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Civica wins 17 million contract with ARK Schools

5 year IT outsourcing partnership introduces greater flexibility and efficiencies for

ARK schools across the UK
May 2014, London: Civica, a mar!t l!ad!r in s"!cialist syst!ms and #$sin!ss
"roc!ss s!rvic!s has si%n!d a &iv! y!ar "artn!rshi" with ARK Schools to "rovid!
o$tso$rc!d '( s!rvic!s &or th! 2,)00 sta&& and 14,)00 st$d!nts it s$""orts across 27
"rimary and s!condary acad!mi!s in th! *K+ (h! d!al, worth 17 million, will s!! Civica
d!liv!r mana%!d s!rvic!s to acad!mi!s and #$sin!ss $nits, nationally and
ARK Schools was s!t $" as a (r$st in 2004 to cr!at! a n!twor o& non,s!l!ctiv!
acad!mi!s o&&!rin% hi%h -$ality !d$cation to childr!n o& all #ac%ro$nds, with th! aim o&
!ns$rin% that !v!ry "$"il %ains th! ri%ht sills and -$ali&ications th!y n!!d to %o to
By partnering with Civica, ARK Schools will benefit from a flexible approach to delivering
managed IT services that will %row with th! (r$st+ Civica.s activ! "artn!rshi" will !ns$r!
that s!rvic!s ar! d!si%n!d in,lin! with local school r!-$ir!m!nts thro$%ho$t th! li&! o&
th! contract, th!r!#y "rovidin% a &l!/i#l! s$""ort s!rvic! that d!liv!rs a%ainst school
In addition to the core managed service, Civica will be spporting ARK Schools in delivering a
nmber of new pro!ects loo"ing at innovation, procrement and improvements whilst also
loo"ing at new academy pro!ects #new bilds, transitions, and conversions$
A ma0or "art o& th! s!rvic! is to s$""ort "lann!d, si%ni&icant %rowth o& ARK Schools as it
ta!s on mor! acad!mi!s+ (h! s!rvic! will #! scala#l! to s$""ort incr!as!d $s!rs and
sta&& across th! %rowin% n$m#!r o& schools and #$sin!ss $nits+
By str!amlinin% s!rvic!s and trans&!rrin% ris 1 !ss!ntially o$tso$rcin% th! dir!ct cost
and #$rd!n o& mana%in% th! (r$st.s 'C( to Civica 1 ARK Schools !/"!cts to ma!
consid!ra#l! cost savin%s and achi!v! !conomi!s o& scal! with th!ir antici"at!d %rowth+
Civica will "rovid! a #l!nd o& cor! 'C( s!rvic!s incl$din% on,sit! '( s$""ort, &i!ld s!rvic!
mana%!m!nt and acc!ss to a r!mot! s$""ort d!s+ As "art o& th! a%r!!m!nt, Civica will
s$""ort !mail, 2R and &inanc! syst!ms, s!rv!r administration, mo#il! t!l!"hony, stora%!
and d!vic! mana%!m!nt+
%iana &erald, Chief 'perating 'fficer, ARK Schools commented( 3' am c!rtain that w! hav!
th! &o$ndation &or a stron% "artn!rshi" #!tw!!n ARK Schools and Civica+ (his
a%r!!m!nt $nd!r"ins o$r main aim o& d!liv!rin% %r!at t!achin% and l!arnin% that !na#l!s
o$r "$"ils to !/"and th!ir !d$cation hori4ons, as w!ll as im"rov! $niv!rsity and car!!r
o""ort$niti!s+ 5! will #! a#l! to contin$! to %row, and inv!st o$r r!so$rc!s in th! thin%s
that matt!r , im"rovin% !d$cation &or all+6
)ee Brley, Mana%in% 7ir!ctor o& Civica.s !d$cation division, said: 3Acad!mi!s and
(r$sts want to d!liv!r o$tstandin% r!s$lts and &oc$s incr!asin%ly ti%ht r!so$rc!s on
!d$cational o$tcom!s+ (his n!w "artn!rshi" ill$strat!s 0$st how th!y can !nhanc!
s!rvic!s, s!ttin% th! &ram!wor &or &$t$r! %rowth and s$cc!ss+ As th! n$m#!r o&
st$d!nts that ARK Schools s$""ort contin$!s to incr!as! ov!r th! n!/t co$"l! o& y!ars,
this a#ility to !&&ici!ntly str!amlin! administrativ! ca"a#iliti!s will "rov! to #! vital in
maintainin% o$tstandin% "!r&ormanc!+6
Civica has an excellent trac" record in providing flexible l!arnin%,l!d 'C( sol$tions, mi%ratin%
or%anisations to n!w n!twor in&rastr$ct$r!s, !m#!ddin% n!w clo$d,#as!d t!chnolo%i!s
and innovations, whilst at th! sam! tim! "rovidin% stron% &inancial trans"ar!ncy+ (h!
com"any has an am#itio$s vision in !nco$ra%in% colla#oration to acc!l!rat! l!arnin%+
Sinc! S!"t!m#!r 2018, Civica has #!!n "rovidin% mana%!d 'C( s!rvic!s to schools in
Lam#!th+ 5orin% in "artn!rshi" with th! t!n schools to d!liv!r a n!/t %!n!ration
mana%!d s$""ort s!rvic!, it has wor!d on di&&!r!nt innovations incl$din% trainin% and
s$""ort to d!liv!r a%ainst individ$al school o$tcom!s+ (h! com"any $nd!rstands th!
n!!d &or &l!/i#ility, local c$stomisations and innovativ!, $",to,dat! t!chnolo%y to t!ach
r!l!vant sills+
Civica will now review the IT infrastrctre across th! ARK !stat!, to d!t!rmin! th! #!st
sol$tion &or !ach acad!my+ Cons$ltation will #!%in with onsit! '( s$""ort sta&& who will
trans&!r across to Civica via (*9:+ Syst!ms will th!n #! s!t $", and trainin% "rovid!d &or
sta&&+ 't will also #! "rovidin% s!rvic! mana%!m!nt, o"!rational lic!ncin% and t!chnical
* +,%S *
A#o$t ARK Schools
ARK Schools #http(" is a networ" of high*achieving, non*selective schools and one
of the contry/s top*performing academy grops. 0e rn 12 academies in )ondon, Birmingham,
3ortsmoth and 4astings, edcating arond 56,788 ppils. 59 of the 59 ARK academies so far inspected
by 'fsted are rated good or otstanding. 'r aim is to create otstanding schools that give every ppil,
regardless of their bac"grond, the opportnity to go to niversity or prse the career of their choice.
A#o$t Civica
Civica" -edcation $ is a mar"et leader in specialist systems and bsiness process
services for organisations across the pblic sector and arond the world. Throgh experienced people
who nderstand service delivery, the &rop applies software, clod*based services and otsorcing to
help cstomers transform the way they wor". %rawing on a ni:e combination of people, technology and
bsiness process expertise, Civica spplies more than 1,788 organisations in the ;K, Astralia, ,ew
<ealand, Singapore, Canada and the ;SA.
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