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Cultural Intern Scheme Placement Proposal // 2014 - 15

Propose% placement per&o%
(six month duration)
From: 06 October 2014
To: 27 March 2015
%%ress 'here placement
'oul% (e carr&e% out
Museum Collections Centre
25 Dollman Street
Birmingham B7 4RQ
)epartment respons&(le *or
the placement
Collections Management
Placement super+&sor Phil Watson, Collections Manager
)escr&pt&on o* the pro,ect/s
to (e un%erta-en
(Pease do not describe the
" #n$ut to the on!oin! $ro!ramme o%
im$ro&ements a!ainst 'enchmar(s in
)oection )are %or stored coections*
" #n$ut to the retros$ecti&e documentation
" #n$ut to $ro&idin! access to reser&e
coections %or &isitors
Intern.s role '&th&n the ma&n
placement pro,ect
The intern +i be ex$ected to carr, out a broad
ran!e o% duties !enera, com$arabe to those o% our
current )oection -u$$ort O%%icers*
Spec&*&c tas-s '&ll &nclu%e/
" )ross"chec(in! botan, records +ith the
s$ecimens and mar(in! s$ecimens +ith
extension numbers
" .ssistin! +ith the coections audit
" /inin! she&es as $art o% the 'enchmar(s
" .ssistin! +ith ob0ect $ac(in! and mo&ement
" #n&i!iatin! and en!a!in! +ith &isitors on
o$en a%ternoons and at other e&ents
" Pre$arin! bo!s and in$uttin! to the M))
Faceboo( $a!e
" 1o+e&er this ist is not exhausti&e and there
+i be an ex$ectation that the intern +i
contribute to the da, to da, runnin! o% the
Purpose o* the placement The intern +i ha&e direct2 hands on ex$erience o% a

In association with
+ide ran!e o% coections mana!ement and
documentation acti&ities and +i be trained in
a$$ro$riate $rocedures* The, +i !ain a &auabe
insi!ht into the chaen!es that coection
mana!ement and documentation $resents*
The, +i aso !ain ex$erience o% deain! +ith
members o% the $ubic and seein! their res$onse to
museum ob0ects in a non"traditiona museum
The, +i see2 direct, or indirect,2 a as$ects o%
+or( in one o% the ar!est museum stores in the
countr, +ith one o% the broadest ran!e o% coections*
Bene*&t to the or0an&sat&on The internshi$ +i acceerate the $ro!ramme o%
im$ro&ements a!ainst 'enchmar(s and retros$ecti&e

#ra&n&n0 ct&+&t1 Chec-l&st
Cate0or1 / #ra&n&n0 ct&+&t&es
)oections Mana!ement and
Mana!in! or maintainin! database
.ssistin! +ith coections mana!ement acti&ities
incudin! stora!e conditions2 condition chec(in! and
3&ents 3&ent dei&er,
.ccess and #nter$retation To dei&er or assist +ith the dei&er, o% outreach
-ocia media
4i&in! !uided tours
.dministration and Other 5es$ondin! to en6uiries
)ustomer ser&ice
7ritin! or editin!
8ocumentation +or(
Chec-l&st o* appl&ca(le S-&lls/Capa(&l&t&es e2pecte% to (e %e+elope%
3er1 rele+ant
Ora communication (incudin! tee$hone) x
7ritten communication x

In association with
7ritin!9editin! %or $ubication (e*!* +eb2
$romotiona materias)
Team +or(in! x
Finance x
Mar(etin! x
Pubic reations x
-ocia net+or(in! x
5esearch s(is x
Probem so&in! x
#nno&ation (e*!* he$in! or!ani:ation to de&eo$
its ser&ices)
3ntre$reneurshi$ x
Persona initiati&e x
;se o% a second an!ua!e x
#T s(is x

In association with