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enVision supplemental info about Professional Development 4/21/14

In regards to professional development...(attachment of a what this training day looks

like is attached)

Pearson answer: Pearson is offering our Product Implementation Essentials at no cost for SPS,
each year and with K-2 consumable purchases, which is a one day workshop for teachers who
are new to enVisionMATH or need an annual refreshing. Participants/Teachers in this training
experience model lessons with extra emphasis on the activity based instruction embedded in the
program. This is a general overview that will enable teachers to learn and teach, as well as
assess enVisionMATH in their classrooms. The training also covers the digital components (or
Pearson Realize usage), as well as a thorough overview of the manipulative and resources that
help teachers teach enVisionMATH. This is being included in our RFP for years 1-6 with the
annual purchases of K-2 consumables.

Other PD offerings delve more into particular areas of instruction and are usually created with the
districts Math Director, Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction, etc.. These additional training enables
teacher/educators to broaden their knowledge base and deliver instruction in a more efficient
manner. They offer skills that will enable educators to accomplish specific goals assigned to the
workshop. Examples are listed below:
Using Student Assessment to Drive Instruction
Problem-Based Interactive Learning
Personalize and Differentiate Instruction
Developing Computational Fluency
Developing Algebraic Thinking
Developing Problem Solving
Analyzing Fraction Concepts
These PD offerings are usually $3500/per class with a class serving up to 30
teachers. You should also note that these PD offerings are great trainings for a
selected amount of teachers, who can then re-deliver the content/knowledge into the
larger teacher base. Districts of the SPS size usually tend to identify or select "teacher
leaders" in year one to participate in these deeper trainings with the idea of having them
train the rest of the math teach population. A train the trainer type approach.

We also host Job Embedded training models where the district agrees to hire a enVisionMATH
consultant/trainer who stays in the district and is consistently available. This is typically
discussed with a district leader whereby we can put plans, goals, and surveys in place.

It was my goal to come in about 100-200K short of the RFP offering, to leave room for
discussion around specific PD needs or even job embedded/consultative offerings to ensure a
quality math program from year 1 and on.

As a FYI around the PD offering, I also wanted to share this tidbit of info.

Pearson already has two math specialists that live in the state of WA and who would be available
to the district at no costs as its a part of their job to service Pacific Northwest accounts (large and
small). They actually serve the entire Pacific Northwest, but live in Seattle and are very familiar
with the math landscape in SPS. They, along with myself, would always be available (respective
to work calendars) to Seattle PS and there is not cost associated with their presence.

If the district wanted a enVisionMATH Consultant who only serves Seattle PS, we do have the
PD service available but that type of model needs to be discussed with district leaders and math
department around goals, design, and outcomes.

The RFP only stated needs for product implementation and so we just wanted to stay consistent
with that question.