Shelter Shorts - May & June 2014

SHELTER SHORTS is a monthly newsletter intended to keep Rivers and Bluffs nimal
Shelter volunteers and supporters !onne!ted" #ith everyone$s he!ti! s!hedules% we know
it is often diffi!ult% if not impossi&le to attend monthly meetin's or to work at all of our
(veryone is invited to su&mit arti!les for the newsletter" )o do so% please !all Bev at
*0+-,2*-2-14 or email her at wyalusin'2012.'mail"!om"
Monthly meetings are held on the 3
Thursday of every month at the Prairie du
Chien City Hall. Meetin's &e'in at */00 p"m" 0lease use the &a!k door" (veryone is
wel!ome and en!oura'ed to attend" )he ne1t meetin' will &e held on )hursday% June 1-
Dog Oedien!e Classes have finished for the sprin' session" )he parti!ipants in this
session have &een amon' the most !ommitted 2 have seen" 2 hope that they en3oyed
!omin' to !lass as mu!h as 2 en3oyed sharin' what 2 know a&out trainin' do's" 2 may
start another !lass in a few weeks% &ut for now 2 need to &e in my 'ardens as mu!h as 2
!an" 2 have pur!hased 2 tunnels 4a lon' tunnel and a !ollapsed !hute5 &oth of whi!h the
do's en3oy" 2 hope to add a few more a'ility items in the near future% in!ludin' a set of
weave poles and a tire 3ump"

"#i$ Tri% &as Card Sales from Mar!h 21 throu'h pril 1* totaled 62+47"00" 0rofit
for 8) !ards for the period endin' pril 1*
% totaled 62+4"70" 9or the period pril 1:
May 17
% total 'as !ards sold totaled 61-27 for a profit of 61-2"70"
)hanks to everyone who !ontinues to support our efforts throu'h the pur!hase of these
!ards" 2f more would pur!hase these !ards from us% we !ould reali<e our 'oal of a
fun!tional &uildin' in the near future" )he sale of 8wik )rip !ards !ontinues to &e our
easiest and most profita&le fund raiser" 0lease help us &y !onta!tin' me throu'h this
email or &y phone ; ,2*-2-14% Jill at ,2*-4+:0 or =onna at *0+-,:--2112" s we enter
the &uildin' phase of the shelter pro3e!t% the 8) !ards !ould !ertainly make a differen!e
in how soon we !an start !onstru!tion" 8) 'as !ards are e1!ellent 'ifts for hi'h s!hool
and !olle'e 'raduates" 2f 3ust a few more people would pur!hase 'as !ards% 2 &elieve we
!ould &e reali<in' 6700 profit every month"
Phoneraiser 0lease !ontinue to save and donate your old !ell phones% smart phones and
ink !artrid'es" )hey !an &e dropped off at )ender >are nimal ?ospital% Radio Sha!k or
3ust &rin' them to a RBS meetin'" =onna% thank you for your time and effort in this
Pasta for Pets was held on #ednesday% pril 1*
" )hanks to Merilee for reali<in' her
'oal of makin' this year$s 0asta for 0ets &i''er and &etter than last year$s" )hanks to
everyone who has donated to the au!tion or has helped with soli!itin' money or au!tion
items" )hanks also to those who attended 0asta for 0ets% &aked desserts for the &uffet or
helped at 0asta" 0rofit from 0asta for 0ets totaled 62%:7-"00 in!ludin' 61,07"00 from the
live au!tion% 610:2"70 from the silent au!tion% 6+, from the 70@70 raffle% 64+1"27 from
the meal and 6:- in donations% less advertisin' e1penses"
Prin!ess for an Evening was held on Saturday% pril 2*
at ?u!kle&erry$s Restaurant
and BanAuet ?all" Bn!e a'ain% attendan!e was less than we had hoped% &ut everyone in
attendan!e appeared to have an en3oya&le evenin'" #e had many repeat prin!esses and
their dates and 2 feel for those who have attended &efore% 0rin!ess is a mu!h anti!ipated
event for youn' 'irls" #e did away with many of the sweets from previous years and
tried servin' more healthy% yet appealin' refreshments" =iane #itt made fresh pineapple
&oats filled with a variety of fresh fruit" )he fruit was a &i' hitC t the end of the
evenin'% 2 do not remem&er pi!kin' up any fruit left on plates" )he rasp&erry filled
0rin!ess !ake from Ma$s Bakery in Bloomin'ton was as deli!ious as it was &eautiful"
Jello hearts were also very popular as was the !heese and sausa'e tray donated &y Bo&
and =iane #itt" 'ain thanks to everyone who helped with this event in any way ;
volunteers who helped set up and take down% sponsors to help pay for advertisin' ; =r"
=onna ?i''ins Bptometry and )ender >are nimal ?ospital ; Ma$s Bakery% 8em&les
Dreenhouse 4!orsa'es5 Bo& & =iane #itt% Brian >ipra 0hoto'raphy and ?u!kle&erry$s
Restaurant 4Skemp 9amily and staff5" 2 am not sure how mu!h money we made on
0rin!ess &ut 2 estimate it to &e a&out 6700"
'elson True (alue )ood Stand and *a$e Sale was held on 9riday% May -
" 2t was a
!old and windy day% &ut =onna% =e& >ross and 2 survived" 2t was not as &usy as other
years% &ut our profit for the day was 6404 in!ludin' 641, in sales% donations of 67-"27
and sale of 2 tee shirts for 627" )hanks to =onna ?" for donatin' !ondiments" )hanks
also to =onna >ipra for helpin' us set up and 'et started" nd as always thanks to
everyone who &aked for the &ake sale" #e sold almost everythin' we had" )he Auantity
was 3ust a&out perfe!t for the one day sale and the sele!tion was e1!ellent"
Rooster +ndy,s Chi!$en - will take pla!e on )hursday% May 2-
" By the time you
re!eive this% it may &e history" 2f you do re!eive this prior to )hursday% please promote
the >hi!ken E and support us throu'h pur!hasin' deli!ious 'rilled !hi!ken dinners" #e
have sold only a few advan!ed ti!kets% !ompared to other years" #e need to sell ,00
dinners" ?ours are from 11 a"m" - * p"m" 2f you would like to &e assured of a dinner
whi!h in!ludes a half !hi!ken% potato salad% &aked &eans and dinner roll for 6+% please let
me know" 2 think we are set as far as volunteers/ Jill% =e& >ross% Julie & )odd #hyte%
Randi 8% Randy 0% John Ryan% Brenda #ilson and myself" 0lease help to make this a
Tra!tor Su%%ly Dog Care ./. 0 )ra!tor Supply Stores are promotin' a spe!ial event on
June 2+
involvin' do's" )hey have asked me to &e a part of it" 2 told them that 2 would
help them with it" )hey also asked if we would want to do a food stand% &ake sale and
possi&ly a do' wash" 2 feel that we should do somethin' as 2 don$t want RBS to 'et
la<y" >urrently we do not have any fundraisers planned for the entire summer until the
0rairie 0ool 0uppy 0addle on u'ust 2,
" But 2 !annot do it alone" 2s there anyone who
would &e willin' to help with a food stand for a few hours 410 a"m" ; 2 p"m"5 or possi&ly
lon'er as well as try the do' wash a'ainF 2 do know the do' wash was popular and it
would help draw people" )he last time we did one% we had de!ided not to do any more
do' washes as we had a do' !ome in with fleas" But we !ould refuse to wash do's with
fleas" 2 may ask >S to &rin' some adopta&le do's alon' and may also ask >risse
Reynolds to &e there" >risse is the newly appointed >rawford >ounty nimal >ontrol
Bffi!er" 2t would 'ive people a !han!e to meet her in person" 2f you would &e willin' to
help with this &y runnin' the food stand and@or doin' the do' wash% please let me know
as soon as possi&le"
*eer Tasting 0 t the pril meetin'% we had talked a&out doin' a &eer or wine tastin'
event as a fund raiser this summer" s 2 said &efore% we do not have any events for this
summer" 9undraisers are an e1!ellent way to meet people and now that we have land as
well as an ar!hite!t hired for the ne1t phase 4feasi&ility assessment5% we should &e out
with the pu&li! to show our plans" Brenda offered to ask )he Barn if they would !onsider
doin' a Beer )astin'" #e thou'ht with all of the !ampers it would &e an e1!ellent
lo!ation" Staff at )he Barn told Brenda that it is too &usy this time of year to have a Beer
or #ine )astin'" Bther possi&ilities are &ein' !onsidered"
"ids 1 Canine Summer Cam% will &e held on Monday% )uesday & #ednesday% July
14 ; 1* at ?offman ?all% from *-:/,0" 0ro'ram topi!s will in!lude/ >ookin' for Gour
=o'% meet the )herapy =o's% =o''ie rts and >rafts% Safety round =o's% =is!over &
2dentify =ifferent Breeds and Brin' Gour =o' to >amp 4#ednesday only and adults
need to &e present5" 2 am e1!ited a&out this and hope we will have a 'ood turnout" >lass
si<e is limited to 10" 2f anyone would like to help with this% 2 would appre!iate it" Br if
any of you with )herapy =o's would like to !ome for the kids to meet your do's that
would also &e appre!iated" 2f you know of some fun and simple do' !rafts or would like
to help with the !raft or !ookin' part of the pro'ram% please know that 2 won$t turn you
down" Re'istration fee is 620" Mike H" will take !are of re'istration" RBS will make
617 of ea!h re'istration fee" )he remainin' 67 will 'o to 0d> 0ark and Re!"
)oster Dogs and Prisoners 0 2 had heard throu'h 8atie M!Dovern that someone from
>S was tryin' to start a foster do' pro'ram with inmates at the 0d> >orre!tional
9a!ility" 8atie did not know the person$s name &ut she said it was the person who was
3ust appointed as the >rawford >ounty nimal >ontrol Bffi!er" Just a few days after
talkin' to 8atie% there was a press release a&out >risse Reynolds &ein' hired as the
nimal >ontrol Bffi!er" Bn Sunday 2 emailed >risse to !on'ratulate her on the new and
mu!h needed position" 2 also asked her a&out the pro'ram for foster do's and inmates"
She said she has started to work on this and that if it !omes to &e% a trainer will &e needed"
)his is somethin' that has always &een in the &a!k of my mind and also near and dear to
my heart" So 2 told >risse that 2 would love to help train the inmates to train the do's to
make them more adopta&le" >risse and 2 hope to meet this week if we !an 'et our
s!hedules to ali'n"
+nother 2ay to Hel% R+*+S 0 Rivers & Bluffs nimal Shelter has re!ently &een
a!!epted and enrolled as a parti!ipatin' or'ani<ation in )hrivent >hoi!e" )hrivent
>hoi!e is a !harita&le 'rant pro'ram that allows eli'i&le mem&ers to re!ommend where
)hrivent 9inan!ial distri&utes part of its !harita&le outrea!h 'rant funds ea!h year"
RBS will &e listed in the sear!ha&le online !atalo' pro'ram" #hen eli'i&le )hrivent
9inan!ial mem&ers dire!t >hoi!e =ollars to RBS in a parti!ular month% )hrivent
9inan!ial reviews the re!ommendation and makes an ele!troni! !ontri&ution &y the 10
of the followin' month" )hese funds may &e used to !arryout edu!ational or !harita&le
purposes of RBS" 2f you have any Auestions a&out )hrivent >hoi!e% please !all the
Mem&er >onne!tion >enter at 1-+00-+4:-4+,* and say )hrivent >hoi!e at the prompt or
email mail.thrivent"!om" 9or more information a&out the >hoi!e =ollars plan% please
'o to/ www"thrivent"!om@thrivent!hoi!e and !li!k on >hoi!e =ollars" 2f you are not
re'istered% there are dire!tions to do so on the first pa'e" " 9or more info on this
pro'ram% please feel free to !onta!t me &y replyin' to this email or &y phone at ,2*-2-14"
)hrivent is a national finan!ial or'ani<ation" )hanks to Bar& Ban'ert for information on
this pro'ram"
Merilee Pleggen$uhle has de!ided to step down as se!retary" Merilee is &usy with 3o&s
and family and feels that she !annot do 3usti!e to the offi!e of se!retary" Julie was
nominated at the last meetin' to &e se!retary" 2f there is anyone else who would like to
nominate themselves or someone else for the se!retary$s 3o&% please let Randy 0aske or
me know" )hank you% Merilee for doin' su!h a 'reat 3o& as se!retary" #e truly
appre!iate your time and efforts and we hope that you will !ontinue to &e involved with
RBS as your time and s!hedule permits" #e !ertainly appre!iate the work you did to
make 0asta for 0ets su!h a su!!ess"
Memershi% Dues to 3n!rease 0 (ffe!tive June 1
the !ost of mem&ership dues will
in!rease" )he new mem&ership fee stru!ture is as follows/
Sin'le/ 627 9amily/ 6,7 0atron/ 6:7 Sponsor/ 6170
Rivers 1 *luffs Tri4)old 0 Randy 0 did an e1!ellent 3o& in desi'nin' and assem&lin'
our new tri-fold" Bn!e a'ain we now have a display that we !an take to all of our
fundraisers so people !an see what RBS is all a&out"
+do%tions5 Losses5 Peo%le Loo$ing for a 'e# Pet5 Pets in 'eed of a )orever Home
9li!ka% a &eautiful !at in need of a home is !urrently &ein' !ared for at )ender >are
nimal ?ospital" )his !at has a personality to mat!h its physi!al appearan!e" Marie% the
tortoise shell !at 41 of the , that were feral% trapped% spayed@neutered and va!!inated5
remains at )ender >are also lookin' for a home" )he other two were returned to the
lo!ation they were trapped at where they will &e !ared for as outside !ats" )hey will &e
fed and sheltered and will also have as mu!h human !onta!t as they will allow"
!!ordin' to Sandy ?alverson% who is !arin' for these 2 semi-feral !ats% the !ats seem
Auite happy and !ontent livin' on her de!k" )hey have a shed !omplete with a !at &ed in
!ase of in!lement weather" 2f you are lookin' for a &eautiful !at% please !onsider either
9li!k or Marie" Both would &e 'reat additions to your home"
Bur sympathy 'oes to Iee and =iane kin whose 20 year old !at )ildy re!ently died"
#e are sorry for your loss"
Thera%y Dog Teams 8athy 0aske and =i''er and 0aula Dut<mer and Ma''ie !ontinue
their re'ular visits to 0rairie Maison" 0aula and Ma''ie also visit patients at the hospital"
(veryone at the hospital as well as 0rairie Maison is so e1!ited and happy to see the do's"
2 think the staff en3oys the visits as mu!h as the residents and patients" 0aula relayed a
few stories to me a&out her hospital visits ; )here was a man who was in re!overy after
sur'ery" ?is wife happened to see 0aula and Ma''ie and asked if they would visit her
hus&and" 0rior to 0aula and Ma''ie$s visit% the man estimated his pain level to &e at J:K
on a s!ale of 1-10" #hile visitin' with Ma''ie and 0aula% he was asked what his level of
pain was" ?e answered that he was in no pain at the time &ut knew that the pain would
return when their visit was done" nother story told to me &y 0aula !on!erned a lady
a&out to &e released from the hospital" She was in a wheel !hair with her suit!ase on the
floor ne1t to the wheel!hair" She looked a &it down% so 0aula asked her if there was
anythin' wron'" She told 0aula that she was s!heduled to 'o home that day% &ut her
&lood pressure had spiked and now she would not &e released" #hile she was talkin' to
0aula% she was also pettin' Ma''ie" )he lady$s &lood pressure was !he!ked a'ain after
pettin' Ma''ie% and it was within the normal ran'e" )hanks to 0aula for sharin' these
remarka&le stories" #eekly visits &y =e& >ross and her Dolden Retriever Ja< to Ms"
8ra!hey$s !lass at Bluffview S!hool have ended as the s!hool year is almost over" 2 do
hope to &e more a!tive with my therapy do's% &ut my do' Li!ki will have >I sur'ery
on #ednesday% May 2+
whi!h means she will &e out of !ommission for some time" 2
will visit the !hildren at #ee >are =ay!are and also residents of #alter S!hmidt
Retirement ?ome on June 1*
" 2 am not sure if &oth Li!ki and Me'as will 3oin me or
only Me'as% dependin' on Li!ki$s re!overy" 2 will also res!hedule with the Bpportunity
>enter on!e Li!ki is healed"
Meeting #ith an +r!hite!t 0 Bn 9riday% May 2,
% a few of us met with Mark S!hmidt
of 8napp S!hmidt r!hite!t" Mark has 24 years of e1perien!e in desi'nin' animal
!lini!s & hospitals% &oardin' fa!ilities and animal shelters" ?is e1pertise in this area was
evident as we listened to him a&out shelter desi'ns with attention to details su!h as noise
and odor !ontrol" #e have taken the ne1t step ; a feasi&ility study" Based on our
!onversation and ideas% Mark will !ome up with a !on!eptual desi'n whi!h is part of the
feasi&ility study" )hanks to those of you who su&mitted some 'reat ideas for the shelter
desi'n - these have already &een sent via email to Mark" 2f you would like to add any
ideas% please do so &y replyin' to this email or &y !allin' me at ,2*-2-14" Mark hopes to
have the feasi&ility study done in 2 weeks% whi!h should &e in time for our June meetin'"
)hanks to Mark and =on 2verson for takin' time out of their &usy s!hedules to meet with
us on the 9riday of Memorial =ay #eekend and thanks also to those of you who attended
the meetin'"
(olunteer hours will &e !olle!ted &y Randy 0" at monthly meetin's or you !an email
your hours to Randy at repaske.'mail"!om"
S%ea$ing of (olunteers 0 )he num&er of a!tive volunteers seems to &e dwindlin'"
lthou'h we are 'rateful for all of the paid mem&erships that we have as well as the
num&er of people who do parti!ipate at our many fundraisers% in!ludin' &akin' for our
many food stands% as well as the monetary donations we re!eive% we are in need of more
a!tive volunteers" s we 'et !loser to reali<in' our 'oal of an animal shelter% we will
need to !ontinue fundraisin' to rea!h this 'oal and to keep the shelter operational on!e
we rea!h it" #e !urrently have a&out 12 volunteers who help at our monthly events" 9or
these people who are willin' to 'ive up their time 2 am truly thankful" But we !annot
!ontinue to raise funds without more help" Molunteerin' at our events is fun and a 'reat
way to meet people who are Jpet peopleK" 2 reali<e that everyone is &usy with 3o&s%
families and ho&&ies" But if we are to !ontinue% we need more volunteers to help" 0lease
ask yourself how important this shelter is to you and if you !an spare the time to help at
even one event" Iisted &elow in !hronolo'i!al order is a list of our re'ular events" 2f any
of you !ould !ommit to helpin' with 3ust one fundraiser per year 4you !an pi!k the
event5% it would ease the &urden of the ones who have &een doin' it for more than : years
on a re'ular &asis" 9undraisin' will &e a fa!t of life if we are to &uild and maintain an
animal shelter% as will volunteerin' at the shelter on!e it is &uilt" 0lease understand that 2
am not askin' anyone to &e in !har'e of the fundraiser 4unless someone wanted to5" 2 am
3ust askin' for your time on the day of the event" Remem&er% many hands make li'ht
January ; no events
9e&ruary ; Malentines =ay Bake Sale at )ra!tor Supply
Lelson )rue Malue 0et (1po
Mar!h ; no events
pril ; 0asta for 0ets% 0rin!ess for an (venin'
May ; Lelson )rue Malue 9ood Stand and Bake Sale% Rooster ndy$s >hi!ken E
June ; Lothin' on a re'ular &asis ; this year 2 would like to do somethin' on June 2+
)ra!tor Supply
July ; Lothin' on a re'ular &asis ; possi&ly a &eer tastin' or mini 'olf at 0rairie 9unland
u'ust ; 0rairie 0ool 0uppy 0addle
Septem&er ; some type of dinner at ?u!kle&erry$s
B!to&er ; M!Dre'or 9all rts and >rafts the first 2 weekends in B!to&er
Lovem&er ; no events
=e!em&er ; #ake Hp Santa% )ra!tor Supply Bake Sale
2 &elieve that this is all that we have ; many of these 3ust involve showin' up and
workin' for a few hours" 2f there are any of you who would like to 'et more involved in
Rivers & Bluffs nimal Shelter &y !ommittin' to volunteerin' at one or more of these
events% please let me know" 2 hope to hear from you"
Treasurer,s Re%ort
>urrent Balan!e as of May 17% 2014 ; 6147%-+*"-0% whi!h in!ludes a total of
61,,%:4-"0: in 4 >=s at 0eoples State Bank
Memershi%s 0 'e# 1 Rene#als
Mike & Shelly Rider% 0atron% Bo& & =iane #itt ; 0atron% Marilu Bint< ; Sponsor% Bill
& Marlene Niemer ; 9amily Brenda #ilson- Sin'le% )ori rmstron' ; Sin'le% =awn
(''ers - 9amily
Mike & Julie ?a<en ; 9amily% Marty Ieeman ; Sin'le% Sue Rider ; Sin'le% Sally #hitish
- Sin'le
Donations6 )ender >are nimal ?ospital ; 0rin!ess Sponsor% =r" =onna " ?i''ins ;
0rin!ess Sponsor% =ependa&le Solutions ; 0asta for 0ets% 0aula Dut<mer in appre!iation
to nei'h&ors Bo& #itt and Iee for keepin' driveway free of snow this past winter% Bill &
Marlene Niemer% Ja!k 8ussmaul% 0e''y )esar in memory of her do' )ommy% 8em&les
Dreenhouse donation 3ar% Ja!kie (!kert% Bird & ndy Skemp% June Burns% =on & (ileen
8latt 4monthly donation5 ll mem&ership dues and donations are !urrent throu'h May
17th% 2014"
+ !om%lete list of memers #ill e in!luded in the 7une edition of Shelter Shorts.
The 7une edition of Shelter Shorts #ill e done in the ne# mu!h more attra!tive
Reminder6 +nnual memershi%s should e rene#ed . year from the month in #hi!h you 8oined.
Than$s to everyone #ho volunteered this month. Than$s to everyone #ho su%%orted us through
donations5 and memershi%s. There are many 8os that !ontinue to get done #ithout re!ognition.
" River and *luffs +nimal Shelter Memershi% )orm
Student - 67"00 OOOO Sponsor - 670"00 OOOOO
2ndividual - 617"00 OOOO 0atron - 6100"00 OOOOO
9amily - 627"00 OOOO Benefa!tor - 6700"00
2 would like to make a monthly pled'e of / 99999999 per month for a total of
6OOOOOOO per year"
Email6999999999999999999999999999999999999 Phone 'umer69999999999999999999999
Please mail memershi% form to6 R+*+S PO *o< =>. PdC 23 ?3@>.

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