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to lose sight of the fact that we—as a community of kindred souls—once valued common sense. So cast back in your memory to that long-forgotten concept and embrace the fact that the TheAntiTerrorist & Velluminous Press stand above all for freedom and personal responsibility. Simply stated, how you apply this information in your own life has nothing to do with us. These transcripts are for education and entertainment purposes only. TheAntiTerrorist on the EU Conversation Broadcast on 27 September 2007

Hello friends, thank you for all of your messages and your emails of support and your comments and thank you for keeping the conversation alive and for taking a stand with me. Now thanks to YouTube’s 10-minute policy, I have very little time to discuss a massive topic so I am going to get on and create the context for this week’s broadcast. When I’m having discussions with people about the NWO, I notice the general trend seems to be discussing the consequences or the endgame. In other words, people are talking about martial law and RFID chips and compulsory chipping and cashless societies, and that’s all dreadful stuff, but that’s in the future, that’s a consequence of not taking actions that we could take right now. We could be there, for sure, no doubt about it, if we do not do certain things that we can do right now. And so what I feel needs to happen is that we need to step back—we’re all staring at the endgame, we’re all looking at the consequences, we’re not looking at what we can be doing right now, we’re all focussed on the future and we’re failing to act in the present. And so, what we need to talk about right now is the European Union and the American Union, The North American Union. So I’m going to deal with the European Union first, and rather than going into the history of it all—there are many, many videos out there that can tell you all about the history of it far better than I can—I will, of course use certain clips to illustrate my point, but essentially I want to talk about what it involves, the future of it, the present of it. So let’s look first at a brief outline. [video] I’m a very spiritual person, I believe that we’re all one. In the words of Bill Hicks, “we’re all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively,’ and so what is wrong with this ‘one-ness’ that they’re trying to create? What’s wrong with being one global nation, or one European nation under one flag, with one national anthem, one police force, one government—what is wrong with that? We’re all one, right? What is the cost of becoming ‘one’ as they would have it? [video]

You only have to look at what happened to our fisheries when we handed those over to Europe all those years ago to see the dire consequences that those trade agreements and those trade regulations would have on our country. I think the problem with using the Euro in this whole argument with the British people, is that I think we’re all very complacent about it, and because travelling around Europe and getting to and from Europe from England is very easy and cheap, I would say that the majority of people have used the Euro at some point over the last few years. They know what it feels like, they know what it looks like, they’ve used it in everyday transactions. And so I believe that because it’s part of our vocabulary and it’s part of the way we live our lives, it’s not seen as the threat it actually is to our economy. The other aspect of the legislation from Brussels is that our legal system would be in jeopardy, and you would that that because our legal system in the UK is held up in high regard and is probably one of the best and most fair systems in the world, they would use that as a benchmark to create some sort of fair and just legal system within the country of Europe. [video] Oh. Well, that’s not good. At least if we don’t like what they’re doing we can always vote them out, right? And vote in some new, fair people with some integrity. I think that’s probably the way to go. [video] Well, that’s not good either. But if push comes to shove, we can always send our army in—send our armed forces in, they’ll sort the whole thing out, diplomatically, of course, and we’ll be back to square one agin. We’ll have our pound back and we will have our national sovereignty back and once again the armed forces will have sorted the whole thing out. Thank god we have them under our control. [video] Now if you follow politics in this country and you are aware of what’s going on, you’ll know that all of the systems for a very effective police state are now in place—they are not being utilised but they are there to be switched on whenever the need arises. It’s the use of these last two aspects, the use of our armed forces and the loss of our British legal system, our system of law that concerns me most. Every piece of legislation that comes out of Europe now will be enforced by our own armed services now and our own police against us, the British public. There’s so much legislation coming out of Brussels right now that you could

be breaking a law just watching this video and not know it. I think what I’ve seen that illustrates this point best recently is a short film called “Patriotism in the UK.” Do a google search and look it up, it’s well worth your time. So this brings us to the European Parliament in Brussels and what you would think would be a potential solution, having an MEP to speak on your behalf. Now the bottom line is it’s only open for four days a month, and during that time there are so many pieces of legislation being passed though each day on those four days that your MEP only has 60 seconds to speak on any piece of legislation they want to contest. After 60 seconds their mic is turned off and they have to sit down. Surely the answer then is to have the European Parliament open every day, all day like the current parliament here in the UK is. But the party line is it’s such an expensive enterprise gathering all these politicians from their home countries to one spot to debate, that we couldn’t possibly afford it. Now as one MEP whistleblower recently revealed, these corrupt politicians from these different countries—including our own—are buying cheap flights to Brussels and then charging the European Parliament the full fare for a first class ticket. Now from what I’ve seen and heard, this airline scam is well-known within the European Parliament, so if cost really were the issue, they would have stamped that out by now. But we know that doesn’t matter, it’s not about cost at all, it’s about getting this legislation through as fast as possible—it’s meant to be that way. Four days; 60 seconds per politician, reams of policy to be read the night before the votes are taken. Our own corrupt politicians now hamstrung, with their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths gagged. We’ve been denied a referendum, the NWO is on rails and it is moving fast. How do we resist it? Civil disobedience? Are there enough of us to cause a problem for them? Please, research the European Union, research the North American Union. Keep talking to each other. Keep asking questions, and wake up the sheeple. Thanks for listening.

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