Memorial Day Weekend Wildfire Update

Weeks without rainfall had increased wildfire activity this past Memorial Day weekend. Longer summer days,
higher temperatures and a decrease in moisture levels (relative humidity) lead to an increase in ignition potential
in finer fuels (grass & dead leaf litter). ne good indicator is, when strolling through your yard or near!y
natural area, you hear the dried, !rittle leaves crackle underneath your footsteps. "nother indicator is your yard
needs watering to keep the vegetation lush and green.
With rainfall in the near forecast, firefighters are preparing for an increase in lightning caused wildfires. #his
past weekend was a good reminder that all wildfires can cause damage no matter what si$e they are. n a half
acre wildfire in keecho!ee %ounty, a homeowner had damage to his shed !ecause pine needles were on his
roof. #he pine needles caught on fire and fortunately the fire department &uickly e'tinguished the flames.
(n wet season or dry season, any period of little or no rainfall that allows the finer fuels to dry out again could
prompt an increase in fire activity. )lease take the time to remove anything that will !urn from your roof and
gutters. #hat includes pine needles, leaves, small twigs, and palm fronds. *e sure there is nothing flamma!le
against the sides of your home. *e sure to use plants that are not highly flamma!le around your home. +eep
the area within ,- feet of your home picked up, mowed, and watered.
Wildfire activity this past Memorial Day
Date.#ime %ounty Wildfire /ame "cres %ause Location
0.1,.1-23425426 keecho!ee "ustralian )ine -.0 Lightning NW 24th Ave
0.13.1-23422423 7t. Lucie )eacock 8oad 6 )ower lines Peacock & California
0.10.1-234234-6 Martin 9opwood , :ard #rash SW Hopwood, Clementsville
0.13.1-23420436 9ighlands 9;*ird 2 %ampfire Sebrin Hills area off !"ail
0.13.1-23412400 7t. Lucie %ut #hroat 23 (nvestigation S"mmerlin #d on S$W%&
0.1<.1-23422436 9ighlands Marguerite 8oad 2 (nvestigation Pa'ne #d and %ar"erite #d
0.1<.1-2342041- 9ighlands 9icks , Lightning (l"ff Hammock #oad off of He)
$lorida $orest Service, *keechobee &istrict + $or more information, please contact 'o"r local station
; =nd;
,ocal #elease, Please #espond to-
%elissa ."nas, Wildfire %itiation Specialist
$lorida $orest Service /0021 223+3345
For Immediate Release
%artin Co"nt'
9ndian #iver Co"nt'
Hihlands Co"nt'
Saint ,"cie Co"nt'
*keechobee Co"nt'
<lades Co"nt'

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