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Civica acquires Keystone Asset Management Solutions

Group extends capabilities with acquisition of asset management software specialist

23 May 2014, London: Civica Group Limited (Civica), a market leader in specialist systems
and business process services that help organisations transform the way they work, has
announced that Civica ! Limited, the company"s wholly owned subsidiary, has ac#uired
specialist software provider !eystone $sset %anagement &olutions (!eystone)'
!eystone, based in Colchester, provides application software and related services
predominantly for the ! social housing sector' (ts integrated product suite is used by
customers to ensure the efficient and effective administration of housing stock including
management, planned maintenance, inspections and component accounting'
Civica does not currently offer any similar asset management software and therefore the
ac#uisition brings specialist technology to the Group which strengthens its ability to help
organisations reduce cost and risk and enhance tenant services, in particular through better
management of e)isting and future e)penditure' *he companies have a successful record of
working together at customers including &t Leger +omes and *hames ,alley +ousing'
Commenting, &imon -owning, chief e)ecutive of Civica said, ( am delighted to welcome
!eystone to the Civica Group' *he company"s complementary skills and product set add an
important capability in keeping with our clear vision and successful strategy to help customers
do more, do better and spend less'
.oshua /arren, director of !eystone, said, *he ac#uisition is the ne)t stage in the development
of our business and is a very positive step for customers, partners and employees' /e look
forward to continuing our product and support programmes as usual while building on our
respective strengths to respond to growing market needs'
*he Civica Group has a highly successful history of ac#uiring and integrating businesses with
complementary e)pertise and technology to support areas of increasing emphasis'
Aout Civica
Civica (www'civica'co'uk) is a market leader in specialist systems and business process
services for organisations across the public sector and around the world' *hrough
e)perienced people who understand service delivery, the Group applies software,
cloud0based services and outsourcing to help customers transform the way they work'
-rawing on a uni#ue combination of people, technology and business process
e)pertise, Civica supplies more than 1,233 organisations in the !, $ustralia, 4ew
5ealand, &ingapore, Canada and the &$'
Aout Keystone Asset Management Solutions
!eystone specialises in the supply, development and support of asset management
products which support social housing landlords in planning and managing the
maintenance of their housing stock' 467 !eystone $sset %anagement &olutions is a
trading name of CC& (* Limited'