Judith Guardipee (Gariepy) née Cardinal.

Judith was born in 1827 at Choteau, Montana, the daughter of Antoine Louis Cardinal (b
17!5) and Marie "e Montigne# Co$%tois (b 18&7) Judith's siblings were( Mi)hel,
$arried to Marie *anniande (+ro,uois)- Andre (b 1825) $arried to .osalie /erland-
0ar)isse (b 181&) $arried to Marie Magdeleine 2arie%#- Marie (b 1812) $arried to
Louis 2arie%#- Jose%hte (b 1812) $arried to 3ierre 0adeau- Catherine (b 1814) $arried
to Jean /a%tiste 5anasse- and Louis (b 186&) $arried to Marie Anne /erland
Judith first $arried 0ar)isse Morissette (b 1817) in 1866 at 7t 8ran)ois 9a:ier (789)
0ar)isse Morissette, en route for Montreal, died in 7ault 7t Marie ;he )ou%le had three
• Adelaide Morissette, born 1868
7)ri% affida:it for "es<arlais, Adelaide- wife of Andre "es<arlais- born( 1868-
father( 0ar)isse Morissette (8ren)h Canadian)- $other( Julie Cardinal (M=tis)-
)lai$ no( 1156- date of issue( August 2&, 1874
• Angeli,ue Morissette, born 1852 Angeli,ue $arried Ale>andre 2arie%# and the#
went to Montana where he deserted her 7he then $arried LaCourse
L?@irondelle, +sabelle- address( Lethbridge- )lai$ no 1118- born( 1871 in
Montana- father( Ale>ander 2arrie%# (M=tis)- $other( Angeli,ue Musette
(M=tis)- s)ri% )ert( for$ C, no 846
• Jose%h Morissette, born 1851
Judith then $arried Jean /a%tiste 2uardi%ee (b 1812) on June 6, 1855 at 7t 8ran)ois
9a:ier Jean /a%tiste was the son of Louis 2arie%# (b 1771) and Jose%hte "u)har$e (b
18&4) Louis 2arie%# was a :o#ageur, first with the 0*C and then after a$alga$ation
with the @/C @e retired to 789 in 1826 @istorian Martha 8oster re)ords(
A+n 1848, ;urtle Mountain Metis /a%tiste 2ardi%ee and his fa$il# also left their ga$e-
de%leted ho$e and %assed through the MilB .i:er area
*ith a grou% of ten fa$ilies (thirt# %eo%le) and thirt# )arts, the 2ardi%ee fa$il# <oined
;o$ La:atta CLa:alleeD, a Metis trader who had been li:ing near 8ort /enton, Montana
;he band a))o$%anied four hundred other Metis )arts heading west to hunt *hen the
2ardi%ee's rea)hed the MilB .i:er, the# found Aa great )a$% of C/Dreeds
E so$ewhere
in the :i)init# of where "odson CMontanaD is nowF /efore tra:elling to 8ort /enton,
further west on the Missouri .i:er, the La:atta %art# s%ent a few weeBs resting, :isiting
and hunting Gli 2ardi%ee, the #oung son of /a%tiste, later re)orded his $e$ories of the
MilB .i:er Metis Ca$%F
8orster, Martha We Know Who we Are: Metis Identity in a Montana Community 0or$an( Hni:ersit# of
IBlaho$a 3ress, 2&&4( 42
3robabl# the large hunting band led b# 2abriel AJure
+t was trul# a ha%%# life that these %eo%le were li:ing ;he )a$% was in the $idst
of the buffalo herds and the# hunted and worBed hard during the da# but when night
)a$e the# dan)ed and sang the old 8ren)h songs, until the late hours, arranged for $an#
and di:ers horse ra)es for the following da#, Kthen sle%t the slee% of %eo%le who had not
)ares for the $o$ent

+n 1878 /a%tiste and his son Glie were $e$bers of the grou% of buffalo hunters at
C#%ress @ills who %etitioned the go:ern$ent for a reser:e
2are%ee Csi)D attended a 8ren)h s)hool at *hite @orse 3lains, Canada, for two #ears,
and this )losed his s)holasti) edu)ation, although he has a),uired in the s)hool of life a
%ra)ti)al business e>%erien)e that ri)hl# )o$%ensates for the la)B of the other Hntil his
father?s death, in 1854, he re$ained at ho$e industriousl# worBing on the far$, and
after this he be)a$e a noted buffalo hunter in Canada, whi)h o))u%ation he followed
until 1848, when he )a$e to Montana and lo)ated at 8ort /enton, whi)h he $ade
head,uarters for buffalo hunting until 1882, when the A$eri)an bison %ra)ti)all#
)eased to e>ist and his o))u%ation was gone /ut he was e,ual to the e$ergen)# and in
that sa$e #ear se)ured a ran)h on the u%%er ;eton .i:er, eighteen $iles fro$ Choteau,
;eton Count#, and for twel:e #ears engaged in sto)Braising ;his %ro%ert# he sold in
18!4, and fro$ that ti$e he has resided with his son, Gli, who has a fine ran)h on Cut
/anB .i:er, and with his daughter G$il#, the wife of Adol%hus 8ellers, li:ing near
"u%u#er, ;eton )ount# Mr 2are%ee, although ad:an)ed in #ears, is still health# and
a)ti:e, and has a nu$ber of %lans $a%%ed out for hunting and tra%%ing in the
$ountains @e has se:en )hildren - Mrs, G$il# 8ellers- Magdaline, now of 0orth
"aBota- Johnnie, at 7t 3eter?s $ission- Charles, li:ing on the ;eton .i:er- Mar#,
$arried and residing in Canada- Gli, owner of the ran)h on the Cut /anB ri:er, and
Jose%hine, wife of 2abriel 7elwood (7alois), now li:ing on the H%%er "e%u#er .i:er
(8ro$ Progessive Men of Montana % 1557-1558)
Judith and Jean /a%tiste 2uardi%ee had the following )hildren(
• G$ilie .ose 2uardi%ee, born August 11, 1855 at 789 G$ilie died at "awson
CreeB, /C LG$il# $arried Adol%hus 8ellers )ir)a 184! at Choteau, Montana
and the# ha:e se:eral )hildren born in Montana ;hese )hildren $arr# and in
1!&5 Adol%hus, G$il# and all their )hildren, with their s%ouses and )hildren,
de)ide the# are $o:ing to southern Alberta to ho$estead where the# all taBe u%
land in the /attle /end "istri)t ;he# li:ed there for se:eral #ears until it is said
so$e of the bo#s were i$%li)ated in a horse rustling s)he$e and fled to Montana
;he rest of the fa$il# followed e>)e%t for three of the girls who sta#ed in Alberta
Adol%hus 7r died in the 1!18 flu e%ide$i) +n 1!1! Louis, 5an and Julian
de)ided to return to Canada where land was o%ening u% in the 3ea)e Count# of
northern /C G$ilie de)ided to )o$e with the$ ;he# tra:elled b# )o:ered
2uardi%ee, Gli AGli 2uardi%ee's 7tor#F As told to John / .it)h, Gli 2uardi%ee .e$inis)en)e 7C 772
wagon arri:ing in Arras the following #ear +n 1!21 the rest of the bo#s - 8ranB,
Adol%hus and Albert - de)ided to lea:e Montana and <oin their $other and
brothers A wagon train was asse$bled and it tooB the$ four #ears to rea)h their
destination as the# sto%%ed along the wa# to worB G$ilie and her si> sons settled
in a distri)t that be)a$e Bnown as 8ellers @eights Man# of their des)endants are
still there toda#L G$ilie and Ado%hus had the following )hildren( Louis * b
1871, died 1!6! at "awson CreeB- 8ran)is, born 1871 at "u%u#er, Montana died
1!51 at "awson CreeB- Louis M born 1877 Choteau, Montana- rose, born 187!
)hoteau, Montana- Ado%hus )harles, born 1881 at Choteau Montana, died 1!54 at
"awson CreeB- Albert, born 1866 in Montana, died 1!51 at "awson CreeB- Mar#
C born 1885 at Choteau, Montana, died 1!7! at 3owell, Montana- Julien, born
1888 at )hoteau, Montana, died 1!74 at 5ernon, /C- @attie, born 18!& at
Choteau, Montana- Laura born 18!1 in Montana- 5an Celestian, born 18!5 at
Choteau, Montana, died1858 at Arras, /C
• Glie L 2uardi%ee, born Ma# 11, 1857 at 789 Gli is first $arried to Mar# (b)
1842) and the# ha:e two )hildren John 2uardi%ee b 1878 and Hnna$ed born
188& at Choteau +n 1877, he $arries AIld /ea:er *o$anF (b 184& at 2la)ier,
Montana) the# ha:e a son ;ho$as Albert 2uardi%ee (b 188&) Cir)a 1881 he
$arries 7adie A"oes 0ot ,uite 7triBeF (b 187&) and the# ha:e )hildren( 8ranB,
born )ir)a 1885- Charles G, born 1888- Jose%hine, born ) 18!&- Louise M born
18!1- Agnes M born 18!4 and *illia$ Jose%h, born ) 18!1
2arrie%#, Gli- address( Mi%%, Montana- )lai$ no 1667- born( 11 Ma#, 1857 near
;urtle Mountain- father( /a%tiste 2arrie%# (M=tis)- $other( Julia Judith Cardinal
(M=tis)- file ref !51778
• Madeleine 2uardi%ee, born A%ril 11, 185! Madeleine was $arried and di:or)ed
before June of 188& +n the 188& Census at Choteau the# re)ord A2uardu%ee
Madeleine N @/ +ndian N fe$ale N age 21 N "aughter N di:or)ed N o))u%ation At
ho$e N )annot read N )annot write N born Canada N father born Canada N $other
born Montana N li:ing at 0orth /anB, H%%er ;eton .i:er, Choteau, with %arents
/a%tiste and Julia 2uardu%ee, sisters Mar# and Jose%hine 2uardu%ee, brothers
John and Charles 2uardu%ee, half-brother Jose%h 2uardu%ee, half-sister Cor half-
sister-in-lawD 7arah 2uardu%ee, ne%hew Gli 2uardu%ee, nie)e Julia 2uardu%eeF
7he then $arries on 0o:e$ber 21, 1881 at 7t 3eter's Mission, Louis /runo
AJure born )ir)a 184& in 0" ;he# ha:e the following )hildren( Justine born
1881 in 0"- Moses born 1885 in 0"- /a%tiste born 18!& in 0"- and Caroline
born 18!2 in 0"
• Jose%h 2uardi%ee born 184&
• Jean 2uardi%ee, born Mar)h 14, 1841 @e $arried @enriette /londion dit *hite
the daughter of *illia$ /landion and .osalie Malaterre in1882 at 7t 3eter's
Mission ;heir )hildren are( John born 8ebruar# 28, 1882 at 7t 3eter's, he
$arries Celina /elgard- Mildred @arriet born Januar# 18, 18!& at Choteau, she
$arries Mi)hael /elgard- 0elson Alo#sius born Januar# 21, 18!5- Jose%h *ilber
born 8ebruar#28, 18!8- C#ril born Ma# 15, 1!&&- 2eorge @enr# born A%ril 1&,
1!&2- Marie 7era%hina born Jul# 1&, 18!5- ;heresa born Jul# 12, 1!&4- and
Carrie born 8ebruar# 12, 1!&!
• Melanie 2uardi%ee, born 8ebruar# 14, 1841
• Charles * 2uardi%ee, born 1845 18!6 Census of the /la)Bfeet /lood and
3iegan +ndians( listed as as 0o 16! N Charles 2uardi%ee N $ale N @usband N age
12 N listed with wife Mate 7her$an 2uardi%ee and ado%ted daughter Mar#
2uardi%ee +n the 18!4 /la)Bfeet Census listed as as 0o 151 N 1 N Charles
2uardi%ee N $ale N @usband N age 2! N listed with wife Mate 2uardi%ee, daughter
Mar# 2uardi%ee +n the Canadian Census of 1!&4 listed as 2ardi%hee Charle# N
@ead N $ale N $arried N age 61 N born Manitoba N %ost offi)e .ed *illow N 7e)tion
16 N ;ownshi% 6& N .ange 11 N Meridian CillegibleD N 6 horses N 5 )attle N li:ing at
.ed *illow, 7trath)ona "istri)t, Alberta with wife Mate 2ardi%hee, daughter
Agnes 2ardi%hee
• Marie 2uardi%ee, born 1848 on the %lains near Medi)ine @at ba%tiJed at ;eton
.i:er +n 1885 she $arries 5ital G$ard (8ren)h Canadian) at Choteau +n the
1!&1 )ensus, 3ea)e .i:er listed as Mar# G$ard N fe$ale N red N *ife N $arried N
age 14 N birth%la)e M)Leod N ra)ial or tribal origin 8ull /reed N religion .o$an
Catholi) N )an read N )an write N )an s%eaB Gnglish N )an s%eaB 8ren)h N $other
tongue 8ren)h N li:ing at 3ea)e .i:er, AthabasBa "istri)t, with husband 5ital
G$ard, sons Auguste, 8ranB, Jere$ie and Gdouard G$ard, daughters Jose%hine
and Mar# G$ard
• Jose%hine 2uardi%ee, born I)tober 12, 1871 at C#%ress @ills 7he $arried
2abriel 7alois, the son of 2abriel 7alois and @elene /reland in 18!8 7he died at
"u%u#er in 1!55
7alois, Jos=%hine- address( "e%u#er- born( 12 I)tober, 1871 at C#%ress- father(
/a%tiste 2arri=%# (M=tis)- $other( Judith Cardinal (M=tis)- $arried( 18!8 to
2abriel 7alois- s)ri% +ssued for 26& a)res- file ref !51748- )lai$ no 1117
• Jose%h 2uardi%ee, born Jul# 1876 on the 7outh 8orB @e $arried Marie
3hilo$ene @oule ;he# ha:e two )hildren born at Lero#, 0"
Co$%iled b# Lawren)e /arBwell
Coordinator of Metis @eritage and @istor# .esear)h
Louis .iel +nstitute

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