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Effects of Class System in Pakistan

(Muhammad Usman Habib, Sadiqabad)

The country in which, we living (Pakistan) is divided into different classes. Plenty of people of
Pakistan are living below poverty line because of their limited resources. Although they work very
hard but they earn very small because mostly of them are labourer. They earn in daily bases and are
hand to mouth. Most of them are living in backward areas and uneducated. That is the basic reasons
of that class. But they want the better future of their children. For this purpose, they work down to
dusk and make every possible effort to send them good schools. Their children, who are diligent,
work hard and at last they reach to universities. And become professionals in their fields. Therefore,
their living standard is improving. But in this era of competition, the requirement is not only
diligence but also some money.

But in other western countries, there is no concept of class system. Their people have equal rights
rather they are inferior or superior. The Governments of these countries provides them assistance
and made them capable to serve their countries. This is because; the western countries progressing
so rapidly even we cant imagine. They give unemployment fund to the unemployed educated
people and also give them jobs. Therefore, no one made violence against government. And they also
collect the peak educated community from the whole world, particularly under developed countries,
that is brain drainage. So, these countries are progressing by leaps and bounds.

But the circumstances of Pakistan are totally different. Youth of Pakistan making their efforts to
getting degrees but response of our government is nothing. Bribery is spreading so fast in our
country that even we cant imagine it. The condition of our country is very miserable. There is no
concept of merit system in our country. Government of Pakistan should not neglect it and also try to
give jobs to the educated and eligible people. The Government departments should also make their
hundred percent efforts for sake of development and prosperity of our country.

The influential and dominant class of our country gets earldom jobs. That is the only class which is
introducing political people, Assembly members, Governors, Chef of Army Staffs, Chief Ministers,
Prime Ministers and Presidents. The leadership of the country is in the hand of that class. These
people do not aware the circumstances of lower or middle class. So, the leadership of the country
cannot be aware the problems of common man.

But the modern generation is getting awareness about the present situation of the country. And
they are getting education of those fields, for which country need in future. Some Industries,
factories and mills are being installed in our country. So, there will be some opportunities for
employment within next few years. In this way, the intensity of poverty will be low. And Pakistan will
become prosper and will also be free from class system.