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Please read the following licence conditions carefully before you install the pr
oduct. Essentially, the licence conditions merely reiterate the rights and oblig
ations already applicable under the German Copyright Act. These conditions apply
to licences issued by Langenscheidt KG, Langenscheidt ELT GmbH, Langenscheidt F
achverlag GmbH, Axel Juncker Verlag GmbH and Mentor Verlag GmbH (hereinafter col
lectively referred to as "Langenscheidt").
1.1 Langenscheidt grants the purchaser (hereinafter the "Customer") of this prod
uct (hereinafter the "Software") a user right to the Software and associated doc
umentation, subject to the following conditions.
1.2 The Software is copyright-protected. Langenscheidt hereby grants the Custome
r a non-exclusive right to install the Software in accordance with its intended
purpose on a personal computer (PC), and to run and then use the Software from s
uch computer. This is a single-workstation licence. Customers interested in a mu
lti-workstation or network licence are requested to contact Langenscheidt KG, Ma
rketing Sondergeschfte, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 1, 80807 Munich.
1.3 Accordingly, the following specific prohibitions apply, unless prior consent
has been obtained from Langenscheidt in writing:
- Parallel use of the Software on another computer, even if the machine is a sec
ond computer of the same Customer.
- Use of the software in a network.
- Leasing or sub-licensing of the Software.
- Making a copy of the Software, irrespective of whether or not such copy is the
n to be supplied to a third party, for a financial consideration or otherwise.
- Making the Software available to the public (online use). This means, for exam
ple, that the Software may not be made available on the Internet for downloading
. The same applies to the serial number (key) of the Software.
- Translating, editing, arranging or otherwise altering the Software.
- To the extent that the Software contains data or content such as dictionary en
tries, the following also applies: to enhance the user-friendliness of the produ
ct, the possibility has been provided for exporting data or content, or parts th
ereof. This means, for example, that it is permissible to export individual dict
ionary entries. However, the export of significant portions of such data or cont
ent for ongoing further use, particularly export to a different system or copyin
g into another software package, is not permitted.
1.4 The above is without prejudice to the exceptions laid down in Articles 69d a
nd 69e of the German Copyright Act, such as decompilation subject to the conditi
ons specified in the Act, or making a back-up copy, where this is demonstrably n
ecessary to safeguard the person's future use of the Software.
It should also be noted that the legal provisions regarding the right to make a
"private copy" of software do not apply in this case. Moreover, the required con
ditions for making software publicly available for educational and research purp
oses pursuant to Art. 52a of the German Copyright Act (e.g. by placement on a sc
hool or university Intranet) are not met in this case, since this is not a "work
of lesser scope" for the purposes of Art. 52a (1) Nos. 1 and 2 of the German Co
pyright Act.
1.5 The above also applies mutatis mutandis to documentation in electronic form.
A printed document may be copied solely for private use, but not otherwise.
1.6 The original data carrier of the Software is to be kept in a safe place, sec
ure from unauthorised access by other parties.
1.7 The Software may be on-sold or donated as a gift to other persons, provided
that the Software has first been completely deleted from the Customer's computer
. These conditions shall then also apply to the new user.
1.8 Any breach of the above restrictions on use or other such restrictions laid
down in law may incur compensation claims and/or criminal prosecution (imprisonm
ent for up to three years).
2.1 The Customer is not permitted to alter or remove the copyright, brand, produ
ct title and company identification details placed on the data carrier or docume
2.2 When a permitted back-up copy pursuant to Clause 1.4 above is made, the copy
right details must be placed on the data carrier of the copy. Any other use of t
he identification marks or details specified in Clause 2.1 is not permitted.
3.1 Langenscheidt notes that, given the current level of technology, it is not p
ossible to produce software which will run completely error-free in all applicat
ions or in combination with other hardware and software.
3.2 Irrespective of whether the Customer has acquired the Software from a dealer
or directly from Langenscheidt, the following limitation of liability applies:
liability for any damage, on any legal basis whatsoever, is excluded, unless the
damage (i) was caused by the absence of a characteristic guaranteed by warranty
, (ii) is subject to compensation under the provisions of the German Product Lia
bility Act, (iii) was caused by culpable breach of a significant contractual obl
igation (cardinal duty), (iv) is attributable to gross negligence or deliberate
action, or (v) involves injury to life and limb. In any event, liability is limi
ted to foreseeable, typically occurring damage, and does not include either cons
equential damage or loss of earnings. A warranty period of one year applies for
business operators for the purposes of Art. 14 of the German Civil Code.
4. General
These licence conditions are subject to German law. UN international sales law (
CISG) does not apply. To the extent permissible, the courts of Munich have sole
Last revised: 31 January 2004