather. JAMES You miss him a lot, huh? NORMA You got no idea, pally. JAMES I miss him too. Why don’t you get a boyfriend?

69. NORMA Sure. Whose gonna date me? JAMES You kidding, plenty of people your age date these days. NORMA Well you know, there is this one fella. JAMES Oh yeah? Who? NORMA He drives the bus that takes us to the pool. JAMES Great, so ask him out. NORMA I would but...he’s a colored. James tries to hold in a laugh and puts his hands over his face. JAMES Mom’mom. You don’t call them coloreds anymore. You mean he’s black, right? NORMA Yeah, the cutest little shvatza. Shvatza is a Yiddish term for African-American. Shvatza? JAMES

NORMA What? You said I can’t call him a colored. James leans in grinning, humored by the idea of teasing his out of the loop grandma. JAMES You know what they say about black guys right? NORMA I know all about it.

70. She smiles wide and laughs to herself. James is taken aback that she actually knew what he was going to say, and is a little grossed out that his grandma has black dong on her mind. JAMES Ugh...Mom’Mom! NORMA Oh, James, before you go, I need you to help me out with something in the garage. INT. GARAGE JAMES What you want me to do? NORMA I’m getting a new washer and dryer so I need to move these ones out of here. JAMES You serious? Why don’t you just have the service guys do it when they install the new ones? NORMA Because I have you here now. James, begrudgingly, moves both the units as grandma watches while sitting in a beach chair having a drink. James finishes moving both of them and looks exhausted, he isn’t used to doing much work. NORMA (CONT’D) Thank you, ya look tired, want anything to drink? Water. JAMES

NORMA OK, help yourself, oh and grab me some ice, will ya. James shuffles inside the house.

71. EXT. GAS STATION-NIGHT Friday nights at the local gas station are a pre-party to wherever the real deal will be going on, it’s where everyone meets up to find out what’s going on for the night. James stands by his car while big john and Ivan stand next to him, both are a little upset and look concerned. BIG JOHN What do you mean you’re done? Are you sure, are you sure that this is what you want to do? JAMES I’m sure. No more. I’m done having parties. IVAN When you say no more, do you mean like, No more this week? Or does that include the following weekend? JAMES I mean no more as in done for the rest of the time we are here until we go to college. BIG JOHN Have you thought this one through? This is pretty selfish, I want you to know that. You’re only thinking of yourself here. You cant just stop mid-season. JAMES What are you talking about? I don’t run a summer-crowd-dependent club in south beach, we are talking about my house, that’s my home. You guys forget, and it ain’t even mine. It’s my Dad’s. No one gives a shit about my house or me anymore. I don’t even know half the people that show up. BIG JOHN Those are your friends. JAMES Those are your friends. BIG JOHN I’ll introduce you.

72. James shakes his head, then notices Lisa standing with a few of her friends at the opposite side of the parking lot and decides to walk over to her. BIG JOHN (CONT’D) James! Don’t do this to me, man! IVAN So...the following weekend he might have a party? James walks up to Lisa as she stands with a few friends. She notices and gives James the look meaning “why should I give you the time of day” Hey... JAMES

LISA What do you want. JAMES Can we talk? They move away from the crowd JAMES (CONT’D) I called you a couple times, texted too. Maybe your phone isn’t working. LISA My phone works. JAMES Oh. good... Look. I feel real... LISA I don’t really care how you feel right now. I’m the one whose feelings matter. You hurt me. I didn’t do anything to make you act the way you did. JAMES I know, I feel like such as asshole. LISA You should! You are an asshole. JAMES I know. A big hairy, asshole.

73. LISA


JAMES Like, a sixty year old mans hemorrhoidal asshole. LISA OK. Enough. JAMES You are all I can think about lately. LISA That is so lame. JAMES It’s the truth. I really care about you, it took this happening for me to realize that. LISA Please...all you care about is having parties and getting drunk with your idiot clepto friends. JAMES Not anymore. I’m done having parties. LISA I didn’t say stop having the parties. What else are we going to do all summer. JAMES I decided that I don’t want people using me for the house. I want to be more responsible and do..things... LISA You’re just realizing this? JAMES No, But they come in, trash the place, eat my hot pockets, never say thank you or offer drugs or money or sex. You would think the host should at least get a blow job.

74. She faintly laughs, trying not to let him see that she was amused at what he said. LISA This isn’t something you just get off the hook for. Having sex with your supposed girlfriend’s best friend is usually a big No-no. JAMES’re my girlfriend? He’s excited by the thought. LISA I could have been, Now I guess We’ll never know. JAMES Well, hey. Tell me what I gotta do to fix this. LISA I can’t tell you, that’s not how it works. You gotta figure this one out on your own. You know, actually work for something you want? I know that seems like a stretch for you. JAMES Easy, everyone treats me like an irresponsibility punching bag. LISA And this is a surprise to you? JAMES I guess, I can be a little lazy sometimes. She rolls her eyes. A little? LISA

Across the parking lot james’s buddies call out to him LISA (CONT’D) Looks like your needed JAMES Yeah. I’ll see later, right? I’ll call you. You can answer, or not that’s cool too.

75. LISA


James runs back over to his crew BIG JOHN Alright, since James is being a little bitch and won’t have a party, and not much else is going on tonight. That leaves one option. He pulls out a few white pills from his pocket and holds them out for the guys to take. Each kid takes a Xanax bar and swallows it with a beer. They get into Steinman’s truck and leave the gas station for a Gated community. INT. STEINMANS TRUCK The five of them are packed in and approach a neighborhood guard gate. BIG JOHN How are we getting in? STEINMAN Relax, I got a clicker for the gate. As they reach the gate, Steinman raises a stolen gate remote and presses the button opening the gate arm. Presto. They’re in. Tall king palms lit up by bright lights line the roads leading into the sub divisions, each with an individual stone entrance way with waterfalls or iron lettering on tile or marble, the landscaping is impeccable. Turn here. BIG JOHN

The boys pass massive homes with luxury cars sitting in the driveways and look on like it is the buffet line, any car with a open door is fair game. Ivan spots a white Bentley parked on the side of the road with its door locks popped up. IVAN Here is my stop, I’ll catch up with you gentlemen later.

76. Ivan hops out of the car and leisurely walks over to the car and reaches for the handle, slowly, and...its open. The drugs have taken a hold. They are in a zombie like state. Nothing but the “Id” running their functions. If it feels good, do it. It’s like gold rush for these boys, they couldn’t be happier. Big john leaps out and makes way for a convertible Mercedes and Julio follows swiftly after. James is left in the car, looking out in amazement. STEINMAN Well, James. What’s it Going to be? See anything you like? They come up on a Blue Maserati Steinman notices James practically drooling. STEINMAN (CONT’D) Go for it man. James exits the truck slowly and walks towards the Maserati, he stands a few feet back from it at first, like you would if you were at a car dealership and they asked you not to touch. But this isn’t the dealership, and there aren’t any employees around. He opens the door and it clicks open. INT. MASERATI He slides into the tan leather seat and is engulfed by the tight racing styled bolsters. He grips the wheel and has a look around inside, the glove box has plenty of personal belongings, the center console holds an IPOD and designer shades, and even...a spare set of keys. James, glassy eyed and expressionless holds up the keys and looks at the gauges on the dash reading 0-180 Wearing the large designer shades, he doesn’t even consider putting the keys back or to maybe get out of the fucking car, but rather puts the key into ignition. Electronic noises whirl on and beep, the radio turns on to smooth jazz and the warm air from the AC blows onto James’s face. All he has to do is push the start button and he could take the Italian sports car for a little cruise.

77. He comes to his senses and releases the key from the ignition. Puts the IPOD and sunglasses back and exits the car. EXT. STREET Standing in the middle of the street, he sees the guys running back and forth from side to side getting in different cars and checking which ones are open. What the hell is going on? How did it get to this? He knows this is not for him and walks up to Steinman’s truck, Steinman is no longer in it. He turns around when Steinman startles him. STEINMAN Open the door, bro. Steinman stands holding a couple cell phones, MP3 players, wallets and a few other goodies. He dumps them through the window onto the front seat. JAMES Where did you get all that shit? STEINMAN Slick, dog. JAMES I’m out of here. STEINMAN Where you going? JAMES Home. I got the house to myself, I wouldn’t mind some peace and quite. James starts to walk away Pussy. STEINMAN

James stops and turns around. JAMES Yo, Steinman. You know you don’t have to do this for them to like you. Why do you want to fit in so bad?

78. STEINMAN What do you mean? It’s free. JAMES That’s not what I meant...You’re better than this. Steinman seems touched by the statement, it was almost a compliment, and almost a compliment to steinman is most definitely a compliment. STEINMAN You, you think I’m better than this? James pauses for a moment, how does he word with this without sounding negative. JAMES Not really. Steinman deflates JAMES (CONT’D) But you’re capable of a lot more than this. Steinman is almost giddy once more. STEINMAN You don’t mean like, robbing houses right? James grins and sighs JAMES No, not like, robbing houses. STEINMAN Listen, I like doing this. This is the hobby I’ve been waiting all my life for. JAMES Hobby? You’re not making model airplanes! You are stealing from people who worked hard to afford this stuff. STEINMAN Since when do you give a shit about hard work and other peoples things? Fuck these people. If these rich assholes...

79. JAMES Rich assholes! You are one of these rich assholes. You don’t live in the slums, your dad lives in one of the nicest... STEINMAN Fuck my dad! I don’t get a damn thing from him. Just because you live this life doesn’t mean it spreads over to us. Besides. Like these dicks with hundred thousand dollar cars can’t afford another cell phone. They keep two hundred dollars for safekeeping in the dash the way most people keep two dollars in change for tolls. Steinman reaches into the truck and begins to throws multiple cell phones across the street in a quick tantrum. The phones break into tons of pieces on the concrete. He tires and leans against his truck, calming down. STEINMAN (CONT’D) Happy? I gave them back. They should lock their fucking cars. That’s what alarms are for. JAMES To keep out people like you. Steinman sits down on the car seat and leans his head back. Yeah. He smirks James pats him on the shoulder and walks away. James makes his way out of the neighborhood, he has a good deal of walking to get back home. EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREETS He walks through the neighborhood and looks at all the homes. He seems appreciative of what hard work has brought these people. It’s a very nice night, slight breeze, cloud free purple sky. Things are pretty silent this time of night in Boca Raton. Most people are asleep and there isn’t much traffic past ten. STEINMAN

80. Almost complete silence when, Helicopters can be heard in the distance, the chopping of the blades through warm air grows closer. James grows curious. Now small sirens can be heard near by, James crouches behind a bush as a white security truck speeds by with yellow lights flashing. Something is going on. EXT. STREETS OF SUB DIVISION. Ivan and Julio get out of a BMW and show each other what they have, laughing. Then they hear the sirens. Both run behind a bush on the side of a house and wait for the security to pass. EXT. SIDEWALK James walks quickly to exit the neighborhood when he sees cop cars pulling up to the gate entrance, he needs to find another way out. He runs through bushes and backyards to reach the end of the guard gate. He isn’t far now. He can see the gas station is only about an eighth of a mile away from him, he can easily run low and reach it without being noticed if he stays away from the street lights. EXT. BUSHES Julio and Ivan watch as the security truck stops a few houses down. The security guard gets out and meets with the homeowner who walks out and points to his car. The boys stay crouched and make way for the exit of the neighborhood. As they walk they see Steinman driving slowly in his truck with Big John. They run up to the car and open the doors scaring both Steinman and Big John. BIG JOHN Holy fuck, we thought you were the cops.

81. JULIO Someone called security, we need to get the hell out of here now. BIG JOHN Steinman, get us out of here, quick Steinman starts to drive off and they get out of the neighborhood. They make it past another subdivision and pass a security guard going the other way. The moment is tense. They all remain silent in the car. As soon as they thought they were in the clear, the security guard turns on his lights and makes a U-turn and heads for the truck BIG JOHN (CONT’D) Steinman! Dip! He floors the truck and reaches the guard gate but sees the cop cars, they notice him too and flash their lights, a few officers exit their cars and make their way to the truck. He continues but then slams on the brakes. IVAN What are you doing? STEINMAN Do you not see the cops! How the fuck am I going to get past them? IVAN Well don’t stop you Idiot! STEINMAN Fuck you! Don’t tell me what to do! Fuck this. JULIO

Julio opens the door and runs for it. Ivan follows after in the opposite direction. Only Big john is left in the car. BIG JOHN Drive!, Go to the right through the woods!

82. To the right of the guard gate is a clearing of trees and bushes that leads to a lake and the other side of the highway. They drive off into the woods and the car goes bouncing up and down over branches and tree stumps, radar detectors and cell phones go flying inside the cabin. The boys yell and try to keep the car from flipping. EXT. BACKYARD. Julio tosses whatever he had on him and hides inside a play set tower, while cop cars drive by shining lights and talking over the radio. EXT. LAKE Ivan ditches his stuff as well and jumps into the lake and starts swimming to the other end. On the other side of the lake is the highway that Big John and Steinman hope to reach. As he swims he can see Steinman’s SUV off-roading in the bushes, barely maintaining control when it hits a tree stump and wraps the tire around it. They’re toast. EXT. PLAY SET Julio lays on his stomach out of view of the cops inside the wooden play set. He should be okay for awhile up here. Then he hears the unlocking of cages and rustling, whistles. It’s the K9 unit. They are about to unleash the dogs to find him. EXT. SIDEWALK James can only imagine what is going on deep inside the neighborhood. He notices that the cops are preoccupied and one leaves to go inside the gate. He starts to walk towards the opposite side of the street to the gas station and just about makes it when an officer notices him. Hey! Stop! OFFICER

James freezes and says nothing. The officer walks over to James.

83. OFFICER (CONT’D) What are you doing out here? James has no clue what to say, he is still a little foggy from the pills. I...was... JAMES

A white sedan pulls out of the gas station and stops as it notices James talking to the police. A voice calls out from the car. James? LISA

OFFICER Who is that? That car pulls up to James, on the brink of pissing his pants and being handcuffed. JAMES I... was waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up. James walks casually to the car and gets in the passenger seat. INT. LISA’S CAR JAMES Drive. Now. LISA Don’t think I’m not still mad at you, cause... James tries to keep his cool and talks through his teeth. JAMES Drive the fucking car away now. The officer watches intently, not sure what to make of it. She leans her head out the window and talks to the cop LISA I thought he was running off with some skank, I’m glad you stopped him officer.

84. The officer nods and waves them away. EXT. LAKE Above Ivan is the helicopter shining its light down over the neighborhood and the lake. He is about half way across. EXT. PLAY SET Julio remains laying down inside the tower when a German shepherd runs up the ladder and pounces on him, he falls off the tower onto the grass and kicks the dog. Two policemen follow behind and handcuff him. EXT. STEINMANS TRUCK Steinman and Big John exit the truck, in pain and panting, scared to death and running off adrenaline. Steinman tries to grab as much stuff as he can. BIG JOHN Dude, are you nuts! Leave it! More dogs come running after the truck and lead the cops to the two of them. It’s been a good run. EXT. LAKE Ivan is about to get out of the water when a cop shines his light on him and holds out a pair of cuffs COP Freeze, Aquaman. INT. LISA’S CAR James sits in his seat flush faced and nervous. LISA I can’t believe you are in my car right now. I should have let that cop... JAMES Just shut the fuck up. LISA What! Don’t talk to me like...

85. JAMES Hold on! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. LISA You can get out. I still hate you. JAMES Listen! Just be quiet for a minute. I gotta think. LISA Are you in trouble? JAMES They are so fucked. Steinman’s totally getting butt raped. LISA What is going on? JAMES OK. Look, we went bucking, and... Bucking? LISA

JAMES Stealing. Someone must have seen us and called the cops. They’re all still in there. In where? LISA

JAMES In the neighborhood. LISA How did they get in there? JAMES Steinman had a gate clicker. We gotta get them. LISA What! No fucking way, I’m not going to jail to save your friends after they stole peoples things. They deserve it, it’s about time they got caught.

86. JAMES Deserve it? They are all going to go to get arrested! We gotta go back. Lisa reluctantly turns the car around and they pass by the guard gate. Through the car windows they can see Julio and Ivan being put into the squad car. Both handcuffed. LISA Are you glad? Look at them now. I hope it was worth it. JAMES I should be getting arrested right now. LISA What are you talking about, you never stole anything. JAMES But I was with them. I could have stayed. LISA But you didn’t. You left because you’re not an idiot. Well, you are in idiot but you had enough sense to leave. JAMES What do you think is going to happen to them? LISA You kidding? This is Boca, they’ll be out tomorrow and have to do some community service. Probably do it all again next weekend. She pulls the car away and makes her way to James’s house. Neither one talk to each other on the way home. EXT. JAMES’S HOUSE Lisa pulls her car into the driveway and puts the car in park. James is still in shock from what has happened and that he got away.

87. LISA Quit bugging out, you didn’t do anything. JAMES But I should have done something. I should have stopped them. That’s my problem. I never do anything. LISA You honestly think they would have listened to you if you told them to stop? They’re idiots. That’s what they do...and yet... People love them for it. They’re the coolest kids because everyone only sees it as them not giving a fuck...and you did do something. You made the right choice to leave. James sits Quiet, he doesn’t have much to say for himself. He is just as guilty of going along with the looting, only he left before anything bad could have happened to him, he sees it as a cowardly move. LISA (CONT’D) I have to be home pretty soon... Fucking dad and his curfew, thinks I’m going to wind up pregnant if I stay out past one. If he only knew the lack of action I get. JAMES You wanna come in? LISA Sorry slick. You’re a little late. Besides, I’m not sure you deserve a chill session in your guest house right now. Rejected. JAMES Umm...Thanks for picking me up and getting me out this. He leans over and kisses her on the cheek. She moves away at first thinking he’s going in for her lips. LISA That was weird.



LISA Was that a kiss goodnight? JAMES I prefer it the other way too, I just thought. LISA That was very mature of you. He takes it as sign to give her a real kiss and moves in once again, she resists. LISA (CONT’D) I think we’re good. Okay. JAMES

An awkward moment. Then he gets out of the car. He turns around and leans down to the window. JAMES (CONT’D) Don’t hate me. Okay? Because... Aside from my grandma, You’re the only person I couldn’t deal with hating me right now. She is still very upset over the whole ordeal of him having sex with her friend. She most likely will not forgive him, they could remain friends but never what they had before. LISA I gotta go. He walks away with his head down and opens the gate to his house. She calls out from her car. James. He turns around LISA (CONT’D) So no more parties? LISA (CONT’D)

89. JAMES Nope. Summer’s pretty much done. I guess I should just worry about getting to work on time and cleaning the sheets in my sisters room before she actually sleeps in there and becomes the youngest person to ever contract syphilis. They both laugh. LISA That’s a shame. You threw some great parties. She drives away. He thinks for a moment, pleased with the comment. You know, he may not have done anything all that productive that summer, but he did throw some great parties and had some fun. INT. JAMES’S LIVING ROOM The house is spotless and quiet. James sits half asleep on the couch watching TV. The door to the garage opens and the noise of business lingo grows louder as james’s dad walks through the hallway to the living room. Every few seconds his ear lights up blue from his blue tooth mobile device. Old guys like him love that kind of technology, makes them feel like they lived to witness the future. Bud! He calls out JAMES Yeah! I’m on the couch. EDWARD Where else would you be. (Into phone) No, I was talking to my son. Well tell Mendez We are meeting with the southern group on Monday and to have that presentation done or I’m personally financing the boat we put his Cubano ass on back to Havana. OK. Have a good weekend. JAMES How was work? EDWARD

90. EDWARD Same old. Raising money, meetings as usual. What have you been up to. JAMES Just been watching TV. EDWARD Must be nice... Lay around and party while poor pops has to slave away. I make the money so you and your mother can party it away. Half sarcastically JAMES Mom isn’t partying. EDWARD She isn’t? I thought her and the Grasscutter party every night, ride on the Lawnmower and smoke doobies. He pantomimes pushing a lawnmower and smoking a joint. James laughs and gets off the couch, walks towards his dad. JAMES I’m done partying too. EDWARD You’re kidding. You? What’s next? Don’t tell me you’re going to do well in school next year. JAMES One step at a time. James’s dad grabs him and pats him on the head. EDWARD OK, sonny. I don’t want you working too hard. He lets him Love you. JAMES

Edward is caught a little off guard, they don’t usually say that to one another, maybe write it in birthday and holiday cards, but it is rarely spoken.

91. EDWARD I love you too, bud. James seems satisfied and begins to walk out of the house. JAMES Oh, and umm...thank you. What for? EDWARD

JAMES You know... for everything. Edward is touched, his spoiled son is actually showing gratitude for the way he works in order to set his family in a posh lifestyle free of financial struggle and neediness. EDWARD You are welcome, pal. James smiles and turns around. Making his way to his guest house. He walks in and shuts the door behind him.


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