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To: District 1 CEC

Fr: Community Superintendent and the Office of Portfolio Planning

Re: District 1 – Scenarios around Space Needs
Date: November 15, 2009

The following memo outlines the needs as identified by the Department of Education (DOE) in
District 1 and the process by which the DOE has engaged with all schools to understand more
information about school needs as well as the available space. The memo also outlines potential
scenarios to meet these needs. This is a follow-up to the September CEC meeting which
underutilized space was discussed.

District Needs:

1. Girls Preparatory Charter School of New York (“Girls Prep”), a charter school currently
serving grades K-5 with two sections per grade, is in need of space for their middle
school. The Girls Prep middle school will serve grades 5-8 with three sections per grade.
Girls Prep is currently housed in M188. There is sufficient space for the K-4 elementary
school in M188, but the current configuration of the building does not have enough space
for Girls Prep to serve its middle school grades long-term. At scale, Girls Prep requires
10 sections for its K-4 elementary school and 12 sections for its 5-8 middle school (22
total sections).

Girls Prep
2. District 1 Office to be more centrally located. The District 1 Office requires 2 full size

Available Space

Sections At
The original list of buildings discussed at the September CEC meeting was as follows:

• M015 (houses P.S. 15 and D75 program; hereinafter referred to by building code “M015”)

Scale 2
• M020 (houses P.S. 20; hereinafter referred to by building code “M020”)
• M056 (houses Henry Street School for International Studies, University Neighborhood
Middle School, and Collaborative Academy of Science, Technology & Language Arts
Education; hereinafter referred to by building code “M056”)
• M137 (houses P.S. 184; hereinafter referred to by building code “M137”)
• M188 (houses P.S. 188, Girls Prep, and D75 program; hereinafter referred to by building
code “M188”)

Since September discussions were held with all principals, Network Leaders, SLTs, and building
surveys were conducted of M020 and M137 to understand the space and the current situation in
each of the building. Based on those conversations and surveys the following buildings were
removed from consideration for having space:

• M015- Given the standard instructional footprint that allocates cluster space there is not
additional space in the building for a new program or school
• M056- Due to the high need Special Education population located in the building and the
existing programmatic needs in the building it did not make sense to add another
organization into the building

Furthermore the following building was added to the list as potentially having space:

• M025 (houses School for Global Leaders, Marta Valle Secondary School, and Lower
East Side Preparatory High School; hereinafter referred to by building code “M025”)

Potential Scenarios for Feedback

The following is a summary of the scenarios the Office of Portfolio has identified to meet the
identified needs of space for the Girls Prep middle school and the District 1 Office. These
scenarios were devised based on conversations with all Principals, Network Leaders, and SLTs,
and on the below assessment of space available in each building based on building surveys of
M020 and M137 that were conducted this year and surveys of M025 and M188 that were
conducted in previous years.

Several adjustments have been made to the original assessment of space from the September
CEC meeting based on the recent building surveys and current ATS registers. These changes

• Accounting for cluster room allocations in each building

• Increasing the total number of Gen Ed/CTT sections in M020 by 4 sections due to the
increase in 2009-10 active Gen Ed/CTT enrollment at P.S. 20
• Increasing the total number of Gen Ed/CTT sections in M137 by 3 sections due to the
increase in 2009-10 active Gen Ed/CTT enrollment at P.S. 184, and incorporating the
need for 8 additional classrooms over time due to the increase in 2009-10 kindergarten
enrollment at P.S. 184
• Decreasing the total number of Gen Ed/CTT sections in M188 by 3 sections due to the
decrease in 2009-10 active Gen Ed/CTT enrollment at P.S. 188 and Girls Prep and
increasing the total number of Special Ed sections by 1 section due to the increase in
2009-10 Special Ed active enrollment at P.S. 188

B u ild in g B u ild in g 0 8 -0 9
Code N am e C a p a c ityU

1) Scenario 1
 Move D75 program out of M188 and allow Girls Prep to expand in M188
 D75 program to moves to new space in District 2, 02M276
 New D75 program to M137
 Move District office to M020

08-09 08
Notes/Implications – Scenario 1:

Building Capacity Utili

• New construction will be coming online in 2010 for D75 programs in District 2 at
02M276 that the current D75 program in M188 could move to if needed.
However, there is a growing need for 6:1:1 D75 Programs in District 1, and 4- 5
6:1:1 D75 classrooms will still be needed in District 1 in the future
• No costs incurred for moving a school since Girls Prep will stay in its current
• M188 has a middle school science lab

2) Scenario 2

Move School for Global Leaders out of M025 and into M020
Move Girls Prep middle school out of M188 and into M025
D75 program could expand in M188 to accommodate 6:1:1 D75 need
District office remains in M056 or moves to M188
896 6
09-10 Available Available
Gen 09-10 Rooms Rooms
08-09 08-09 Ed/CTT SC in Rooms Gained or after
Building Capacity Utilization ATS School Name Section Section Building Used in Scenario Scenario
9-10 rooms used by
P.S. 020 Anna
M020 896 66 M020 28 3 10 Global Leaders move 0
into building
School for Global 8 rooms gained by
M378 6 2 Global Leaders move
out of building,
Marta Valle making 11 rooms
M509 14 5
M025 1477 70 Secondary School 9 7
available. Girls Prep
Low er East Side w ould then use 10
M515 Preparatory High 22 0 more rooms to grow

M137 907 6
School to scale

1 room gained since

P.S. 188 The Island Girls Prep
M188 19 1
School elementary school
w ould use one less
room, making 10
M188 1010 67 M094 P.S. M094 9 n/a 7 4-5
rooms available. D75
could expand and 4-
Girls Preparatory 5 rooms could be
M330 Charter School of 11 0 used for D75 6:1:1
New York pograms

Notes/Implications – Scenario 2:
• Costs incurred for moving 2 schools – Girls Prep and Global Leaders
• Global Leaders serves a high need Special Education population, and its current
building, M025, is the only barrier free/fully ADA compliant building in District 1.
The addition of an elevator in M188 in 2010 will make M188 program accessible,
although not fully ADA compliant/barrier free
• M020 does not have a middle school science lab

3) Scenario 3
 Move Girls Prep middle school into M020
 D75 program could expand in M188 to accommodate 6:1:1 D75 need
 District office moves to M188, M184 or remains in M056

08-09 08
Notes/Implications – Scenario 3:

Building Capacity Utili

• Costs incurred for moving 1 schools – Girls Prep
• Space would be tight and would require enrollment adjustments
• M020 does not have a middle school science lab

Next Steps
The Department welcomes feedback on the following recommendations by December 10, 2009.
Feedback will be used to develop a proposal which will be posted publically as an educational
impact statement by the end of December or early January. That would be followed by a public
hearing at the impacted school, a period for public comment and a vote by the Panel on
Education Policy at the February panel meeting.

M020 896