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Sandy KH’s

Peek at the Week

November 2009
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
16 17 18 19 20
Day 1- PE Day 2 Music Day 3 Media Day 1 PE Day 2 Music

Environments: Summative
Summative Assessment DUE
Assessment Project First Grade Buddies
Mis Amigos
Art Enrichment Spanish
2:00-3:00 Spelling Test

Spanish Journal/Reading Log


5:00 Grace Howe 5:00 Cal Tierney 5:00 Holly Sogn 5:00 Greta Whitebird Have a great break!
5:20 Kiara Hohn 5:20 Abby Walker 6:00 Faith Gaetke 5:20 Brianna Roe See you November 30th
5:40 Jordan Hansen 5:40 Lily Korich 6:20 Jack Andrews 6:00 Carissa Eberhardt
6:00 Nathan Haugen 6:20 Ashton Trepp 6:40 Logan Comfort 6:20 Bryce Ausen
6:20 Caitlyn Enright 6:40 Anika Wallace 7:00 Carma McFarlane 7:00 Logan Dupey
7:00 Charlotte Trygg 7:00 Jeff Bance 7:40 Gage Sibik 7:20 Sam Nottleson
7:40 Noah Hansen


 11/12 and 13 St. Croix Conferences will take place Monday,
Mis Amigos will be starting on the  11/17 – Innisbrook Fundraiser pick up 3-6:30 November 16, Tuesday, November 17,
morning of November 20th. Students  11/23 – Conferences (No School) Wednesday, November 18, and Thursday,
will be part of a cross-age group that  11/23 – Middle School Open House November 19 in room 113, Sandy Kriz-
meets once a month to build  11/23, 24, 25, 26, 27 No School Herbert’s Fifth grade classroom.
Your conference is listed on the above
community and participate in fun
calendar. Remember to bring your goal
activities. We are excited to get page.
started and look forward to getting to
We have set up a website for all the 5th grade
classes this year. Please check it out!
In math, we are close to finishing Unit 2, We will take the unit test Nov 23, 10:30am-noon and 6:30-8pm
when we return on November 30. Families can attend either session at
In our current IB planner, students are focusing their inquiry on
either location:
Environments. The central idea of this planner is that all living things
Sunrise Park - 2399 Cedar Ave, 651-
depend on the conditions in their environment. This week we continued
discussing different environments. We brainstormed different living and
non-living things found in these environments. We also learned how they Central - 4857 Bloom Ave, 651-653-
are impacted by humans and animals. The summative assessment was 2700
explained and will be due on Friday, November 20.
In literacy, we completed the book Brian’s Winter. We also had a Families will learn about middle school
lesson in bus safety this week and learned the importance of following the opportunities, including world
bus safety rules. language, college prep programs,
We are very excited for camp and are looking forward to a fun student activities and more!
learning experience!! Parents and students are welcome to
See you next week at Sandy Kriz-Herbert’s Conferencing room attend.

Innisbrook Delivery Date is Tuesday,
November 17th from 3 to 6 pm in the
IT’S TIME TO NAME OUR SCHOOL! gymnasium. This is the ONLY time
We are taking suggestions for our new school name items will be available for pick up. If
during the month of November. Forms are available you are not able to pick up your items
in the office or online at both our school website and at this time, please call Cari Green at
fifth grade team website. 651-407-7343 BEFORE this date to
make other arrangements.

Sandy Kriz-Herbert
Room 113
(651) 407-7600 x1608