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Board has become a necessity in todays environment as we

experience numerous amounts of products being packaged in
various forms of boards. Packages Limited manufactures several
types of Boards in various grammages and sizes to provide
optimum solution to industrys ever growing packaging needs.
Packages Limited produces following types of board:

Board Type Weight (g/m2)
Coated White Bleach Board 208 - 270
Coated Duplex Board 230 - 300
Uncoated Liquid Packaging Board 190 - 205
Coated Liquid Packaging Board 210 - 225
Card Board / Paper Cup Board 160 - 270

These boards are used for packaging purposes which include liquid packaging, confectionary, tea and
food cartons, match boxes, paper cups and plates, cigarette packaging, pharmaceutical packaging etc.
These different types of boards give a variety of packaging solutions to our everyday needs. With the help
and support of our professional R & D team, Packages Limited will continue to develop more efficient and
high performance boards. Detail of Board Types is as below:

White Bleach Board: White Bleach Board is widely used for packaging purposes by an array of
customers. Packages Limited produces White Bleach Board in various grammages varying from 188 - 270
gsm depending upon its usage in several forms. Bleach Board is primarily used in coated form mainly by
Tobacco Industry followed by pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other high value packaging solutions.

Duplex Board: Packages Limited is producing Duplex Board in several grammages varying from 210 gsm
(uncoated) to 300 gsm (coated). Duplex Board is predominantly being used for packaging of match boxes,
tissue papers, biscuits, tea, cosmetics, cigarettes and pharmaceutical products.

Liquid Packaging Board: Packages Limited is the only company in Pakistan which is producing Liquid
Packaging Board for Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited. Liquid Packaging Board is used for packaging of milk &
juices etc.

Card Board/Paper Cup Board: Card Board produced by Packages Limited is offered in grammge range
of 160 gsm to 250 gsm. Card Board is used in Paper Cups, Plates and packaging of frozen desserts.

Solid unbleached board
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SUB construction:
1 - Coating
2 - Solid Unbleached Board
Solid unbleached board, also known as SUB, is a grade of paperboard typically made of unbleached
chemical pulp. Most often it comes with two to three layers of mineral or synthetic pigment coating on
the top and one layer on the reverse side. Recycled fibres are sometimes used to replace the
unbleached chemical pulp.

The main end use for this type of board is for packaging of frozen or chilled food, beverage carriers,
cereals, shoes, toys and others.

Solid bleached board
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SBB (C2S) construction:
1 - Coating
2 - Bleached chemical pulp
1 - Coating
Solid bleached board (SBB) or solid bleached sulphate (SBS) is a virgin fibre grade of paperboard.
This grade is made purely from bleached chemical pulp and usually has a mineral or
synthetic pigment
coated top surface in one or more layers (C1S) and often also a coating on the
reverse side (C2S). It is a medium density board with good printing properties for graphical
and packaging end uses and is perfectly white both inside and out. It can easily be cut, creased, hot foil
stamped and embossed. Its other properties, such as being hygienic and pure with no smell and taste,
make it usable for packaging aroma and flavor sensitive products such as chocolate, cigarettes and