Global Market for Smart Machines Expected to Reach $15.3 Billion in 21!

" #$tonomo$s Robots
Mo%in& at 22.'( )#GR
Wellesley, Mass., May 27, 2014 – BCC Research ( reveals in is new re!or,
"M#R$ M#C%&'(") $(C%'*+*,&(" #'- ,+*B#+ M#R.($", he /lobal mar0e 1or smar
machines is e2!ece3 o /row o 415.6 billion by 2017, wih a 1ive8year com!o9n3 ann9al /rowh rae
(C#,R) o1 17.7:. $he a9onomo9s robo cae/ory, one o1 he 1ases !er1ormin/ se/men in he overall
mar0e, is !ro;ece3 o move a a si/ni1ican C#,R o1 22.<:.
$he /lobal mar0e 1or smar machines com!rises 1ive se/mens, incl93in/ e2!er sysems,
ne9rocom!9ers, a9onomo9s robos, smar embe33e3 sysems, an3 inelli/en assisans. (2!er sysems
(e./., me3ical 3ecision s9!!or sysems, smar /ri3) ma3e 9! he lar/es share o1 he mar0e in 2016,
1ollowe3 by a9onomo9s robos. %owever, by 2024 a9onomo9s robos (robos ha can !er1orm wih a
hi/h 3e/ree o1 a9onomy an3 ma0e com!le2 ;93/mens) are e2!ece3 o o9sri! e2!er sysems an3
3ominae he mar0e alo/eher.
(2!er sysems, c9rrenly he lar/es se/men o1 he overall mar0e, is e2!ece3 o reach 47 billion by
2017, re/iserin/ a 15: C#,R. By 2024, his se/men is !ro;ece3 o /row o 412.4 billion.
%owever, he a9onomo9s robos se/men (incl93in/ sel183rivin/ vehicles 1or s!ace e2!loraion), which
was val9e3 a ;9s 41.1 billion in 2016, is se o ;9m! o nearly 46.= billion in 2017 an3 416.7 billion in
>$hese a3vance3 robos have /reaer mobiliy, 3e2eriy, 1le2ibiliy, an3 a3a!abiliy han heir
!re3ecessors,? says BCC Research insr9menaion an3 sensors analys #n3rew McWilliams. >$hey
combine ari1icial inelli/ence wih a3vance3 sensors an3 ac9aors, an3 are consr9ce3 1rom im!rove3
maerials. $hese echnolo/ical a3vances, co9!le3 wih 3eclinin/ coss, are ma0in/ new 9ses !ossible,
ran/in/ 1rom s!ace e2!loraion o miliary o!eraions, 1rom in39sry o mowin/ lawns.?
SM#R* M#)+,-ES. *E)+-/0/G,ES #-1 G0/B#0 M#R2E*S !rovi3es an overview o1 he
/lobal mar0e 1or smar machines, incl93in/ e2!er sysems, ne9rocom!9ers, a9onomo9s robos, smar
embe33e3 sysems, an3 inelli/en assisans. & incl93es analyses o1 /lobal mar0e ren3s, wih 3aa 1rom
2016, esimaes 1or 2014 an3 2017, an3 !ro;ecions o1 C#,Rs hro9/h 2024.
(3iors an3 re!orers who wish o s!ea0 wih he analys, sho9l3 conac "even C9mmin/ a
#bo$t B)) Research
BCC Research !9blishes mar0e research re!ors ha ma0e or/aniAaions worl3wi3e more !ro1iable wih
inelli/ence ha 3rives smar b9siness 3ecisions. $hese re!ors cover o3ayBs ma;or in39srial an3
echnolo/y secors, incl93in/ emer/in/ mar0es. Cor more han 40 years weBve hel!e3 c9somers i3eni1y
new mar0e o!!or9niies wih acc9rae an3 reliable 3aa an3 insi/h, incl93in/ mar0e siAin/, 1orecasin/,
in39sry overviews, an3 i3eni1icaion o1 si/ni1ican ren3s an3 0ey com!eiors. We !arner wih analyss
who are e2!ers in s!eci1ic areas o1 in39sry an3 echnolo/y, !rovi3in/ 9nbiase3 meas9remens an3
assessmens o1 /lobal mar0es. *9r cliens incl93e he o! com!anies in in39sries aro9n3 he worl3 as
well as 9niversiies, b9siness schools, sar89!s, cons9lin/ 1irms an3 invesmen com!anies. BCC
Research is a 9ni o1 (li Research ++C. Disi o9r websie a Conac 9s) (E1) 7<18
4<787601 (F.". (asern ime), or email
-aa an3 analysis e2race3 1rom his !ress release m9s be accom!anie3 by a saemen i3eni1yin/ BCC
Research ++C, 4782 Waln9 Gar0, Wellesley, M# 024<1, $ele!hone) (E1) 7<184<787601H (mail) as he so9rce an3 !9blisher. $han0 yo9.

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