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Apartado Postal 111

Matehuala, S. L. P.,
403 W. Miller St.
Bluffton, Indiana
Bill and Ruby Leamon
527 West Ohio Street
Bluffton, Indiana
First Church of Christ
Spring St., at Clark Ayeu
Bluffton, Indiana
Village Evangelism In Mexico
January 197k
Dear Friends,
As we begin the New Year, we want you to know how thankful the
Cuyler family is for your unceasing prayers and financial help.
The devil is at work everywhere and rising prices here in the U.S.
affect our missionaries all over the world. Prices in Pfexico are
rising just as they are in other parts of the world. Usually
support stays the same, so your stedfastness, in times like these,
is vital if we are to spread the Word of God in these latter days
Praise the Lord for such as you i
will continue to pray for the health of the Cuyler family.
^Garn^ is getting stronger all the time. She had surgery 2 times in
less th^ 10 days in December. The last one was for removal of broken
spine. She suffered a great deal of
pain and again had drug reactions in the^;^pital.
While she was in the hospital the girls' bedroom caught 5^(fire
thanks be to God, no one was at home. Sebastian was conduc^n^ services
in town and Larry had taken the children to visit Garnet at San Luis
Potosi. All the girls' clothing, some books and a crib were lost.
Smoke dam^e to the rest of the house was extensive. Sebastian came in
while it was ablaze and they were able to put it out. Garnet was able
to return home a few days after this. All but the bedroom has been re
painted (in time for Christmas services). They are so thankful that
no one was asleep at the time I God certainly watches over themI
Larry and Garnet and the children have had many trials in a country
where misery and suffering abound i It seems Satan and his army work
over-time there. This Christian family has suffered so many things, yet,
we KNOW that their overcoming these hardships has enabled them a close
relationship and good communication with the Mexican people, who have
suffered so much themselves. Above all, they know that the strength to
-overcome them has come from God. His blessings have been far greater
than any suffering. _The_.Toaar,J.S7.3-. saw 1'^ new Christians added to the
Kingdom. ^!Srry_says that close to 5pO have been^j^jdJ.ent to Christ in
be in March), on the field and"most have re
mained faithful. We're sure they would count it worth it all if that
number was 11 And it is only possible because you are willing to be
used of God in the sharing of your material goods. We pray that this
year you will be able to share the plan of His merciful Salvation with
someone else I
In Him,
.^artado Postal 111
Matehuala, S. L. P..
403 W. Miller St.
Bluffton, Indiana
Bill and Ruby Leamon
527 West Ohio Street
Bluffton, Indiana
First Church of Christ
Spring St., at Clark Ave.
Bluffton, Indiana
Village Evangelism In Mexico
February 191h
Dear Friends,
On Feb. 3, Bill and our minister, Ed Geans, went to Mexico to
take a used car and some supplies to the Cuyler family. We (the
Leamons) asked Ed to share with you the impressions he received
from his visit. The following is what he wrote:
" It was my distinct privilege to visit recently the Larry Cuyler
family in Mexico. In addition to receiving a reasonably good pers
pective of their new work in the city of Matehuala, I was also able
to visit the work they were most instrumental in establishing at the
ranch in Sandia Chico. I have every reason to believe that their
work in the city will not only be an expansion of the original ranch
work, but will also be fruit of that work. The influence the Cuyler's
have in town is possible only because of their many years of selfless
service in the rural villages. I am confident that new dimensions of
service and labor are in store for the Cuylers that will greatly produce
fruit for the Saviour in the years ahead.
I greatly enjoyed my visit to the mission field as it has greatly en
riched my understanding of and appreciation for missionary work,
respect for the Cuyler's and all missionaries, has been greatly enhanc
ed. During my visit, I came to/ju^ a few of the countless problems
that face a foreign missionary and the real need they have for our support,
iifter visiting Mexico, I can only say,'Thank God for families like the
Cuylers i'
The value of visiting the mission field, any mission field, cannot be
conveyed in words I One visit will engrave on your mind more than ever
the real work of the Church. I think it is interesting to note that the
word 'missionary' does not appear in the Bible. There is no such concept
in the Scripture such as is entertained in many churches today. The
Scriptures teach that all Christians are comissioned to take the Gospel
with them wherever they go. Jhile in Mexico, I saw the need for preach
ing the Gospel to all the world as I have never seen it before. It
happens that Larry Cuyler is willing and able to preach it in that country.
The greatest support we could ever give Larry, or any missionary, is to
hold up our end, i.e., to do the work of a Christian right where we are.
This will automatically produce the financial .Support for mission work.
Financial support, without the personal commitment of ourselves to doing
the same work as the missionary, is empty support. Since we are all
missionaries, the greatest support we can lend to one another, is to do
the work of a missionary in our own place. Then our prayer and monetary
support is much more meaningful and much more praise-worthy.
There is no way I could share with you all nor impressions from my visit.
One thing is sure, I believe God has used this trip to teach me many things
I know God will continue to bless my life and enrich my ministry from the
experiences I enjoyed while visiting the Cuylers. One other thing, if
the Lord blesses me with another opportunity to visit the Cuylers, I am
ready to go."
Yours in Christ,
Gv.Edward Geans, minister
First Church of Christ, Bluffton
Apartado Postal HI
Matehuala, S. L. P.,
403 W. Miller St.
Bluffton, Indiana
Bill and Ruby Leamon
527 West Ohio Street
Bluffton, Indiana
First Church of Christ
Spring St., at Clark Ave.
Bluffton, Indiana
Village Evangelism In Mexico
March-April 1974-
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support
of the Cuyler family, Larry and Garnet are both feeling very good,
and so are the children (all 10 of them)! Praise the Lord!!
Larry called to request prayer for Vincente, the 17 year old Mexican
boy who has lived with them for quite awhile now. He was driving a
motorcycle on the way to Dr. Arroya when it hit a hole in the road
and threw him off. No one found him for 2 hours and then they took
him to the poor peoples'clinic in Matehuala, That was about 3 P,M.
The dnly identification he had on him listed his parents in Monterrey,
so a telegram was sent to them. They arrived about 1 A.M. and went to
the Cuylers. This was the first that Larry and Garnet knew of the
accident and they were just sick that he was in that clinic. Garnet
says it is straight out of a horror movie! They moved him to the hos
pital in San Luis where his condition is listed as "grave and critical'i
He has been in a coma for several days and the doctors are not optomis-
tic about saving his life. He is very intelligent and has done some
preaching, Larry & Garnet were financing his education because he has
such potential. Please remember him and the family in your prayers.
His parents are staying with Cuylers.
You may remember that we have mentioned a Itttle 5 yr, old girl in our
letters. Her name is Martha, She has been staying Larry & Garnet
ever since they got her out of jail, where she was staying with her
mother. They have just learned that her mother may get 4-0 YEARS in
prison for killing her newborn babies. If this turns out to be true,
Cuylers would like to adopt her. Usually in such a case, the child would
be turned over to an oiphanage (Catholic), so it might be hard to get
her back if that should happen. They are praying and working on these
matters so that they can keep her without her going to an orphanage.
They also have a Mexican-Araericsin Negro baby. This little girl is about
a year old. Her mother is Mexican and her father American Negro, She
was born in the U.S. The welfare department was going to take all of
the children away from the parents, so the grandmother, who was visiting
them, took the little one back to Mexico with her! That's a switch!
Then the grandmother found out she couldn't care for her. This situa
tion may have worked out by now.
As you can see, they have been very busy. XaKcv is still teaching
English in the high school and holding his prayer and Bible classes.
Ateendance is very good. keeps busy with the clinic and the 10
children! Please pray for them and for these beatiful children. They
seek the Lord's will in all they do.
Yours in Christ,
^artado Postal 111
Matehuala, S. L. P.,
403 W. MiUer St. ;
Blufiton, Indiana
BUI and Ruby Leamon
527 West Ohio Street
Blutfton, Indiana
First Church of Christ
Spring St., at Clark Ave.
Biuffton, Indiana
Village Evangelism In Mexico
May-June 1974-
Dear Friends in Christ,
We ^ray that all is well with you in the service of the Lord, The
Guyler family are all well and the Lord's work is going forward.
Certainly your prayers and financial support are responsible for
them being able to continue, in many capacities, to serve the Lord,
Larry v^a^her^ the week of May 20th for a few days. We did not
know about^tK^ trip in time to let you know, as the arrangements were
hurridly made. He drove here with the 3 boys and Di^a Frassier from
Albion, Mich,, who had been helping with the workT''^^spenlTa few
days with the Kember Bell's (Garnet's folks) and the Harold Cuyler's
(his parents) and a day and night here before returning to Mexico,
Two girls from Biuffton, Marlene Gerber and Aim.Gentis, returned with
them to help for about a monthT
Larry said they will probably hold^_YaJ^S. a couple of places in town
and also in some mountain villagers, WTs"still- teaching English in
the High-School and hla^ Bible ^He also stilT ha8"^^oxTOnr2
milk cows and 3 due to have cilves). "They provide milk
and also for ths^lim.c. Most of the patients are very"poor and do not
"get milK oixerif^^e b^s certainly help cut the expense at the clinic.
K^^Ric and Timmy are growing so fast!^ Ki is a teenager now (13) and
"Eic is 11jj;Ti^y27i -They seemed to enjoy their visit, but were anxious
""to get home. We were amused that as they played and talked to each
other, they always spoke in Spanish (which they speak almost all the
time in Mexico), They speak English just as well,
Garne.t is busy with the 10 children and half days at the clinic. She
sees 60-80 patients a week and has from 3-6 deliveries a week. Many
people who come for medicine ask to BUY a Bibleeven though they are
usually starving! Vincente is at the clinic now! He said to be sure to
thank you for your prayers for him! His recovery has been slow. He
was in a coma so long they feared he would not live and if he did that
he would have brain damage. Certainly the Mexican people saw the Power
ful Healing Hand of God at work with this young preacher! Be sure to
thank God for this wonderful answer to prayer, Vincente is already
preaching the Gospel!
Little Martha's mother is still in jail. In fact, a communist news
paper printed lies concerning Martha and the injustice of jailing her
mother! Instead of helping her, she now has restircted privileges.
Many of you have written to see if you are still on the Cuyler's mail
ing list,^,4Ji0^}^ has been so lgnggg^toeefc5$guj^e received one written
by t^tesKgrlJe in the process j^FtSlging^^r^^ job from the Harris
ChrLst. We wai^^osj^eadP'IS^^^for their years of faith-
fi!2 ser"^^e and hard work in this capacity. They continue to be very
generous supporters in finances and prayer and the Cuyler's are very
thankful for this fine Christian congregation. A special thanks ( and
it is inadequate!) to Mrs. Dick Plainer for the hours and hours she spent
on each letterand to those who helped her, God bless you! We hope
to have one out soon! Yoiirs in Christ,
, -I - '
IMS information will help with the preparation and! publicity of the Missionary Picture Book,
Name Lctrr^^ U Co-vjl
Bom (Place) gC-rpe. Ic , (^llck igQjrj
Date Qgy-i.
Maiden Name GaCcV^iOgA Bom (Place) PICLir) \Al(g ll ^MiCki^OLn
Date l\pn ACj I9U.X
Address ApQ-rfadQ Postal LU City/state Hqr\ehuo^l^ ^S^ k.P
Nation P\ey t'co
ZIP Code
Name Mr. Oth^ri N\r^ VJiWiCkm V-.GQ.fYlOn
Address QVir. rp.ei'
City/state P j Xnd 2IP Code 4^^'714-
.t/'j V
High School Un vTuuc- ^r.o+Vs .xu-s.. City/state durncO^ , M^c)n>tQar\
College (Vj^e-at fe\b\g. Coilege city/state V^n^i ng!/
When & Where Baptized
City^tate QC.)-, iq(,C) feg-HI)M./.Vi .y. o
ifean?ied V. Single FAlgLY FAOTO
Names Place of Birth
&a;.VHec.ree\<L fV\,c,K
Afir. T
^RvcViarrl- Cla>^ Von Apr.
TmVfnfhvj TWt^ m/X-rS /.nAd- ^ Mexw.o a ^
(^OsynP.4- SandtfiA \i\ th'if.c rvl.L. fiVX Apr. R\
VicVtirlo. E\<;\e /v\a4e h a a S L.p. n Any. 13, iq7a
^NCh. Xnrliano
Siipplo Preo^dPir
5a.n/iin XI CWco N.l f>'')\<iSiOjr>arvj-iiVAnrtf\i5t -
Mat-ehu^aio.. 5 A.P.
nA - ^
P\ AntjLr\j - t~Vnr\^^'iM yrvt ' \Ci7\ ^ V^resevrV
^ ''Tei\c^<r
starting Date flHQ.r. Q . Furlough Date
Second Term Furlough Date
Third Term Furlough Date
Furlough Date
Furlough Date
Fourth Term
Fifth Term
Mission Location Cm\c^>
Mission Location
Mission Location
Mission Location
Mission Location
Short summary of present missionary service and accomplishments:
(Use back of this sheet or second sheet, if needed.)
VJhen Me first arrived in rural Mexico, we had intended to start a Children's Home, but
the area seemed so striken with poverty and malnutrition that our minds were changed.
The people there resented North Americans very much and at first were extreraeiJy hostile,
especially to the Gospel, Several had threatened our lives for preaching and then one
day we were called to help a sick boy. The boy got well and word spread that we could
help idth the medical problems. Although we had no previous medical training, a doctor
from the states gave us many medical supplies and other instructions on how to treat many-
diseases, As a result of the little boy, many people began to come for medicine. We found
the Mexican people to be very proud and would insist that they pay us in some way for the
medi.cine and medical services (especially when a life was saved. We told them all we wanted
to do was to be able to have Services (worship) in their home. Many were very frightened be
cause of their ancestoral teaching, but because of their pride, they consented to hold services
in their homes. As a result there were approximately 500 people won to Christ and 13 congrega
tions established in the rural area. We began looking for leadership and taught about 10 men
to assume responsibilities of the ijvangelist. We were able to purchase a stake truck and taughi
one of the Hvangelists to drive. Now he is able to take the Evangelists and people to the
place where the Services were being held,(The area is very primitiveno roads, inside plumbing,
cars, no doctors, dentists etc,)
Once we felt that the Nationalists could carry on the work, we moved to Matehuala to begin
a new work and to put our children in school. At this point the Lowell T^te family moved
to Sandia El Ghlco to help establish new congregations in the area. They are doing a fine
work and we still return on Tiiesday and Saturday to treat diseases in the area.
a city of around 35,000 people. We began a congregation with 9 Christians (mostly
.^I'.-o"^ family) and now there are 30 Christians with an average attendance near 4-5-'50 in
pi-worship and around 55to 60 in the cliildrens' classes, Vfe did not Intend to continue the
medical work in Matehuala since there were already 7'doctors and 3 clinics. Later on we found
that the doctors refuse to treat the poor unless they can pay. The doctors themselves asked
us to continue the medical v/ork. As a result, we have 3 clinics, (two of those in the rural
areas and one in Matehuala,) All patients that have to be interred are put in the Matehuala
clinic. Worship services are held in the clinic 3 times a week. All patients who are not
airectly contageous attend all services. As a result many have heard the Gospel for the
first time and will often take it back to their own villages. Through the medical work, we
are reaching people and taking tne Gospel to over 150 villages. Even in Matehuala we have
found a lot of poverty and sickziess. There is no aid for i-/idows and dependent children. We
have seen manj' children spiritually and plvsically starving. Some mothers have aLmost no
meaas of income and others try to make it on 50^ a day feeding many children. Many mothers
have asked us to adopt or talce their children to keep them from dyxng. At present we have
1 -Pthcr-- ishan-burKaturs^born- sons- I--t&6iGn iiiH^lisn at aMiirj^h-Gelio\ML level bo
HexLcan students. Even though it is against the law to preach in school, I have been able to
pass out bi-llngual tracts and Bibles, We_alsQ_pv7n .an 8 acre plot in ilatehuala where we
raise a few registered beef and millc cattle. We have'sent about 10 bull calves to the rural
villages to help upgrade their stock (thus upgrading their whole standard of living) The cows
also furnish.enough milk for our family and the clinic.
Future Plans: Lord irilling we plan to continue in Matehualji having ,a home for children and
iTOntihulng the medical work onlj'- until there are adequate facilities for the poor people, W
also plan to continue the Evangelism in Matehuala and a few mountain villages. Our major /'
need is prayers. We have a lot of opposition from Communism which is making great strides in
Mexico, VJe have found communism in remote mountain '/illages that can be reached only by mu.le
or on foot.
We wish to thank everyone who has made the work possible through financial help and praj^ers!
Apartado Postal 111
Matehuala, S. L. P.,
403 W. Miller St.
Bluffton, Indiana
BUI and Ruby Leamon
527 West Ohio Street
Bluffton, Indiana
First Church of Christ
Spring St., at Clark Ave.
Bluffton, Indiana
Village Evangelism In Mexico \ r'
Dear Friends,
First we want to report 2 jog^hristi^s in Matehuala^ Also, Vince-
nte passed his exams andwaF^le to ^aduate with his class! The
ceremony began at 11:00 P.M. I Certainly all praise to the Lord for
his recovery from serious injuries in the motorcycle accident.
We want to share with you an experience that Larry had recently, a;nd
ask for your help and prayers. You may remember mention of Alvaro in
past newsletters. He is the other teenage boy who has ULved with Larry
and Garnet for quite awhile. He also graduated from High School, He
is a fine young Christian and won his whole family to Christ, including
grandparents!. Because of his great potential as a preacherevangelist,
Larry wanted him to come to the U,S, to take tests at Western Mich,
to see where he stood scholastically,
They got all the papers in ord&^^-dfor ^m to leave the country and then
went to the American counattf^'^n^o^terr^ seek permission for him to
enter the U,S. When Larr^v^d Alvaro w4t into the room to talk with
him, he was very rude to th^^VcH^^Wou^xiio even tell Larry what more
was needed for him to legally enter Hie country. He WOULDN'T even tell
Larry his NAME, If you know Lariy personally, you KNOW that he was
courteous and Icind, yet even after Larry asked him 3-4 times, he wouldn't
give them his name. Finally, he did thell them, Larry said his general
attitude was that they don't want Mexicans up here!
When we were trying to get Arnie's papers in oilier, we ran into another
man vrith this same attitude. He was with the department of immigration
in Hanmond, and we didn't really get through the red tape until he moved
on! We did not seek to bring in an illiterate-person who would tiy to
take a job from an American, We wanted to bring in 1 starving little
teby,who would have died of starvation if he had had to go back to his
family, Larry is trying to further the education of an intelligent young
man, who speaks English, so that he can better serve our Lord! This is
a very serious matter because they need passports for their two adopted
children as well as, one for Timmy, If he meets with this kind of atti-
tude in the future it will be almost impossible to get the other passports.
They have not had this problem before.
We are writting to our Congressman. For now, would you be willing to
write a letter and send it to Larry, stating your support for them?
Would you also state in the letter that if necessary you will write to
your co^res^an? And v/ill you do so if we write next that it is needed?
The Cuylers have been there for 9-J- years and we have letters of high
praise (which he can also use) from officials in Matehuala. We hope it
won't be necessaiy for you to write the additional letter. If he receives
enough letters from you stating your willingness to do so, he can show
them to the American consul and he may be more co-operative.
Thank you for your prayer and financial support. We praise the Lord
for all you do for Him, May God bless you for it. Please write that
letter! Thanks!
Yours in Christ,
July 1974
Gleanings ( July 51,74 WEM)
larry and Mraa Garnet Ouyler,
Apartado Postal 111, Matehuala, S.L.P.,
Hexico reported in July two more new
Christians* Their forwarding agents are
Bill &Suhy Leamon, 527 West Ohio St#,
Bluffton, Indiana 46714.
iHt# Gleanings
Village Evangelism In Mexico
Non-Profit Org.
Bluffton, Indiana
Permit No. 206
Printed and Mailed by
Sponsoring Church
First Church of Christ
Spring St. at Clark Ave-
Bluffton, Ind. A67U
Address Correction Requested
Apartado Postal 111
Matehuala, S. L. P.,
Bill and Ruby Leamon
416 W. Washington St.
Bluffton, Indiana
August 1974.
Dear Friends,
It has been so long since ve have written it seems a good day to let you know all that
has been happening with us, the work and the children.
There were many trials last year, as viell as, blessings and victories. There were about
15 baptisms which brings the totsil for about 9 years to almost 500, Most have been faith
ful to the Lord. Another blessing was that we were able to move into our new house this
past year. The congregation has been growing here in Matehuala, The regular attendance
is between 50-60, Two years ago we began with 9 people. We have services Sunday, Wednes
day and Saturday, Many of the Christians are helping with the services by leading singing,
praying and ccmmunion.
We are also very thankful for your prayers and generous giving,
ing is the addition of the little girls and Gil to our family,
and 6 year old Martha is with us imder legal custody.
Another very special bless-
Vicki is back with us again
Martha's mother is in prison for murdering 2 newborn babies, You see, here in Mexico the
average wage for a man is 80^ to $1.50 a day, Awoman averages a day, Martha's mother
loved her so much she wanted to be able to give her food and clothing. Thus, as her babies
were bom, she killed them. Her neighbors called the police. She has been in jail 9~10
months and still hasn't had a trial. She says she is guilty. She is veiy repentant, but
may have to sejrve 40 years. The judge said she is criminally insane. We have custody of
Martha until her mother gets out of prison, Martha is a very beautiful 6 year old. She is
very sensitive and very bright. Please pray for us that we will have her long enough to
see her soxlL belong to the Lord, When her mother is sentenced we hope to adopt her. Please
pray for God's id.ll.
All the other children are fine. The boys have been growing physically and spiritually,
Alvaro and Vicente are both preaching, teaching and serving the Lord. Vicente had a terrible
accident with the motortycle in March, He was in a coma for a week. At first the doctors
thought he wouldn't live. Then they said he would not be alright mentally. We knew pray
ers would make the difference. He missed 3 months of school. When I went to see his teach
ers they said if he could pass final exams, they would let him graduate with his class. He
not only graduated, but is now preaching better than ever before and even has begun his art
work again.
Garnet had 5 operations last year. The last one was the most painful of all. She was in
terrible pain for about 6 weeks. She is fine now. We are grateful for your prayers and
that the doctors never found any malignancy V/e really believe the Lord had a Hand in her
surgeries as one time the doctor told us he was sure it was cancer. Lord willing, this will
be the last of the operations for a long, long time.
I am feeling much better now and have plans for even greater Evangelsim# We hope to do
some follow-up work with the people we have made contact with through baseball etc We
also plan to start some classes on Eldership as there are men in the congjregation in Mate-
huala who are qualified to be Elders,
Dear friends, we have never seen times so bad for the Mexican people as now. The prices
of most things are as high as the U.S., yet wages remain almost the same. Bottle gas has
gone up from $4..00 a tank to $9.00 a tank. Food etc., is up accordingly. Because of the
rise in costs and our budget had been down to the penny, we had to make some changes. Now,
an money goes into Evangelsim, food, house payment, rent and gas. We had to let 3 of the
girls working for us go. We are really sad about this as 1 girl had to support 14- people
(13 now as one just died of malnutrition). Two still have not found new jobs. Please
pray that either they will find new jobs or that we can receive enough money to hire them
again. They need the money and we need the help at the clinic. Because of high prices and
low wages, people don't even have bus fare to come to town so we have opened up 2 more
clinics. We go back to Sandia Chico Tuesdays and Saturdays, another naral village on Thurs
days and Matehuala on Mondays and Fridays, All patients to be admitted are brought to the
Matehuala Clinic. We treat as many as 100 people a day. We see many skin problems from
malnutrition, much diarrhea and a lot of anemia,
VJhen the weather was so cold, there was much sickness. Some tried to heat sind cook with
bottle gas, but the high prices made that impossible. VJood is hard to get and against the
law to cut. We are fortunate as we still have wood on the Sandia Chico property. We have
a fireplace, so our house is reasonably warm in the winter. The clinic is a different
matter. The house there is very cold in the t^inter. We have gone as much as 3 weeks with
out being able to buy bottle gas.
We really know the Lord will provide in every case. We have seen Him answer prayer so many
times. Last fall our son Ki had a growth on his neck. We took him to 2 doctors. One, a
specialist. Both doctors said it was either tuberculin or a malignancy. They ran blood
tests and decided to operate. We called the U.S. and asked friends to be in prayer. When
the Dr. went to operate, the lump was 75% gone. The doctor could hardly believe iti We
were all grateful. Yes, we have had hard times and people say, "Why don't they quit and go
home?" Friends, that is just what the devil would like us to dol
One day, before Gamet got out of the hospital this last time, the house caught on fire. It
completely destroyed one room and the whole house was a mess from smoke damage, Sebastian
came in from services to find the girls' bedroom ablaze. We still don't know how or wiiy it
stetrted as there was no one in the house. The children and I had gone to visit Gamet in
the hospital. We lost all the girls' clothes, their blankets, pillows and 1 crib. We are
just thankful they were not asleep in their beds, as they would never have come out alive!
The engineer who built the house was wonderful to fix it up in time to have Christasas serv- All rooms have been cleaned.up, painted and replastered.
We must admit that all these trials sometimes makes us want to give up and quit. But, we
have found that these trials have been a real witness to the people here in town. Perhaps
God allows this to happen just to reach some of the people here in toim. After the fire,
we were amazed at the amount of people in stores, on the street, etc., who mentioned the
fire and Garnet's operations. People we didn't think could possibly know about them. Again,
we found it a chance to witness of our Lord's blessings.
As mentioned before, the services are going well. All classes and services have good crowds.
Even Sunday children's classes run about 60, There have been 5 new Christians this year.
The chiirch services and clinic are in the same house. It works out very well as all patients
who can walk or sit oan. attend services. Also, all the clinic help can attend and never
have to miss. We find that many, if not most, patients return to services from time to time
and some become regularssome have even become Christians, We love serving the Lord very
much. Please remember us in your prayers. There is so much to be done! Please pray we
will have the strength to carry on.
We wish to thank thV-Harris Prairie Church for their many years of fine service printing and
mailing our newsletter. Due' to the" amount of people receiving the letter, it is now imposs
ible for them to continue, THANK YOU HARRIS PRAIRIE for your hard work and continued prayer
ful, financial help God bless you ALL!!!
Again, we say thank you to all who help financially and send packagesand yo\3r precious
prayers all make this work possible]
Yours in Christ Jesus,
The Larry Cuyler family
-5- ,
Apartado Postal 111
Matehuala, S. L. P..
Bill and Ruby Leamon
527 West Ohio Street
Bluffton, Indiana
First Church of Christ
Spring St., at Clark Ave.
Bluffton. Indiana
Village Evangelism In Mexico
Sept, 1974.
Dear Friendsv
VJe want to thank you for all the support you give to the Cuyler
family,. A recent column in Time magazine said that the inflation
rate in Mexico is 30% (or triple the U.S. rate). Of course their
income remains the sane, so you can see that your faithful support
is needed more than ever.
The Cuylers have put 3 children in school this year. Uniforms are
required at school (Garnet has been sewing them) and there are all
the supplies and books, too.
They still have no passport for Alvaro, The American consul said
that there is NO way he will give a passport to any rsuicher "because
they go to the U.S. and never come back," Alvaro was born in a rural
village, but has lived with Larry and Garnet in town and completed his
education in the city!! It seems such a pred^Udiced view anyway!
Garnet said they were VERY pleased with your response in writting
letters. We wrote to our congressman and he replied that he had
notified the State Dept, about the incident. We have heard nothing
more. We sent with our letter, letters of recommedation and praise
for the work the Cuylers have done in Matehuala, written by officials
in that city. We are sorry to ask you to pursue the matter, but if
you will write to your congressman or senator, the Cuylers will really
appreciate it,. In the meantime, they have put Alvaro in school there,
Larry has a special Bible class with Alvaro and Vicente 3 times a
week as they continue to show such promise as evangelists Larry
also has a Sat, youth "rap session" and wast-. asked to teach another
English class during the day in addition to the night class he teach
es at the high school.
They continue to do what they can medically for the poorer people,
but this work has been drastically reduced. They do have a 2g- yr.
old baby that weighs 12 lbs. She has tubercuh^is and will probably
be with them for a long time.
As you know, we mailed the newsletter that the Cuylers write from
Mexico last month, W had much delay in getting it out because we do
not have the addressing equipment for their name plates. This time
we drove up to the Harris Prairie Church at Granger, Ind, and they
let us use (and Marge helped us) their equipment. We have inquired
about used ones, but the company doesn^t have any, so they i/ill have
to buy a new one which costs $375# We hope you all received the last
letter. If not, please let us know. Several came back because of
change of address. Since each one returned for that reason, costs
10^, we hope that you will urge those who move to send us their old
AND new addresses.
Again we thank you for the letter you have written about the American
consul in Monterrey, your prayers and of course your financial help.
We're sure you can see how.vital they all are. May the Lord be with
you as you help Lairy and Garnet take the Gosjci to the Mexican people,
Yourt.-^in Christ Jesus,
Apartado Postal 111
Matehuala. S. L. P.,
Bill and Ruby Leamon
527 West Ohio Street
Bluffton, Indiana
First Church of Christ
Spring St., at Clark Ave.
Bluffton, Indiana
Village Evangelism In Mexico
October 1974-
Dear Friends,
Bill just returned from Mexico after taking a load of supplies
and their repaired Carry-All truck to the Guylers, Larry, Garnet
and the children are all in good health and the work is going very
well. They are busy in many areas of the Lord* s work.
Larry has two 15 minute radio programs prepared by Clinton Looney.
He also has Bible classes for 12-15 yr. olds^ and about 25 attend
this class. He also has a Bible class for l^rrs and up on Sunday.
About 14. attend this class. This is in addition to the other class
es we reported last month. Of course, Garnet is busy with the child
ren and the clinic. They were enjoying a visit from Garnet's parents,
M/k Kember Bill and her Grandmother.
Bill also took Bill HuUinger, a young man from Bluffton, He helped the driving (they drove straight through to Texas without stop
ping) and he stayed to help with the work.
Vicente Picon is doing most of the preaching in Matehuala now, under
Larry's guidance. He has recovered very well from the motorcqrcle
accident. He and Larry are working on a 5 minute radio program for
sometime in the near future, Vicente would like to study the Bible
more. He reads English so if anyone has reference books, workbooks
on any books of the Bible or on Christian doctrine,h e would be very
glad to get them. You could send them to us (Leamon's) and Larry
could pick them up when he comes to the convention in Nov. (Lord
willing). If they are light in weight, you can send them into Mexico
(in Larry's name) in a manila envelope. Be sure to mark "printed
material" on the outside so they won't have to pay duty.
Thank you for your support. Please remember them in your prayers.
Although 1diey are in good health and the work is going well, we should
never cease to prs^. The devil sure doesn't take time offI! Pray
especially that souls will be won to Christ. That's what it's all
In Christ,