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Seattle Public Schools K-5 Math Adoption Committee

February 7, 2014, 8:30 3:00
Professional Library, John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence

Welcome, Housekeeping: Minutes Approval, Setting Date for Final Meeting (April 22-30), Adjusting
the Timeline

Review of Adoption Process to date
Eric Caldwell and Barbara
Eric will review our process so far, assuring the committee that they have followed the
process set forth, the importance of using district-established channels of communication to
address community entities, describing why we have been at a standstill, where we stand
Barbara will address the issue of how decisions are made within the committee, the roll of
the sub-committees being for expediency and for synthesizing information to bring to the
MAC for decisions to be made, and, in the continuing process, how to have ALL voices
heard. NOTE: Our free Basecamp use has expired and the conversations will be archived,
but since ALL committee members did not use the forum, we cannot consider any proposals
made there as formal proposals. Any ideas introduced on Basecamp should be brought up at
full meetings.

Materials Update
Importance of geographic equity in displaying materials, communicating through Eric/Shawn
for school and public library sites and Bernardo for other community contact
Meeting with Bernardo? He has not been invited to todays meeting, could some sub-
committee members take the role of liason?
Confirmation of five schools and one public library, schedule committee members for Q&A
at sites through Shawn
Quick review of essentials noted on each program
Cost of materials overview and how to use this info as we screen


Current Business Adam and Barbara
This is what HAS to happen TODAY!!!
How to discuss and approve each process below?
Proposal for Second Screener Discuss and Approve
Screening Process Discuss and Approve
Community Feedback Form and Use Discuss and Approve

Next Steps Shawn and Adam