The Priceless Gift

Psalms 42:1
“As the Hart Panteth after the
Water Brooks,
So Panteth my Soul after Thee O’
David the King of Israel committed despicable sins
but in poetry he expressed a real love of God. Have
you ever felt this way toward God?
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The Priceless Gift
Your author and Tucker after a hike at
Mount Baldy
"he author lives in #pland$ %& where he en'oys the
fruits of retirement. (ou can have real 'oy in life and
)now your future is eternal life in Heaven.
*ay +yes, to God and ta)e His -riceless Gift.
&ll man)ind$ from )ids to seniors$ thin) about what
lies ahead when this life ends and you move on.
"ime passes faster than we reali.e. "he best time to
accept %hrist is /012
(our life will change. 3e patient and be focused.
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The Priceless Gift
"his boo) is in memory of a man that +wal)ed the
5anuary 67$ 6834 5une !9$ !77:
/ever mind that I grew up in the shadow of my little
brother in athletics. His 6
grade teacher commented
on his report card that she never wanted to see him
again. /ever mind that he dropped out of our family
at age thirteen$ or that many of us prayed five years
for him to return to God. 1hen God was ready He
changed a +no$ not yet, to a +yes, in answer to our
prayers. "han)s to his wife *hirley for helping %hung
grow rapidly in %hrist. 0ur entire family benefitted
from his example of %hristian witnessing. "he world
got a little brighter when %hung turned his life over to
God. (ou may be trying to solve life;s problems on
your own. God too) this unli)ely life and made it
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The Priceless Gift
"he &ssociate -astor for whom %hung wor)ed told us
that %hung had no hesitance in tal)ing to someone
about being
saved. He
heard that
witnessed to
=ohammad &li
in an airport
terminal$ and
reali.ed the
potential in the
ministry. God
answers prayer.
"he effectual
fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.
>5ames <?6@. "he -astor said when visiting with
%hung$ if the person was not home$ he would witness
to the person answering the door. &t 7$ my brother
decided we should begin running in the *enior
0lympics. 0ur best runs were the sprints. "hat
brought us together for many state meets$ and two
national meets. It was fun each year running with him
in places li)e the *an &ntonio /ationals$ "ucson
/ationals. *tate meets in %alifornia$ #tah$ =issouri
and Kansas. 3y then we blew out our )nees$ and had
to drop bac) to running <Ks God truly blessed us$ and
God continues to bless our families. 1e had some
exciting races$ but for %hung nothing compared to
helping a sinner repent and accept %hrist. "hose
were the days.
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The Priceless Gift
%hung also loved the water. 0ne time we flew into
Hilo on the 3ig Island of Hawaii. %hung spotted an
old metal tower in the bay. &top that tower would
ma)e a good diving platform. 0ff we 'ogged to the
other side of Hilo 3ay for a few dives. Ditto the
waterfalls on =aui. 1e had to stop and wait for him
to dive. "here were native Hawaiians 'umping from
the falls. %hung peeled to swim trun)s$ and climbed
the roc)s to the top of the falls. 1ithout hesitation$ he
pushed away from the roc)s and opened into his
patented swan dive. It was a thing of beauty$ and
locals all applauded as he came up out of the water.
%hung had no fear. His favorite 3ible verse was
Hebrews 6!?6. +Aet us run with patience the race
which is set before us.,
I reali.e this is a lengthy dedication$ but I want you to
be challenged as I am by a real man in love with our
Bedeemer. It is good to select a %hristian role model$
but always remember that our ultimate model is the
one who went through torture and agony on a cross
and shed His blood to wash away my sin and your
sin. "he one whom I cherish and serve is 5esus
%hrist. %hung$ are you saving me a spot in line to
see and tal) with 5esus?
+1herefore seeing we also are compassed about with
so great a cloud of witnesses$ let us lay aside every
weight$ and the sin which doth so easily beset us$ and
let us run with patience the race that is set before us$,
Hebrews 6!? 6
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The Priceless Gift
"here is an unclaimed
gift waiting for you to pic)
up. &ccept this boo) with
love. & friend of yours
gave you the boo). 3ut$
there is a much better
gift. (ou can learn more
about it in chapter one.
If you died now would
you go to Heaven? William Allen
If +no,$ or +you are not sure$, pray for insight$ honesty$
openness$ and understanding.

In the next chapter are some sample statements you
may have made about your beliefs or other options.
*ome people feel that %hristians get carried away by
following their emotions without logic. I find the
%hristian has used more logical thin)ing than for any
other path in life. Ditto for me but I thin) we can have
emotions$ both inwardly felt and outwardly visible.
%ompare your beliefs from the type of other beliefs to
see which ma)es more sense. 1ho is the true God?
1hoCwhat do you worship? %hrist$ false gods$ idols$
cult$ money and toys$ or nothing >perhaps evolution@.
&s you read would you pray to God whom you do not
)now yet$ for the faith to believe?
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The Priceless Gift
In memory of %hung
Greetings from the author
&percu >a digest by chapter@
%hapter 6 D "he -riceless Gift
%hapter ! D +Gift, means free
%hapter 3 D Ethics$ 5ustice *ystem$ and the 3ible
%hapter 4 D *atan D a spiritual iconoclast
%hapter < D Hell
%hapter D Evolution Elevator Going Down
%hapter 9 F "he true God performs miracles
%hapter : F 0ld "estament -rophesies on the
messiah are fulfilled
%hapter 8 D Execute the %hoice =odel
%hapter 67 D %hrist is the &nswer
& church to serve you
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The Priceless Gift
>"al) at the water cooler@
+It does not ma)e sense to believe in God. "here are
enough real things to )eep me busy. I do not go for
the emotional things. I deal in facts as proven with
scientific methods. I ascribe evolution to the atheist.,
Does that pretty much sum it up? If God;s love$ the
3ible$ %hrist; sacrifice for you$ %hristians$ prayer$
church$ and religion in general 'ust do not ma)e
sense. "his boo) is prompted for people see)ing to
have the right answers regarding eternity$ but who
must have more evidence.
If you are a +thin)ing, person$ and honest with
yourself$ pleeeease follow this boo) to structure your
rational study into the reali.ation that God is real and
the 3ible is His word for you. (ou will have all of
those things the 3ible tal)s about$ including hope for
tomorrow and for eternity.
(ou probably thought the last thing you would ever do
is to become a %hristian. 1ow$ isn;t it getting hot in
here? (ou could actually become a %hristian before
this day ends. -ray for that. 1hy not? 1hat exactly
is this -riceless Gift?
I am than)ful for the one who gave you this boo). It
contains material that is consistent with the 3ible. I
recommend you chec) my words against the 3ible.
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The Priceless Gift
3e sure the 3ible verses are ta)en within context of
the chapter and boo) of the 3ible.
What is the Bible?
"he 3ible is 
• "he word of God
• Heralds *alvation and the love of God
• -owerful promises and values >love$ mercy$
liberty$ faith$ and %hristian example
• Inerrant world history D stands the test of time
• %onsistent with &ncient =anuscripts
• "he world leader in publication
• God;s word for everyone. 3iblica references a
*tatistical *ummary provided by #3* 1orld
Beport$ =arch !77! that !!:9 languages are
translated for you
God is a Jealous God
+I am the Aord your God$ who brought you out of
the land of Egypt$ out of the house of bondage.
(ou shall have no other gods before =e.,
+(ou shall not ma)e for yourself a carved image$ or
any li)eness of anything that is in heaven above$
or that is in the earth beneath$ or that is in the
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The Priceless Gift
water under the earthG you shall not bow down to
them nor serve them. Hor I$ the Aord your God$ am
a 'ealous God. Hurther evidence that God and His
1ord >"he 3ible@ are real and true.
• Hour gospel boo)s corroborate one another
• &ll boo)s and verses were inspired by the Holy
*pirit through the author chosen by God
• *ixty six boo)s written by different men over
hundreds of years are compatible$ and
• -erfect harmony among all boo)s credited
to the inspiration of the Holy *pirit.
• -rophetic verses of the coming =essiah in the
0ld "estament in precise detail are fulfilled in
the /ew "estament
• /umerous miracles by 5esus are highly
Each of the ensuing chapters is something important
for your beliefs on life. 1e may not )now each other$
but I care for your spiritual destiny. I )now God cares
about you much more than anyone in man)ind
possibly could.
"here is more evidence than any other choice for your
worship. 1hether you and I have ever met or not$ I
recommend$ yes even urge you to give your life to
%hrist. I spea) with all I can offer for your trust in your
%reator. God has shown me
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The Priceless Gift
• He can help in navigating life;s storms
• He can help you find the right career
• He can help in finding =r. or =rs. Bight.
• If married He can help you find harmony
• Help you include children for family love
• 1hen you wal) through the valley of the
shadow of death$ God is with you
• 0n and on and on$ God can help you.
1hen you become a %hristian$ the grave will no
longer have victory and death no sting. (our future is
in Heaven. 5esus said$ +I go to prepare a place for
you., 5ohn 64?4.
"he following may help. It is a brief definition of )ey
!ey "alues or factors #ith a brief definition
*alvation D 1hen we accept %hrist$ He gives us
eternal life. 1e become 'oint heirs with %hrist.
"he -riceless Gift F is salvation. 0nly God can
provide it.
%reation D God spo)e everything into existence.
God;s time D %reation was completed in >@ !4 hour
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The Priceless Gift
Aiberty D "his is freedom within limits. (ou alone
among all of creation have the power and liberty to
accept %hrist or not. 1hen you die physically$ it
becomes too late to decide.
%ondemned D #pon death one goes directly to hell if
heCshe is not saved. Do nothing and ta)e the default
choice$ which is hell. (ou are already condemned.
*in D enmity against God. "he 3ible says +&s a man
thin)s in his heart$ so is he., (ou sin with your
Iconoclast F one who attac)s and see)s to destroy
widely accepted ideas.
3orn again D 1hen you accept %hrist you begin a
new life. 5esus gave this analogy in 5ohn 3?6F9.
5ustification D 3y accepting %hrist$ I am >'ustFasFifFI;d@
never sinned. (ou are +'ustified, through faith.
*anctification D "he process of a %hristian growing
more li)e %hrist every day.
3ible D It is God;s word to you. -rophesies of the
=essiah in the 0ld "estament are precisely reali.ed
in the /ew "estament. It is also the best world
history boo) ever written. (ou might ditto that for
poetry. "he wisest man)ind in history was *olomon.
He authored the boo) of -roverbs. "hat is God
teaching us how to be successful and full of 'oy.
Haith D 3elieving in something you cannot see. It is
the most powerful force you will ever obtain if you
accept the gift that is the sub'ect of your reading this
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The Priceless Gift
boo). Hebrews 66?6 faith is the substance of things
hoped for$ the evidence of things not seen.
Hreedom D free from the condemnation of our sin
*inless D 5esus bore no sin of his own$ but He bore
our sin so that we might stand before God as sinless.
Heaven or hell D If you chose to accept %hrist$ your
eternal home is Heaven. If you choose another god$
prophet$ or idol$ or ma)e no choice you will spend
eternity in hell.
*ummary of salvation D 5ohn 3?6.
+Hor God so loved the world >that is you@ that He gave
His only begotten *on >%hrist@ that whosoever >you@
believes in Him shall not perish >hell@$ but have
everlasting life. >Heaven@,
Aove F %orinthians 63?63
$&nd now abides faith$ hope$ and charity$ but the
greatest of these is charity ,%harity is agape love.
H&I"H D (ou have complete faith in God$ and only
God. & )in word is +trust.,
H0-E D "he %hristian )nows heCshe has eternal life
in Heaven. "he 3ible says it$ and I believed it.
AI3EB"( F you have liberty >freedom@ to decide life
choices. 0nly man)ind has a soul and the liberty to
ma)e a choice to accept %hrist. & )indred to the
%olonials who sought freedom >or liberty.@
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The Priceless Gift
A%ercu by Cha%ter
"his is a digest of each chapter to enable you to
Iuic)ly see material compiled in my lifetime of God;s
blessings. "he Aord God$ the real God will bless you
1hy is the -riceless Gift a critical issue?
1hy did a friend want you to have this boo)? "he
purpose in the first chapter is to remind you that God
loves you. God touched the heart of a friend$
compelling him or her to give you some straight facts
on the love of God. "he everFsoFcritical issue is
sal"ation It enables you to en'oy eternal life in
Heaven$ and to avoid hell.
Cha%ter & ' The Priceless Gift
1hat is this gift? %an a thin)ing person be successful
in their career and believe in God? &re Heaven and
hell real? Is salvation really free? Describe +wage,
and +gift, in the context of Bomans ?!3.
-riceless means F *omething so valuable it can never
be sold for any price$ often used as hyperbole for
something with extremely high value.
Cha%ter ( ' Gift Means )ree
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The Priceless Gift
"he priceless gift is free to +who so ever will, accept
%hrist. (es$ that includes you.
Cha%ter &
The Priceless Gift
Mark *+,* $If anyone is ashamed of me and my
words in this adulterous and sinful generation$ the
*on of =an will be ashamed of them when he comes
in his Hather;s glory with the holy &ngels., &ccept His
-riceless Gift.
(es D I accept the gift D eternity in Heaven
/o D I re'ect the gift D eternity in hell
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The Priceless Gift
1elcome to The Priceless Gift
In this boo)$ we will list and use some of the general
mind sets that many put ahead of
our loving Heavenly Hather.
(our beliefs should be on this next
list. 1hich did you choose before
considering the first choice listed?
Which best describes you-
 "he true 5ehovah God D Hather$ *on$ and Holy
 0r one of these
 &ny other god$ false gods$ or idols
 %ult D 0ften a mix of 3ible and a selfF
proclaimed god
 &theist and often choose evolution
 &gnostic$ blan) thought D may accept
 /o thought about a god$ li)e an ostrich
 0ther D anything but the true God$ 5ehovah
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The Priceless Gift
(es. "he line in the sand has been drawn. =ay you
step over to God;s side today?
Your .ich /eritage
If you would li)e a fantastic life$ let God in and accept
%hrist as *avior. If you do not accept Him you may
still have happy times. 3ut$ for real 'oy and peace in
your life you must claim God;s promises such as the
-salm. (our access to God the Hather is through
God the *on D 5esus %hrist.
1ould you li)e to leave a rich inheritance to that
husband or wifeG son or daughterG or other friend?
*et the example with God leading you into fellowship
with the %reator and Bedeemer.
"he #*& in 699 was 'ust 63 colonies. "hen men
who were brave visionaries united those colonies.
"hey were ready to denounce the shac)les
Greeeeeat 3ritttain. & great patriot and leader of our
nation$ and Governor of Jirginia$ -atric) Henry said
+Give me liberty or give me death., "hat same man
wisely said +"his is all the inheritance I give to my
dear family. "he religion of %hrist will give them one
which will ma)e them rich indeed., (our 'ob is to
supplement a small amount of faith with historical
evidence as in this boo) and ma)e the right decision.
The Priceless Gift0 What is it-
*omething is free to you and for you. Hurry$ open the
gift wrap. 1hat is in the box? In the box is a promise
from God. It is 5ohn 3?6.
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The Priceless Gift
"he most wonderful gift in the world will be found
when you pray and as) God for salvation. "he
precious gift of God is truly the -riceless Gift.
"he 3ible says +...who so ever >(ou@ believes in Him
>5esus@ shall not perish >condemned to hell@$ but have
everlasting life >*alvation for Heaven@. >5ohn 3?6@. I
li)e this verse of God;s promise$ and its importance
compels me to remind you of that promise often.
"he message of this boo) may sound li)e it was
written 'ust for you. It is a gift from a friend. "he
message for you is li)e no other gift ever given.
-lease accept both the boo) and the message as
gifts of love. (ou can be very successful in life when
you )now your eternal future is Heaven.
"he 3ible spea)s of two different natures. 1hen you
have salvation$ you are born again with a new and
much different nature. (ou are no longer
condemned. >5ohn 3?6:@. (our Heavenly Hather
shows you the apex of mercy and forgiveness.
Jesus is the Perfect 1acrifice
5ust li)e the 0ld "estament followers of (ahweh$ slew
the perfect$ unblemished lamb to sacrifice for the
remission of sin$ 5esus is our sacrifice today. %hrist
came from Heaven to be sub'ected to *atan;s
temptations 'ust as we are. He went to the cross$ and
accepted every degrading thing the -harisees could
imagine. 5esus paid the price. He dragged the heavy
cross up the via dolorosa road to a small hill called
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The Priceless Gift
Golgotha also called %alvary. "his man on a cross
was hoisted into the air na)ed and bleeding. His
closest friends and family felt his pain and suffering.
& crown of thorns sun) into His head.
"he crowd lining the way cursed$ spit$ laughed$
moc)ed$ and anticipated the execution. "here was
also screaming$ wailing$ fainting$ and horrible pain by
those who loved and followed 5esus.
"he crowd moc)ed my *avior. "his experience must
have torn at the soul of the &postles. "he 3ible tells
us that 5esus; mother was at the cross. It must have
been li)e all of the world;s cruelty poured out on one
man. Hard even for the GodCman. (ou see$ 5esus
was paying for your sins. Hree? 0nly free to you and
me and all man)ind. %hrist paid in full for your
redemption. (ou must only claim it in a simple prayer
to God that you accept His gift. (our prayer of
acceptance obliterates the sin that sends men and
women to hell for eternity. Do not miss the gift. Do
not miss the gift. I plead$ do not miss the gift.
1al"ation is through Christ 2 only! 5ohn 64?3
"he pastor was preaching on salvation and as this
boo) does he repeated the plan of salvation. "hen he
would say over and over again. +(ou must be saved
through %hrist., "he sermon was finished$ and one of
the deacons came up to his pastor and complimented
him on the message 'ust heard. +3ut$ tell me one thing
pastor,$ the man as)ed. +1hy did you repeat over and
over that we must be saved through %hrist?, "he
pastor 'umped all over that Iuestion. +It is because
you must be saved through %hrist., >/o man comes
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The Priceless Gift
to the Hather$ except by me.@ &s the preacher said$
there is salvation through none other than 5esus
Cha%ter (
Gift Means )ree
In 5ohn 3?6$ God promises you the gift.
• (ou are Iualified to receive the Gift.
>1hosoever believes on Him F you@
• (ou shall not perish in hell.
>*hall not perish@
• 1ill have everlasting life.
>Eternity in Heaven@
Kuestions you will want answered
• 1hat does salvation cost you?
• 1hy me?
• 1hy would God pardon my sin?
• 1hat am I saved from?
*hort answers are at the end of this chapter.
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The Priceless Gift
Why is The Priceless Gift )ree-
"he price has been paid in full by %hrist. (es$ the
priceless gift is yours by as)ing God for it and
accepting %hrist as your personal *avior. "oday$
some groups fight it. "he world does not understand.
If you have trouble believing right now$ stop and pray
for God to help you repent and surrender to Him.
/o rules to obey. /o pilgrimages. /o self inflicted
suffering. /o one else can pray you in. /o baptism or
communion$ or confession to a priest will wor). "hat
is ditto for idol worship. /o rules to obey. /o
pilgrimages. /o stairs to climb. /o courses to pass.
/o one can pray you in. "here are no idols >candles$
prayer cloth$ handmade cross$ beads$ pictures$
statues$ church buildings$ or prayer booth@ to
intervene. "here are no classes$ or tests. &n ob'ect
lesson to understand the >L@ has stayed with me.
I was around nine years old when I saw a small group
clustered around a street preacher. "he preacher
held a dollar bill in the air and said anyone could
come and ta)e it with no strings attached. & man
wal)ing by too) it. "he rest of us fro.e in our trac)s.
It would be mine if I 'ust wal)ed over and too) it.
1ell$ it happened again recently. 0ur family was
vacationing at /ewport 3each. &s we strolled by the
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The Priceless Gift
pier in the evening$ we stopped to hear a couple of
young men espousing the gospel of %hrist. "hey
offered a L!7 bill to the first to come and ta)e it.
"he lesson here is on salvation. It is available to
anyone who will come to God in prayer$ and accept
%hrist as your *avior D no strings attached.
*alvation changes you. Here are a few of the
• "herefore if any man be in %hrist$ he is a new
creature? old things are passed awayG behold
all things are become new. ! %orinthians <? 69
• /o longer condemned to hell. 5ohn 3? 6:
• (ou share in the peace of the Holy *pirit.
Bead -salms !3. 1hat comfort in times of
• Bepentance means your life ma)es a uFturn D
you will have new values plus the hope of
eternal life in Heaven
Every good gift is from above. &ll good gifts
combined are not on the same value as the -riceless
Gift of salvation. *alvation is a gift of God. Bomans
? !3b >...the gift of God is salvation ...@
Have you ever flown first class? Have you ever
par)ed for a ball game in the JI- lot? Have you ever
watched a game from the s)y box? Have you ever
had privileged boarding for a flight? "hese are gifts
found in our world today. God;s gift surpasses things
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The Priceless Gift
that may be lost to thieves$ rust$ moth$ fire$ water$ or
con artists.
I am the Aord your God$ who brought you out of the
land of Egypt$ out of the house of bondage. (ou shall
have no other gods before =e.
(ou shall not ma)e for yourself a carved image$ or
any li)eness of anything that is in heaven above$ or
that is in the earth beneath$ or that is in the water
under the earthG you shall not bow down to them nor
serve them. Hor I$ the Aord your God$ am a 'ealous
In our world today we may get used to every cause.
=ost want our money. History shows that a nation
that follows the true God prospers.
During the reign of King &hab$ his wife 5e.ebel
brought her false god with her D 3aal. Eli'ah
prophesied her demise$ but the false prophets )ept
their worship of 3aal$ and the nation suffered.
5e.ebel;s demise was precisely prophesied. Dogs
ate her body as she lie dead in the street.
"he pattern of 5ewish history$ both Israel and 5udah
was consistent. >Good )ing and success$ bad )ing
and failure.@
"here are no catches to %hristianity. &s you continue
in this boo)$ it is time for you to become a %hristian.
5esus paid your way$ but you still need to reach out
and ta)e it. (our acceptance is critical. 1hat can
you lose?
• /o second chance after you die
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The Priceless Gift
• /either baptism nor communions are
conditions for salvation. Each is an ordinance
for %hristians to observe. "hey are acts of
worship to God after salvation.
• /o one can pray or buy you into Heaven
• /o one can ma)e the decision for you
• (ou cannot decide after your death
• #pon death$ the door is closed$ the opportunity
is lost
• (ou must not wait until you are on the
deathbed to accept D ris) is too high
• (ou cannot buy salvation
• =any people will re'oice with your decision
& friend of yours gave you this boo) because they
want you to pray to God and accept salvation through
5esus %hrist. 1hy? "here are two reasons. Hirst$
they love God and they love you. >&gape love@
*econdly$ before ascending into Heaven$ 5esus
commanded the body of believers to witness
throughout the world. =ar) 6?6< &nd He said to
them$ MGo into the entire world and preach the gospel
to all creation.,
"here is no other wayG to receive salvation except
through %hrist. 5ohn64?. (ou sin N fall short of
God;s Glory. Bomans 3?!3 %hrist paid the price to
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The Priceless Gift
cleanse you of your sins. Bomans ? !3 >0ur boo)
title came from this verse.@ God wants you to pray
and accept His gift of %hrist for your salvation. If you
meant that prayer$ what has God promised you?
Bead 5ohn 3? 9. (ou are +born again,. If you really
did 'ust pray to accept %hrist$ you 'ust made the best
decision you have ever made and ever will ma)e.
%ongratulations >and hallelu'ah@. (ou may feel a
weight was 'ust ta)en off of your shoulders. In 5ohn
3?6 F9$ 5esus tal)s about being +born again,.
&ssuming you mean business and you truly accepted
%hrist$ (ou are now +born again., "a)e the -riceless
Gift now and secure your peace and freedom for
Kuestions you will want answered
• 1hat will salvation cost me?
o &nswer L7.77
• 1hy me?
o God loves every one of us
• 1hy would God pardon my sin?
o &nswer again is pure love
• 1hat am I saved from?
o (ou are condemned to an Eternal hell
He made man)ind for our reciprocity of love. I love
God$ because He first loved me.
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The Priceless Gift
+I am the Aord your God$ who brought you out of the
land of Egypt$ out of the house of bondage. (ou shall
have no other gods before =e.,
Cha%ter ,
4thics0 Justice 1ystem0 and the Bible
"hese three things need clarification. Is there any
difference between them? *in is the most punishing.
#nethical behavior will not send you to hell.
%riminal behavior will not send you to hell.
*in will send you to hell$ but there is a way to cover or
to wipe out that sin as though it never happened.
1hat is that one thing? It is the -riceless Gift. 1hat
is that Gift? Have you ta)en that Gift? Is there any
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The Priceless Gift
1ould God share your love with thing else? (ou shall
not ma)e for yourself a carved image$ or any li)eness
of anything that is in heaven above$ or that is in the
earth beneath$ or that is in the water under the earthG
you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. Hor
I$ the Aord your God$ am a 'ealous God.,
*in uniIuely$ has to do with your relationship to God.
"he 'ustice system is designed by men and women
who may not be %hristian. &ny notion that our laws
are under girded by %hrist is faulty.
/ow compare to ethics. "here is a theory to 'ustify
anything you do. Ethics parts way with the Aaw.
1ith ethics anything goes$ because there are about
five completely different theories. 0ne may be used
in con'unction with the 3ible to wor).
"he deontological theory would wor) if the 3ible were
the set of rules. "he Deontological theory only
handles the +'ustice, aspect. It does not congeal with
mercy or liberty or freedom.
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The Priceless Gift
Immanuel Kant$ in his Hundamental -rinciples of the
=etaphysics of =orals dubbed his wor) in ethics as
+"he %ategorical Imperative,. He designed a rule for
testing rules. 3asically it reIuires KantOs example of a
false promise.
%ompare these to *in. God says *in is in the mind.
"o lust after someone is a sin. "han) you for staying
with the boo). I truly hope you will accept and agree
with the material so far.
• "he material is honest and reflects my deep
concern and love for you.
• Ditto concern by your friend D the one who
gave the gift of this boo) to you.
• "he 3ible does ma)e sense and you must
admit now that it could be true.
• Do you feel li)e King &grippa in &cts !?!:$
when he said to -aul? +&lmost thou
persuadest me to become a %hristian.,
However$ you must ma)e it
1hat is the difference between Ethics$ the Aaw$ and
(ou may have noticed. %orporations and small
businesses each have a =ission *tatement. Grandpa
used them$ but today they are largely window
dressing. "he career talent that God gave me was
the analysis$ and design of business systems to
improve company performance$ and for better
company productivity. &s companies update their
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The Priceless Gift
3usiness *tatement$ you will see more use of the
term +ethics, and a reduction of the term +Iuality,.
1hat ma)es an honest manager? 1ould he or she
be described in terms of a standard as follows? How
do these compare? 1hat is +ethics,? Does it
adeIuately invo)e the meaning of +honesty,? &s one
who taught the sub'ect in graduate and
undergraduate levels in the university$ I would not use
it. -eople use it to mean a degree above others in
being fair$ honest$ and all else you can sIuee.e under
the 3oy *cout cloa). "here are 4 or < definitions
within the theories of ethics.
Ethical "heories
Conse5uentialism may be used when you want an
act to do the most good for the most people.
If you apply .elati"ity you decide the best outcome
under a set of circumstances.
4goism is what is best for number one.
"he 6eontological theory says right is meeting the
list of rule statements. I accept only the Deontological
theory if the rules come from the 3ible.
"he !ant7s Categorical 8m%erati"e believes in the
value of human life.
"here is 'ust one right way in life$ and that is God;s
way. 5esus said +I am the way ..., >5ohn 64?@
How about Aegality? 1e are certainly a litigious
society. "he legal field is full of ambulance chasers.
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The Priceless Gift
&ny good lawyer )eeps a nec) brace in his or her
des) drawer.
%ivil law is based on your actions. 0f course your
thoughts prompt sin. (our thoughts may run
passionately out of control$ but unless you act on
them$ there is no crime.
"o hate someone is sin. Envy$ pride$ lust$ and anger
are sins.
Ethics does not tell who you are. It can mean
different things depending on the theory you choose.
(ou can also mixCmatch the theories.
1ith respect to the law$ it can differ substantially with
the law. I submit for your 'udgment that sin is the
greatest indicator of who you are.
God;s word supports this.
&ll have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
>Bomans 3? !3@
&s a man thin)s in his heart$ so is he. >-roverbs
!3?9@ "his is in God;s word. & crime is an action that
tramples the rights of another. It becomes a sin as
you plan it out in advance.
1hat a person thin)s is a sin. It could also be a
prelude to a crime. 1hat a person thin)s could be a
motive for a crime.
(ou were created with a soul. /o other of Gods
creations has a soul. *ome who might admit to being
+evolutionists, should have trouble with the 3ible.
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The Priceless Gift
=any such people have an income from their digging.
I can understand them for fighting people li)e me and
most %hristians.
%omparing the three explanations for good and bad
behavior$ what do we have?
Ethics is for your behavioral display window$ but does
not identify bad behavior.
Aaw and 'ustice are important and necessary in any
society. "he devil cries out for government control$
but the people cry out for freedom. Evil regimes
however can abuse the law for their benefit. Aaw may
be temporal to provide a harmonious society$ e.g.
*in is defined in the 3ible. It ta)es place in the mind.
(ou can never stand before God with sin. 3y
accepting %hrist as your *avior$ He blots out your sin.
(ou then can enter the presence of God. (ou have
been 'ustified for this$ through the blood %hrist shed
on the cross on Golgotha;s hill.
&s a %hristian you might celebrate Easter and
Besurrection *unday for what %hrist did for you. (ou
might celebrate %hristmas to remember that God
came down from Heaven as God the *on$ and at the
same time God as man >incarnate@ to live on earth
sub'ected to all temptation as you$ but He remained
+He who )new no sin became sin for us$ so that in him
we might become the righteousness of God >! %or.
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The Priceless Gift
"he 3ible has the best word on behavior. "he man or
woman who has learned to trust in God can turn the
problem over to Him. Hallelu'ah2
%lothe yourselves with the Aord 5esus %hrist$ and do
not thin) about how to gratify the desires of the sinful
nature >Bomans 63?64@.
Each one is tempted when$ by his own evil desire$ he
is dragged away and enticed. "hen$ after desire has
conceived$ it gives birth to sinG and sin$ when it is fullF
grown$ gives birth to death >5ames 6?64F6<@.
1hat causes fights and Iuarrels among you? DonOt
they come from your desires that battle within you?
>5ames 4?6@.
1e should try to act properly$ but it;s even more
important to deal with our thoughts and emotions$
since they are the source of our sinful actions.
3lind -harisee2 Hirst clean the inside of the cup and
dish$ and then the outside also will be clean >=atthew
DonOt fantasi.e about sin$ thin)ing that your thoughts
are harmless. 1hen you cherish sin in your heart$ you
put a wedge between yourself and God.
If I had cherished sin in my heart$ the Aord would not
have listened >-salm ?6:@.
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The Priceless Gift
Cha%ter 9
1atan a 1%iritual 8conoclast
"he 3ible says in Ephesians ?6!
+1e wrestle not against flesh and blood$ but against
principalities$ against powers$ against the rulers of the
dar)ness of this world$ and against spiritual
wic)edness in high places.,
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Do not buy
into the
devil’s lies.
Liar, liar,
pants on fire.
The Priceless Gift
"he Devil will hit you with lies$ lies$ and more lies.
5esus warned us that there would be many coming in
His name$ but who are false prophets or an &ntiF
%hrist. (our choice in life is so terribly critical. Aies
can be well disguised. "he best way to tell when he
is lying D it is when his lips move.
Be#are of false gods and idols
5esus said in =ar) 63?
+=any will come in my name$ claiming$ PI am the
=essiah$; and will deceive many.,
&nd stated again in :uke (&+*
He said? +1atch out that you are not deceived. Hor
many will come in my name claiming$ PI am he$; and$
P"he time is near.; Do not follow them.
*atan is real. He will deceive you and lie to you. He
will start you on drugs$ alcohol$ and tobacco until you
are hoo)ed. "here are facets of salvation to ma)e you
stronger against temptation.
(our nature from the first birth you had as an heir of
&dam is the following.
& Corinthians (+&9-
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The Priceless Gift
P/ow the natural man receives not the things of the
*pirit of God? for they are foolishness unto himG and
he cannot )now them$ because they are spiritually
'udged; >!?
"he natural man also is see)ing an answer to his
malaise with life. 1e will never beat up on the new
%hristian. God will forgive all past sins. "he new
man or woman must wor) to drop the bad habits.
.omans *+;
"hose who live according to the sinful nature have
their minds set on what that nature desiresG but those
who live in accordance with the *pirit have their
minds set on what the *pirit desires.
(our nature upon salvation is changed as given in
Galatians ;+((0 (,
+"he fruit of the *pirit is love$ 'oy$ peace$ forbearance$
)indness$ goodness$ faithfulness$ gentleness and selfF
=any battles are small and meant to wea)en your
resistance to temptation. (ou see the devil wor)ing
all around you every day.
:ist of reasons for not acce%ting Christ as 1a"ior
• I cannot discern which is the correct religion
• I eIuate going to church with formality$ and get
nothing from it.
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The Priceless Gift
• I am too busy with +better, things to do.
• /o one I )now goes to church. I play golf on
• I agree with evolution. /ot the 3ible. I trust
• I was bapti.ed when I was a baby.
• I do not remember going to church more than a
do.en times in my life. =y mom stopped going.
*he said it was full of hypocrites.
• I thin) I am as good as anybody else and better
than most. %hurch doesn;t seem to help my
• I 'ust drin) socially. I can stop anytime I want. =y
)ids do not see me.
• I am a female. "he male office wor)er is going to
lunch with me tomorrow. 1e have a pro'ect to tal)
over. It does not mean any more than that. 1e
may have to come in *aturday to do some catch
up. "hese are pitfalls to avoid.
• Honestly$ I 'ust cannot believe in God. /o proof.
• &nother reason that is not on the list. -erhaps you
)now of another reason often used.
/one of these reasons preFempt your decision to
accept %hrist as *avior. 1hatever$ reasons you
relate to are spoiling the opportunity for real 'oy. "ry the pleasure of wal)ing through the day
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The Priceless Gift
with %hrist. 3elieve me. I have been there. "here
was nothing wrong with golf. "he problem for me was
I was substituting a good activity for the best activity.
"he decision for %hrist D is it urgent? (es. (our life
is at ris) every moment. -eople die all the time
without notice.
=any societal problems and even crimes are
promoted by *atan. If you choose the real God$ you
do well. /ext$ we will loo) at two phenomena that are
in the purview only of the true God. "hen$ we will
compare the real God to the fa)es and cults. 1e
want you to decide on the true place to invest your
*atan lives to destroy lives$ marriages$ and nations.
=any sports fans loo) up to a star player. *atan
wants that athlete to get hoo)ed on performance
enhancing drugs.
=any young people experiment with drugs and
alcohol. & synapse connects two or more nerves.
&lcohol deadens each synapse it touches. "he result
is a slower response time.
*ome use these and seem to get away with it. "here
are still reasons to abstain. Here are some things to
thin) about.
• 0thers follow you who will have a greater
propensity to addiction. (our influence is at
sta)e. (our bad habits are being observed by
others whom you influence.
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The Priceless Gift
• How many have suffered due to drun) drivers?
• How many marriages have crumbled? How
many 'obs lost?
• How many crimes for money to feed a habit?
• How many lives were shortened with lung
cancer and other results of tobacco use?
• & cancerous throat and chin result from a
0K$ you cannot live forever anyway. 3ut you will.
1hen you accept %hrist two new values occur to your
life. Hirst is a secure future in Heaven. *econd is a
tremendous upgrade in Iuality living in your life today
on earth.
=atthew !<?4 says the wic)ed will receive
Meverlasting punishmentM? 0ne of *atan;s goals
is to see that (es$ hell is a real physical place. (es$
those in hell can never get out. (es$ they will be in
continual torment. How can we avoid hell? Befer
bac) to chapter !. &re you eligible? (es$ 5ohn 3?6
says +whosoever will, may be saved.
%an I 'ust wait till my deathbed? "he ris) of you
having enough life left to pray is far too high. =any
die with no warning.
1hat are the odds of dying without warning? (ou are
as)ing the wrong Iuestions$ because there is no
advantage in waiting. Bemember chapter !.
*alvation is free. I will tell you a secret. =any$
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The Priceless Gift
perhaps most do not accept because of their foolish
"his chapter finds the answer to be no less than
5esus and a parable. =any speculations on hell are
published$ but I throw out all but those in the 3ible.
Here is all I )now about hell.
6. &ll about hell that is in the 3ible. =any people
found no fault in the 3ible. "he evidence over
many years finds no fault with the printed word
of God. "he 3ible continues to be the best
seller year after year.
!. "hat is nice$ but it does not prove the 3ible is
correct$ or that it is God;s word.
3. Here is my strongest evidence$ and it is strong.
I )now there is a devil and a hell because the
3ible tells me so. I )now the 3ible and God
are true because they have tal)ed to me
through both prayer and the 3ible. I could not
list all of the blessings$ miracles$ &ngel help$
and guidance that I received first hand.
4. "a)e away all evidence$ and I still )now the
3ible is 677Q valid. &fter a long life of )nowing
God$ His fellowship and the 'oy of His
presence$ His reality is not in Iuestion.
Do you have enemies? Is there a hateful neighbor$
co wor)er$ or little league parent? "ry this after you
become a %hristian. Aove them$ pray for them$ and
ta)e them a plate of coo)ies$ and a copy of this boo).
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The Priceless Gift
&s) them to forgive you$ and then tell them you 'ust
accepted %hrist. "his may brea) the hold *atan has
on them.
Cha%ter ;
Hell is real$ because the 3ible tells me so. 5esus
often taught with the power of parables. 1e close
this critical issue with 5esus teaching through a
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The Priceless Gift
The .ich Man and :a<arus
"his is a parable on hell by 5esus. "hen he said$ I
beg you therefore$ father. +hat does 5esus want you to
learn from the following parable? +"here was a
certain rich man who was clothed in purple and fine
linen and fared sumptuously every day. 3ut there
was a certain beggar named Aa.arus$ full of sores$
who was laid at his gate$ desiring to be fed with the
crumbs which fell from the rich man;s table. =oreover
the dogs came and lic)ed his sores. *o it was that
the beggar died$ and was carried by the angels to
&braham;s bosom. "he rich man also died and was
buried. &nd being in torments in Hades$ he lifted up
his eyes and saw &braham afar off$ and Aa.arus in
his bosom.
+"hen he cried and said$ PHather &braham$ have
mercy on me$ and send Aa.arus that he may dip the
tip of his finger in water and cool my tongueG for I m
tormented in this flame. 3ut &braham said$ P*on$
remember that in your lifetime you received your good
things$ and li)ewise Aa.arus evil thingsG but now he is
comforted and you are tormented. &nd besides all
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The Priceless Gift
this$ between us and you there is a great gulf fixed$ so
that those who want to pass from here to you cannot$
nor can those from there pass to us that you would
send him to my father;s house for I have five brothers$
that he may testify to them$ lest they also come to this
place of torment.
&braham said to him$ they have =oses and the
prophetsG let them hear them. &nd he said$ P/o$
father &brahamG but if one goes to them from the
dead$ they will repent.; 3ut$ he said to him$

if they do
not hear =oses and the prophets$ neither will they be
persuaded though one rise from the dead.
God is infinitely more )nowledgeable and wiser than
we might not ever )now.
Do you believe any other choice matches a ris)
greater than the ris) by not choosing %hristianity?
"he ris) of you choosing a false god or a cult or not
ma)ing a choice for God could not be worse if you are
The 6e"ils Ploys
During the past forty or fifty years I have seen *atan;s
best shots ta)en to confuse you.
• 3ridie =urphy was hypnoti.ed
*he described previous lives she lived. *he
described events ta)en in each prior life.
• Hlying *aucers
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The Priceless Gift
*ome one claimed they saw flying saucers.
0thers claim they were given a ride in one. 0h
boy2 =any 'umped in on that one$ including the
=ilitary. "ime has proved these to be hoaxes.
• 5esus face appears in a shroud.
3esides the point that no one has seen Him$ it
seems very suspiciously li)e an altruistic motive.
• *ome report they died$ and saw a bright light.
/ice thought$ but I believe they witnessed some
• =ail 0rder -rayers
I visited the operation of this ministry. *everal
cler)s open the mail and sort letters by the
appropriate model response. "he money
naturally goes into a ban) account. Everything I
saw was very mechanical. I did not stay long
enough to see if any praying too) place.
• Badio -reachers
/o doubt$ some are sincere in wanting to help
you come to %hrist. (ou must discern. 0ne that
I li)ed and learned from was good. 0ne day I
timed his expository. He spent one half of his
fifteen minutes from theible$ and one half of the
time trying to riaise money.
God can do anything$ but I believe all of these are
hallucinations or hoaxes. *atan;s ploys are designed
to )eep you off balance.
1ho can you trust? I can only offer you my
testimony. I )now God is the source of showers of
blessings$ and I want you to en'oy life to the fullest.
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The Priceless Gift
(ou have everything to gain and nothing to lose by
accepting %hrist.
Cha%ter 3
4"olution 4le"ator Going 6o#n
In my lifetime the theory of evolution is in every high
school curriculum. It has even dropped the tag
+theory,. &s this notion has grown$ creation has
become a dirty word to liberal thin)ing.
&ll three tenets are faulty thin)ing
6. 3ig bang
!. *urvival of the Hitest
3. %arbon Dating
1hen these three things are exposed to the light of
truth they brea) down fast.
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The Priceless Gift
/ow$ things are changing. & ma'or change is out
there for the evolutionist that fights against God. It is
though many people really believe in evolution? %an
you fathom very many well educated people believing
life was started by two meteors colliding? &s a
systems analyst$ that is the way I approached this
conundrum. "here appear to be at least these three
beliefs by the evolutionist.
• "he earth is a result of two space roc)s
colliding D the big bang.
• Hrom water$ life developed.
• 0ver time$ the fit survived. "hat life form was a
progenitor of human)ind$ and other animals$
plants$ and roc)s around us today.
"o believe this$ I thin) a person would ascribe to
these things.
• "here is no god
• "he world is millions of years old
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The Priceless Gift
• "he 3ible is inaccurate
• "here is no resurrection F =odern *educes
• "here was a conspiracy among the four gospel
writers to ma)e up the life of 5esus on earth.
• "here were many conspiracies including all
3ible writers over hundreds of years$ and it
was chance that seemed to harmoni.e all
boo)s of the 3ible.
• "he time slices that the 3ible calls a day is not
!4 hrs. It is millions of years.
4nough ' 1take holders #ill =um% shi%
I predict that not long from now >5anuary !76!@ that
evolution will crumble and all will pull out of that
It was not long ago that I sat in an =3& class and an
evolutionist instructor espoused evolution in each
session. How could an otherwise smart guy believe
the big bang$ etc.? In the early sixties they spo)e of
irrefutable evidence of the chain of man)ind.
"he picture of five stages of man was everywhere.
*ince those days in the fifties$ each evolutionary age
has been proven false. "he only argument ever
advanced to explain why we haven;t seen some
evidence of the evolutionary chain has been the factor
of time. (ou always hear that a discovered is ten
million years old. "hat ma)es it hard to disprove
because none of us were around at that time.
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The Priceless Gift
• "here was no big bang that produced the earth
• It is not clear by con'ecture why anyone ever
bought into the big bang
• & recommendation that evolutionist in the
future build research upon the 3ible
• 5esus is the 1ay$ the "ruth$ and the Aife F
begin with that
• Evolutionists are wrong on every board in their
• "he 3ible says God created this earth$ and
seas along with man and beast. He did this in
six days and on the seventh day He rested.
• 1here were the mon)ey theory people when
the 3ible was written$ or before Genesis was R
not happen by chance. 1ere meteors smarter
than they are now?
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The Priceless Gift
Cha%ter >
The True God Performs Miracles
"he life of 5esus between the ages of 6! and 37 is not
in the 3ible. He began the recorded preaching with
the *ermon on the =ount at around 37 years of age.
"hat series of sermons drew thousands. I would thin)
that 5esus had been preaching and healing people
and building followers during the Iuiet and
unrecorded years. 1hy is this important? Good
Iuestion. It might help an unbelieving mind by adding
the number of converts with authentication of the
It was my intent with the first chapters to set the stage
to help you believe$ and trust %hrist as your *avior.
"hen add to the case the miracles of %hrist and
prophesies of the coming =essiah. If for any reason
you decide to not accept %hrist$ you will miss the
wonders of Heaven$ and true$ unselfish love.
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The Priceless Gift
What are miracles-
God helps us to live through the laws of nature.
0ften$ however God will intervene in the natural laws
of nations and of individuals.
%an God will any miracle He chooses? %ertainly D
yes there is nothing God cannot do. God who created
the universe has power and wisdom we cannot
understand. He protects us from dangers we are not
even aware of. He blesses us in ways we did not
)now. /o other can match our God in the domain of
miracles. How about examples that were
?ur God ans#ers %rayer today
5ames <?6 itself provides a )ey to effective prayer
when it uses the word fervent. M"he effective$
HEBJE/" prayer of a righteous man avails much.M
/o one can be +righteous, on their good deeds.
%hrist is the only one to ma)e us righteous or sinless.
He paid the price to ma)e us free. I accepted the
-riceless Gift. How about you?
5ust common sense tells me that 5esus performed
many more than the four gospel writers )new of.
5esus could have performed miracles that were not
recorded. "he 3ible language that tells us of each
recorded healing indicates 5esus was caring for those
he healed. He cast out demons. He healed the
lame$ the blind$ the diseased$ and brought the dead to
life. 5esus responded to those with faith by healing
their reIuested person D remotely.
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The Priceless Gift
& miracle I particularly li)e shows 5esus rewarding
faith. &fter 5esus gave the *ermon on the =ount$ he
must have continued for a time in the area between
the north shore of the *ea of Galilee and %apernaum.
Bead this scripture for the story line. Bead both Au)e
9?6F67 and =atthew :?<F63. Bead both accounts and
notice some differences. Hour different writers wrote
the times of 5esus. Each was from a different
perspective. "he %enturion as)ed 5esus to heal his
servant bac) home. "he Gentile %enturion said
=aster I command 677 soldiers$ and I do that
remotely sometimes. (ou 'ust say it and he could be
healed now. >=y wording@ 5esus rewarded his faith.
5esus had some very uniIue miracles. Hor instance$
consider His arrival and departure from Heaven to
earth. He would suffer death$ his body prepared and
placed in a tomb. He arose from that tomb$ and was
seen by many for forty days. 1ait. "hat is not the
best part. In the company of his followers$ He
ascended up into the air. He said He would be bac).
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The Priceless Gift
Cha%ter *
?ld Testament Pro%hesies on the messiah
are )ulfilled
"here are numerous postings on the web that give a
list of messianic prophesies. >Hortelling the coming of
a =essiah.@
"he 3ible is the instrument containing these
prophesies. 1ord came originally from word of mouth
and ancient manuscripts. "here were
& number of web posts list andCor elaborate on the
0ld "estament. *everal for yourself2
3orn of a virgin >Isaiah 9?64G =atthew 6?!6F!3@
& descendant of &braham >Genesis 6!?6F3G !!?6:G
=atthew 6?6G Galatians 3?6@
0f the tribe of 5udah >Genesis 48?67G Au)e 3?!3$ 33G
Hebrews 9?64@
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The Priceless Gift
0f the house of David >! *amuel 9?6!F6G =atthew
3orn in 3ethlehem >=icah <?!$ =atthew !?6$ Au)e !?4F
"a)en to Egypt >Hosea 66?6G =atthew !?64F6<@
HerodSs )illing of the infants >5eremiah 36?6<G
=atthew !?6F6:@
&nointed by the Holy *pirit >Isaiah 66?!G =atthew
Heralded by the messenger of the Aord >5ohn the
3aptist@ >Isaiah 47?3F<G =alachi 3?6G =atthew 3?6F3@
1ould perform miracles >Isaiah 3<?<FG =atthew 8?3<@
1ould preach good news >Isaiah 6?6G Au)e 4?64F!6@
1ould minister in Galilee >Isaiah 8?6G =atthew 4?6!F
6@ would cleanse the "emple >=alachi 3?6G =atthew
1ould first present Himself as King 693$::7 days
from the decree to rebuild 5erusalem >Daniel 8?!<G
=atthew !6?4F66@
1ould enter 5erusalem as a )ing on a don)ey
>Techariah 8?8G =atthew !6?4F8@
Be'ection >Isaiah <3?3G 5ohn 6?67F66G 9?<$ 4:@
3etrayal by a friend >-salm 46?8G Au)e !!?3F4G 5ohn
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The Priceless Gift
*old for 37 pieces of silver >Techariah 66?6!G =atthew
*ilent before His accusers >Isaiah <3?9G =atthew
3eing moc)ed >-salm !!? 9F:G =atthew !9?36@
3eaten >Isaiah <!?64G =atthew !9?!@
*pit upon >Isaiah <7?G =atthew !9?37@
-iercing His hands and feet >-salm !!?6G =atthew
%rucified with thieves >Isaiah <3?6!G =atthew !9?3:@
-raying for His persecutors >Isaiah <3?6!G Au)e !3?34@
-iercing His side >Techariah 6!?67G 5ohn 68?34@
Given gall and vinegar to drin) >-salm 8?!6$
=atthew !9?34$ Au)e !3?3@
/o bro)en bones >-salm 34?!7G 5ohn 68?3!F3@
3uried in a rich man;s tomb >Isaiah <3?8G =atthew
Aots for His garments >-salm !!?6:G 5ohn 68?!3F!4@
1ould rise from the dead22 >-salm 6?67G =ar) 6?G
&cts !?36@
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The Priceless Gift
Cha%ter &@
Analysis of the 4ight Cha%ters
Everything said in this boo) comes to you with prayer.
1hy? 0ut of love we want you to choose 5esus
%hrist as your *avior. 1hy? "he most en'oyable
wal) through life is with the true God. 1hy? God
gives those who trust in Him the strength$ comfort$
and love to survive the assaults from *atan. Bead
-salms !3.
In this chapter$ we will wal) through the assessment
model. "han) you.
&t the close of this chapter you will be invited to ta)e
"he -riceless Gift.
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The Priceless Gift
1electing Best Choice from Many
1e will now proceed through the model.
& 2 6efine the %roblem
Anderson General Model for Choice
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The Priceless Gift
1e must choose between %hrist >the real God@ and
any other as discussed in %hapter 6$ and shown in
step !. "he problem is to identify your best choice.
( 2 8dentify the Choices
(our options are listed here from %hapter 6.
• "he true 5ehovah God D Hather$ *on >5esus
%hrist$ the =essiah@$ and Holy Ghost
• 0r one of these
o &ny other god such as money$ false gods$
or idol worship
o %ult D 0ften a mix of 3ible and a selfF
proclaimed god
o &theist and often choose evolution
o &gnostic$ blan) thought D may accept
o /o thought about a god$ li)e an ostrich
o 0ther D anything but the true God$ 5ehovah
, 2 4"aluate 4ach ?%tion
Hirst$ we must set the criteria to use in assessing
each option to perform as God. "he criteria to be
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The Priceless Gift
used$ is the following. "he evaluation follows that.
"he criteria and evaluation are wrapped together.
4"aluation Points
• God sees all of them. (ou rebel against God.
1e have a merciful God that came to earth
and endured the cross to pay the bill for all
past$ present$ and future sin you commit.
• /o other choice is free$ to my )nowledge. How
about you? Does %hristianity win on the cost
• &bility and love to perform miracles. %hrist
performed more miracles that were visible and
authenticated >eye witnesses to the many
sightings of each. >*een by a group of <77
before ascending into the clouds. *een by
many after crucifixion@. Aac) of dissenting
witnesses is important.
• 1al)ed and tal)ed with many for 47 days after
he arose from the tomb.
• Impeccable prophesies fit 5esus; events
• *ociety ridicule such as being politically correct
F whether you call them distracters or *atan;s
best shots. (es$ that one D the big liar uses
half truths.
• Evolution depicting man)ind from the mon)ey
family. It is a terrible insult to our %reator and
our Bedeemer.
Jisitors from outer space$ spaceships$ flying saucers$
and corn fields mowed in a funny pattern. *atan won
the supernatural followers over with what later proved
to be fa)ers. Ha)ers claiming special powers such as
healing$ message towels$ prayer cloths$ candles
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The Priceless Gift
How do you feel about 5esus %hrist now? 1hat do
you thin) about 5esus; miracles and the events which
were prophesied hundreds of years earlier?
"here are two more important criteria$ and with a
positive note this time. 1e must include +good life,$
and +Heaven,.
Good life F 5ohn 3? 6F9 5esus referred to salvation as
being born again. (ou become a new creature with
different attributes. (ou have a new and glorious
nature. 3eing born gain is mentioned in the preface
and chapters 6 and !. 1e all face difficult times. Aife
has heartaches$ poor health$ cannot pay the bills$
family sIuabbles$ death$ and enemies. I )now. (ou
have a do.en more that I did not mention. "he Holy
*pirit can soothe your nerves and ease the stress.
-ray about the problem. "he true God has always
answered my prayer$ and often even better than I
thought was possible.
"he effective$ fervent prayer of a righteous man avails
much. >5ames <?6@ I claim not my personal
righteousness$ when I accepted %hrist$ He had paid
on the cross for me to be counted righteous.
1ithout %hrist the best you can have is happiness.
1ith %hrist$ you can have 'oy and peace. (ou have
freedom from the tempter;s snare. I honestly love life$
but this life must love God above self. "his life has
great meaning when you see) and follow God;s
Hill your mind with praise to God. "hen there is no
room for the old liar *atan. I am fortunate to have
found God early. I reali.e without God$ you face
uncertain times. I 'ust cannot understand how you
ma)e it. Aife here is not fair. "here is no real 'ustice.
However$ you can have a +real, life on earth.
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The Priceless Gift
*ay +yes, to God by trusting %hrist as your *avior. In
the paragraph above we said you also get heaven.
1e are saved for life when we accept the -riceless
Gift of God. 1hat is that gift? It was defined in
%hapter 6. "hat is right D salvation.
Aet us loo) at our model for %hoice to see the next
1electing Best Choice from Many
In step 3 we defined the criteria for assessment and
rolled my evaluation into the same ob'ect$ which we
called simply +Evaluation -oints,.
I trust you and I are together thus far in our choice
model. 1e now loo) at step 4 D Bis).
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The Priceless Gift
9 ' .isk
Helping management of corporations has been my life
wor). "hey do not always follow my advice. In this
boo)$ I humbly beg you to see how much I want you
to heed my advice to accept "he -riceless Gift from
God. I )now you might not trust my words of advice.
(ou have seen people try to sell you things before$
and often you have been sorry afterward >buyers;
remorse@. =y only motive is the same as your friend
who gave this boo) as a gift. "here is also a church
or great organi.ation$ which serves and helps you
spiritually as you reIuest. /one of us will ever as) for
If you choose %hrist as the answer$ you have no ris)$
at all. If you ignore my plea and your friend;s prayers$
you have an unthin)able ris). Befer %hapter < F Hell.
1te% ; ' 6eri"e Best Choice
"a)e a second loo) at the course you had been
following. It should be one of those in %hapter !.
Have you done enough thin)ing now? Have you
made the decision to accept %hrist?
1ould you do something for me right now? -ray to
God. &s) Him for great wisdom now. &s) for enough
faith to trust Him as the true God. &s) Him to forgive
all your sin$ past$ present$ and future. (ou as) this in
the name of 5esus whom you now accept as your
1hen you finish praying$ call your friend and tell him
or her that you have 'ust been born again. Go to the
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The Priceless Gift
church which sponsored you getting the word out. Go
into *tep mode.
1te% 3 2 Test
If you were open minded at the beginning of this
boo)$ you are most li)ely ready to pray to accept
God;s gift of salvation through 5esus %hrist.
God is the only answer for the thin)ing person. "he
scientific approach is to accept the most li)ely bloc)s
of )nowledge$ and then build a bridge to truth with
inductive and deductive logic.
=ost li)ely foundation bloc)s are.
6. God is real. =any testify he is present with
them. "hey have a strong relationship with
God. He hears and answers their prayers.
!. God created the universe. & reasonable
thin)er must confess there is no other possible
answer for how we all got here.
3. "he 3ible comes from God and is true.
4. Do not follow the foolish man)ind who believe
the evolution theory. I believe the day is
coming soon when rational thin)ing prevails
and wise men and women agree to discontinue
that faulty logic. & master designer created the
human body. It did not evolve from a large
&t the end of the first wee) of your transformation
>born again@ have you tested and tried letting God be
on the throne of your life?
Jisit the church and spea) with the pastor.
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The Priceless Gift
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