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here is no situation more difcult for a

doctor than telling a patient that he or she
has cancer. It is the last thing anyone wants to
hear. In years past, such a diagnosis held the promise
of a painful struggle with death.
A total of 1,638,910 new cancer cases and
577,190 deaths from cancer will occur in the United
States in 2012. In fact, estimates are that one in three
Americans will be diagnosed with some type of
cancer in their lifetime.
Worse yet, no matter how organizations like
the American Cancer Society and the Komen
Foundation spin their messages, we are losing the
war on cancer.
In this months issue of Natural Way to Health, I
will explain why conventional treatment has been a
failure, and will provide seven steps you can take to
prevent cancer.
How Cancer Grows and Spreads
Cancer forms when an abnormal group of cells
fail to complete their normal life cycle and die a
process called apoptosis. Instead, the cells undergo
unregulated growth and multiplication. In efect,
these cells never reach apoptosis.
As they grow and multiply, the cells form a
tumor, parts of which can break of and spread
throughout the body (metastasize) from cell to cell,
through the bloodstream, or via the lymph nodes.
Many substances can disrupt the normal
DNA of a cell and increase the risk of cancer.
These include tobacco smoke, medical radiation,
environmental toxicities, obesity, synthetic
hormones, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and nutritional
Conventional medicine would have you believe
that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are
efective treatments for most cancers. Nothing could
be further from the truth.
Over the last 70 years, these conventional
treatments have been a failure. We have spent an
untold fortune trying to ght cancer with these
methods and largely failed.
One recent study startled researchers when they
discovered that chemotherapy can damage healthy
cells by causing them to secrete a protein that
sustains tumor growth and resistance to treatment.
This explains why chemotherapy may be
efective initially, but then the cancer returns
ofen with a more rapid growth rate and more
resistance to chemotherapy.
Unfortunately, while spending a great deal of
money looking for new drugs to kill cancer, we have
spent very little money and conducted almost no
research on cancer prevention.
A Better Approach to Research
Why have the conventional methods to treat
cancer been inefective? The answer to this question
7 Simple Steps to Prevent Cancer
In This Issue...
October 2012
Vol. 5, Issue 10
The Main Precursor of Breast Cancer ................... 2
Make Sure to Get Enough Iodine ......................... 3
Case Study: A Cure for Statins Side Efects .......... 4
Avoid Foods With Synthetic Chemicals ............... 5
Dont Eat White Foods ......................................... 5
Watch Out for Heavy Metals ................................. 5
In the News: Free-Range Products Are Better ...... 6
Ask Dr. Brownstein ................................................ 8
Dr. David Brownsteins
Page 2 October 2012
is easy: Cancer can only be treated with a healthy
body, and especially an optimally functioning
immune system.
When functioning properly, our immune system
is a wonderful machine. It regulates the function
of the entire body and destroys abnormal cells and
foreign invaders.
If the immune system is working well, cancer
cells will be destroyed by activated immune
system cells, similarly to how they kill foreign
What few people understand is that cancer cells
are emerging in most peoples bodies at various
times. In efect, it can be said that everybody has
cancer at one time or another but doesnt know it
because his or her immune system handles it and
the cancer never progresses. This is the normal
everyday workings of a healthy body.
One of the great mysteries about cancer is why
our immune system doesnt stop cancer cells from
growing. It is almost as if the cells have a cloaking
device that makes the cancer invisible to the
immune system.
The powers that be have spent 70 years of
research aimed at killing cancer once it has been
detected. But once cancer has been detected, it is too
late for many patients.
A much better way to approach cancer is to fund
research that identies the causative factors of the
Once the underlying causes are discovered, we
can develop a plan to treat them.
Furthermore, we should be investing our money
and brain power looking for natural therapies that
promote a healthy body and immune system
because an optimally functioning immune system
can prevent cancer from forming in the rst place.
If the body has all the nutrients it needs, and it
is not compromised by harmful agents, it is unlikely
that cancer will get a foothold.
The good news is that there are well-researched
steps you can take to lower your risk of getting
And if you already have cancer, or have had it in
the past, these 7 Steps to Prevent Cancer will be of
tremendous value to you, too.
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Fibrocystc Breast Disease: Precursor to Cancer
Fibrocystc breast disease refers to
the conditon when womens breasts
develop a lumpy texture. This breast
tssue contains fuid-flled sacs called
cysts. Fibrocystc breasts can become
very tender and painful.
Unfortunately, fbrocystc breast
disease is common, occurring in up to
90 percent of women. And the rate
is rising: An autopsy study conducted
in 1928 found a 3 percent incidence
of fbrocystc breast disease; in 1973,
researchers found an 89 percent
Many doctors feel fbrocystc
breast disease is a benign conditon.
That is not true. Fibrocystc breast
disease is a precursor to breast cancer
though not all fbrocystc breast
disease will become cancer.
There are dietary factors that
can cause fbrocystc breast disease
including ingestng too much cafeine
or a defciency in vitamins E or A.
Furthermore, eliminatng transfats
from the diet (such as partally
hydrogenated vegetable oils) has also
been helpful for treatng fbrocystc
breast disease.
My experience has clearly shown
the efcacy of iodine in treatng and
preventng fbrocystc breast disease.
Studies from nearly 50 years ago
have shown iodine therapy has a
beter than 70 percent success rate in
eradicatng fbrocystc breast disease.
October 2012 Page 3
1. Dont Smoke Cigarettes
The National Cancer Institute estimates that
lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death
among both men and women in the United States.
Furthermore, approximately 90 percent of lung
cancer deaths among men and 80 percent of lung
cancer deaths among women are due to smoking.
But smoking also causes cancer of the esophagus,
stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, cervix, and acute
myeloid leukemia.
In addition, cigarette smoking is associated
with increased risk of heart disease, heart attacks,
cataracts, premature births and low birth-weight
infants, plus hip fractures and lung disease.
The harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke
include arsenic, benzene, beryllium, cadmium,
chromium, nickel, polonium-210, and vinyl
chloride. Tobacco smoke also contains
formaldehyde, benzopyrene, and toluene all of
which are thought to cause cancer.
With a list of chemicals like that, why would
anyone smoke a cigarette?
Of course, the tobacco companies claimed for
years that smoking cigarettes did not cause cancer.
Only by congressional action and pressure did they
nally admit the truth.
Literally millions of people around the world
have died as a direct result of smoking cigarettes.
2. Maintain Adequate Iodine Levels
Iodine is found in every cell in the body; it
is an essential ingredient for life. But we cannot
manufacture iodine in our bodies, so we must get it
from our diets.
This essential nutrient is concentrated in the
glandular system, which includes the thyroid,
breasts, ovaries, uterus, and prostate.
Iodine is responsible for forming the normal
architecture of the glandular tissue. When iodine
is decient, the glandular tissue begins to change.
The rst step is the formation of cysts in the tissue.
If iodine deciency continues or worsens over time,
the cysts can become more nodular (rmer).
Continuing iodine deciency can result in
hyperplasia of the glandular tissue. Hyperplasia
refers to the appearance of abnormal cells when
viewed with a microscope. Hyperplasia of a cell
is a precursor to cancer. The end stage of iodine
deciency is cancer.
The good news is that both animal and human
studies have found that iodine can reverse or halt
this cell progression to cancer.
Although the research has not been done with
the prostate gland, I believe the same result will
be shown in men; iodine deciency disrupts the
normal architecture of the prostate gland and can
signicantly increase the risk of prostate cancer.
Current estimates are that one in three men has
prostate cancer.
A combination of iodine and iodide can help
endocrine (glandular) tissue maintain a normal
architecture and normal cell growth.
Average doses for iodine supplementation range
from 12 to 25 mg per day. However, damaged or
diseased glandular tissue may require higher doses
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David Brownstein, M.D., is a
board-certfed family physician and
one of the foremost practtoners
of holistc medicine. Dr. Brownstein
has lectured internatonally to
physicians and others about his
success with nutritonal therapies
in his practce. His books include
Drugs That Dont Work and Natural
Therapies That Do!; Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You
Cant Live Without It; Salt Your Way To Health; The Miracle
of Natural Hormones; Overcoming Arthrits; Overcoming
Thyroid Disorders; The Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet; B12
For Health; The Guide to a Dairy-Free Diet; and The Soy
Decepton. He is the medical director of the Center for
Holistc Medicine in West Bloomfeld, Mich., where he lives
with his wife, Allison, and their teenage daughters, Hailey
and Jessica. For more informaton about Dr. Brownstein,
please go to
Page 4 October 2012
Curing the Effects of Bad Medicine
Bruce, a healthy, 53-year-old maintenance
supervisor, had gone to a cardiologist afer
experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. The
doctor performed a stress test, echocardiogram, and an
angiographic exam. Bruce was told by his cardiologist
that all of his tests were normal.
This was confusing to Bruce. What was causing
the chest pain? The cardiologist had no answer, but
still prescribed two medications: a statin and a blood
pressure drug.
When Bruce asked about the statin, he was told,
You have to take it or youll have a heart attack.
Conditon Contnued to Worsen
Over the next few months, Bruce began to feel
worse and worse.
I became tired, almost to the point of falling asleep
at work, he told me. I couldnt remember names or
even what had happened the day before. I was having
terrible muscle aches. I brought these complaints up
to the cardiologist, but he told me I had to keep taking
the medications.
Bruces condition continued to worsen. Then one
day his wife, Ellen, was given my book, Drugs That
Dont Work and Natural Therapies That Do.!
When I read the section on cholesterol
medications, I told Bruce that a lot of his symptoms
might be caused by taking a statin, she said.
When I saw Bruce for his initial visit, I asked
him what he ate and how much water he was
drinking. Bruces dietary history was similar to the
standard American diet (SAD). He was eating a lot of
carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta, and cereal.
Bruce did not drink any water. Instead, he drank six to
eight cups of cofee and one soda per day. I dont like
water, he said.
Bruce was about 50 pounds overweight. I have
been steadily gaining weight over the last 20 years,
he claimed. I cant exercise feeling like this. I have
no energy and my muscles hurt even more than they
usually do.
I asked Bruce to do three things:
1. Stop taking the statin drug.
2. Drink two liters of water per day.
3. Stop eating rened carbohydrates, including
bread, pasta, and cereal.
Statns Work, But Dont Save Lives
Statins work as advertised: They are very efective
at lowering cholesterol levels. However, they are also
associated with serious adverse efects.
Most doctors think that statins have been proven
to lower the risk of heart disease in men and women.
In fact, statins have not been shown to be efective at
lowering the risk of heart disease in men who have not
sufered a cardiac event such as a heart attack or stroke.
This is ofen referred to as primary prevention.
In men who have sufered a cardiac event, statins
have been found to have approximately a 1 percent
reduction in nonfatal heart attacks with at least two to
three years of use. Many studies have found no benet
for secondary prevention.
For women, statin drugs have never been shown to
have any efect in reducing the risks of a cardiac event
stroke or heart attack.
Finally, statins have never been shown to increase
the longevity of men or women.
In addition to brain fog and muscle aches, which
occur in up to half of all users, statins also cause
memory problems. Why? Because 25 percent of
the bodys total cholesterol content is found in the
brain. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize that
blocking the bodys production of cholesterol is going
to cause adverse efects to the brain.
In fact, the FDA has recently mandated that statin
manufacturers put memory loss warnings on labels.
My Brain Is Coming Back
When Bruce and Ellen came back to see me, they
had smiles on their faces. I am so much better already.
My weight is just ying of and my brain is starting to
come back, he said.
Statins are dangerous medications that cause a host
of side efects. In the next 5 to 10 years, I am sure that
this class of medication will be revealed as the fraud
that it is.
There are much better ways to treat heart disease,
including doing the basics like drinking water and
cleaning up the diet. Doing the basics does not
predispose you to getting adverse side efects and is
In each issue, I will share with you the story of one of
my patients and how sometimes simple alternative
approaches can solve major health problems. Names
and some details have been changed for privacys sake,
but the problems and their resolutions are real.
Dr. David Brownstein
The Deadly Secrets of Cholesterol Medications
Special Advertiser Supplement
eart disease claims the lives of 1 in 4 Americans,
so its
not surprising that many people take the cholesterol pills
their doctors recommend. Unfortunately, these pills are not
safe, long-term solutions. In addition to a long list of side effects,
according to a USA Today report, these drugs have killed and
injured more people than the government acknowledges.

My name is Joshua Corn and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Live in the
Now, one of the fastest growing natural health publications in the na-
tion. Please keep reading to learn why the conventional strategy for
balancing cholesterol is deeply fawed. Plus, discover a safer, more
natural option that Big Pharma doesnt want you to know about!
Beware of Big Pharmas Cholesterol-Lowering Pills
Big Pharma spends billions each year advertising pills aimed at im-
proving cholesterol ratios. Unfortunately their efforts are turning us
into a nation of lifetime pill poppers. By some estimates, 1 in 3 people
over 50 are on a cholesterol-lowering drug, yet according to a grow-
ing number of experts, 99 out of 100 people dont need to be!
No Beneft...But Lots of Side Effects
Cholesterol meds may make your numbers
look good, but they do little to decrease
cardiovascular-related deaths. In fact, a
recent study found that less than 3% of
people get any beneft,
and the rest just get
side effects like fatigue, muscle soreness,
memory loss, headaches and nausea. Its just not worth it!
Depleting a Nutrient Your Body Needs
Your doctor wont inform you of this, but cholesterol-lowering
drugs can severely deplete your bodys natural stores of CoQ10,
a cellular energy producer that your heart needs to function.
CoQ10 levels can cause fatigue, muscle pain and weakness
all common side effects of cholesterol medications.
Balance Your Cholesterol Ratios Naturally!
Big Pharma doesnt want you to know this, but dozens of clinical
studies have proven that red yeast rice, a traditional healing food used
throughout Asia, is extraordinarily effective at balancing cholesterol
quickly and with no side effects.
You may not have heard about red
yeast rice because few doctors have the time to keep up on the latest
research, especially when a natural compound is involved.
The Safest, Most Effective Red Yeast Rice Formula
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ity can vary wildly. Do your own research, but Id like you to consider
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100 mg of KanekaQ10

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50 mg of Trans-Resveratrol, the potency equivalent of 25
glasses of heart-healthy red wine (without the alcohol)!
5 mg of Standardized Pine Bark Extract, which supports
your heart by strengthening your blood vessels and capillaries.
You only need to take two small capsules of RED-Q10 per day, so its
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- Joshua Corn
Editor-In-Chief of Live in the Now and CEO of Stop Aging Now
Footnotes: 1. 2. 3. Hippisley-Cox J, et al. Individualising the risks of statins in men and women in England and Wales. Heart. 2010; 96:939-947.
4. Rundek T, et al. Atorvastatin Decreases the CoQ10 Level in the Blood of Patients at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke. Arch Neurol. 2004;61:889-892. 5. Becker D, et al. Red Yeast Rice for Dyslipidemia in Statin-Intolerant
Patients. Ann Intern Med. 2009;150(12):830-839. 6. Heber D, et al. Cholesterol-lowering effects of a proprietary Chinese red-yeast-rice dietary supplement. AJCN. 1999;69(2):231-236.
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October 2012 Page 5
such as 50 mg per day. More information about
iodine can be found in my book, Iodine: Why You
Need It, Why You Cant Live Without It.
3. Avoid Synthetic Chemicals
Youve heard it a thousand times before: You are
what you eat. So if you eat food that contains toxic
chemicals and hormones, what do you expect?
It is vitally important to avoid animal
products that contain synthetic chemicals, which
conventionally raised animals are fed in order to
speed their growth cycle. The problem is that those
hormones (and antibiotics) make it to our plates.
These hormones can be found in dairy products,
meat, chicken, and sh from conventionally raised
animals. But they are not found in organically raised
animals, such as free-range grazing cattle.
We use too many pesticides on our crops and
pesticides are known carcinogens. Soy crops are
sprayed with an inordinate amount of pesticides,
and soy in one form or another is added to at least
half of all products found in your local grocery store.
The solution is to eat organic fruits and vegetables.
Articial sweeteners such as sucralose, which
contains chlorine atoms, can competitively inhibit
iodine in the body. This means that excess chlorine
leads to a deciency of iodine. Rats and mice fed
sucralose were found to have increased risk of liver
and lung cancer.
This articial sweetener has also
been associated with lymphoma and leukemia.
The human body responds wonderfully when
given the correct raw materials. Thats why you
need to eat organic food that is free of hormones
and pesticides, and avoid articial sweeteners that
are associated with a whole host of adverse efects,
including cancer.
4. Dont Eat White Foods
Rened foods such white sugar, salt, and our
lack the basic vitamins and minerals needed for a
healthy body and an efcient immune system.
Researchers have found that the ingestion of
rened sugar results in reduced white blood cell
activity for up to ve hours.
The white blood cells
are the immune systems rst line of defense against
foreign invaders and aberrant cells.
Many people snack on sweets several times per
day, which can cause a near continuous suppression
of the immune system. Over time, this leaves the
body vulnerable to attack.
Remember, only your immune system can cure
your body of cancer. By contrast, chemotherapy has
been shown to suppress the immune system, while
weakening healthy cells and making them more
susceptible to becoming cancerous.
As an alternative to rened sugar, the natural
sugar in whole fruits is unrened and okay to eat.
Common table salt has been bleached and
processed so that all its nutrients are removed.
Instead of table salt, it is very important to ingest
adequate amounts of unrened sea salt, which
contains more than 80 easy-to-digest minerals. The
vast majority of my patients have improved their
health by increasing their intake of unrened salt.
Finally, rened oils that have been heated
with hydrogen are not healthy. These include
margarines, most vegetable oils, and any product
that lists partially hydrogenated vegetable oil as an
Coconut oil and cold-pressed olive oils are
healthy substitutes.
5. Watch Out for Heavy Metals
For 20 years, I have been testing my patients for
heavy metal toxicity. Afer thousands of tests, I can
assure you the vast majority of Americans have high
levels of heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic,
cadmium and nickel.
The No. 1 heavy metal toxicity that I see is
mercury. In fact, more than 80 percent of my
patients test positive for mercury toxicity.
One big reason for the high level of mercury
toxicity is that for more than 100 years this
Continued on page 7
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Page 6 October 2012
In the News: Reading Between the Medical Headlines
Hashimotos Linked to
Thyroid Cancer
Researchers looked into
the relationship between
Hashimotos disease and papillary
thyroid cancer in a study that
included 2,821 subjects with
papillary thyroid cancer and 653
Hashimotos patients.
According to their report at
the 2011 meeting of the American
Thyroid Association, 58 percent of
the patients with thyroid cancer
also had Hashimotos disease.
Compared to those subjects
that had Hashimotos disease
without papillary thyroid cancer,
the Hashimotos/papillary thyroid
cancer group had higher thyroid
hormone (TSH)
Another study
found that a TSH of
2.5 mIU/L or higher
was associated
with higher risk of
thyroid cancer in
Though this association does
not prove causation, it provides the
groundwork for future research
to see if Hashimotos disease is a
precursor to thyroid cancer.
Thyroid cancer is the fastest
growing cancer in the United
States, and Hashimotos disease
is increasing at epidemic rates.
Whats more, Hashimotos and
thyroid cancer are both related to
iodine deciency.
My experience has shown that
correcting iodine deciency as part
of a holistic treatment regimen
can help a patient overcome
Hashimotos disease. When TSH
levels rise (within the reference
range) it can be a signal for future
problems. Early action on this
rising TSH level may prevent
future illnesses.
More information about this
can be found in my books, Iodine:
Why You Need It, Why You Cant
Live Without It and Overcoming
Thyroid Disorders.
Why Free-Range Animal
Products Are Beter
As reported in the journal Public
Health Nutrition, an analysis of
plasma concentrations of vitamin
D in meat eaters and vegans found
that the meat eaters had a higher
intake of vitamin D in their diets,
and a signicantly higher plasma
concentration of vitamin D3 of 21
Animal food sources, such as
meat, eggs, sh, and dairy contain
vitamin D. However,
vitamin D can also
be manufactured
in our bodies when
sunlight hits the
A letter to
editor Hartmut
H. Glossmann of
the Public Health
Nutrition pointed out that meat
contains higher vitamin D levels
when animals are exposed to the
This means that it may be
healthier to eat meat from animals
that are given free range pasture to
eat as they soak up the sun.
Breast Cancer and the
Glycemic Index
Researchers studied the
relationship between eating food
with a high glycemic index and
the development of breast cancer
and published their results in the
July 3, 2012, issue of the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The glycemic index is a guide to
how quickly food is converted into
sugar afer it is ingested.
This can help people choose
foods that will not spike their
blood sugar.
The authors studied 11,576
women with invasive breast cancer,
and determined the subjects food
intake using questionnaires. The
researchers found a signicant
association between eating too
many high glycemic foods (high
glycemic load) and an increased
risk of estrogen-receptor negative
breast cancer.
When compared to the lowest-
consuming glycemic load group,
the highest group was found to
have 36 percent increased risk of
estrogen-receptor negative breast
They conclude, a diet
high [in] glycemic load and
carbohydrate intake is positively
associated with an increased risk
of developing [estrogen-receptor
negative breast cancer].
According to the latest statistics,
one in seven women in the United
States will be diagnosed with
breast cancer. The most aggressive
are the cancers that are receptor
negative. This study found an
association between eating high
glycemic foods and the worst kind
of breast cancer.
Examples of food with a high
glycemic index include white
sugar, breakfast cereals, white rice
and pretzels.
Why might high glycemic foods
cause breast cancer?
Because they lead to
inammation, increased insulin
levels and other increased
inammatory modulators that
have been shown to be related to
breast cancer.
Furthermore, the intake of large
amounts of high glycemic foods
can lead to diabetes.
Rather, choose low glycemic
foods such as whole grains, nuts,
vegetables, meat and eggs.

Tyroid cancer
is the fastest
growing cancer
in the U.S.

October 2012 Page 7

substance has been used by dentists as a dental
lling called amalgam.
The second source of mercury exposure is from
ingesting certain types of sh, mainly tuna, shark,
and swordsh. Mercury has been linked to many
health problems, including cancer.
Mercury is also a known to suppress healthy
immune function in both humans and animals. A
compromised immune system leaves you open to
recurring infections, colds and us, allergies and
rashes, as well as serious health problems such as
autoimmune diseases, HIV, and cancer.
It is important to periodically have your mercury
(and other heavy metals) levels tested. If they are
elevated, you will have to undergo a chelation
program to remove them.
A chelating agent is a substance that is
introduced into your bloodstream, which then
binds to the toxic metals and breaks them down for
excretion through your urine.
A knowledgeable holistic healthcare provider
can help you safely and efectively chelate the heavy
metals out of your body. Most people note an
immediate improvement in their energy level and
overall health when these heavy metals are removed.
6. Avoid Radiation Exposure
Ionizing radiation, as used in medical
radiological tests, is a known carcinogen. Tests that
use this type of radiation include computerized
tomography (CT scan), X-rays, dental X-rays, and
positron emission technology (PET scan).
All of these procedures expose the body to
radiation that can damage the DNA of the cells.
Damaged DNA can lead to the growth of cancer.
CT and PET scans expose the body to
particularly large amounts of radiation. Compared
to a chest X-ray, a chest CT introduces 50 to 100
times the radiation dose. And CT scanning has
increased dramatically over the last 10 years: It is
estimated that more than 60 million CT scans were
performed in the United States last year.
Simply put, doctors are ordering too many CT
scans. The New England Journal of Medicine estimates
that over one-third of these scans are unnecessary.
your doctor orders a CT, ask if you really need it.
In addition, whenever you are receiving a
radiological test, you need to shield the rest of the
body with a lead apron. Demand a shield from the
dentist or radiologist. If they dont have one to ofer,
nd a new doctor.
7. Supplement Your Immune System
I have been checking my patients for nutrient
imbalances for more than 20 years, and can assure
you that the vast majority of people, both sick and
seemingly well, are nutritionally decient. This
leaves them at risk for diseases, including cancer.
The nutritional content of our food has declined
for a variety of reasons, including declining mineral
levels in our soil due to poor farming techniques
and the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers.
The immune system depends on an adequate
supply of vitamins and minerals to function. The
most common deciencies I encounter in my
patients include:
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
How can we expect to be healthy and our
immune systems to function optimally when there
is a deciency or imbalance of essential nutrients?
We cant. Thats why getting tested and taking
supplements is so important. But in many cases,
the governments established recommended daily
allowance for vitamins and minerals is too low; such
as iodine, which is 100 to 200 times too low.
A holistic practitioner can order the appropriate
blood, hair, and urine tests to determine your
vitamin and mineral status. Conventionally trained
doctors do not study this in medical school, and
generally have little interest in these tests.
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Page 8 October 2012
Dear Readers,
I will try to answer as many questions as I can.
However, because of the volume of questions, I
cannot answer each letter personally. Please include
your full name, city, and state when submitting.
If you have a question for me, please email it to:
I have been advised to take an iodine supplement.
Can you suggest particular supplements?
Walter T., Leopold, Australia
Diferent tissues in the body preferentially
take up diferent forms of iodine. What are these
diferent forms? Iodide is the reduced form and
iodine is the oxidized form.
For example, the breast tissue has an afnity
for iodine while the thyroid gland prefers iodide.
Therefore, to get the best efect from an iodine
supplement or a whole body efect, I would suggest
supplementing with both iodine and iodide.
When I started using iodine clinically, I found
a poor clinical response from using either iodine
or iodide alone. It was only when I began to use
the two forms together that I experienced the best
clinical results.
Examples of products that contain both forms
include: Iodoral (from Optimox), Lugols solution
(from a compounding pharmacist) and Iodozyme
HP (from Biotics Research).
Are bromine-treated swimming pools safe to swim in?
Sanford S., Seattle, Wash.
The most common chemicals used to keep pool
and hot tub water clean are chlorine and bromine.
Unfortunately, both of these elements are part of the
halide family, which also includes iodine. Therefore,
swimming in chlorine and bromine can cause the
body to lose iodine.
You can combat this by increasing your iodine
intake. Or you can use other methods to keep pool
and hot tub water clear. At my house, I use ozone
along with and copper and silver ions to keep my
pool and hot tub water clear.
The system to use can be found at www. I have no nancial interest in this
There seem to be a lot of varying opinions about how
to detoxify the liver. What do you suggest for a liver
detoxication program?
Kenneth F., Dallas, Texas
The liver has many functions, but perhaps its
most important task is to lter out the impurities
we come in contact with and help the body excrete
waste through either the urine or stool.
Unfortunately, we are exposed to an ever-
increasing array of toxic chemicals, so liver
detoxication is very important.
The best thing that you can do for your liver is
to eat a healthy diet free of rened foods, pesticides,
and synthetic hormones. It is important to eat
organic food.
Next, ensure that you maintain adequate
hydration as this will lower the concentration of
toxic substances in your body.
Finally, ensuring the liver has the optimal
amounts of nutrients is a must. These include
vitamin C, magnesium, milk thistle, and vitamins B1
and B12.
I have developed a product called Total Liver
Control which is designed to provide the liver
with the proper nutritional support to increase the
detoxication capability of the liver.
To your good health,
Ask Dr. B
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