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The Metaparaphysics Philosophic Theory (TMPT)

Discovery, Is The Unifying Knowledgeable Concept(s)

towards Consciencely Coprehending !"r Universal
#act"al $ealities%
The well known scientist Stephen Hawking - In His Book Brief History
of Time - seems has been going on and on to describe how there
are fo"r f"ndaental forces in nat"re & as what we call gravity,
the well-known electroagnetic force, the wea' n"clear force
that binds electrons to the nucleus in every atom, and the strong
n"clear force(s) that hold(s) the s"b(atoic particles within
the n"cle"s of an ato altogether) $elativity theory e*"ations
(proposed by +lbert ,instein ay e-plain only the first three.
but So far, theoretical physicists have not been able to coe "p
with a needed profo"nd theory that "nifies the strong n"clear
force with the other three) s Hawking points out, the effort to do
so has been the focus of theoretical physics within the last fifty years.
In Hawking!s concluding remarks, he offered his own insight"s# into
what the f"t"re ay be li'e once a .Unified Theory of the
Universe/ is finally discovered)
The intertwined histories of scientific discovery and of religion
are the story of o"r h"an trial(s) to coprehend or to siply
"nderstand o"r "niverse conscio"sly& both 0ogically and
!ntologically ( in relation ( to o"r 'nowledgeable fact"al
reality% "sing o"r 1"an Conscienceness , 2"b(Conscienceness
and Un(Conscienceness as an e-isting reality and 'nowledge at
the sae tie)
2"recracy ( with Its ( TMPT) Theory ( has presented s"ch a
"nifying and profo"nd 'nowledgeable approach& with its
dynaic , interactive and even integrated insight within 1"an
Conscienceness involving both 1"an Intellect (logic) and
Psycho(oral (!ntological) in order to accoodate s"ch an
e-isting 'nowledge which represents the "niversal fact"al
realities) 1ere s"ch a f"ndaental concept"al s"b3ect atter
ight siply be coprehended by the presence fo"r fields of
'nowledge and4or diensions incl"ding% 2cience , Philosophy ,
$eligion and the belief in the sole creator being called and4or
described as 5!D 4 +llah) where Physical , Metaphysical and
the Paraphysical fields of 'nowledge are act"ally co(e-isting
and are interacting as well as are reacting & all within and
o"tside o"r Moralo(psycho( intellect"al e-istence , 'nowledge
and fact"al reality)
2"recracy also has identified within its Meta(paraphysics
Philosophic Theory ( TMPT) a specific role4r"le of philosophy
that "st act integro(dynaically ( as a f"nction of tie ( in
between science and religion& a atter which see ore than
cr"cial and4or iportant in both history of 2cience and
Monotheistic Descending Universal $eligion(s))
In Concl"sion%
There is no do"bt that s"ch a 2"recratic +pproach and4or
Knowledge which is4are presented here in !"r ( TMPT)
Theory , sees e-treely "sef"l, ,ven Practical , balanced and
"nifying the h"an "nderstanding ( in depth ( to the coe-isting
"niversal fact"al realities& in and o"t of o"r bodies as well as
o"r Moralo(psycho(intellect"al conscienceness (2o"l) as being
both 'nowledge and e-istence at the sae tie )) 6