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Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Networking Contract for Students in Externship/Internship Programs

As a student at the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (MCMA) at Southern Illinois
University Carbondale (SIUC), I am preparing to conduct professional interactions in which I will be held to
high ethical standards and responsibility. My actions reflect upon me, my fellow students, my college, and
the University. MCMA is committed to helping me develop the professional skills necessary to succeed in
developing professional connections and pursuing professional opportunities.

To that end, the following policies and principles have been established to ensure my professionalism during
the career development and externship/internship search process. I understand I am expected to adhere to
these principles and standards in all of my interactions on and off campus, with MCMA, SIUC, alumni
volunteers, employers, community members, and any other student, faculty or staff member of the SIUC
community. I also understand that SIUC holds itself and employers to the highest level of professional
integrity and social responsibility as established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers
Code of Professional Conduct. MCMA’s values are as follows: student/alumni-centered approach, results-
focused orientation, leadership, sense of responsibility, disciplined thought, respect and humility, and

Honesty and Integrity

I understand that honesty and integrity throughout the career development and externship/internship search
process reflect on my character. Therefore, I will provide accurate information in all materials and actions in
the pursuit of securing a meaningful professional future.

Professional Conduct
I understand that communicating and presenting myself in a professional manner and being courteous and
respectful in my dealings with others, whether such interactions are in person, in writing, by phone, or by
email, is critical in my externship/internship search.
To that end, I will:
• Monitor publicly available content by and about me (text, voice, and picture), including content on
personal blogs and social networking sites, and make reasonable efforts to remove material
professionals may deem questionable, inappropriate, or unprofessional.
• Acknowledge calls, emails, and invitations and respond appropriately in a timely manner.
• Attend all one-on-one and group interactions with employers, alumni, and other professionals
(including on and off-campus interviews, information sessions, workshops, etc.) that I have
scheduled. I will provide two business days notice for any cancellation, if possible, and notify
MCMA should any unforeseen circumstances occur that prevent my participation.
• Withdraw from all externship/internship search activities once I have accepted an offer.

MCMA Externship/Internship Program Policies

On and Off-Campus Recruiting Eligibility
In order to participate in externship/internship programs sponsored by MCMA, I will:
• Read, sign, and submit this Networking (Integrity and Social Responsibility) Contract.
• Attend any required orientation sessions and meetings.
• Attend the mandatory resume workshop, the Studies Programs orientation session, and as many
professional development workshops as possible.
• Submit a reviewed and approved resume to the internship coordinator.
Interview Cancellation/No-Show Policy
I may be selected for an interview by an employer or an alumnus and understand that if I do schedule an
interview, I am expected to attend. If I need to reschedule an interview, I understand that I must notify
the prospective sponsor and the internship coordinator by email or telephone at least two business days
prior to my interview date/time. If I fail to do so, I understand that I may be terminated from the
program. At MCMA’s discretion, I may be reinstated by taking the following actions:
• Writing a formal letter of apology to the employer and/or alumnus.
• Meeting with the internship coordinator to discuss the reason for my absence and to review my
letter of apology.
If I fail to show up for a second interview, I understand I will be suspended from participating in the
program with no chance for reinstatement and that such actions could impact my ability to participate in
future externship/internship programs.

Sponsor/Alumni Networking Policies

I will stay informed about professional networking by reading and following any materials given to me
by the internship coordinator about this subject. I will:
• Follow-up with a brief thank you letter after networking with an individual.
• Ask for advice, information, and other contacts, not a job or internship.
• Not spam a contact with multiple e-mails or stalk with multiple phone calls.
• Not ask a networking contact to mass distribute my resume.
• Not share networking contacts’ information with others without permission.

Experiential Education Experience & Sponsor/Alumni Networking Program Policy

• I agree to actively and positively engage with my assigned sponsor during the designated program
time period.

Consequences of Improper Behavior

Failure to adhere to the On and Off-Campus Recruiting Integrity and Social Responsibility Contract may
result in:
• Suspension from participating in MCMA’s externship/internship programs.
• Suspension of all MCMA professional development activities and services.
• Referral to the appropriate personnel for violations of the Student Conduct Code.

By signing this document, I agree to adhere to MCMA’s guidelines and policies required to conduct myself
with integrity in a professional and socially responsible manner. I also acknowledge that I have read and
understand the consequences of inappropriate behavior.

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