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Written by Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford

Fromthe Genesis album: Selling England By The Pound, 1973

Transcribed by Hisao Chida
[Piano Intro]
Verse 1: (1:07-) {Tempo: 128}
|B |B7/A |E(9)/G# |B/F#
The path is clear; though no eyes can see_____
|Em(9)/G |F#7sus4 F#7/C# /D# |B7sus4 B7| |
The course laid down long_____ be - fore.
|E |F#m7/E |Bm/D |C/D
And so with gods and men; The sheep remain in-side their pen,
|G |E7/G# |A#dim | ||
Though many times they've seen the way to leave.
[Verse 2]
He rides ma-jestic; Past homes of men
Who care not or gaze with joy,
To see reflected there; The trees, the sky, the lily fair,
The scene of death is lying just below.
Bridge: (2:07-) {Enters 12-string arpegggio, no bass}
|E |A/E |Emaj7 |A/E
The mountain cuts off the town from view,
|Bbm |Ebm |Bb/F |Eb
Like a cancer growth is re-moved by skill.
|Eb F |G |
Let it be re - vealed.
{Enters Mellotron (choir)} (2:28-)
| |Bb/C | |Cm/F |
A water - fall, his madri - gal.
|E | |B/F# | |
An in-land sea, his sym-pho - ny.
|E | |B/F# | |F#maj7 | ||
Na___ na na___ na na________ na na - a_____
{Enter lead guitar & bass, forte} (2:54-)
|B |B7/A |E(9)/G# |B/F#
Undinal songs; Urge the sailors on_____
|Em(9)/G |A7sus4 A7 ||
Till lured by (the) si - rens'
[Piano Bridge] (3:05-)
07/10/2010 Firth Of Fifth 1/3
{Slower, tempo: 68}
|E/D5 | D |Em/A | |
|B ||E | ||
[Flute Solo] (3:30-)
|Em |Am |Em |Am |
|Em |Bm |Am |B ||
|Em |Am Em |Am Em |Am Em |5/4
|5/4 Em F7 ||4/4
[Piano Solo] (4:09-)
{Tempo: 83}
|4/4 ||:Cm |F7 :||(x 4) |2/4 F7 ||
[Synth Solo] (4:34-)
[Guitar Solo] (5:46-)
{Tempo: 80}
|4/4 ||:Em |D/E :|| (x 7)
|:Em |Am |Em |Am |
|Em |Bm |Am |B :| (x 4)
(2x) {Enter bass pedal, 12-strings & Mellotron(choir)}
(3x) {End of bass pedal & 12-strings, enters bass}
(4x) {Enter bass pedal, 12-strings & Mellotron}
{End of bass pedal & 12-strings, enters bass} (8:02-)
|:E |F#m7/E :| (x 3)
|E7 |Em ||
{Faster, tempo: 140}
|Em/G |E/G# |A#dim | ||
[Verse 3] (8:34-)
Now as the river dissolves in sea,
So Neptune has claimed another soul.
And so with gods and men; The sheep remain inside their pen,
Until the Shepherd leads his flock away.
Coda: (9:03-)
|B |B7/A |E(9)/G# |B/F#
The sands of time were e-roded by___
|Em(9)/G |F#7sus4 F#/C# /D# |B7sus4 | ||
07/10/2010 Firth Of Fifth 2/3
The river of con - stant change.
[Piano Ending] (9:20-)
{Piano solo fade in}
|13/16 ||:A/C# |E/B :|| (x 3 & fade)
07/10/2010 Firth Of Fifth 3/3