Blood Academy Chapter 5

Natia, Iro, Akatsuki, and Kochi was escorting Neiko and which was very a very hard task. Neiko was running outside in the day light, on the class area. Akatsuki, Iro, and Kochi was running after her, and running away from the girls that were chasing them. Natia was walking with her wolf on a leash, following them. "Wait, Miss Neiko. We're are not suppose to be here. We have to go back,"Kochi said, still running after her. "Why? I want to see the campus in the daylight," She said, pacing her way across a small bridge that goes over a stream. "But we are not allow to,"Kochi said. But she wasn't listen and continued. "Wow. You guys are doing a horrible job. You can't even keep track of a girl." Natia said. "Easy for you to say. Your not doing any work, damn it. And a whole pack of girls chasing you." Kochi said. Just then, Akatsuki jumped up a tree and disappeared. Iro jumped up the 3rd floor balcony and disappeared. Kochi was left looking at where they disappeared and him being chased by the girls. After a few minutes, Kochi was gone with the group of girls. Akatsuki jumped down out of a tree next to Natia and Iro jumped down from the roof. They somehow appeared in different places where they disappeared. "How cruel. Leaving poor Kochi to defend himself from the nasty girls,"Natia said smerking. "Well it's his damn fault. He got me in it too. I can't believe I have to babysit alittle girl,"Akatsuki said, rubbing his neck. "My only responsiblity is too escort Neiko around the school for a week. Not being chase by a bunch of hormone human girls. Besides, he deserved it,"Iro said. "Wow. Family friend can talk more than 2 sentences. I've never heard you say that much, not even when Alexander and I were little kids,"Natia said with a wide eye, surprise. "You have heard me say more than 2 sentences Natia. Stop playing,"he said. "Fine Fine,"she said. "What you talking about?"said somebody. Natia turned to her and her eyes turned crimson. Her hands turned into titanium. It was Neiko, standing there, smiling. She was smiling like to make fun of someone. Natia began to lift her arm to stab her but was stopped by Akatsuki and Iro. "NATIA!"Akatsuki said, holding her arm back and Iro with the other."Stop it!" "Yeah, you heard him. Stop it you filthy pureblood," she said.

"Why you...!" Natia said, trying to get to her. She showed her fang at Neiko and hissed at her. Natia was the only one who seemed the most human and never show anything unnatural in public, she is now hissing and trying to stab her with her hand. Iro covered her mouth quickly and as soon as she showed it. Iro used a whip and catched Neiko and pulled her with them. They headed back to the dorm. They ran because Kochi found them again and the pack of girls was right behind him. ~In The Dorm~ Alexander was sitting in front of Akasuki, Iro, and Kochi. They were there to report to him what happen. Which was not very good, considering that Natia went into a fit and tried to kill Neiko and Neiko went to the class area in the day time, that she could have almost expose the whole night class as vampire. The three of them have already explain to him everything that occurred that day. "So, what happen to Natia?"Alexander asked. "Well after we got back to our dorm area, she disappear in the woods next to the mansion. Do you want us to retrieve her?"Iro said. "No, that's all right. She just need to let off some steam. She'll come back when she's hungry. For now, I want you three to keep your eyes on Natia and Neiko and make sure they don't rip each other throut out. I woul very bad if the humans find a dead vampire on the campus. Besides, the chairman order that the human student get to meet all of the night classers next week and have a tour of the mansion." Alexander said. "Hu..huh? When did he order that?"Kochi asked. "Today, when your were all gone. He said he had been complain by almost all of the parent of the human students that their child have not seen the whole campus and demands it, for some unknown reason. So Akatsuki, tell the others to be on their best behaivor next week and if they do anything uncall for, they will be severly punished by the chairman and me." "Yes, Dorm President,"Akatsuki said, bowing and leaving. "All of you can go and take a break. You guys had a longf day."Alex said, they nodded and left. He sighed. "What is the meaning of the act today Natia?" Then, Natia came out of the shadow. "I'm sorry brother. I'll try harder not to disappoint you next time,"she said and she disappear again. ~Saturday:The Day The Day Students Came~ Ok, today is the day that the day students came to the night class students dorm (or mansion) for a tour. Every vampire was dressed in their regular clothes. Not their white uniform (or suit is what

I called it). Most of the vampires were in their room, in the kitchen, taking blood pills, gone for the weekend, in other parts of the mansion or in the living room, waiting for the day class students arrival. Natia, Amaya, Akatsuki, Iro, Kochi, and Alexander was in the living room, sitting on the couches, and waiting for the humans to come. Akatsuki yawned and streched hid arms up in the air. "Man, I'm tired. Why couldn't the chairman do at night when we are awake," he said. Iro was the next to yawn next. "Because, the humans who go to sleep then. We are suppose to be humans to them and if we all sleep during the day, it would be pretty suspicious," he said. Then, they all heard running foot steps. There, the chairman came charging in and closing the door on the day class students. They were banging the door and tackling it to make it open. "What did you do now?"Natia asked, boredly. "Well, I told them you guys were in this house and they just started charging toward the house and somehow, I manage to run past them and come here before them to warn you,"he said, gasping for air. "Well, that's a little late. They are already banging down at out door steps. What's the point?" Natia said. "Well, we minds as well let them in. Or else they are going to damage the door badly, or worse, break it down to the ground," Alxander said. Natia nodded and walked toward the door and opened it. There, standing like a pack of hungry wolves, were the day class students. Natia and Alexander both was on one side of the door. They both bowed to the day class students to welcome. "Welcome to our side of the school. My sibling, the other night classers here, and I welcome you to our dormatory. I hope you all enjoy this tour," Alexander and Natia said in unison. All girls sighed at the beauty of Alexander and the other male vampires behind him. The boys just stared, with their jaws open and wide eyes at the Natia and the female vampires behind her. Natia and Alexander glance at each other and walked over to the others and stood in front of them. "May you enjoy this tour with the companies of me, Amaya, Akatsuki, Iro, Kochi, and my sibling. I hope you get the chance to see every night classers that here at the moment," they both said in unison, again. All the day students walked through the front door. They awed at the architecture of the front room of the mansion and the arts in the room. There were potteries on stands and beautiful paintings of people and places hanging up on the walls. ~An Hour Later~ They followed Alexander and the others in a cramed hallway and came to a double screened doors. Natia and Alexander eached opened

one of the double door. It lead into a beautiful garden. It had plenty of sunlight and there was a small rocky mountain, which had a waterfall that lead into a large, lake. There were tables, under a giant tree, with sun umbrallas on each table, for people who enjoys to look at the sparkling lake at the day time or see the reflection of the moon on the water. All the day students went outside and look at the plants, wildlife, and ... mother nature herself. The wind blew and shine toward Natia's eye. She wince and hissed alittle and stepped back alittle in the dark hallway. Some of the students heard a hiss and looked back at the night class students and just saw Natia stepping back. Chairman went outside and clap to them to gather them around. "Hope you enjoy this tour. Is there any question before we leave that you want to ask any of the night students." "Why do you get to live in a mansion and we get to live in a small dorm?" "Because Alexander and Natia built this place and fund it." Amaya answered. "How do we get to live here?" Natia and Alexander looked each other and laughed. "Only way you can live at this mansion is to born with a special appitiate and have structure than normal people have." they both said in unison. "Do you 2 have a girl or boyfriends yet?" "No, we do not. None of the night class students have a girl or boyfriend yet." Alexander. "OOOOOKKKKK,"the chairman said, stopping the questioning before something is said that is not meant to be said. "Hey! Alexander and Natia, where are your parent?" a student ask quickly. Akatsuki, Iro, Kochi, and Amaya mouth dropped of that question even being ask. All the vampires in their society knew what happen to their parent. "Well...our parents...died when we I was 10 and when Natia was 6. We don't really remeber our parents much. Our memories are fading little by little of our parents until we don't know anymore."Alexander said and looked at them, smiling sadly. Natia head hung down, looking down at the ground. Not saying anything. The day students left and Akatsuki closed the mansion door for the day. Natia was lying face forward on the sofa, sleeping. Tears came out of her closed eyes. Alexander picked the unconcious Natia and took her upstairs to her bedroom. Natia was dreaming about her parent and about the happy days when Alexander and she played in a yard with both her parents watching them, smiling and laughing. After all of the happy day played in her mind, she played the image of both her parent dying at that day. ~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continue~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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