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Lahore School of Economics


Ins!r"c!or# Mah$esh Mahm"%
MPhil: Innovation, Strategy and Organization
(Judge Business School, University of Ca!ridge, U"
E&mail# mmcam'ri%(e)(mail*com
#he course is designed to give the students an overvie$ of the su%%ly chain disci%line fro a strategic
%ers%ective& It $ill cover s%ecific to%ics to give a holistic understanding of su%%ly chain anageent and its
strategic i%ortance under the current !usiness scenario& #he course $ill also cover !asic strategies !eing
a%%lied in the su%%ly chain area across the glo!e and their significance and a%%lication under the local cor%orate
#he ethods used to convey and develo% these ideas $ill include a i' of traditional lectures, discussion of
to%ics and case studies& (e $ill dra$ fro a nu!er of sources for the class, including articles fro the %o%ular
!usiness %ress and acadeic) or %ractitioner)oriented *ournals, case studies and industry e'a%les&
Since any good !usiness course ust continually evolve, coents and suggestions fro students are not only
gratefully acce%ted, !ut also highly encouraged& In addition, the sylla!us and course schedule are li+ely to !e
slightly ,fluid&- (hile the !asic to%ics $ill reain as stated in the schedule laid out at the end of this sylla!us,
!oth the detail involved in the discussion and the length of tie devoted to the discussion ay !e altered
soe$hat as the seester unfolds and student coents are evaluated and ado%ted as a%%ro%riate&
In any res%ects, the course is intended to !e ore li+e a seinar than a ty%ical lecture course& .ather than *ust
%resenting lots of aterial for study and eorization, class eetings $ill often !e designed to discuss issues
and a%%roaches relevant to the to%ic at hand& It is for that reason that /uestions, coents, and discussion %oints
are not only encouraged, !ut in fact are an i%ortant %art of the class design& (ithout such discussion, the
course $ill %ro!a!ly !e less valua!le and certainly less interesting for all involved&
Students are e'%ected to have co%leted the re/uired readings !efore class&
0ttend class and actively %artici%ate in class discussions&
1ive %resentations on assigned cases on tie&
Provide an understanding of end)to)end su%%ly chain conce%t and its strategic significance in current
!usiness environent
Provide an understanding of the %hiloso%hy of vertical integration, strategic considerations associated $ith
integration issues&
Provide students $ith an understanding of the %henoenon of %ost%oneent and 2endor Managed
Inventory and its a%%lication in different industries and the re/uireents fro the su%%ly chain structure to
su%%ort %ost%oneent strategy&
Provide an understanding of +ey issues of Bull$hi% %henoenon and its i%act on the su%%ly chain
Provide an understanding of issues related to su%%ly chain relationshi%s, their assessent and i%act on
su%%ly chain coordination&
Provide an understanding of i%ortance of incentives in anaging su%%ly chains&
Strategic Su%%ly Chain Manageent: #he 4ive Core 5isci%lines for #o% Perforance, Second
6dition& Mc1ra$ 7ill Professional
Sichi)8evi, 5&, "ains+y, P& and Sichi)8evi 6&, 5esigning and Managing the Su%%ly
Chain: Conce%ts, Strategies, and Case Studies (9e$est 6dition:&
Sha%iro, J&, 4&, Modeling the Su%%ly Chain, 5u'!ury&
2ollann, #&6&, Berry, (&8&, (hy!ar+, 5&C& and Jaco!s, 4&.&, Manufacturing Planning and
Control for Su%%ly Chain Manageent, Mc1ra$)7ill, (9e$est 6dition:&&
de "o+, 0&1& and 1raves, S& C& ed&, Su%%ly Chain Manageent: 5esign, Coordination and
O%eration, 6lsevier, (9e$est 6dition:&&
2oss, S& and (oodruff, 5&8&, Introduction to Co%utational O%tiization Models for
Production Planning in a Su%%ly Chain, S%ringer)2erlag, (9e$est 6dition:&
Stadtler, 7& and "ilger, C&, ed&, Su%%ly Chain Manageent and 0dvanced Planning:
Conce%ts, Models, Soft$are and Case Studies, (9e$est 6dition:, ;<<;&
0yers, J&B&, 7and!oo+ of Su%%ly Chain Manageent, C.C Press, ;<<<&
Jaco!s, Chase& O%erations and Su%%ly Chain Manageent& #hirteenth 6dition&
#he #oyota (ay: 4ourteen Manageent Princi%les fro the (orld=s 1reatest Manufacturer,
6dition 3 !y Jeffrey 8i+er&
6erald .esearch ) htt%:>>$$$&eeraldinsight&co>>*ournals&ht?
Production and O%erations Manageent Society ) htt%:>>$$$&%os&org>*ournal>
Manufacturing&net ) htt%:>>$$$&anufacturing&net>
8ogistics Manageent ) htt%:>>$$$&logisticsgt&co>
Students $ho regularly read the !usiness %eriodicals and !usiness %ress are ore a$are of the
current !usiness events and understand ho$ !usinesses really $or+& #hose students tend to do
$ell in class %artici%ation, analyses of cases and %resentations, and eventually at $or+%lace& It is
recoended that you read sources li+e:
Business Pages of 5aily 9e$s%a%ers
0dinistrative Science @uarterly
#he 6conoist
Business (ee+
7arvard Business .evie$
Manageent Science
Mar+eting 9e$s
Mar+eting (ee+
Sloan Manageent .evie$, MI#
#o develo% a strong %ers%ective for students of the role Su%%ly Chain %lays in a !usiness
organization and to get the failiarized $ith the conce%ts, tools and analytical techni/ues
used $ithin the field& #he focus of the course is to identify a%%roaches and strategies that hel%
create co%etitive advantage for organizations !y using o%erations as a co%etitive $ea%on&
#o instill a strong sense of anageent %rofessionalis&
#o i%rove your a!ility to e'aine anagerial %ro!les&
#o develo% a !etter understanding of yourself and others&
#his course $ill focus on the su%%ly chain function of a for)%rofit fir fro the %ers%ective of
general anageent& #he course deals $ith the overall /uestion $hy soe co%anies are
successful and others fail fro a su%%ly chain %ers%ective& #his course $ill include a co!ination
of: (3: lectures (;: cases (A: %resentations (B: e'as& #he acco%lishent of the o!*ectives of
this course de%ends on the full %artici%ation of everyone&
Learnin( is +rimaril, !he res+onsi'ili!, of !he in%i$i%"al and it can !e enhanced !y
coo%erative effort& Colla!orative learning includes, !ut is not liited to, %artici%ating in class
discussions and contri!uting to the efforts of oneCs grou%&
Learnin( %e+en%s on ,o"r ac!i$e in$ol$emen!* Dou are e'%ected to read the cha%ters
!efore coing to class and to co%lete the assignents !efore the class for $hich it is
assigned& Dou are further encouraged to !ring current ne$s ites and issues $hich are
a%%lica!le to each %articular to%ic&
Home-or. is an im+or!an! +ar! of ,o"r learnin( e/+erience* Dou are e'%ected to %ut tie
and effort on this tas+& 7oe$or+ assignents can coe fro !usiness agazines, the cases
at the end of the cha%ters, e'ercises fro your te't, or any other source the instructor finds
i%ortant for the learning %rocess I9 055I#IO9 #O (70# IS S#IPU80#65 I9 #76
B68O( M69#IO965 COU.S6 S#.UC#U.6&
0ssignent cover sheets have !een u%loaded on the %ortal& 0ll assignents should !ear the
studentCs nae, section, date and to%ic&
0ssignents ay !e given as and $hen the instructor dees %ertinent for either +no$ledge
!uilding or for reinforceent %ur%oses& 8ate assignents $ill not !e acce%ted&
0ll assignents should !e neatly $ritten or ty%ed %refera!ly in #ies 9e$ .oan, 3; font)
size and 3&E line s%acing& 0P0 style of foratting is %referred&
0ssignents $hich do not !ear the a!ove)entioned inforation $ill not !e acce%ted&
6ach student (or grou%: $ill %resent case studies or readings during the seester&
5uring the seester, if a a*ority of the grou% e!ers agree that a tea e!er is not
contri!uting to the grou% effort, the group may ask the student to leave& The 0fire%0 s!"%en!
-ill !hen com+le!e assi(nmen!s as %e!ermine% ', !he ins!r"c!or* #he grou% ust infor
the instructor and the student of the decision no later than t$o $ee+s %rior to the due date of
the assignent&
@uizzes 3<F
0ssignents 3<F
Case %resentations 3<F
Class %artici%ation ;<F
Midter ;<F
4inal A<F
1rou%s of a iniu of four and a a'iu of five students are allo$ed e'ce%t in e'ce%tional
circustances $here ore (u% to si': ay !e allo$ed& Please see %resentation guidelines
u%loaded on the %ortal for a !etter understanding of the %resentation evaluation criteria>tiing and
other i%ortant factors related to ho$ to conduct %resentations&
I do not acce%t %lagiaris (co%ying other %eo%lesC>authorsC>$ritersC>co%osersC $or+: in any
for& If I find that students have co%ied each othersC assignents or have co%ied aterial off
the internet or any other source $ithout entioning the full reference of the source, I shall not
acce%t the %resentation>assignent>%ro*ect>%a%er& #his eans that even if you co%y a diagra
or a %iece of inforation fro any source, it is e'%ected that you reference the source as %er
the 0P0 style&
0lso %lease ree!er that %rofessionalis includes !ut is not liited to:
Being in class on tie
.aising your hand $hen you $ant to as+ a /uestion>%artici%ate in class
S$itching off or silencing your cell)%hone !efore and during the class
#a+ing care of your attendance and !eing on tie for class
#he /uality of your contri!ution to class $or+
Dour individual contri!ution to class discussions
.es%ect to your colleagues
If you need to leave the class during any lecture %lease let the instructor +no$ in advance&
3ee. Lec*
Lec!"re To+ic 4isc"ssion Session
3 3 Introduction and Course Overvie$ Short Case: .etail at the S%eed of 4ashion: Gara
; Introduction: Strategic Su%%ly Chain
Conce%ts .eca%:
SC Definitions, SC flows, objectives, process view,
push/pull views. Supply chain strategy
A Introduction: Strategic Su%%ly Chain
.eading: 8ogistics is not SCM
.eading: 8iving in 5ell tie
; B Su%%ly Chain Strategy H Product
.eading: (hat is the right su%%ly chain?
E Su%%ly Chain Strategy for
Co%etitive 0dvantage
Case: Crocs: .evolutionizing and IndustryCs Su%%ly
Chain Model for Co%etitive 0dvantage
I Su%%ly Chain 0lignent .eading: #ri%le 0 Su%%ly Chain
A J 5iscussion .eading: 7o$ Unilever 0ligned its Su%%ly Chain
K Strategic sourcing .eading: Strategic sourcing (7BS core curriculu:
B 3< Case 5iscussion Case: Strategic outsourcing at Bharti 0irtel 8td&
33 Post%oneent in Su%%ly Chain .eading: 7P)Po$er of Post%oneent
#echnical 9ote: Post%oneent
3; Su%%ly Chain Coordination #he Bull$hi% effect in su%%ly chains
Class e'ercise (Beer 1ae: E 3A
3B Mi%!erm E/am Mi%!erm E/am
3E SC .is+ Manageent Strategy .eading: Managing .is+s to avoid su%%ly chain
I 3I Case discussion Case: Managing .is+s to 6nsure Business
Continuity at Maryland H 2irginia Mil+
3J Su%%lier .elationshi%s Strategies Building 5ee% Su%%lier .elationshi%s
3K Case discussion Case: Buyer)Su%%lier .elationshi%s
J 3L Strategic 2alue of Colla!oration (hich +ind of colla!oration is right for you?
;< #he su%er)efficient co%any
;3 5istri!ution Strategy Case: .ethin+ing distri!ution logistics at 20S0
K ;; 8ogistics e'cellence: 8essons fro
Mu!ai Dabbawallas
Case: #he 5a!!a$ala Syste, On tie delivery,
every tie&
;A Strategic 2alue of #echnology Mastering the three $orlds of I#:
Putting the enter%rise into enter%rise syste B;B on
the $e!& 9ote on M.P
;B Case Presentations (ill !e eailed
L ;E Case Presentations (ill !e eailed
;J Case Presentations (ill !e eailed
Please ree!er that in addition to the a!ove, sur%rise /uizzes>in)class assignents ay !e
introduced as and $hen the instructor dees fit to i%rove or reinforce ideas $hich the class ay
!e lac+ing in& 6'tra readings for research and case %re%aration $ill !e announced fro tie to
tie in class&