(Final Dra! S"#!$ %2 &')
While the following scope of work is based on the revised TOR issued by the ADB the
level of detail possible in the environmental and socio cultural (!"# analysis and
assessment during the feasibility work will be limited by the detail$ %uantity and %uality of
information that can be identified and ac%uired given the level of effort and time frame
allocated$ and the security situation in most of the study area&
'ever the less it is anticipated that it will be possible to ac%uire sufficient information to(
identify any environmental or socio cultural issues and constraints that could affect the
technical ) environmental and socio cultural feasibility of the pro*ect$ provide an initial
estimate of the cost of avoiding or mitigating these constraints$ and meeting the
re%uirements of ADB+s ,environmental and social safeguards-&
The environmental and socio cultural feasibility assessment is being conducted in two
phases and the overall approach and ob*ectives of each are outlined in the following
P)a*" %+
.onduct an initial pre/feasibility level environmental and socio cultural study to identify
and assess environmental$ social$ policy and institutional constraints to a high voltage
transmission line within the proposed corridor& 0rovide an initial pre/feasibility cost
estimate for environmental and social mitigation$ resettlement$ institutional development
and further studies re%uired to meet "afeguard "tandards of the 1 host countries and
the ADB&
The draft 0hase 2 report was submitted in 3uly 456 and finali7ed in "eptember 8556
P)a*" 2+
The !" study team will(
2 / Review all available information
8 / Ac%uire additional secondary information to fill information gaps from 0hase 2&
1 / .onduct a reconnaissance of the proposed corridor to collect primary data on 9.+s
! constraints&
: / Reassess environmental$ socio cultural$ policy and institutional constraints to the
transmission line&
; < 'espak will prepare the 0hase 8 report covering all three countries crossed by the
transmission corridor& The 0hase 8 report will integrate and build upon 0hase 2
results$ and to the limit of the 0hase 8 data collection$ address environmental$ socio
cultural$ policy and institutional constraints$ possible strategic and technical
mitigation$ and environmental and social mitigation cost estimates relative to the
proposed transmission line&
'OT( =n the event the transmission pro*ect is deemed to be technically and
economically feasible$ a detailed nvironmental ! "ocial =mpact Assessment will be
re%uired of the developer prior to construction&
The following paragraphs outline the detailed scope of work for the phase 8
environmental and socio cultural feasibility assessment& A spreadsheet providing
additional details on the principle activities$ sub tasks$ schedule and deliverables for
phase 8 of the initial !" assessment are attached&
S-. Ta*/*
During the 0hase 8 0lanning workshop key participants from .anada$ 0akistan$
Afghanistan and Ta*ikistan will( review the .A"AR> pro*ect$ ob*ectives and the results
of 0hase 2 of the !" feasibility assessment$ identify remaining data )information gaps$
and finali7e the scope$ work/plan$ schedule and deliverables for 0hase 8 of the !"
feasibility assessment&

Activity 2 deliverables include( 2# 0hase 8 data collection re%uirements$ 8# "cope of
work$ 1# Description of the principal activities$ tasks$ deliverables1 schedule and level of
effort for 0hase 8 of the !" assessment&

S-. Ta*/*
Baseline environmental$ socio cultural$ policy and institutional information on the 8 km
wide corridor is the keystone of the !" feasibility assessment&
During the months of "eptember through October$ under the direction of N"*#a/ and
the IDC data collection coordinator$ nvironmental and "ocio .ultural specialists based
in 0akistan Afghanistan$ ! Ta*ikistan will( review the information on hand$ familiari7e
them selves with the ADB safeguards and relevant WB policies$ conduct electronic and
traditional searches for relevant secondary environmental$ social$ policy and institutional
information$ and conduct the field reconnaissance and primary data collection re%uired
to fill data gaps identified subse%uent to phase 2&
All information ac%uired will be copied$ reviewed$ analy7ed and collated locally& 0riority
will be given to the collection of primary and secondary information on the most
important 9alued cosystem .omponents (9.+s# within the corridor&
=n addition to the collection of secondary information$ activity 8 includes a
reconnaissance level field survey of the entire transmission corridor by !" specialists
in the company of a !ran*2i**i3n lin" "n4in""r$ The ob*ective of this field
reconnaissance of the transmission corridor is to verify the secondary information$
ac%uire new (primary# data on the most important 9alued cosystem .omponents
(9.+s# and begin consultations with selected pro*ect affected people&
0rimary data obtained in the field will be collated and described on two types of corridor
specific 5a!a *)""!*$ copies of which have been provided to the IDC data collection
coordinator& =n summary these sheets will ensure that the information needed to
characteri7e 9.s$ identify and cost avoidance and mitigation measures is collected in a
systematic and rigorous manner& =nformation on each 9. will be geo referenced by
latitude and longitude (?0"#& 9.s and their boundaries will be indicated on 2(8;5555
scale 2a#*&
The field data sheets will provide( date$ time$ location$ numbers of photos taken$
description of the potential source of impact$ its potential magnitude$ importance and
significance$ the level of constraint (D2 to D:#$ a description of avoidance or mitigation
possibilities$ summary of discussions with 0A0$ and appro@imate cost of specific
=nformation on priority 9.s that may re%uire the re routing of the transmission line
outside the corridor must be communicated to 'espak and "'. management as soon
as they are identified&
The IDC data collection coordinator will ensure that the information collected is
forwarded as it is collected (at least every 8 weeks#$ to 'espak+s Aahore office& All
information on priority 9." must be provided to 'espak before the end of October&
N"*#a/ will regularly monitor the implementation and results of activity 8 to ensure the
information re%uired for their analysis and reporting is obtained in a timely manner&
Activity 8 deliverables include( 2# Aist of 9.s$ 8# description of cause effect
relationships between pro*ect activities ) components and 9.+s$ 1# bibliography of all
documents and meetings$ :# description of field activities$ ;# completed field
information ) data sheets maps and photos$ B# description and first draft mapping of key
physical$ biological$ ecological and socio cultural resources (9.+s# and !" constraints
in the corridor&
The IDC data collection coordinator will ensure that all of the deliverables are available
in Aahore by the end of October&
S-. Ta*/*
SNC !ran*2i**i3n *#"7iali*!* will provide a description of the proposed transmission
line and access routes$ related infrastructures$ as well as construction activities and
timing$ to 'espak and =D. before the end of "eptember& N"*#a/ an5 IDC will re%uest
any additional details re%uired within ; working days of receipt of the pro*ect description&
By the end of "eptember N"*#a/ will develop a detailed Table of .ontents for the final
report & During the months of October and 'ovember N"*#a/1 supported by "'.$
=nternational$ Afghanistan$ ! Ta*ikistan !" consultants will( analyse the primary and
secondary information$ as it is provided to them$ and prepare the draft and final
environmental and socio cultural assessment reports as per the attached schedule&
The report will include but not be limited to(
/ "tudy area *ustification and description&
/ 0ro*ect description
/ =dentification$ description and final maps of the key !" 9.+s within the corridor&
/ =dentification$ description$ assessment ) rating$ and final maps of !" and =nstitutional
/ Description and initial cost estimate for(
- Avoidance of significant constraints$
- >itigation of significant constraints
/ 'ecessary resettlement&
/ >0 including monitoring
/ "pecific institutional strengthening
- Detailed "=A studies to be carried out by the contractors building the line&
/ Wherever possible the report should ,link- the contents with ADB and WB "afeguards&
Activity 1 deliverables include( 2# Cinal descriptions and maps of !" 9.+s and
constraints within the corridor as well as !"$ policy and institutional constraints$ 8#
Cinal description and cost estimates of re%uired !" mitigation$ policy and institutional
development$ and monitoring& N"*#a/ will complete a draft of these deliverables by
'ovember 2D&
S-. Ta*/*
By the end of "eptember N"*#a/ will produce an initial draft Table of .ontents for the
final ! " report$ identifying critical sections maps and anne@es& The draft and final
reports maps and supporting documents will be prepared by senior N"*#a/ and
international specialists and reviewed by N"*#a/ and "'. management prior to
integration in the overall feasibility report and submission to the client&
The deliverables of activity : include( 2# Draft TO.$ 8# Draft report and 1# Cinal report&
Deliverable 2 (Draft TO.# is re%uired by the end of "eptember$ deliverable 8 and 1 will
be completed by 'ovember 2D and December 25 respectively&
S-. Ta*/*
N"*#a/ and "'. management will direct and advise the !" team and coordinate
activities in the : host countries with those in .anada during the course of the work&
N"*#a/ management and the IDC data collection coordinator will review and report on
activities and progress on a weekly basis and review all deliverables before final
submission to "'. or the client&
The deliverables of activity ; include( 2# Weekly progress reports$ 8# Draft report$
1# Cinal report& Deliverables 8 and 1 (of activity : are re%uired by( 'ovember 2D and
December 25 respectively&

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