"# %#&'(" )*'
+,-"*. /*&0123*'
*) 3"# 4,*(#-#
%*23"#&-3 56*',0&

1hc Ad·cniurc oí Disccrnmcni ................................... ·
Our Mission and Vision ................................................. +
1hc Coad[uior Bishop .................................................... o
Cclcbraiing Di·crsiiy ..................................................... ¬
Dcmographics and Siaiisiics ...................................... :o
1hc Rcgion oí Souihcasi Ilorida .............................. :+
Dioccsan Irograms ...................................................... :o
Growing Churchcs ........................................................ :¬
Episcopal Chariiics ....................................................... :o
Episcopal Schools in ihc Dioccsc .............................. ::
1hc Dioccsan School íor Chrisiian Siudics ............ :·
Our Companion Dioccscs ............................................ :+
Dioccsan Adminisiraiion ............................................. ::
Dioccsan Iinanccs ......................................................... :o
1hc Caihcdral and iis Dual Rolcs .............................. :¬
A Bricí Hisiory oí ihc Dioccsc oí SE Ilorida....... ·o
1imclinc íor Elcciion oí Coad[uior Bishop ............. ·:
Scarch Commiiicc Mcmbcrs ....................................... ·:
Nominaiion and Applicaiion Iroccss ....................... ··
#$%&' () *(+,'+,-

#/' 012'+,34'
() 56-7'4+8'+,

Nor is ihcrc a map io guidc us, íor ihc dcsiinaiion is always unccriain uniil wc íind a clariiy ihai is icsicd
and íound io bc oí ihc Spirii, ihc Onc who in·iics us io [oin in ihc ad·cniurc oí disccrnmcni. As a dioccsc
wc arc íully cngagcd in ihis ad·cniurc and arc opcn io ihc prompiing oí ihc Spirii as wc scck io disccrn ihc
indi·idual whom God has callcd oui io bc our Coad[uior Bishop and, succcssi·cly, ihc íourih Bishop oí ihc
Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida. 1his proíilc is oíícrcd in ihc spirii oí disccrnmcni and is ihc íruii oí carcíul
enquiry and thoughtful listening to the voices of God’s people throughout the length and breadth of this
uniqucly di·crsc dioccsc and rcgion. Ii oíícrs an honcsi asscssmcni oí whcrc wc bclic·c God has placcd us
ioday and ihc rouic wc ha·c disccrncd God would ha·c us [ourncy in ihc coming ycars undcr ihc
lcadcrship and pasioraic oí our ncxi bishop.
By ihcir ·cry naiurc proíilcs arc limiicd in ihcir scopc and by no mcans cxhausii·c in capiuring c·cry íacci
oí ihc common liíc wc scck io li·c inio in obcdicncc io ihc bapiismal co·cnani. Howc·cr, wc arc coníidcni
ihai our proíilc oíícrs somc signposis on ihc way and a ícw hinis and clucs ihai may rc·cal who wc arc in
Chrisi, whcrc wc ha·c comc írom, and whai wc scck io bccomc undcr God. a li·cly pcoplc oí God and a
·ibrani communiiy oí íaiih cagcr io grow c·cr sirongcr and morc uniicd in our sharcd proclamaiion oí
God’s kingdom.
Vc arc cxciicd by ihc possibiliiics and ihc opporiuniiics ihai lic ahcad, alihough wc rccognizc ihai ai ihis
poini ihc way is siill unccriain, ihough ihc ·ision is lcss cloudcd. Journcy wiih us in ihis way, bc
cncouragcd as wc ha·c bccn, bc inspircd as wc arc, and disccrn wiih us ií you arc ihc onc io walk wiih us
inio ihc íuiurc ihai God has in siorc íor us. So wc in·iic you io rcad on and praycríully disccrn ií God is
calling you io ncw minisiry and a íaiihíul sicwardship oí ihc giíis ihai wc scck. Know ihai you arc noi
alonc in ihis walk, íor wc arc walking wiih you praycríully and cxpccianily, irusiing in ihc God who
in·iics, calls, and darcs us io rcspond willingly and [oyíully.

9'&7(8' ,( (34 :4()6&' $+1 ;'&7(8' ,( ,/' 56(7'-' () <(3,/'$-, =&(461$>
!"# %&'" ()
*+,-#./0#/' +, /#1#. & ,'.&+2"' .(&*3
45' .&'"#. (/# )566 () '7+,', &/* '5./,3
*#'(5., &/* &67&8, 25&.&/'##* ,5.%.+,#,9

*+, -&((&*$

“To make known to all people
'"# '.&/,)(.0+/2 %(7#. () '"# :(,%#6 () ;#,5, <".+,'3
including ALL, excluding NONE.”

Our currcni mission siaicmcni is íirmly rooicd in ihc dominical commandmcnis, Episcopal
iradiiion and ihc bapiismal co·cnani sci íorih in ihc Book oí Common Iraycr. 1ransíormaiion,
cmpowcrmcni and inclusion arc ccniral io our mission and our undcrsianding oí who wc arc and
whai wc arc callcd io bccomc as ihc holy pcoplc oí God li·ing oui and inio ihc Gospcl oí Jcsus
Chrisi in ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida. 1his is our primary purposc and calling, and in our
disccrnmcni wc will scck io idcniiíy pcrsons who dcmonsiraic a sharcd commiimcni io ihcsc gospcl
principles and who may gently lead us to a yet deeper expression of what it means to be “one in Christ
*+, .&(&*$
“As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
Tn«·« :. no !on¸«· J«u o· G·««i, ín«·« :. no !on¸«· .!u.« o· J·««,
there is no longer male or female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. ”
Gu!uí:un. ·..:-.×

Our ·ision is similarly inspircd by scripiurc, iradiiion and ihc dynamic oí ihc bapiismal co·cnani, ii is
iníormcd by praycríul disccrnmcni and sccks io capiurc ihc ouicomcs oí a proccss oí carcíul cnquiry and
thoughtful listening to the voices, hearts, minds, hopes and dreams of God’s people who represent a
kalcidoscopc oí origins, culiurcs, languagcs, gcndcrs, ihcological pcrspccii·cs and liiurgical iradiiions and
ihai compriscs ihc richncss oí ihc di·crsiiy ihai characicrizcs ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida.
Our collccii·c disccrnmcni is ihai, building on ihc íoundaiion laid down undcr our prcscni and prc·ious
cpiscopaics, wc cn·ision a dioccsc . . .
ihai is Chrisi ccnicrcd li·ing oui our bapiismal promiscs inspircd by ihc Holy Spirii. A Dioccsc whcrc
we follow Jesus’ commandment that we love one another; protecting and preserving the dignity of every
human bcing.

ihai cclcbraics di·crsiiy, rccognizing ihai ii is only in ihc íull pariicipaiion oí cach mcmbcr ihai ihc
poicniial íor growih and íulíilling our mission li·cs, a dioccsc ihai mirrors ihc íullncss oí inclusi·iiy by
guaraniccing ihai cach indi·idual ·oicc is hcard and counicd, a dioccsc ihai ·alucs cach group, cmbracing
ihc diíícrcnccs ihai cach brings io ihc iablc íor muiual cnrichmcni and growih, and a dioccsc ihai íinds a
uniíicd ·oicc io proclaim ihc Gospcl oí Jcsus Chrisi.
@34 A6--6(+ $+1 B6-6(+

ihai wclcomcs and nuriurcs our youih and young
adulis, a dioccsc ihai in·csis in ihcm oíícring programs
ihai nuriurc and nourish ihcir íaiih and dc·clops ihcm io
bccomc ihc ncxi gcncraiion oí lcadcrs in our church, and a dioccsc
ihai builds parincrship bciwccn young and old, prcscr·ing ihc bcsi oí
our iradiiions and disco·cring and dclighiing in ncw ways io makc
Church rclc·ani and aiiracii·c io youih and young adulis.

ihai coniinucs io scr·c ihosc in nccd, promoiing [usiicc íor all, cspccially ihc
·oicclcss and unhcard, mindíul ihai ihosc closcsi io us arc somciimcs o·crlookcd as wc
focus outside ourselves to find the needy, remembering that “you will always have the
poor with you”.

in which hcalihy parishcs assisi onc anoihcr, parincring iogcihcr io íulíill our mission, in
which our parishcs arc cngagcd and acii·c ai ihc dioccsan lc·cl, acknowlcdging ihai wc arc pari
oí a largcr body, in which ihrough a li·cly pariicipaiion wc íind muiual growih and sircngih, and
in which no parish should c·cr íccl isolaicd.

in which ihc clcrgy íccl chcrishcd, ·alucd and aííirmcd, and a dioccsc ihai pro·idcs suppori and
rcsourccs íor clcrgy and ihcir íamilics, apprcciaiing ihai hcalihy clcrgy makc íor hcalihy parishcs
and ihai hcalihy parishcs makc íor a hcalihy dioccsc.

that embodies gratitude for God’s grace, gifts and love, in a faithful stewardship of all our resources.

ihai promoics, cncouragcs and cnablcs ihc acii·c in·ol·cmcni oí boih congrcgaiions and indi·iduals
in ihc siruciurcs and widcr minisirics oí ihc dioccsc, wiih ihc Bishop as our Chicí Iasior.

ihai promoics iransparcncy and wclcomcs dialoguc, in which communicaiion ílows uiilizing ihc bcsi
a·ailablc rcsourccs and icchnological inno·aiion, including social mcdia, io rcach oui io ihc largcr
society, making us known to ALL; and a diocese that evangelizes and brings the message of Christ’s
lo·c io c·cryonc wiihoui cxccpiion.


As mcmbcrs oí ihc Scarch Commiiicc ira·clcd ihroughoui ihc dioccsc io
mcci wiih a widc spccirum oí laiiy and clcrgy, and oihcrs rcspondcd io our on
-linc sur·cy, wc hcard a di·crsc array oí ·icws and opinions, ariiculaiing hopcs
and drcams as wcll as gi·ing ·oicc io prcscni írusiraiions and disappoinimcnis. Our
lisicning io ihcsc ·oiccs has boih rc·calcd and coníirmcd ihc richncss oí our di·crsiiy
on muliiplc lc·cls. As a dioccsc Souihcasi Ilorida uniqucly cmbraccs a mulii-culiural
rcaliiy, a gcographic dcpih, an cxiraordinary di·crsiiy oí populaiions, and a corrcspondingly
widc rangc oí social, ihcological and poliiical diíícrcncc ihai nc·crihclcss rcílccis our liíc
iogcihcr. 1his is ihc rcaliiy ihai iníorms our sharcd ·ision and compcls us io idcniiíy ihc
spcciíic aiiribuics and qualiiics ihai wc dcsirc in our coad[uior and ncxi bishop.
'*-/*,0!12# 3&04 %&.#,(&05
1hc coad[uior bishop will cnicr a dioccsc ihai compriscs ihc rcaliiy oí laycrcd di·crsiiy and wiihin ii,
ihc nccd íor cohcsi·cncss as a dioccsan íamily. Vc arc sccking a bishop who will apprcciaic and
undcrsiand ihc laycrs oí our diíícrcncc, and ihc challcngcs and blcssings ii carrics. Morc ihan ihai, wc
scck onc who wclcomcs di·crsiiy, and will cmbracc and suppori ii in all oí iis íullncss in Chrisi ai ihc social,
ihcological and liiurgical lc·cls, oíicn in ihc íacc oí our honcsi sirugglc io bc onc in Chrisi, whilc holding
iogcihcr and aííirming our diíícrcnccs.

! ",!5#,/+2 (#,.!$0 2#!%#,
Vc scck a spiriiual and praycríul scr·ani lcadcr who is ablc io quickly grasp our ·ision, imaginc
siraicgically, and work wiih us io íashion and ariiculaic a clcar ·ision íor ihc íuiurc oí our dioccsc ihai
addrcsscs ihc rcaliiics oí how wc arc obscr·ing shrinking numbcrs in our congrcgaiions and ihc íinancial
challcngcs ihai rcsuli. Vc scck a scr·ani lcadcr who is ablc io crcaii·cly and coníidcnily pronouncc a way
íorward ihai will uniíy us, bc inclusi·c oí our diíícrcncc, and rcalizc ihc nccd io work wiih us ihrough our
íinancial challcngcs and crcaic ncw rcaliiics, rccognizing ihai in ihis proccss changcs io our currcni way oí
li·ing, worshiping and gaihcring iogcihcr may rcsuli and who will hclp us io wclcomc changc as a íricnd.

#/' *($1E3,(4 F6-/(:

! +$&/&#, !$% ,#'*$'&2#,
Our disccrnmcni suggcsis ihai whcn ihc coad[uior
bccomcs dioccsan bishop shc or hc will bc callcd upon io makc
diííiculi dccisions and clcarly namc ihcm. Vc scck a scr·ani lcadcr
who is a rcconcilcr, bui noi aíraid oí coníroniaiion and skillcd in conílici
managcmcni and iis rcsoluiion wiih pasioral scnsiii·iiy and crcaii·iiy, and
onc who will communicaic wiih ihc clcrgy and pcoplc in a dircci and
inicniional, bui praycríul and compassionaic manncr.

=# &.# 8#&./+/2 )(. &/ >%+,-(%&6 *+(-#,# 7"(,# 6#&*#. -&/ "#6% 5, *+,-(1#. 7"( 7# &.#3
-6&+0 (5. +*#/'+'83 -#6#4.&'# (5. *+))#.#/-#,3 &/* (5' () +' -.#&'# 5/+'8 () ,%+.+' 7+'"+/ (5.
-(005/+'8 &/* %.(-6&+0 (5. 7&8 +/ '"# 7(.6*9

!$ #//#'0&.# !%-&$&(0,!0*,
1o guidc and lcad us íorward inio ihc íuiurc wc ycarn io claim undcr God, our ncxi bishop will
dcmonsiraic knowlcdgc and compcicncy as an adminisiraior and posscss ihc ncccssary managcmcni
skills io cííccii·cly and succcssíully opcraic ihc dioccsc as a corporaic body. Shc or hc will bc comíoriablc
and proíicicni in icchnology and will apprcciaic how ii boih impacis on our liíc iogcihcr and may cnrich our
worship and dccpcn our spiriiual [ourncy as a communiiy.

!$ #6'#22#$0 '*--+$&'!0*,
We seek an excellent communicator and preacher who is personable and brings ‘people skills’ – onc who
cn[oys and wishcs io mcci his or hcr pcoplc, hcar ihcir ·oiccs and cngagc wiih ihcm in opcn dialoguc, onc
who is approachablc and rcsponsi·c io his or hcr clcrgy and pcoplc, wiih ihc will, cncrgy and dcsirc io ·isii
our congrcgaiions rcgularly and hcar and know in pcrson who our pcoplc arc and how wc li·c iogcihcr in
communiiy. Knowlcdgc oí Spanish and/or Ircnch and ihc abiliiy io spcak in ciihcr or boih languagcs is noi
a ncccssiiy, bui would bc a wclcomc assci. 1hc willingncss and disciplinc io acquirc a sccond languagc
would bc cqually wclcomcd.

!$ #$'*+,!7#, !$% !$ #$!12#, */ ! -+20&8/!'#0#% -&$&(0,5
Vc would likc our ncxi bishop io cmbracc our youih and young adulis, cncouragc ihcir minisirics and
nuriurc and grow ihcm, rccognizing ihcm as poicniial lcadcrs in our communiiy. Vc scck a bishop who
acknowlcdgcs ihc social gospcl and rccognizcs ihc nccds oí ihosc in our local communiiics - ihc hungry and
ihc homclcss, ihc cldcrly and isolaicd, childrcn and young pcoplc ai risk, ihc addicicd and ihc rcco·cring -
and who will promoic, suppori and ad·ocaic íor our social [usiicc and human nccds ouircach minisirics, and
íor our coniinuing prcscncc and minisirics in our hospiials and hospiccs, in prisons and corrcciional íaciliiics
and io scaíarcrs. Vc ·aluc ihc many íaccis oí ihcsc minisirics as a praciical working oui oí our bapiismal
co·cnani and as an cxprcssion oí ihc íacc oí Chrisi madc rcal in ihc world and wc scck a bishop who will
aííirm us in ihis mulii-dimcnsional approach io minisiry and mission.

'4&#/ "!(0*, 0* '2#,75 !$% 2!&05
1hc bishop will bc ihc chicí pricsi and pasior in ihc Dioccsc oí
Souihcasi Ilorida. a pcrson oí dccp íaiih, a íollowcr oí Jcsus who
li·cs a God-íillcd liíc. Our ncxi bishop is callcd, in a pariicular way, io bc
pricsi and pasior io ihc clcrgy oí ihc dioccsc, cquipping boih dcacons and
pricsis io li·c coníidcnily inio ihcir calls io mission and minisiry. As a dioccsc
wc ha·c comc io ·aluc and wclcomc, nuriurc and grow ihc minisiry oí Vocaiional
Dcacons and wc cxpcci ihai our ncxi bishop will bc cqually aííirming oí a ·ibrani
diaconaic and work wiih us io coniinuc raising up and cquipping ncw dcacons íor ihc
Church. Vc scck a sirong lcadcr, yci a humblc pcrson wiih a gcnilc hcari, a pcrson oí
inicgriiy wiih clcar boundarics, yci opcn and rcsponsi·c io our pcoplc. Vc wani a bishop
who icachcs us io makc disciplcs, io hclp us comc ali·c io ihc Good Ncws, and io iransíorm our
li·cs in ihc powcr oí ihc Gospcl oí Jcsus Chrisi.
!,# 5*+ 04# *$#9
Many rolcs, many iasks íor onc pcrson. Arc you ihc onc io cmbracc wiih us ihc opporiuniiics and
challcngcs all around us' Vc arc rcady io wclcomc and scr·c wiih ihc coad[uior bishop wc now scck.
Vc in·iic you io rcad aboui us, lcarn aboui us, pray wiih us and íor us, and praycríully disccrn íor yoursclí
ií you arc ihc onc io [oin us in ihc ad·cniurc oí disccrnmcni. Vc pray ihai God will uniic us wiih ihc onc
who will hclp us io grasp our ·ision and succcssíully iransíorm our drcams inio a rcaliiy oí bcing in ihc
hcari oí Chrisi in ihis placc, ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida.


While “Alleluia” may be our Easter song, “diversity” is our mantra.
Vc wclcomc di·crsiiy, wc cclcbraic ii, wc cmbracc ii, and wc cmbody ii!
Vhcrc·cr wc gaihcr in Souihcasi Ilorida wc arc gaihcrcd iogcihcr írom
c·cry racc, languagc and naiion. Anglos, Aírican-Amcricans, Bahamians Cubans,
Hispanics, Laiinos, Europcans, Haiiians, Mcxicans, and pcoplcs drawn írom ihc
islands oí ihc Caribbcan Sca, spcaking and singing in English, Spanish, Ircnch, Ircnch
Crcolc and íouriccn oihcr languagcs and dialccis. Vc arc a li·cly and ·ibrani imagc oí ihc
íirsi Icniccosi day and glad íor ii. Each racc and languagc brings wiih ii a widc rangc oí
culiural and liiurgical iradiiions ihai iníorm, cnrich and challcngc our common liíc in Chrisi.
Add io ihis rich mix a growing numbcr in ihc lcsbian, gay, biscxual and iransgcndcr communiiy
who arc in·ol·cd in ihc Church boih as laiiy and clcrgy, íor wc cxcludc nonc and wclcomc all.
Vc arc cqually di·crsc in icrms oí ihc spccirum oí poliiical prcícrcnccs wc rcprcscni and in icrms
oí ihc class disiinciions among us. somc arc ·cry wcalihy, somc arc middlc class, somc arc cxircmcly
poor, many rcmain uncmploycd, and somc arc [usi managing io sur·i·c.
1his is ihc prism ihrough which wc scc ourscl·cs and arc sccn. a microcosm oí our siaic and naiion.
Bui wc arc morc ihan ihis, íor ihc disiincii·cncss oí our composiiion scis ihis corncr oí Ilorida and ihc
naiion apari – ii is likc no oihcr. Ii is imporiani io rccognizc ihis and wc scck in ihc coad[uior bishop a
pcrson who will comc quickly io apprcciaic ihc glory oí our kalcidoscopic mix and bc comíoriablc in
assimilaiing inio such a widc rangc oí di·crsiiy and aííirm us in ii, whilc kccping an ob[ccii·c and criiical cyc
io hclp us bciicr undcrsiand boih ihc opporiuniiics and ihc challcngcs ihis mulii-dimcnsional and complcx
body oíícrs io Chrisi, ihc Church and ihc world. Vc may look likc ihc crowds gaihcrcd in Jcrusalcm ai ihc
first Pentecost but we have yet to become the reality of a body “bewildered, because each one heard them
spcaking in ihc naii·c
language of each” ¸Acis :.o¸.
Our iransíormaiion is noi
yci complcic and wc scck a
bishop who will gcnily lcad
us in ihc way oí union in
Chrisi, and cmpowcr and
cmboldcn us io casi asidc
ihc cloak oí di·crsiiy and
assumc morc íully ihc
mantle of ‘unity in
diversity’, that we may
proclaim boldly ihc gospcl
oí Jcsus Chrisi oui oí our
complcxiiy io a world ihai
ycarns íor harmony and
inclusion, [usiicc and pcacc.
*'&'%4$,6+J 562'4-6,K

1hc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida is compriscd oí s congrcgaiions locaicd
ihroughoui ihc souihcasicrn siaic oí Ilorida. 1hc brcakdown oí ihc numbcr
and pcrccniagc oí Churchcs/Congrcgaiions according io Couniics arc.

Hcndry : church (:.·°)
Mariin o churchcs (.°)
Ialm Bcach :o churchcs (::.o°)
Broward : churchcs (::.s°)
Miami-Dadc :¬ churchcs (·.:°)
Monroc : churchcs (o.+°)

1hc Episcopal Church caicgorizcs congrcgaiions according io sizc írom ihc smallcsi, which is
called “Family-size churches” to the largest, referred to as “Corporate-sized churches.” Categories
arc dcicrmincd bascd on ihc a·cragc Sunday worship aiicndancc.¨
In ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida, our congrcgaiions arc classiíicd inio ihc íollowing caicgorics.

*Bu.«u on d·!:n Roínuu¸«'. m«ínou (d.«·u¸« Sunuuy díí«nuunc«)

$+-1#, */
Iamily ::
Iasioral ·:
Irogram :o
Corporaic ¬
-;< =>?@ABC D>EFD>G= AB H>G
#<A=D?<;I %A?DG=G ?J (?EH>G;=H /I?FAK;

$+1 <,$,6-,67-

04# 2!&05
1hc Dioccsc has a bapiizcd mcmbcrship oí ··,oo (.o1.).
Sincc ihc ycar :ooo, ihcrc has bccn an o·crall dccrcasc in
bapiizcd mcmbcrship, alihough ihc numbcrs ha·c rcmaincd
rclaii·cly sicady during ihc pasi · ycars. 1hc íollowing arc siaiisiics íor
ihc ycar :o::.

04# '2#,75

%&.#,(# "*"+2!0&*$
According io ihc US Ccnsus Burcau :o:· csiimaics, ihc gcographical arca oí ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi
Ilorida has a populaiion oí o,ooo,::s, oí ihc o·crall :¬,:::,soo rcsiding in ihc siaic.

Miami-Dadc has ihc largcsi populaiion oí ihc íi·c couniics wiihin ihc Dioccsc, wiih :.o: million pcoplc. Ii·c
oí ihc six couniics (wiih ihc cxccpiion oí Hcndry) coniinuc io grow in populaiion.
1hc couniics in ordcr oí populaiion arc.

N38%'4 () %$:,6O'1 8'8%'4- 6+ ,/' 56(7'-' ..PDDG
*(+)648'1 7(883+67$+,- 6+ J((1 -,$+16+J
F$:,6O'1 1346+J ,/' K'$4 Q3+1'4 LD K'$4- (&1R
F$:,6O'1 1346+J ,/' K'$4 Q(2'4 LD K'$4- (&1R
*(+)648'1 1346+J ,/' K'$4 Q3+1'4 LD K'$4- (&1R
*(+)648'1 1346+J ,/' K'$4 Q(2'4 LD K'$4- (&1R
02'4$J' <3+1$K ;(4-/6: $,,'+1$+7' 6+ ,/' 56(7'-' L"PGL?
*$+(+67$&&K 4'-61'+, 6+ ,/' 56(7'-'
(including +: dcacons)
@,/'4 *&'4JK &67'+-'1 ,( -'42'
(including acii·c and rciircd)
A6$86T5$1' ">DL 86&&6(+
L>H. 86&&6(+
U$&8 F'$7/
L>.G 86&&6(+
V'+14K .GP?GL

U(:3&$,6(+ %K $J'W
1hc mcdium agc wiihin ihc gcographical arca oí ihc Dioccsc is +o.
1hc largcsi numbcr oí pcrsons arc wiihin ihc ·:-:+ agc group wiih ihc o: and o·cr and
ihc : – : agc groups in sccond and ihird posiiion rcspccii·cly.
Ialm Bcach, Mariin and Monroc couniics show a largcr pcrccniagc oí o: and oldcr, ihan
bclow :s.
Miami-Dadc, Broward and Hcndry couniics show a largcr pcrccniagc oí ihc populaiion
bcing :s and youngcr ihan o·cr o:.

U(:3&$,6(+ %K J'+1'4W
Icmalcs accouni íor ::.::° oí ihc populaiion whilc malcs arc +s.+¬°. All couniics in ihc Dioccsc show
ihai bciwccn +° and ::° oí ihcir populaiion is ícmalc.

Di·crsiiy bcsi dcscribcs ihc Dioccsc in iis racial/cihnic makc-up, which lcads io a muliipliciiy oí languagcs
spokcn, culiurc, and cuisinc. Alihough, Mariin, Monroc, and Hcndry couniics rcpori bcing ¬:°, s° and
s:° whiic, rcspccii·cly, ihc largcsi racial/cihnic group in ihc Dioccsc is Hispanic or Laiino, accouniing íor
+o.::° oí ihc ioial populaiion. Vhiics (non-Hispanic) is ·o.++°, wiih Black/Aírican Amcrican (:¬.:·°),
Asian (:.:°) and Amcrican Indian/Oihcr (:.:°). 1hc largcsi Hispanic or Laiino group is Oihcr (+·.o+°),
whilc Cuban, Iucrio Rican, and Mcxican is +:.s:°, ¬.o:°, and o.oo° rcspccii·cly.
Icrccniagc oí populaiion rcporicd as Hispanic/Laiino. Miami-Dadc – o+°, Broward- :°, Ialm
Bcach – :¬°, Mariin – :·°, Monroc – ::°, Hcndry – :o°
Icrccniagc oí populaiion rcporicd as bcing íorcign born. Miami-Dadc – ::°, Broward – ·:°, Ialm
Bcach – ::°, Mariin – :o°, Monroc – :o°, Hcndry – :+°.

0J' Z4(3:- () U(:3&$,6(+ %K :'47'+,$J'- ;6,/6+
,/' 56(7'-' Q"ML.R
S$76$& $+1 Y,/+67 #4'+1- Q"MLM – "MLHR

1hcrc arc ai lcasi :s languagcs spokcn ai homc in ihc
houscholds oí ihc Dioccsc. Icrccniagc oí populaiion
rcporicd as spcaking a languagc oihcr ihan English ai homc.
Miami-Dadc – :°, Broward – ·s°, Ialm Bcach – ·o°, Mariin –
:+°, Monroc – ::°, Hcndry – +:°.
Howc·cr, English is spokcn by :o.s:° oí ihc populaiion in ihc Dioccsc
whilc Spanish or Spanish Crcolc and Ircnch or Ircnch Crcolc is spokcn by
·s.+° and :.+:° rcspccii·cly.

As oí :o:·, ihcrc wcrc ncarly :.·
mi lli on houscholds wi ihi n ihc
souihcasi arca oí Ilorida oí which
ncarly :.o million arc íamily, o:s,ooo arc
singlc pcrsons and :o¬,ooo arc non-
íamily. In icrms oí houscholds by sizc, :-
pcrson houscholds accouni íor ·:.·s° wiih
:-pcrson and ·-pcrsons bcing ·:.·s° and
:o.++° rcspccii·cly. 1hc mcdium
houschold incomc is s::,ss+.

V(3-'/(&1 #K:'- %K U'47'+,$J' Q"ML.R
(Sou·c«.. 1S C«n.u. Bu·«uu, Syn«·¸o. T«cnno!o¸:«. 1nc., 1rp«·:un, D«c:.:on1n.:í« ´ M:..:on1n.:í«)

7#*7,!"45L #'*$*-&'(L '*--#,'#L
#%+'!0&*$L '+20+,!2 !,0( !$% 0*+,&(-
#/' S'J6(+ () <(3,/'$-, =&(461$
Sirciching írom Jcnscn Bcach in ihc norih io Kcy Vcsi in ihc souih and inland io
Clcwision in ihc ccnicr oí ihc siaic, ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida cncompasscs a
broad di·crsiiy oí iowns, ciiics, cconomics, culiurcs, cihniciiics, raccs, and liícsiylcs. A
dri·c ihrough ihc rcgion ícaiurcs coasilincs and bcachcs, small iowns, busiling ciiics wiih
modcrn skylincs, inland and coasial waicrs doiicd wiih c·cryihing írom kayaks io sailing
·csscls io cruisc and coniaincr ships, íarm and ranch lands, palm irccs, and lush iropical íoliagc in
gardcns and parks. Signiíicani naiural ircasurcs includc noi only ihc coasilinc and rccís oí ihc
Ailaniic Occan, bui also ihc E·crgladcs Naiional Iark, Biscaync Naiional Iark, and Lakc
Okccchobcc, ihc sc·cnih largcsi írcsh waicr lakc in ihc couniry.

0&(+J ,/' Y$-, *($-,
Irom Jcnscn Bcach souih lining ihc coasi arc small iowns and largc ciiics, bcach communiiics and
inland communiiics including Ialm Bcach, Vcsi Ialm Bcach, Dclray Bcach, Boca Raion, Iompano
Bcach, Iori Laudcrdalc, Miami Bcach, and Miami. Largc or small, ihc coasial communiiics aiiraci iourisis
and sccond-homc owncrs írom all o·cr ihc couniry and ihc world, cspccially during ihc winicr monihs.

1hc largcr ciiics ha·c bccomc ccnicrs oí banking and íinancc, commcrcc, inicrnaiional busincss and iradc,
rcal csiaic, culiurc, pcríorming aris, and cnicriainmcni. Miami-Dade County is one of the world’s leading
mciropoliian arcas íor global companics, wiih morc ihan :,ooo muliinaiional corporaiions bascd hcrc.
Numcrous collcgcs and uni·crsiiics arc locaicd in Souihcasi Ilorida, írom communiiy collcgcs io public and
pri·aic uni·crsiiics. 1hc Uni·crsiiy oí Miami and Ilorida Inicrnaiional Uni·crsiiy boasi mcdical schools,
and No·a Souihcasicrn Uni·crsiiy oíícrs graduaic dcgrccs in ·arious mcdical and scicniiíic arcas. Numcrous
inicrnaiional consulaics and iradc oííiccs ihai suppori ihc worldwidc ílow oí goods and scr·iccs rcsidc in
South Florida. The Port of Miami, as well as shipping goods all over the world, is known as the “Cruise
Capital of the World.” Miami itself is called the “Gateway to the Americas” because of the banking, trade, and
íinancc ihai pass norih and souih ihrough Miami. Miami Bcach is known inicrnaiionally as a rcsori

\+ ,/' *'+,'4 () ,/' <,$,'
Clcwision, [usi souih oí Lakc Okccchobcc and oo milcs cquidisiani írom ihc Gulí oí Mcxico and ihc Ailaniic
Occan, is ihc wcsicrn-mosi poini oí ihc dioccsc. Locaicd in a rcgion whcrc ihc cconomy is bascd on íishing,
sugar planiaiions, ciirus gro·cs, and caiilc ranchcs, Clcwision and ihc rural arcas ihai run souih down ihc
ccnicr oí ihc siaic sharc an cconomy and liícsiylc ihai disiinguishcs ii írom ihc coasial and urban arcas.

#/' S'J6(+ ()
<(3,/'$-, =&(461$

#/' =&(461$ ]'K-
1hc Ilorida Kcys pro·idc yci anoihcr cxpcricncc oí Souih
Ilorida. Alicrnaiing bridgcs and islands makc up ihc dri·c io Kcy
Vcsi, wiih scaíood rcsiauranis, íishing cncla·cs, lodging ihai includcs
c·cryihing írom old moicls io modcrn rcsoris, waicr acii·iiics oí all iypcs,
and sccnic ·icws along ihc way. Kcy Vcsi, closcr io Cuba ihan io Miami, has a
íccl all oí iis own wiih a rich hisiory oí archiicciurc, culiural mix, Na·al prcscncc,
íamous auihors, cuisinc, and cnicriainmcni.

#/' V6J/ Y+'4JK () 562'4-6,K
Viihin ihc gcographical rcgion oí Souihcasi Ilorida arc signiíicani cxprcssions oí diíícrcni
cihniciiics, culiural hcriiagcs, raccs, rcligions, cconomic lc·cls, and gcndcrs and scxualiiics—a
mixiurc ihai gcncraics cncrgy, crcaii·iiy, and írccdom írom morc iradiiional paradigms oí
culiurc. Hisiorically, Souihcasi Ilorida was populaicd by Naii·c Amcrican iribcs oí Miccosukccs
and Scminolcs. Icoplc who mo·cd io Souih Ilorida and Kcy Vcsi during ihc :¬ih ccniury includcd
black and whiic Amcricans, Bahamians, and Cubans. In ihc :oih ccniury, a sirong Jcwish prcscncc
buili up in Miami Bcach, and aíicr Vorld Var II, ihousands oí scr·iccmcn and scr·iccwomcn who had
been stationed in South Florida or Key West returned to live here. Beginning in the ‘60s, large numbers
fled Cuba, and “Little Havana” (in Miami) evolved. In the ‘80s, “Little Haiti” emerged in Miami following
ihc arri·al oí Haiiian rcíugccs. Aíicr Hurricanc Andrcw in :¬¬:, ihc Goodycar Blimp circlcd ihc nighi skics
oí Miami wiih rcscuc plans blinking in English,
Spanish, and Crcolc. 1oday, all oííicial couniy
documcnis arc wriiicn in English, Spanish, and
Crcolc. LGB1 communiiics iniiially grcw up in
Souih Bcach, Kcy Vcsi, and Iori Laudcrdalc.
Vhilc ccriain arcas siill ha·c conccniraiions oí
pcoplc idcniiíying wiih ihcsc ·arious
communiiics, in gcncral Souihcasi Ilorida is a
rich mix oí all oí ihc picccs oí iis hcriiagc. In
almosi any pari oí ihc rcgion, you arc likcly io
íind rcprcscniaiion oí ai lcasi sc·cral—and
maybc all—oí ihc ma[or groups ihai now
coniribuic io ihc íabric oí ihis localc. In rcccni
ycars wiih ihc incrcasc oí inicrnaiional iradc and
íinancc locaicd in Souihcasi Ilorida, numcrous
íamilics írom Souih Amcrica ha·c sciilcd in ihis
arca. Bciwccn commcrcc and rcscarch, signiíicani
numbcrs oí pcoplc írom Asia, India, and ihc
Middlc Easi ha·c also madc Souihcasi Ilorida
ihcir homc. 1hc rcgion, gi·cn iis broad di·crsiiy,
has a pulsc íor inclusion, crcaii·iiy, and poicniial.
It’s a thriving, invigorating, and sometimes
o·crwhclming placc io li·c in ihc ::si ccniury.


,#/2#'0&$7 *+, ",&*,&0&#(
/*, -&$&(0,5 !$% -&((&*$ !',*(( 04# %&*'#(#
Ccriain programs and minisirics oí ihc Dioccsc arc dcscribcd in scparaic scciions oí
ihc Iroíilc. 1hcsc includc ihc Dioccsan School, Episcopal Schools, Episcopal Chariiics,
Companion Dioccsc Rclaiionships, and 1hc Nchcmiah Iroccss. In addiiion io ihosc and in
addiiion io ihc myriad programs carricd oui in indi·idual parish churchcs and Episcopal
schools, ihc Dioccsc sponsors and is in·ol·cd in many minisirics iouching a broad rangc oí
pariicipanis and rccipicnis.

F6-/(: Z4$K \++ =(3+1$,6(+
1hc Ioundaiion's mission is io pro·idc íinancial assisiancc íor rcasonablc housing and hcalihcarc, io
cldcrly rciircd Episcopalians írom ihc Souihcasi, Souihwcsi, and Ccniral Dioccscs oí Ilorida. 1hc
íunds arc io bc uscd only íor ihosc who can dcmonsiraic íinancial nccd.

F4(,/'4/((1 () <,> 0+14';
A worldwidc minisiry, ihc Broihcrhood oí Si. Andrcw rcsis on ihc corncrsioncs oí praycr, siudy, scr·icc, and
ícllowship. Ii inicracis wiih oihcr minisirics and works wiih youih lcadcrs in ouircach, mission icams,
rcircais, and sponsorship oí youih io summcr camp opporiuniiics.

Clergy and Clergy Spouses’ Ministry
Lcd by a planning icam, ihis minisiry builds rclaiionships and muiual suppori among clcrgy and clcrgy
spouscs by oíícring c·cnis including social acii·iiics, a clcrgy spousc cruisc, a clcrgy spousc mission irip, and
a brcakíasi mcciing during ihc Dioccsan Con·cniion.

A rcncwal mo·cmcni oí ihc Church, Cursillo is dcsigncd io hclp ihosc in ihc church undcrsiand ihcir
indi·idual callings io bc Chrisiian Lcadcrs. 1raincd, iníormcd clcrgy and lay lcadcrs pariicipaic in ihc prc-
wcckcnd, wcckcnd, and posi-wcckcnd rcsponsibiliiics ihai comprisc Cursillo.

5$3J/,'4- () ,/' ]6+J
DOK is a spiriiual sisicrhood oí womcn dcdicaicd io a liíc oí praycr, scr·icc, and c·angclism. 1hc
organizaiion includcs lay and ordaincd womcn who íind communiiy and spiriiual suppori in local chapicrs oí
ihrcc or morc womcn in churchcs, undcr ihc o·crsighi oí ihcir own clcrgy.

53+7$+ *'+,'4
Scr·ing as ihc dioccsan conícrcncc ccnicr locaicd in Dclray Bcach, ihc Duncan Ccnicr has íi·c conícrcncc
rooms wiih capaciiics íor ::o pcoplc. 1hc Schoíicld Chapcl, wiih a labyrinih inlaid in ihc íloor, has a capaciiy
oí :oo pcoplc, 1hcrc arc +o lodging rooms, ablc io accommodaic up io so pcoplc doublc occupancy, wiih
hoicl-siylc amcniiics.
56(7'-$+ U4(J4$8-

Y:6-7(:$& */347/ 9(8'+ QY*9R
All womcn in ihc Episcopal Church arc mcmbcrs oí ihc
ECV and arc in·iicd io pariicipaic in ihc acii·iiics and minisirics
uniquc io ihcir own parish. On ihc dioccsc lc·cl, a Board oí Dircciors
rcprcscniing parishcs ihroughoui ihc dioccsc hclps io mainiain o·crsighi
and mission.

Y:6-7(:$& A6J4$,6(+ A6+6-,46'-
1hc EMM works in coopcraiion wiih ihc U.S. go·crnmcni and oihcr íaiih-bascd and
sccular agcncics io pro·idc scr·iccs io ihc uprooicd írom around ihc world. 1hc Miami
EMM oííicc was opcncd in :¬s: in rcsponsc io ihc immcdiaic nccds oí ihc Cubans who
arri·cd írom Maricl, as wcll as a growing numbcr oí rcíugccs írom poliiical iurmoil in Haiii.

Inicgriiy is an oííicial organizaiion oí ihc Episcopal Church. Ior o·cr ·o ycars Inicgriiy has bccn an
organizaiion ihai includcs womcn and mcn, singlc and parincrcd, who arc gay, biscxual and
iransgcndcr along wiih ihcir siraighi íricnds. Inicgriiy promoics inclusion oí pcrsons oí all scxual
oricniaiions in ihc liíc oí ihc church.

^3%6&'' *'+,'4 () <(3,/ F4(;$41
1hc Jubilcc Ccnicr is a :o:(c) · non-proíii corporaiion ihai pro·idcs scr·iccs io ihc poor and homclcss. 1hc
Ccnicr rclics on ·oluniccrs írom Episcopal parishcs—Si. John's, Hollywood, Si. Jamcs in 1hc Hills,
Hollywood, Si. Ann's, Hallandalc Bcach, Si. Andrcw's, Hollywood, All Sainis, Ii. Laudcrdalc— local
synagogucs, and oihcr rcligious and ci·ic organizaiions.

[$,6+ U(4,3J3'-' A6+6-,4K
1his minisiry sccks io scr·c all ihosc li·ing in Souih Ilorida whosc naii·c languagc is Ioriugucsc.
Brazilians, Portuguese, Mozambicans, Angolans, and other who form the “Lusophone” (Portuguese-
spcaking) communiiy arc in·iicd io cclcbraic ihc sacramcnis and worship ai Si. Nicholas Episcopal Church
in Iompano Bcach.

Mother’s Union
Committed to Christian family life and to a rule of midday prayer, the Mother’s Union supports projects
including work in prisons, [u·cnilc dcicniion ccnicrs, and hospiials, programs íor prc·cniion oí iccnagc
prcgnancy and HIV/AIDS, workcrs' co-ops and iraining íor lcadcrship and ad·ocacy in dc·cloping counirics,
and rclicí íor íamilics aííccicd by war and naiural disasicrs.

S'7(2'4K A6+6-,46'-
1hc Dioccsc Rcco·cry Minisirics hclp ihc addicicd and ihosc who lo·c ihcm conncci wiih spiriiual rcsourccs
and íind lasiing rcco·cry. 1hcy wclcomc Alcoholics Anonymous and oihcr ::-Sicp programs inio an
Episcopal íaiih communiiy, and work io raisc ihc awarcncss oí clcrgy and lay lcadcrs aboui ihc discasc oí
addiciion and ihc gracc íound in rcco·cry.


<,> [$34'+7' */$:'&
1his program pro·idcs scr·iccs íor ihc mcnially ill homclcss in
norihcrn Broward Couniy. Now in iis ihird locaiion in Iompano Bcach,
ii pro·idcs iransporiaiion, brcakíasi, lunch, casc managcmcni, nursing carc,
showcrs, clcan cloihing, sioragc, iclcphoncs, mailing addrcss, cmcrgcncy íood,
hygicnc kiis, and a daily chapcl scr·icc (íor ihosc who wish io pariicipaic).

Seafarer’s House
Seafarers’ House at Port Everglades is open throughout the year as a safe, friendly place
whcrc marincrs can conncci io ihcir íamilics, rclax, ask qucsiions aboui ihc communiiy, and
gci cmcrgcncy hclp ií nccdcd. Ii is pari oí a long iradiiion oí wclcoming ·isiiing marincrs and
sharing ihc giíis oí hospiialiiy and ícllowship.

<(3,/ =&(461$ \+,'4)$6,/ 9(4_'4 ^3-,67'
SIIVJ is an associaiion oí many di·crsc rcligious lcadcrs ihroughoui Miami-Dadc and Broward
Couniics who rcspond io ihc crisis oí ihc working poor. Ii cducaics, organizcs, and mobilizcs ihc
rcligious communiiy io scr·c low-wagc workcrs in Miami-Dadc and Broward couniics by addrcssing
current policies for workers’ rights like wages, benefits, and working conditions.

#/' F6%&' */$&&'+J'
Iollowing a challcngc gi·cn ai Gcncral Con·cniion in :o:·, Bishop Iradc cncouragcd ihc Dioccsc io
commit to the program “The Bible Challenge.” Materials are available in English and Spanish, and many
parishcs arc now acii·cly pariicipaiing in ihis spiriiual disciplinc oí scrious Biblc siudy.

`+6(+ () F&$7_ Y:6-7(:$&6$+-
UBE cxisis io scr·c as an insirumcni io cradicaic, climinaic, and ncuiralizc racism as an agcni causing
di·isi·cncss wiihin ihc Episcopal Church. 1hc UBE cxisis io rcíorm ihc praciiccs, policics, proccdurcs, and
sysicms ihai impcdc cííccii·c pariicipaiion oí Black Episcopalians in ihc ioial church proccsscs.

a(3,/ A6+6-,46'-
Youih Minisiry in ihc Dioccsc pro·idcs opporiuniiics íor spiriiual growih, íun, and ícllowship íor young
pcoplc ihrough programs, c·cnis, and acii·iiics in ihc local parishcs, dcancrics, dioccsc, and widcr church.
Annual c·cnis includc ihc Acolyic Icsii·al, ihc Youih Con·cniion, and Happcning wcckcnds.
a(3+J 013&, A6+6-,46'-
Vc arc ihc communiiy oí :s-30’s young adults in the Diocese of Southeast Florida. We are spiritual seekers.
Vc arc aspiring mysiics. Vc arc no·icc ihcologians. Vc arc acii·cly scarching íor God in ihc momcnis oí
our daily li·cs. 1akc a look around. Gci io know us. Vc arc ihc íuiurc oí our church. Vc arc ihc ncxi
generation of faithful servants. We intend to; “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.”


04# $#4#-&!4 ",*M#'0N
",*-*0&$7 !$% #$!12&$7 2*'!2 -&$&(0,5 !$% -&((&*$
Early in his cpiscopacy in Souihcasi Ilorida, our prcscni bishop disccrncd an
urgcni nccd io sircngihcn ihc abiliiy oí our congrcgaiions io adapi io culiural
changcs in ihc ::si Ccniury ihai hc rccognizcd wcrc ncgaii·cly impaciing ihc
Church’s ministry. In the face of a slow but steady decline in members and financial
rcsourccs, Bishop Iradc chargcd ihc Nchcmiah Iro[cci io cquip congrcgaiions wiih ncw
ways io do minisiry.

Undcr ihc lcadcrship oí Archdcacon Bryan Hobbs, his assisiani Linda Schlcpp-Gray, and a
Steering Committee, the task of the Nehemiah Project was to transform the “culture” of a
congregation’s ministry so that it could become a viable and sustainable witness for Christ well into
ihc ::si Ccniury. Engaging in Nchcmiah in·ol·cs a long icrm commiimcni io disccrnmcni,
iraining and implcmcniaiion oí a Minisiry Ilan íor congrcgaiional growih, íocuscd primarily on
rcaching oui io ihosc ouisidc ihc Church and nuriuring growih wiihin cxisiing parish mcmbcrship.
Sincc :oos parishcs ihai rccci·c ciihcr Aid io Congrcgaiions or an Asscssmcni Rcduciion arc mandaicd
io pariicipaic in Nchcmiah wiih ihc inicniion ihai ihcir church lcadcrs would dc·clop ihc ncccssary
pcrspccii·cs, iools and skills io grow a hcalihy, ·ibrani, and cxciiing parish minisiry ihai would bc
incrcasingly in·iiing io ncw mcmbcrs. Sincc iis inccpiion six congrcgaiions ha·c bccomc sclí-supporiing
and íinancial assisiancc io parishcs has bccn rcduccd by o·cr :o° írom so:o,ooo in :oo: io approximaicly
s·:o,ooo in :o:+. In ihc lasi six ycars Nchcmiah congrcgaiions ha·c consisicnily ouipcríormcd oihcr
dioccsan congrcgaiions in A·cragc Vcckcnd Aiicndancc, Easicr aiicndancc, and Ilaic and Ilcdgc growih.
In :o:· iwcniy-ninc congrcgaiions pariicipaicd in Nchcmiah, oí which íouriccn did so ·oluniarily. Much oí
ihc succcss oí ihc Nchcmiah Iro[cci is aiiribuicd io ihc praycr, couragc, ingcnuiiy and crcaii·iiy oí our
church lcadcrs and ihcir opcnncss io cxplorc and cxpcrimcni wiih ncw minisirics.

Gi·cn ihc iransíormaiion ihai ihc Nchcmiah Iro[cci has managcd in so many oí our parishcs, wc would hopc
ihai our ncxi bishop would wish io scc ihc coniinucd dc·clopmcni oí ihis proccss bringing ncw idcas and
ncw liíc io prc·iously siruggling congrcgaiions.

1hc Nchcmiah Iroccss Vcbpagc and Iaccbook Iagc. www.nchcmiahproccss.org

#/' N'/'86$/ U4(7'--
U$46-/ U$4,676:$,6(+
Z4(;6+J */347/'-
A$+1$,'1 B(&3+,$4K #(,$& b B(&3+,$4K
"MMH LI LM "I .?b
"MMI ". LM .. .Mb
"MLM "L L? .C ?Mb
"ML" L? L? "H CMb
"ML. LC L? "I ?Hb

/!'&2&0!0&$7 !$% (+(0!&$&$7
2*'!2 *+0,#!'4 !$% -&$&(0,5 ",*7,!-(

Episcopal Charities wears three ‘hats’ in the Diocese:

#/' @3,4'$7/ 048 () ,/' 56(7'-'
As ihc Ouircach Arm oí ihc Dioccsc, Episcopal Chariiics adminisicrs íunds ihai arc uscd
io pro·idc grani awards íor congrcgaiional ouircach minisirics. Approximaicly s·oo,ooo pcr
ycar is disiribuicd in granis annually and Episcopal Chariiics o·crsccs o·cr :o programs ihai
scr·c ihousands oí pcoplc ihrough basic human nccds programs such as local íood panirics,
mcals, homclcss scr·iccs, cldcr carc, and aíicrschool siudcni iuioring.

The ‘flip side’ of this funding is the education and technical assistance that Episcopal Charities staff
pro·idcs io congrcgaiions and ouircach lcadcrship in ihc arcas oí program dc·clopmcni,
opcraiions, íunding and susiainabiliiy. In addiiion io onc-io-onc, on-siic assisiancc wiih program
lcadcrship, Episcopal Chariiics bcgan oíícring cducaiional workshops on ·arious aspccis oí ouircach
ministry operations through its “Outreach University”, which in 2013 culminated in its partnering with
1hc Dioccsan School íor Chrisiian Siudics io oíícr a onc-ycar curriculum callcd Bcyond ihc Valls.
Dc·cloping, Opcraiing and Iunding Your Ouircach Minisiry, which broughi in proícssional spcakcrs
io prcscni on ihc widc array oí ouircach program opcraiional aspccis such as budgciing, grani wriiing,
working wiih ·oluniccrs, lcadcrship dc·clopmcni and program susiainabiliiy. :nd ycar siudcnis in ihc
school arc rcquircd io iakc our curriculum.

Episcopal Chariiics also brings iogcihcr program lcadcrs oíícring similar programming, such as
íccding, cducaiion, and scnior carc, íor discussion and collaboraiion, and dc·clopcd Iccding Our Icoplc,
oíícring di·crsc opporiuniiics íor congrcgaiions and ihcir pcoplc io bc in·ol·cd in íccding ihc hungry
in ihcir local communiiics. Opporiuniiics includc bccoming a íood siamp applicaiion siic, glcaning in
our diocese’s northern farmlands, planting community gardens, and collaborating in donating food to
cxisiing íood panirics.

#/' U&$++'1 Z626+J 0J'+, () ,/' 56(7'-'
Episcopal Chariiics parincrs wiih local aiiorncys and íinancial proícssionals io oíícr indi·idualizcd
congrcgaiional workshops io íaciliiaic planncd gi·ing programs in ihc Dioccsc. Ii also works wiih
rcprcscniaii·cs oí 1hc Episcopal Church Ioundaiion and 1ENS (1hc Episcopal Nciwork íor
Sicwardship) in oíícring dioccsan-widc workshops.

#/' <,';$41-/6: 0J'+, () ,/' 56(7'-'
Similarly, Episcopal Chariiics works wiih congrcgaiions in íaciliiaiing and cducaiing congrcgaiions on
ihcir Sicwardship programming. Episcopal Chariiics is ihc Dioccsan mcmbcr oí 1ENS, making
a·ailablc io c·cry congrcgaiion ihc rich mcmbcr rcsourccs oí ihai organizaiion annually.
Y:6-7(:$& */$46,6'-

4&(0*,5 */ #"&('*"!2 '4!,&0&#(
Ioundcd in :¬¬s as ihc Souihcasi Ilorida Episcopal
Foundation, the organization’s primary role was to function as the
planncd gi·ing arm oí ihc dioccsc. In :ooo, Blair and Agncs Smiih, long-
iimc mcmbcrs oí Si. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Iompano Bcach, lcíi a s·
million bcqucsi io ihc íoundaiion. 1hc bcqucsi was io bc uscd io suppori
íccding, cloihing, shclicr and hcalihcarc nccds oí youih and cldcrly pcrsons.
As a rcsuli oí iis cxpandcd philanihropic rolc, in :ooo ihc Ioundaiion's namc was
changcd io Episcopal Chariiics oí Souihcasi Ilorida. In :oo, ihc Dioccsc appoinicd
Episcopal Chariiics io adminisicr Dioccsan Human Nccds Iund granis. 1hc Smiih and
Dioccsan íunds arc now granicd ihrough onc proccss. Episcopal Chariiics siaíí adminisicrs an
appoinicd group oí parishioncrs and clcrgy who íorm ihc Maiihcw :: Commiiicc, which
reviews applications and makes funding applications that are sent to the Episcopal Charities’
board íor appro·al.
1hc combincd Smiih Chariiy Iund and Dioccsan Human Nccds Iund is now known as
ihc Basic Human Nccds Iund. 1o daic, o·cr s:.¬ million has bccn granicd io parish-
sponsorcd ouircach programs ihrough ihcsc íunding sourccs. Viih iis
cxpandcd rolc, Episcopal Chariiics also
adminisicrs a scholarship íund íor scniors in
nccd oí assisicd li·ing carc, coniribuics io
disasicr rclicí cííoris ihrough iis Disasicr Rclicí
Iund, and supporis ihc Bishop's mission ouircach ihroughoui ihc Uniicd Siaics and world. As noicd abo·c,
Episcopal Chariiics also supporis and pro·idcs opcraiional and icchnical assisiancc io congrcgaiional
ouircach programming ihroughoui ihc Dioccsc ihrough communicaiion oí program rcsourccs, workshop
prcscniaiions, and on-siic siaíí assisiancc, and coniinucs iis rolc as ihc Ilanncd Gi·ing agcni oí ihc Dioccsc.

",*-*0&$7 !$ #"&('*"!2 ",#(#$'# !$% .!2+#(
&$ 2*'!2 '*--+$&0&#(

“B`\[5 #VYA `U” is pari oí our dioccsan ·ision, and cducaiion – cquipping
persons of all ages to respond to God’s call in their lives – is an csscniial pari oí ihc
minisiry oí ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida.
1wo Episcopal Sccondary Schools, and many congrcgaiions wiih prc-schools or day schools
oíícr acadcmic cxccllcncc and ihc cxpcricncc oí Chrisiian communiiy in a spcciíically Episcopal
conicxi íor childrcn and youih oí our churchcs and our di·crsc communiiics.

<'7(+1$4K <7/((&-
Ialmcr 1riniiy (gradcs o – ::) in Coral Gablcs
Saint Andrew’s School (gradcs K-· – ::) in Boca Raion

Y&'8'+,$4K <7/((&-
All Angcls Acadcmy (Irc-K – s) in Miami Springs
Good Shcphcrd Episcopal School (Irc-K – :) in 1cqucsia
Si. Christopher’s Episcopal Montessori School (:
Irc-K – :) in Kcy Biscaync
St. John’s Episcopal School (prc-school – s) in Homcsicad
St. Joseph’s Episcopal School in Boynion Bcach
Early Childhood Acadcmy, agcs :-·
Main Campus (Irc-K · – s)
St. Mark’s Episcopal School (Irc-K: – s) in Iori Laudcrdalc
St. Mark’s Episcopal School (Irc-K+ – s) in Ialm Bcach Gardcns
St. Phillip’s Episcopal School (Nurscry – :) in Coral Gablcs
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School (Irc-K · – :) in Coconui Gro·c
St. Thomas’ Episcopal Parish School (Irc-School – :) in Coral Gablcs

Y:6-7(:$& <7/((&-
6+ ,/' 56(7'-'

0,!&$&$7 !$% %#.#2*"&$7
2!5 !$% *,%!&$#% 2#!%#,( /*, 04# '4+,'4

5'$+W 1hc Vcry Rc·. Dr. Villiam L. Siomski
0186+6-,4$,(4W Mrs. Iamcla Kiiiingcr Iullcr
<7/((& F($41 */$648$+W Canon Thomas G. O’Brien, III

Classes are held at the campus of St. Mark’s Episcopal School
::o Easi Oakland Iark Bl·d., Iori Laudcrdalc, IL ···o+

*(+,$7, \+)(48$,6(+W :o:-::+-:+:s or www.dioschool.org

1hough chicíly dcsigncd io acadcmically prcparc dcacons íor ihc church, classcs arc a·ailablc íor laiiy
wishing io rccci·c iraining íor any aspcci oí parish work including ccriiíicaiion íor spcciíic minisirics
such as cducaiional lcadcrship, prcaching, and Eucharisiic and anoiniing minisiry. 1hc program consisis
oí a ihrcc ycar program, iwo scmcsicrs cach ycar wiih íour courscs cach scmcsicr. 1hc courscs arc
gcncrally c·cry oihcr Saiurday (iwo Saiurdays a monih) during Scpicmbcr ihrough Dcccmbcr and January
through April. Cost per course is $125. Financial aid is available for both lay students and those “in process”
íor holy ordcrs. A Ccriiíicaic oí Complciion signcd by ihc Bishop and Dcan arc prcscnicd upon complciion.

1hcrc arc clc·cn proícssionals, including muliiplc pcrsons wiih docioraic dcgrccs, who lcad our courscs.
1hc ma[oriiy arc cmploycd íull iimc as clcrgy oí ihc dioccsc. Our a·cragc siudcni cnrollmcni is ::.

In addiiion io our Dioccsan School.
0 16(7'-$+ *(886--6(+ (+ */46-,6$+ =(48$,6(+ $+1
Y137$,6(+ pro·idcs iraining íor icachcrs and lcadcrs in such
Chrisiian Educaiion programs as Caicchcsis oí ihc Good
Shcphcrd, Godly Ilay and Iaiih Is Caughi. 1hc Educaiion íor
Minisiry (EíM) and Disciplcs oí Chrisi in Communiiy (DOCC)
programs íor coniinuing spiriiual growih íor adulis arc oíícrcd
in ·arious locaiions in ihc dioccsc.

#/' 56(7'-$+ <7/((&
)(4 */46-,6$+ <,316'-

Our Vorld Mission Commission acii·cly promoics and cncouragcs
parishcs and indi·iduals io cngagc wiih our sisicrs and broihcrs bcyond
dioccsan and pro·incial, gcographical and culiural boundarics, mindíul oí our
mission siaicmcni. "io makc known io all pcoplc ihc iransíorming powcr oí ihc
Gospcl oí Jcsus Chrisi." Conscqucnily ihc Dioccsc has long cn[oycd companion
rclaiionships wiih ihrcc dioccscs oí ihc Anglican Communion ihai rcílcci boih ihc
dcmographics oí our dioccsc and ihc sirong íamilial bonds ihai iic us io ihc Dioccsc oí
Nassau and ihc Bahamas, 1urks e Caicos, ihc Dioccsc oí Haiii and ihc Dioccsc oí ihc
Dominican Rcpublic. Mosi rcccnily, by a rcsoluiion unanimously appro·cd ai Dioccsan
Con·cniion in :o:·, a íourih rclaiionship was csiablishcd wiih ihc Dioccsc oí 1oliara in
Madagascar, in ihc Indian Occan. 1his pariicular rclaiionship sircngihcns a long csiablishcd bond
bciwccn ihc dioccsc and 1hc Ri. Rc·. 1odd McGrcgor and 1hc Rc·. Iaisy McGrcgor, his wiíc, who
wcrc íirsi scni as appoinicd missionarics írom Souihcasi Ilorida io Madagascar, whcrc ihcy scr·cd in
ihc Dioccsc oí Aniananari·o. Subscqucnily 1odd McGrcgor was appoinicd an assisiani bishop in ihc
dioccsc and in :o:· hc was insiallcd as ihc íirsi bishop oí ihc ncwly crcaicd Dioccsc oí 1oliara.
Vc ·aluc ihcsc rclaiionships bciwccn us and our parincrs, which
oíícr an in·aluablc lcarning iool and pro·idc opporiuniiics íor muiual
minisiry and cncouragcmcni. Congrcgaiions and indi·iduals in ihc
dioccsc rcgularly arrangc mission icams and íund raisc io suppori
our parincrs who arc wiincssing io ihc gospcl among somc oí ihc
poorcsi oí ihc poor. Our Liiilc Roscs Homc and School íor Girls in
San Icdro Sula, Honduras, íoundcd by Diana Iradc, our prcscni
bishop’s wife, is also supported prayerfully and financially by many of
our congrcgaiions and indi·iduals.
Vc cxpcci and hopc ihai our ncxi bishop will ha·c an cqual rcgard íor ihc ·aluc oí such parincrships and
will work wiih us io coniinuc io grow ihcm íor ihc good oí ihc Church and ihc muiual bcncíii oí ihosc
cngagcd in ihcm.

@34 *(8:$+6(+ 56(7'-'-

'+,,#$0 (0,+'0+,# !$% (0!// "*(&0&*$(
0* (+""*,0 !$% /!'&2&0!0# O 8 OO

The diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Leo Frade,
is assisted by three archdeacons and a staff.

Archdeacon for Congregational Ministry
Archdeacon for Deployment
Archdeacon for Immigration and Social Justice

56(7'-$+ <,$)) U(-6,6(+-
Chief Operating Officer
Director of Communications
Executive Assistant to the Bishop
Diocesan Coordinator
Assistant to the Archdeacon for Congregational Ministry
Secretary for the Deployment Office
Administrative Assistant for Youth Ministry
and Secretary to Property & Loan Committee
Administrative Assistant for Office Operations
Accounting Clerk

Yc'73,62' F($41 () ,/' 56(7'-'
Bishop and President
President of the Standing Committee
Diocesan ECW President
Youth Commission President
Dean of the Cathedral
Deans of the Six Deaneries in the Diocese
Elected Clergy and Lay Representatives of the Six Deaneries
(total of 18 elected individuals)


Mission is our siaicd prioriiy and purposc. 1o implcmcni, suppori,
mainiain and grow ihc scopc and rangc oí programs wc ha·c dcscribcd in ihis
proíilc rcquircs considcrablc rcsourccs in icrms oí appropriaicly cquippcd pcoplc
and a siablc íinancial basc. 1hc managcmcni oí dioccsan íinanccs rcílccis ihcsc
prioriiics, whilc rccognizing ihc challcngcs ihai indi·idual congrcgaiions íacc daily io
suppori minisiry and mainiain ihcir íaciliiics in ordcr io bc ihai missionary prcscncc in
ihcir local communiiics. Siriking a hcalihy balancc bciwccn suppori íor our mission ai
boih dioccsan and parish lc·cls dcmands carcíul and scnsiii·c managcmcni and
occasionally rcquircs hard choiccs io achic·c ihai balancc and promoic ihc biblical principlc oí
mutual responsibility and partnership in the gospel. As always this is ‘a work in progress’ as we
siri·c io rcconcilc biblical principlcs and íaiihíul sicwardship wiih cconomic rcaliiics on ihc ground.

Carcíul and wisc sicwardship ai boih ihc congrcgaiional and dioccsan lc·cls cnablcd ihc dioccsc io
susiain ihc cííccis oí ihc rcccssion ai ihc iurn oí ihc dccadc, alihough many parishcs saw a dcclinc in
gi·ing as mcmbcrs wcrc obligcd io rcasscss ihcir prioriiics in ordcr io ridc ihc downiurn and iis impaci
on pcrsonal incomc. Budgcis wcrc rc·isiicd, ncccssary and painíul cuis wcrc madc, and siaííing lc·cls
írcqucnily rcduccd - ihc onc arca whcrc signiíicani cosi sa·ings could bc achic·cd wiih a subscqucni loss oí
lay cmployccs and dcploymcni opporiuniiics íor ordaincd clcrgy. 1hc laiicr has bccn pariicularly noiiccablc
in ihc numbcr oí congrcgaiions ihai can no longcr aííord ihc cosis oí íull-iimc assisiani clcrgy, which
prc·iously had long iradiiions oí appoiniing associaics aííording ihc opporiuniiy íor coniinuing minisicrial
íormaiion and gaining praciical cxpcricncc oí parish and pasioral minisiry. 1hc dioccsc has workcd hard and
crcaii·cly io suppori c·cry congrcgaiion wiih an ordaincd prcscncc, pro·iding íinancial assisiancc whcrc ii is
dccmcd a mission prioriiy ciihcr in ihc íorm oí granis or by rcducing parish asscssmcnis in accordancc wiih
appro·cd criicria. Encouragingly and signiíicanily, o·cr ihc pasi iwo ycars ihc dioccsc has wiincsscd a
wclcomc rcduciion in ihc numbcr oí congrcgaiions sccking asscssmcni appraisals. During ihc samc pcriod
ihcrc has also bccn a wclcomc rcduciion in ihc ioial oí uncollccicd asscssmcnis and a commcnsuraic
rcduciion in ihc amouni sci asidc in ihc dioccsan budgci íor aniicipaicd non-paymcni. 1his good ncws
rcílccis io ihc crcdii oí indi·idual parishcs and congrcgaiions who ha·c mainiaincd, and in somc cascs raiscd,
lc·cls oí gi·ing, such ihai ihc minisiry and mission oí ihc Church ai boih ihc local and dioccsan lc·cls has
bccn susiaincd, whilc a ícw oihcrs ha·c managcd signiíicani in·csimcni in ihcir inírasiruciurc in ordcr io
dc·clop and cxpand ihcir prcscncc and minisiry in ihcir local communiiics.

Similarly ihc dioccsc has cxcrciscd a wisc and carcíul sicwardship oí ihc rcsourccs cnirusicd io ii and íor
which ii is accouniablc io ihc Dioccsan Con·cniion. 1hc annual budgci proccss is iniiiaicd by a Budgci
Commiiicc and is sub[cci io scruiiny and rc·ision ai cach siagc by ihc Exccuii·c Board, Dcancry
Con·ocaiions in ihc spring and íall, and appro·cd by Dioccsan Con·cniion. 1hc appro·cd :o:+ Budgci calls
íor s·,:s,s¬o in rc·cnuc, oí which s·,:o,s¬o is rccci·cd dirccily írom parishcs and which rcprcscnis
:+.o:¬·° oí asscsscd incomc pcr congrcgaiion. In cach oí ihc lasi ihrcc ycars ihc asscssmcni pcrccniagc has
dccrcascd ycar on ycar, bui by lcss ihan onc pcrccniagc poini. A cap oí noi morc ihan ::° oí asscsscd

56(7'-$+ =6+$+7'-

incomc is currcnily mandaicd by Dioccsan
Con·cniion, bui morc rcccnily ihc budgci dcbaic ai
Con·cniion has ícaiurcd ai lcasi a ícw ·oiccs calling íor a
raic oí noi morc ihan :o° oí asscsscd parish incomc.

1hc grcaicsi poriion oí ihc Dioccsan Budgci supporis ihc oííicc oí ihc
bishop and ihc associaicd dioccsan opcraiions. 1hc laiicr arc mainiaincd ai a
rcasonablc bui cquiiablc minimum. A rcccni and gcncrous bcqucsi io ihc dioccsc
has ihis ycar csiablishcd an cndowmcni íund íor ihc cpiscopal oííicc pro·iding ihc
poicniial íor in·csimcni incomc io bc sci againsi ihc cosis oí ihc oííicc, ihcrcby
rcducing ihis budgci linc iicm io ihc bcncíii oí c·cry parish and iis annual asscssmcni.
1hc :o:: Budgci, as ii is currcnily proposcd, rcílccis such a rcduciion and ii is
aniicipaicd ihai as ihc cndowmcni grows ihcrc will bc commcnsuraic dccrcascs in íuiurc
budgcis. Ii is our goal and inicniion ihai ihc cpiscopal oííicc is uliimaicly íully cndowcd and
no longcr a chargc on ciihcr ihc budgci or ihc parishcs, rclcasing addiiional scarcc rcsourccs íor
local minisiry and mission.

Vhilc wc rcpori a rcasonably siablc and hcalihy íinancial piciurc, wc do noi undcrcsiimaic ihc
challcngcs ahcad ciihcr in icrms oí mainiaining ihis hcalih or growing a sirong and rcliablc íinancial basc.
Many oí our church buildings and ihc íaciliiics ihcy oíícr arc aging and will rcquirc signiíicani in·csimcni io
mainiain and upgradc ihcm, whilc oihcrs arc undcr-uiilizcd ouisidc oí worship iimcs and wcckly
congrcgaiional acii·iiics. In ihc pcrson whom wc call now wc scck a bishop who dcmonsiraics íinancial
acumcn, an abiliiy io ihink siraicgically, a missionary-mindcd ·isionary who will inspirc us io imaginc
crcaii·cly, and cmboldcn us io aci inno·aii·cly in pursuing and rcalizing ihc ·ision wc arc disccrning
ihrough ihis proccss and ha·c soughi io ariiculaic in ihis proíilc.

'+,,#$0 "*(&0&*$ !$% -!$!7#-#$0
*/ /&$!$'&!2 ,#(*+,'#( 0* (+""*,0 O 8 OO
*+,-./012 4516
7,8021./,6 4516
9-:+,-/; < =:.1
>:??:1 @-58/ 4516
0--',- $- () .X.LX"ML?
@:'4$,6+J =3+1
5'-6J+$,'1 =3+1
U4(:'4,K e [($+ =3+1
*(88(+ #43-, =3+1
#(,$& 0--',- d.IPH?.P"CH

56(7'-' () <(3,/'$-, =&(461$
"ML? 0::4(2'1 F31J',
S'2'+3' 08(3+,
08(3+, 0--'--'1 *(+J4'J$,6(+- d.P??"PHIM
['--W 0--'--8'+, Z4$+,- Qd"CCPMMMR
['--W `+7(&&'7,'1 0--'--8'+, QdHMPMMMR
N', 0--'--8'+, U$K8'+,- d.PLMGPHIM
\+,'4'-, \+7(8' d"MPMMM
*(88(+ #43-, =3+1 \+7(8' d?DPMMM
[$,' 0--'--8'+, U$K8'+,- dCPMMM
#(,$& S'2'+3' d.PLGHPHIM
Yc:'+-'- 08(3+,
N$,6(+$& */347/ 0--'--8'+,
A6+6-,4K <3::(4, dLGMP""M
56(7'-$+ A6+6-,4K @:'4$,6(+- dLPH".P.GM
*(883+67$,6(+- A6+6-,4K dL.HPHLC
Y137$,6(+ A6+6-,4K dL".PGMM
a(3,/ A6+6-,4K dLLMPCGC
Z4(;,/ e Y2$+J'&6-8 A6+6-,4K d"DCPDCD
V38$+ N''1- A6+6-,4K dLCDPMMM
#(,$& Yc:'+-'- .PLGHPHIM

&0( %+!2 ,*2#(N
!$ +,1!$ "!,&(4 !$% 04# (#!0 */ 04# 1&(4*"

F6-/(:W 1hc Ri. Rc·. Lco Iradc
5'$+W 1hc Vcry Rc·. Douglas Vm. McCalcb
0114'--W +o+ NE :oih Sircci
(Icríorming Aris / Omni Disirici)
Miami, Ilorida ··:·:
9'%-6,'W ;;;>,46+6,K86$86>(4J

1riniiy Caihcdral is ihc oldcsi church in ihc original ciiy limiis oí Miami, ha·ing bccn organizcd by ihc
Ri. Rc·. Villiam Cranc Gray on Junc ::, :s¬o, morc ihan a monih bcíorc ihc ciiy was incorporaicd. In
:¬o+, ihc 1riniiy Mission bccamc sclí-supporiing and ihus achic·cd parish siaius. 1hc woodcn church
building was rcplaccd in :¬:: by an imposing, iwo-siory sionc church, similar in dcsign io Si. Iaul's
Episcopal Church in Kcy Vcsi.

In :¬:·, as ihc grcai Miami and Ilorida rcal csiaic boom oí ihc roaring iwcniics ncarcd iis pcak, ihc
congrcgaiion boughi land ai ihc corncr oí NE Bayshorc Dri·c and ::ih Sircci íor ihc siic oí a church largc
cnough io scai clc·cn hundrcd worshipcrs. Miami archiicci Harold Hasiings Mundy dcsigncd ihc ncw
church, whosc consiruciion was íinishcd in July, :¬::. 1hc proporiions oí ihc building and iis gcncral idca
wcrc inspircd by ihc Roman Caiholic Church oí Si. Gilcs, ncar Nîmcs in souihcrn Irancc. Mundy combincd
Romancsquc, Byzaniinc, and Iialianaic clcmcnis oí archiicciurc io gi·c ihc building a disiincii·c
Mcdiicrrancan appcarancc. Vhcn ihc boom collapscd in :¬:, 1riniiy Church was saddlcd wiih a largc
morigagc dcbi, which was noi paid uniil :¬+o, aíicr almosi iwcniy ycars oí sacriíicc and sirugglc.

1hc inicrior oí ihc Caihcdral coniains a proíusion oí íincly wroughi mosaics which dcpici ihc six days oí
crcaiion, ihc hosis oí hca·cn, and ihc Siaiions oí ihc Cross. In addiiion, siaincd glass windows illusiraic
c·cnis in ihc liíc oí Jcsus wiih corrcsponding sccncs írom ihc Old 1csiamcni, ihc miraclcs oí Jcsus, ihc Song
oí ihc 1hrcc Young Mcn (ihc Bcncdicius csi), ihc sc·cn sacramcnis oí ihc church, and many oí ihc sainis and
scholars oí ihc Briiish Islcs bcíorc ihc Iroicsiani Rcíormaiion. 1hc Caihcdral inicrior has a sound
rc·crbcraiion oí morc ihan íour scconds, a ícaiurc which grcaily cnhanccs ihc musical cííccii·cncss oí ihc
Caihcdral's E. M. Skinncr/¹olian Skinncr pipc organ oí íiíiy-six ranks, and makcs ii onc oí ihc "warmcsi"
rooms íor music.

In :¬o, ihc dclcgaics io ihc íirsi con·cniion oí ihc ncw Episcopal Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida ·oicd io
makc 1riniiy Church ihc caihcdral íor ihc dioccsc, ihc locaiion oí ihc bishop's ihronc, ihc caihcdra. In :¬so,
ihc Caihcdral was [udgcd io bc oí such archiicciural and hisiorical signiíicancc ihai ii was placcd on ihc U. S.
Dcparimcni oí ihc Inicrior's Rcgisicr oí Naiional Hisioric Ilaccs.
#/' *$,/'14$&

1hc missionary Jurisdiciion oí Ilorida was adminisicrcd by ihc Bishop oí
Ncw York, 1hc Ri. Rc·. Hcnry Ondcrdonk. Vhcn ihc Dioccsc oí Ilorida
was organized, there were seven congregations, including St. Paul’s, Key West.
Shortly after the Civil War, St. Peter’s was founded as a Negro Mission in Key
Vcsi. Ii bccamc a largc and ihri·ing congrcgaiion oí ::: mcmbcrs in ihc laic :ssos.
In :sos, an unsucccssíul rc·oluiion in Cuba broughi ihousands oí poliiical rcíugccs io
Ilorida, many oí whom sciilcd in Kcy Vcsi. By :sss, ihc growih in populaiion and
mcmbcrship rcsulicd in a dioccsc madc up oí cighiy parishcs and missions – ioo largc íor
onc bishop io handlc. A ncw Missionary Jurisdiciion oí Souihcrn Ilorida bcgan wiih íi·c
parishcs, ihiriy-ninc organizcd missions, and clc·cn mission siaiions. 1hc growih coniinucd
undcr ihc Ri. Rc·. Villiam Cranc Gray, oihcr clcrgy and pcoplc oí Souihcrn Ilorida. Missions
rcachcd oui io Naii·c Amcricans, Aírican Amcricans, Cuban rcíugccs, Briiish immigranis (largcly
írom ihc Caribbcan arca) and iourisis. Churchcs csiablishcd in ihc iníancy oí ihc ncw dioccsc ihai
arc now a pari oí ihc Dioccscs oí Souihcasicrn Ilorida, includc. Bcihcsda-by-ihc-Sca, Ialm Bcach,
Trinity Cathedral, Miami; Historic St. Agnes, Miami; All Saints’, Jensen Beach; Holy Trinity, West
Palm Beach; St. Stephen’s and Christ Church, Coconut Grove (Miami); and Holy Cross, Miami.

1hc Ri. Rc·. Camcron Mann íollowcd Bishop Gray. Onc oí his goals was io aiiain indcpcndcni dioccsan
siaius íor Souih Ilorida. 1hroughoui ihc Grcai Dcprcssion ycars, ihc Dioccsc oí Souih Ilorida sur·i·cd and
eventually began to thrive. Bishop Mann’s successor, the Rt. Rev. John D. Wing, was known for his advocacy
of racial equality. During Bishop Wing’s episcopate the Diocese gave more to the National Church than it
rccci·cd, Dcaconcss Harrici Bcdcll bcgan minisicring io ihc Scminolcs oí ihc E·crgladcs, and work bcgan on
Camp Vingmann, a youih camp ncar A·on Iark, Ilorida.

St. Paul’s, Key West Congregation founded 1833;
!"#$#%& ()*+,*%- ./0!+#&#, 1212
3%&#"*/" /4 4*"$& ()*+,*%- /4 5*$&/"*. 6&7 8-%#$9
:*;0* .*".; 12<=

0 F46') V6-,(4K ()
,/' 56(7'-'

During ihc posi Vorld Var II ycars, ihc church
cxpcricnccd a pcriod oí booming cxpansion.
Returning GI’s sought higher education, and college
minisirics grcw. In :¬:o, ihc Ri. Rc·. Hcnry Louiiii succccdcd
Bishop Ving. In :¬::, whcn whiic church mcmbcrs siill had mixcd
ícclings aboui inicgraiion, ihc largcsi parish in ihc Dioccsc oí Souih
Ilorida was Si. Agncs, ihc íirsi black Episcopal Church in Miami. (Ii siill
coniinucs io bc ihc largcsi congrcgaiion in ihc dioccsc.)
A loan íund íor cxpansion was siaricd in ihc :¬:os. 1his cnablcd ihc
csiablishmcni oí sc·cniy-onc congrcgaiions, and a mo·cmcni iowards csiablishing
church schools and prc-schools which accclcraicd ai ihai iimc. By :¬oo ihcrc wcrc
ihiriy-cighi day schools.
During ihc :¬oos Cuban rcíugccs camc io Ilorida in grcai numbcrs. 1hc church in Souih
Ilorida hclpcd wiih aid in rcsciiling, languagc insiruciion, cmcrgcncy íood, and cloihing. 1odos
los Sanios bccamc ihc íirsi mission csiablishcd íor ihc Spanish-spcaking mcmbcrs oí ihc dioccsc.
In :¬o¬, ihc Dioccsc oí Souih Ilorida splii inio ihrcc ncw dioccscs. Ccniral Ilorida, Souihwcsi
Ilorida and Souihcasi Ilorida. 1hc Ri. Rc·. Jamcs L. Duncan bccamc ihc íirsi Dioccsan Bishop oí
Souihcasi Ilorida. 1riniiy Church in Miami bccamc ihc dioccsan caihcdral. 1hc ncw dioccsc consisicd
oí : congrcgaiions and slighily morc ihan ·o,ooo communicanis. Bishop Duncan immcdiaicly
undcriook a capiial campaign, which raiscd o·cr a million dollars, io rcsiorc íinancial wcll-bcing.

On Icbruary ¬, :¬so, ihc Ri. Rc·. Cal·in Ondcrdonk Schoíicld, Jr. (a dcsccndani oí Bishop Ondcrdonk),
succccdcd Bishop Duncan and bccamc ihc sccond bishop oí Souihcasi Ilorida. Irior io his in·csiiiurc, Bishop
Schoíicld had scr·cd as Bishop Coad[uior íor almosi onc ycar. Among ihc íirsi criscs íaccd by Bishop
Schoíicld was ihc arri·al oí icns oí ihousands oí Cubans io Souihcasi Ilorida. Coníroniing insiiiuiional
racism and improving race relations also consumed much of Bishop Schofield’s attention. In the early 1980s
many Haiiian immigranis arri·cd in Ilorida, and in :¬s ihc dioccsc csiablishcd a Ircnch/Crcolc-spcaking
congregation, St. Paul et Les Martyrs d’Haiti, Miami.

Iull-iimc Episcopal assisiancc bccamc a prioriiy carly in ihc ¬os, and ihc Ri. Rc·. John Lcwis Said was
consccraicd as bishop suííragan on Icbruary ::, :¬¬:. Hc rciircd on Augusi ·:, :oo:. Bishop Schoíicld
rciircd ai ihc cnd oí Augusi :ooo, and on May o, :ooo, ihc Ri. Rc·. Lcopold Iradc, ihcn Bishop oí Honduras,
was clccicd ihc ihird bishop oí Souihcasi Ilorida. Hc was cnihroncd on Scpicmbcr :o oí ihai ycar. Hc calls
himself a “missionary bishop”, and is challenging the diocese to reach out to all persons in our community
and to grow God’s kingdom by planting new congregations and increasing active participation in current
churchcs and minisirics.
>;0#$ ?7 @)%.;% A;+B*% C7 6.D/4*#+,9 >"7 ?#/!/+, E";,#

0&-#2&$# /*, 04# #2#'0&*$ */ 04# '*!%M+0*, 1&(4*"
A$K "GP "ML? Nominaiion proccss opcns.

^3+' L.P "ML? Nominaiion proccss closcs.

^3+' "MP "ML? Closing date for receipt of nominee’s written material.

^3&KP "ML? Conduci Skypc inicr·icws wiih nominccs.

03J3-,P "ML? Sclcciion oí s - :o scmi-íinalisis.

<':,'8%'4P "ML? Scmi-íinalisis sharc a iwo-day rcircai wiih Scarch Commiiicc.

@7,(%'4 L?P "ML? Slaic oí íi·c nominccs is announccd, pciiiion proccss opcns.

@7,(%'4 "HP "ML? Iciiiion proccss closcs and poicniial nominccs submii wriiicn maicrial,
background chccks complcicd.
^$+3$4KP "MLC “Walk About” the Diocese: Deanery meetings and introduction to the diocese.

^$+3$4K .LP "MLC Spccial Con·cniion con·cncd íor ihc clcciion oí ihc Coad[uior Bishop ai
1riniiy Caihcdral, Miami.

='%43$4KTA$KP "MLC Conscnis soughi írom Housc oí Bishops and Sianding Commiiiccs,
Mcdical/psychological cxaminaiions oí Coad[uior Bishop-Elcci.

A$K IP "MLC Ordinaiion and Consccraiion oí Coad[uior Bishop-Elcci wiih ihc
Ircsiding Bishop as Chicí Consccraior, 1riniiy Caihcdral, Miami.

^$+3$4K IP "MLD Insiallaiion oí ihc Bishop Coad[uior as ihc +
Bishop oí ihc
Dioccsc oí Souihcasi Ilorida.
(#!,'4 '*--&00## -#-1#,(
1hc Rc·. Vilírcd Allcn-Iaiclla
1hc Rc·. 1odd Ccdcrbcrg
1hc Rc·. Canon Donna Dambroi
Blanca 1omas Iamadas
1hc Rc·. Lorna Goodison
1hc Rc·. Anihony Holdcr
Villiam Hurd, Chair
1hc Rc·. Canon Vinsion Joscph
Margarci Ncwion
Ann Rosc
Dcborah Simms
Don Slcsnick
Joan Smiih
Randy Smiih
1hc Vcry Rc·. Villiam Siomski
1hc Vcry Rc·. John 1idy
Cynihia Villiams
Susannc Voods, Vicc-Chair

#68'&6+' $+1
<'$47/ *(886,,''
U/(,(J4$:/- 7(34,'-K () ,/' 56(7'-' () <(3,/'$-, =&(461$
5'-6J+ $+1 [$K(3, %K A$46' S61(&)( Q8$46'f-,:$3&-1'&4$K>(4JR

5'$4 =46'+1 6+ */46-,P

1hank you íor your willingncss io bc in·ol·cd in ihc nominaiing proccss íor
candidaics íor Bishop Coad[uior íor ihc Dioccsc oí Souihcasicrn Ilorida. Vc
arc ·cry cxciicd io scc whcrc ii is ihai God is lcading us.
1hcrc arc iwo nominaiing íorms includcd, cach oí which can bc íillcd oui
complcicly onlinc. 1hc íirsi is íor Sclí-Nominaiion, which is íor ihosc who
would likc io placc ihcir own namc in nominaiion íor clcciion. Ii includcs a
placc íor your own coniaci iníormaiion, sc·cral qucsiions rcgarding your
pariicular qualiíicaiions íor ihis posiiion, and a placc íor rcícrcnccs by pcoplc
who could bc coniacicd io rccommcnd you. Ilcasc ihcn c-mail ihis complcicd
íorm using ihc submii buiion. Ilcasc cmail your O1M proíilc and résumé, io
dioscíbishopscarch¸gmail.com Rcícrcnccs will bc coniacicd by phonc or c-
mail, as appropriaic.
1hc sccond is íor 1hird Iariy nominaiions, or ihosc ihai arc nominaiing
somconc clsc. Ilcasc bc surc io includc your complcic coniaci iníormaiion as
wcll as ihai oí your candidaic, and your rcsponscs as io why you bclic·c ihai
your candidaic should bc considcrcd íor ihis posiiion. 1hc candidaic will ihcn
bc coniacicd by c-mail wiih a rcqucsi io complcic ihcir poriion oí ihc
U&'$-' $&-( 4'8'8%'4 ,/$, +(86+$,6(+- $4' 13' ^3+' L.,/> N(
+(86+$,6(+- ;6&& %' 7(+-61'4'1 $),'4 ,/$, 1$,'> 0&& ;46,,'+ 8$,'46$& 83-,
%' -3%86,,'1 %K ^3+' "M,/>

Again, ihank you íor your pari in whai God is doing in Souihcasicrn Ilorida.
Ilcasc bc praying wiih us as wc scck ihc lcadcr ihai God has íor us in ihis ncxi
phasc oí our liíc iogcihcr.


!"# %#&'(" )*++,--##

N(86+$,6(+ $+1
0::&67$,6(+ U4(7'--
0::&67$+,-W U&'$-' -'' N(86+$,6(+ )(48- $,,$7/'1>
After filling out the form, hit the “Submit Form”
%3,,(+ (+ ,/' 3::'4 46J/,>
\+ $116,6(+P :&'$-' '8$6& K(34 @#A :4()6&' $+1 4g-38g
,( 16(-')%6-/(:-'$47/fJ8$6&>7(8>

"#$ %&'($)$ '* +',-#$.)- /0'1&2.

34+567 869%:;"6< =6>4=?? 977@489"46= /6<>

"#$% &'()*+,)'*







Submit Form Submit Form
!"#$%# "'%( ()# *+$"','-$('./% 0.+ ,##" 1$0 %+22#%( 0.+ $3# -$""#4 (. ()'% 5.%'('./6 78'1'( (. 9:: ;.34%6<

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6$-*. " 8"*%-%"4$ /), !-#3)( )/ 9)'43$"#4 :0),-%";

<3"4 .-/4# /), =-*-#4,+ 2)'0% +)' 6,-*. 4) '#;

>$00 '# )/ " 4-=$ 23$* +)' 2$,$ #$,?-*. " 8)*.,$."4-)* 23$,$ -##'$# )/ %$80-*$ "*% .,)243 2$,$
8$*4,"0@ <3"4 %-% +)' "*% 43$ 8)*.,$."4-)* %); <3"4 2"# 43$ )'48)=$;

"#$% &$%%'() *+,-#.

/01' """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

233%',, """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""


810+9 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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2( 8.+,<#.09 :%+',)

/01' """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

233%',, """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""


810+9 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

:-#(' /$1;'% """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

! #$%&'()*+ ,(*- %*.( /.(('+0 -1+1)0(% )'001+2

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!44(')) """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""


9-$1# """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

:;*+' 3.-<'( """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

! #$%&'()*+ ,(*- %*.( 1--'41$0' &(1*( -1+1)0(% )'001+2

3$-' ======================================================================================================================

!44(')) """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""


9-$1# """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

:;*+' 3.-<'( """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

:#'$)' '-$1# %*.( >?@ :(*,1#' $+4 %*.( (').-' 0* 41*)',<1);*&)'$(/;A2-$1#B/*-

!"# %&'(#)# '* +',-"#.)- /0'1&2.

"#$%& '(%)* +,-$.()$,. /,%-

01 )#2 .,-$.22 (3(%2 ,4 )#$1 156-$11$,.7 3#) 4'

+,-$.2281 0.4,%-()$,.

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95%%2.) :,1$),. 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555

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!"#$%&'"()* ,%-"(#&'$"%

."/( !&#0 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

."/( 12"%0 !/#30( """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

."/( 4#&$5 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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?2&' $* :"/( (05&'$"%*2$> '" '20 %"#$%00@ &%7 2"A 5"%B 2&C0 :"/ D%"A% 0&E2 "'20(F

!"#$%# "'%( )#$%*+% ,*- .#"'#/# (0# 1#)%*+ ,*- +*2'+$(# '% 3-$"'4'#56 78'2'( (* 9:: ;*)5%<=

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