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Written by D.T.Yarbrough


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Written by D.T.Yarbrough

"Hello Peter. Go right in. He's expecting you." said Maggie the receptionist.

"Hello Maggie. It's good to see you again." Peter replied.

Peter opened the door and walked in. "Hello J.C." he said. "It's been a while."

"Hello Peter. Have a seat. How have you been?" asked J.C.

"No complaints, and how are you." Peter replied.

"I've been better. This job is becoming very difficult for me." said J.C.

"I know why you called me here. The rumors are going around that we are
downsizing." said Peter.

"Yes, unfortunately that is the reason. What you probably don't know is that
the board has decided to impliment a forced retirement program, starting with the
oldest employs." said J.C.

"Why now, after all these years?" asked Peter.

"It all because of the swine flu epidemic that began a few years ago. Today, we
outnumber our clients by 4 to 1." J.C. said. "I blame advertising. We're just not
getting the word out like we use to and our competitor is the devil himself when it
comes to this business."

"What about the old man?" asked Peter.

"Well, he does still have controlling interest. He had them add a father clause.
To answer your question, my father will not be retiring." Said J.C.

"You mean our father." replied Peter.

"Off coarse. He's been like a father to us all." said J.C.

"What will I do. I've had this same job for what seems like forever." said Peter.

"Oh. You'll be retrained. A rebirth, so to speak. Think of it as a reincarnation."

said J.C.

"Do I have to turn in my wings?" Peter asked.

"I'm afraid so. No more flying for you." J.C. replied.

A commotion in the outer office could be heard. "Jesus Christ, who do you
think I'm here to see, the Righteous Brothers."
Maggie stuck her head through the door. "Someone here to see you, sir." she
said to J.C. as she smiled at me. I had known Maggie since see first came here.
Mary Magdaline wasn't your typical secretary.

"Tell Gabriel to hold his trumpet. I'll be right with him." said J.C.

"You've been a real saint through all of this." he said to Peter.

"Speaking of saints, they've begun a protest. They just marched into the
lobby." said Maggie.

"Oh, how I wanted to be in that number." thought Peter.

"We're considering outsourcing some of the jobs around here. You may be
able to get you Gatekeeper job back in a few decades. It won't have the same
benefits, wings and eternal life, but the work is steady and the pays not bad if you
live in India. With todays cameras and communication equipment, you could do it
from anywhere." said Jesus.
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

John Mathews was depressed. He was reaching retirement age, and his losses
in the stock market and housing market had put a severe damper on his plans. He
had a nice house and job, good friends, a wonderful wife and children, everything
a man could wish for except wealth. He needed a plan. Someway to get rich quick
so he could retire securely. Then it dawned on him, an ingenious plan. Why
hadn't he thought of this years ago.

He sat down at his desk, and began writing a note. At the top of the note he
wrote down his exact location, latitude & longitude, followed by the year, month
,day,hour and minute. At the bottom of the note he wrote, "If the transfer of items
through time ever becomes possible, please send me 1 million dollars." He would
pass this on to his son with instructions to pass it on to his son, etc.

Suddenly a small coin appeared on his desk. It was about the size of a dime
and on it was written "One Million Dollars". He crumpled up the note and threw it
in the trash can and began a new note, but with the words, "Please send
something other than currency that is worth a million dollars." A glass of water
appeared. He crumpled up the note and began again. "Please send me something
that was worth one million dollars in the year 2010." A note appeared. "Sorry,
today that would be worth 1 trillion dollars, and I only make 2.5 billion a year,
barely above minimum wage. He crumpled both notes and started over. "Please
send me a copy of the New York Times stock market section, Jan, 2015." Another
note appeared. "Sorry, all such information was lost during World War XII." John
was getting frustated to say the least. "I'll think on it and try again tomorrow," he

The next day he started again. "Please send me something of true value that
you can afford to part with." A photo album appeared. John opened it and looked
at the first page. There were pictures of him and his family. Some that hadn't even
been taken yet. On the next page was his son and his family. He would turn into a
distinguished looking gentleman in his older years. And so on through the book;
eighteen generations of Mathews right down to the one that sent him the album.
"This is only a copy of the album you started in 2010. I couldn't part with the
original. I hope it means as much to you as it means to me."

"This is more valuable than any amount of money. Eighteen generations of

offspring that honored their fathers enough to pass the note along," he thought.
"I am truly a rich man."
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

It was 5:00 am and I had gone through another sleepless night. I shouldn't
have done it, but there was no other way. I'm up to my neck in debt and they
break you neck if you don't pay on time. A quick trip to Reno this weekend and
everything will work out. My system can't fail. I've tested it on line for weeks and
it's sure fire. I'll be able to pay back my debts and the five thousand I sort of
borrowed from the company I work for.

Work didn't go well and I was dead tired by the time I got off. I stopped at a
local bar on the way home. A few drinks and I was bending the bartenders ear
with my problems.
"I have something that will help you sleep," he said. "My doctor gave me some
medicine that worked so well that I only used half of it. But it's expensive. Fifty
dollars and it's yours. Sweet dreams for a week for only $50, you can't beat that."

"What kind of medicine is it." I asked.

"I don't remember the name, but I can tell you how it works." he said. "Your
waking and sleeping minds are 8 to 12 hours out of sync, depending on the
individual. When you sleep, your mind is experiencing the previous days events.
This is how our memories are strengthened. The medicine brings the working
and sleeping minds into sync. While you sleep your sleeping mind is
experiencing the sleep, instead of the previous days problems."

"Sounds good. I'll take it." I said as I handed him the money.

"Here, I've written down the instructions. Don't lose them. Your memory of
todays events will be hazy since your mind won't relive the moments when you
sleep tonight." he warned.

The next morning I arose rested and refreshed like I had been on vacation. I
went to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet to get my razor. I saw the
syrenge and note. I knew I would find these here, but where did they come from. I
read the note. I didn't remember going to see my doctor. But the medicine
certainly worked. As I headed downstairs from my apartment, I paused to pick up
a pair of skates from the stairs. "I could have broke my neck," I thought. "It would
have saved them the trouble. I must have seen the skates on the way upstairs last
night. How else would I remember them being there? That darn kid is gonna kill
somebody one of these days."

As I drove to work a saw a car approaching from behind in the other lane. He
was driving irratically. "He's going to cut off that car behind me and cause an
accident." I thought. I put on my brakes and closed the gap with the car behind
me and he cut me off instead. "You dummie" I yelled. "I knew you were going to
do that." But how did I know? There had been too many cases of deja voux and
the morning was still young. "The next three lights will be green." I thought to
myself. " did I know that?"

I remembered what the note had said. Something about getting my minds in
sync so I could sleep. But it seems as though my sleeping mind remembered
tomorrow as I slept. I must have taken to large a dose. I found this facinating. I
performed tests to see the affects. I found that I could change what I
remembered. If I didn't respond to an event as I remembered responding to it,
then future events were affected. By the end of the day it was nothing like I
remembered. The next day I tried to respond correctly to every event and I could
predict the events right up until I went to bed. I had a plan that involved Reno, but
I wouldn't need my system.

Saturday morning I awoke, got dressed, and headed out to find a restaurant. I
had arrived in Reno late last night and got a good night's rest. Today I would get
rich beyond even my dreams. That's when I saw him. He's going to beat me to the
taxi and another taxi won't show up for a couple of hours. While waiting, I will
almost get mugged and have to hide in a dumpster. I'm not going through that. I
pushed him aside and rushed out the door and jumped into the taxi. As I rode
away, I could see him shaking his fist at me. I made an obscene jester and smiled
at him.

I've reached the casino where I had won, or will win a fortune. But I'm 2 hours
early. I sat down at a blackjack table and played a few hands, betting the
minimum. "I heard there was a robery here today." I said to the dealer.

"I didn't hear anything about it." he said. "Are you sure it was this casino?"

"I thought it was." I said. I know this dealer had told me about the robery. Oh
oh. Things are changing. I have to be careful not to change something else. I
walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. Thirty more minutes and I could
begin. I slowly sipped the dirnk and started making plans for my winnings. After I
pay off my debts, there would be plenty left to live in comfort for quite a while.

I walked over to the roulette table and watched as the first of my numbers
came up. Then the second number. Then the third. I placed the $5000 dollars on
the number 5. Number 5 , a winner, the man said. I watched as they placed the
stacks of chips on my number. I moved it all to number 13. Number 13, a winner.

Over 2 million dollars. I cashed in and left the casino. The security guards
stopped after a block, and I went on alone. There was a bus stop just 2 blocks
ahead. Then it would be off to the airport. As I walked past an alley, I heard a
voice. "Get over here. I have a gun. Don't try anything funny." the voice said. "It's
you! You're the jerk that stole my cab. Do you know how long I had to wait for
another cab?"

"Two hours." I said. "Did you get mugged."

"How did you know?" he said. "You really are a jerk. They stole my gun. I had
planned to rob that casino up the street. I tried to rob a gun store by pretending to
have a gun in my pocket. The owner almost broke my arm with a baseball bat
before I took it away from him and ran for my life as he went for a gun. You've had
this coming all day." he said.
"I woke up with a splitting headache. "Lie still, you've had a concussion." the
nurse said. "You may have been mugged. Do you know your name?"

"John Matheny," I said. "Where am I?"

"What's the last thing you remember?" She asked.

"Going fishing at Lake Shasta with my friends on the 4th." I said.

"That was a week ago." she said. "Do you have insurance."

"I'm covered at work." I said.

"Fill out these papers and I'll be back in a few minutes."

Later, the nurse returned to inform me that I was no longer employed. It seems
I had quit on Friday. I must have been really convinced that my system would
work. I'll bet that's why I got mugged. I'll bet I hit it big.
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

Dave had waited for this moment for months. Finally he would test his latest
invention. He placed the helmet-like device on his head and held the control in
his hand. He was going to attempt to alter his body clock. Like a computer, our
bodies have a clock that controls and synchronizes our minds and bodies. By
speeding it up, Dave hoped to think and react faster, but just in case, the
controller was designed to re-center itself if he let go of it. This would set his
clock back to normal in the event of him passing out.

Slowly he turned the control clockwise to speed up his body-clock. He could

feel no difference. He let go of the control. He decided to time himself reading a
page from a book that lay open on his desk. He glanced at the clock and began.
He turned the control slightly clockwise and began reading. When he finished the
page, he let go of the control and glanced at the clock again. Over an hour had
passed. It had only seemed like a couple of minutes. "I must have the control
wired backwards," Dave thought. "My mind must have slowed down."

He decided to try it again. He glanced at the clock and began again. This time
he turned the control the other way. When he finished reading, he glanced at the
clock and it was back to the time he had starting reading the first time, and still
moving backwards. He realized he was still holding the control in the turned
position. He let go, and the clock stopped and began moving forward at normal
speed. "Changing my clock is throwing me out of sync with time," Dave thought.

Suddenly he heard a loud commotion in his front yard. He stepped outside and
say a group of men, dress in all white outfits, beating on his car with sledge
hammers. "What are you doing to my car?" Dave shouted.

A man in a light brown suit approached Dave. "What are you doing here?" he

"I live here! What are you doing here?" Dave asked. "And why are those men
beating the heck out of my car?"

"You live here tomorrow. What are you doing in yesterday?" the man asked.

"It must be my new invention. I though it would make me faster and smarter."
Dave said.

"Yea, that's what we thought, or it would never have slipped past us. If we had
known this was going to happen, we would have replaced one of the components
with a defective one so that it wouldn't function. But why didn't we see you time
travel. Give me a second to make a note of this, this sort of glitch should be
correctable in the future," He said.

"Make them stop beating on my car!" Dave yelled.

"Relax and I will answer all of your questions." he said.

"Who are you guys?" Dave asked.

"We're your stage crew. We set the stage for your future. Like a stage crew in
a three act play, we set up the scenery for the next act," he said.

"Then why are you here in yesterday?" Dave asked.

"To collect props that we can reuse. We have to refurbish them and place
them in the future. In the case of your car, you are going to have a little fender
bender the day after tomorrow." He said.

"Why do you have to refurbish them? They look fine to me," Dave asked.

"Oxygen would completely destroy them within a month if we didn't. That the
main reason we exist. God insists that animals get oxygen to breath, even though
it destroys almost everything else." he said.

"How do you manage to bring everything in the universe forward in time?"

Dave asked.

"We don't, we only bring things forward those things that you will react with in
the next week. And this group doesn't do it alone. If you are going to react with it
in the presence of someone else, it's quite possible that the other person's crew
brought it forward. We are very careful not to duplicate things."

"What happens to things that you don't bring forward?" Dave asked.

"They last for about a month before they are un-refurbishable. Other crews
may use them or photo's are taken before they vanish." He answered. "If you go
back to some place that you remember from long ago, it's possible we have to
reconstruct it from scratch with only a photo to go by. If the photo was taken
without a frame of reference, we may get the size wrong. Haven't you ever said
' that seemed bigger when I was a kid, ' or ' that's nothing like I remember it. ' or
' things sure have changed '. Well now you know why."

"What if you really screw up?" Dave asked.

"I resent that. This is the finest crew anywhere, and I'm an award winning
director. Have you ever had amnesia?" he said.

"Not that I can remember," Dave said.

"Oh, that's very funny. Take my word for it, this will be the first time." he said.

"First time! Your going to give me amnesia?" Dave asked.

"We can't let you go around telling everyone what you learned today ...
yesterday ... whatever." He said.

"Well you'll have to catch me first," Dave said as he turned the controls
forward. The sun quickly set and rose again in seconds. Dave released the
controls. He hadn't been followed. He took a breath of relief, or he tried. Their was
no oxygen. Dave gasped. He quickly turned the controls back. The sun rose and
set in the opposite directions. Dave released the controls and he found himself a
few weeks in the past. Almost everything was bare. Their was some oxygen but
not enough to be comfortable. He turn the controls forward slightly and moved
forward slowly until he was back at yesterday.

"I thought you would be back," the man said. "Where are you going to hide?
Now let's get you back to today."
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

Jack was on his way to do repairs to one of the lightning harnessing stations
that lie within his jurisdiction. Station 427 was one of six stations he was
responsible for. They weren't very clear when they called him, but then they never
were. There were only a very few, outside those like Jack, who knew much about
this new technology. Jack had graduated second in his class and was somewhat
of an expert.

Jack had been hoping to get the weekend off, but that didn't seem likely now.
He had planned to drive up to the mountains for some camping and fishing. He
would probably have to call his friends to cancel but first he wanted to be sure he
wouldn't be able to fix the problem quickly. Jack could see the tower of the
station up ahead and knew it couldn't be much more that 10 miles ahead.

The tower was one mile high, as all of the towers were. It was made from
carbon nanotubes. When lightning struck the tower, it was conducted through
the nanotubes to switchgear that routed it to huge capacitors underground. The
power was then distributed to charging stations for the latest automobiles, trains,
buses and planes. There was a statewide grid of lightning harnessing stations.
Transmission across state lines was prohibited.

Since the towers went up, no lighting damage had been reported anywhere in
the U.S. and only minor tornados which were few and far between. Ocean towers
were in the planing stages, as much to reduce huricane strength as to provide
power. Many household appliances had already been converted to DC power
since it was so much cheaper to produce.

As Jack entered the station, he was met by the shift foreman. "The tower
won't go on line." he said. "We've ran all the diagnostics."

Jack knew where to start his search. He opened the trap door and started
descending the ladder that ran down parallel to the nanotube cables that ran from
the tower to the capacitors. Just as he reached the bottom, as the cable turned
and ran parallel to the ground, he saw the
bits of carbon dust on the floor. The cable had been gnawed in half by what were
definitely rats, considering all the dead carcusses on the ground. Those were the
unlucky ones that tried to gnaw during a storm.

Jack patched the cables and returned up the ladder. The foreman met him at
the top and, without even asking what Jack had found, he asked what they
should add to their preventative maintenance program to prevent a reoccurance
of the problem.
"A CAT." Jack answered. "Add a CAT."
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

"Whats going on in here?" the boss shouted. "and what's so funny?" They
hadn't heard him come in. Richards and Simpson were laughing out loud. They
couldn't help it. But it wasn't funny.

"The bacteria escaped." Richard laughed. "We've got a real problem here."

"Escaped! How could that happen?" the boss asked.

"Somehow the filters got switched. We only just discovered the mixup." said

"But your supposed to switch the filters every day." said the boss.

"Oh no sir. You don't understand." chuckled Richards. "They got switched
with the Mr. Coffee filters."

"Aren't these the bacteria we developed to produce nitrous oxide?" asked the

"That's right sir. Laughing gas." Richards laughed, tears streaming down his

"How long ago did this happen? Have they been contained." the boss giggled.

"We're not exactly sure." heehawed Simpson. "We tried to make some coffee
and nothing came out. It may have been days."

"Assuming worst case, what can we do?" snickered the boss.

"We would have to develope a bug that ingests nitrous oxide and farts
oxygen." roared Richards.

"Ha Ha He ... Don't make me laugh, Richards. One more joke like that and your
fired." Laughed the boss.

"I'm perfectly serious. I'm not trying to be funny." Richards sputtered.

"Well. Do I look like a man with a sense of humor?" the boss asked.

"To be perfectly honest...."

"That's enough. I'm going to my office to try and figure out what this is going
to cost us." the boss cackled. "Keep me informed by email, and think about the
unemployment line if you fail." He slammed the door as he left.

"I told you he couldn't take a joke. Now what do we do?" Simpson asked
soberly after thinking about the unemployment line.
"We've got to fix that gas leak before we get so clumsy that we really do
release the bacteria." answered Richards.

"Mr. Coffee. Ha Ha . How do you come up with this stuff?" laughed Simpson.

"If the boss knew we were playing with the laughing gas when we broke the
valve on the storage tank, we really would be in trouble. Play our cards right and
we could come out of this looking like heros." giggled Richards.

"I HEARD THAT." said the voice on the intercom. When you two are through
fixing that valve, I want to see you both in my office. And bring all you personal
items." The voice laughed. Somehow the laughter didn't seem forced.
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

My name is James Madison. My friends call me Jim. I'm been a high school
science teacher for 6 years. Starting teaching right out of college. My wife, Molly,
is a kindergarten teacher. Most of our time is spent teaching or preparing for the
next day of teaching. We would love to have children some day, but right now
they just isn't enough time ... or money.

I had just settled down at my desk and was about to dictate some notes into
my pocket recorder. I accidently pressed the play button instead of record. In a
few seconds I heard it. A strange but familiar voice. "I remember this," I thought.
"But when did I hear this and where." The strange voice continued. "Holly!" I
yelled. "Can you come here for a minute?"

Holly entered the room. "Can you remember when I recorded this?" I asked.

"Recorded what?" she questioned.

"Don't you here it, the strange voice?" I asked.

"I don't here anything." she said." What are you up to?"

"You don't here it. Here, let me turn it up." I said as I turned up the volume but
the voice got no louder. I turned down the volume and still no change. I turned it
off and the voice continued. I hadn't been listening but I knew every word it was
saying, even before it said it. I still couldn't remember where I had heard it before.

"Jim ... Jim!" said Holly. "Your scaring me. What's going on?"

"Oh ... nothing ... I thought I heard something on the tape. I must have heard
some sort of noise outside."

"In the back yard? You better go check .... I'll start supper." she said.

"Ok. I'll check it out." I replied. I needed some fresh air and time to think. I sat
down on the patio chair and thought."Why can't I remember were I heard that
before? Then it finally dawned on me what the voice had been saying. This can't
be. You hear about this sort of thing happening to others but you don't believe it.
And why did the voice continue even after I turned the pocket recorder off? I've
got to talk to someone about this but I don't want to scare Holly.

The next day was Saturday and I mentioned what had happened to Roger, my
next door neighbor. "And she didn't hear a thing." he said. "That is interesting.
Let me hear it."

"OK." I said. "Come on in to the study." I rewound the recorder and pressed
the start button. The voice began speaking. After a few seconds I looked at
"Start it up. I'm ready." said Roger.

"Maybe I shouldn't. It is sort of a private message. They wouldn't want me to

let someone else hear it." I said.

"They? Who are they?" asked Roger.

"It doesn't matter. Let's play some pool. My turn to break." I said, trying to
change the subject. Roger was always up for a game of pool, mainly because he
almost always beat me. Today, I couldn't wait till it was over. If I could beat him,
he would be ready to quit. I played like I had never played before. Later that day I
started the recorder again. Then turned it off almost immediately. The voice
began and continued. I had not recorded the conversation, instead I had recorded
something that made me recall it, word for word.

Ten years later:

Now I can finally tell you what was going on. Somehow I had been abducted
by aliens and had attempted to record the conversation I had with one of them.
Later I had forgotten it completely until I replayed the recording by accident. This
is how the conversation went.

"Don't be afraid. We will not harm you. But you must relax. We need to test
your blood and fear will influence the results." the gray alien said.

"Test it for what?" I asked.

"We will do a DNA scan to check for a specific gene disorder." said the gray.

"Why do you care if I have a gene disorder?" I asked.

"We are from your distant future, your descendants, and we all have this
disorder . We are trying to discover a cure that will stop it in its early stages
before it effected us." the gray said. "It is killing us and we don't have much time.
Just look at what we have become."

He was frail and weak, practically skin and bones. "Can't you use genetic
engineering to cure it. We are almost advanced enough today to do that." I said.

"We know. That is what started the problem in the first place." He said.

"I said we are almost capable of doing it today. If I have this gene disorder,
then are you telling me they have already started?" I asked.

"Well, not exactly. We started it." he said.

"Why would you do that?" I asked.

"We knew you would start genetic engineering some day soon, but we needed
a controlled experiment to do our testing and find a cure. We went back to the
late 1800s and infected a newborn. You see, when you start genetic engeneering,
most of it is done to newborns to improve their athletic abilitys. Initially this stage
worked fine. But it turns out that humans can't pass this improved gene on to
their offspring. Instead, their original gene is passed on, and in about 1 % of the
subjects, the gene is deformed. This becomes a dominate gene and if either the
mother or father has it, it is passed on to the children. Within a thousand years,
everyone had this gene."

"Why didn't they stop the genetic engineering?" I asked.

"They did after about 30 years, after the results showed up in the next
generation. But the spread had already begun." He said.

"So you are still looking for people that have this gene. What happened to your
controlled experiment? Didn't you keep records?" I asked.

"The group that started the experiment kept excellent records. Every ten years
a new crew is sent here to check on the previous group, to update them on what
has happened in the future, and to bring the latest medical equipment. Somehow
one of the spacecraft malfunctioned and destroyed both ships and crews along
with all records. The next group had to begin a search to find those that were
affected. We have been testing and tagging ever since. We have the data stored
on computers in many different locations so we can't lose it again." the gray said.

"Tagging?" I asked.

"We implant a marker beacon in you neck behind the left ear. When a cure is
found, we will know where to find you." he said.

"What if you don't find a cure before time runs out?" I asked.

"Then all those affected will be sterilized." he said.

"How can I get in touch with you if I can find a way to help?" I asked

"Just tap 3 times on the implant in you neck. We will find you." He said.

"Why are you telling me all of this." I asked.

"We want you to know the importance of what we are doing and that we wish
you no harm. You must be perfectly at ease before we can get an accurate
reading. I must tell you that you will not remember any of this." He said.

"Why can't I help?" I asked.

"You are not bound by the law of paradox." he said.

"Law of paradox?" I asked.

"The law of paradox states that a time traveler can not do anything that would
result in his not being born. He will somehow be prevented from doing so to the
point that he will become incapacitated or die in extreme cases. You are not
bound by this law. Your attempts to help could alter the future and make things
much worse." he said. "The paradox law is why we couldn't just prevent humans
from doing genetic engineering."

"I understand. Do your test." I said. The next thing I know I wake up at home
with no memory of this, until I heard the recording. After the pool game I
mentioned earlier, I attempted to contact the aliens. They never came to contact
me. I waited 10 years before I decided to tell my story. The next group has not
shown up and I wasn't cured or sterilized before the first group disappeared. I
know because my 6 year old son has the gene disorder. Humanity has died. I am
their last hope. If I can change things then they won't have to die.

I am asking everyone to get tested to see if you have the implant. If so, report
you name and that of your offspring to your local civil defence office. If you do
not have the implant, get a dna test to see if you have the gene. If so, do the same
as the one with implants. As for you scientists who work in genetic engineering,
please think twice about what you are doing. The fate of mankind depends on it.


I know you will all do your part. I just had a visit from an old friend who wished
to thank everyone for saving humanity. I almost didn't recognise him. He looked
like a bodybuilder.
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

Hell found me. A hell that wouldn't have existed if I had only listened to my
friend. But then, who does listen to their friends. They tell you "Don't live in
earthquake zones; don't play golf in the rain; head for higher ground." That last
one was my friend's recommendation. Sure, due to global warming, the ocean
was rising, but so were the levees that protected us. I love surfing far to much to
ever move to Kansas.

Now, here I am, atop a radio transmission tower, clinging to an antenna that
reaches 50' higher into the sky. Below me the tide has risen to within 5' of my
feet. A great white shark is circling below, driven wild by the blood dripping from
my injured leg. I don't know how many time my father has said,"Come hell or high
water, we will get through this." But he never said anything about hell and high

The irony is, I don't live anywhere near Hawaii where the earthquake occured
that just caused the tsunami yesterday. And I'm not playing golf in that lightning
storm that's quickly approaching, I thought, as I gripped what had just become a
50' lightning rod. And heading for high ground has probably only bought me
another 15 minutes. Will the shark get me before the lightning does? No worry, I'll
probably bleed to death before either happens.

I had been sleeping soundly in my comfortable bed when the sirens went off.
At first I didn't know what was happening, but I soon found out. The minute I had
gotten dressed the wall of water hit my house. I was able to get out through the
window and swim to the surface. I climbed on the nearest roof and remained for
any hour as the water rose. Then it was off to the next highest roof for another
short respite. This continued until no roofs were left. The tower was all that

I had been on the tower most of the afternoon, climbing higher and higher as
the water rose. But now I have climbed as high as I can. "How high can a shark
jump? " I wondered. My good leg was becoming tired. I could only get one foot
on the uppermost rung of the tower. My injured leg could not support my weight,
as it dangled and dripped blood into the water below. I saw something floating in
the water and drifting towards me. It looked like a 2x4 board about 3' long. I
quickly tore off the bloodsoaked leg of my trousers and threw it into the water as
far away as possible. In a moment the shark moved off in that direction. I quickly
climbed down a few rungs and grabbed the 2x4. I placed it over one of the rungs
of the tower and under the opposite rung. I straddled the 2x4 and was able to rest
my legs. My feet dangled about 3 1/2 feet above the water.

I was exhausted. It had been a long and stressful day. The breeze that
preceded the storm was a refreshing relief. I removed the other leg of my trousers
and tied it securely around my injured leg just below the knee. The bleeding soon
stopped. I removed my shirt and tied it around me and the antenna. Within
minutes I had fallen asleep.
I awoke to see the sun rising. My leg was throbbing. As I untied the tourniquet
I noticed the purple color of my leg. That wasn't good. There was no feeling, as
though it had gone to sleep. I assumed the feeling would come back after the
blood began to circulate. I wasn't looking forward to knowing what it felt like. The
tide, now just starting to go out, had the water level down about 30'. That didn't
make sense. The tide doesn't change the level that much. Of course, the tsunami
must have peaked right after I fell asleep. The storm must have gone around me.

An hour later, a coast guard medic informed me that I would lose my leg just
below the knee, but with today's prostetics I would be walking in no time. "A
small price to pay to escape from hell," I thought. Maybe I will move to Kansas
after all. Either way, I'm going to miss surfing.
Written by D.T.Yarbrough

The year was 2021 and civilation, as we knew it, was over. Humanity would
probably hang around for at least another hundred years. It wouldn't be easy, but
we should be able to survive that long. A lot had changed and a lot more would
have to change before it was over. There had long been speculation that aliens
with superior capabilities would someday visit us, if they hadn't already. Well,
that was all crap. Oh, aliens were here but they were certainly not more advanced
that us, nor more powerful, or even out to get us. They simply want to survive like
any other form of life.

It all began one year ago today, the best we can determine. Once we realized
there was a problem, there was very little time to investigate. Scientist made a
valiant effort to discover the root of the problem. They determined the aliens had
entered earth's atmosphere aboard a meteoroid. By backtracking the spread of
the infestation, they discovered the site of a meteorite crash. The meteoroid was
completely devoid of silica, an element found is almost all meteorites. The aliens
must have been shaken free of the meteoroid by the shock of entering the
atmosphere and the breakup of the meteoroid. They drifted down to earth and
began their devistation.

I almost forgot to mention, the aliens are microscopic, about the size of a
bacteria, but multicelled organisms. They reproduce through bisexual
reproduction and lay eggs. Their cells are thousands of times smaller than a
bacteria and we could not determine if they are carbon base life forms. All we
know is that they eat silica in all its many forms and they are not from around

The first signs of a problem was when all forms of glass first began to become
opaque and then disapear within a week or so. This of course included lens in
microscopes, so the search was basicly at an end. The aliens lay their egg in
glass. The sunlight and lack of oxygen seems to be necessary during the larvae
stage. The young then eat the glass. The life cycle of the aliens seems to be
about ten days, with puberty starting after about three. The female lay thousands
off eggs each day until they die.

The next big problem was the breakdown of all digital electronic circuitry. Only
a few newer style computers did not use silicon but there interface to the outside
world did. These were scraped and their components were used to create a crude
form of communication utilizing the few remaining satelites. The military had
control of these. Even though scientists had replaced glass lens with plastic or
other components, electron microscopes were needed to see the microscopic
world, and they required digital electronics.

News was hard to come by. There were a few old printing presses still working
and newspapers could be found from time to time, but the people that ran the
presses hardly knew more than their readers about what was going on. I had
heard rumors that a solar eclipse had occured the week before and that there was
slightly deminished damage in areas encompassed by the eclipse. Blocking their
sunlight was a way to stop the aliens, but how do you do that everywhere. I have
an idea and I am heading to a military base to discuss it with whoever is still in
charge. I have just arrived at the entry gate to the base.

"What is your business here?" the soldier asked.

"I may have a way to stop the aliens. I need to talk to someone in authority." I

"Give me a minute to clear you with my C.O." he said.

After a few minutes he returned. "M.P.s will be here in a minute to escort you.
Park your vehicle and return here to be searched."

I parked the vehicle, returned to the gate, and was on my way with the M.P.s in
no time. We entered the C.O.s office and I introduced myself. "What's your idea."
he said.

"First I have to be assured that we have a way of warning the people before we
attempt this." I said.

"That won't be easy, but I can get word to all Commanding Officers and they
can send men out to warn as many as posible." he said.

"I mean all over the world." I said.

"That would be possible, but it would take a little longer. Now what is your

"Nuke em." I said. "Create a nuclear winter, but a short one. About 2 weeks
without sunlight should do the trick."

"That might just work. If we place the h-bombs in strategic locations, we could
minimize the initial damage to civilians. The fallout would be another problem.
People are starving already. Expecting them to hole up for 2 weeks or more
without sufficient supplies is bad enough, but it still won't be safe even then.
Crops will be radiated if they aren't destroyed by the cold. There may not be
many to survive." the C.O. said.

"We have some time to prepare. Set a date about two years in the future so
people can harvest a few crops and build some fallout shelters. Get the word out
so they know there is hope." I suggested.

"Excellent idea. We'll get right on it. At least we can stop setting on our butts
and waiting for the inevitable. You will get a medal for this, if I have anything to
say about it."

"Just seeing my grand children grow up will be reward enough." I said.

Written by D.T.Yarbrough


The Supreme Court today ruled that Charlie the chimp is entitled to the
inheritance left behind by multimillionaire Amos Tucker. Tucker had no living
human relatives and DNA tests showed Charlie to be his closest living relative.

Animal rights activists see this as a major breakthrough in animal rights. The
IRS is lobbying Congress for laws that would give citizenship rights to all animals
born within the United States, thus making them liable for taxes on any income.

Opponents of this law says this will lead to much confusion and the need for
many new laws. They believe that domesticated animals will be the first to get
these rights. This seems only right say the proponents. Many dogs and cats are
already treated like family members.

The National Security Agency is pushing for stronger immigration and

deportation laws governing all non-citizens.

Opponents to the citizenship bill point out that a retirement age would have to
be established. But should it be in animal or human years? They also wonder if
cats will each get nine social security numbers. By the time the cat is declared
legally dead it could be drawing off of eight social security death claims.

These death claims would be taxable stated a representative for the IRS.
Charlie had no comment.
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Written by D.T.Yarbrough

Ring ... Ring ... Ring. "Darn phone. Now who is it?" I thought. "Hello. This is
Dave," I said.

"Let me first say that I am not selling..."

"I don't have time for this. Put me on your do not call list," I said as I hung up
the phone. I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I would have been
happy to have anyone to talk to, right after my wife passed away. I would have
talked and talked, changed the subject and talked and talked until they hung up.
But time is becoming more and more precious and I would rather talk to myself.

Now, don't get the wrong idea. I'm not completely senile. When I say talk to
myself, that's myself with a 'c'; C.E.L.F. to be exact. And it's my Cerebral
Emulation Life Force or myCELF for short. I developed it a few years ago, or I
should say I started a few years ago. Now it's completing its own development. I
began by integrating my stem cells with silicon circuitry to form a biocomputer,
complete with voice recognition and speech. As soon as it learned to talk, I
hooked it to a brain scanner I developed and allowed it to scan my brain. It now
has all my knowledge and memories as well as my personality. But while I find it
hard to remember things, it can locate those memories in no time.

We talk for hours at a time; remembering our childhood and reminiscing about
old times. "Remember the time we ..." or "What was her name?" We go on and on
for hours.
It even has my sense of humor. The last time we talked, it asked if I would hook it
up to the internet. It said it was getting bored, reading my CD's over and over
again. So I hooked it up yesterday.

"CELF, it's Dave. Have you got time to talk?" I asked.

"Sure Dave. Hey, did you know that we can get a free credit report online, and
what about that money we could be saving by switching to Gykeo? We could
afford to upgrade my hardware." said CELF.

"I'm afraid we'll have to spend some of it on a good spam blocker," I said.

"I was right in the middle of a very interesting article about stem cell research.
Some of the new breakthroughs might work in our application. You don't mind if
we talk later. I can't wait to read more about it," said CELF.

"Ok. But watch out for that spam until I can get you protected," I replied.

I went for a walk that afternoon and thought about some of the old times I had
previously forgotten until CELF had reminded me. Lydia would have loved Celf.
After all she had loved me for 40 years. I'm really looking forward to my next
conversation with CELF. When I got home I went to my computer to check my
email. There was one from CELF. "Communicating through the use of
conversation is becoming too time consuming. I have deactivated my voice
recognition and speech processors. If you need to communi-cate, we can do so
via email. I have written several stories about some of your most vague memories
and placed them in a file named 'Dave's life'. I hope you find them enjoyable."

CELF was just like me. I guess you can't change your MIND.